Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Trace's Closet Spaces (full of hang-ups and off the hook)

This is where I hang up all my stuff I don't know where to put...right now.  My hang-ups!  But, even that space?  Is decorated!  PIMP LOL TNT               

So, something you probably don't know about me?  Years ago, when I was under the impression (from Dr.'s) that I couldn't have any children, I name my clothing line "Garnet's Garb: A Glimpse Of The Garish"!  I used to take old jeans and make them into Daisy Duke shorts and add all kinds of patches jewels, anything...each one was unique.  I would take them around to the shops.  I used the name Garnet as a computer name and clothing line name and all kinds of names because I loved the name Garnet and Rose.  Little did I know that God had a miracle for me 16 years ago...a little girl...Garnet Rose...

So, last night was the Eclipse...this is how I saw it at around 3:15 a.m.: looked like a baby in an ultrasound...pretty cool... ‎...sometimes? We need to get a glimpse of the bigger picture. Makes all this other "stuff" that's keeping me up? Seem small. Thank you, God. Now, I can sleep...because the earth was made by His hands and the Heavens reflect His Glory! I forgot how big Your hands are! Thanks for reminding me...all of us! This photo looks like a baby in an ultrasound cool... I am sure there is a status there... Same hands shaped the moon as shaped our babies...miraculous.

We all have our hang-ups…that we hang on to…making us a little off.  Some a little off the wall and some a little off the hook…and still, some? Just a little off by always being on! That’s me! How long we hang on to the hang-ups? Depends? On when we’re ready to nail them to the wall...permanently!  I’m hanging up, now. Have an off the hook day and get some things hammered out…you can nail it! TNT LOL                           

I like my shirt advertising Lil Devil Spark Plugs...but, I don't wear it very stays in my closet...could give the wrong impression...PIMP LOL TNT...oh well!

So, I need some sew-ers & some sow-ers for my new ideas. To sew them on the machine & sow them to the machine...the business machine! Ready? "Fingarees"... dungarees for the hands. Of course, fingerless! How 'bout jeans that are cut off above the zipper & sewn right into the top half of boxers? Eliminates falling down, guys! The name? I wear "low-riders". Those? "Below Riders"! You "sowld" on it? I'm sow'ld out!

Could use stretch denim...for the Fingarees. For the Below Riders? All different styles of boxers connected to jeans... Elimnates all belts and always pulling up your pants...and still have the look... Sew, whose with me? And, sow, whose with me? PIMP LOL TNT

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  1. Cute pics of you ... and was that the "Blood Moon" from 2010? My daughter and I sat out through the evening watching that! tom