Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

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We don’t eat out much, so I do cook. One thing we splurge on? Eating out Soul Food! Every Sunday morning.  The place we get fed?  Church!  I can actually sit down & digest slowly & bring home a “doggie” bag for later in the week when things get “ruff”! & eatin’ there? No “delivery” charges. I know…hard to get out sometimes?  Been in that "place" in my life for about 40 days.  Kind of a needed desert journey! But, Sunday? Was time to get some soul food with some soul brothas and sistas!! Have fun…ham it up! See you there?  Also?  There is a link below this where you can click for the link to look at my other Christmas photos of my dinner...some good stuff, for sure.  But, I guess I am biased...? Trace  P.S.?  Just a short note from later after church...  Our music pastor preached on what else?  Well, seems stew was on the menu!  Don't trade your stew for your birthright...momentary pleasure for your witness.

More phood photo drama...

Looking for something new and full of flavor?  I mean, favor?  Here ya go!

In honor of all the green I am not able to spend this year for presents? I present you with...drum roll, please... "Green Maraschino Cherries". I am using these instead of the usual red ones to decorate my little ham this year for Christmas. Gotta have some green to throw around... Gonna throw it on the ham...PIMP LOL TNT

Here?  I 'm cooking up some tasty stuff.  Maybe a few recipe's for food...maybe a few recipe's for life...and maybe a few recipe's for music...  Who knows?  Check back often.  Today?  I cooked up a photo of me grilling eggs and ham on the old front porch where I used to live on the river and also a thought I cooked up.  And my recipe for my Award winning Chili!

My thought I cooked up?  Cooking up some music AND food today… Making “Stuffing Muffins” stuffed with maple sausage and cheese.  Then, some of my secret BBQ Dipping Sauce/Soup?  Yes, my daughter loves to just put it in a bowl and eat it…Phillip does, too.  On to, pigs in blankets, PB cookies.  Hope your day cooks…if it isn’t so, far…just sit back and let it simmer…sometimes we just need to rest…knowing God is still in charge.  Hope things heat up and you have a day that cooks! Stay warm....hearted!

And my Recipe:  

Chili Recipe


3 Large Vidalia Onions (2 pureed) (1 finely chopped)
I stick of melted butter
2 jars of Heinz chili sauce
3 Large cans of Light Red kidney Beans
4-5  pounds of ground chuck
Chili powder

Puree 2 onions, then mix with melted butter.  Use this to brown the remaining chopped onion in a very large skillet.  When the onion is sautéed, add the ground chuck right in the pan and mix up well.  After the meat is cooked, drain.

While the meat ic cooking, open all three cans of beans, and drain juice into a large kettle.  Smash two cans of beans and add the strained liquid only to the pot.  Add the other can of beans as you prefer a beans to meat ratio.   Then add two bottles of chili sauce, and chili powder to taste ( I use Heinz).  After the meat is drained, add to the pot, and simmer all day.  Even better the next day!

P.S.  I just dropped my opened jar of tooth picks...they fell in that little crevice between the stove & fridge & under them.  You know?  The place where all grossness hides until that one day a year when we are brave enough to move them & clean.  Dilemma?  Should I move & clean now or let the toothpicks hang out with the grossness & meld into a science project for further down the road?  Pick 1.  Or toothpick 1! PIMP LOL


  1. And, matter what the mess? Be creative in the clean up process. Call on God!

  2. Trace my dear you're making me smile and getting my hungry and making me laugh all at the same time. ;) Tracy you're a one of a kind that's for sure! There ain't anyone like you that I came across not here or on Neptune where I visit often. lol ;) Love your recipies,the pics,love the table settings and that pic of you rocks! I used to do lots of outdoor grilling years ago. haha green cherries? Wow,makes for a colorful meal. ;)The toothpick story is funny. You're too cool for school! ;)

  3. Love this pic of you on the porch grilling! tom