Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Trace's Face Place (facing your face...head on) PIMP LOL

This is my place for beauty stuff.  You know?  Facing your face...head on?  PIMP LOL

My gal, Garnet Rose, and me!

Etch a Sketch...a trace of Trace? Anyway, this is how I imagine myself without all the scars and flaws and all. You know? What's inside me. This is what my soul feels and looks like...this is what music make me feel safe place! In His shelter. 1-4-11

01-11-11  I was brushing my hair and looking in the mirror…that in it’s self is a whole story there…PIMP LOL…because I don’t do that often.  But, anyway…I was reminded, upon seeing my profile…that I had broken my nose when I worked at the Space Center.  It is way more prevalent to me…when I look from one side.  When I look head on?  It kind of just blends in with the rest of me.   Which started me thinking about stuff that’s been broke and the difference between looking at things head on and side-ways or profiling.  I’ve had a broken foot, 2 broken arms…1 crushed wrist with screws and pins, a few broken toes and a broken heart.  And many times?  A broken, crushed spirit.  Oh, they all healed.  But, in each of these breaks and crushes?  It depended on how I looked at each one…sideways or head-on to get a different view.  Physically or spiritually.  No matter what’s broke in your life…look at it all ways and then look at it head-on.   It will make more sense and heal better.  Then, when you look at it down the road?  You won’t notice the scars as much as the healing…  Head on?  Bring healing to the mind….to the soul.  And, yes, I know…more easy said?  Than done.  So, yes, I am always speaking from experience and love…  Trace

12-22-10 Today's tip?  I use eye shadow to touch up my roots and add highlights.  I can't use regular hair color...affects my nervous sysytem...sometimes.  So, after much experimenting, I found that eye shadow works great.  And looks natural.  I use Cover Girl 740 for my roots...!  Have a day that faces up!!!  Trace

12-21-10 Another tip!!  Family portrait time is just around the corner with Christmas and that can be stressful.  Be sure that taking your family portraits?  Doesn’t show your poor traits!   Whether it’s character traits or facial…cover them up!!  TNT LOL PIMP

12-10-10 Winter Weather Wig Woes!  I washed my hair with a Volumizing shampoo? Now? It’s clean alright, but it’s so loud, it’s disturbing. I’m at the library & the librarian whispers, “please tell your hair to calm down, it’s too loud”.  How do I turn it down? Get Hair Calming Balm & Clarifying Shampoo to quiet & clear it up. Buying shampoo? Used to be easy…loud & clear easy!  Have a day that speaks volumes.  Loud & clear!  Sometimes, we have to be quiet and still to hear what God has for us and to hear others around us... My soul Calming Balm...and Clarifying Shampoo? Prayer and the bible, a little music, a little humor...

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  1. Love the "trace" sketch of trace! <3 And this pic of you and Garnet Rose! tom