Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Friday, March 31, 2017

Hidden Prisons!

So, here's a Flash Back Friday. We were heading out to Tomoka State Prison with our band and Sam was telling me I didn't need to captivate the audience because they were already captive. And, they couldn't leave. I told him, "very funny, but that I was going to kill it and he better not murder the songs. Or, we'd leave him there." But, really? We love doing the music thing for all. We've all beenprisoners of something. With real jail bars. Yes. Been there. Or, hidden bars. Yes. Been there. And, we're all forgiven. Just some should not get out. Anyways, the funniest part of the whole night, which was Christmas Eve, was my song set selection. Well, just 1 song was inappropriate. We decided to do a couple Christmas songs before our rock original set. Well, we started our first song... 🎶Everybody likes to take a holiday, everybody likes to take a rest, spending time together with the family...🎶 When I got to that word it hit me. These guys can't take a holiday, spend time with fam and we shouldn't be singing this. Well, I stopped the song, burst out laughing and apologizing, making up funny jokes like I do. It touched my heart to see these hardened guys, criminals, murderers, etc., laughing and being forgiving and smiling. Everyone was hysterical. Anyways you get it. It was a crime the song I picked, but it really worked out just being real. Just letting God work. Have a fun weekend. Try not to kill anybody. A slap or semi strangle ok. JK. PIMP LOL. Forgiveness... Thank you for that Jesus. And, removing even our hidden prison bars. Signed, She Killed A Song

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Figment of Pigment!

I have this old white shirt that I want to bring back to life. Want to dye it. I can see it a pretty antique blue like this wall. But, right now? That's just a pigment of my imagination. PIMP LOL. Have a fun day. Imagine. Til figment is faith. It'll bring you back to life. Break down walls.  Oh. And, just some thoughts today about "ifs, ands or buts". When someone's always giving you "ifs, ands or buts"? Maybe you should be done. Quit butting heads. We sometimes hug the ifs and hold hands with the ands, In fear. Abandon fear. God says gift instead of if. Hand instead of and. Use your gift. Lend your hand. No more ifs or ands. Or, you'll just end up kissing their buts. OK. Have a fun day. Bless someone with a kiss, a hug or hold their hand. Be real. No ifs, ands or butts. Or buttin heads. Or buttheads. PIMP LOL. Signed, She Blows Kisses To Throw Off Disses and She's Just A Blues Pigment Of Your Music Figment

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all y'all guys and ladies. Sharing my dress up photograph and story and our jazzy, bluesy, fun, love song. Not your garden variety kind of song. Though, it is about Adam and Eve! PIMP LOL. Have a fun week. Play dress up. You're never too old to play. Or dress up. Here's the song with a touch of garden humor. So, watch for it. Play along with us. Tell me what the joke is. And, here's my story to go with this from Sunday. In the grand scheme of things, things are not always what they scheme. What do you call the plans that someone designs, goes at it, for no good? Their scheme-atit! PIMP LOL. But! God knows the plans he has for us. Build a brick house with His plans. Don't be fooled by the cheaper stick house scheme-atit that easily tears down. The Great Designer builds. By designs. And, by de wonders. PIMP LOL. Awesome church today. Come hell or high water, we get to the building on Sunday so that we can get to the building up all week. Because hell and high water does come. Oh. And, the photogapher is Sam on my new cam from our girl. Funny shadows on my face and dress. But, then they cover the flaws. There's a song there... Speaking of songs? Working on some new sets for playing out. Put our website in comments. Signed, She's A Brick House Built With A Shtick Scheme-atit