Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Friday, November 4, 2016

I'm Pumped About The Septic!

It's that awesome time once again and it's time to get pumped! Why all the excitement? Why, it's septic pumping time, of course. Of course, it can only happen in the middle of the night, holidays, Fridays and wallet empty days, not overflowing. Yep. Septics and toilets. Keep us all equals. I grew up hearing, "What? You think your 💩 don't stink?" I mean, we all love when things are full and overflowing. Like our bellies and our fridges. Our wallets, our change jars. We love it when our cup runneth over. BUTT, now, septics full and overflowing? And, our own plumbing? No. Just no. Have a fun day, my equals. I know you are equally pumped for us. What's that saying? It does happen. Trusting God in the full and runneth over. As well as the pumped and dumped. Don't dump on anyone today. You never know what crap they been thru. Think before you stink. Oh. And, speaking of middle of the night? One of us stepped on dog poop checking out the mess. We don't own a dog. Yep. Can't make up real life. But, I can write about it. Because I know we all be having rough patches that could use some humor and hope. And, I like to help. I just can't help myself! PIMP LOL. Send a lil love out to your septic guy. He always has to take crap from everyone. Photograph? Taking in the "fresh air".  Signed, She Knows Her Poop

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