Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Black & Blue Beat!

We, sometimes, beat ourselves up too much. Our soul can get black and blue. Sitting in that pitch black dark mind and feeling blue can rub off. Bruise us. Black and blues us. So, my pitch for that? We might need to change our light bulb. Sometimes, they burn out. Or, our flashlight batteries. They lose power. And, candles? They melt. Wick-edly fast. But our inside light? Doesn't require batteries, bulbs or wax. Thank you God for your light. In us. Don't that beat all. Watt! Signed, She's Feeling Dim, Witty & Punchy

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


When your emotions are raw, best to not talk. Or holler. Or cry. Except to God. He's the only one who can understand and take the anger and hurt and rawness and still love you. And turn the raw into rawk! Chalk it up to experience. He's been around a long time. Knows what's best. Even when we beg to convince him otherwise. Where words are many, sentences occur! Life sentences. PIMP LOL. Words can last a lifetime in our memory banks. Where we become the subject of our predicate-ament. Sentences become predicaments when spoken raw. Signed, She Raw-ks It Up To Experience?

Thursday, November 17, 2016


The 1st is when we meet someone and we go like "AWW" but THEN we go like "ICK", after we get to know them. The 2nd? We meet someone and go like "aww" but after we get to to know them we go like "awesome"! Have a fun day. Be a friend, authentically. Awesome example? Jesus. He loves us, icks and awws. Photograph? Some fine examples of authentic. A Ford truck, a country girl, a front porch, a rocker, a swing and another rocker. Signed, She's Picky Bout Shticky Ick-y

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Working on a new song today. About worry. Perfect timing. Finances and health things tend to weigh us down. Praying those worries right outta he-uh. Weigh outta he-uh. Trusting God for he knows all our worries. Weigh better than we do. Have a weigh fun day. This time of year we get flurries. And, worries. Brrr... They can both be cold. Signed, She Buries Her Worries


Accoutrements! I really like the way that word rolls off my lips. And, not just because I took French. My accoutrements? My outward accessories? Equipment? Fingerless gloves and a smile. Inward? God's word. I like to hold on to what is good. And hope it comes through on the outside. It's an accesory I can't live without. Equipped so's I don't get whipped. Have a fun day. Sometimes, we hold on to what doesn't look good on us. Or look good in us. Hold on to what is good. The other stuff? Whip it good! PIMP LOL. Letting go and holding on. A find line. Finding what works for you. Signed, She's Equipped So She's Not Whipped! Whip It Good! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Super Moonings!

Since we had a supermooon last eve, I thought I'd write about mooning. I don't always super enjoy being mooned, but when I do? It better crack me up and be super funny. PIMP LOL. Ok. Go pull your pants up and have a super fun day, guys. Hang someone's moon. Enjoying everyone's magnificent shots of God's super moon on display for us. I am sure we crack him up quite often. And, vice versa. Signed, She's All Moony During Her Luna-y

Closet Credit!

What man wouldn't love a woman who can put a closet door back together and back on track and then lay down a song track. Oh yeauh. Did I mention I prayed before both? Gotta give credit where credit's due. To stay on track. Don't keep due credit in the closet. My old wood bi-fold closet doors got tired, came un-tracked and broken. That can happen to us, too, if we don't remember to give credit where credit's due. Have a fun day. Praying. Keeps us on track. Avoids tears. Mostly. I only shed a few while fixing. From laughing. Cuz it kept falling til I raised the bar. On the floor. Same with life. Raise the bar. Keep improving. Signed, If You Look Closer It's Easy To TRACE The Tracks Of My Tears

No Knee'd For Sugarcoats And Pants!

When we find ourselves, or someone dear, knee deep in pants from trying to get through the tough stuff that sugarcoating only made harder and dragged out, it's time to take off our pants! And our suga coat! What! Yep. And, get on yo knees and bare it all. Then? Put you on some overalls, roll up your sleeves and get on with real life. You may pant a time or 2 because facing reality can get real. Clothes for real life? The soulfull armor of God. You never know when the shoe will be on the other foot. Signed, She Bares Her Soul & Wears Her Goal

Chamber Potty Talk!

I decided to put the toilet paper on the holder in the "going under" position just to see what would happen. Just as I suspected... Life rolled on. I didn't go under. PIMP LOL. But, I have to admit. I couldn't stand it. I just had to sit down for that. Had to switch it back. Toilet paper is something to sit down for. The other stuff? Taking a sit? A knee? No. Just no. Stand. Respect. Knees are for praying. Photograph? An antique chamber pot. What else! Signed, She's Over The Top

Friday, November 4, 2016

I'm Pumped About The Septic!

It's that awesome time once again and it's time to get pumped! Why all the excitement? Why, it's septic pumping time, of course. Of course, it can only happen in the middle of the night, holidays, Fridays and wallet empty days, not overflowing. Yep. Septics and toilets. Keep us all equals. I grew up hearing, "What? You think your 💩 don't stink?" I mean, we all love when things are full and overflowing. Like our bellies and our fridges. Our wallets, our change jars. We love it when our cup runneth over. BUTT, now, septics full and overflowing? And, our own plumbing? No. Just no. Have a fun day, my equals. I know you are equally pumped for us. What's that saying? It does happen. Trusting God in the full and runneth over. As well as the pumped and dumped. Don't dump on anyone today. You never know what crap they been thru. Think before you stink. Oh. And, speaking of middle of the night? One of us stepped on dog poop checking out the mess. We don't own a dog. Yep. Can't make up real life. But, I can write about it. Because I know we all be having rough patches that could use some humor and hope. And, I like to help. I just can't help myself! PIMP LOL. Send a lil love out to your septic guy. He always has to take crap from everyone. Photograph? Taking in the "fresh air".  Signed, She Knows Her Poop