Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Well! After a 2 weeks of crazy, I am alive to write about it and laugh. Crazy, as in the following: a monstrous allergic reaction to Rice Krispies that is finally going down on my face and lungs and whole body, a bad 3rd degree burn on my hand, hives, stepping on a velvet ant that stung me and hurt worse than any bug ever, a dead battery, and having to put our new song on our studio on hold for 2 weeks til I could breathe, let me just say that after all that, I am so thankful to be thankful. And! Let's just say "it was good to talk to mom and dad". Cuz all of us are just kids at times needing to hear their voices. And, can I just say that I am so thankful to breathe, to eat a bite, to laugh, and soon to sing and to be able to talk to God about it all. All The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. And hear His still, small voice. And speaking of the good, the bad and the ugly? Thank Sam ( insert sarcasm) for taking that shot of me working in God's escaping nature cutting back my bouganvillea . I won't say which is good, bad or ugly, but let's just say God is good. PIMP LOL. Oh. And, though, I do make up my stories as I go and my own homemade words, none of my facts are. Real life. It gets pretty real. Ugly real. Bad real. And, good real. Signed, She Closes The Hearty-har-har Chasm With Sarcasm.

Waves Of Faith!

Sometimes you just gotta let the waves of faith flow all over you to wash away the tears inside. Besides, who notices a bucket of teardrops in a sea of faith. Signed, She Waves Her Write

Come Ta Papa!

So, we's eating my famous pepperoni pizza salad and Sam couldn't find the TV remote. Said he gonna paint it hot pink. I said I'd invent a song-activated GPS remote ap. If you lose it, lose yourself. Lose yourself by getting down singing Bob Seger's "COME TO PAPA" at this part: when the whole thing's gettin way outta hand, come to papa. Come see your papa. Come ta me! Stead of "when the whole thing", sing "whole remote". Then the remote starts playing it and lighting up. You know you just sang that. I know I did. Have a fun night. Don't lose it. Lose yourself. In a song. SIGNED, She Goes To See Her Father In Prayer & She Comes To Seger's Papa With Flare?

Thursday, July 14, 2016


What B in our nature? Well, my family overheard me say outside "Take that you you you B!" To which my shocked family just stared at me. I choose to try to not cuss mostly. Though I did cuss horribly way back in the day. So yes they B shocked. But see they couldn't hear the silent "EE" on the "B". I explained that I was yelling at a bee for bugging me. Or trying to explain, but they B having none of it. They said I could have been calling the bee a B. They were just kidding of course. Have a fun night. Tis good to B expressive and not B using the F bomb and other crude ammo when conversating. Descriptive adjectives and adverbs are much more BA. Just kidding. I prefer a smart vocabulary over a smart mouth. I have heard it all and said it all but I am not pro or a fan of profanity. But, it B in our nature to blurt out when we are shocked. So we do have to B working at it. I taught myself to talk clean. But God gives me the power to always B changing. Always B learning. That B in my nature. Don't need ta explain. Don't need ta complain. Just plain need ta maintain. Signed, This Plain Jane Maintains! She's Sane? & She B Having A Taught-y Mouth Rather Than A Potty Mouth

Monday, July 11, 2016

Addictions Can Get-choo Down! So Sit-choo Down!

Just coming down off of a chip high. What? Yep. Woke up with bags under my eyes. And there weren’t none chips in them. PIMP LOL. The addict in my brain thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips. Seriously gonna have to fast these things. Not supposed to have them with my “no stomach, lotsa guts” situ. So, guess I gotta sit-choo down and talk bout this situ. You, as in, God. The maker of taters. I know to most of you, chips ain’t nothing compared to other addictions. But, I been at the compared to already. So, you’d think if I can beat cigs, drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs and all, chips’d be easy? Wrong. I quit them before. Had it in the bag. Sound familiar? Well, have a fun day. Addictions are meant to be beat down. Not beat us down. God beats it all. So, if he says “I need ta sit-choo down about this situ”? Go ahead and sit-choo down. And, then git yerself up with yer big pants on cuz you all that and a bag of chips without that addiction. Addiction situ's can get you down if you don't sit-choo down with God for help. Signed, She’s Likes To Minus Her Addictions

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Wall-to-wall Off-the-wall Life!

I'm always getting wall-to-wall off-the-wall ideas for our songs and videos and stories and photographs and my blog and other social media. PIMP LOL. Chalk it up to off-the-wall life experiences. The writing's on the wall. And so are the vids and all the other off-the-wall stuff. So visit my wall or my website at Signed, She Wall See You Later! Off & On!