Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It's A Jungle Out There!

It's a jungle out there! But, keep swinging. And, every once in a while come down from the trees. It's in our nature to hide when things are jungle-y and treacherous. But, we have a vine to swing on that won't snap. A rescue. A connection to our God who won't leave us hanging. But, He might need us to quit hiding. Trying to camouflage ourselves. To blend in. I mean He sees us, but he wants us to come out ourselves instead of being drug out roaring. And, I ain't lion. Maybe we shouldn't always blend in. There's a time to camo and a time to jam oh and come out and be yourself! Keep fighting. Signed, She's Camo'd & Ammo'd

Way Back Whensday!

From left to right, it is my brother Larry who I will see again one day. He is behaving so good! Then me. I am blabbing and laughing with Troy who is sitting on Donna's lap. Always goofing around. Then Deb. Don't remember where we were. Except together. That's what is important. Not where you are. But being together. Not where you are in life. But having it together. Signed, The Kid In Her Keeps Kiddin Her

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I so needed to kick my butt into an acceptable good attitudinal level today big time. So, I produced a new one minute video clip for Instagram of one of my fave funky bass songs with a lot of attitude. Hope it gives you some good tude. We sure can't live on just feelings. Ya know... Some days we have a loo attitude. You know? In The toilet. Or a blue attitude. Into the blahs! Or a "haven't a clue" attitude. Or a sue attitude. When you don't care and say sue me. Or, even an "I'm through" attitude. Welp! That's when we get down on our knees and pray and then get up on our feet and kick butt with a new tude. Not a loo or a blue or a not a clue, sue or through! Nope. That's when we need a blues attitude! The whole funky blues song is on our album. Stop by and get ya some tude. Signed, She Exudes Tude When Kneeded

OH. And, if you're gonna have an attitude, least it can be an uplifting one. No rude tude. And not a mood tude. You know... Going on feelings. Nope. I mean a faith tude. No matta what. A nude tude. Bearing all by faith for all to see & wearing out no one. With God, nothing is impossible. Signed, She Has A Nude Attitude

Hemmin and Hawin!

So, I'm cuttin' and hemmin' my girl's apron for work. Hard to believe it wahn't too long ago she'd be hangin' on my apron hem. A parents' hope is that she has a good hold on my apron strings for support, but cut free from my control and able to work it out in her own. Being secure in life. In God. Never doing anything sew-sew. Hope your day is sew fun. Mine? Fun, of course. With much hemmin' and haha-in'. But, no hemin' and hawin'. Cuz life is sew much better without BS. Oh. And yes! I taught her to sew, but she says I am sew sew much betta at it! I fell for that BS. Truth be told? I wanted to. Signed, She Never Gets Sew Hemmed In She Can't Cut It

Monday, May 16, 2016

Pour It Out Without Watering It Down!

I was watering and got to thinking... I don't water every day. If I did the plant roots would get all soft and not stretch their roots to find water and grow. Just like us. If we sit and wait to get watered, we get soft. Our roots don't stretch our limits and seek growth. I'm not saying being freely given a cup of water literally or otherwise is not necessary once in awhile. Even lifesaving. But hard work and excellence are to be sought after. Not getting a free ride. Signed, She Pours It Out Without Watering It Down

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mama Drama On Mother's Day!

This was my Mother's Day. I got garnet Azaleas from my Garnet Rose to plant for my Mother's Day. But most importantly, she planted herself in my day. Thankful to be able to plant daily seeds in hers. I loved being outside planting this year's Mama's Day flowers. Pink and red Azaleas and a red Begonia. My front, back and side yards, my garden, hedges and trees, are all gifts from others over many years. From my daughter, my mom, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, sisters, a dear friend who helped me while I was in the hospital, 3 kind neighbors and Sam's old boss. Each stem from a story. Each rooting a memory in me. Each grow. Each grow me. I have Myrtles of all colors cept yellow (hint), Gardenias, Elms, Oaks, Roses, Daisies, Bougans, Mimosa, Pine, Lilies, Silverthorne, just to name a few. Happy Mama's Day to all. I be-gone-ya's. Have a lovely week all. Plant seeds. Provide free Omamacare! Signed, She Plants Seeds And She Grows On Ya?

Wreckin' Or Second Nature?

Thinking is second nature. Thinking too much is wreckin nature. Human nature. But we all do it. So don't envy anyone else thinking they got it all togetha! Be you. Be true to that. And, to God. He made both natures. The one in us. The one around us. Taking your thinking to Him should be second nature. Don't ya think? I wreckin' so. Signed, She's Blues By Nature

Writing With A Purple Passion

Sometimes, it takes all you got. And, all the passion you got. To hang on. Though, you feel alone, you're not. Signed, She's Purple With A Passion So's Her Faith Won't Be Dashin

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sneaky & Cheeky?

I don't live by what's in. Rather, by what lives in me. I'm not on the cutting edge, but I can cut it. With an edge. Stop by my sneak peak to let our music speak a minute of mystique. Dare you seek the mystique by taking a peak? You will smile. Cheek to cheek! Signed, She's A Freak Of The Chic at So check it out! Sneak Peak

Baggy Jeans & Free Rings!

Its a baggy jeans kinda day. But no worries & no wise cracks. For I shall be wearing a belt! Hope your holding up well today. God's there when you're baggy & when you're tight. To hold you up with just the right belt. He has us covered. Speaking of covered? We got ya covered for a ringtone. Free & funky at our site. It's tight! And this photograph is what it feels like at our site. Signed, She Belts It Out at


Tracy Glenn's photo.

Lots of people boycott. Abstain from using, buying or dealing with someone, something, an organization, etc. Me? I girlcot. It's not often nor for long, but when this girl doesn't feel like dealing with the unorganization of life? I lay down on my cot, and o boy this girl abstains! Whilst simultaneously praying. Signed, She Prays Without Delays


So, I was out transplanting a Mimosa, making sure to get the roots and water it and got to thinking... Sometimes you gotta dig deep and get dirty to stay grounded. Gotta have roots. Sometimes we get pushed almost to a breaking point. Like our old shovel did when it hit evil roots and snapped. When you get pushed you gotta bury the root of the problem and leave it to wither and die. And find that spirit deep in the remains of dirt. Because at the end of the day, all that remains is a hole surrounded by dirt that only God can fill. Have a Signed, She Gets Dirty To Remain Grounded