Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Monday, February 29, 2016

Wash Day? No Way!

Oh, don't worry. Today is Sunday. The only thing this might get used for is a musical instrument. Not an instrument of clean clothes. Oh, weekly, it may wash dirty blue jeans, but Sunday? Just dirty blues. Have a fun day. It all comes out in the wash. Mostly. And, the rest we sing about. Signed, She's Above Board Cuz It Washes

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


So, after walking by my mirror yesterday (in shorts), I was remembering some of my gymnast exercises from way back when. Cuz that's how mirrors flipping haunt us. PIMP LOL. In short, I decided to incorporate some in my day to combat hanginess. Trying to stay in shape. Well, a flipping shape of some kind. Lets just say the gymnast in me was hidden deep in some muscles and is now flipping out that I did not consult with her before trying to flip this bod. No worries. No flips or acrobatic behavior. Just simple exercises. Ouch. The shape of things to come. Have a fun way back whensday. Enjoy the flip. That's what "mat"ters. In shorts, shape up or flip out. Deep knee bends never hurt. God loves us. He loves to shape us. And, loves us to shape each other. And, He knows we come in all shapes, in short. And, in shorts. Exercise your right to have the best life coach. He cheers our flipping and hears our flipping out. And, still... He spots us. Signed, She Bends God's Ears When She Bends Her Knees


Texting is def convenient. I do it. Sure! But, hearing a voice can be quite the conventional comfort. Maybe these days, a phone call is quite like writing letters or sending cards. UNconventional. I always remember a line from Monk, one of my fave shows. He said: is there anything I can do that won't inconvenience me? Funny, but true. We must inconvenience ourselves if we want to make a diff. Have a fun, inconvenient day. Be more of a "go out of my way" type of individual than a "get out of my way individual. Signed, She Has A Means To Her Convenes & A Method To Her Madness

Monday, February 22, 2016


What did the grocery shopper overhear the cactus pear say to the apple? "Sometimes, you just gotta get past the prickly exterior to find something sweet inside. Just like some of the those people."Have a fun day. Try not to be hurtful with that prickly exterior. Like fruit, life is sweet. But, def requires skin. To protect the "within". And, wearing a pear of big people pants helps. We people have a tendency to get a lil too big for our britches sometimes. Too fancy pants for our own good. Oh. And, yes. I'm the grocery shopper who hears fruit talk. And, I ain't too fancy pants to admit it. PIMP LOL. And, BTW? One of my fave bands? Cactus. Signed, She Likes To Be Ticklin' Your Fancy 'Steada Pricklin' Your Fancy Pants

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lamp Posts!

Reflecting on what lights my way. Yes, we gotta shine our light. But, God's word is a lamp unto my feet. That shines to light just enough. Have a fun day. Shine your lamp. Thanks for stopping by my lamp post. PIMP LOL. Signed, Her Light Is His Might

Monday, February 1, 2016


It's no surprise when you crack under the weight of a full plate. But, when you crack from the wait of an empty plate? It's time to get crackin'! PIMP LOL. Gotta go make it happen. Or, make something happen while you happen to be waiting. And, a li'l humor and prayer when you crack might just keep you glued together. Cracking up when you are cracking is glue-rious. SIGNED, She's Crackin' Down When She Cracks You Up With Her Plate Half Fool