Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Black & Blue Beat!

We, sometimes, beat ourselves up too much. Our soul can get black and blue. Sitting in that pitch black dark mind and feeling blue can rub off. Bruise us. Black and blues us. So, my pitch for that? We might need to change our light bulb. Sometimes, they burn out. Or, our flashlight batteries. They lose power. And, candles? They melt. Wick-edly fast. But our inside light? Doesn't require batteries, bulbs or wax. Thank you God for your light. In us. Don't that beat all. Watt! Signed, She's Feeling Dim, Witty & Punchy

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


When your emotions are raw, best to not talk. Or holler. Or cry. Except to God. He's the only one who can understand and take the anger and hurt and rawness and still love you. And turn the raw into rawk! Chalk it up to experience. He's been around a long time. Knows what's best. Even when we beg to convince him otherwise. Where words are many, sentences occur! Life sentences. PIMP LOL. Words can last a lifetime in our memory banks. Where we become the subject of our predicate-ament. Sentences become predicaments when spoken raw. Signed, She Raw-ks It Up To Experience?

Thursday, November 17, 2016


The 1st is when we meet someone and we go like "AWW" but THEN we go like "ICK", after we get to know them. The 2nd? We meet someone and go like "aww" but after we get to to know them we go like "awesome"! Have a fun day. Be a friend, authentically. Awesome example? Jesus. He loves us, icks and awws. Photograph? Some fine examples of authentic. A Ford truck, a country girl, a front porch, a rocker, a swing and another rocker. Signed, She's Picky Bout Shticky Ick-y

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Working on a new song today. About worry. Perfect timing. Finances and health things tend to weigh us down. Praying those worries right outta he-uh. Weigh outta he-uh. Trusting God for he knows all our worries. Weigh better than we do. Have a weigh fun day. This time of year we get flurries. And, worries. Brrr... They can both be cold. Signed, She Buries Her Worries


Accoutrements! I really like the way that word rolls off my lips. And, not just because I took French. My accoutrements? My outward accessories? Equipment? Fingerless gloves and a smile. Inward? God's word. I like to hold on to what is good. And hope it comes through on the outside. It's an accesory I can't live without. Equipped so's I don't get whipped. Have a fun day. Sometimes, we hold on to what doesn't look good on us. Or look good in us. Hold on to what is good. The other stuff? Whip it good! PIMP LOL. Letting go and holding on. A find line. Finding what works for you. Signed, She's Equipped So She's Not Whipped! Whip It Good! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Super Moonings!

Since we had a supermooon last eve, I thought I'd write about mooning. I don't always super enjoy being mooned, but when I do? It better crack me up and be super funny. PIMP LOL. Ok. Go pull your pants up and have a super fun day, guys. Hang someone's moon. Enjoying everyone's magnificent shots of God's super moon on display for us. I am sure we crack him up quite often. And, vice versa. Signed, She's All Moony During Her Luna-y

Closet Credit!

What man wouldn't love a woman who can put a closet door back together and back on track and then lay down a song track. Oh yeauh. Did I mention I prayed before both? Gotta give credit where credit's due. To stay on track. Don't keep due credit in the closet. My old wood bi-fold closet doors got tired, came un-tracked and broken. That can happen to us, too, if we don't remember to give credit where credit's due. Have a fun day. Praying. Keeps us on track. Avoids tears. Mostly. I only shed a few while fixing. From laughing. Cuz it kept falling til I raised the bar. On the floor. Same with life. Raise the bar. Keep improving. Signed, If You Look Closer It's Easy To TRACE The Tracks Of My Tears

No Knee'd For Sugarcoats And Pants!

When we find ourselves, or someone dear, knee deep in pants from trying to get through the tough stuff that sugarcoating only made harder and dragged out, it's time to take off our pants! And our suga coat! What! Yep. And, get on yo knees and bare it all. Then? Put you on some overalls, roll up your sleeves and get on with real life. You may pant a time or 2 because facing reality can get real. Clothes for real life? The soulfull armor of God. You never know when the shoe will be on the other foot. Signed, She Bares Her Soul & Wears Her Goal

Chamber Potty Talk!

I decided to put the toilet paper on the holder in the "going under" position just to see what would happen. Just as I suspected... Life rolled on. I didn't go under. PIMP LOL. But, I have to admit. I couldn't stand it. I just had to sit down for that. Had to switch it back. Toilet paper is something to sit down for. The other stuff? Taking a sit? A knee? No. Just no. Stand. Respect. Knees are for praying. Photograph? An antique chamber pot. What else! Signed, She's Over The Top

Friday, November 4, 2016

I'm Pumped About The Septic!

It's that awesome time once again and it's time to get pumped! Why all the excitement? Why, it's septic pumping time, of course. Of course, it can only happen in the middle of the night, holidays, Fridays and wallet empty days, not overflowing. Yep. Septics and toilets. Keep us all equals. I grew up hearing, "What? You think your 💩 don't stink?" I mean, we all love when things are full and overflowing. Like our bellies and our fridges. Our wallets, our change jars. We love it when our cup runneth over. BUTT, now, septics full and overflowing? And, our own plumbing? No. Just no. Have a fun day, my equals. I know you are equally pumped for us. What's that saying? It does happen. Trusting God in the full and runneth over. As well as the pumped and dumped. Don't dump on anyone today. You never know what crap they been thru. Think before you stink. Oh. And, speaking of middle of the night? One of us stepped on dog poop checking out the mess. We don't own a dog. Yep. Can't make up real life. But, I can write about it. Because I know we all be having rough patches that could use some humor and hope. And, I like to help. I just can't help myself! PIMP LOL. Send a lil love out to your septic guy. He always has to take crap from everyone. Photograph? Taking in the "fresh air".  Signed, She Knows Her Poop

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Kindness... She Is A Time Traveler!

Our house has been the neighborhood high school bus stop for many moons so I have always opened the garage for them to be out of the weather. Before my girl was in high school and even these last 4 years our girl has been away at college. See, when I was a kid in Pennsylvania, my neighbors on the farm down the hill from us were the designated mountain bus stop. The Seavers always opened their shed garage barn thing for us to be out of the snowy cold weather. I never forgot. Kindness is that way. Anyways, this morning, the rooster in my phone overslept as it was delightfully pouring down raining. God woke me a little later and I heard the rain and remembered my kids outside. Felt so bad. I ran out in my pj's, opened the garage and there they were. Usually 10, but just 2 today, outside getting soaked. I apologized and 1 of them said her feet were so wet. Since I had some time before the bus, I had her give me her sopping wet socks and shoes and threw them in the dryer with a Snuggles. Kindness... Feels like a dryer and a snuggle when youre standing in sopping wet socks and shoes. Kindness for me? Being able to love and help kids. Big kids, too. I miss my big kid on this morn. But, God blessed me with these for today. Have a good Monday. Kindness. Goes a long way. Even travels through time. And, you know? Kids tell you things. If you listen. And, big kids, too. Signed, She's A Time Traveler

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I'm Just Chasing The Wind!

Chasin after everythin & not lettin God in on our chase can leave us breathless. Winded. Just chasin the wind, never quite catchin our breath. But chasin life & lettin God in the chase can be breath-takin. Chasin after God. Maker of the wind, of everythin. Stead of chasin the wind. The diff between bein blown away & just blowin away. So, check out our new song and vid by clicking on the link at the end of this short story. Oh. And, got a hot car in it. Just saying. And, read the story under it at YouTube. If you listen on a cell phone, you must use headphones to hear the purple organ. Yes, I knows it's freaky, but true. Signed, She's Chasin The Grin

I'm Just Chasing The Wind by the b.a.s.i.c. band

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hard Pressed!

When the fabric of your life gets full of wrinkles? Sometimes, you gotta iron things out yourself. And, sometimes? You gotta let God smooth things out in His time. I thought this whilst I was pressing my parlor curtains because they needed washed along with the sheers after years of hanging. And they came out extremely wrinkled. Got me thinking those thoughts I first wrote. I'm a fixer. But lots of things can't be fixed by me. Knowing that can either can put some starch in my pants to help me stand up tall or get me steamed. I choose to have starch in my pants and a stiff upper lip than to get steamed over things I can't fix. My curtains look sharp now as you can see in comments. My housekeepers bible paraphrase: Ironing sharpens wrinkly curtains. Haha. I better stop or it'll be curtains for me with my readers. It really is "Iron sharpens iron". Means we need each other. To iron things out. Our human wrinkles. We sharpen each other. And, we need God. For all our wrinkles. Because sometimes we can get hard pressed. Song for this? ZZ Top's SHARP DRESSED MAN! SIGNED, Ironically, She Irons Sharply

Monday, August 29, 2016

Storms & Seasons!

Every year, for the last 4 years, when my daughter starts college, there's a storm brewing off the coast. And Fall brewing inside me. Certainly not outside in Florida. But, the change of seasons I thought I'd left behind, followed me when we moved. The seasons move inside me now. Just like we go through moving seasons in life. Sometimes, it brews in us until it storms. Sometimes, the change of seasons in our life coasts in. But, with the storm, comes the shelter of mercy, the umbrella of protection and the boatload of faith to ride it out. This photograph taken her 1st year depicts my thoughts. This short poem I wrote also captures my heart. "I find shelter in the umbrella over my head and the shoulder of someone most dear. One to catch the rain. And, one to catch the tear. Of joy. Signed, The Delight In The Write

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Well! After a 2 weeks of crazy, I am alive to write about it and laugh. Crazy, as in the following: a monstrous allergic reaction to Rice Krispies that is finally going down on my face and lungs and whole body, a bad 3rd degree burn on my hand, hives, stepping on a velvet ant that stung me and hurt worse than any bug ever, a dead battery, and having to put our new song on our studio on hold for 2 weeks til I could breathe, let me just say that after all that, I am so thankful to be thankful. And! Let's just say "it was good to talk to mom and dad". Cuz all of us are just kids at times needing to hear their voices. And, can I just say that I am so thankful to breathe, to eat a bite, to laugh, and soon to sing and to be able to talk to God about it all. All The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. And hear His still, small voice. And speaking of the good, the bad and the ugly? Thank Sam ( insert sarcasm) for taking that shot of me working in God's escaping nature cutting back my bouganvillea . I won't say which is good, bad or ugly, but let's just say God is good. PIMP LOL. Oh. And, though, I do make up my stories as I go and my own homemade words, none of my facts are. Real life. It gets pretty real. Ugly real. Bad real. And, good real. Signed, She Closes The Hearty-har-har Chasm With Sarcasm.

Waves Of Faith!

Sometimes you just gotta let the waves of faith flow all over you to wash away the tears inside. Besides, who notices a bucket of teardrops in a sea of faith. Signed, She Waves Her Write

Come Ta Papa!

So, we's eating my famous pepperoni pizza salad and Sam couldn't find the TV remote. Said he gonna paint it hot pink. I said I'd invent a song-activated GPS remote ap. If you lose it, lose yourself. Lose yourself by getting down singing Bob Seger's "COME TO PAPA" at this part: when the whole thing's gettin way outta hand, come to papa. Come see your papa. Come ta me! Stead of "when the whole thing", sing "whole remote". Then the remote starts playing it and lighting up. You know you just sang that. I know I did. Have a fun night. Don't lose it. Lose yourself. In a song. SIGNED, She Goes To See Her Father In Prayer & She Comes To Seger's Papa With Flare?

Thursday, July 14, 2016


What B in our nature? Well, my family overheard me say outside "Take that you you you B!" To which my shocked family just stared at me. I choose to try to not cuss mostly. Though I did cuss horribly way back in the day. So yes they B shocked. But see they couldn't hear the silent "EE" on the "B". I explained that I was yelling at a bee for bugging me. Or trying to explain, but they B having none of it. They said I could have been calling the bee a B. They were just kidding of course. Have a fun night. Tis good to B expressive and not B using the F bomb and other crude ammo when conversating. Descriptive adjectives and adverbs are much more BA. Just kidding. I prefer a smart vocabulary over a smart mouth. I have heard it all and said it all but I am not pro or a fan of profanity. But, it B in our nature to blurt out when we are shocked. So we do have to B working at it. I taught myself to talk clean. But God gives me the power to always B changing. Always B learning. That B in my nature. Don't need ta explain. Don't need ta complain. Just plain need ta maintain. Signed, This Plain Jane Maintains! She's Sane? & She B Having A Taught-y Mouth Rather Than A Potty Mouth

Monday, July 11, 2016

Addictions Can Get-choo Down! So Sit-choo Down!

Just coming down off of a chip high. What? Yep. Woke up with bags under my eyes. And there weren’t none chips in them. PIMP LOL. The addict in my brain thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips. Seriously gonna have to fast these things. Not supposed to have them with my “no stomach, lotsa guts” situ. So, guess I gotta sit-choo down and talk bout this situ. You, as in, God. The maker of taters. I know to most of you, chips ain’t nothing compared to other addictions. But, I been at the compared to already. So, you’d think if I can beat cigs, drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs and all, chips’d be easy? Wrong. I quit them before. Had it in the bag. Sound familiar? Well, have a fun day. Addictions are meant to be beat down. Not beat us down. God beats it all. So, if he says “I need ta sit-choo down about this situ”? Go ahead and sit-choo down. And, then git yerself up with yer big pants on cuz you all that and a bag of chips without that addiction. Addiction situ's can get you down if you don't sit-choo down with God for help. Signed, She’s Likes To Minus Her Addictions

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Wall-to-wall Off-the-wall Life!

I'm always getting wall-to-wall off-the-wall ideas for our songs and videos and stories and photographs and my blog and other social media. PIMP LOL. Chalk it up to off-the-wall life experiences. The writing's on the wall. And so are the vids and all the other off-the-wall stuff. So visit my wall or my website at Signed, She Wall See You Later! Off & On!

Monday, June 20, 2016


Definition of discombobulatered: When DIS life COM at U from every direction and yo head starts to BOB. And U feel like everything's happening slightly LATER than U like. DISCOMBULATERED. That's when U be quiet and pray and trust. COM on! Signed, DIS Girl? She See U LATER BOB! COM On!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It's A Jungle Out There!

It's a jungle out there! But, keep swinging. And, every once in a while come down from the trees. It's in our nature to hide when things are jungle-y and treacherous. But, we have a vine to swing on that won't snap. A rescue. A connection to our God who won't leave us hanging. But, He might need us to quit hiding. Trying to camouflage ourselves. To blend in. I mean He sees us, but he wants us to come out ourselves instead of being drug out roaring. And, I ain't lion. Maybe we shouldn't always blend in. There's a time to camo and a time to jam oh and come out and be yourself! Keep fighting. Signed, She's Camo'd & Ammo'd

Way Back Whensday!

From left to right, it is my brother Larry who I will see again one day. He is behaving so good! Then me. I am blabbing and laughing with Troy who is sitting on Donna's lap. Always goofing around. Then Deb. Don't remember where we were. Except together. That's what is important. Not where you are. But being together. Not where you are in life. But having it together. Signed, The Kid In Her Keeps Kiddin Her

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I so needed to kick my butt into an acceptable good attitudinal level today big time. So, I produced a new one minute video clip for Instagram of one of my fave funky bass songs with a lot of attitude. Hope it gives you some good tude. We sure can't live on just feelings. Ya know... Some days we have a loo attitude. You know? In The toilet. Or a blue attitude. Into the blahs! Or a "haven't a clue" attitude. Or a sue attitude. When you don't care and say sue me. Or, even an "I'm through" attitude. Welp! That's when we get down on our knees and pray and then get up on our feet and kick butt with a new tude. Not a loo or a blue or a not a clue, sue or through! Nope. That's when we need a blues attitude! The whole funky blues song is on our album. Stop by and get ya some tude. Signed, She Exudes Tude When Kneeded

OH. And, if you're gonna have an attitude, least it can be an uplifting one. No rude tude. And not a mood tude. You know... Going on feelings. Nope. I mean a faith tude. No matta what. A nude tude. Bearing all by faith for all to see & wearing out no one. With God, nothing is impossible. Signed, She Has A Nude Attitude

Hemmin and Hawin!

So, I'm cuttin' and hemmin' my girl's apron for work. Hard to believe it wahn't too long ago she'd be hangin' on my apron hem. A parents' hope is that she has a good hold on my apron strings for support, but cut free from my control and able to work it out in her own. Being secure in life. In God. Never doing anything sew-sew. Hope your day is sew fun. Mine? Fun, of course. With much hemmin' and haha-in'. But, no hemin' and hawin'. Cuz life is sew much better without BS. Oh. And yes! I taught her to sew, but she says I am sew sew much betta at it! I fell for that BS. Truth be told? I wanted to. Signed, She Never Gets Sew Hemmed In She Can't Cut It

Monday, May 16, 2016

Pour It Out Without Watering It Down!

I was watering and got to thinking... I don't water every day. If I did the plant roots would get all soft and not stretch their roots to find water and grow. Just like us. If we sit and wait to get watered, we get soft. Our roots don't stretch our limits and seek growth. I'm not saying being freely given a cup of water literally or otherwise is not necessary once in awhile. Even lifesaving. But hard work and excellence are to be sought after. Not getting a free ride. Signed, She Pours It Out Without Watering It Down

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mama Drama On Mother's Day!

This was my Mother's Day. I got garnet Azaleas from my Garnet Rose to plant for my Mother's Day. But most importantly, she planted herself in my day. Thankful to be able to plant daily seeds in hers. I loved being outside planting this year's Mama's Day flowers. Pink and red Azaleas and a red Begonia. My front, back and side yards, my garden, hedges and trees, are all gifts from others over many years. From my daughter, my mom, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, sisters, a dear friend who helped me while I was in the hospital, 3 kind neighbors and Sam's old boss. Each stem from a story. Each rooting a memory in me. Each grow. Each grow me. I have Myrtles of all colors cept yellow (hint), Gardenias, Elms, Oaks, Roses, Daisies, Bougans, Mimosa, Pine, Lilies, Silverthorne, just to name a few. Happy Mama's Day to all. I be-gone-ya's. Have a lovely week all. Plant seeds. Provide free Omamacare! Signed, She Plants Seeds And She Grows On Ya?

Wreckin' Or Second Nature?

Thinking is second nature. Thinking too much is wreckin nature. Human nature. But we all do it. So don't envy anyone else thinking they got it all togetha! Be you. Be true to that. And, to God. He made both natures. The one in us. The one around us. Taking your thinking to Him should be second nature. Don't ya think? I wreckin' so. Signed, She's Blues By Nature

Writing With A Purple Passion

Sometimes, it takes all you got. And, all the passion you got. To hang on. Though, you feel alone, you're not. Signed, She's Purple With A Passion So's Her Faith Won't Be Dashin

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sneaky & Cheeky?

I don't live by what's in. Rather, by what lives in me. I'm not on the cutting edge, but I can cut it. With an edge. Stop by my sneak peak to let our music speak a minute of mystique. Dare you seek the mystique by taking a peak? You will smile. Cheek to cheek! Signed, She's A Freak Of The Chic at So check it out! Sneak Peak

Baggy Jeans & Free Rings!

Its a baggy jeans kinda day. But no worries & no wise cracks. For I shall be wearing a belt! Hope your holding up well today. God's there when you're baggy & when you're tight. To hold you up with just the right belt. He has us covered. Speaking of covered? We got ya covered for a ringtone. Free & funky at our site. It's tight! And this photograph is what it feels like at our site. Signed, She Belts It Out at


Tracy Glenn's photo.

Lots of people boycott. Abstain from using, buying or dealing with someone, something, an organization, etc. Me? I girlcot. It's not often nor for long, but when this girl doesn't feel like dealing with the unorganization of life? I lay down on my cot, and o boy this girl abstains! Whilst simultaneously praying. Signed, She Prays Without Delays


So, I was out transplanting a Mimosa, making sure to get the roots and water it and got to thinking... Sometimes you gotta dig deep and get dirty to stay grounded. Gotta have roots. Sometimes we get pushed almost to a breaking point. Like our old shovel did when it hit evil roots and snapped. When you get pushed you gotta bury the root of the problem and leave it to wither and die. And find that spirit deep in the remains of dirt. Because at the end of the day, all that remains is a hole surrounded by dirt that only God can fill. Have a Signed, She Gets Dirty To Remain Grounded

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

b.a.s.i.c. funky free ringtone!

When you're editing a vid and don't realize your webcam's still on from hours ago & you snap it. Boy I get downright serious when I edit vids with that chin lean. Anyways, stop by the video link at end for a free surprise. The surprise is not chinsy. Or cheeky! Just in your face cool! Signed, She Takes It on The Chin, See? & She's Rough Around The Edgeys Video to funky free ringtone

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Us Magic Wand Duhs!

Because we all get those moments where we just gotta sit a spell. I'm sure I don't need to spell it out. But, if we don't, we may have a spell. PIMP LOL. There's no magical spell that makes everything alright. No magic wand. Duh! But, still. Taking the time to imagine and dream and just wander with wonder gives us back our magic. So, us Wand-duh's can get back to the not so magical things. Have a wondrous Wednesday. It's okay to go to magical places and wander. How else can we imagine the things not of this world. See the magical in the everyday. Because God gave us imagination. And He gives us every day. I can't imagine any day without him. Signed, She Waves To Her Friend Magic Wand Duh!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Merchant Man & His Pearl Of Great Price

Find yourself a comfy chair for your bod and have a gander at our new video and song called THE MERCHANT MAN & HIS PEARL OF GREAT PRICE. A song is a good place to go to comfort your soul. Warning: your soul may get to dancing and yo bod may follow. Story under it here Just scroll over these words and click on this link Our new rocker The Merchant Man & His Pearl Of Great Price at YouTube. Signed, Give Her Pearl A Whirl

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Rockin & Rollerin!

I was quite overjoyed when some friends dropped by unexpectedly to see if they could catch me rockin out. I don’t quite think this is what they had in mind. PIMP LOL. Although, I was rockin out. Side. But, we had fun catching up. They got a sneak peak of the unmastered new song. They can come back when the picker's home for a "live" rockin. Rock someone’s world. Surprise them. Because overjoyed is a rockin feeling. Photo by friends. Oh. And, if I had rollers in my hair it would have been perfect. Rockin and rollering. PIMP LOL. Remeber those old retro fuzz tones? Yeauh! I'm a lil fuzzy on those days. Signed, She Likes To Rock The Wicker & Rock With The Picker


Imagine me trying to pull guts out of a butt! Of a chicken! Yep. Cooking a whole chicken today to make meals to freeze. And, the guts were stuck. Had to get tongs. Got me thinking. Sometimes, we handle butts with our tongs and lose our guts when we should let butts do all the talking. That takes guts. But, if we hold our tong, they'll reveal their hand. Let us not show our butts to one another. Let us show our bits. Of restraint. And, love. No ifs, ands or butts. Takes tight lipped guts to stomach loose lipped butts. Okay. Enough steeple, people. Have a fun day. Off to cook. In the kitchen. In the music room. In the world. Signed, She Never Cooks Her Goose With Lips That Are Loose

Monday, February 29, 2016

Wash Day? No Way!

Oh, don't worry. Today is Sunday. The only thing this might get used for is a musical instrument. Not an instrument of clean clothes. Oh, weekly, it may wash dirty blue jeans, but Sunday? Just dirty blues. Have a fun day. It all comes out in the wash. Mostly. And, the rest we sing about. Signed, She's Above Board Cuz It Washes

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


So, after walking by my mirror yesterday (in shorts), I was remembering some of my gymnast exercises from way back when. Cuz that's how mirrors flipping haunt us. PIMP LOL. In short, I decided to incorporate some in my day to combat hanginess. Trying to stay in shape. Well, a flipping shape of some kind. Lets just say the gymnast in me was hidden deep in some muscles and is now flipping out that I did not consult with her before trying to flip this bod. No worries. No flips or acrobatic behavior. Just simple exercises. Ouch. The shape of things to come. Have a fun way back whensday. Enjoy the flip. That's what "mat"ters. In shorts, shape up or flip out. Deep knee bends never hurt. God loves us. He loves to shape us. And, loves us to shape each other. And, He knows we come in all shapes, in short. And, in shorts. Exercise your right to have the best life coach. He cheers our flipping and hears our flipping out. And, still... He spots us. Signed, She Bends God's Ears When She Bends Her Knees


Texting is def convenient. I do it. Sure! But, hearing a voice can be quite the conventional comfort. Maybe these days, a phone call is quite like writing letters or sending cards. UNconventional. I always remember a line from Monk, one of my fave shows. He said: is there anything I can do that won't inconvenience me? Funny, but true. We must inconvenience ourselves if we want to make a diff. Have a fun, inconvenient day. Be more of a "go out of my way" type of individual than a "get out of my way individual. Signed, She Has A Means To Her Convenes & A Method To Her Madness

Monday, February 22, 2016


What did the grocery shopper overhear the cactus pear say to the apple? "Sometimes, you just gotta get past the prickly exterior to find something sweet inside. Just like some of the those people."Have a fun day. Try not to be hurtful with that prickly exterior. Like fruit, life is sweet. But, def requires skin. To protect the "within". And, wearing a pear of big people pants helps. We people have a tendency to get a lil too big for our britches sometimes. Too fancy pants for our own good. Oh. And, yes. I'm the grocery shopper who hears fruit talk. And, I ain't too fancy pants to admit it. PIMP LOL. And, BTW? One of my fave bands? Cactus. Signed, She Likes To Be Ticklin' Your Fancy 'Steada Pricklin' Your Fancy Pants

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lamp Posts!

Reflecting on what lights my way. Yes, we gotta shine our light. But, God's word is a lamp unto my feet. That shines to light just enough. Have a fun day. Shine your lamp. Thanks for stopping by my lamp post. PIMP LOL. Signed, Her Light Is His Might

Monday, February 1, 2016


It's no surprise when you crack under the weight of a full plate. But, when you crack from the wait of an empty plate? It's time to get crackin'! PIMP LOL. Gotta go make it happen. Or, make something happen while you happen to be waiting. And, a li'l humor and prayer when you crack might just keep you glued together. Cracking up when you are cracking is glue-rious. SIGNED, She's Crackin' Down When She Cracks You Up With Her Plate Half Fool

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Door Matters!

So, I was sweeping off both sides of our front door ways when somehow I got my bare foot caught in it. Which got me thinking... Sometimes, it can be painful to get your foot in the front door, but once you're in you can hob knob with those on the inside. Be influenced and influence others. Just remember you were once on the outside, so don't become unhinged and treat others like a doormat. No one likes getting walked on or knocked around. Oh. And, don't be afraid to get in the door. But, wear boots. Cuz you're gonna have to have leather faith...tough, but still soft and giving, with steady, sure soles. My saying for encouraging others is to kick boot. Thus, the photograph of my oldest boots and my 2 little replica boots. Cuz sometimes, you gotta kick a little boot and sometimes big boot. PIMP LOL. SIGNED, She Uh...doors Writing & Singing