Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Just out in the back yard with my painted rose basket cleaning up a little bit more. Mainly just getting fresh air. Cooler out today. So, of course, I take advantage of the few cool days in Florida by wearing one of my crocheted hatbands. Today it is my chocolate brown one with roses and fingerless gloves to match. Anyways, we cleared and cleaned and chopped and trimmed a lot over the summer and kind of made a pretty little spot of small new tree sprouts and bougans and such for me to relax in when I am a basket case. I can see the rain tree over top of all of these in a few years. I need a bench out here so bad. Or, wicker furniture. But, since they don’t grow on trees? A blanket will do. When you’re getting close to being a basket case? Don’t be a wet blanket. Find ya a blanket and a quiet place. And, bask in the quiet. And, when you leave? Leave the basket case behind. Keep ya from being one. A basket case. And, a behind. PIMP LOL. Signed, She’s Basking In Case She‘s A Basket Case


So, I just had to make a frantic run to the grocery store for pudding and Cheer detergent. Seems the Halls were still holding a grudge from when our group of carolers went out years ago and were outside scream singing "Bring us some friggin’ pudding and a cup of good Cheer” Over and over. Apparently the Halls were still mad about being decked and had ideas of pudding running through their heads. Or, ON someone’s friggin’ heads. Guess the Cheer was for after. You know? To clean up the mess. Never heard that story? Well, here it is. So, who doesn’t like to go caroling around the neighborhood! Like I said, a few years back we did just that. We started out with "Deck The Halls". How was I to know the first house of neighbors name WAS “The Halls”, and that Joe would actually deck them. Joe got mad when he thought we were telling him to put on Don's clothes because his own apparel was gay. Which they certainly WERE very happy joyous clothes. He just didn't get it. And, by the time we got to the “Boughs” house next door? Well, let’s just say, “Berry strange doesn’t cover it”! Mr. Bough had hung his wife Holly on the front door and called her Wreath-a. He thought she was calling him an ancient troll. The nerve! And, to top it off? Yul? Well, he was all decorated with flashing lights and caught himself on fire. We def saw the blazing Yul before us! We had to put him out and then get fa la la away! Lesson? Never underestimate the power of interpretation. The next time we attempt caroling? We’re singing “Silent Night”! I love you guys. You sleigh me! Don’t hold a grudge. Hold a tune. If you feel like you have to deck? Pow instead! Pow-wow! Have a pow-wow and fix it. If you can't? Have a pow-wow with God. Wow! Makes sense to me. But, then, I'm lost in fa lala land. Signed, She Finds The Jolly In The Folly Cuz She's Got Pow Wow

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Last evening I dropped my bottle of homemade sticky fingers bbq on the kitchen rug shown in this photo. It bounced and splattered teeny drips. And, on this rug, it is impossible to spot red sauce. So, I had to just wipe it up as I um...stuck to it! Think I'll rename it sticky feet bbq sauce! By the time I finished walking through the kitchen last evening and cooking breakfast this morning, I think I found every drip and scrubbed them up. How? By sticking to it. In more ways than one. PIMP LOL. Have a fun day. When life hands you sticky situations, stay on your toes! And, stick with it. Put one sticky foot in front of the other. And, be thankful you feel and think. Because, sometimes we can't see what's right in front of us. God gave us emotions. Common to all. And, God gave us common sense. We commonly ignore. Signed, She "Feet"ures Sticky Sits

Monday, December 7, 2015

My Stamp Of Disposal!

I was cleaning out a drawer looking for an envelope to mail a letter when I found an old journal from forever ago. It had some scary health memories in it and other thoughts. At the time, I needed to write it down to get it out of my head and bones. That was the write thing to do, then. But now? The right thing is to forget. Throw away. So, I was throwing it away when out fell a whole set of Forever stamps. Good thing they are good for um...forever. Sometimes, you gain by getting rid of. Sometimes, disposal gets my stamp of approval. Got me thinking... Forget enough so’s one day you don’t find yourself to be bearing a grudge. Remember enough so’s one day you don’t find yourself to be bare. But the naked truth is? Always forgive. It bears repeating. Always forgive. For it gives health to your bones. Wear truth. Wear love. Wear wisdom. And, you won’t ever be bare. Naked. Signed, She Barely Makes No Bones About It

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I opened the windows and turned on the fans and then we went for a walk. It is so still out. How still? I asked our neighbors to walk by our house. Just to blow a breeze. Better yet drive past! Still, no complaints. I wanted fresh air. Just cooler and windier air. Fans'll do til front pushes through. But, I like both the thrill of the still. And, the agony of the wind? PIMP LOL. Oh, my. My mind just went down so many roads. Well, off to cook bacon. Having breakfast for supper. Oh. And, the photograph? Our cottage. Signed, She's Colder Now And Still Punnin' Against The Wind (Thank you, Bob Seger, for your wonderful song)