Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Itched In Stone?

Title of this photograph drama: Itched In Stone. What? I'm itching to rock. In a gravel-y voice. Signed, She Chiseling Out at

Monday, October 19, 2015

Lettuce Be Foxy!

What other brand of lettuce would a mature woman buy just because of its name? What? In my day fox-ay was in. But, that's what I get for trying to be clever. Def not as good looking in the inside as it was on the outside when we got it home. Have a fun night. Being foxy on the outside is fly, but being foxy on the inside is sly. My translation of a godly woman. Lettuce not grow weary in being foxy. Inside and out. Signed, She's Got Moxey To Be Foxy

Window Silly!

Transparency... Can be a genuinely beautiful hueman trait. Signed, She's Jus' Bein' Window Silly

Digging Deep!

Sometimes, you gotta dig deep to stay grounded. And, sometimes, you dig deep to find common ground. Dig? Getting dirty is part of life. Spreading dirt is part of strife. Dirt can heal. Working hard does that. And, dirt can hurt. Gossiping hard does that. Signed, She Cleans Up On Dirty Posts

Friday, October 2, 2015


Jus' one of those days I could so go for an escape to that place called Childhood, and go for a sleigh ride or tricycling. I keep these little replica reminders in my bathroom centerpiece in front of the mirror to remind me to reflect ev'ry now again on fun. I, occasionally, get too caught up in pain with my health issues and need to daily be reminded I am still God's child and he has not abandoned me and loves to watch me play and hurts when I hurt. Just as this Mama would never abandon my girl and always watched her play or, most times? Played with her. Course, when I was a child, I was too grown up and senstive and worried about grown up things. I didn't know Jesus then, but I knew I was unusual and not alone somehow. So, even though today is a tough one, I shall try cycling through it. And, looking for the humor to sleigh me. You do the same. Yes, I sigh, sometimes. And, get quiet and tired. But, I am cool as long I remember I am not abandoned. Oh. And, speaking of playing and fun? Taking longer then we thought to finish our new song. Things have been just too serious in our life. And, I was getting so serious about the song I forgot to let God back in on it. Seriously? But, He did not abandon us. He was watching us trying to cycle through recording and, all the while, waiting to be invited to play, as we usually do. Oops. Yes, indeed. Life got too worrisome. Sigh. But, writing this story is helping me to get back on the sleigh after falling off and try cycling again. Cool! Signed, Her Life Goes In Sigh Cools