Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Flashing Back At My Far Out Life, So Far! In A Flash!

As I was remembering back on this day 9/11 and a friend's passing, I was at both places in a flash and then I was reminded of personal events that flashed through my mind. That take me back in a flash. So, here we go... I have been in the driver's seat of the Space Shuttle Columbia, a monster truck, a 750 Virago Motorcycle AND a 455 Trans-Am. One was sitting still, one was going 25 mph, one was going 55 AND one 125. I learned to ride a tricycle AND I learned how to ride a motorcycle. I went to the races every week and watched them go round and round, AND I raced my Camaro around every day. I learned to be a pool shark AND I swam in a pool and an ocean with sharks. I have been in a Mexican Jail when I was young, AND I have been in the oldest American Jail In St. Augustine. I have been in the big house and I have a place in God's Big House. I have gracefully received a Silver Snoopy AND I had a black pet pig named Grace. I lived in a 105 year old country house AND a brand new apartment #1 in the city. I have built kingly snowmen AND I have built snowy sand castles. I have lived alone AND I have lived with others. I have been single 20 some years AND I have been married 20 and then some years. I have taught Children's church AND been churched by children. I have been a church Treasurer AND I have treasured God's church. It's no secret I have performed concerts and sang with my daughter, AND I have been to many concerts and secretly sang along. I have sang lead AND I have sang backup. I have sang on the spur of the moment AND I have been spurred along to prepare. I have saved a baby's precious life AND I have felt like a baby needing precious saving. I have visited in the hospital AND I have been visited. I have been hit by a drunk driver totaling my Camaro because of a drunk's bad driving, AND I have been in a plane that did a crash landing in a snow bank because of totally bad weather. I have sang on stage before a "live" audience AND in prisons before a captive audience. I have overcome drugs and alcohol in my life, AND I have been overcome by a rare disease that took my stomach and almost took my life. I lost a stomach, found guts. I have sewn shredded clothes AND I have shredded on guitar, sew-sew. I have been in a scary flood in Pennsylvania and saw bodies pass us by, AND I have been in the eye of a scary hurricane in Florida when the eye passed over us. I have been a healthy strong gymnast machine AND I have been on machines to keep me alive. I have won a school spelling bee against head teachers AND I have been stung by bees that swelled my hands the size of my head. I have been on TV in a crocheted bikini AND on the radio in a well knit band. I have held my baby in her first moments AND I have let go so she could make her own moments. I have been lost AND I have been found. I have felt the pain of broken bones AND I have felt the joy of mended hearts. I have been on the Gettysburg Battlefields in new boots and I am still wearing out these, now old, boots on life's battlefields. Making new flash backs. Signed, She Doesn't Bat A Lash When She Shares Her Flash

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Freeing Albums! For The Record? They Are Free!

Many of you read about our bank info being stolen by thugs who had no right to take what's not theirs. It is indeed hard to go about daily life without a care when there is much to burden us, but we cast our cares upon God. Else we feel crushed. So, to help us feel carefree and uncrushed, we’re celebrating trust, hard work, excellence and honesty by giving away both our albums freely this month whilst we work on new material. It's our right and desire to give. Some only know how to take. I can only hope they'd freely take our albums and be changed from the music and I can only hope the rest of you take, enjoy and feel uncrushed, unencumbered by life’s cares through the music. Else I'll be crushed. Stop by. Get music that frees. For free. It's worth it. It’s a steal! I am so listening to our 2 albums. I'm obliged to say that I needed a reminder to keep doing what frees me. Here is the link to get if now! the b.a.s.i.c. band's albums free this month Signed, She's Free As A Bird With Words


"THE EARLY BIRD, A CAN OF WORMS & NAY BORING!" So, yes. The early bird gets the worm. And, on occasion? The whole can of worms! PIMP LOL. Went out on the porch and found a beautiful chocolate brown dead birdie and a million ants. Looked like a battlefield on my porch this crack of dawn. My neighbor Tom was walking his dogs and, me being neighborly, said good morning and told him what we found and that Sam was already gone to work. So, he being neighborly, offered to help. Of course, I said yay! I think that this dead early bird def got a worm and then a cat got him. Yep. Being neighborly... Opens you up to a lot of things. Sometimes, even a can of worms. But, always be open to it, anyways. And, saying yes when someone offers help can be hard, sometimes, but blesses both. Because being neighborly is like taking a chance on the 2 birds in the bush stead of the one in the hand. Yes, you got yourself and fam, but looking beyond your nest is fly. Being neighborly doesn't mean hiding behind the bush. PIMP LOL. Staying out of each other's lives? Nay! Boring! Have a neighboring day. Love your neighbor as yourself. I'm off to clean off my porch and ants. Winging it! Oh. And, photograph? TBT. My old porch on my old river house. Had good neighbors there, also. Maybe just one creepy one who hid in the bushes. PIMP LOL. Signed, This Songbird Is Also An Aunt