Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Monday, July 20, 2015

Fountains Of Humor & Rumor

One of the questions I got at our music website recently was: So, rumor is that the guitar player and you are a husband and wife team? I answered: Most of the time one of us will admit that. Most times. PIMP LOL. What? Gotta have humor. It washes over everything. A kind word, a smile, a song or some funny-ness turns the tide. Quenches thirst. Like living water. And, one can't water down the value of Living Water to dry bones. A fountain of youth to all no matter what age. Have a fun day. Be the fountain. Don't water down love. Oh. And, the fountain I shot on our day trip to St. Augustine to visit our girl at Flagler College. Signed, She Hears Humor Drowns Out Rumor at

Friendz! To The Endz!

"FRIENDS" We all got some friends in common we could do better with or them with us. Like Grace. Sometimes we ignore her when we’re under pressure. And, Grant. Well, we take him for granted. Don’t faget about Frank. No wonder he doesn’t trust us. We’re never frank with him. Now, Bill? He’s never around when the other Bill comes. And, uh…Paul is quickly uhpauled when things get Harry. And, speaking from the top of my head? We all know of Hairy! Some of us more than others. Now, that’s Rich! No. Not that Rich. He’s got plenty of hair. Just ask Trace. She's got a trace of hair and flair. There's a Trace of that in us all. And, now Rosey? Everyone’s jealous of her cuz she always comes out smelling like a rose because she shows beauty in the pain. And, we all know that stems from a thorn in her side. And, we all know lots of others. And, for the most part we be lovin’ our friends. We don’t take them for granted and we show grace when they pressure us or are frank with us. But, love is heart wrenching, sometimes. My friend Hugh, more, or less, knows that Hugh-more helps. Hu-go now, I’m done. Signed, She Slays With Names When She Plays The Games

Monday, July 13, 2015


"CUSTOMIZING COSTUMES. CUZ-TO-ME It'll COST-U-ME If we don't!" What? I was thinking how It is so much easier to settle back into what you are accustomed to even when you know it's just not good for you. Anymore. Or, never was. Human nature. Oh, indeed, it is a costume I have worn! But, we need not just settle. Time to throw out the plastic costume of bad habits so easily worn. Time to customize your new costume. Oh it's going to be tough. And, you may sweat bullets from doing the right thing when no one's looking but God. But, at least no sweaty plastic mask of hidden shame. If you gotta have secrets, let them be heroic not horrific. I've grown accustomed to God being in my whole life cus-to-me? It COST-U-ME to not. Costumes are more uncomfortable than being real. Masking our pain may seem easier but customizing our costume by throwing out the plastic sweaty mask gives you a heroic countenance from God. A realness. Authenticity. And, that's all the costume you need. Oh. And, the photograph? It is a mask on a wall in a bathroom at a restaurant in St. Augustine last year when we went up for the day to visit our daughter at Flagler College. Signed, She's Throwing It Out There