Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mad-as-sin or Medicine?

“Mad-as-sin or Medicine?” A few years back I was on medicine to “keep me alive” after they saved my life and removed most of my stomach and other parts. Only thing was? I wasn’t really alive anymore. I felt like the medicine was more like mad-as-sin, for me. It was making me mad in the mind which made me mad as sin. What was keeping my body alive was making me feel dead. I couldn’t feel pain or fear, but I couldn’t feel God either. So, I quit. Docs weren’t happy, but I had to. I wasn’t happy on them. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen and I went thru horrible withdrawals for months and years of fighting, but what happened? Happy happened. Eventually. Slowly. Life starting coursing through my veins again. Instead of cussing through. It’s taken a long time to learn how to live without important parts of my body (still in that process), and even longer without drugs. But, I am so much more alive. I feel pain and I have hard times. But, thankful to know. Those times were tough and lonely, but God never abandoned me. So, yep. There’s a fine line. Between mad-as-sin or medicine. And, I know that lots of folks have to take it. But, for me? There was a fine line. And, it took God’s wisdom to know the diff between mad-as-sin and medicine. I’ve had to learn other ways of natural meds like foods and music and rest and prayer and laughter. I might still be mad in the head but I’m not mad in the heart. The photograph? Us doing medicine. Signed, She’s Mad As A Hatter & Never Gladder

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Essence of S’s I B! Not BS!

The Essence of S’s! Stuff I do every day to help me make sense of essentially everything. Not always in this order.

I Stroll
I Sing
I Scribble off the cuff
   (write on spur of the moment)
I Snap photomoments
   (to tell Stories for the eyes)
I Sow in my gardens and life
I See and Seek God in everything
I Study my bible
I Smile
I Split my sides
   (put myself in Stitches often)
I Soft Spot (love on)
I Stir (food)
I Stir (souls)
I Sit
I Sleep

SIGNED, Her Essence B S's Not BS

Monday, June 15, 2015

Knock knock...

Well, you guys know by now that I have knock knock jokes. Well here's a knock knock song. Hope it's a knockout!!! Of the ballpark! So here goes... Knock knock? WHO'S THERE? God. GOD? LEMME CLEAN THIS PLACE UP BEFORE I LET YOU IN. IT'S BEEN ABANDONED A LONG TIME. No. Invite me in. Abandoned heart cleanup is my specialty... God. Okay, guys, so here is the vid and song. Just knock, listen and watch and open the door... Knock here...

Monday, June 8, 2015

Patience! Takes the wait off!

Well, as you can see from the rain drops coming down from my porch roof, we finally got a little rain. Patience... Helps you reign in life and helps you wait for the reign. And, the rain. This calls for a chiller scary movie to chill out and enjoy some rain. I need it. Patience really is a virtue. It takes the weight off. And, it takes the wait off. Signed, She Can Reign In Her Pain

It's Rainier-ing Bing Cherries!

The next time I "suppose" something and someone says "bite your tongue!"? I will not be required by law to bite my tongue. I now have one credit in my "bite your tongue bank". I just did it accidentally eating bing cherries and Rainier cherries (my fave). Ouch! Where's the ice? Anyways, got me thinking about what we bring to the table of life. Table of music. I may not have a lot of bling to bring, but I got bing! PIMP LOL. But, seriously? We each have our own sweet bring. Have a fun day. It's a credit to you when you bite your tongue. Better to have numb tongue than dumb lips. And, it's a credit to you when you bring your own style. Your own sweet bing. Your own thing! That shines more than bling bling. Signed, Her Lips Are Sealed & Her Tongue Is Chealled

Monday, June 1, 2015

Life's Hiccups & Measuring Up Cups!

This fills my cup... And, reminds me to find joy and sing in all times and to measure up in all cups of our lives. Full cup, half full cup, empty cup and the ever lovin' hic-cup! PIMP LOL. When life hiccups, say exCU-U-use me! And, sing a measure. I don't know about you, but my cup, sometimes? Runneth in every direction! And, makes a mess. Haha. But, with Jesus? It def runneth over, thankfully. Signed, She Sings A Measure Into A Cup For The Pleasure Uninterrupt

On A Roll!

I interrupt your Monday with news straight from The Chamber Pot Newspaper. "Toilet paper rolls are now being manufactured 2 inches shorter. Consumers thought to not notice as much the ends shorter with the same amount of sheets on a roll." Wrong! Did they think we'd be so busy using this time to pray that we wouldn't notice? Sometimes, the ends don't justify the means. I means, come on! We all got ends. PIMP LOL. They used to fit the holders perfect. Isn't anything sacred? And, yes. The Chamber Pot Newspaper IS printed on toilet paper. At least in my imagination. Photograph? Toilet paper Album art in our music room. And, BTW? Toilet paper rolls been the same for many moons! And, while some stand up, not all are standup. In Chamber rooms or any room. Have an awesome day. Be standup. Signed, When She's On A Roll She Cracks You Up