Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Shoveling My Dirt!

What do you get when a shovel snaps? A shovel who can't handle anything. PIMP LOL. Yep. We best be careful not to snap lest we can't handle anything. Specially when we be shoveling it! Dig? K. Have a fun Monday night. Thanks for digging my shovels of humor and hope and harmony. You gotta get dirty to stay grounded. You gotta pray to handle life. Give God all your dirt. He CAN handle it. No surprise to him what we sometimes shovel. If you're shoveling dirt? Let there be a hole in the ground left from it, and beads of sweat. Not a gaping hole in others mouths from dropping, and beads of tears. Get a handle on what life shovels. Photograph of snapped shovel courtesy of my hard work. But! I did not snap. I handled it. Courtesy of God's grace. Signed, She's A Tool & She Digs Shoveling Dirt


Sometimes, in our mind, the wheels stop turning. They seem to get stuck. On the fence. In between decisions. PIMP LOL. That's when it's time to take a bike ride, clear the mind, and get those wheels turning. It's all about perspoketive. You see things diff riding a bike, freeing the mind. Music does that, too. Prayin', too. Oh. And, if you are a Star Trek fan, you may have an even diff perSpocktive. Wheely! Signed, She Takes Her Ride In Stride

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cold Hearts In Deep Freeze!

I now know what becomes of a plastic hanger when left in the deep freeze. How? Well, I was getting something out of it and had a plastic hanger in my hand and laid it down and forgot about it. When I went back the next time to get something out? The hanger had cracked. Got me thinking… If we go hangering out around cold people or find ourselves in deep cold situations up to our neck, and act plastic we crack. But! If we are hangering around cold people or deep in sits, and we are real? Caring? We can melt the ice before we crack. Not always, but just saying. Being real can melt even the frozenest of hearts. Just as being plastic can freeze the softest of hearts. Deep! You just never know what someone may be up to their neck in and frozen in fear. Okay. When, it comes to cool? You can’t say I never laid it down. PIMP LOL. Have a cool day. Melt hearts. Go in deep! Signed, Her Heap O’ Cheese About The Deep Freeze

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Throne Rooms!

Yep. I admit I have gone to the throne room of God via the other throne room. Of odd! Just sayin'. On more than 1 OKsion. Might not seem high and mighty but it is private and humbling. What? God magnificently and humorously designed us, not me. I'm OK with that. Besides, I don't like to waste time and praying helps you not to have potty mouth. PIMP POL. The throne room. The great equalizer. Both! Cuz we all gotta go there. Yep. I went there! Both throne rooms help in figuring things out. 'Specially when you got nothing else to go on. Signed, Don't Give Her Grief 'bout Her Odd Belief


"IT’S UH…FAMILY UH…FAIR?” So, after talking to a dear friend about trouble in her family, I have come to this humorous conclusion that has nothing at all to do with my family. Just heart felt funny thoughts of relatives we shouldn't be: If you feel like an outlaw to your in-law or a bother to your brother or you get a sasster instead of your sister? Feel like a woof instead of a wife? A has-been 'stead of a husband? Smaller than an ant to your aunt or hear cussin’ stead of hearing from your cousin? Or get the cold shoulder from your chilled-dren? Gotta twist an ankle to hear from an Uncle? Feel like Mum’s the word with your Mom. Or, dead to your Dad? There’s always a fam member who is no farther than your time. Our Father. God. He won’t feel you’re a bother to ask or sass you for pouring your heart out nor curse you. Nor make you feel small. But! He won’t twist your ankle ‘til you say Uncle to spend time with Him. He likes real sons and daughters. Real fam. Not wooden puppets who care more about things than people. He’s only time away. And, I think He’d remind us all that we’re imperfect family members, too, and that Grace and Charity make the best relatives. We should always invite those 2 to all gatherings! In our fam and in our extended fams and all of God’s fam. Life isn’t always uh…fair, but it is always a family affair! Time and time again. Photo collage is shots from the sun dial frog fountain at the Ponce Deleon Dorm/former hotel at Flagler College in St. Augustine because I wanted a time photo. A spitting image of a clock to represent my story. Signed, It’s A Family Affair To Readily Care & Steadily Be There