Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Old Rockers!

Old rockers. And, the loyal friends like Gibson that stand by them. PIMP LOL. If you're in tune with your friends needs and not just your own, you won't have to string them along or fret. Have a fun, fretless day! Signed, Life A"chord"ing To The Vox With The Jokes at

WBW! Way Back Whensday!

WBW! Way Back WhensDay. So, this was taken in the mountains in Texas way back when I was 17. I took a trip and drove this 455 TransAm across country from Cocoa Beach, Florida to see a friend going to college in New Mexico. Ended up in jail in Mexico trying to visit Texas via getting lost at the border. We were strip-searched for good reason and the car was taken over by sniff dogs. Having Florida tags in Mexico made us appesr to be drug dealers they said. Then, I was pulled over on the way home in Jackson County, Florida for going 125. He said, "We don't give tickets, we slap ya in jail for those speeds, but I'm impressed a little old girl like you is driving this baby. Are you the daddy of this race car?" I started balling and pointed in the passenger seat to my sleeping boyfriend, "No. He is! Please don't put me in jail!" Well, he gave me a ticket. That's all I will say. And, these are the only 2 parts of my month long trip that I can talk about. PIMP LOL. I learned alot. Have a fun day. Learn some thing new every single day of your life. Some things we learn on purpose. Some things we learn on ignorance. And, some? On stupidity. Did I mention I paid for a new AC in my boyfriends car? Before leaving. Upon arriving back home in Florida, he loved his AC more than me and I learned more about stupidity. Guess i wasn't as cool as the AC? Though, I did get to race a fine car. Anyways, I suppose and propose all learning has purpose. Keep traveling the road of life, learning... SIGNED, She Has Tips 'bout Trips

Being Boss Without Cost!

Hoping to kick a li'l boot today and get this day rockin'. PIMP LOL. Working tis good for the soul and bod. Whether physical, musical or accidentical. You don't have to be bossy to be boss! Be boss! As in cool! Kinda sounds like bouse! PIMP LOL. And, def not be chairman of the bored. Make it fun. Enjoy! Working side by side keeps from being a behind by thinking you're out front. Helping someone without pay doesn't make you better than others. Just a better person. It pays to help others freely. That's bouse! Being bouse don't cost ya a thang!  SIGNED, She's Boss Without Cost

Flock & Flick Or Flack?

Tuesday evenings at our home is Family Flock & Flick night! Our son comes for supper and a movie. And, next week at this time, we will have more of our Family Flock here for the Flick. We are going up to St. Augustine to bring our girl home for summer this weekend. Okay, now have a fun evening. Don't give anyone any flack. Make 'em feel part of your flock. He does. SIGNED, She Feeds The Flock That Rocks (and speaking of rock? Above is a brand new song clip and for the whole song listen or YouTube vid or album stop by my website at


In the game of fear, on the field of life, sometimes the best de"fence"? Is to get offdafence. When you finally find it more offence-ive being on the defence than the field? You win. Fear is a must for courage to show up on the field. Fear "must"ers up courage. My uniform? The full armor of God. Looks great on all the players. Classy. Have a fine Sunday. Whatever your fear? Off it. Offdafence it. Signed, She's Got Relentless Kneeing 'bout Not Being A Defenceless Being


Was talking to my Mom on the phone and afterwards I got to thinkin'... With all this texting, IMing and social media, people don't use the phone often as a phone. I like to hear a voice. A real one. I like to be real. Not a phony. But, a phone-y. Someone who still uses a phone to talk. I do like all the other uses. Jus' sayin'. We should still reach out and touch. With a phone call. Which I call phonificate! My phone etiquette? Keep it real. Whether social media, text or phonificating. Be a phone-y, not a phony. BTW? The photoghraph? It is an Eiffel phone. Some may call cell phones "The I Fool" phone because we fool them with our phony. PIMP LOL. Let's not. SIGNED, Her Bologney 'bout Da Phoney