Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Aimlessly or Aim-morely Amore?

So, at this time of year, most everyone is running around. Me? Running around aimlessly?  Nah! I aims ta please, so I run around aim-morely, more or less. I aim more and I try to do it amorely. My aim? To be a gift. As He is to us. Hre’s more of my thoughts on giving of yourself. Giving up? Done it one million times (said like Dr. Evil in Austin Powers). But, now, giving “giving up” time to get comfortable? Never! (said like Arnold Swartzennegger in Terminator saying I’ll be back!) ‘tis the season of giving. Not giving up. You’ll shrivel up from giving up, but you will live it up when you give it up and give. Have a wonderful Christmas, guys. Here is our Christmas card and story and blazzy song to all of you! Have a week of uh…more…amore. Just thought I'd share that I write off the cuff and sometimes my cuffs have feelings and love and all that amore stuff stained on them. Right above my fingerless gloves... Signed, She Lives Where & When She Gives & She Claims Ta Aims Ta Please

Friday, December 5, 2014

Do"T" Calls!

Well, it was too cloudy for us to get any good shots of Orion this morn, so I thought I'd post my favorite photograph I shot last time home and a few fun edits of where I grew up in Pennsylvania. I love the peaceful beauty feel of it. And, just like me having to make do and post a diff photo, that's how we have to do in life, sometimes. Make do is what we do. And, since many call me "T"? "Do"-T calls. Duty calls. You know, I haven't been feeling my best the last couple days, but T is making do by trusting God for His peaceful beauty amongst my ugly. PIMP LOL. And, I'm not snowing you. Have a peaceful beauty of a weekend. Even amongst the uglay! Sing on! Signed, She Finds Beauty Amongst The Duty (and doodie)

My "Soar"ces

Cuz sometimes you just gotta wing it. You gotta get off the bench, get your bath and get rockin' before the moss starts growing on you. My "soar"ce of flight? My Source of Might. Have a soaring day. Signed, She Heard From A Bird Cuz She's Got Her "Soar"ces

Neck & Brick Walls!

Well, this month’s color on sale at the drugstore was chocolate cherry. So, chocolate cherry hair for a few weeks it is. Sometimes, you gotta stick your neck out! And, not just be another brick in the wall. PIMP LOL. And, speaking of sticking my neck out? We stuck ours out for our songs and albums. Have our Christmas song playing on the house player and our new song and vid up there and much more. And, the good thing? You don’t have to stick your neck out. Just your finger and click this: And, you know how we all get those stiff necks and broke necks from worries? Well, our songs are filled with stories about broke lives. The diff? They’re fixed on Jesus. And, fixed by. Sticking our necks out gives us broad shoulders, but it never hurts to stick our heart out there, too. Love you guys. Have a colorful weekend. Signed, She’s Off The Wall For The Long Haul