Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Crying Uncle, Uncalled For & On Call!

“Crying Uncle, Uncalled For & On Call!” What? So, I got a call from one of my best friends who lives in Pennsyl vania. She was pouring out her heart about how someone she cared for had hurt her so bad and she felt deceived and let down and she wanted to cry or explode or both. Totally understand. But, I told her the following after much tears and roaring laughter: When you get in a sit where someone you love does something so uncalled for, there’s One who’s always on call. He sees, He knows, He cares. Being quiet at the other end of that uncall is a classy call. But, a hard call. 'stead? Call out. Don’t give in and cry uncle. Cry on call. PIMP LOL. And, while on call? Pray for them and for On Call to reveal to them a way to make things right. Yes, I still believe in miracles. Not naive, just hopeful. Have a fun week. Be on call for someone who may need to talk and pray. Cryin’ uncle hurts. Cryin’ on call heals. Either way? Something moving happens. They are moved to make it right or you are moved to move on. And, I have the perfect song for this...   Signed, In The Groove, Not Always Into The Move

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


"LIGHT HUMOR ON DISSEDPLAY FOR ALL TO SEE!" If I'm gonna shine the light in the darkness today, it's gonna be my chandelier light! Have a shine-y day. You just might invade someone else's darkness when lighting yours. Or, even better? Vice versa. And, when the light reveals the real you? Will you be clothed in truth? I will be, even if my clothes are worn, torn, tattered and faded, the threads and patches are truth. That's all I know how to be. Me. With God inside. And, underneath? You will find my soul clothes, like long underwear garments, they keep me warm and cover my holes so there is no embarrassing moments when my skin shows from letting others get under it. Speaking of long underwear? It's almost that time of year for Handerpants. Gotta have light humor to balance the truth's hardness. Like I said, have a shine-y day. Wear truth and be you. Those clothes look good on everyone and never go out of style. And, speaking of lights and displaying our light? Was in the store and got to thinking… You know how they have those displays in stores where everything is stacked up in a cone or mountain shape and if you pull one out from the bottom it all comes tumbling down? Sometimes, that’s how I feel about speaking out and defending. Just want to pull one out from the bottom to uncover the real display. Air. But, that would just leave a mess for someone else. Hurting others ain’t right even if you’re right. Man sees the display put on before others and takes from the top. God sees the display NOT put on before others. And, gives. From the bottom of His heart. That’s gotta be enough, sometimes. I shall let Him pull one out from the bottom. Airing things out reveals truth. But, it’s gotta be God the Defender. Or, it’s just hot air. Signed, Her Light Humor Is Quite The Rumor

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Meeting Of The Minds: Wiseacres & Pecking Orders!

3 stories for today's blog to make up for the last week.

1st story: Music has no age. Except acreage. Cuz it happens all over the world and heaven! And, that's a lot of acreage! I know… I’m just a wiseacre. PIMP LOL. Thank you Maker. For giving us acres of music. Even, when we are belly acres. Music. For what achers us. Oh! And, Mike doesn’t mind if I kiss him. Mike’s been with me as long as Sam has been. Which one do you think listens more? Ha ha. Don’t you be a wiseacre now. DUH LOL. Which do you think can stand me more after all these years? Why, Mike, of course. He has his own stand. He never tires. Just kidding around. In relationships, we have to stand up for each and stand a lot! Both ways. Humor def helps. And, prayer. Yes, prayer. Oh! And, music. Okay. Wiseacre is done. Have a wise week out there in that acreage. No matter what age you are! And, remember take all to God. He's stand up! He covers a lot of wise acres! Signed, The Vox With The Jokes

And second story for this blog post: During my Meetings Of The Mind, when I hear "Mya Self" and "I Bette" 2nd guessing "Moi Knoze", not to mention all those outside in the hall? I invite one more Guest to my Conference call at Brain Central. When I start hearing and listening to all the other voices outside the meeting in the dark Hallways of the Mind Building and the culprits inside (Mya Self & I Bette), Moi Knoze moves to cancel that conference call and 2nds that emotion. Then Moi has a meeting of the Truth. With my always gracious and wise Guest speaker who always moves. Who reminds me to not 2nd guest Him or 2nd guess what He puts in my heart and mind for Moi to hear in the 1st place. He is always my Guest Speaker with no 2nd guesting. Or 2nd guessing. Don't have to guess when you have THAT Guest. I guess so! PIMP LOL. It's our choice. Do we have meetings of the "Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Here To Sabotage Your Faith" where it becomes a Mining Of The Faith and blows up. Or, meetings of the "Mind Your Faith!"? Signed, Moi Muwahs! 

3rd story: I’m not a spring chicken. No? Why? Because I don’t spring at pecking orders. PIMP LOL. Well, that and I'm not a chicken. Oh. I respect God, pastors, bosses, elders, parents and leaders and all, but not to get my pecking and feathers noticed. Just because it’s right. And, BTW? I can still spring into action when needed. I just know what’s going on hen who has my bak bak bak. Don't be chicken to stand up for what's right. That's my story and I'm shtickin' to it! Signed, Just One Chick 'n Her Shtick

Friday, October 3, 2014


As I was making my bed and getting a pair of fingerless gloves from my treasure chest to wear today, I was reminded of the other treasures in life. The intangibles. The kind stored in heaven. Soul treasures. Gems of another sort. Of another world. Have a gem of a weekend. Treasure someone. Tell them what a gem they are. To you and to God. They will think you are out of this world. SIGNED, Getting It Off My Chest & Outta My Chest


“GIGGLES, GAGGING & GIGS!”  So, I saw a commercial early this morn whilst cooking breakfast for Sam. They so stole my idea. The one with the couple gagging over their coffee table because they’d bought a new couch and now the coffee table didn’t look so hot. I wrote, sometime back, about how my velvet victorian lamp makes me gag seeing my worn out couch. I’m very appreciate and extremely thankful for the contents of our lives. Being content with the contents of your life doesn’t mean you can’t dream. Nor gag. Just once in a while. Thing is? Each new thing in our life changes the perspective of the things already in it. Sometimes, you gotta get rid of the old and make room for new. Sometimes, you hot-ify up the old to fit in with new. And, sometimes? You gag! PIMP LOL. I so need a job writing, making $, so we can continue gigging. Not gagging. Have a hot weekend. Find a way to be content with the contents of your life AND your soul. Then, when new, or even hand-me-down, things enter? You will be like me. As a child at Christmas. Giggling. Not gagging. And, when new soul events, changes, people and emotions enter? You will giggle. Not gag. Life’s a gig. Play it well. Play it content! Yes. I am bent on being content, but I wouldn't mind if you came by our website and bought an album. PIMP LOL.  Signed, The Vox With The Jokes Is Bent On Content (

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


In music travels, as well as life travels, sometimes we should carry each others baggage. In music travels, as well as life travels, we share the stage. So, also should we share the spotlight. Signed, SHe Bares Her Shares


"♪♫ CH CH CHANGES ♪♫" I heard the weather guy say those words this morning and immediately I was taken back to a moment when I driving my racing Camaro to work with a bottle of Wild Turkey under the seat. I don't have many memories from a huge seizure in 2006. And, the ones that come back are tough, usually. This one is mixed. Because, though. I used to drink and do all the other drugs, I always knew there was more to life. Even as a little girl. Things and people would affect me so strangely and deep. I never felt like a child. As I got older, I had sort of a double life. Worked hard, straight A student! Very tough, but very alone. Just had this gut feeling there was more. Which is when I would grab the bottle of pills or booze or the coke cuz fhe pot just made me too lazy and more depressed. I already smoked cigs, so smoking was a pain and tiring. So, I say all this for me. And, not to judge anyone else. It is, and always has been, each one of our own responsibility to answer for our own life before Our maker. Course I didn't know him, then. I do now. Now, when I am on my porch thinking like in this photograph, I look in and around and don't keep things bottled up! Literally! PIMP LOL. I take it to God. I still don't get a lot of stuff. But. I know who to ask. And, I know someday I will. I still work hard and love learning and racing and singing, but i don't have to be bottled up, if you know what I mean, to enjoy. I can let it all out. Pour it out. In a diff way. So glad not to have to get loaded. Easy? Um.. that's a loaded question. You know the answer. So, I don't mind a Ziggy Stardust Changes song memory now and then and singing ♪♫ ch ch changes ♪♫, though it does bring me to tears of both pain and joy, because I have ch ch changed. And, I am. Ch ch changing. And, just to show you change keeps on, I will share one more thing. We all have times of failing and in need of more ch ch changes. I had major lifesaving surgery to remove most of my stomach and brain nerves and much more. I got totally addicted to all the meds they had me on to live. Til i wasn't living anymore. I couldn't feel God anymore. I felt dark and hollow. So, with no money left (sold everything we had and used antiques and life savings to pay for a lot of it) and no places would take me with no stomach and poor health, I went thru months of bad withdrawals and fighting to live. Still do, everyday. Sometimes I hate changes, but mostly I ch ch choose to ch ch change with them. With His help. He made us so cool with memories and songs to take us there. Yes. I will keep singing. Keep living. I ch ch choose that. Thanks for being part of my living. The reason I share some things about my life? So, you can have hope like I needed. We can ch ch change. And we are not alone. I am so very thankful. So very... And, the thing is? I feel more like a child as I grow up and change. Signed, Change Feels Strange