Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Monday, September 29, 2014

My Monday!

It's Monday and I have 3 short random stories I am combining for my blog:

So, it’s Monday and I only slept 3 hours and woke up with bags under my eyes, I feel itchy, stuffy head & ears, can't bend my back from doing the yard and I got a ton of work to catch up on in house & music room. Gonna be hard to get thru this one. Oh, not because of all the whiny butt stuff I just listed. No. Because those bags I found under my eyes this morning when I woke up? Um...they were empty! Empty bags of chips. PIMP LOL. What? I'm plumb out of Baked Lays Potato Chips, so it's gonna be hard to be all that & a bag of chips, today. Just sayin'. No worries. Have a fun day. No matter what kinda crunch you're in, you can still know that you are all that a bag of chips to God. When the chips are down? Get another bag! NO! JK! When the chips are down or life is chipping away at you, stay chipper. How? Well, me? I pray. Lots. Music, humor, no complaining & seeing God in everything. Easy? Not always. That's where the chips come in. Signed, I Do Flips Over Chips

Bam boom bam boom clank crash roll! Yet, just another reason to for me to invent a pouch to hold water and long, attached straw. worn inside the outfits to hydrate when singing. Because, then my beautiful flowered metal drinking canister would not fall as I was sipping on it and bounce all over the hard floor during church. You just can’t look at the guy across the row like he did it. You know? Like how you do when your phone goes off in church. You look around like who in the world? Cuz, he's already, along with everyone else, looking at YOU! PIMP LOL. Have a fun week. Be inventive. Signed, The Vox With The Jokes Invents To Prevent! Disaster!

Ear lobe plumping? What? Well, the world plumps their butts, lips, boobs, etc. So, ear lobes? Not much of a stretch. Well, maybe for the skin. And, others eyes. PIMPLOL. Not saying I like everything about me, especially as I get older, butt, I'd be a boob and only be giving lip service to plump my outside and allow the soul to get skinny, right? My unplump elf ears are burning. Have a plump day. Signed, My Skinny On Plump

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hole-y Clothes Or Holy Clothes?

“Hole-y Clothes Or Holy Clothes?” So, I know you all have read the story about how I used to shred guitar and sew clothes and now I wear shredded clothes and play guitar sew-sew, right? Cuz our washing machine was literally on it’s last leg over 2 years ago and if you did a full load it would tear up the clothes. Really wear them out. Well, we been making do. You can see that washboard over to the right. I bet you thought that was an instrument in our band! PIMP LOL. Anyways, some friends at church moved and got a new set and their old set was still good. Anyways, our Pastor remembered my story and our need, so he put us in touch. Another friend and his boys delivered them in between the rain and took the old ones. Turns out they needed a dryer. So, we passed on ours to them. Now, we could have gotten agitated over the washer tearing up our clothes, but we made do and did smaller loads, etc., and worked around it. Life can agitate and wear us out and we get off balance. Helping others does wonders for the clothes of our soul. It clothes us in compassion which looks good on anyone. Holy clothes look so much better than shredded clothes. Or, Hole-y! PIMP LOL. We so appreciate the givers and the deliverers so so much. The tears that flowed could have washed a load. Have a fun day. Take a load off. You know the song… Oh! And, we had some things in our back little family play room that we weren’t using and another friend from church had need and helped us out by getting them. Gave us room to breathe in many ways. If you’re not using it, try losing it so someone else can find it. Gives both the giver and receiver and deliverer breathing room. And, a breath of fresh air called thankfulness. Maybe Glade should make a can of that air freshener. Call it “Thankfulness”! Oh. And, one more thing. I am not ashamed to get hand me downs. There was a time in my life, our life, that I (we) could give much in the new and tangible. We still love to give, but right now it is old and intangible. PIMP LOL. It is hard being on the receiving end, but I am learning that receiving a gift also gives. If you want us to make more money, just stop by our band site and get you an album at PIMP LOL. Isn’t that rich? The photograph is blurry because my fancy expensive camera/vid is about 10 years old and wearing out. Been having trouble with it for a while. Sounds like another work fix day coming up. And, you can see the humidity in my wild frizzy hair that truthifies my story from last night. Okay. Hole-y moley! Long enough story you say? I will can it! PIMP LOL. Thanks for loving us for richer or for poorer. Signed, The Spin On Washers Clothed In Compassion

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sausage Advice!

"SAUSAGE ADVICE" Who needs a candle burning to make the house smell quaint and feel quaint when you got sausage searing. Have a sizzlin' day. Sometimes, we feel like we've been on the back burner too long or jumped out of the fire into the frying pan. Don't give up. Don't get burnt out. Keep cookin'. Sear-iously, I bet you sau-that-sage advice being cooked up right away! DUH LOL. Signed, The Sear-ious In The Humorous

Falls & Weights!

Early this morn, in the dark, I tripped over my weights and about fell on my face. I had not put them away in their place yesterday. Which got me thinking. A throbbing foot tends to get your brain going. A cup of coffee would have done the job more peacefully, but can't have it anyways. So, it got me thinking 'bout how we get tripped up in the dark. We clutter our lives with the things that weigh us down and don't put them away or in their place. The thing about a fall? It tends to make you look up. Once you're done being floored. On the bright side, it reminded me that today is Fall. Time to leaf all those most colorful weights fall off us and bare our souls so we can branch out. Have a be-hue-tiful first day of Fall. Signed, Floored-iduh Fall

Monday, September 1, 2014

BowKinKnee People, Mums & Roses!

"BowKinKnee People, Mums & Roses!" Some things carry more weight to those around us when we apply “an ounce” of quiet than a pound of announce. PIMP LOL. Announce a baby. An ounce of quiet about someone acting like a baby. Announce a talent. An ounce of quiet about your own. Announce thanksgiving, an ounce of quiet about your humbleness. Announce a gift received, an ounce of quiet about your giving. We don’t need to pound anything in. An ounce of quiet weighs more than a pound of announce. On God’s scales. His love is weigh louder than any horn I could blow. And carrues more weight than anyone. We all need balcony people. Others we trust, akin to. Who love to cheer us on, as well as bow their knees and pray! Bow-kin-knee people. Those who will get up high and get down low. And, God has the balcony of our hearts. From on high and down low. In us. And, sometimes, that’s gotta be enough. Cheers! Much obliged to you bowkinknees. When mums the word, you come out smelling like a rose. PIMP LOL. Photograph? From my garden. Artowrk from my photo editor. Signed, Fearing Not To Cheering A Lot


"FACING THE MUSIC!" When faced, last evening, with the decision to jam or shop for jam (and other groceries), we did not need to shop for the answer. With music, growth sure's easy. Growth-sure-ease beats groceries. Besides, we had soul food. Have a fun Sunday. Get ya some soul food. And, then some groceries. Don't put the cart before the um...hoarse. Shopper! Or, you might end up in it. PIMP LOL. What? We like to play our fingers and voices and hearts out! Give it all. Jam! Face the music. It makes these bread winners not loaf! And, makes our small portion of bread sweeter. Thankfulness...  Helps us face the music. Signed, The Vox With The Jokes Loves To Grow With The Flow


"TODAY'S HOMEMADE HUMOR IN A NUTSHELL & STRAIGHT FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY OF SAL EEP & LEA BOR!" After 6 weeks of only 2 hours of sleep a night and waking up all night from stuff, I got reacquainted with a dear old friend last night. We hung out 'til 10 this morning. I was so tired, but with Sal Eep, one does not need words. He's got my back. He loves the quiet. He and I were designed by our Creator to be best friends. Being in his presence brings me healing. I sure need him for the rest of my life. Sal Eep, you don't have to stay 'til 10, but at least stay with me all night until 6 cuz it takes awhile to heal? Then, you can back to your sheep. Yes, my Sal Eep is a sheep herder AND sleep herder! PIMP LOL! We love Shepherds! They always tend their sheep loving and keeping the in line. Have a fun labor day. Thank you, God, for laboring to give us dear friends like Sal Eep AND Lea Bor. We should not be bored nor abhor Lea Bor nor forget Sal Eep They both need each other. And, we need both of them. BTW? All I'm doin' today besides music and cookin' hamburgs the old-fashioned way on the stove is vacuum up peanut shells and droppings from last night. Too much action from the Peanut Gallery ‘round here? PIMP LOL. Nah! Football in the dark. Leads to vacuuming in the light. Have a fun day. Heart doc appt. tomorrow and getting college books tonight. The rest is all! Signed, Labors To Sleep & Sleeps To Labor