Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Thursday, July 31, 2014


Celebrating my girl's 20th birthday with her college room mate here this week in our humble home. Even I got a treat. They went out shopping and brought home some very lovely lip balm for me. How sweet!!! They really blessed me. My lips say so! And, my heart! Anyways, three photographs are of the beautiful girls and one of the card I got my girl for her birthday. She is a chandelier in a world of ordinary lights. And, they both were today, to me. So, I say to you... Don't be afraid to shine. Shine the light, the chandelier. Be unique. Be you. Shine so's to light up the darkness around you. So their lips will say so. Have a fun week. Signed, There's Might In Light


“BUGGIN YOU, HOSING IT, BLOWING UP & SPLITTING!" What? Well, lotsa times when we’re under pressure, we make like my supposed lifetime pocket Ultra hose did today? We blow up and then split! Yep. That’s what my hose did! Too much pressure, I guess. PIMP LOL. So, I took this baby back and exchanged it for a new one. Anyways, lifetime signifies an expected continual performance and commitment. And, commitment is perseverance, but, also means to have the time of your life. Just sayin’. A lifetime of having the time of your life. Doesn’t mean always Ultra easy times, but it does mean times. Experience. Moments. And, you know, sometimes, we gotta split so’s we don’t blow up. And, sometimes, we gotta blow up or we will def split. But, usually? We should be like a hose. Watering what’s around us. Gently. Keeps pressure from building up. Life is all about exchange. Giving and receiving. And, having the time of your life for a lifetime. Of commitment. To one another. To God. You know they used to call phones number exchanges. Call someone. Visit someone. Because exchange changes us. And, BTW? As I was watering with the new hose, I saw the bug in the second photograph and it made me think even more. I was thinking that it was saying to the wall, “I sure hope I’m not bugging you cuz I’m stucco on you!” PIMP LOL. And, I was thinking about how we feel that way, sometimes, that we’re bugging someone to ask for help or exchange. Take a chance. And, if someone “bugs” you today? Don’t make them feel like they’re bugging you. Remember the hose. A sprinkle of gentleness grows a long way. Signed, I Knows ‘bout Hose

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Money & Comfort: A Dime-ond In The Rough

“MONEY & COMFORT!” So, I’m supposed to only eat a tenth of a portion. A dime of a dollar. Like a tenth of a sandwich or tenth of a slice of pizza. You get it. So, been having a tough, uncomfortable time of it for too long, so what do we do when we’re uncomfortable? Look for comfort, of course! Not the pill or the booze or cig thing anymore. No. I’ve been splurging (IGNORING THE VOICE IN MY HEAD) and eating quarter portions instead of a dime on a dollar. I know. Here’s a quarter. Call someone who cares. But, I’d give you my 25 sense worth. Anyways, the food helps now but later? Disaster. Well, I prayed and kicked my butt simultaneously. A penny for your thoughts on that one. PIMP LOL. And, then, decided to put my money where my guts are and go back to the dime on a dollar thang. I know it won’t fix everythang, but it’s on the money for my tummy. And, you wouldn’t believe how much our stomachs control the rest of us. Until you don’t have it. And, yes, I know. God is my comfort. I was thinking of the physical and emotional quick fix. Which usually ends up nickeling and diming you to broke-n-ness. So, whatever your struggle thang is, health or relationship or just life? Don’t cash it all in or gamble it all away for temporary comfort. God wants to hear and help and comfort. And, it won’t cost a penny. Just trust and faith and many times, discomfort. What? Discomfort to find comfort? Amen. Have a comforting rest of the week. I know the 1 thing that causes me discomfort when I am struggling and just want to be quiet and hide, also causes me the most comfort of all, if I can just get started. It is the only medicine I can take. Sing… Find your comfort. The one that is uncomfortable. In the beginning… But, then becomes THAT comfort zone. Don’t let that voice tell you to quit. Signed, This Doll…errr…Is A Dime-ond In The Rough

Thursday, July 17, 2014


"SHOCKING SLAPS, BULLY BEATINGS & PUNCH LINES!" I saw something on the news about beating that got me thinking, as always… I do try to turn it off. The TV and me. Works for the TV, but not even remotely for me. PIMP LOL. Anyways, I’s thinking: You bully me or beat on me or someone I love and I’m so gonna slap you! Silly, that is. I’m gonna slap you with an original joke. I may think about slapping you or even a punch, but I’ll leaving that for the line. PIMP LOL. I know… You'd love to slap me. Silly! Don’t that beat all. Have a fun day. Don't beat up on someone. They may already feel beat down. Shock someone. Slap someone with some silly. And, take the stuff that beats you down and those that bully to God. He knows all about that. Now, really! Don't THAT beat all! K. No more punchlines. Signed, What’s My Line? The Vox With The Jokes (and that's my punchline, too)

Shootin' Birds!

"SHOOTIN' BIRDS!" This morning there was like 500 enchanting birds of every color and variety dancing 'round our front yard. So, of course, I started dancing and singing with my rose mic, but scared them. PIMP LOL. So, I grabbed my cam and got a few birds, but mainly stayed quiet from the porch to enjoy the moment. So need a newer one to zoom in better. This 10 year old camera/vid is getting snappy with me. It keeps blinking at me. I shutter to think what it will do if I ever got a new one. It already shot me some birds this morning. PIMP LOL. Anyways, its been a flashy, but true colors friend to us for music & life. I got it from Sam for Christmas when I wasn't expected to be around much longer to inspire me. I was much too sick, but the more I played with it as I learned to live each day, each month, each year, I found another joy to help me heal. Yes. It's old, but at the time, I never realized what a door it would open up. If I could get a shot of that door, it would lead right into my soul and would be antique blue velvet inlays on chocolate brown wood with jewels of every color and lace. What? Anyways, when moments get tough, and they do, before you shoot a bird, try shooting another kind of bird. Or, singing like a bird. Or, flying like a bird. Be inspired. One step at a time. One snap at a time. When you feel like "oh shoot", take a shot. At life. Be inspired. Then, inspire. Oh, and yes, that is a shot of a Cardinal I got and clone imposed it in a still from a video Sam shot of me doing Love Lifted Me outside in the yard. Yep. Hre's the vid: Signed, The Ham In The Cam From Sam


"ROADS SCHOLAR!" Had a li’l nothin' fancy gig going that coulda been a blessing both ways, but for the sake of a few, they had to change it. So I told them, “It’s ok. We can do it down the road. No. I mean. Down the road. As in, down there at the end of the road. In a field." Who could I possibly bother there? PIMP LOL. There’s a road sign at the end of that road by the field that takes you off the beaten path and then points the way to the High Road. Trusting God on the road, down the road and in the fields takes the faith of a “Roads” Scholar with a degree in Faith 1on1. The High Road's a rocky and lonely one. But, never alone. Smile all the while. Signed, The Lie Low Load On My Hi High Road

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our Gutmost!

“OUR GUTMOST!” Was talking to my best friend in Pennsylvania on the phone about how it takes us so freaking long to learn some things. She was feeling tired of people and serving. I said to her: Seems like when you strive to be a stand up person and love and do your utmost in all you do for God, yourself, those you love and really all those around you so you can make a diff, it doesn’t always sit well. No sir. No ma’am. Stand up does not always sit well. But, stand up is a commitment. A continual action. Even when it doesn’t sit well with us. We may even fail and fall, but getting back up is stand up, too. Nope. Being stand up doesn’t always sit well with everyone. And, you know it’s not very comfy for us either, sometimes. We tire. And, feel like sitting it out. And, even then? We can be standup about it. Even when we must get away and sit, it can still sit well with us by being standup and trusting God. Giving our utmost, sometimes, is more like giving our gutmost. Takes guts. Mostly. Signed, No Stomach, Lotsa Guts