Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


“COLOSSAL COLLAPSING: FINDING COLOSSAL JOY IN COLOSSAL PAIN!” I took a colossal breather outside today before I had a colossal collapse! And, speaking of collapsing? A tell tale sign of your lawn chair collapsing? Those loud slipping breaking scary bending leg sounds. But, with my clogged ears, I thought it was something far away! Bam! No worries. I’m fine. These days I have more cushion, thankfully, in both seats. And, I'm not telling a tale. PIMP LOL. You wanna know what sustained me in the sun’s heat? The coolness of a Whole Fruit strawberry popsicle. You wanna know what sustains me in life’s heat? God’s coolness. Keeps the collapsing at a colossal minimum. Now, our past week has been a colossal, let's just say, something else! A colossal collection of joys and pains. So, while taking a "I don't wanna freak out, lose it and cry" moment outside and looking upon our pretty bougans AND their thorns, I's thinking over the last week. With much pain comes much joy. Because my crown broke and was swallowed, I so much more appreciate straws and soup. Because he has kidney stones, we so much more appreciate lemonade and cranberry. Because my computer screen is broke, I so appreciate the li'l beaten up hand me down cell phone I have. Because we had a flood in the kitchen, we so much more appreciate the old, old dry carpet in the living room. Because, our car overheated and is broke down, we so much more appreciate exercise. Because my head and ears are beyond clogged, I so much more appreciate that I can read lips and sing from my soul. Because, a friend took her own life this week and will be sorely missed, we are reminded to always make a difference in some way and share Christ and take time to notice and care. And, because I've been thru a long struggle of battling a body that most gave up on and never thought I would live long, let alone sing again, we were overjoyed when a dear friend who had a stroke 2 years ago, is progressing and sang "Amazing Grace" for us Friday. Yes, lots has happened this week and more that I can't put and I'm not saying I like all the pain, but the joy is undeniably amazing-er. The lessons are a li'l more deniable, but amazing nonetheless. Grace... Is what saves us. Faith... Is what stays us. Hope... Is what sends us. Love... Is what steadies us. Love you guys. Time for some prayers for all the above. And, I still so wanna do a book and CD's. We don't want much. Just to work hard and make a difference. And, He is what keeps us from collapsing colossally! Keeps us rocking steady! Keeps us looking for the tell tale signs. Signed, The Rock In My Steady Is Colossal

Ace Your Pace!

“ACE YOUR PACE!” I was up bright and early being one with my plants when I noticed this little baby gopher turtle guy moving at his own pace. That’s me, today. One with the plants and the turtles. It’s that time of year to see all our endangered babies and Mama make their trek from our back yard to across the woods. At their own pace. Got me thinking. We all have our own pace. God made us each unique. And, each of our days unique. Goghergure! Have a unique weekend. Whatever your pace? Ace it. Ace your pace. God made such cool creatures. Us? The coolest! Don’t always work at the pace we want, but the coolest. Sometimes, our pace is racing to the finish line and getting it done. And, sometimes, just steady and slow like a turtle to get to the finish line. BTW? You get less tickets the latter way. But, I do love racing… Today? Turtle pace. Signed, The Pace In Trace Used to Race

I Wreck'n!

“I WRECK’N!” Just sitting in a music room/studio next to all the instruments and mics don’t make a song get laid down on tracks. Just like sitting at a station in a train on a train track don’t get you to where you wanna go. You gotta engineer them both to get to their destinations. To reach your goal. A finished song or miilestone along your tracks of life. And, speaking of trains? Just like our voices and hands, we do have to train our brain. But, we don't have to train wreck our brain. Gotta know who gets on and who gets off, what drives it, where you're at, and, where you're going, I wreck'n. If we do wreck? We have a Wreck'nciler. Who knows which end of our train is the engine and which is the caboose. Gets us back on track, heading in the right direction. Thinking with the right end. And, one thing's for certain? You WILL have a train wreck if you keep your caboose sitting on the tracks and not moving. Have a fun weekend. Track a milestone. We're going to work on our newest song. Meantime, here are our other tracks! All aboard! Signed, The Tracks Of Trace


“SIT’ ON IT?” I was transplanting a bougan to where it gets more sun because it hadn’t grown in 7 years. It hadn’t died, but it hadn’t grown. Wasn’t grounded and rooted and hanging out in the right place. My west chocolate brown wall is so bare and in need of company. So, they were both happy. Me, too. Doesn’t take much to make me smile. Can’t wait ‘til it takes over the whole wall. Anyways, I also was seeing wasps, as I had for over a week. Every time I sat back down in my chair, there they were flying ‘round me. I thought it was just cuz of my leftover perfume on me from the day before. Nope. My girl came out to sit with me and she jumps up and starts hollering, saying it was coming from my chair. I threw my chair upside down and there was a huge wasp nest. I am so surprised that I hadn’t gotten stung. We have a love hate relationship. They love me. I hate them. Which brings me to the spray!!! Gone now! Anyways, sometimes the answer is right there. Under you. And, you’re just sitting on the answer. Afraid it might hurt. Maybe not always on purpose, but sittin’ on it, nonetheless. Or, it’s not the answer you want. I really just wanted to buy all new plants and out on that west side, but God brought that poor bougan to my mind that hadn’t grown. So, we make do. So, we get stung and have pains finding answers, but, as I always say: sometimes, you just gotta get dirty to stay grounded. Sometimes, you just gotta transplant. To grow. Sometimes, the transplant means just getting off your butt. Shocking! PIMP LOL. Have a lovely day. Don’t sit on it! OH! And, the photograph? It doesn’t look like much. Just like some of the answers we get. But, if you have faith and imagine what can be and trust God? You can imagine the growth and beauty in His, otherwise, seemingly dirt of an answer. Signed, Not Sittin’ On My Dirt

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Belts & Praise!

“BELTS & PRAISE!” So, yeauh. I sometimes have to have a stiff belt to be able to belt it out! Nah! Not the kind I used to have to have. Nah. I’m talking an actual stiff leather belt to go ‘round my jeans and my guts so they don’t fall down OR out while I’m belting it out. PIMP LOL. So, thankful my belts go ‘round me and outta me rather than IN me these days! These days my strongest and most miraculous working belt? God. He tightens me up giving me guts and strength. And, He no me peace which loosens me up! Both without the other belt. He is topnotch! So, cheers, all you fellow musicians and belters! I raise my belt to you! And, to God. Who gives us reason to raise the praise. In the tight times and loose times. It’s okay to praise God and to praise others. It raises them up. Now, come by and belt a few out with us at our website: Signed, I’ve Felt The Belt

The Outside Chance!

"OUTSIDE CHANCE!” Just outside to pray. On the outside chance He might hear me better from this down to earth place I stand because I have some big stuff to talk about. Just kidding! Only about the hearing me better outside part. I know He hears us the same from anywhere and everywhere. But, sometimes feels closer to heaven just touching the earth outside. Got me thinking… Our emotions, bodies and brains are meant as unique tools by our spirits to bring us down to earth so’s we can interact with others. And, the spirit of God, in us, is meant to guide our spirit in both the heavenly ways and all our earthly ways. Our spirit should be our deciding vote of the 4 parts of us and the Holy Spirit should be guiding light. Sometimes we act so “heavenly” that there is no earthly way we can possibly do anything but in get in God’s way. No way! Yes! Way! Have a fun weekend. We are, indeed, crazy creatures, beasts of burdens, but there is one to take the burdens to. Let’s not get in His way. Our emotions can get bratty and our bods can get bossy. And, our brains? Just plain dumb. We can find a way to be of earthly good without being so heavenly. How? Being real. Being us. And all parts of us being guided our spirit and God’s. Anywhere and everywhere we are. He hears us… Signed, I Have An Odd Bod

Monday, May 12, 2014

Creeks, Paddles & Bridges!

"CREEKS, PADDLES & BRIDGES!" In some situations, you feel like you're always up a creek without a paddle no matter what. But, that's actually better because if ya had, you'd for sure get whooped with that paddle. DUH LOL. No worries. Let the current of quietness, the winds of wisdom guide your way. Invisible paddles, crafted by God. Sometimes, no matter how prepared we are to go UPstream, there's a dam to bust thru, darn it! Have a fun Monday. This is shot out of my Mama’s Day photo album from yesterday. We were coming back over the bridge on the Indian River. And, some “current” events were running thru my mind, so I got some story shots! More in the album. I even caught a bird in one. Anyways, sometimes you need a bridge, sometimes you need a paddle. Sometimes, you just need God and His invisible paddles so’s you don’t get whooped. Love you guys. Paddle thru my creek of photos in this album. Promise no dams. And, remember, 'tis better to be up a creek without a paddle, than up a paddle without a creek. And, also 'tis better to be up a creek without a paddle, than up a creek without a puddle. PIMP LOL. Have fun. Don't get whooped! Signed, The Greek About Creek

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


“THE TACKS & UNDERSTANDING ATTACT BETWIXT LIONS AND LAMBS! Sometimes, when someone thinks they’ve just got to prove a point, they use tacks and no understanding, stead of tact and understanding. You know? They’re saying “Understand this! And, feel it, too! Na na na na na.” Ouch! Reminds me of a guy and girl who used to get to art class early and put tacks in everyone’s seats. I guess to get the point across to theirselves that they were cooler than all of us. No one knew who was doing it. I got there early 1 day and saw them do it without them seeing me. The next day I arrived earlier than even them and put tacks in their seats and hid outside. When they sat down to get the tacks out of their art drawer to do their evil deed, well, you get the point! They looked around while yelling and putting the tacks in the trash can. Now, I know we should not repay meanness with meanness. Should be kindness. But, sometimes, using tact doesn’t get the point across. Some people don’t understand tact. On either side of it. Anyways, they never put tacks in our seats again and everyone wondered why? I never said a word or told on them. Didn’t need to. Wish it worked that way with all people. Just gotta wear padding, watch where you sit and know where you stand with some people. So it doesn’t hurt. Just gotta remain upstanding when some use their tacks and “understand me” attact. Have an outstanding day. Be upstanding and understanding. Repay with kindness. Maybe just a few tacks. Just kidding. PIMP LOL. Have a fun day. Without having to make fun of others. That's the main point. It's not fun being attact! Attacked without tact. In life, to survive, one must be bold as a lion. And, gentle as a lamb. And, I ain't lion. Signed, The Vox With The Jokes Finds Tact With Tacks

Monday, May 5, 2014

Polished Peace!

So, I'm polishing our old worn leather boots my own way today. With honey conditioner, a brush, spit and elbow grease. Got me thinking... Sometimes, you get the brush off or spit on for working hard and doing good things, your own way, honey! We get soft in life from being conditioned to think the best of people. Which is a good thing, but we also need to be tough as leather when they're not. Off to have a sweet day on one conditioner? That you do, too! Kick boot! Be you. Be encouraged. Encourage others. Kick boot, 1 step, 1 day, 1 soul at a time. Remember... In doing things your own way, there's a time to be soft and a time to be tough. But, always a time to be soulful. Polished peace. Now, that's a smooth feeling. God is polishing souls with plished peace. Oh! And, speaking of being polished?  Not having to impress others makes a big impression on others. If you're gonna be good at doing impressions? Do an impression of yourself. That's who God sees anyways. Have an impressive week. Press on! 'steada impress on. PIMP LOL. Jus' messin' with my impression! Night. Signed, Finding Peace In The Elbow Grease, Honey

Saturday, May 3, 2014


"PRAYSING!" Sometimes you gotta stop lookin' back and rock on before you turn to stone... When you're stuck between a rock and a hard place, sing. Give it up or live it up. When I was feeling crushed in betwixt that rock and a hard place today I had to remember that God is only a stone's throw prayer away. Reminded me of something I call praysing. When my daughter was younger, at bedtime, we always had our prayers and then she would ask me to sing to her. One night during prayers, she started singing her prayers. It was so mind and heart blowing to me. She said if we pray and we sing to God why can't we sing our prayers? I said that of course we can. They are both forms of talking. Why not! And, named it praysing. Now, today, people call church music "praising" but, we still call it praysing. Because singing is a form of communication and so is prayer. Bam! Have a great day. Have some fun. And, do some praysing. They go hand in hand! OH! And, the effects on this are rock and stone and blue, of course. And, a few others. PIMP LOL. Signed,