Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Thursday, February 27, 2014


“CRYTEARIA & THE DELaware DAM!” Yesterday I wrote on the crytearia of TP. You know the standards we judge something on. What makes me cry tears. I was being funny. But, I got to thinking this morning about my crytearia for others in life. Well, with the dark, lonely (though not alone) road I walk a lot with my health, and the life I’ve had, my crytearia for others is a river that flows deep inside me and rarely has a flood that runs out my eyes. A river called The DELaware. Stands for Discernment, Empathy, Love and aware. I am very aware of the feelings of others and their joys and struggles. I feel them. Makes me sensitive. Open book, feelings on sleeves person. Been like that since I was a very li’l girl when I knew there was something inside me, but didn’t find out until my 20’s that it was God. That sensitivity is my strength and my weakness. I am working on the weak part of it. I don’t allow myself to cry so easy. Some call it strong. I call it life. Inside, yes, I cry. Soul tears. But, it takes a lot for me to show tears either of pain and hurt or of joy and awe. You can see it in my eyes, but not the tears. I keep a damn at my DELaware to block the flow. Doesn’t mean it’s not inside. I let it out other ways. By writing, singing, serving, loving and joking. Yes, I have crytearia. Soul crytearia Yes, The DELaware flows in me. I see others through my life’s eyes. How God sees me. My crytearia for others is His. Sometimes it gets damned. We all have those days when we just wanna cry out "damn!". That’s when I need to cry out to God to not be so sensitive. Still, I bare my soul. Signed, The Damn In The Ma’am

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


“FEELING...” So, what makes me feel? Kids realizing you notice them, babies laughing, pouring my heart out singing, hearing my girl sing, listening to Eva Cassidy (and many others), photographs, antiques, history, Sam’s lead breaks, hearing drums clank epically on the off beat, the groove of a boss bass, the outdoors, writing, decorating anything, smiling, telling off the cuff jokes, talking to God, talking to anyone, sickness in me, sickness in anyone, having hope… Lots more, but, I feel could go on forever. The photograph collage? Just some of the things that make me feel. And, the new bluesy crocheted rose headband and fingerless gloves from Anna's Treasure's Crocheted with Love. Love them. Can you feel it? PIMP LOL. Signed, The Appeal In The Feel

And, speaking of writing, just some of this weeks homemade humor and hope short stories that I decided to combine in one for my blog:

Truth doesn't have to dig deep through a library of lies for fiction to read between the lines for a better story. Truth effortlessly remembers its facts that are never between the lines, never feeding anyone a line. Truth has a spine. Truth is a historical book. A lie is a hysterical book with 1 line. A line of bull. Not worth the read. Truth is not shelfed. It is worth the write, worth the read. Write the truth, read the truth, speak the truth, live the truth. You are a living book. Don't shelf your self. Signed, Booking It

Sometimes, we're looking for bread crumbs and don't have a clue that either they became stuffing or that a fresh new whole loaf awaits us in the bread box right in front of our eyes. Be thankful in the crumbs, the loafs, the stuffing, and the crumby loafs and stuffings. PIMP LOL. Because the Bread of Life loafs you. Signed, Breadhead

One man's penny is another man's dollar. It's not what you have. It's what you give that's right on the money. Not passing the buck. Just my 2 cents. Just common sense. Green can make sense of a lot. But, envy only gets greener. Money talks, but giving makes sense. Money talks...dollars. Giving yourself hollers. Signed, Making Sense Outta Change

I wear my fancy gorgeous, flowered socks inside out! So’s I can see the beautiful fluffy stitching. I know. I’m always inside out and upside down and twisted. PIMP LOL. I mean I love the socks worn both ways, but inside out kinda shows the real beauty. What’s underneath! Besides, my inside out socks go with my frocks. They fit me. Have a lovely day. Show your underneath. I bet it’s a real beauty! Show your stitch. Find your niche. Signed, My Socks Fit Me Like A Glove, Fingerless, Of Course


"AVEILABLE or AVAILABLE! IN SURE-ROUND SOUND" What? Well, if I am able I avail. I give it my all. If something aveils me, like there’s a veil over my able? A veil over my mind? That’s when I pray and try harder. Until it doesn’t aveil me. And, I am available. For whatever. Same with people. If I am able, I def will avail. Give my all to be available. Sometimes we put a veil over us to shroud the fact that we don’t want to be available. We don’t want to get out of our comfortABLE zone so we put on a veil and say we're unaveilable. But, God and others are able to see through that veil. Everyone's able to avail comfort. So, am I gonna be aveilable or available? This does not avail me. I know what I’m gonna do. I am able. By the grace of God. Which is available to all. In and out of the comfortable zone. To the Abels, Mabels and Cains. With God, all things are able. But, all things are not comfort-able. Speaking of ables and possibles? I surround myself with people who know stuff, so I learn. My surround sound blasts singers that know their stuff and pull me into my impossibles, so I learn. I am sure and well rounded, "sure-rounded", if only because I am surrounded by God. I know better to better myself, yet not be better than anyone. Sometimes, life is improv. But, always, it is improve. Just a li'l sure-round soundoff. With God, and sometimes others, we are able and can. Signed, Avail If Able, A Veil If Cain


“GRACE, COFFEE & POOP! GROUNDS FOR GROWTH!” As, I went out early this morn with our coffee grounds to fertilize our plants, I thought of this story. I’ve always fertilized with pig poop and coffee grounds. Yep. You heard right. Our yard, plants and flowers loved both. And, my TLC and talkin’ to them, of course. Grace was trained to go outside and fertilize for us and I would take the coffee grounds out every morn and put on diff plants or areas. They, also like us, need to be knee deep in crap to grow. And, grounded for stimulation. Throw in some TLC and talkin’ to and you got it growin’ on! PIMP LOL. I don’t have Grace anymore, but I do take the coffee grounds out every morn, give them TLC and talk to them. You know what I always say: gotta get dirty to stay grounded. The joe makes it grow. And, though crap may be all around us, it don’t have to be in us or come out of our mouth. Thank you, Grace. We miss you. And, not just for your poop. Thank you, God, for your grace. For all the crap. You got it growin’ on! DUH LOL. OH! And, my Grace? As you can see in the collage, she loved on me when I was very very ill. Her nickname? Um. With us playing guitars? Hamstrings! PIMP LOL. She was a lot like me. She loved dancing, chomping on ice and drinking Coke from the little old bottles and being fed Ramen Noodles, not cut up. She left that to me. Being a cut up? PIMP LOL. And, remember… Hugging a pig keeps you from snorting at all the other hams and swine out there. Be kind, mind ya. It’ll grow ya. Signed, I Know About Grow From The Crap In My Lap Says The Trace With The Grace

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chasing Guitars!

"CHASING GUITARS! BABY STEPS! MY 1st STEP IN BLUES!" It's their fault! They let me take the 1st step! And, it was all downhill from there. They sure didn't know what they were getting themselves into letting me go. And, chasing guitars! PIMP LOL. You can see my brother is holding a little guitar.  But, anyways, there's been a lot of uphills, too. Mountains! A lot of 1st steps after becoming a Christian and a lot of 1st steps after life saving surgeries. A lot of 1st steps in music. But, then, life is all about 1st steps. Baby steps. Sometimes, crawling. We should always be learning. There is only ever one 1st step in any journey. Step into the impossibles. Take the 1st step. In the right direction! Your knees may knock, your legs may shake, your body may wobble and your heart may pound, but you're not alone. Sometimes, life is downhill, but mostly? Uphill if you want to get any where. BTW, that's my Mom and dear brother, Larry. He is with Jesus now. Miss him... Have a fun day, guys. Take a step. Me? I just keep walking. Crawling, even, sometimes! And, sometimes? My spirit's gotta drag my body along screaming and kicking and shouting. PIMP LOL! But, I listen good, baby! Sometimes, you just need something to run to... Signed, Baby, I Thirsts For Firsts

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

You Gotta Hand It To Stress!

I am only beginning to realize how stress can make a mess. Of us. Or, make the best. Of us. More than any other factor in life. How we handle stress depends on how hands on we are with God, I believe. Stress is the “I” factor. God is the “You” factor. It’s just a matter of time before the things that used to matter so so much, the things that dishearten us, will, as a matter of fact, matter less, and we will let those matters stop dissing us. And, the things that hearten us, will matter more. We all ask ourselves “What in the world’s the matter with me to worry about things that shouldn’t matter?!” Well, as a matter of fact, we will get to that time quicker by taking all matters to God. Not to the world. It matters to Him. We make a mess of matters. He made a mass of matter. We make a stress of matters. He stresses what matters! DUH LOL PIMP LOL. Signed, Hands Out, Hands on, Hands Up! Hands Down!

Ruffled & Wrestled About Our Vessels!

“Ruffled & Wrestled About Our Vessels!” So, I was pinning my dust ruffle around the bed the other day to sew at a “later” date because it was torn almost the whole way around and dragging on the floor. So, anyways, last night I was awoken in the middle of the night with a sharp deep scratch down my leg. OUCH! Yep. One of those pins must have got left on the bed and it stuck in my leg. I didn’t get too ruffled. Just dragged myself outta bed and got the pin out. Life hurts. And, then you laugh! Oh! It would have been nice to buy another ruffle but, that got me thinking… More and more, everyday, I find that having li’l is less overwhelming, more or less. And, more and more, everyday, I find that the li’l is more than I need, more or less. The thing is, what’s important’s not the things in the vessels we call our homes, but the home we let God make in our vessels. And, our homes. Having less things does keep activities like getting dressed, cooking, eating and living life, simple, uncomplicated and b.a.s.i.c. We may have to wrestle with our vessel and God, at times, to make do, but we get it done, by the grace of God. And, a lot of kooky kreativity. Except when it comes to underwear. You just gotta have lots of those. For our vessel. In case we have to wrestle. Or, get ruffled! DUH LOL PIMP LOL. I'm def not saying life isn't much easier with money, because I've had a few years of plenty. Just sayin' it doesn't solved all. Oh! And, the photodrama? Just some of my fave vessels and vinyls in our music room! And, you can on the one that it says “NOT FRAGILE”. Well, our vessels are fragile like the ones in the photograph, but God strengthens our spirit and He made our vessels wondrously to do such amazing things. Yes, they wear out and crack and break, but we get new ones, one day. Until then? We Signed, I Wrest My Trace

Project PROJECT!

"Project PROJECT!" Today, my project is to um...project! I'm collaborating and carefully planning with 3 “Others” to achieve my aim, my goal. That aim? I aims to make an impression out there. And, in here. In the world, in my home, in my soul. Oh, nothin’ fancy. Just b.a.s.i.c.. But, b.a.s.i.c. best. Just to project my best. Project my kind. Yep. That’s my project for today. Not just in music, but serving of any kind. We all have a voice to project. The voice of our soul. That voice allows others to hear and see God, not just us. That's Project Project! Project Soul! Soul, stop by our projects: I project it will be fun. Signed, A Project With Soul Projects A Goal

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Big House!

“The Big House!” I’ve lived in a big house and spent a lot of time there with windows wide open and no bars on them. I’ve “visited” THE big house and spent SOME time there, as a band and, as a bandit, with no windows open and lots of bars! PIMP LOL. Never over night! But, there’s one Big House where we’ll all spend some eternity together. So get used to it now. God wants us to care for the prisoners, the widows, the sick and all whom He loves. Bandits as well as bands. And, bands of folks different from us. Even the snooty! But, you know, snooty so uglifies beauty! Smuglifies, too. I witnessed someone acting so unkind, like it was their duty to be snooty. Inner beauty, outward kindness and countenance. That’s what they see that lasts. That’s what God calls on us to do. To be. Inward and outward duty is the real beauty! It’s for our benefit. I wanted to kick booty for that snooty, but did my duty, instead of my doo-doo-ty! Because we all know how easy it is to love the lovely and the loving, but... Yes, even, the snooty. So, we’ve got to band together. They will know us by our love. Will they see snooty towards those different or beauty? Behold beloved! Let us love, above! Duty! Here’s a song to go with just this called: Behold How They Love ( And, another to go with the Big House ( They’re both on our albums at Signed, Everyone’s Welcome In Our House! No Sweat!

Thursday, February 13, 2014


So, I was outside on the porch for a minute, trying to get some fresh, cool air and sing to build up my lungs again. It was so windy. How windy? It was so windy that I had the wind beneath my sings! PIMP LOL! And, I and it got carried away! I needs lots of more building up! DUH LOL. Lots! The wind beneath my singing? The Wind Maker. 'specially when I'm outta wind. Here's our place for sings! Signed, The Wings In The Sings

The Tweaks In My Weaks!

“SEEK THE TWEAK!” My body wreaks havoc. My mind speaks havoc. My emotions freak out from havoc. But, my spirit seeks God and tweaks havoc. Leaks tears of peace. Saving me. From myself. My poem I came up with as I sat thinking about our different parts of our being and how God made us. I know we can all relate to how the different parts of our being fight each other and affect each other. And, how like the photoart, we get torn up and crumpled like the poem on paper. But, we need not be bleak. Or, feel up a creek. Without a paddle. For, our spirit and the spirit of God in us, is our paddles to guide. And, maybe sometimes, to spank! PIMP LOL. Yes, our spirit leaks peace. Through the tears. Sometimes, of pain. Sometimes, of joy. But, always moistens our spirit with peace. In the end. Someday we shall have new bodies to house these spirits of ours. Might sound Greek, but that’s what the bible says. Until then, we take care of our home. All parts of us. Heart, soul, mind and strength. So, we can do like the song says. Love God with all. And, others. Seek the tweak in the middle of your weak. Every day of the week. Love you guys for taking time and for your prayers. Here's a li'l more about wisdom and tweaks. WHIZDUMB! Someone asked if gained weight. No. Haven’t gained weight. It’s all that wisdom. It’s heavy! PIMP LOL. I can only hope I gain a few pounds. Of  body weight and of wisdom. And, speaking of wisdom? Sometimes, we think we’re talkin’ wisdom, but it’s disguised as a whiz at being dumb! Whizdumb! Ouch! Now, that’s heavy! Weight! Have a fun day. Now, go about your whiz biz. You decide whether this is wizdumb or wisdom! PIMP LOL. Signed, The Tweak Geek Finds The Peaks In My Weaks Put Color In My Cheeks

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


“HIGH ON LIFE or 1 TOKE OVER THE LINE?” To me, this whole pot thing's a smoke screen. Literally! Cough, cough. I mean if smoking cigs is harmful, then um...duh! I'm def not ignorant. On either account. Kicked those habits right in the buds. I don't need to google my info. I lived it. For the very few it may help, make a pill and let doc dispense. Having pot houses with diff flavors sounds taxing for everyone and highly similar to shops back in the day. About 1 toke over the line, if you ask me. I'm burnt out on it already. Stick that in your pipe & smoke it. Maybe you think I'm bong-o! Nope. Just hash-ing over my dope opinion and weed-ing out the bugs in it. Or, should I say roaches. Just making light. Of a haze-y tops-ic. TNT LOL. Hope you still think highly of me. I know. That's a loaded statement. That took an ounce of courage and a pound of truth. I think I shall go listen to some tunes. How ‘bout The Doobie’s? PIMP LOL. Oh! And, the photodrama? Well, some of my space center buds and me goofing around just high on life. BTW? How many engineers does it take to tune a guitar? 3. 2 regular engineers and 1 sound engineer. PIMP LOL. Yes, I used to do sound. But, the point is that God made me sound. Thing is? My high is now The Most High. Signed, Blowing Steam 'bout The Smoke Scream & The Toke Scheme


“BACKUP PLANS & BEING DRIVEN!” Ahh... Just had a Poco memory. Driving around all night long in my 69 Cam, singing along, trying to find my way home, in the heart of the night. Found my Way just a few years later. I can think of a million other groups that kept me company: Bad Company. Allman's, Gary Moore, Bob Seger, Fleetwood Mac, Pablo Cruise, Chicago, Stevie, Sly, Steppen, ZZTop, Boston, and on and on...So, Who did you keep company with driving around late at night singing. You know you did. Tell me! Oh! And, speaking of driving. We all have to back up some times… And, sometimes, the backup plan is: Actually the Plan B for backup you had ready. Then, at times, the backup plan is: My back's up against the wall and I’m gonna bolt to get away from the firing squad. Other times, the backup plan is: Back me up someone cuz I got no backup plan. But, many times? The backup plan is simply: Back up and try Plan A, again. Who'll back me up on that? Truth is? God has our back. In all our backup plans. He watches where we're going. We should, too. Especially when we back up. PIMP LOL. Oh! And, the photodrama? My 1st Cam and my 1st place to sing free. It was just me and the road and the wind. Well, I had me some Bad Company. Like Bob Seger, Fleetwood Mac, Gary Moore, The Allman Brothers and some ZZ. And, I don't mean sleep. And, many others came along for the ride to Boston and Chicago. PIMP LOL. They all taught me much. I didn't get too many tickets. 100's of warnings. Only a few tickets. Fave line from Nero Wolfe: Just because you steer clear of folly doesn't mean you have to back up into fear! Ahhh! Backup plans. You have to be driven! Or, have drive!!! BTW? I worked and saved every a whole summer of 2 jobs, one at a nursing home to buy this car. Signed, Backup Or Crackup, Loco For Poco In Cocoa & The Racer In Tracer


“CLASSY OR CRASSY?” Everyone could hear and see she didn't have on her big girl pants because they could also see and hear she was gettin' too big for her britches. Even they split on her. PIMP LOL. That's something none of us ladies want said or heard or seen about us. 'tis a fine line between tough and classy vs. tough and um...crassy. What'd you think I was going to say? Okay.. Fine. I was going to say sassy. If we lay it on the line, God will help us find our fine. And, help us to be the classy. Not the um...other. Signed, Be The Fine, Be Not The Be Hind


“DeFEAT, De FEET & De FEATS!” If you feel defeeted because someone rubbed you the wrong way? Take de feet and get de foot rub. That's a rub that could never be de wrong way. PIMP LOL. And, all that wrong will be rubbed away. While the overcoming of defeet will rub off. On others. Don't let anyone defeet you. Take all your feats to God. Your sole will thank you. The photo drama? Well, we were fixing to practice some music and he said, “Do you want to run through the songs?” To which I dropped the songs on the floor and ran through the songs. DUH LOL PIMP LOL. Sometimes, de action speaks louder than de words. And, de humor keeps defeat from running away with us! Signed, Rub De Feet To Stub Defeat

Booking It!

So, I got my 3rd book full of all my blog articles in the mail today. Just thought I needed to have them on paper. 1,000 articles now. Just wanted to have them all together on paper for a keepsake. And, for Pete’s sake, I so want to do a real book for everyone to get. Prayers for me to do this. In the mean time? I at least have my stories and photodrama in 3 books. Just gotta pick out my best ones and pray and figure out what to do. This year’s hopes: CD’s and a book. In the meantime, here is my blog site. Stop by and join it and follow me. It’s my front porch blog. Humor and hope and character. For all characters. And, you know the other site. Signed, Booking It For Now, Hoping Them For Later


Sam and I are brushing up on this song from a couple years called "Alive Forever" on my li’l classical guitar so we can sing this duet. Here's the song at YouTube It’s a song that can be played and song anywhere. A song that everyone can relate to. From young to old. Rich or poor. Happy or sad. For anyone who misses someone. Who has lived a life. No matter how long or short. Listen through 'til the very end. Cuz that's what we do in people's lives. Live and listen to the very end. We shall meet again. Oh! And, it’s on our album at our website at ( Thanks, guys, for letting us share our music and hearts. the b.a.s.i.c. band


“HEARTBURN, KNUCKLE SANDWICHES, BONE-CRACKING JEALOUSY & GASSIP"! ! So, I was so tired I fell asleep curled up in a ball that when I woke up this morning and went out to get the mail, my knees cracked so loud that my knuckles got jealous and asked if my knees wanted a knuckle sandwich. Then, my neck popped in after hearing all the commotion and told my knees AND knuckles to leave the real cracking work to someone who can really stick their neck out and do it up right. PIMP LOL. Bodies… Don’t they just crack you up? Life might not be all it’s cracked up to be sometimes, but finding the humor in it keeps us from cracking up! We all have our cracks. But, we also all have our talents and gifts. Some of us get on our knees for others, some of us encourage and fight for others and some of us stick our necks out for others to serve. Which, BTW, is better than sticking your neck out to hear gossip. Which brings me to “Gassip”! My spelling for gossip because it's cooked up with a harmful mixture of hot air over gas. And, all you require is 1 sip and you have gas! It not only explodes on the cook, and everyone who eats at that table, but gives heart burn to the hungry ones who refuse to eat but feel the heat and throwup their arms in gas-lyness! Though, the cook, unafflicted from having worn a gas mask, usually changes aprons and moves on to a new kitchen. Gassip makes everyone sick. Gassip gives everyone gas. But, one day we shall all be eating at His table and it shall be a gas with no gassip! I think most gossip stems from jealousy. And, did you every notice the word lousy is in there? Yep. Jealousy is lousy. Life has it’s gas and cracks, but it also has crackups and is a gas, too. So, go have yourself a cracking day. Me? Going to go have knuckle sandwich! Stick my neck out and get on my knees. We do each have our gifts and talents, so don't feel like giving someone else a knuckle sandwich. Instead, get cracking and get on your knees for them. I know that can hurt. Sometimes, hard to pray for someone else, but it hurts us worse if we don't! Crack a knee, crack a smile. But, don't crack some gassip! We each are all one part part of a big body. Each having our value and function and gifts and talents. Get crackin'! And, yes, I got the music in me. In more ways than one. PIMP LOL TNT LOL. Signed, My Heart Burns For You While My Body Cracks Me Up


“JEEPERS CREEPERS WHERE”D YOU GET THOSE SLEEPERS!” What? So, last night my PJ bottoms creeped up on me! No, they didn’t scare the living daylights outta me. Just bugged the living nightlights outta me! PIMP LOL. After, I yelled at those nightmare of PJ’s sleepers and pulled them back down my cold legs 50 times, I went back to sleep and got woken up a 2nd time with a dreadful thirst! Walked like a zombie to the kitchen to get an ice cold glass of water. Went back to dreamland. No more nightmares. Well, yes, I ended up oversleeping which is an eye-opening awake nightmare, or peeper opening I should say to rhyme, but I did need more rest to completely get over this monster sickness. We all got those monsters in our lives that creep up on us and scare us. God tells us to fear not because He is with us always. And, we all have dreadful thirsts. But, there is a thirst that does not come with dread! Thirst to be someone after God’s own heart. I know it’s easier said than done. But, jeepers creepers! We can’t let fear stop us. Can’t let fear creep up on us. We must use our peepers. Our soul peepers to see. We should dream while we’re awake. So, we can rest our bodies while we sleep. When we see that our cup runneth over, we’ll thirst for those things. God can take away the dread and the creepiness of fear that comes with the thirst for the wrong things. And, help us get through the nightmares. Even on our worse days. And, nights. Signed, Looking Deeper In The Creeper So I Won’t Thirst For The Worst


"OUT OF PLACE, IN THE MUSIC!" After 6 long weeks of sickness and with a smirk on my face, I am trying to get some color back in me, for Shure! I will so be glad when my cord comes for this mic. I miss using it more. BTW? We all, sometimes, feel outta place at some places. That's why I place myself in God's hands. I always feel outta place. PIMP LOL. What better place to be when you feel that than in His Hands. And, in the music. Both safe places. Oh! And, here is our latest song and vid. Story at YouTube. If you just want to break away and find serenity in that winter storm. 

Signed, The Face Of Trace Always Feels Outta Place


“BEING REALIGIOUS ABOUT MY TOWELS, BASKETS, HUGS & SHAVING!” What? Well, today when I was doing the wash, I threw in the towel. I just wanted to see what it felt like! Felt good and gave me a sense of going with the flow, at first. But then, I realized um…I can’t quit! Made me feel all washed up! So, maybe it WAS high time I threw in the towel. If only to surrender to not quitting. Because throwing in the towel for good, just makes us a basket case! And, just in case you’re wondering? I know. Sometimes, I’m a basket case! And, in case you didn’t know? Today's National Shaving Day. Not really! It’s Rational Shaving Day. Where we all try to rationalize shaving on a cold day. Might shave off some time shaving by skipping the back. PIMP LOL. Have a sharp day. Hug your shaver. If it’s a close one. Hug someone close today. Even if they haven’t shaved. If you must shave off some time, don't let it be hug time. Cuz, life gets hairy and we all need hugs. You def don't want to skip that! Don't even try to rationalize it. Razor shaver in celebration! Be real. And, speaking of real? You’ve heard of RE♥LIGIOUS. You know? Realigious. The religion of being real. The only religion God wants us to follow. Wants us to be. Really! So we can have a real relationship with Him. With others. A realationship. The reality is that we all have realty. Just where & how we build matters. Build. Build up others. Be real. Be real kind. Have ! Have a ! Keep the . In RE♥LIGION. Realize! Signed, Braving The Shaving Cuz There’s Flow In The Throw, For A Time, Really!


“BRINGING HOME THE BACON!” WARNING! I did not wake up to the sound and aroma of bacon cooking this morning. I repeat! I did not wake up to bacon cooking this morn. My day just won't have the same sizzle to it. Guess I'll just have to make the best of it and ham it up. Guess that's the real warning here. PIMP LOL. Ya know, a pout will fizzle out once we realize how much we're loved and can love and serve others. Not just talkin' serving bacon here. BTW? Leave a note on your bacon in the fridge to let them know you are thankful they bring home the bacon. Be thankful. Cuz, I don't know 'bout you? But, I've had my bacon saved a lot! Even after I was saved by Grace! BTW? Signed, The Fizzle Out Of The Sizzle Pout


"HARD WORK, HARD HATS & FISHING!" So, I was just thinking about wanting to be better. Not just health-wise. But, wise. A better person, wife, mama, step-mama, daughter, friend, neighbor, singer, servant, you get it. To do that, my think has to link up with my ink. You know... Flight the plight of which I write. Bring it when when I sing it. Play out what I say out. Loud. Be the plea! My think makes me ink. Well, my think makes me wink and blink a lot, too. PIMP LOL. What? It makes you do that, too? DUH LOL. Night, wise-guys! Point is? We all wear many hats of which we would like to wear better. Life is hard. Get your hard hat and your smile and be hard at work. Works for me! Signed, Trying To Be Better To The Letter So I Can Be Living Out The Giving At Any Givin Time

So, I seem to be on a work theme. Hard work. Profitable to the fisherman AND the fisher of man. Profitable for the gullet and the…um…wait for it! Wallet! I know. You sallet coming and waited with baited breath. Hope your evening is off the hook. Don't be reeled in. Thy rod and Thy being reel will comfort you and the Fisher Of All Men will fish with you. Hook, line and sinker! BTW, this is my Throwback Thursday status. Jus' like some fish? You can throw this back if you don't like it cuz I'm not fishin' for a like. PIMP LOL. Signed, I Cullet Like I See It & Mullet Over

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Heart Pines...


"MY OK CORRAL!" That place you get where you don't have to run around tidying up the yard, the house or yourself to impress someone that's coming over. Because you're heart is tidy and you are what you are! And, you're OK with that. For now. And, you don't have to fight any gun battles to prove it! Course, I could just be tired! Nah! PIMP LOL. I'm really OK with it. Right at home at my OK Corral. Besides, it's the heart they want to see. And, it's about giving your heart and time for them. God knows our heart. That's the good news, the bad news and the Good News! Have a tidy day! Don't hide-y your tidy! Accept yourself and you'll make exceptions for others. Except, it's easier said than done. Accept that, too. Because life and we people aren't always tidy. OK? Oh! And, the photoart collage? From yesterday seeing a friend from my teens. We were making the teen scene, again! That's where my story idea came from. I've been very ill as most of you know and I did not want to expend 1 ounce of energy on tidying, just on the moment. The moments. Resting today while I do laundry to fight off the rest of this. Because life can sometimes be a fight. Appreciate you guys' prayers. You're OK! This is one of those rare times when I say to have an OK day! PIMP LOL. Signed, Being Me Is All About You

The Things I'm Shown!

The Trazy Lady!

The Trazy Lady. Half crazy. Half Tracy. All lady! No shady! Don't believe all those rumors. Just half! PIMP LOL. Signed, The Humor In The Rumor

My eye-deology!

I have so many ideas. But, only so many eye-deas. Ideas I can see happening. Sometimes, we wait and trust God and sometimes we make it happen. I know you do, too! Hope your day is eye-deal! Signed, Eye-deas! I hear Ya!


“ROCKS, PEBBLES & STONES!” If you’re gonna dig a hole and crawl in it? Least cover yourself with a rock. The Rock. So, when folks say what rock did you come crawling out of? You’re covered. Sometimes, we all need to hide out. BTW? I took a walk for the first time in a while and got a pebble in my boot, somehow. The whole way back home, I found myself praying: God, please move this pebble! PIMP LOL. Now, I know most times we ask God to move mountains, but all I wanted was this pebble. It’s the li’l things that move us. Just think of David. He took down a giant with a pebble. A Rock. Take down your giant today with a pebble and the Rock. God can move pebbles and Rocks. Phgotograph? You can see dirty faced me peeking out from under the rock I crawled under. Soon, to be out and completely well. I always say: you gotta get dirty to stay grounded. BTW? There’s a million references to stones and rocks and all that I have running thru my mind. I used to get stoned, now I get rocked. PIMP LOL. I even love a lot of the Stones songs and sing them. Even, my title and signature on this story has to do with the cartoons “The Flintstones”. Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. That one’s God’s. You get it. Signed, Rocking The Pebble! Bam Bam!

Jugs & Juggernauts!

Well, it’s been said that you ain’t in a band ‘less you play an instrument. Well, I used to play guitar, a li’l bass, a li’l drums, but no more. Just sing! But, as a singer, I say our body and voice is an instrument, but just in case? I’ve taken up the jug! No! I didn’t go off the wagon. I picked up my jug and I'm learning how to use it as an instrument. Have a fun day! In the sun as well as the moon…shine! On! Be an instrument of God! Whatever you do, do with excellence. Will the jug be my juggernaut? Um…jug? Errr… Not! But, you know you are looking for a jug around the house to try blowing into o make some cool sounds. This jug is actually an antique handed down. No moonshine left in it. Signed, The Vox With The Jokes

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Keeping The Fog At Bay!

"KEEPING THE FOG AT BAY!" The sea fog rolled in and out in my li'l town, leaving eerie remnants clouding the ocean of my thoughts, leaving me wandering down Bog Boulevard towards Fog Bay. I shall be resting and sittin' at the dock of the bay. If I can find it. In simple terms? The fog came! Outside and inside. Time to clear it with some work, some play, some music and some prayer! All with flair! Bands for today? Um...Otis Redding and Foghat, of course. And, maybe Stop by our place if you need to clear away the fog. Signed, Keeping The Fog At Bay