Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Aimlessly or Aim-morely Amore?

So, at this time of year, most everyone is running around. Me? Running around aimlessly?  Nah! I aims ta please, so I run around aim-morely, more or less. I aim more and I try to do it amorely. My aim? To be a gift. As He is to us. Hre’s more of my thoughts on giving of yourself. Giving up? Done it one million times (said like Dr. Evil in Austin Powers). But, now, giving “giving up” time to get comfortable? Never! (said like Arnold Swartzennegger in Terminator saying I’ll be back!) ‘tis the season of giving. Not giving up. You’ll shrivel up from giving up, but you will live it up when you give it up and give. Have a wonderful Christmas, guys. Here is our Christmas card and story and blazzy song to all of you! Have a week of uh…more…amore. Just thought I'd share that I write off the cuff and sometimes my cuffs have feelings and love and all that amore stuff stained on them. Right above my fingerless gloves... Signed, She Lives Where & When She Gives & She Claims Ta Aims Ta Please

Friday, December 5, 2014

Do"T" Calls!

Well, it was too cloudy for us to get any good shots of Orion this morn, so I thought I'd post my favorite photograph I shot last time home and a few fun edits of where I grew up in Pennsylvania. I love the peaceful beauty feel of it. And, just like me having to make do and post a diff photo, that's how we have to do in life, sometimes. Make do is what we do. And, since many call me "T"? "Do"-T calls. Duty calls. You know, I haven't been feeling my best the last couple days, but T is making do by trusting God for His peaceful beauty amongst my ugly. PIMP LOL. And, I'm not snowing you. Have a peaceful beauty of a weekend. Even amongst the uglay! Sing on! Signed, She Finds Beauty Amongst The Duty (and doodie)

My "Soar"ces

Cuz sometimes you just gotta wing it. You gotta get off the bench, get your bath and get rockin' before the moss starts growing on you. My "soar"ce of flight? My Source of Might. Have a soaring day. Signed, She Heard From A Bird Cuz She's Got Her "Soar"ces

Neck & Brick Walls!

Well, this month’s color on sale at the drugstore was chocolate cherry. So, chocolate cherry hair for a few weeks it is. Sometimes, you gotta stick your neck out! And, not just be another brick in the wall. PIMP LOL. And, speaking of sticking my neck out? We stuck ours out for our songs and albums. Have our Christmas song playing on the house player and our new song and vid up there and much more. And, the good thing? You don’t have to stick your neck out. Just your finger and click this: And, you know how we all get those stiff necks and broke necks from worries? Well, our songs are filled with stories about broke lives. The diff? They’re fixed on Jesus. And, fixed by. Sticking our necks out gives us broad shoulders, but it never hurts to stick our heart out there, too. Love you guys. Have a colorful weekend. Signed, She’s Off The Wall For The Long Haul

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Door Of The Heart

Just had to share our newest blues tune and video. Have the studio version at our band site for a dollar as a single and on our newest digital album "back to the b.a.s.i.c.s of love". Hope you can stop by: Here is the YouTube link :The Door Of The Heart by the b.a.s.i.c. band Thanks much for taking a chance on our music and us. Much love, Sam and Tracy (the b.a.s.i.c. band)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


"STAY STOKED!" So, sometimes, you just gotta open up and let it all out. Right at the neck. Because all your anger and thoughts and truths and joy and hurts are getting mixed up and bottled necked! How? Open up and use it for good. Paint your whirled! Like I show in the photo. That fire pit acting as a bottle is letting the sky out. Painting a sky. Open up your bottle and let it out. Sometimes, life has its pits. And, you want to fire away! ‘stead? Get fired up! Use what was meant for mean or bad or just thoughtlessness to do something of value and love and good. Paint or dance or write a song or serve someone. Or, give something away. Sometimes, you just pray. Anything, just keep the fires burning. Don’t let the ashes have their way. God’s got our hearts. Our battles. BTW? We got this hand me down fire pit the other night. I never turn down a hand me down. Even if it’s on fire! Ha ha. PIMP LOL. Yep. Just got us a hand me down fire pit! As long as it's not a hand me down pit! PIMP LOL. Life won’t stay the pits as long as you stoke the fire. Keep the fires burning! Don’t let your heart and soul go down to ashes. Stay stoked! Keep your eyes on the fire, not the pit. Here’s a song just for that called “Nothin’ But Ashes”! On our new album. Signed,

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Crying Uncle, Uncalled For & On Call!

“Crying Uncle, Uncalled For & On Call!” What? So, I got a call from one of my best friends who lives in Pennsyl vania. She was pouring out her heart about how someone she cared for had hurt her so bad and she felt deceived and let down and she wanted to cry or explode or both. Totally understand. But, I told her the following after much tears and roaring laughter: When you get in a sit where someone you love does something so uncalled for, there’s One who’s always on call. He sees, He knows, He cares. Being quiet at the other end of that uncall is a classy call. But, a hard call. 'stead? Call out. Don’t give in and cry uncle. Cry on call. PIMP LOL. And, while on call? Pray for them and for On Call to reveal to them a way to make things right. Yes, I still believe in miracles. Not naive, just hopeful. Have a fun week. Be on call for someone who may need to talk and pray. Cryin’ uncle hurts. Cryin’ on call heals. Either way? Something moving happens. They are moved to make it right or you are moved to move on. And, I have the perfect song for this...   Signed, In The Groove, Not Always Into The Move

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


"LIGHT HUMOR ON DISSEDPLAY FOR ALL TO SEE!" If I'm gonna shine the light in the darkness today, it's gonna be my chandelier light! Have a shine-y day. You just might invade someone else's darkness when lighting yours. Or, even better? Vice versa. And, when the light reveals the real you? Will you be clothed in truth? I will be, even if my clothes are worn, torn, tattered and faded, the threads and patches are truth. That's all I know how to be. Me. With God inside. And, underneath? You will find my soul clothes, like long underwear garments, they keep me warm and cover my holes so there is no embarrassing moments when my skin shows from letting others get under it. Speaking of long underwear? It's almost that time of year for Handerpants. Gotta have light humor to balance the truth's hardness. Like I said, have a shine-y day. Wear truth and be you. Those clothes look good on everyone and never go out of style. And, speaking of lights and displaying our light? Was in the store and got to thinking… You know how they have those displays in stores where everything is stacked up in a cone or mountain shape and if you pull one out from the bottom it all comes tumbling down? Sometimes, that’s how I feel about speaking out and defending. Just want to pull one out from the bottom to uncover the real display. Air. But, that would just leave a mess for someone else. Hurting others ain’t right even if you’re right. Man sees the display put on before others and takes from the top. God sees the display NOT put on before others. And, gives. From the bottom of His heart. That’s gotta be enough, sometimes. I shall let Him pull one out from the bottom. Airing things out reveals truth. But, it’s gotta be God the Defender. Or, it’s just hot air. Signed, Her Light Humor Is Quite The Rumor

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Meeting Of The Minds: Wiseacres & Pecking Orders!

3 stories for today's blog to make up for the last week.

1st story: Music has no age. Except acreage. Cuz it happens all over the world and heaven! And, that's a lot of acreage! I know… I’m just a wiseacre. PIMP LOL. Thank you Maker. For giving us acres of music. Even, when we are belly acres. Music. For what achers us. Oh! And, Mike doesn’t mind if I kiss him. Mike’s been with me as long as Sam has been. Which one do you think listens more? Ha ha. Don’t you be a wiseacre now. DUH LOL. Which do you think can stand me more after all these years? Why, Mike, of course. He has his own stand. He never tires. Just kidding around. In relationships, we have to stand up for each and stand a lot! Both ways. Humor def helps. And, prayer. Yes, prayer. Oh! And, music. Okay. Wiseacre is done. Have a wise week out there in that acreage. No matter what age you are! And, remember take all to God. He's stand up! He covers a lot of wise acres! Signed, The Vox With The Jokes

And second story for this blog post: During my Meetings Of The Mind, when I hear "Mya Self" and "I Bette" 2nd guessing "Moi Knoze", not to mention all those outside in the hall? I invite one more Guest to my Conference call at Brain Central. When I start hearing and listening to all the other voices outside the meeting in the dark Hallways of the Mind Building and the culprits inside (Mya Self & I Bette), Moi Knoze moves to cancel that conference call and 2nds that emotion. Then Moi has a meeting of the Truth. With my always gracious and wise Guest speaker who always moves. Who reminds me to not 2nd guest Him or 2nd guess what He puts in my heart and mind for Moi to hear in the 1st place. He is always my Guest Speaker with no 2nd guesting. Or 2nd guessing. Don't have to guess when you have THAT Guest. I guess so! PIMP LOL. It's our choice. Do we have meetings of the "Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Here To Sabotage Your Faith" where it becomes a Mining Of The Faith and blows up. Or, meetings of the "Mind Your Faith!"? Signed, Moi Muwahs! 

3rd story: I’m not a spring chicken. No? Why? Because I don’t spring at pecking orders. PIMP LOL. Well, that and I'm not a chicken. Oh. I respect God, pastors, bosses, elders, parents and leaders and all, but not to get my pecking and feathers noticed. Just because it’s right. And, BTW? I can still spring into action when needed. I just know what’s going on hen who has my bak bak bak. Don't be chicken to stand up for what's right. That's my story and I'm shtickin' to it! Signed, Just One Chick 'n Her Shtick

Friday, October 3, 2014


As I was making my bed and getting a pair of fingerless gloves from my treasure chest to wear today, I was reminded of the other treasures in life. The intangibles. The kind stored in heaven. Soul treasures. Gems of another sort. Of another world. Have a gem of a weekend. Treasure someone. Tell them what a gem they are. To you and to God. They will think you are out of this world. SIGNED, Getting It Off My Chest & Outta My Chest


“GIGGLES, GAGGING & GIGS!”  So, I saw a commercial early this morn whilst cooking breakfast for Sam. They so stole my idea. The one with the couple gagging over their coffee table because they’d bought a new couch and now the coffee table didn’t look so hot. I wrote, sometime back, about how my velvet victorian lamp makes me gag seeing my worn out couch. I’m very appreciate and extremely thankful for the contents of our lives. Being content with the contents of your life doesn’t mean you can’t dream. Nor gag. Just once in a while. Thing is? Each new thing in our life changes the perspective of the things already in it. Sometimes, you gotta get rid of the old and make room for new. Sometimes, you hot-ify up the old to fit in with new. And, sometimes? You gag! PIMP LOL. I so need a job writing, making $, so we can continue gigging. Not gagging. Have a hot weekend. Find a way to be content with the contents of your life AND your soul. Then, when new, or even hand-me-down, things enter? You will be like me. As a child at Christmas. Giggling. Not gagging. And, when new soul events, changes, people and emotions enter? You will giggle. Not gag. Life’s a gig. Play it well. Play it content! Yes. I am bent on being content, but I wouldn't mind if you came by our website and bought an album. PIMP LOL.  Signed, The Vox With The Jokes Is Bent On Content (

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


In music travels, as well as life travels, sometimes we should carry each others baggage. In music travels, as well as life travels, we share the stage. So, also should we share the spotlight. Signed, SHe Bares Her Shares


"♪♫ CH CH CHANGES ♪♫" I heard the weather guy say those words this morning and immediately I was taken back to a moment when I driving my racing Camaro to work with a bottle of Wild Turkey under the seat. I don't have many memories from a huge seizure in 2006. And, the ones that come back are tough, usually. This one is mixed. Because, though. I used to drink and do all the other drugs, I always knew there was more to life. Even as a little girl. Things and people would affect me so strangely and deep. I never felt like a child. As I got older, I had sort of a double life. Worked hard, straight A student! Very tough, but very alone. Just had this gut feeling there was more. Which is when I would grab the bottle of pills or booze or the coke cuz fhe pot just made me too lazy and more depressed. I already smoked cigs, so smoking was a pain and tiring. So, I say all this for me. And, not to judge anyone else. It is, and always has been, each one of our own responsibility to answer for our own life before Our maker. Course I didn't know him, then. I do now. Now, when I am on my porch thinking like in this photograph, I look in and around and don't keep things bottled up! Literally! PIMP LOL. I take it to God. I still don't get a lot of stuff. But. I know who to ask. And, I know someday I will. I still work hard and love learning and racing and singing, but i don't have to be bottled up, if you know what I mean, to enjoy. I can let it all out. Pour it out. In a diff way. So glad not to have to get loaded. Easy? Um.. that's a loaded question. You know the answer. So, I don't mind a Ziggy Stardust Changes song memory now and then and singing ♪♫ ch ch changes ♪♫, though it does bring me to tears of both pain and joy, because I have ch ch changed. And, I am. Ch ch changing. And, just to show you change keeps on, I will share one more thing. We all have times of failing and in need of more ch ch changes. I had major lifesaving surgery to remove most of my stomach and brain nerves and much more. I got totally addicted to all the meds they had me on to live. Til i wasn't living anymore. I couldn't feel God anymore. I felt dark and hollow. So, with no money left (sold everything we had and used antiques and life savings to pay for a lot of it) and no places would take me with no stomach and poor health, I went thru months of bad withdrawals and fighting to live. Still do, everyday. Sometimes I hate changes, but mostly I ch ch choose to ch ch change with them. With His help. He made us so cool with memories and songs to take us there. Yes. I will keep singing. Keep living. I ch ch choose that. Thanks for being part of my living. The reason I share some things about my life? So, you can have hope like I needed. We can ch ch change. And we are not alone. I am so very thankful. So very... And, the thing is? I feel more like a child as I grow up and change. Signed, Change Feels Strange

Monday, September 29, 2014

My Monday!

It's Monday and I have 3 short random stories I am combining for my blog:

So, it’s Monday and I only slept 3 hours and woke up with bags under my eyes, I feel itchy, stuffy head & ears, can't bend my back from doing the yard and I got a ton of work to catch up on in house & music room. Gonna be hard to get thru this one. Oh, not because of all the whiny butt stuff I just listed. No. Because those bags I found under my eyes this morning when I woke up? Um...they were empty! Empty bags of chips. PIMP LOL. What? I'm plumb out of Baked Lays Potato Chips, so it's gonna be hard to be all that & a bag of chips, today. Just sayin'. No worries. Have a fun day. No matter what kinda crunch you're in, you can still know that you are all that a bag of chips to God. When the chips are down? Get another bag! NO! JK! When the chips are down or life is chipping away at you, stay chipper. How? Well, me? I pray. Lots. Music, humor, no complaining & seeing God in everything. Easy? Not always. That's where the chips come in. Signed, I Do Flips Over Chips

Bam boom bam boom clank crash roll! Yet, just another reason to for me to invent a pouch to hold water and long, attached straw. worn inside the outfits to hydrate when singing. Because, then my beautiful flowered metal drinking canister would not fall as I was sipping on it and bounce all over the hard floor during church. You just can’t look at the guy across the row like he did it. You know? Like how you do when your phone goes off in church. You look around like who in the world? Cuz, he's already, along with everyone else, looking at YOU! PIMP LOL. Have a fun week. Be inventive. Signed, The Vox With The Jokes Invents To Prevent! Disaster!

Ear lobe plumping? What? Well, the world plumps their butts, lips, boobs, etc. So, ear lobes? Not much of a stretch. Well, maybe for the skin. And, others eyes. PIMPLOL. Not saying I like everything about me, especially as I get older, butt, I'd be a boob and only be giving lip service to plump my outside and allow the soul to get skinny, right? My unplump elf ears are burning. Have a plump day. Signed, My Skinny On Plump

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hole-y Clothes Or Holy Clothes?

“Hole-y Clothes Or Holy Clothes?” So, I know you all have read the story about how I used to shred guitar and sew clothes and now I wear shredded clothes and play guitar sew-sew, right? Cuz our washing machine was literally on it’s last leg over 2 years ago and if you did a full load it would tear up the clothes. Really wear them out. Well, we been making do. You can see that washboard over to the right. I bet you thought that was an instrument in our band! PIMP LOL. Anyways, some friends at church moved and got a new set and their old set was still good. Anyways, our Pastor remembered my story and our need, so he put us in touch. Another friend and his boys delivered them in between the rain and took the old ones. Turns out they needed a dryer. So, we passed on ours to them. Now, we could have gotten agitated over the washer tearing up our clothes, but we made do and did smaller loads, etc., and worked around it. Life can agitate and wear us out and we get off balance. Helping others does wonders for the clothes of our soul. It clothes us in compassion which looks good on anyone. Holy clothes look so much better than shredded clothes. Or, Hole-y! PIMP LOL. We so appreciate the givers and the deliverers so so much. The tears that flowed could have washed a load. Have a fun day. Take a load off. You know the song… Oh! And, we had some things in our back little family play room that we weren’t using and another friend from church had need and helped us out by getting them. Gave us room to breathe in many ways. If you’re not using it, try losing it so someone else can find it. Gives both the giver and receiver and deliverer breathing room. And, a breath of fresh air called thankfulness. Maybe Glade should make a can of that air freshener. Call it “Thankfulness”! Oh. And, one more thing. I am not ashamed to get hand me downs. There was a time in my life, our life, that I (we) could give much in the new and tangible. We still love to give, but right now it is old and intangible. PIMP LOL. It is hard being on the receiving end, but I am learning that receiving a gift also gives. If you want us to make more money, just stop by our band site and get you an album at PIMP LOL. Isn’t that rich? The photograph is blurry because my fancy expensive camera/vid is about 10 years old and wearing out. Been having trouble with it for a while. Sounds like another work fix day coming up. And, you can see the humidity in my wild frizzy hair that truthifies my story from last night. Okay. Hole-y moley! Long enough story you say? I will can it! PIMP LOL. Thanks for loving us for richer or for poorer. Signed, The Spin On Washers Clothed In Compassion

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sausage Advice!

"SAUSAGE ADVICE" Who needs a candle burning to make the house smell quaint and feel quaint when you got sausage searing. Have a sizzlin' day. Sometimes, we feel like we've been on the back burner too long or jumped out of the fire into the frying pan. Don't give up. Don't get burnt out. Keep cookin'. Sear-iously, I bet you sau-that-sage advice being cooked up right away! DUH LOL. Signed, The Sear-ious In The Humorous

Falls & Weights!

Early this morn, in the dark, I tripped over my weights and about fell on my face. I had not put them away in their place yesterday. Which got me thinking. A throbbing foot tends to get your brain going. A cup of coffee would have done the job more peacefully, but can't have it anyways. So, it got me thinking 'bout how we get tripped up in the dark. We clutter our lives with the things that weigh us down and don't put them away or in their place. The thing about a fall? It tends to make you look up. Once you're done being floored. On the bright side, it reminded me that today is Fall. Time to leaf all those most colorful weights fall off us and bare our souls so we can branch out. Have a be-hue-tiful first day of Fall. Signed, Floored-iduh Fall

Monday, September 1, 2014

BowKinKnee People, Mums & Roses!

"BowKinKnee People, Mums & Roses!" Some things carry more weight to those around us when we apply “an ounce” of quiet than a pound of announce. PIMP LOL. Announce a baby. An ounce of quiet about someone acting like a baby. Announce a talent. An ounce of quiet about your own. Announce thanksgiving, an ounce of quiet about your humbleness. Announce a gift received, an ounce of quiet about your giving. We don’t need to pound anything in. An ounce of quiet weighs more than a pound of announce. On God’s scales. His love is weigh louder than any horn I could blow. And carrues more weight than anyone. We all need balcony people. Others we trust, akin to. Who love to cheer us on, as well as bow their knees and pray! Bow-kin-knee people. Those who will get up high and get down low. And, God has the balcony of our hearts. From on high and down low. In us. And, sometimes, that’s gotta be enough. Cheers! Much obliged to you bowkinknees. When mums the word, you come out smelling like a rose. PIMP LOL. Photograph? From my garden. Artowrk from my photo editor. Signed, Fearing Not To Cheering A Lot


"FACING THE MUSIC!" When faced, last evening, with the decision to jam or shop for jam (and other groceries), we did not need to shop for the answer. With music, growth sure's easy. Growth-sure-ease beats groceries. Besides, we had soul food. Have a fun Sunday. Get ya some soul food. And, then some groceries. Don't put the cart before the um...hoarse. Shopper! Or, you might end up in it. PIMP LOL. What? We like to play our fingers and voices and hearts out! Give it all. Jam! Face the music. It makes these bread winners not loaf! And, makes our small portion of bread sweeter. Thankfulness...  Helps us face the music. Signed, The Vox With The Jokes Loves To Grow With The Flow


"TODAY'S HOMEMADE HUMOR IN A NUTSHELL & STRAIGHT FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY OF SAL EEP & LEA BOR!" After 6 weeks of only 2 hours of sleep a night and waking up all night from stuff, I got reacquainted with a dear old friend last night. We hung out 'til 10 this morning. I was so tired, but with Sal Eep, one does not need words. He's got my back. He loves the quiet. He and I were designed by our Creator to be best friends. Being in his presence brings me healing. I sure need him for the rest of my life. Sal Eep, you don't have to stay 'til 10, but at least stay with me all night until 6 cuz it takes awhile to heal? Then, you can back to your sheep. Yes, my Sal Eep is a sheep herder AND sleep herder! PIMP LOL! We love Shepherds! They always tend their sheep loving and keeping the in line. Have a fun labor day. Thank you, God, for laboring to give us dear friends like Sal Eep AND Lea Bor. We should not be bored nor abhor Lea Bor nor forget Sal Eep They both need each other. And, we need both of them. BTW? All I'm doin' today besides music and cookin' hamburgs the old-fashioned way on the stove is vacuum up peanut shells and droppings from last night. Too much action from the Peanut Gallery ‘round here? PIMP LOL. Nah! Football in the dark. Leads to vacuuming in the light. Have a fun day. Heart doc appt. tomorrow and getting college books tonight. The rest is all! Signed, Labors To Sleep & Sleeps To Labor

Friday, August 8, 2014

Rhymes Without A Song!

“Rhymes Without A Song!” So, why do I have an antique baby powder blue snowflake gem sweater on in the middle of summer? Well, other than my Mom sent it to me this week and I love it and her, it just that sometimes, even when life heats up, we feel cold. In this case, physically cold. PIMP LOL. But, I mean in life. When it heats up? We can either be cold or warm. I choose to be warmhearted. Hence, the gem of a sweater, not to mention, thankfully adorning the spirit of God in me to keep the fires burning! Have a fun weekend, gems! What’s in you adorns you. And, adores you to God and others. But, that’s not saying you can’t have adornment on the outside to feel good and be you. Put forth your inner and outer gem. And, speaking of being you? That takes guts. Don't matta whatcha gots. But, matters whatcha guts. Making do in the middle of doo. Putting out without much to put in. Puttin'. Not poutin'. What I do and what I don't is why I won't. Give up. Having guts and no butts. About it. Have a fun weekend. No buts about it. Remember, we are each a unique snowflake of a person. We’ve each felt like we were a rhyme without a song. And speaking of just that? Here is us being just us, Our new love song called “Rhymes Without A Song”. Stop by. It’s something that is NOT unique to any one of us, but all of us. We can all relate to: Signed, What Occerd To Word Nerd

Sunday, August 3, 2014


“SHTICK SHIFTS & FLUID DRIVES!” Well, to speak fluid plain English, I just got rained on! Fluidly! Imagine that. In Florida. Both. PIMP LOL. Okay, so shifting from my shtick to the rest of the story. Was taking my evening walk early and, as usual, I always carry by big stick for safety and my big shtick for humor, and I stopped to check out this 1941 Chrysler with fluid drive when a sudden storm came upon me. Fortunately for me, the owners of this car were home and invited me in. After which I shared my life story in a short few moments and they shared theirs. You just never know what a storm will bring. New friends. New car? Nah. Not right now, at least. But, I can dream and hope. I so want this car. It is so me. Only $3,999.00 away from it being mine. Gotta sell some more CD’s. And, yes. I did have some of our band cards with me. You just never know when you might run into some other musicians needing a band or some music lovers needing new music. I had earlier run into someone else walking their dog and we got to talking about music and gave them a card. I always carry a couple when I walk. Walking keeps the fluids going and carrying cards keeps the music flowing fluidly and carrying by big shtick keeps the juices and humor flowing. Keeps me driven. Some day driving. But, I so wouldn’t mind having the fluids flowing in this car while I am behind the wheel. Just sayin’. Oh And, the storm ended up lasting over an hour and they finally took me home after offering the spare bedroom and a meal. It' still raining! I love storms. You just never know when you may have to use your shtick shift to keep your drive fluid! Signed, Just A Hick With Schtick


So, after hearing some gossip, I've been thinking about how we try to hide a tear in an ocean. Or, hide an ocean in a tear. Either way? He seas. He knows the diff between man overboard and when we've gone overboard with our thoughts or words. Whether we cause the waves that take us overboard or just happen to be on that ship of fools being tossed about, He seas and cares. We have, within our power, when we hear gossip, to stir the pot or stir the heart. To assail or sail. If we pass on the hurtful gossip we stir the pot and become part of the crashing waves even if it shows the truth and rights us. If we are quiet, we can stir hearts by letting God work. The latter is most difficult. We all want to be righted and have others know the real truth. We all like that, right? But, being righted can't  always be within our rights lest we wrong others, too. It’s a lonely walk on that high road sometimes. And, we sure would love to take the low road for just enough time to be right. Cross over that bridge of troubled waters, but stop for just a sec, right? Instead? We should be sailing out on the ocean of a higher calling of God’s truth and letting His waves of calm seas be the balm of healing.  The calm and the balm wipes away the tears. Whether the high road or the high seas, He seas. Thankfully.  Lest we go overboard! We try so hard to hide our tears in an ocean and an ocean in our tears. But, He seas. Signed, Overboard & Under Adored

Thursday, July 31, 2014


Celebrating my girl's 20th birthday with her college room mate here this week in our humble home. Even I got a treat. They went out shopping and brought home some very lovely lip balm for me. How sweet!!! They really blessed me. My lips say so! And, my heart! Anyways, three photographs are of the beautiful girls and one of the card I got my girl for her birthday. She is a chandelier in a world of ordinary lights. And, they both were today, to me. So, I say to you... Don't be afraid to shine. Shine the light, the chandelier. Be unique. Be you. Shine so's to light up the darkness around you. So their lips will say so. Have a fun week. Signed, There's Might In Light


“BUGGIN YOU, HOSING IT, BLOWING UP & SPLITTING!" What? Well, lotsa times when we’re under pressure, we make like my supposed lifetime pocket Ultra hose did today? We blow up and then split! Yep. That’s what my hose did! Too much pressure, I guess. PIMP LOL. So, I took this baby back and exchanged it for a new one. Anyways, lifetime signifies an expected continual performance and commitment. And, commitment is perseverance, but, also means to have the time of your life. Just sayin’. A lifetime of having the time of your life. Doesn’t mean always Ultra easy times, but it does mean times. Experience. Moments. And, you know, sometimes, we gotta split so’s we don’t blow up. And, sometimes, we gotta blow up or we will def split. But, usually? We should be like a hose. Watering what’s around us. Gently. Keeps pressure from building up. Life is all about exchange. Giving and receiving. And, having the time of your life for a lifetime. Of commitment. To one another. To God. You know they used to call phones number exchanges. Call someone. Visit someone. Because exchange changes us. And, BTW? As I was watering with the new hose, I saw the bug in the second photograph and it made me think even more. I was thinking that it was saying to the wall, “I sure hope I’m not bugging you cuz I’m stucco on you!” PIMP LOL. And, I was thinking about how we feel that way, sometimes, that we’re bugging someone to ask for help or exchange. Take a chance. And, if someone “bugs” you today? Don’t make them feel like they’re bugging you. Remember the hose. A sprinkle of gentleness grows a long way. Signed, I Knows ‘bout Hose

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Money & Comfort: A Dime-ond In The Rough

“MONEY & COMFORT!” So, I’m supposed to only eat a tenth of a portion. A dime of a dollar. Like a tenth of a sandwich or tenth of a slice of pizza. You get it. So, been having a tough, uncomfortable time of it for too long, so what do we do when we’re uncomfortable? Look for comfort, of course! Not the pill or the booze or cig thing anymore. No. I’ve been splurging (IGNORING THE VOICE IN MY HEAD) and eating quarter portions instead of a dime on a dollar. I know. Here’s a quarter. Call someone who cares. But, I’d give you my 25 sense worth. Anyways, the food helps now but later? Disaster. Well, I prayed and kicked my butt simultaneously. A penny for your thoughts on that one. PIMP LOL. And, then, decided to put my money where my guts are and go back to the dime on a dollar thang. I know it won’t fix everythang, but it’s on the money for my tummy. And, you wouldn’t believe how much our stomachs control the rest of us. Until you don’t have it. And, yes, I know. God is my comfort. I was thinking of the physical and emotional quick fix. Which usually ends up nickeling and diming you to broke-n-ness. So, whatever your struggle thang is, health or relationship or just life? Don’t cash it all in or gamble it all away for temporary comfort. God wants to hear and help and comfort. And, it won’t cost a penny. Just trust and faith and many times, discomfort. What? Discomfort to find comfort? Amen. Have a comforting rest of the week. I know the 1 thing that causes me discomfort when I am struggling and just want to be quiet and hide, also causes me the most comfort of all, if I can just get started. It is the only medicine I can take. Sing… Find your comfort. The one that is uncomfortable. In the beginning… But, then becomes THAT comfort zone. Don’t let that voice tell you to quit. Signed, This Doll…errr…Is A Dime-ond In The Rough

Thursday, July 17, 2014


"SHOCKING SLAPS, BULLY BEATINGS & PUNCH LINES!" I saw something on the news about beating that got me thinking, as always… I do try to turn it off. The TV and me. Works for the TV, but not even remotely for me. PIMP LOL. Anyways, I’s thinking: You bully me or beat on me or someone I love and I’m so gonna slap you! Silly, that is. I’m gonna slap you with an original joke. I may think about slapping you or even a punch, but I’ll leaving that for the line. PIMP LOL. I know… You'd love to slap me. Silly! Don’t that beat all. Have a fun day. Don't beat up on someone. They may already feel beat down. Shock someone. Slap someone with some silly. And, take the stuff that beats you down and those that bully to God. He knows all about that. Now, really! Don't THAT beat all! K. No more punchlines. Signed, What’s My Line? The Vox With The Jokes (and that's my punchline, too)

Shootin' Birds!

"SHOOTIN' BIRDS!" This morning there was like 500 enchanting birds of every color and variety dancing 'round our front yard. So, of course, I started dancing and singing with my rose mic, but scared them. PIMP LOL. So, I grabbed my cam and got a few birds, but mainly stayed quiet from the porch to enjoy the moment. So need a newer one to zoom in better. This 10 year old camera/vid is getting snappy with me. It keeps blinking at me. I shutter to think what it will do if I ever got a new one. It already shot me some birds this morning. PIMP LOL. Anyways, its been a flashy, but true colors friend to us for music & life. I got it from Sam for Christmas when I wasn't expected to be around much longer to inspire me. I was much too sick, but the more I played with it as I learned to live each day, each month, each year, I found another joy to help me heal. Yes. It's old, but at the time, I never realized what a door it would open up. If I could get a shot of that door, it would lead right into my soul and would be antique blue velvet inlays on chocolate brown wood with jewels of every color and lace. What? Anyways, when moments get tough, and they do, before you shoot a bird, try shooting another kind of bird. Or, singing like a bird. Or, flying like a bird. Be inspired. One step at a time. One snap at a time. When you feel like "oh shoot", take a shot. At life. Be inspired. Then, inspire. Oh, and yes, that is a shot of a Cardinal I got and clone imposed it in a still from a video Sam shot of me doing Love Lifted Me outside in the yard. Yep. Hre's the vid: Signed, The Ham In The Cam From Sam


"ROADS SCHOLAR!" Had a li’l nothin' fancy gig going that coulda been a blessing both ways, but for the sake of a few, they had to change it. So I told them, “It’s ok. We can do it down the road. No. I mean. Down the road. As in, down there at the end of the road. In a field." Who could I possibly bother there? PIMP LOL. There’s a road sign at the end of that road by the field that takes you off the beaten path and then points the way to the High Road. Trusting God on the road, down the road and in the fields takes the faith of a “Roads” Scholar with a degree in Faith 1on1. The High Road's a rocky and lonely one. But, never alone. Smile all the while. Signed, The Lie Low Load On My Hi High Road

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our Gutmost!

“OUR GUTMOST!” Was talking to my best friend in Pennsylvania on the phone about how it takes us so freaking long to learn some things. She was feeling tired of people and serving. I said to her: Seems like when you strive to be a stand up person and love and do your utmost in all you do for God, yourself, those you love and really all those around you so you can make a diff, it doesn’t always sit well. No sir. No ma’am. Stand up does not always sit well. But, stand up is a commitment. A continual action. Even when it doesn’t sit well with us. We may even fail and fall, but getting back up is stand up, too. Nope. Being stand up doesn’t always sit well with everyone. And, you know it’s not very comfy for us either, sometimes. We tire. And, feel like sitting it out. And, even then? We can be standup about it. Even when we must get away and sit, it can still sit well with us by being standup and trusting God. Giving our utmost, sometimes, is more like giving our gutmost. Takes guts. Mostly. Signed, No Stomach, Lotsa Guts

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chin Up!

My "hold your chin up" post. In more ways than one. My fence post where I think and hold my chin up as I look out at God's great big world beyond fences and get a better perspective and also my online "post" about keeping your chin up. PIMP LOL. Have a fun day. Chin up! Signed, The Vox With The Jokes


“UNHINGED!” Don't become unhinged that this story is a bit long. It's worth it. If ya drive by our chocolate and raspberry watermelon home and see our garage door all wee-wunky, don’t laugh or make fun or judge, stop and help us fix it. No, I’m not kidding. Came off its hinges last night. Good thing we didn’t. Kinda getting used to things breaking. No. I don’t want them to. And, no! Don’t pity us. Nope. Just sayin’. Happens a lot and we pray a lot. Fix a lot. So, if our garage door bugs you? You can laugh with us while you stop by and help us fix it, cuz it really bugs me. ‘specially after doing so much to the house and yard work and garden and all. I may be a Pennsylfloridavania hillbilly, but the OCD Victorian in me likes things to look good. But, the important thing is that life does become unhinged! But we need not! How? It hinges on where you take your unhinging. Me? God. He doesn’t need hinges to hang the moon or the sun or the stars, so He seems to know a lot about it. One more thing? You just never know when someone is unhinged. Sometimes, we so should apply hushness ‘stead of harshness. What? Hush my mouth! A quiet smile of understanding and a hand on the shoulder lets them hear God 'stead of us and lets God do His job. God never asked us to apply for His job. Just apply His job. Sometimes, we apply elbow grease and sometimes balm. But, we always apply within. Stop and help someone today. Helping unhinges. Photo of unhinged garage door and unhinged me. PIMP LOL. You can’t see the hinge under my hair but you can see the wooden pink door and hinge that holds my guts!!! UPDATE: we just surveyed the whole garage door thing and fixed it ourselves with 4 hands , 2 ladders and 2 brains. Yay! Thing is? When it came unhinged yesterday, it was so loud and springy and I just knew I was dead. I haven’t sp[rung into action and ran that fast out of the slightly opened garage door about to fall on me, since I was ‘bout 10 years old. Wow. Still got the flexible gymnastics attitude. Not so much the bod, but the attitude. I could have really gotten hurt bad. So thankful. Sam was like…wow and you lived to see it! Anyways, all fixed. One more life unhinge back on track. For now… Oh! And, speaking of garages? It's where we do tune-ups and up tunes, sometimes. Unplugged covers on a cell phone to just have fun and scare the neighbors. So, here's a fave from the garage of our hearts after my signature. Signed, I Get A Rush From A Hush Says The Li’l Too Observant Li’l Servant

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


So, I’m feelin’ a li’l meloncallin’me today. PIMP LOL. Have my fave watermelon colored summer top on and it got me thinking of the watermelon in the fridge. Got my hopes all up, again! Yuck. Why did they have to mess with perfection. I miss the big hunkin’ green watermelon with huge black seeds and the sweet nectar of melon awaiting inside to gorge and devour. They had to screw them up by trying to make seedless? Seedless? Really? How lame. Seeds are necessary for sweet life. I want a good watermelon so bad. Used to eat 1 a week forever. And, the spittin’ the seeds out kept us from getting addicted to chew. JK! But, ya laughed! Now, that would be a funny photo op. Anyways, gonna take my meloncallinme and my melancholy to God. He makes good from spit. And, spit’s about all we got today. No rain. But, I did get to take some shots of the ever so lovely and colorful purple Passion Flower in our yard. The butterflies of PSJ had all met here this morning I believe. Gorgeous ones flying all over the flowers. What a site! Anyways, about the flower? The Anglicized name, "passion" flower refers to the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The name and the flower itself are filled with symbolism. The 5 petals and the 5 sepals are said to represent the 10 faithful apostles (omitting Peter? and Judas). The tips of the leaves suggest the point of the centurion's spear. The central flower column denotes the pillar of the scourging. The flower's tendrils resemble the whips used in the flagellation. The corona filaments are compared to Christ's crown of thorns. The three stigma are called the nails, and the five anthers reflect the 5 sacred wounds, while the red stains recall the blood of Christ. Well, speaking of passion? When you’re passionate about something you will walk, run or crawl if you have to make a milestone. My milestones, a lot of times, find me down in the stones and gravel and mud just a' crawling my heart and knees out to mark them. That's okay cuz I've met lots of fine Marks in that crawl space. And, Paul's and John's and Mary's and Jesus. And, prolly, you. We all have to remember how to crawl cuz it may be our only option. Or theirs. And, speaking of lovely colors? I woke up from a bad, sad dream. So real. Felt lost and drawing blanks on why. Prayed and got my morning going but, it got me thinking. I might draw a blank, but at least I draw it in color. I might get painted black, but my true colors will show through my canvas. Life’s not always easel-y. I might get written off, but I will not be erased. I, sometimes, speak no words, so I might not be sentenced. We hold life at our fingertips. Let’s be kreatively kind huemans when we draw our conclusions or before we write others off. Like God is with us. He imparts Art when dealing with us. The Art of love. You know that guy? Art? He gets lost, sometimes. Art is gentle, kind, patient, forgiving wrongs, giving 2nd chances and loving huemans. Yes, I, might draw a blank, either because I can’t remember the answer, or I don’t want to, but I can do it in color. Huemor and hope come in all colors. Love doesn’t have to be a lost art. There! I just put all this week’s blog stories into one. Longer for you, but easier for me. Thanks, for taking time to read it. Oh! And, if you'd like to see the photos better? Click on the them to get the bigger picture. PIMP LOL. BTW? I find it totally bizarre that they include Peter with Judas. Not right. Signed, Makin' A Mark In The Dark & Finding A Call In The Crawl While I Chew & Yell ‘bout The New Mel

Thursday, June 5, 2014


So, I do a lot of thinking outside on my porch. My porch ponders. It’s not a big fancy porch on the front of a big Victorian home like in my dreams, but it’s a pretty place to ponder. Anyways, I was sitting here looking at my antique sewing rocker that I got from my Dad when I was pregnant. We found in an old antique store. Which got me  thinking about antiques. The reason we even have antiques is because people take pride in creating and take pride in caring for things over a long period of time without fail. Antique survival requires attention to the smallest details both in creating and caring. To have history something has to survive. To be an antiquity, something has to have history. The word antiquity got me thinking on iniquity. You know? Those wicked unfair acts that we def don’t want to survive. Iniquities also requre attention to the smallest detail if we want them NOT to survive. When we are in the iniquity, we just want to quit, right? In I quit -y? Because I don't want it to become part of my history! We want to quit the iniquity and do not let it become part of our history.  Part of our past. Part of what has passed, more like! So, we can become the fine antiquities God intended. The kind that make history. God forgives the iniquities so we can become antiquities. As far as the east is from the west. Wow. That's all got to say. Wow.  Oh! And, yes, I had a ball out on the porch and hanging outside today with Mason. Ha ha. Get it? Mason? Ball? Maker of the mason? Had a Ball filled with ice cold refreshing water! Whilst God refreshed me with the Water Of Life. Washes away the iniquities before they become antiquities.   Signed, The Antique Freak