Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Florida Fall!

I’m hiding behind the bushes and around the corner seeing if I can catch Florida Fall sneakin’ ‘round here somewhere close to my front porch. 87 the day before yesterday, 80 degrees today, 83 degrees tomorrow, 60 degrees the next day, 85 the next, 57 the next. You get it. Up and down the rollercoaster. No wonder I get dizzy. For some odd reason, I am singing that disco song "RollerCoaster"! DUH LOL. So, anyways, I have my fingerless gloves, boots, short sleeve shirt and fave flannel all ready for any weather. And, if it’s hot and rainy, the flannel doubles as a rainhat. PIMP LOL. Watch out Fall. I got my eyes on you. You leaf me no choice but to pretend I'm up north until then. PIMP LOL. Oh well. No matter. I am thankful for any weather and the Weather Maker. Signed, The Ready For The Any, Rocker Off Her Rocker

Count The Ways...On My Fingerless Gloved Fingers.

I can count, on my fingerless gloved fingers, the many ways God has had a hand in my life. And, on my toes! And, it would so take a lot of hands and toes! I can always count on Him. Today, and every day. And, no! I don't wear fingerless socks. PIMP LOL. So, I am just gonna list the 4 short stories He put on my hand and heart and toes this morning! PIMP LOL. Here's one: When I write my humor and hopes life stories, the puns are INtended. While the punch lines are Attended. By PIMP LOL. Or, TNT LOL. Or, DUH LOL, IRATE LOL, or SILENT LOL. Yep! That's right! I make home-made acronyms AND cookies. Well, have a fun day. Make some laughs. Attend life and intend to make a diff. God is in our midst. And, in our mist. Signed, The Fun In The Pun Makes A Diff In The Midst

Here's another: That merry feeling you get when your grownup daughter says she can’t wait to go to church… God loves a merry heart. And, contrary to popular belief, He loves a contrary heart, too. Hope your day is merry. Sometimes, we have to look for the merry in the contrary. Cuz that's just how life's garden grows. Signed, The Merry In The Contrary

Here's another: Epic someone’s day! Pic someone to bless, unexpectedly. It’s a mess of fun and it will mess with them, epically! Have an epic weekend. Thanks for always lettin' me mess with you guys. And, thanks for the mess of prayers these past months. Still need a mess more. I'm a mess. PIMP LOL. Signed, The Bless In The Mess

And, here's the last one: It's Saturday! Do you know where your groove is? It may have gotten lost somewhere in The Land Of Mojo during the week. Well, when you locate it? Grab it & get in it! If you see mine there? Send it home. Cuz I wanna get my mojo mojo'in and movin'. Have a fun day. Get in the groove. 'tis fitting & edgy & um...groove-y? Signed, I'll Be Groovin' When My Mojo Gets Movin'

Turkey Scraps!

"WILD TURKEY & TURKEY SCRAPS!" So, I hope you guys all have a thrilling hopeful, joyous, peaceful, Thanksgiving! No scrapping on Turkey Day. Unless you're eatin' the scraps. I know we'll be fighting (scrappin') over the scraps tomorrow. PIMP LOL. Holidays sometimes make us act like turkeys! We get into scraps. Seriously! I'm not talkin' turkey. Here's my story. Ever seen a Wild Turkey? I have! The bird kind and the bottle kind. Years ago I got off of Wild Turkey! Cold turkey! It was gobbling me up. I don’t act like such a turkey anymore. Well, not much! PIMP LOL. Got something you are struggling with? It IS possible to overcome. Don’t let anything gobble you up. Take your turkey to God. Nothing’s too wild for Him! You’ll be thankful you did. Being thankful helps you not miss out on the other stuff…ing! He takes our scraps and what's left of our stuffing and makes us whole. Have fun joining together with family & friends to be thankful. Don’t scrap with any turkeys. Some are just full of it! Stuffing, I mean. Don’t you be. Oh! The photo? A turkey made from scraps of farm machinery by an awesome artist friend Rem Brent! He’s my stand-in turkey until we get done grilling our turkey tomorrow. Ours got into a scrap! PIMP LOL. Here’s the story on that: We’re gonna wait to grill our turkey on Friday. He's pretty chilled out right now, so we're gonna let him sweat a li'l, then grill him to find out if he’s the 1 who gobbled up the ham we were saving for Christmas. He’ll prolly get snoody, but wattle we do? I’ll tell ya what! We’re really gonna cook him on the grill for real! Mugshot Friday. Have a fun thankful day of giving! Oh! And, since we are grilling, I'd thought it appropriate to share our fire song about hopes and dreams and not giving up. Being thankful in the fire, by the fire and through the fire. Hope you like it. It's in the 1st comment. Signed, The Ham In The Ma’am

Eye Candy, Gum, Candy Bars Or Ice-Cream?

"EVERYONE'S A SINGER! ARE YOU EYE CANDY, GUM, CANDY BARS OR ICE-CREAM?" What? Well, for a singer, being seen AND heard on stage means finding a sweet spot. Being called “Eye Candy” is a polite way of saying you were seen, not heard. And, you just keep going, smile and be a pro about it. Jus' keep singin'. Now, being called Eye Candy, FAD is a rudely funny, but prolly correct for most of us, way of saying sounded good and looked good, FAD (from a distance) DUH LOL. But, me? I like the idea of being Eye Gum. Chew on the whole piece. That’s means listening while watching. The tasteful stage presence and sound goes from the eyes to the ears to the soul. Gum! Yep. Eye Gum. Now, will I tell where this story came from? Well, lets just say that last nights smiles and Eye Candy FAD on stage weren’t just from the message and music. Gotta have fun while sharing your heart and soul. And, besides, even if your stage, sometimes, is only in a far off corner in a far off town somewhere to a few, or in your house or garage for your neighbors, or, for an audience of One, it’s giving your whole piece that’s makes it sweet. In every sit. Now, maybe some of us singers might also aspire to be not only gum, but candy bars with nuts in them or ice cream that melts… The heart… Of both singer and audience. So God can be seen and heard and felt from the inside. And, most important to me? Singers sometimes forget that everyone wants to sing. It's healing. It's medicine for us all... Signed, The Jokes In The Vox

The Scoop On Serving!

The Scoop On Serving & Thanksgiving!” So, here’s the scoop! Cappuccino Fudge Blitz! Can’t have it! But, just scooping it out and serving it up and saying the words is a blitz! It may be the pits that I can’t have this, but serving makes it a blitz. PIMP LOL. So, whether serving up ice cream you can’t have, washing someone that can’t, or doing something nobody even knows you’re doing? Find the blitz in the pitz. Because Someone does know and He did it for us. He served and found the blitz in the pitz. So, put on the ritz when it comes to serving with thanksgiving that you CAN and MAY serve. Some are not as able. Though, we can each serve up thankfulness. Hope your week of Thanksgiving is the glitz, even in the pitz. Okay! You get the jitz! Signed, The Blitz In The Pitz

Diggin' In, Diggin' Out & Diggin' On. At Our Digs!

"DIGGIN' OUT & DIGGIN' ON AT OUR DIGS!" So, it’s officially that time of year for me. When it's okay to dig. The Week Of Thanksgiving Into Christmas. Time to dig! It’s always fun to dig out old songs, old decorations, old clothes, old cards and old recipes at this time of year. Dig ‘em out so you can dig on ‘em once again. Now, I know, some memories are hard to go through, but you’ll be glad you did dig and thankful you can enjoy them once again. Dig? So, for the next several weeks or so, I will be digging out and digging on old things, slowly to take it all in and actually enjoy. And, share photodrama and stories of them. I dug out just a few for today. My 2 wreaths I made. And, my Thanksgiving and Christmas angel that I got from a dear friend from the Space Center and antique tins! I have a story behind every thing I dig out. Dig? So, what did the angel say to the ornamental metal cans as they sang Christmas songs? Ummm…can it. You have a tin ear. PIMP LOL. So, have fun this season and sing. Our original blazzy (bluesy jazz) Christmas tune is free from now until the end of the year at our website at It’s called God’s Favor. Stop by and dig on it and then get it. Dig? Because just as much as we dig on the old? We can dig on the new. Life changes. Dig? And, here's a link to the Christmas card video and story. Something Christmas-y for the ears, the eyes and the soul: Signed, Digging Out & Digging On

Shine The Light!

Shine the light... I so love this shot. I love this old candelabra and bible and Garnet Rose right behind them both. We stay in the background and let our light so shine...

Turk E. Brown!

Here’s the mug shot I promised of our friend Turk E. Brown who was convicted of trying to abscond with Thanksgiving supper. He didn’t get too far before he lost his head and was captured. He got heated up during our grilling, but, he gave away no secrets! He did not even cave during intense grilling. He got snoody and hung on by the skin of his umm…teeth? Though, in the end, wattle we do? He didn’t have a leg left to stand on. Just a wing and a flare up of fire at the end. PIMP LOL. Have a fun day and don't let life gobble you up. Stop by my other stories in this album and the free Christmas song in the first comment. BTW, the snood and the wattle are the hangy skin stuff on neck and protuberance. Signed, The Killer Griller


Something just blew by me ‘bout knocked me off my Scooby-Doo socked feet. IN fact, it did! Ruh roh! Left me in a daze. After I gathered my senses, I saw it in its hazy, blurry magnificence. It was 334 days of 2013 all at once. Can you believe it? Sometimes, weeks, months, years hit you all at once. Leave you with daze. Have a fun day! Enjoy it before it's part of 1 of those weeks that hit you all at once. Enjoy the craze of the maze before it's a haze of daze. Find your way through with help from the Maker Of Days and the Healer Of Haze who makes sense outta the daze. Signed, The Year In The Mirr'


Jus' a li'l thankful... For the li'l things. From a big God. Jus' a li'l...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


“VEIN WORSHIP!” What? Well, lately I’ve heard so much about worship and how it's all about the music. Yes, we are musicians and songwriters and singers, etc., but, I do believe that music is only a small piece and that worship is purely pouring everything you got into showing the worth of God. Worship is not only music or church, but I believe it’s getting your blood flowing. Serving. Lending a hand. It’s what’s going on in the inside much more than what’s going on on the outside. Sometimes, in music it may flow to the outside. But, it should start on the inside. Sam used to always say to me that if the veins in my neck weren’t popping then I wasn’t giving it everything I got. I think he got that from his Dad. Same goes for all we do. Getting the blood coursing through our veins is worship. Showing God’s worth in everything. Serving. With love. With excellence. Even unto the smallest deed. That’s vein worship. Not vain worship. I like the scriptures on love in 1 Corinthians 13:1 about clanging cymbals. If it’s not coming from a loving heart we’re just making noise. Now, noise is good sometimes to just have fun. But, we’re just clanging cymbals if the blood of love isn't coursing through our veins. Okay. That’s enough. Have fun worshiping. However you worship. However you attribute value and serve with love. We have much to gain in vein worship and much to lose in vain worship. He sees our veins and he sees our vains. He sees our real tears of love, pain and joy in the prayers that we reveal in the secret for ourselves and for others. That’s service, too. That’s worship. Gotta go pop a few veins and practice. YOu guys have a fun evening. Pop a few veins. Signed, There’s Gain In The Vein Worship

Bridges Of Hope & Lions Of Courage!

“Bridges Of Hope & Lions Of Courage!” Telling your family, friends and loved ones how much you love them and are proud of them every day will make their days not seem so um…every day! I ain’t lion! Jus’ sayin’! That encouragement gives us a bridge and the courage to cross over to that hope every day and live life. Have the courage to see what’s out there. I love C. S. Lewis’s Aslan! His roar gives us courage. Faith. Gentle as a lamb, strong as lion. That’s how we should be. BTW? The photographs are from last weekend at St. Augustine at The Bridge Of Lions. It was a small miracle for me. For us. And, I ain’t lion. We crossed a bridge. Many more to come. Gently roar courage to someone today. Signed, The Love From Above Is Within To Give Withou

Monday, November 4, 2013


I find shelter in the umbrella over my head and the shoulder of someone most dear. One to catch the rain. And, one to catch the tear. Of joy. Signed, The Delight In The Write

the b.a.s.i.c. band

Some of our music comes to you “live”, but ALL of our music comes to you “lived”. We have lived our music and lyrics and I have lived my stories. Stop by our website. You haven’t lived until you’ve done that, PIMP LOL. Signed,

Flagler Fun

I so needed yesterday in so many ways. I was gonna do it no matter what, but the fact that I stepped in to the impossibles was God all the way. We all needed it. Even when things are less than perfect in a big way, they can feel perf in the li'l ways. Thankful doesn't seem enough, but it will have to do. Hope you will go thru this album, read the stories and captions and enjoy the 2 trips. Meantime, gonna relax, windows open, watching the slide show from the TV via the couch. Thanks for the a big way. Signed, The Freed In The Knee'd 


“JUST A FIGURINE OF SPEECH!” So, as I was uploading photographs and writing memories from this weekend, I kept seeing my figurine on my desk of my pig, Grace. And, a pearl necklace a friend made me for stage. The 2 items got me thinking. If you cast your pearls before swine don’t expect to bring home the bacon. Put your wisdom to work at something meaty you can sink your teeth in (with a smile), that has benefits. Hard work and a li’l ham never hurt anyone. Well, that’s just my hammed up “figurine” of speech. ParaTraced from the bible. Now, I love pigs, but here’s what that really means. Pearls, of course, are considered to be things of great value, and swine (pigs) are often considered to be lowly animals. So, it really means "Don't waste something valuable by giving it to someone who doesn't, won’t or can't appreciate it." Have a hardworking hammed up day. Casting your pearls before swine? Not s’wise. Wisdom at it’s swinest! Casting your care before our wise God? Wisdom at it’s finest. Because going before Him is never wasted and never not appreciated. Thanks for letting me rib ya with my story and photodrama a figurine replica of my pet pig, Grace. You know, it’s not always the pigs that are the swine. And, BTW? Our trip this past weekend was full of rain and speaking of pigs? Squealing! Yep! Our car mysteriously squealed the whole way there and back. Very high pitch squeal. Probably dust in the brakes. But, man did it squeal. Anyways, here is the album link if you missed our fun: Appreciate all you guys carrying us so we could go. God does hear. And, does supply grace. Signed, The Fun In The Pun Is Done, Now