Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Saturday, September 21, 2013


“DESIGNED & DESTINED! A UNIQUE GIFT TO PRESENT!” What? Did you know that you are a special gift from God designed uniquely like no other and destined to make a difference? Well, you ARE! So, open yourself up and present yourself to the world. The photograph is a card I gave to my girl, but it also fits for everyone. Inside it read “Happy Birthday”, but I changed it to happy everyday! Because everyday is a gift and worth celebrating. And, my girl is wonderful. And, a gift. DUH LOL. And, that got me thinking of that song. “Some Kind Of Wonderful” done by Grand Funk Railroad. I so love that song. One of my all-time top ten. Just saying the title makes you feel good. We do our own originals and sing a cover or two and would so like to do a version of this. They have a church version, too. So funky. Right up my alley. Or, I should say, train tracks. Get it? Grand Funk Railroad. Anyways, it’s grand. And, it’s funky. And it’s a wonderful track. Either version. We are working on 2 blues originals, but man, this is so on our list to work on at the same time. I think it’s some kind of wonderful! I like fun upbeat music. We need more funky and happy in church. In life! So, anyways, open yourself up to possibilities. Each of us come in diff size and style packages. But, we all have a some kind of wonderful gift waiting inside to share. We may wonder what that wonderful gift is at times, but, if we go to the Greatest Gift of all? We will be reminded. Now, go! Think out of the box! The world is waiting. You are destined and designed for uniqueness. SIGNED, The Funky In The Spunky


“KICKIN' BOOT WHEN OUR BooTAY IS KICKED! HALF A TOENAIL SHORT OF A POLISH!” What? So, just because I’m half a toe nail short of being polished, that doesn’t mean I can’t put one foot in front of the other and polish off this day. Just as soon as I put on my fluffy socks, trusty old boots and fingerless gloves. PIMP LOL. What? I still have ½ of a big toe left of baby blue nail polish from awhile back when my girl did my toes. As I looked down at my feet getting ready for my day, I thought it was funny. So, came another story. Have an astonishingly fun day. Me? I can hardly contain myself. It's almost that time of year in Florida when it's legal to wear boots, socks, fingerless gloves and Handerpants. The rest of the time I live dangerously. You might be feeling a half a polished toenail short today, too, like me. But, you’ll be glad later that you did put one foot in front of the other and polish off the day the best you could. Because kicking boot when our booTAY is kicked IS what polishes us. So stay on your toes and you won’t be defeeted! PIMP LOL. My strength? My grace? Comes from God. It is sufficient for me. Signed, The Rebel Tryin' Ta Stay Outta Treble Looks For The Astonish In The Polish

Friday, September 20, 2013


The raw b.a.s.i.c. facts: our website is And, here is the whole photograph and story behind this:


"SINGERS & THEIR STANDS!" Sew, what do my sewing machine and I have in common? We're both singers who take their stand seriously! PIMP LOL. What? I mean seriously! I’ll stand and hold fast to my beliefs. They are stitched in my very soul fabric. Of course, it's velvet! DUH LOL. Hope your evening has a thread of fun in it. I’m sewing things up for today! Sew long! Signed, The Singer With The Singer


“WINGED INSTRUMENTS!” What? So, I was thinking about music today as I was searching for comfort food. I can’t eat like everyone else and so wanted to just lay down and pig out and be comforted. But, I had to search for a diff comfort food. So, I chose to sing a li’l. Still out of shape from being sick but did a li’l. Anyways, after I sat back down to wait for a friend to come over and visit and talk, I got to thinking about some things I’ve heard over the years of being in music and bands, etc. There are those who would say that the lyrics in a song and the lead voice are the most important and must be way above all the other instruments. And, I say, yes, the voice and lyrics must be heard. But, they are instruments like all other parts of a band or group! Lyrics are powerful! But, I say balance. We write our own music and lyrics and do strongly believe the lyrics are def important, but not any more than the musical instruments and other vox that intertwine with the lyrics to get the song across. And, to us, the most important instrument of all? Our heart and soul. Some would say that saying that puts those instruments in the brass section. PIMP LOL. I think they belong in the string section . Because our music does come with strings attached. DUH LOL. Anyways, I think of the bird. It makes no words, yet its instrument makes us stop and listen, and, makes us feel. Think of the orchestras that set moods in movies and shows to make us feel. My point is that every part of a song is an instrument and is an important part. A band is a team. A song takes a team. I am a singer and love to sing for others, but I must listen to ALL the other instruments that make me feel while I am singing to get my heart and soul tuned up. I mix with the music and the lyrics and other vocals, to make the song. It’s not me alone. It’s not the lyrics alone. It’s not just one instrument. It’s all. Sometimes, I think the bird has the right idea. It can make us feel without words… Heart and soul is how we sing like a bird. It’s how we fly. And, it’s how we help others soar. Make others feel. The spirit in us. All that being said? Maybe this bird could have used less words. I apologize, but my thoughts took flight. PIMP LOL. Oh! And, if you are interested in our music, stop by SIGNED, The Winger In The Singer & The Vox With The Jokes Takes Delight In The Flight


“THE VICTORIES OF THE VELVET VICTORIAN!” What? So, it’s been a quite awhile since I grabbed a piece of time to look at a piece of my fave magazine. Let alone, the whole thing! Like years! It’s called The Victorian Trading Company. One day I’m gonna just buy the company and everything they have. But, for now? I dream. I love old stuff, Victorian stuff, especially. Although, I do tend to mix it with modern and country and… I guess I like it all. But, Victorian makes me feel good. The velvets, the styles… They soothe me and make feel ecstatic with their aesthetics. PIMP LOL. Whether it’s furniture, clothes, d├ęcor… They give me a sense of comfort, home-iness. Victory! If I was a Comic Strip, I would so be called “The Victories of The Velvet Victorian!” And, you know my most fave comfort? The velvet voice of God that I hear in my soul. Have a day of victory. Listen to the voice of God. One last thing? In case you are wondering? No, I don’t always feel victorious. But, even in my less than victorious moments, I go by my faith not my feelings. That’s the velvet stuff. That’s my comfort! And, that? Is still victory! Signed, The Electric Eclectic Eccentric Victorian Who’s Ecstatic Over Aesthetics


“PLUGS, OUTLETS & HEARTS!” So, what did Mr. Wally Outlet say to the new guy, Cord? Um, no room here. Go find ya another hangout. I’m all plugged up. And, it seems to be contagious ‘round here. PIMP LOL. Okay, just some light humor today. Night light humor. And, wall outlet humor. See, all the outlets in our music room and connected bathroom are always full up. And, that got me thinking… Everyone needs an outlet. A safe place to go. A place to get recharged. Without getting burnt. We should all have a friend like that. But, I also know a place where’s there’s always room for anyone. You’ll certainly get a charge out of it. And, you’ll def get plugged in. Where? God’s outlet. There’s one out there nearby everyone’s beat. HEART beat, that is. Signed, Plugged Up & Plugged In

Life's Table... Life's Plate...

Life’s plate isn’t always rosy, and sometimes it’s too full. Or, not full enough. Maybe your cup doesn’t runneth over with the refreshment of ease. And, maybe, even maybe, the table set before you isn’t all peaches and cream and rose-colored, but there is always something on it to be thankful for. Have a thankful day. Do it with taste. Signed, I Chose To See The Rose In The Prose


“MAKING WAVES!” What? So, sometimes you just gotta make waves! PIMP LOL. Not so’s to upset those around you. But, to keep you from sinking into the stillness of being just a drop of water in the sea of life. Some us make waves to get noticed, some make waves just trying to swim. And, some to stir things up and splash burning salt water in others eyes to give them a rough ride. Me? I just like to make waves of humor and music to stir in a diff way. To make a splash in a good way. To be more than just a drop of water… Make a splash today. Crash in on someone’s stillness and make them feel noticed. You’ll sea… It will bring a wave of life over them. And, you know what? Just thinking of the ocean? Reminds me of the Ocean Maker. Crash in on His day and say hi. He appreciates a wave every now and then. Just like us… SIGNED, Behaving And How! AND Waving Goodbye, For Now!


THE RING IN OUR ING!” What? So, read this short story like a rap! Well, last eveNING, we were doing the fam'ly THING! And, so what did I ba-RING? The wings with the sting, the rings with the sweet zing and the movie 'bout scary things. Saving the zing in the sing and the wii pong ping...for the next family thing! Because, you know I like to bring it, but that would be too much exciTING even for us, for one eveNING. Family time? Puts the ring in all our ings. Gives us the reasoNING to carry on until the next fam'ly eveNING! So, we can ba-RING it when we gotta wing it. Families are gems. Some of us may be diamonds in the rough, but gems all the same. And, mostly? Here's the thing! We remind each other that we have a King who puts the bling in all our ing. He's the real gemstone. The GemRock! Well, that's a rap! And, a wrap. Hey! GemRock! Sounds like a cool name for a band. Jus' sayin'! Signed, The Ding In The Ling

Sunday, September 15, 2013


"JUGGERNAUT & JUGGER! NOT!" What? So, I'm tipping the jug tonight! What??? No!! Not filled with moonshine! Thankfully, gave that up many "moons" and many "not-so-shining" moments ago. TNT LOL. No. it's filled with my spit and blowing into it to get cool sounds. That's what it's filled with!!! See, I'm thinking of adding a new instrument to the band. Maybe I can test it out on the church band, first. Though, it may cause a juggernaut!PIMP LOL. Nah! Everyone knows I'm a jugger! Not! Everyone knows my heart. Hope your night is filled with fun. Take a sip of life. You won't wake up with a hangover. You may have hang-ups, but not hangovers. DUH LOL. Signed, The Jugga In The Mutha


The Sky's The Limit. Even In Storms.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Finding The Whoas In The Woes!

Some seek to find the whoas in their woes. While others seek to find the woes in their whoas. Both must wade through a lot of wahs. Yet one ends up overjoyed. The other? Annoyed! Which are you? I guess, sometimes we are both and a mixture of the 2. Praying and working towards getting my book going. Part of this will be the main title and sub. Signed, The Delighter In The Writer


“SHAPE UP OR SHIFT OUT!” What? So, we’re coming up to the last season of our Netflix many month marathon of watching Deep Space Nine. Superb writing and no commercials. Stellar combo! In this particular episode, Odo, the Changeling Shapeshifter, who is a cool looking metal liquid and can change into anything, even blending in with surroundings, was being disloyal to the team and getting sucked in with the evil Founders. Literally. They refer to the humans as “solids”. Well, I yelled out: He better shape up or shift out. PIMP LOL. Well, he did later in the story and actually chooses to stay in solid form and live with the solids. He shaped up! PIMP LOL. So, anyways, we were tired of the high costs and commercials and still nothing engaging or non-low standards to see, so we decided since they didn’t shape up, we shifted out. And, shifted into Netflix and antennas. Got rid of cable a long time ago and opted for the $8 a month Netflix. It’s our only entertainment expenditure. We provide the music and humor. Keeps us in shape and shifting gears. And, loyal to our standards and beliefs. Sometimes, we all must shape up or shift out. You know? Get ourselves together (in shape) or shift gears. And, be aware of the shape of things. Being called “solid” is a good thing. And, yes, I know the saying is actually “shape up or ship out!” Have a stellar day. Be a solid human. Oh! And, the photodrama? Me, somewhere out there in "Outertrace", trying to get back into shape! In solid form! TNT LOL. I like being a solid person. Someone to be counted on! And, remember? Change, though, tough is always the shape of things to come. PIMP LOL. Signed, The InterNetfliXbox360-er In H-er


PAWS & BEAR IT!” What? You’ve heard of grin and bear it, right? Well, this is paws… And, bear it! PIMP LOL. I do a lot of both! So, what did Mama bear say to baby bear? Um…we can bear anything. Because that’s the stuff-ing we’re made of. Have a fun day. Folding our hands keeps US from folding. So, we can bear it! Yes! If we “paws” every once in awhile to pray and be thankful, we can def bear it. And, don't forget to grin and bear it every once in while, too. SIGNED, The Paws-er In The Ma's-er


“EXPAND YOUR HORRORIZONS! What? So, sometimes, when we are told to expand our horizons, they seem like horrorizons. Until we get used to them, all we can see are the horrors of change. Fear. The horrors of stepping into the impossibles. But! As we face our fears, the horrors become comedies. And, then dramas. And, then? Realities. Possibles! Oh! And, that sunset photograph? Was from a trip I took many moons ago! PIMP LOL. It’s in Texas! At that very moment I was standing outside that 455 Trans-Am and looking over the mountains, I could have never imagined all the horizons I would face and step into over my lifetime or still will. Nor, the cop that would later pull me over for doing 125. PIMP LOL. That was a new horrorizon and I learned my lesson. Racing is for the track. Signed, The Horror In T’morrow Is The Next Day’s Yays


♪♫JINGLE BILL ROCK!♪♫ What? So, I am always surprised and thrilled at how much money our antique change jar yields us. I love pouring it out of the jar and into a bag and then into the machine and having it turn into big bucks. Dollar bills. I love the jingle sound. Sounds like Christmas. Only, it's Jingle Bill Rock!" PIMP LOL. To coin a phrase? It changes my day and makes cents to me. Saving your cents just make sense. And, dollars. When I buck up and save our change? We exchange our change at the machine and go to the gas machine. Because the buck stops there. In more ways than one. Have a fun day. Change is good. Now, I bet you are singing ♪♫Jingle Bill Jingle Bill Jingle Bill Rock!♪♫ Am I right? I know I am! Oh! And, am I embarrassed to go into the store and do this? Heck no. No sunglasses. No hat. No big bag. No disguise at all. In fact, I sing that song the whole time. Signed, The Sense Maker In The Cents Saver


“MUSTS & ACHES! What? So, whenever I talk to someone about having to adjust, I tell them that when they have to “face” an adjustment in their life to remember mustaches. Why? Because being flexible and compromising is a MUST! Something you MUST face. And, it ACHES to do so. “Must-aches!” Yep! Being flexible and making adjustments is like mustaches. You MUST face them and they are an ACHE to keep up. Mustaches and must aches! Must be faced! Even if a pain. Or, an ache. PIMP LOL. Signed, The Must Ache Humor In The Mustache Groomer

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Blowin' Away My Worry Is Just Dandy! And, I Ain't Lion!

“BLOWING AWAY MY WORRY IS JUST DANDY! And, I AIN'T LION!” What? Well, my story is about worry and dandelions. But first, I’m going to start with a rap poem.


When I get caught
Up in a thought
Become overwrought,
Tied up in a knot.
When I should have sought
The One without haught
Because He already fought
To take care of that thought
When it was still naught

So, is that naught what it is for you? When we worry about tomorrow today, our today is lost, and, will even quicker be a yesterday. If we don’t watch out, our today’s become todaze. Take each day AND each daze to the One without haught. The fury you find in all that worry can only make you blurry! PIMP LOL. Taking our worries to God is curing. Because He is caring… Oh. And, the photograph? Well, I was thinking of those dandelions that I used to pick as a kid. You know? The white fluffy ones that you could blow and they would all come off the stem and go off in the wind. You could make a wish. Don’t you wish worries were like that? That’d be dandy just like the dandelions. Maybe that’s what God wanted us to see in them. That life is not always dandy. That we CAN’T just blow them all away, but He can blow us away with love if we take our white fluffy worries to Him. So, I’m jus’ blowin’ ‘way my worries in the wind. And, that is jus’ dandy! and I ain't lion! PIMP LOL. Signed, Trading Worry For Cure-y


“PEACE PUZZLE PIECES! HOW FITTING!” What? So, I was thinking… Do we come at people around us with “you want a piece o’ me?” or do we come at them with “a peace of me”? PIMP LOL. Hmmm… My daughter used to say “you want a piece of me” when she was a tiny tot because she heard it from Grandpa and it was so funny. She even had a shirt that said it. But, when we’re adults, we realize we all have wars raging within us. That we let seep out at others not in the battle. They get the wounds from our war when we should be taking our war to the Peacemaker and Woundtaker. We have a song called “Hurt The Ones We Love”. About, just that! Going to have to resurrect it now! Anyways, those around us see it all. Hear it all. And, they get it all. We put them on our front lines! We should take our “piece of me” to the Fixer Of All Puzzles. And, get peace. Get the whole picture. Quit trying to force things to fit. And, give our front lines a break from the battle. Just ask Him to take your pieces and make a peace puzzle. It may take some work and time, but to do this is, well, fitting… Have a fun day. Give others your peace. Not a piece of you. That would be fitting. Oh! And, yes! I do love puzzles. Of all kinds!!! You know me! Puzzles and me? A good fit. Now, go have a good day and don't have any fits! Unless, it's with a puzzle! PIMP LOL. Signed, The Peace Puzzle Lover In The Pieces Of A Mother

Friday, September 6, 2013

SOLE & SOUL! Just A Shoe Story!

God’s ways are mysterious. And, waiting for us to jump in with both feet and investigate. And, I’m always hopeful they’ll be a cool pair of boots or shoes to jump into in each mystery. What? You gotta have sole AND soul to seek! Just sayin’… SIGNED, The Defective Detective Who’s Reflective
Oh! And, here are 3 more short stories/thoughts for today:
Sadly, the dust bunnies may be losing their extended year-long sanctuary here, soon. If this bunny can get hoppin' today! PIMP LOL. Hope you find sanctuary today. SIGNED, The Hop Behind The Flop
Next week or so I’ll be sending out a care package and a care card. Just a li’l TLC from TLG. That’s me. TLG. Oh my! This Mama would send them every day if she could. But, they have restrictions on using too much Oh Mama Care! What? Can’t ever have enough of Mama’s care. It’s free and preventative medicine. Couldn’t resist a li’l political humor. I believe there will def be laughter in the after. Because, it gives us such powuh in the now uh! Signed, TLC In The TLG
I'm making a Greek salad tonight for supper, but I had taken my contacts out from my eyes still being so puffy and had to put on 2 diff pairs of glasses at the same time to see what I was doing. See, I like to see detail and far range sight. Anyways, I looked pretty nerdy. Even before the glasses. So, instead, I’m calling the finished product a variation on the Greek Salad. I call it the Geek Salad. No “r” necessary. No photographs necessary. SIGNED, The Geek In The Greek

Finding The Shock In The Chic!

"THE SHEEK CHIC or THE CHIC SHEIK!" What? So, I’m the kind of chick who finds it chic to turn a decorative CD Stand/Case made to look antique into a Toilet Paper Holder Stand made to look sheek! PIMP LOL. The kind of person to find beauty and humor even in TP. Shock value... Makes thinking so worht it. And, did I mention the TP fits perfect? Signed, Finding The Shock In The Chic


“A li’l HORSE WHISPERING!” So, it was really good to practice last night after being sick for so long. Still not 100%. Nay! Not by far. You know how I can tell? I’m a li’l horse today. PIMP LOL. No worries. Gonna gallop right into another band practice later and eventually my strength will come back. You just gotta get back in the saddle sometimes. To stirrup things. Gotta have a funny lesson for today, lessin' we don't learn. So, in keeping with the mane thing…horse? The best grooming one can do for oneself is to bridle one's tongue. In or out of the corral. And, you’ll be a whinny-er. It behooves me to say that! Bridle your tongue. Not your voice! Okay! I’m out the gate with a gait! Off to talk to the Trainer. It will be a l'il hoarse whispering, I think. PIMP LOL. Oh! And, you can tell by the photodrama that I am already thinking of fall and winter... And, fur. Signed, The Filly Who’s A Pilly


"TRACEBOOKING! TOUCHING A LIFE, TOUCHING A LIKE! BUTTON!” So, we all know great minds think alike, but did you know that great minds on facebook think a "like"? PIMP LOL. You know, I’ve been “ignored, banned, blocked, reported, defriended and hidden” by so many friends here you’d think I’d book it and go somewhere else. Nah! I just keep face-booking it. PIMP LOL. I know that some read my stories, look at my photodrama and listen to our tunes and vids. To make someone smile, laugh or sing along. That’s enough for me. God knows my heart and why I do it. Why we do it. Though, I admit I do book it out there in the real world more. I like facebook-to-facebook for lots of stuff and thankful to be able to share, but face-to-face is more ♥-to-♥. The eyes and the soul reveal more than fb can conceal. That’s the good news AND the bad news. PIMP LOL. I mean just what or why do we post on fb? What do we expect? To be liked by everybody? PIMP LOL. After all… Great minds think alike. But, great minds on facebook think a “like”. DUH LOL. Just kidding. I don’t need no like. I just need a mike. Shure! So, I can go back to singing… And sharing on fb. And, in the real book…of life. I'm thinking a like already. What? Nah. No comment. PIMP LOL. A life touched doesn't always mean a "like" button touched. I know what your great mind is thinking... Love all you fb friends. Same goes for all my other sites. Have a fun week. Gotta book it, now… SIGNED, The Tracebooker

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


“TO DOOZ or TO DOZE?” Have you ever had one of those days where a whole week hits you in one day and you’re in a umm…daze?! A daze day. PIMP LOL. When you have one of doze daze, it’s time for a doze. PIMP LOL. I know… You’re thinking…. One of deez daze she’s gonna stop… Nah! Oh! And, if you’re like me? Dozing doesn’t always take the daze away! So, I dooz something. Like music or work or send a card to someone or a note or… Well, you get it. Sometimes, we need to doze. And, sometimes, we need to dooz. Gotta go. Gots things to dooz. SIGNED, The Doze In The Prose & The Pros Of The Doze


“FINE FONE FUNNY FARM FEATHERED FRIENDS!” So, this morning I was up with the roosters and not too chicken to fly with the eagles. And, even though, all I did was just flap my wings, waddle around like a duck and quack myself up, I know I will fly soon! PIMP LOL. Because, even if you can’t see my wings, He’s there. Giving this bird flight in humor and song and hope. Oh! And, did I mention my rooster is in my cell phone? So, I can command him as to what time to make noise and get me up. He sounds so real, too. He’s a fine feathered fone friend! PIMP LOL. Makes me feel like I’m on the farm. And, not the one you’re thinking of, my fine funny friends. Have a fine evening friends. And, a funny one. Reminds me of a song... Where life is beautiful... PIMP LOL. SIGNED, The Farm Bird With The Invisible Wings Who Could


“THE EARLY BIRD EATS THE EARLY WORD!” Yes, the early bird does get the worm. And, gets fed. But, to get the early Word? Makes the bird sing. AND, get fed! I know… This bird is absurd. Word! Oh! And, speaking of birds? I love to sing. Can I get a witness? And, I love to write real life hope and humor. Can I get a witness? Well, can I get a witless? PIMP LOL. For real, whatever we do? Be legit! THAT will be our witness! Have a legit weekend. That’s my word. On the Word! It’s legit. Check it out! Spread your wings and spread the Word. Or, sing it! Oh! And, we really do have little wormies all over our maple tree and front of the house. Well, caterpillars. But that's another story on my b'log and on my fb wall. So,s hould I "tweet" this? PIMP LOL. Couldn't resist. Have a fun weekend. Miss my girl in our nest today. She's at Disney. Our nest always has room for our li'l birdies. And, worms. And, words. Last thing? I am so feeling Fall today... So, feeling fall... SIGNED, The Bird In The Word Finds The Wit In The Legit —