Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Thursday, August 29, 2013


“MALLETS & STILETTOS! YOU GOTTA STILL LET THE RIGHT TOOLS WORK FOR YOU! O!” What? So, I’m fixing to work on my computer and printer. They are broke. So, I got my mechanics shirt and fingerless gloves on! And, my working tools. Stilettos and mallet and flashlight. After all… Even if you give it all you got, you still gotta let the right tools work for you. PIMP LOL. You know you guys, ladies and men, have all picked up something sitting close by instead of running to get a hammer. I’ve used a candle and many other nearby items as a tool. PIMP LOL. But, really? You gotta have the right tools and let the right tools work for you. Like my gloves and studded shoes. They work for me. I can’t work hard without comfort and without being me. And, a mallet to knock my head. In case I can’t come up with any ideas. Or knock the computer. Whichever! Oh! And, the flashlight to see. You gotta see. Reminds me of a tool I got a long time ago from a dear friend that I use on everything. It’s a wrench that adjusts and grips to anything. Mark miller, thank you. Best present ever. Anyways, about mechanics and tools? I always have loved cars and trucks, etc. Racing, too. And, the mechanics of them. Fixing and learning about them. I know. I’m a girl. Doesn’t matter to me. You just gotta have the right tools. BTW, I just got this shirt from a drummer friend. Love it. Fits me. Physically and mentally. Well, spiritually, too. DUH LOL. Because God sure has rebuilt me! He is my Mechanic and provides me with my best tool. Knowing Him. I work for Him. Because He works for me. I "stil-let-him-in-my-life-o! SIGNED, The Mech Girl In The Tech Girl


“TOUCANS, PINK LIGHTS & GARBAGE CANS! I CAN IT OR I CAN!” What? So, what’s new here in PSJ this week? Huge stuff! Garbage cans. PIMP LOL. What? They are huge! So, what’s new there in St. Augustine? Huge stuff! She began her job in the finance office, sang “Don’t Stop Believing’” at a Karaoke party, hung up beautiful pink rose lights in her dorm room and Flagler classes begin today. Moral of the story here? When life hands you garbage, can it, kick it to the curb and move on. Moral of the story there? When life hands you seemingly impossible opportunities, say “I CAN” do it. Kick the doubt to the curb and move into those impossibles. Because the 1st time you step into the impossibles and toss the fear? They become a possible. And, we all know anything is possible. With God. Her going to Flagler gave me many impossibles that became possibles. All year lone. The steps we took. The milestones that day of me traveling have change my hope and perspective greatly. After raveling to Flagler through torrential rain to be there for your girl, any small thing or trip I must do her seems easier. I still have health stuff I’m fighting but it’s not impossible. I love stepping into the impossibles. So keep up those prayers for my daughter and for me and all 3 of us. Adjustments and faith. Require stepping into the impossibles. I am off to work on my brok computer and printer. Then? I plan to get my book started. Oh! And, I think we may have won 1st place in our new song and vid which I will put the money towards our new CD’s. I will post on Saturday the results of the 3 contests. Joke for the day? What did the Toucan say to the other Toucan? You, too, can… If you have faith. Share your color with the world. Have a huge day. CAN the garbage and “I CAN” the rest. SIGNED, The Possible In The Tossible

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


“CATERIN’ TO PILLARS & MOTHS! HYSTERICALLY HISTORICAL!” So! I had posted a story about moths and mothman last month. They had covered our outside all around the lights at night. Wild stuff. Well, they are gone, but they laid eggs and now our house is covered with these little caterpillars all day. I read where they love maples and eat them through December. I wondered why my maple looks bare already and the caterpillars are all over it. As I looked closer, they are all over it and on the trunk and they climb up along the roof edge and all over that wall by the maple. Wild stuff! That nature! Anyways, no worries. I love bugs and all that wild outside stuff. Never a dull moment if you look. There is always mystery. Thanks to our Creator. He is our pillar and He caters pillars to us in the form of nature every day. Great big eye-opening mysteries. Pillars! Some hysterical and some historical. Have a fun day. Look for the mystery and make history. Be a caterer of pillars. SIGNED, The Historical Buggy Lover In The Hysterical Huggy Mother


"PAINTIN' THE TOWN. ONE PEACE AT A TIME!" Still not up to painting the town, but I painted my chair to match my stepping stones… Looks relaxing. Yep. Just paintin’ my piece of the town. So, I have some peace in my town. Now, for some rest and more peace. Have a fun rest of the weak. I mean, week! SIGNED, The Painter In The See-You-Lainter


"THE SOFFIT SPIDER WHO SAW FIT TO!" OK, so here's another photograph to add to our Flagler Fotos. Why a photograph of a humungous spider? Because it was in our car the night before our trip and we were wondering where it got to. I guess it decided to stay behind and watch over our home and hang out on the soffits. Why? Cuz it saw fit! PIMP LOL. It's one of those humorous spiders that does it's own thing when it sees fit to. And, this one soffit to. It's been hanging around me too long. A rached my head for this story. PIMP LOL. Now, be sure and check out the rest of our photodrama in this photo album. If you see fit to. Lots of others soffit to. SIGNED, Cuz I Saw Fit To


"ON MY SHIP I MIGHT FLAIL, BUT I DON'T FAIL! I FIND AN ANCHOR IN THE RANCOR" What? Attention! All hands on deck! Hands folded and praying, of course! And, please! Why? Because, anytime this ship is being tossed about and I don’t want it to sink and I don’t want to be flailing my hands about forever, which would be uncouth, I pray! PIMP LOL. Have a great day. Never give up. Flail for a time if you must, but don't fail for a minute. You have an anchor! Trust the maker of the calm and balm, as well as the crashes and flashes. He is my anchor. And, you can see in the photograph that I tossed my anchor in the fountain so I can stop flailing about and learn how to spit like these froggies and sing like the turtles. You know? Be content to never give up. Have a fun day. This ship is sailing off for now to. Find your anchor in the rancor. Find your "Fountain Of Couth!" PIMP LOL. SIGNED, The Smooth Sailing In The Uncouth Flailing


"THAT'S RIGHT!" Stuff makes us tuff. Keeps our spirits buff! Even in the ruff. Even, when you're not up to snuff. OK. Enuff! No reason to be gruff. Or go off in a huff. Or, get all puff't! Up! SIGNED, Just My Fluff & Puff In The Stuff


“I TRIP AT WALMART!” So, this week has been milestones. I went to the oldest city in the country in the oldest boots in the country. For comfort, of course. Then, I went myself to the oldest grocery store in the oldest boots in the country with the oldest feeling person. Me. Then, today? I went to the oldest Walmart (which is a once a year only excursion) in the oldest heels to get some material to fix the newest shirt my daughter bought for her college trip, but it needed straps. So, while I was in the store choosing a gorgeous rose material for straps, my shoe straps on both shoes tore and I was walkin’ around like the oldest shopper in the world. PIMP LOL. Yes. I guess I would have been one of those PEOPLE OF Walmart on the vids. I took a trip to Walmart AND I took a trip and fell at Walmart in these shoes when they broke. No worries. I regained my composure quite quick. If I just hadn’t ripped my pants. JUST Kiddin! So, when I got home, I cut off the straps which look like dog collars and voila! New heels. And, they fit better. Sometimes, the oldest can feel so new. I forgot to mention that I pulled up in an old worn out car. The oldest in the country. My mother-in-law driving and me in the back seat cuz the front door was broke. PIMP LOL. How is that for Walmart people! Now! On to sewing and then maybe finally. Yes! Some sleep? Yes… My milestones are made possible by my Rock. Signed, The Sewer In The Sower


“TO SEAR or TO BROWN? THAT IS THE QUESTION! SEARIOUSLY!” So, this morning, I am searing sausage… SeAriously! PIMP LOL. Making sausage for the week’s breakfast. Keeps it moist on the inside and can reheat all week. Seriously! Saves time and work. Then, vacuuming out the garage from all the spider dust (cobwebs) and then spraying off the front porch. From all the mowing dust (dirt and grass). Yep. Keepin’ busy! Seriously! One can make a career out of keepin’ busy AND one should keep busy in their career. Seriously! So, have a fun day. Seriously! PIMP LOL. Oh! And, did I mention that I will be resting a lot after all that? Yep. I will. Seriously! I still have a long way to go with my health. My girl is off at college starting her job today and classes tomorrow. She sang "Don't Stop Believin' at a karaoke party last night. Yay! Oh! And, remember… Whether you brown or sear? Do it with excellence. Always give your best. Seriously! SIGNED, The Searer In The Career-er

Thursday, August 22, 2013


“PEAKS, PEEKS & RAGAMUFFINS!” Yes! I just snuck in and took a peek at my college bound girl sleeping late in her bed for 1 of the last mornings for awhile. Sure gonna miss those peeks. They give my day peaks. Well, I will just have to seek other ways to peek in on her. We will def text, skype, call and write. Also, thank you guys for praying for me these past days. Been very very ill for a long time and I still am as I write this. And, I am sure most of you are sick of me being sick and writing about it. AND! I don’t understand why I would have to be at this important time, but I am still trusting God, though I feel like a ragamuffin, inside and out. God knows my heart. That’s the good news, the bad news. And, the Good News! A wise man and friend, told me the 1st part of that! And, I added the 2nd part. PIMP LOL. Appreciate you guys all putting up with me being selfish this past week. Please keep lifting up the prayers through our trip Saturday and beyond. Your prayers give me peaks and let me know you're peeking in on me and caring. And, that? Makes this ragamuffin feel less peaked. PIMP LOL. Must have humor in the midst. Must have whoas in the midst of woes. I do not claim to understand suffering, nor like it, though I do peek in on God a lot during those times... SIGNED, The Seeker In The Peeker In The Ragamuffin

Sunday, August 18, 2013


“FRESH STARTS, FRESHMEN & FRESH WOMEN!” So, I started my morn with a refreshing long shower and prayers and a bit of fresh fruit. Could use some health prayers, guys, for a breath of fresh air to enter my head and lungs and body today. See, I’m shopping for college with my girl in a bit. And, I've always felt the strain of what my health does to me and those around me. I do so try to hide it in my humor and music and just living and enjoy life and be a refreshing person and Mama to be around. But, you guys know I'm an open book. I've always felt guilty and continually apologizing to everyone for being sickly and not having a stomach and wanting to be like every other person, which is dumb, I know. So, maybe I need a fresh start, too. I apologize! PIMP LOL. Anyways, we will enjoy today, no matter what. Each day is a fresh new start and you never know how it may end. What's important is to get up and start it! Just thankful to be able to be with her as she soon begins her fresh new start in 1 week. Hope your day is refreshing. Us fresh women are off! SIGNED, The Freshman & The Fresh Woman

Friday, August 16, 2013


“CARS, TUNE-UPS & SERVICE STATIONS!” So, we’re taking the car in this morning to our fave guy and service station to make sure it's ready for the trip to college in 1 week. Been going to Billie and his place, Union Sales, for over 20 years and is the only place around like that anymore. Love supporting him. Plus, he’s fair and honest. Anyways, the car is 13 years old, so, it needs to be handled with care. And, I'll be heading to my fave body shop and soul station today and all this next week to get me ready, too. Although, I'm just a li'l older than 13. PIMP LOL. His place is always open and I'm sure I'll be there every day this week to get handled with care. Been going to His place now for a long time. He’s fair and honest, too. So, keep me in your prayers to not just be there for her big day, but be well. You get what I’m driving at, right? PIMP LOL. Hope to be traveling and driving a lot more after this. Oh. And, the photodrama? Me in my garage with our car where we do tune-ups and up tunes. And, speaking of them? Here’s a cover of a Robbie Robertson song we did out there with a li’l camera for fun. Have fun watching and listening and take care! Stop by His service station soon. And, Billie’s. Or, you're nearby local service station before there's none left. SIGNED, The Driver In The Survivor

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Faith...and some things!!

The Whoas In The Woes

Sometimes it’s way too hard to find the whoas in the woes without a wading through a few wahs wahs! Cry me a river! Jus’ sayin’! Still, I look. And, find. SIGNED, The Whoaman In Me

Rumor Humor

Just a li'l joke and story on rumor humor. So, why did the cook like to keep a lid on the pot of bratwurst and beans? Because she talks to her food and those brats are always spilling the beans. And, boy could they talk. And, make some noise! PIMP LOL. When someone tells you something in private? Don’t spill the beans! That would make us brats! Keep a lid on it! PIMP LOL. Have a fun night. Jus’ keepin’ it simple. The food and the soul food. SIGNED, the simple girl in the b.a.s.i.c band who cooks

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


“SPURTS, SPOTS & SPOUTS!” I know my flowers and the earth so needed this short li’l spurt of rain we just got refreshed with, but I so needed it, too… Can’t rightly explain the exact reason. I just did. I guess because it’s refreshing and grounds me. So bloomin’ thankful for the li’l things that ground us. Especially in the midst of the big things that confound us. We all need those light spurts of rain when we’re in tight spots of drain. So we don’t spout off. PIMP LOL. And, as you can see by the water on the ground, we so need a downspout now that we’ve finished painting and all. Because when it rains, the water really pours! Off the roof and makes a big mess in the mulch. Always floods a line along my front garden. Future work. SIGNED, Gotta Get Dirty To Stay Grounded & Gotta Get Rained On To Keep The Drained Off

A Pear Of Gingered Chicken Breasts!

“A Pear Of Gingered Chicken Breasts!” So, what is that? It’s my new “out of necessity” food creation. I can’t have most bottled sauces or much of anything, so I had to get creative and come up with something to put in wraps, which I can have a few bites of. I do love making recipes out of my cookbooks, but I can’t eat most of the fine food in them that I used to cook all my life. Still cook some of the things for the fam and others. But, this is something for me. I was remembering an old recipe for baked chicken with a layer of peaches over the chicken layer and topped with a layer of bisquick. Got me thinking about pears, which I love. So, I came up with the “A Pear Of Gingered Chicken Breasts”. Sautéed! And, simple. Just slice up chicken breasts like you would do for fajitas and slice up some pears and also add a can of pears in heavy pear syrup. Yep. Marinade overnight. Next day, drain very well, sprinkle with a bit of ginger and sauté’ in butter and honey. Very light and tasty, but I would like to enhance it a bit next time and think of a way to make it have more sauce. Might even try an apple next time. See if that apple-als to me. I sure hope my bod can handle this new recipe. Running out of stuff I can eat. Well, that’s my new recipe and that’s a wrap! Oh! And, I just found out a little while ago that my Dad was taken by ambulance to the hospital for his heart. Please be a peach and keep him in your prayers. And, my Mom. A pear of prayers. Hope that apple-als to you. Well, I may not always cook by the book, but I try to live by the Good Book. SIGNED, The Not So By The Book Cook

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


IN-A-COG-NEATO: When your wheels are always turning and sometimes, your thoughts get stuck in a few of the cogs in the wheels along the way and become disguised as busy-ness or sadness or hermit-ness or oblivion-ness. We can all get bogged down in the cogs and disguised in a fog. That’s when it’s time to stop thinking, stop hiding out, take off the shades, be still, be quiet and call on God to tidy up the thoughts and the mess we sometimes make of things. Clear our fog. Make our messes neat! O! You know what I mean, right? I know He helps get me out of the bog of cogs and fogs and gets me turning smooth again. Until then? I’m “in-a-cog-neato”! Because I’m too transparent. An open book, wearing my shades that hide my eyes. Because you can’t disguise the eyes of my heart. What it doesn’t mean is that I walk around saying “neato” I am so glad I am in a cog and a fog. Yay. No. Though, I do try to keep humor and music in the midst of the fog. Just sayin’. Everyone gets down or feels like hiding out or being in disguise. I do try to find the whoas in the woes, faithfully, not fake-fully. Even when I’m “in-a-cog-neato”! And, especially when I see others “in-a-cog-neato!” Sometimes, we’re a cog in the wheel, and sometimes we’re wheel! But, God is there. Maybe incogneato, with His mystery shades, but there. Wheely! We all like to have our cognition going at full speed. Our ability to think, have reason, attention, learning, understanding, memory, etc. Not stuck in a cog. But stuck in cognition. I know I’ve been cogniZzzz when I should have been cognizant! PIMP LOL. Have a neat week! Incognition. Not incognito. SIGNED, Disguise The Eyes Not The Heart

Monday, August 12, 2013


"THE REMEDY OF COMEDY IS A MELODY IN YOUR MALADY" My father-in-law was a jokester and loved humor, too, and always used to tell me that when I laughed it sounded like I was also singing. So, I called it laughsing instead of laughing. So, it fits my saying today: The remedy of comedy is a melody in your malady. Laughter in the midst of a malady IS a sweet melody and a remedy. Or, as most of you say it? Laughter is the best medicine. And, the cheapest. So, go find the laugh in your path. Oh! And, the collage photodrama? One is Poppie, my father-in-law, playing some tunes, when he was in the war. And, another is him sitting on our old front porch at our old River House right next to my fave rocker he gave me. Yes, I’m a rocker who’s off her rocker! PIMP LOL. But, just to take this shot. And, the other photograph? Two of my engineers I worked with at the Space Center. We all had maladies on this day and decided some humor and pizza was in store. And, of course, I thought of staging this photo for a joke I just told them about how many KSC DOD engineers does it take to play a guitar? 1 to hold it, 1 to strum it and 1 to find a suitable acronym for the event. PIMP LOL. But, really? They were a great team to work with. Had a lot of comedy remedies in our days as a team. SIGNED, Dr. Laughsinger & Dr. Finder...Of The Whoas In The Woes

Hug Your Mailbox!

Our mailbox has seen better days. And, debtor days. And, letter days. Though, the last one is rare these days. So, hug your mailbox because it not be around too much longer. And, write a letter, Signed, The Letter Writer In The Fettered Fighter

Sunday, August 11, 2013


“2nd PLACE FOR THE WIN! PLACES & RACES!” What? So, I was talking about relationships with my girl this morning… If you want to know your PLACE in any relationship? See how you handle it when they’re in your FACE, on your CASE and in your SPACE. Or have to CHASE them down in the same room. Just to get a TRACE of attention. If you can make it through those times without MACE-ing them, then you have done well. You have placed 2nd in the relationship RACE! Why not 1st? Because if you can make it through any relationship, it’s by PLACE-ing them 1st. BRACE yourself! It’s a RACE that is won by PLACE-ing 2nd. Oh! And, the photos? Another nice breeze, blowing the feathers and the leaves… Sounds like a song. Also, wearing my 2nd place shoulder ribbon. You probably can’t read the 2nd place on it. And, yes, I got a li’l color from the sun yesterday. Funny thing is? I used this lotion on my face last night and woke up with my eyes swelled shut and face twice the size. Had to use ice just to put my contacts on. I just can’t use anything on this body. It reacted like most foods do me. No complaints. Just put a fluffy blue feather barrette in my hair to draw attention away from the puffy! Still in the RACE. Just with a big FACE. PIMP LOL. Life’s not a breeze. It’s a RACE with breezes along the way. So, heading back inside today. Maybe some music. Garnet Rose and I will have to paint my chair tomorrow. But, that's another story. Another race. SIGNED, The 2nd Placer In The Tracer

Wingin' It This Wingend!

"Wingin' It This Wingend!" What? So, like I said in my "Summer Breeze" post earlier this evening, we're havin' wings grilled to perfection and homemade sauce, biscuits, real butter, steamed corn and salad. Ate together in the living room for one of our last Friday nights together for awhile. We've always had family Fridays. Used to watch Monk and Psych or do music or play Vid or board games and then have "Funky Female Friday" later where we would do girlie stuff all night and play the ABC game, etc. They'll be many more nights... Just diff. Have a fun wingend. SIGNED, The Cook With The Hook In The Wingend


"SUMMER BREEZE!" ♪♫ Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind. Insert guitar licks…♪♫ Yep. A summer breeze, makes me feel fine… Well, at least a bit better. I sat outside again today and I was eating ice chips 'stead of potato chips because I can't have chips. Life can be cold. DUH LOL. But, I can't have all that salt or other stuff in it. Can't have much, but I'm outside in the breezy heat, and me thinks the ice chips are cool. PIMP LOL. I know! I’m all that and a bag of ice chips! At least, that’s something! Anyways, computer and me still broke and broken, but sayin’ I’m feelin’ fine is way betta than layin’ on the whine. And, besides? The jasmine is coming back on my front porch after cutting back for painting and it is blowing through my mind today. Hope you guys have a breezy weekend. I made home-made BBQ sauce and Sam is going to grill chicken wings while I make salads and Garnet Rose husks corn for steamed corn-on-the cob. I have figured out a fewof the issues in safe-mode with my computer and I know the printer is shot and is causing the blue screen because I uninstalled and disconnected and that took care of one problem. Though, I must have a printer and there are many other issues. Anyways, supper will take my mind off me and the computer and put it back on the summer breeze and the jasmine. And, the smell of fine food. Without the whine. Cuz, we don’t drink. Or complain. PIMP LOL. Oh! And, "Summer Breeze"? Just one of my all-time fave songs by Seals & Croft. No. Life ain't always a breeze. But, 'stead of complaining and layin' on the whine, I like to be thankful to God and find the fine. SIGNED, The Singer In The Winger & The Fine Without The Whine

"THE GUYS & ME! AND, MY GUISE! Sunny, Air-on, Elm-er, Mr. Maple, Mr. Pine, Bud and Honey!"

"THE GUYS & ME! AND, MY GUISE! Sunny, Air-on, Elm-er, Mr. Maple, Mr. Pine, Bud and Honey!" So, here's the convo between my lungs and those guys just mentioned all under the guise of the outdoors. Just now. “Look, Sunny, I know you’re hot! And, Mr. Air-on, I know you’re being fresh with me, but actually this is one of those times when I AM just here for my health, not the wealth! Of great guys around. PIMP LOL." Just kidding! But, really! Guys like Sunny. So hot. Mr Air. So fresh. Elm-er. So strong and handsome and stately. Mr. Maple. So much green to go around. Mr. Bud R. Fly. So fly and gorgeous. And, Pine-y! Stop needling me. Oh! And, can’t leave out Mr. Honey Suckle Vine. So sweet and doesn’t mind being called by his first name, Honey. Like me. PIMP LOL. Hey! All you guys put me in mind of how my girl and I used to sit out here and eat black cherry popsicles. I think I’ll see if she wants to have one with me. Make a memory. Only 2 weeks now. Don’t be jealous guys. We love you. Anyways, the outdoors is healing. Brought to you by our Mighty God. Just what and Who I need. Now, that's a guise to be under. SIGNED, The Kneeling In The Healing


“EASY? HARDLY!” What? So, you guys know, at times, it's hardly easy to do the right thing. In fact, easily hard! Other times, you hardly have to think because it's so easy to do the right thing. Still, other times, being wronged hardly feels right and you're left feeling uneasy and easily hardened. But, at any time, doing the right thing leaves you with nothing left to do. PIMP LOL. I know... That was just so wrong! Easy now. What can I say? A lot. But, it’s what I WON’T say that says a lot more! After all thet? My lips are sealed. Well, zipped! Because, maybe the right in the fight might be the wrong in the song, but a zipper lipper says a lot more! And, sings a better song. Sometimes, when we don't zip our lips, we shoot from the hip instead of being hip. To the hush. SIGNED, Hip To The Zip


“SQUIRRELS & LAURELS!” What? So, I’m burnin’ up the keyboard and my brain trying to fix my email program and the whole computer. Seems some squirrels hacked and messed it up again and I can’t seem to get it to work. Both the computer and my brain! PIMP LOL. Nutty stuff. There’s a .msi file missing, so if you need to email me, try fb or calling because I’m not sure when I will succeed. But, I’m a computer nerd and freak and detective of computer problems which makes me a Frerd Detective. So, I must figure this out. Today, I was supposed to be resting on my laurels, not being pestered with jesting by the squirrels. Oh well. The squirrels know me and my laurels well and we shall all be resting on my laurels soon. Before my hands burn up. And, my brain. Signed, The Squirrels In My Laurels Know The Jester & Pester In My Rester

A Lines & Bee Lines!

"A Lines & Bee Lines!" What? Well, instead of skirting the issue, we should try dressing it up in truth. It’d be a feather in our caps! PIMP LOL. Just messing with ya. And, yes. That’s a real feather in that cap. And, a real skirt. And, a real dress… Now, the boot? Just a symbol of my boots. To keep kickin’ boot and wearing truth. Yep! That's what I saw when I went into my room to get a pair of jeans out of my dresser... Oh! And, joke for this? Ummm...make a Bee line straight to the truth. Or, in this case? Make an A line! PIMP LOL. That's a skirt style, guys! SIGNED, The Dresser In The Messer

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Elephants In Their Elements & Humorist's Humerus!

“Elephants In Their Elements & Humorist's Humerus!” What? So, today is a 2-part story. I’ve been feeling like an elephant lately. Both my brain with memory and my body and lungs with slowness and heaviness. So, I decided to trade in the “feeling like the elephants” for “feeling a bit of the elements”! Before I step in it, right? PIMP LOL. As you can see by the sky? The clouds and storms are squeezing out the sun, but not the fresh air. I love fresh air and sun. But, a li’l is a lot today. Time to go back in and await the storm. Listen to some music. Now, that’s being in my element. SIGNED, Nothin’ Eloquent ‘bout This Elephant Writing ‘bout The Elements

My other thoughts for today about body parts and humor: Sometimes you plan ahead. And, sometimes you plant a foot. PIMP LOL. You know? Sometimes, you know you gotta make plans before putting feet to them, but sometimes? You just gotta do it. Plant your feet to the ground and get to work with the help of some elbow grease. But, in either case? Folding the hands and bending the knees helps you plan ahead AND plant a foot via the elbows! Signed, The Humorist Who Wears Her Feelings On Her Humerus

Monday, August 5, 2013

1 Wheel Short Of A Fool's Grocery Cart!

"1 Wheel Short Of A Fool Grocery Cart!" So, yes, my wheels are always turning. Especially when things aren't the best. I got a lot of grocery store-ies, too! PIMP LOL. And, you notice by the comment that she was missing a wheel on her cart. She knew something was amiss!  Yes! And, this is proof she is right. Click to see how fool my cart is! As you saw if you clicked on the photo? I was one wheel short of a "fool" grocery cart! PIMP LOL. Have a fun day. Really? My grocery cart is always full of soul food. Especially when I'm a wheel short. Especially when something is amiss. Especially when I'm pushed! PIMP LOL. SIGNED, The Wheels Turn While I Learn


“SKYPE HYPE!” So, three weeks from tonight, at this time, I will be Skyping, then typing, then wiping... Skyping my girl good night at college for the 1st time, and after that, typing a note to text her for her 1st day of classes for the 1st time at college, and then privately shedding a few tears. NOT for the 1st time! PIMP LOL. Then, wiping them away so no one notices. It’s hard to believe it came so fast… When she was little, instead of Skype, it was diap. Now, that’s a change! PIMP LOL. Instead of type, it was pipe. Blowing bubbles through a little pipe. And, instead of wipe (my tears), it was wipe hers. PIMP LOL. Why the phone photograph? I was thinking how in the past that’s all we had to talk to our parents. Now? We can Skype and type (text) and then privately wipe… And, all that hype. So glad. I’m hyped for the Skype! Finally! Oh! And, I’m extremely tired and exhausted this past couple weeks from health stuff, so I would so appreciate your prayers for the upcoming move and trip. I’ll be doing a lot of resting to help fix this being wiped out! Thank you guys. Oh! And, time really does fly and so do our kids. Out of the nest. So, spend time helping them spread those wings. Under His wings... SIGNED, The Beholdin’ Mama In The Unfoldin’ Drama

Saturday, August 3, 2013


“WINDOWS & DOORS!” So, having the internet and social sites allows all of us to connect with so many we never could have, local and far, and I am thankful so much for it. I have used the internet to open windows for others to see into my world. Windows without blinds and curtains blowing back allowing the fresh air of friendship and hope and humor and music to come in. All via my stories and our music. Hoping others will find the whoas in the woes and amusing in the accusing with me. But, a window was never meant to replace the front door. I’m not knocking the window. I just like knocking the door. PIMP LOL. And, others to knock the door. Like I said, changed my life being able to share my heart through the internet. I can’t always use front doors, either. Just saying that if able and if local, the door is always easier to walk through than a window. Oh, I know most times, these days, with internet, it’s much easier to just look through the window and see and know what’s going on without really being in someone’s life. You can give “kinds words” through the window, but you can give “kind you”, mind you, through the door. I don’t want to end so serious so I will throw in my window knock-knock joke. Here goes: It’s about my 2 friends, Window and Shutter. It seems they had a bad argument! So, here goes the joke about the situation between them. Knock, knock? Who's there? Shutter! Shutter who? I shutter at the thought of facing Window today! If I don't open up and air things out? It could be curtains for me! PIMP LOL TNT. I know sometimes, as the saying goes, when God closes a door He opens a window, but I also think if we close a window, sometimes we will actually open the door! I am sorry if my window has become streaky and my door squeaky. I try very hard not let that happen. Maybe I need to take some time to just clean and oil them. Meantime, my back door will be open... SIGNED, The Squeaky & Streaky In The Meeky & Geeky