Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Saturday, July 27, 2013


"TIGHTROPES & HEARTSTRINGS!" So, my fave five famous female singers? Ruth Copeland, Eva Cassidy, Bonnie Raitt, Bonnie Bramlett & Joyce Kennedy! Fave five guys? Paul Rodgers, Joe Cocker, Amos Lee, Travis Tritt & Bob Seger! I do have many more famous and not so famous ones that are right up there that I could make into a long long string of a talent tightrope, but if I had to list… There are just so many tight singers and bands out there. I heard of one that's very b.a.s.i.c.! PIMP LOL. Have a tight weekend! Take a chance and stop by our b.a.s.i.c. stuff at  And, one last thing?  I try not to fret too often and I love pickups! Well, pick-me-ups!       Signed, The Singer In The Stringer Walkin’ A Tight Rope

Thursday, July 18, 2013


“CLEAN,!” What? So, I finished gluing and adding roses and playing with glitter paints on my mini washer and dryer I made for my girl’s open house. So bring your quarters. Of course, we wouldn’t complain if you brought your quarters of a million either. PIMP LOL. Now, to update b’log and band website and find more photos for vid for open house and then put together our road clips for our new song/band vid called "You're Still Runnin'". Just your b.a.s.i.c. average day By the way? Even our laundry detergent is basic. For that clean fresh blues feeling that washes all over your soul. It’s concentrated like us. Just a li'l goes a long way. We give everything we got and concentrate our efforts and pour our hearts out to scrub away the dirt of the day. We concentrate on what’s important. And, we’ve lasted through a lot of loads…like our music and our God. Have a heavy load? Detergent and music and God…gotcha covered. Cleaning it up here, right? Anyways, hope our music washes all over you and gives you a fresh feeling and takes you back to the b.a.s.i.c.s. Like our detergent does. PIMP LOL. I’m always going back for more laundry and detergent! Like our music. Always going back for more to share! Hope you stop by and come back for more at our Each song and vid we graft together is from our heart and fressh, BTW? We do like some dirty grungy blues but we like to keep our lyrics clean, b.a.s.i.cally! PIMP LOL. It all comes out in the wash, You know, sometimes you gotta get dirty to stay grounded. SIGNED, The Vox-ster In The Jokes-ster & The Crafter In The Vid Grafter, In The Now & Hereafter

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


“DISCOVER WHAT YOU’RE MADE OF! DO YOU HANDLE IT OR “FIST”LE IT?!” So, I just Discovered that my name on our Discover account is Yosie. What?!@? See, I called to tell them they made the same mistake for the 3rd time on our account of making a double payment. My Discover was once had paid off back when I got very sick. Had to get my affairs in order. Paid off all our credit cards and vehicle when I was very ill with my KSC savings. Not enough for the house. Darn. Didn’t want to leave them with burdens. Anyways, I’m still here and we’ve had a few burdens so we used Discover and they screwed me again by taking out a double payment. We aren’t rich enough anymore to keep a real padded account so it’s close! And, with college, etc, it was re-e-e-al close. So, anyways, when I called they asked very meanly and sarcastically if Yosie was there because Tracy didn’t have permission to talk about this account. I asked them if they asked permission from Yosie to take out the double payment out of her account. Along with several other questions. The lady kept hollering without letting me get a word in. I mean come on. Yo! My name is not Yosie! It’s Tracy. She was so belligerent and I got pretty upset and almost irate. IRATE LOL (see link for my newest acronym I gotta find humor in the madly ridiculous! Anyways, I discovered that I was tired and needed to talk to God about it and lay my burdens down and then call Discover back to fix it...quickly. When stuff happens, we discover what we’re made of. I handled it. Instead of “fist”ling it! DUH LOL. But, I did insist on speaking to the manager and then his manager and then his until I discovered how persistence and patience and, yes, pleasantness under extreme pettiness, pays off, as usual. I discovered 3 times was enough for me. I know, easier said than done, but sometimes we have to kindly put up with instead of put ‘em up…in anger. When tempers flare, tenderness is rare. Don’t get burnt with a bad temper. Keep it rare. With tenderness… Discover the deep-down. And, He will say: well done faithful servant! SIGNED, I Discovered Laying My Burdens Down Is Debt-free With All The Credit To God

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


“FREE!” So, I received an email that said I was an original free spirit in all I do. PIMP LOL. I think they meant crazy! But, it got me thinking! Freely! PIMP LOL. I like to be a free thinker always trying to be on the brink of thinking up something unique. I like to be original, funny and musical. And, put my stuff out there on the internet to connect and link up with others. I also like to fix stuff, write, decorate and work my magic. So, that makes me a free thinker, a free brinker, a free inker, a free linker, a free tinker-er, a free stinker, a free singk-er! And, a free blinker workin’ my magic. Just kiddin’. Now, I’m a free shrinker! Cuz, really? My help comes my God who gives me all I need to be me. I am a free drinker of the water of life. BTW? The photodrama is me freely thinking that I will next paint the grass purple! After painting the jeans and the blue brick walls. Still can't decide on a color for the trees... SIGNED, The Free In Me


“AFTERTHOUGHTS ARE BEFORE YOU!” What? So, being an afterthought can sometimes make you feel useless in the midst of the “during” and before you know it? You’re having a pity party. That’s okay. A quiet one will do. Then, get over it! The best way to get over being an afterthought? Think of others before your thoughts of you. And, a small 2-person pity party just can’t hurt. After all? He knows how you feel! PIMP LOL. And, He knows how you feel before all. After all! Yes, afterthoughts will be before you at many times in your life. It’s what you do after them that counts. After all… What you do when you’re an afterthought becomes you. After all… So, we try to be becoming... SIGNED, Before, During & Afterthoughter Becomes Me