Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Saturday, June 29, 2013


"HOLDING ON! DON'T HOLD BACK!" Holding on to what you know is all about letting go so they can know more… Don't hold back from holding them, but don't hold them back. I love having her safe in my arms, but I gotta let her go. No worries. Well, not many. PIMP LOL. She's in the bigger arms of God. BTW, after seeing this photo that was taken at a friend's birthday party a couple months ago when it was cold out, and not having any time to fancy it up, I’m thinking I’ve been holding on for a while now and I need more! Of a new hairstyle? DUH LOL. A little makeup. DUH LOL. New wardrobe. DUH LOL. And, ya know? There's nothing like holding someone when they hold you back! Or, don't hold back. Depends on how you look at it! PIMP LOL. Have a lovely weekend. SIGNED, I Know, I know...I'm Holding On To Just Bein' Us...Nothin' Fancy

Thursday, June 27, 2013


"THE ONLY WAY..." The only way I know what I can learn to do is to think and work my way into the “I don’t know how’s”! Step from the safety of capables into the incapables. The only way I know how to learn to not be afraid to do something is to be afraid and still do it. Step from the safety of the comfortables into the uncomfortables. The only way I get to be an original and better singer is to sing what I can’t until I can and what I don’t know how until I know how. Step from the safety of abilities into the inabilities! The only way I know how to enable others to laugh at my original humor and hope is to share it. Oh! And, to laugh myself. To step from the suffering into the “suffering succotash!” PIMP LOL. The only way I know if someone is gonna read my original stories and listen to our original music is to put it out there and see. In an original way. The only way I know how to be a better person? Is to not think myself better than any person. And! The only way I really know how to be unique? See everyone else uniquely… SIGNED, The Always Trying Singer, Comedian, Writer & Believer In Me…On My Way, My Way & His Way


“ROCKERS R RIGHT AS RAIN!” What? So, you know, a sure way to bring the rain is to go out and sit in the sun. DUH LOL. Was just taking a few minutes to get my lungs and head some fresh air and watch a storm brewing off in the distance. Well, it WAS in the distance. PIMP LOL. Came upon me fast! As you can see by my empty lawn chair and this photograph being taken from my front porch. Speaking of my front porch? Stop by and sit a spell. There’s always a rocker available. And a rocker chair! PIMP LOL. Cuz, I’m always off mine. Have a rocking day. Here’s the link to go sit there: Oh! And, speaking of storms brewing? Sometimes, there’s nothing we CAN do but watch until it gets close enough to prepare. Sometimes, we bail out and make a run for it. Sometimes, we have to sit in the midst of it. With any storm or life storm, the rain amidst the lightning and thunder is like the refreshing tingling amongst the terror and torture. And, some storms last a moment or two. Others? Seem like a lifetime. But, in either case? You're never alone... You have an umbrella of hope and love and security. If you open it up. If you open up... Oh! And, lastly? You guys all know you love to have a reason to snuggle and hide away from it all. Makin' us feel right as rain! SIGNED, The Rocker In Me Who Loves Storms & The Storm Maker


"BIRDS & BUTTERFLIES! WINGIN' IT & WATERIN' IT & WORKIN' IT!" So, I've been watching the same 2 beauteous butterflies breezily flap and flutter around our front yard and the neighbors for 3 days now every morn. And, the same 2 fine feathered flying friends frolicking through out our Norfolk Pine. How’d I know it was the same 2 butterflies and birds? They speak to me! What? Don’t they to everyone? PIMP LOL. Their wings give me flight! Even when I feel I can hardly walk. And, all I had to do was give the front yard a bit of watering. Not much. Costs too much to water anymore. I leave that up to God and His rain. Have a fine frolicking uplifting day. Take flight. Fly. Spread your wings. Let the wonders of God’s creation speak to you. What a playground! And, what a work field! Don’t forget to water both! SIGNED, Wingin’ It & Waterin’ It & Workin’ It

Barrettes & New Growth!

“Barrettes & New Growth!” I cherish this pretty green leafy barrette in my wild hair today? Why? Because many years back, my Mom sacrificed a lot to get me this barrette and the prettiest shirt ever. They were very expensive in the mall. Big stuff for me. We couldn’t afford much for years and I didn’t get new school clothes and things like that, but I cherish this barrette. Because of the sacrifice. It is so lovely. And, it holds my hair back. But, if doesn’t hold my heart back. From growing… And, I’m always looking for ways to grow. Just like the Honeysuckle on our fence. We had to chop it all down to rebuild our fence. But, it’s growing back… Not holding back! And, I’m peeking in through the fence to say have a great week, guys. Don’t hold back! I’m still not feeling my best, but I’m growing and I’m not holding back… Not too much. Even when I’m resting… And, you know, the fence also reminded me of being in jail! You know me! Anyways, sometimes, when we're growing, we feel like we are in a cage. In jail. Cuz, more growin' occurs when you are suffering. Sorry 'bout the photos of a sick girl. Like I said... I'm still not at my best. But, I still like to have the photdrama to go with the story... SIGNED, The Barrette Lover In Me


“FRENCH BEACH RESORT WITH MYRTLE, MAPLE & ODETTE!” What? Well, this morning, as the sun was just peeking through, I sat in front of my Maple tree and Crepe Myrtle. I soon was off at a French beach resort resting and healing my lungs and heart and body and soul. Well, pretending, but still… It was fun. Though, I did miss my girl today. She is working interning at the church office. I made do with the other ladies, Myrtle and Maple. Sometimes, you just gotta resort to the imagination Also, a fun place to visit! PIMP LOL. So, what do you get when the sun starts peaking through the Maple and Crepe Myrtle? Sweet heat “tree”ts! Now, that I think about it? The 2 trees together with the sun sound like a hot breakfast. Hot Crepes with sweet hot Maple syrup. Gotta love Myrtle and Maple. Lovely ladies who always have it made in the shade. BTW, when I took French and advanced French in high school? My name was Odette! There was no name for Tracy! DUH LOL. Have a fun day. Resort to enjoying it. I gotta go in and rest a bit. Did too much working and not enough resorting. SIGNED, The Odette in The Tracy


“WHAT TO WEAR TODAY? STICKING IT OUT WHILE STICKING YOUR NECK OUT!” What? Just some ancient Tracyisms for today: Wearing many hats can weigh heavy on the head. And, dressing up and disguising many grudges can weigh heavy on the heart. And, buying many different outfits can weigh heavy on the wallet. Yes, 'tis all true. BUT! Beware! Wearing 2 faces can weigh heavy on the neck! And, the necks of others. Next time, they won’t stick it out. If you want someone to stick their necks out for you AND stick it out with you? Wear just 1 face! Don't be 2-faced! Be honest, giving, and forgiving. No matter what hats or clothes you wearr. Now me? I wear my feelings and heart on my sleeves. Right above my fingerless gloves. Right below my smile on my 1 face. What you see is what you get. Oh! And, the photodrama? That’s my ancient oven from whence my Tracyisms come from. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! Have a fired up day! Beware! Amd, be wearing 1 face. Love you guys… SIGNED, Wearer Of Many Hats, 1 Face, 2 Fingerless Gloves, 1 ♥


Feelin’ a li’l ummm…"melon"choly? PIMP LOL. Nah. Just hungry for sum watermelon!!! But, can I just say that I miss the good ole days when watermelon wasn’t seedless. Just them big black seeds that you could easily spit out or slice and de-seed. I hate the seedless because it truly isn’t seedless. Just lots of little white seeds and they’ve lost something in the process. Flava! Sometimes you just gotta leave things the way God grows them. Reminds me... Plant a seed. Signed, Watermelon Lover From The Good Ole Days

Monday, June 24, 2013


“YOU GOTTA GIVE A HILL ‘o BEANS ABOUT SLAYING GIANTS! What? So, we watched “Jack The Giant Slayer” last night. Loved it. Got me thinking… We sometimes, want those quick magical fixes. Like magic beans. Only they grow into deep rooted problem vines that are hard to cut down. Pretty soon they become hideous giants in our life that we wonder where they came from. When we realize we were the ones who planted the very beans that gave way to the giants, and we know we must slay them. And, not with a quick fix. Leave the quick fixes to Super Glue. And, the magic to super good magicians and their fun shows. Just like your problems and addictions got started small with just the planting of 1 small seed, 1 small bean, you gotta start small to slay your giants. You can’t slay a giant if you don’t first recognize the small bean that gave way to it. That bean’s gotta be worth more than a hill ‘o beans to you. Remember… Quick fixes are slow trickxes! Just like magic. Doesn’t last. You gotta give a hill of beans about slaying those giants and making changes in your life. Find the bean and you’ll find the root. Dig deep. DUH LOL PIMP LOL. And, yes, you saw and read right in the photodrama. That is “Trace The Giant Slayer”. At theatres soon. Well, at real life. Soon! Love you guys for coming by my humor and our music. You slay me! PIMP LOL. In a good way. Oh! And, one more joke. What did the bean say to Jack? Quite stalkin' me would ya! PIMP LOL. Go ahead and stalk me. I love for you to stop by my b'log and stories and music and life... SIGNED, Small Giant Slayer Who Thinks


"SPREAD IT AROUND! YA DIG?" What? Oh, it may look like I’m spreading the dirt, but! I am spreading the love. Cuz, sometimes, you gotta get your hands and knees dirty to stay grounded and spread the love. Hard to grow things if you stay out of the fertilizer all the time. Just a li’l advice? Wear boots! You may have to get in deep! And, don’t worry. The photo is a few weeks old. I wasn’t out there shoveling the dirt today. I was resting. But, I will be soon. I'll be in deep and spreadin' it around! And, I sure wouldn’t Mind if YOU threw some love and fertilizer my way. Spread it around. Have a great week. Pick up a shovel and dig. Ya dig?

SIGNED, Spreadin’ Love, Deep In Fertilizer, Growing

Sunday, June 23, 2013


"PINK NAILS & PLUG NICKELS!" What? So, my girl did my nails pink last night and straightened my hair today to make me feel better. Love her... Watching her driving off to Youth Group to lead singing and interning during the week at the office is preparing us both for her to go off to Flagler. Gonna be incredibly tough... Gonna be incredibly inspiring. For all of us. Gonna take it like we paint nails. One nail at a time. One step at a time. Anyways, I did her nails, too. Posted her photodrama last night. Anyways, it inspired me to get dressed in pink. I like to live life in color even when things are gray. Have an inspiring day. Spend time together. Off to watch The Great & Powerful Oz and eat a few of my boiled peanuts with the family at the homefront. Make someone feel better today. It only takes time. Inspire. It only takes heart. Inspiring is free. And, freeing! Okay! I must have a joke. A li'l bit of humor with my hope. I need it. So, let's see what I can come up with on the fly. Okay! So, yes, inspiring doesn't cost you a plug nickel. But, it might get you a plug! That makes you feel like a million bucks. PIMP LOL. Just kidding. That's not why we inspire. But, sometimes, giving someone a plug by telling someone thank you for worth a million bucks. And, don't cost ya a dern plug nickel! SIGNED, Resting In Pink, Living Life In Color

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I know He feels the storm inside me... Because He orchestrates it in His light and sound show in the sky tonight right outside before my eyes. And, I know He knows. And, I know He cares... Trace

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hanging Out With Humor And Hope! And, you! I hope!

Just hanging out and sharing some of my home-made humor from this week: 

Our inclinations in situations get perspiration from the heat of desperation and rationalization. Reminding us of our limitation. Bringing on stagnation, complication and devastation. Unless! We call on the Improvisation of the Inspiration. Bringing on the jubilation. DUH LOL. That's a wrap! And, a rap! SIGNED, Inclined To Believe In The Irrational & Rational

Feeling Old Age breathing down my neck. I wish that darn cat would go lay somewhere else. PIMP LOL. Yes, having a cat name Old Age is purrfect for keeping humor amidst the hopeless “old age” animal that chases us. He also sneaks up behind me. Do you know what Old Age says?! PIMP LOL. SIGNED, The Hopeful Comic In Me 

Have an army friend who said he was fighting a bad cold today and I wanted to make him laugh. So, I said be a soldier and sneeze the day! PIMP LOL. Carpe Diem! Whatever you're facing? Seize The Day! SIGNED, The Seizing Soldier & Comic In Me 

Well, it’s almost nine and I’ve been in deep Flagler college fund financial figuring & feet-to-your-prayers finagling all day and needing some space now to relax. Hmm… Nine, deep, space… You know how my space-y mind works. Guess that made my mind up for me. Escaping to Deep Space Nine to get away from all this college stuff. Tomorrow’s escape? The Vinyl Frontier: the b.a.s.i.c. band studios! SIGNED, The Space In Me 

Having a cow trying to dig around to come with all the monies for college, band stuff & just life stuff. Umm...guess that'd make it moo-laH ‘stead of monies. PIMP LOL DUH LOL. Prayers work moo-re better than having cows in any situation. Keeps ya from buying the whole farm. Course, I have enough cows now to start my own farm. Have a fun weekend. Do some farming. You know? Dig around. Put feet to prayers. It’s good for ya. But, do the praying first. Or, you won’t have a leg to stand on and put those feet to. SIGNED, MILKING 4 MOO-LAH, SINGING LA LA

Friday, June 14, 2013

Waging War! The Woes vs. The Whoas 2013!

"Waging War! The Woes vs. The Whoas 2013! Who Will Win Your War?” Woe is me... Nah! More like: Whoa! Is me! Well, at least, whoa! I'm gonna have a thankful weekend, anyways. Cuz, the spirit is willing. I mean, the spirit is whoa-ing, Even when the body, mind or feelings are woe-ing. No woe-ies. As long as you can see the whoas in the woes, you are good ta go. Hope you guys have a whoa weekend. SIGNED, The Whoaman In Me

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


“A TAPESTRY TALE! 2 TUFF, 2 GRUFF or 2 PUFFED?” What? Well, I was listening to Carole King earlier and singing and got me thinking about tapestries and how the 2 parts of tapestry are both seen on the finished product. What’s underneath as well as on the surface. And, I had been talking to my girl about when I worked at the Space Center running an office. We were talking jobs and bands and family and being a leader and follower. I said, “Don’t let sentiment and kindness and grace and love get IN the way of command decisions in leadership. Let them BE the way.” What? I know it seems contrary to popular leadership opinion, but … Whether in an office, on a team, family, band, church, government, etc., it’s what I believe. I know you gotta be tuff when things get ruff, sometimes, gruff, but never puffed! Up! I know sentiment sometimes gets in the way, but kindness and grace and love? ‘tis the way. To lead. Do most think niceness has no place in leadership? That nice guys finish last? Maybe that’s true. Maybe that was a “leading” question. PIMP LOL. And, you know? I hear being last is like being first in God’s city. Get outta town! And, I hear the best leaders sometimes get mistaken for ordinary folks who work hard. What?!? To me, what’s underneath is just as important on a tapestry of leadership as what’s on the surface. Should weave together to show a true blend of character. Anyways, song for this story? “Where You Lead, I Will Follow” by Carole King. Been singing and learning from her since I was a kid. Learned a lot from her Tapestry album. Oh! And, the photos? All my tapestries are connected to jeans! Of course! Each of our lives is a tapestry. Let both sides show. Here's the song: SIGNED, Outta Town, On A Tapestry


"SAWIN' LOGS or SAWIN" THE LIGHT?" What? So, I was going to sleep in late today and saw some logs. And, get some extra rest, but I was awaken at the crack of dawn from sawing logs to sawing the light! What? Our neighbors have an arborist there all week cutting down their pines and oaks cut down right by our house. They kept a lot of light and heat away from our home but the pollen was heavy. Heavy, man! I’ll be missing and pining for those trees in the bottom right photo, but not the pollen. I always loved the woodsy feeling they gave me in Florida. Yes, I’m a Pennsylvania hillbilly who became a southern belle. Now, I’m a “Hillbelle-y”! PIMP LOL. Oh! And, what did the arborist say to all the trees it just chopped down? Now, I can saws the light! Okay. One more joke? Most folks who saw wood, lumber. When I saw logs? I slumber. Didn’t saw that one comin’, huh? PIMP LOL. So, yes, it's been a war zone here for 2 days. It’s The Arborists vs. the Humorists. The Arborists pack a mean bark, but we humorists have roots and know how to “treet” each other in times of war. We pack a big shtick! DUH LOL. Here’s the whole story. If you’re logged in! PIMP LOL. SIGNED, IF YA CAN'T SAW LOGS, SAW SHTICK

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In The Nicks Of Time! For shawl!"

"In The Nicks Of Time! For shawl!" What? So, I accidentally vacuumed up my Stevie Nicks/Bonnie Raitt stage shawls. Almost. They both got caught in the vacuum but I got them out in the Nicks Of Time. PIMP LOL. But, really? It happened and that joke popped in my head. That's how my mind works. I thought of Stevie's last name and one of my fave songs of Bonnie Raitt's called Nick Of Time. And, voila! The humor just sucked me in like the vacuum did the shawls! For shawl!