Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Friday, May 31, 2013


This morning when I looked in the mirror, I said, out loud: “um, just when did you arrive?” That person in the mirror said: “I snuck in some years back”. But, my mind, all the while, kept arguing, trying to convince me that I’m still 22. Now, my emotions? They jumped in and said they think I’m 2 right now. I didn’t even have to ask my body. It screamed at me that it thinks I’m 102. And, my spirit? It said: “I’m every age and I’ve been here since you were born”. Then, another Spirit spoke up and said: “I’m every age, and, I too, have been here since you were born… again”! Oh! And, I just remembered that our old band, Shepherd’s Heart, used to do an original tune of ours called “Look In The Mirror”. Gotta resurrect that one. Love you guys. SIGNED, Thank God Love Is Age-less & Mirror-less, more or less…

“Co-Ops, Duped-plexes & Home Sweet Home! Sing Like a Canary To One, Sing Like A Bird To All!"

“Co-Ops, Duped-plexes & Home Sweet Home! Sing Like a Canary To One, Sing Like A Bird To All!" What? So, you’ve been a part of that Life Co-op that everyone joins and lives in, right? You know? Where you must cooperate to exist? But, maybeyou’ve begun to tell all to all and ask too many people what you should do about everything. And, still you get no cooperation. Feel duped. That’s when it’s time to invest in another piece of real estate. You gotta live in the Co-op, but you need a duped-plex, to keep it real. A place to go to find that one person you can trust. Or maybe 2. Where you won’t be duped. I have a few friends and the One. Yes, we have to live in the Life Co-op and cooperate with everyone, but we don’t have to tell all to everyone. OH! And, the photographs are of the my house this morning. It’s my combo of Home Sweet Home, Co-Op & Duped-plex. And, those 4 big pines? Won’t be there after the weekend. The neighbors are having an arborist come and take out all the pines. I’ll be pining for the pines so bad, but not the pollen. So, what do you pine for? A Co-Op, a Duped-plex, Home Sweet Home, or all 3? Me? I love all 3. We need all 3. Remember… If you’re gonna sing like a canary, let it be to One. If you’re gonna sing like a bird? Sing to all. But, talk to One. Special friend and to God. Song for today? “I Can’t Get No Cooperation!” Wait! No no no! That’s another song about satisfaction. PIMP LOL. SIGNED, Sing Like a Bird To All, Sing Like a Canary To One, Be At Home In Your Duped-plex

Thursday, May 30, 2013


"IN A NUTS SHELL!" Just this nuts homemade humor and hope in a nutshell. Hope it cracks you up. So, today, I had 4 different short stories to share, so I put it all in 1 post. Yes, I’m a nut. And, sometimes, I come out of my shell.

#1 Imagine, if you dare, me bending down to get out my blow-dryer out and getting my hair caught on a necklace hanging on the wall and thinking it was a spider or something worse. And, imagine, if you dare, me thrashing my head around the bathroom like a maniac to get it off, finally realizing it was a necklace. Did you dare imagine? Did you laugh? Good. So, did I. Right after I tried smashing it on my head. No photography is necessary. Imagination takes a great snapshot. Imagine if I had taken a video? Coulda sent it to America's Funniest Home Videos. And, been cashin' in.   SIGNED, Smashin' & Thrashin' & Coulda Been Cashin'...In

#2 Sometimes, we gag at a gnat while swallowing a camel! Yum yum. And, think we're doin' it all in good taste. Shoulda posted this one yesterday! Hump day?! PIMP LOL DUH LOL! Jus’ sayin’! Anyways, sometimes, we nitpick others l'il faults while ignoring our own big faults. SIGNED, All Choked Up & Ridin' That Camel To The Oasis For A Rest, All In Good Taste, Gnaturally

#3 Searchin' the house this morning for energy 'n elbow grease cuz it's cleanin' day. In the fridge, I found a waffle and fruit for the energy part, with no grease. And, within me, I'm hoping to find the elbow grease with no waffling and fruitiness. Just hard work. Sometimes, you gotta get dirty to clean up. Did I mention I don't like cleaning as much as I used to? Especially with my body. No worries. Extra elbow grease applied while on my knees. SIGNED, Not Maid For This Anymore, Made To Sing & Write

#4 “Perfume! Act scents or Accents?” Almost 1/2 way thru the year and I still have over 1/2 of my Christmas perfume left. I wear it light. Otherwise, I'd stink. And, that'd stink! There’s a fine mist between perfume and stink, per the fumes. Perfume is an accent. Not a scent that acts like a choking gas. So, don’t act stinky nor act scent stinky. The scent that comes from your soul and your body should accent you as a gentle, sweet fragrance. Not act scent you as a fumer. There's also a fine mist between sweet and sickenly sweet. Have a fine afternoon. SIGNED, Not Stinky

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beach Waves Crashin' & Rice Krispies Cracklin'!

"Beach Waves Crashin' & Rice Krispies Cracklin'!" What? So! For around 3 weeks, I've been waking up to the sound of beach waves crashing and rolling and Rice Krispies crackling. No. I haven’t been on vacation and eatin' my breakfast on thebeach. PIMP LOL DUH LOL. I only wish. The sounds are in my ears and sinuses, for real. And, I feel the waves tossin' me 'round like a rag doll. Maybe it's been 3 years, not 3 weeks that I've been trying to get well and battle this body of mine before I snap, crack up and pop a vein. The time rolls over me like the waves. No worries… This rag doll is rollin’ with the waves. Floatin’ on faith. Prayin' for a beach/mountain vacation... Someday... Until then? When the waves crash around me, I trust in the Wave-maker. And, even on the roughest days, I try to make a splash. Oh! And, the photograph? Was one I took last year. I hope I make it back again this year and it's just as spectacular. Just making it there will be spectacular. Hoping for big things this year. In small steps.... Trace

The Musician's Road Can Be Rocky!

The musician’s road can be “rock”y! PIMP LOL. Okay. Okay. A few jokes here. We have a road sign in our music room that reads Musicians Road. And, we have a magnificent drawing my daughter drew of rocks hanging in there and you can see them both in the photodrama. And! There is the referral to rock (rock ’n roll) music. And, lastly? Yes, the musician’s road can def be rocky… But, so worth rolling on... Oh! And, we are so hoping one day to be able to frame alot of her work to hang in our music/arts room. And, speaking of rock music? Here's a li'l southern rock to get your day going!  SIGNED, The Musician In Trace

Hangin' Out With The Boys! Mista Gibson No Les, Jazzy Jackson, Alvarez, Arts Marshall, Mista Fender On A Bender and Mista Samzjamz!

"Hangin' Out With The Boys! Mista Gibson No Les, Jazzy Jackson, Alvarez, Arts Marshall, Mista Fender On A Bender and Mista Samzjamz!" What? Well, I jus' like hangin' out with the guys when I'm frettin'. Sometimes, they are so off the wall (like me). Strings attached. Always in tune with my heart and soul. So, what's my story? Well, it's about hangin' out, of course. See, we went to hang out with some friends the other night. You may remember me posting about Michele and Michael Hriciso. They both work for the Sheriff's Dept. Michele had been in the hospital for over a year and is finally home. Thank you all so much for all the prayers. We went there to show some love and spend some time. To give presence. Anyways, we ended up being the ones getting the presents. One gift was seeing Michele and her family home and together with smiles. Michele is a hero and has come a long way. Mike, her husband is a huge hero also. He remodeled their whole home, while working, taking care of their boy and visiting her every day. He remodeled to prepare for her home-coming and to take care of her. It is amazing. The detail and care brought tears to our eyes. Mike's sister is helping and I know so many behind the scenes. The 2nd gift was some beautiful guitar hangers for our music room. Mike and Michele have always been some of our biggest supporters, musically and friends, and she used to play bass with us in our previous church band. Anyways, I've been recouping myself and trying to make progress. It's slow, but like I said when I fret, I come in the music room. For writing and music and quiet or noise. To be with the boys. Musicians and instruments. And, my God. When I fret or when I don't, I go to him. To stay in tune... To stay in His presence. Take time to hang out with someone this week. Only, no strings attached. Unless, you take along a guitar. DUH LOL PIMP LOL. And, take time to hang out with God. He don't mind if you're off the wall. SIGNED, Hangin' Tough Off The Wall


"AN EMPTY PLATE SAYS A MOUTHFUL!" What? So, finding foods that my body can digest and absorb without freakin’ it out is why I always have a full plate! Mind-wise! And, why I never have a full plate, food-wise. And, that’s saying a mouthful! PIMP LOL. Don’t I wish I could still have a full plate. And that? Is my fool mouth saying I so miss mouthfuls and platefuls. Still, I am thankful for those times when something works right. Sometimes, I just have to clear off my plate and start over… Make room for new foods. New ideas. Make room, also, for God to fill it. With soul food. Sometimes an empty plate says a mouthful. And, a full plate is, sometimes, hard to swallow. Make sure your full plate isn't a fool's plate. SIGNED, Being Thankful Says A Mouthful


“SOUL STAMP COLLECTOR!” So, in 2006, I had a life-as-it-was altering seizure. It erased much of my life and I was life-less for some time. But, came back. I was thinking today as I remembered a few things that were scattered amongst the synapses of my mind. There are those events and individuals that made such an indelible imprint in my soul that even if my memories are scrambled and forgotten, what those events and people taught me is still in here. Cannot be erased. Won’t be erased. Most importantly? God’s imprint on my soul is what made those imprints possible. And, impossible to erase. That’s one small way I know He is real. He cannot be erased. No matter what happened to me or how bad I got, He was there. Anyways, I call the imprints in my life: soul stamps! They are stamped on my soul forever. I collect them. Yes. I am a nerdy stamp collector. One last thing? In my experience, it always seems that the frightful memories in life come to mind with a lot more ease than the delightful. So, I am working hard to fix that in my own mind through the spirit. With much much help from God’s Spirit…The Maker Of The Soul Stamp and The Soul Stamp Collector. Trace


“THE ZEALOUS TRELLIS!” Ummm…what? Well, I'm puttin' up tomorrows story tonight so I can do some other stuff tomorrow. I’ll start out one of my home-made humor you’s! So, what did the trellis say to the wee rose bush? You’re growin’ on me kid. PIMP LOL. Okay, so I needed a wee bit of fresh air, so I cut my 2 rose bushes back and transplanted them and painted the old trellis to hold them up, give them strength, make their beauty stand out even more in my garden. And, you know trellises are latticework or screens so it gives room to breathe and to grow. Anyways, when we prepared for painting, we cut back everything and rebuilt the fence. The Jasmine is starting to come back and we will be transplanting 2 Crepe Myrtles tomorrow to put in the middle of the garden. Using what we got. Keeping it simple this year. But, by the end of the summer it will be beauteous. Anyways, I think it will grow on me. Sometimes, basic is best. And, the thing about all this is it made me think about how if we are makin’ like a trellis and having others backs by supporting, caring, giving them room to breathe and room to grow, we won’t get the wrong kind of green! Green is for the thumb and the garden. Yes, I’m talkin’ envy! Jealousy! I guess God put it on my heart because I’ve been struggling with wanting to get our music out there and getting healthier and finances and wanting to do much more. And, if you look around too much at what others have, you may spot the green monster. But, if you look at what you got inside and use it where you are, you’ll see the right kind of green. Growth. And, that’s what I want! I want to be someone who has 2 green thumbs up for others. Zealous instead of jealous. So, anyways, you guys have a great weekend. Make like a trellis and be zealous ‘bout standin’ behind someone to hold them up and compliment their beauty. And, before long? They’ll be growin’ on ya! And, no reason for you not to shine and look purty right behind them! Oh! And, I know my limits with being sick, so don’t worry. Fresh air and now rest should help the breathing. SIGNED, The Zealous Trellis Has No Room For Jealous…Only Growth

Boggled Game Freak!

So, what’s that fun apple game called? Apples to Pears? No! Apples To Peaches? Nah! Oh yes. Apples to Apples. I was a peach yesterday and played some Apple to Apples with the family. The pear of them. Well, the pair of them. And, a friend. Oh! And, one of the photos is the girls taking out all the people cards that they don’t know. They think that the game folks should come out with a modern version of Apples To Apples. If they did? It would be called: “Apples To Apples (The Peachy Version! 4 The 21st Century!” It def wouldn’t be the pits! DUH LOL PIMP LOL. Have a peachy evening with your kids. Cuz, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Oh! And, we also played one of my fave games, Scattergories. I love Boggle, but they won’t play it with me. That just boggles my mind. You know what they say? An apple a day keeps the doctor away. And, a game of Apple to Apple a day keeps the cobwebs in the brain away. So, grab an apple. Then, grab Apple to Apples and a pear of friends or family and have a peachy night playin'! BTW, my fave card I played? Well, the category was "flexible". I put tree hugger. Well, you have to flexible to get your arms around that tree. PIMP LOL. SIGNED, Boggled Game Freak


“YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME?” As, I was thinking of heroes today and of those who died in service, I took it a step further and used today as a chance to honor more of my heroes. Found this old photo from several years ago taken at Sam’s Mom’s. We were remembering how when Garnet Rose was little she would always say to folks in the grcoery store: “you want a piece of me? Or you want a knuckle sandwich” Taught by her wonderful Grandpa Bill who, along with Nanny, were the first ones to her birth and graduation. And, have always been there for us. Heroes. I thought of them when I saw this old photo. You will notice the “peace” sign on the wall at Grammie’s (Sam’s Mom). Another hero to us. The peace sign fit perfect with this story. But, Uncle Mark is saying to Sam and Garnet Rose: “You wanna piece of me?” Teasing her after me telling the story. You can see my eye laughing and keeping the peace in the bottom left corner. I never get in too many photos at Sam’s family get-together’s. I don’t know why. Maybe they are being merciful. PIMP LOL. Of course, I used to take so many of them myself. I like being behind the cam instead of in front. But, I get in trouble that way, sometimes. So, of course, we were telling stories and having cake, so that should be cake in that metal cake cover, but it’s his fist. And, of course, this is one of my fave photos of my girl.. Love that smile. Love seeing people enjoying their selves and smiling and laughing. Okay, have a fun day. Remember ALL your heroes. Keep the peace. By giving a piece of yourself. Preferably not your fist. But, your heart… SIGNED, You Always Get a Piece & Peace Of Me


"DO CANNIBALS EAT HERBS?!" What? So, we were roamin’ for Ramen around here again today and Garnet Rose was making the oriental broth kind and I said that it had herbs in it. Pronouncing the “H”. Lorraine and Garnet Rose laughed so hard at me and corrected me saying it was “erbs”. I think I captured the laugh. Garnet Rose knows my silly humor, but Lorraine probably thinks I am cuckoo! Which, I am! I knew that it was prnounced "erb", but it was worth the laugh. And, I promise you all we don’t put Herbs in our soup. Or. any humans at all, for that matter. Unless the cupboards are bare. PIMP LOL. SIGNED, Herb Is Safe With Me, For Now


At the risk of sounding cliche'?Um..let the sun shine in... PIMP LOL. My fam... We tryin' ta look good. Or is it bad?! Who knows anymore! Let's just go with we tryin' ta look on the bright side.   Trace

Roamin' For Ramen

Never eat Ramen right out of the kettle with a lose screw, while working on the computer. Yep. I was holding a hot kettle full of oriental ramen and the handle fell off and poured on my lap and my keyboard. All over! Even got noodle on my noodle! I even look oriental. Surprisingly I had quick reflexes and caught all the pieces halfway through the mess. So, I had enough to eat after I cleaned up the mess! And, what a mess. If you don’t see me on for a while you will know it did damage. And, no. I wasn’t talking about me with the lose screw. That would be the pot calling the kettle black. Well, I gotta go get a handle on things. And, a handle back on the kettle. PIMP LOL DUH LOL. Wow. Good thing I hadn’t showered yet. No more ramen while roamin’ the internet. BUT! A li'l ramen IS good for the noodle. And the body. And, a li'l singing and hard work? Ramen for the soul. They all put color in my face. And, my soul. Have a fun day. I’m doing housework, computer work and then fixing someone else’s computer. And, hopefully singing! Off to tighten things up! Got a few lose screws. So, let your noodle roam. That's Ramen for "when thinking, anything's possible"! And, with God? Anything is. Just thought I'd run this li'l story pasta you! Oh! And, BTW? My pig Grace loved Oodles Of Noodles, too! I would hold a long curly noodle and she would slurp it up. Jus' sayin'. And, I'm thinkin' next time? Use a bowl. So, what do you get when Ramen meets a keyboard? Chop sticky keys! PIMP LOL. SIGNED, I’M SUCH A NOODLE WHO DOESN'T MIND LOOKING LIKE AN IDIOT & WHOSE TRYIN’ TO GET A HANDLE ON THINGS

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Heavy Loads & Hay Days!

"Heavy Loads & Hay Days!" So, this past week as my girl graduated, I was thinking about when I graduated. Thinking about my “Hey Day”. Which got me thinking… We all feel like, sometimes, the heaviness in life is having a heyday with us, right? And, feel like you’re carrying a heavy load of hay. Instead of a heavy load of “Hey! you’re doing great and loved by all!” And, the straw that broke the camel’s back is about to break yours. Take a break. Have a hey! day! And, take time to say hey to someone else. Thinking about and taking time for others helps you forget your own hay! PIMP LOL DUH LOL. And, hey! Yes I know that hayday is really spelled heyday and means at the height of and with vigor. And, yes that is me in the photodrama looking up and pulling the hay. But, I would never try to pull the hay over your eyes! PIMP LOL. So, this is me saying “hey!” to all of you and letting you know I care. Turns my heavy hayday into a hey!day. And, hey now! That’s a load I can carry. Most importantly? Don't forget to say hey to the Hey Maker and Carry-er Of Our Heavy Loads. Signed, Carry-ing On Cuz Hey Isn’t Just For Horses


"ADORE THE ALLURE, EXPLORE THE GALORE!" What? If you’re havin’ a deplorable day, I implore you to explore your galore of the more smaller blessings. When, you do that? They’ll be more in store. Of that, I assure. See, that’s the allure of having a rapport with thankfulness for the small things… Makes you thankful big! Today? I am thankful because my daughter is a miracle. I couldn't have children. I did! And! Dr.'s never thought I'd still be here. Thankful to be there for my girl's graduation. And, thankful I found these last couple photos from that day to make new memories. Scroll backwards through our senior year moments and senior moments album to see what I am thankful for. Here's the link: Senior Year Moments & Senior Moments! Most days? I am just thankful if I can breathe and eat a bite and sing and live and serve. Signed, Adore The Allure, Explore The Galore

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Find The Crack!

"Find The Crack!" No! It's not a police slogan! But, it is dope! PIMP LOL DUH LOL. It's a dope hope slogan! Find the crack and shatter the darkness! Just my pot shot at humor during darkness. A bit of um...dark humor. SIGNED, Trying 2 Crack Myself Up & Shatter The Darkness

Friday, May 10, 2013


“SHE MAY BE A BASKET CASE, BUT SHE NEVER FOLDS OR THROWS IN THE TOWEL!” What? Well, so, this morning, I was trying to get myself movin’ and doing the laundry and was feelin' kind of weak and scared. Then, I remembered a time when I couldn't even get up, let alone do the wash or fold it. God has brought me far. Today, I am glad to be able to do the wash. Fearlessly... Before you fold or throw the towel in? Remember, how far you have come… And, remember who calms those fears. Then, go further… Fearlessly. And, that is why I write and sing and live… Okay, enough mush. Now some fun. I admit, I have used my dryer as a drawer and my dishwasher as a dish cabinet. You know you’ve done it, too! Left your finished cycle of clean dry dishes in there and your finished cycle of clean dry clothes in the other. Not anymore for me. My dishwasher’s dead and my dryer's on its last leg. Now, I have to put the dishes away in their actual cabinets. BUT! I CAN use my old washline as a closet. It’s a walkin-in. Well, a walk-out…side! PIMP LOL. What? It’s very spacious and fresh smelling! Have a fun day! I might be cycling through life with hives and sick, but I am clean and dry and thankful. Yes, I may snap someone with a wet towel, but I will never throw it in. PIMP LOL. Now, speaking of fun and singing? Here’s our newest story and vid and song over at YouTube from our lost and found jams. It's called "I Saw The Love". I hope that's what you see in us. It’s over 6 minutes of fun. You might even see an alien, a girl dancing and a horse whisperer. Well, a guy whisperer. PIMP LOL. SIGNED, She May Be A Basket Case, But She Never Folds Or Throws In The Towel

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


“DOWNWARD SPIRALS!” On a downward spiral this morning. What’s up with that? See, there are 3 situations when a downward spiral is a step in the right direction and a good thing. #1 When you’re upstairs and need the spiral staircase to escape a fire. #2 When you’re the fireman and you need to get down in a hurry to go put out a fire and help someone escape. And, #3? Umm…the downward spiral movement of the firey inner workings of our bodies. PIMP LOL. But, then, that’s situational comedy of the 3 situations. What? Gotta throw in humor with the hope. So, anyways, sometimes, the only way out IS down. And, it feels mighty fine when you get to the bottom. Whether you gotta put out a fire, get out of a fire or help someone who’s already at the bottom. You will always find a light on the way down as well as the way up. If you look. BTW, my downward spiral this morning? Number 3! PIMP LOL DUH LOL. Which is a good thing. So maybe your downward spiral doesn’t require a bathroom, (you may later PIMP LOL), and you need to find the fire escape staircase or the fireman. Even the light is dim. Pray for help. Follow the light and the Fireman down. Like it says in Corinthians, no temptation will overtake you without Him leaving you a way to escape. When you get to the bottom, look up. Be thankful you’re there. Still alive. Whatever the situation may be. Thankful to mighty God when things going on a downward spiral is a mighty hard thing but, actually leaves you looking up! Trace