Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Split Decisions!

“SPLIT DECISIONS!” So! For those times you can’t make a decision and you don’t want to make a split decision, split! And, sing first. Clears the mind, body heart and soul. Otherwise, you may get a splitting headache. PIMP LOL And, anyone can split and sing. Just ask mike. He’ll tell ya. I bet he wishes he could split sometimes! PIMP LOL. But, really! It does work. And, you don’t need mike. Sometimes, even I don’t feel like singing, but it always clears me out and fills me up. Now! I just made a spit decision to add all my home-made sayings to this post from the last couple days from fb and my other sites. Be easier for me. So, I can split and get some rest. So, here are the goods. And, I hope they are, indeed, goods. And, not bads! PIMP LOL.

When life gets all disheveled? Get out da shovel. And start getting rid of all da mess. Sometimes, in order to dig your life, you have to dig your shovel. And, dig deep! Get rid off da dirt. It’ll keep you grounded. And, that’s on da level. Dig? SIGNED, Dishevelin’ She Dishovlein' Da Dirt

Signs you might be a mummy: wearing rags and moaning. Signs you might be a mommy: wearing rags and moaning. How can you tell the diff? The smile. It’s a dead giveaway. Have fun bein’ a mommy without becoming too mummified. SIGNED, Mamafied

Just cuz you’re sugary sweet don’t make you a doughnut. There’s a whole in that theory. PIMP LOL. SIGNED, Angel Cream Doughnut Lover But Haven’t Had Ones In ages, Hint Hint

Sometimes, you just gotta let things percolate. We get too impatient and want things to perk up early rather than oh so late. Perk-o-so-late? Perk-o-late! PIMP LOL. Have a perky night. See you later. SIGNED, Perk-u-later

So, why do I start off all my stories with “so…”? I like to start you off in stitches, as well as, leave you in stitches! PIMP LOL DUH LOL. Sew true. Well, have a fun night. The day is almost sewn up! Sew long! SIGNED, Sewcial So-er & Sower

And, finally, ‘tis better to speak a thousand words with your expression than with your mouth. PIMP LOL. Signed, Expressly True

Okay. Hope you enjoyed and didn’t split until now. SIGNED, The Decision Maker In The Singer Says Its Time To Split

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


"WHEN LIFE FLOODS IN, SUCK IT UP!" Anyone got a WetVac that sucks? PIMP LOL. Can I borrow it? Even better? Borrow you with it? Otherwise? I'lll have to resort to jumpin' up and down on towels to absorb the wet. And, that really sucks. Okay. Im just gonna go ahead and jump up and down and put fans out and hang curtains to dry. What happened? A slight flood from the rain. Who knew? Is it curtains for me? No way! When something sucks? I suck it up. Don't know 'bout you, but jumpin' up and down on towels is startin' to sound like fun! It's one way to suck it up. Better put on my straight jacket first. If you ain't got no WetVac, no worries. An extra towel and straight jacket await you. Now, I'm sure that help will flood in. Oh! And, yes boots on. I need heavy duty jumpin’ up and down equipment. PIMP LOL. Yes, sometimes I jump up and down… To suck it up. What did my towels have to say? “Jus’ suckin’ it up, too.” BTW, also doing some work for some royalty today. Tightening a toilet seat. PIMP LOL. What? Thrones can be dangerous if they are not set on solid ground. And, besides, I’m always working for another King. Makes any work worth doing it excellently. And, with humor. Hope your day is tight. And, your toilet seat. Jus sayin'! SIGNED, Suckin’ It Up With Excellence

Monday, April 22, 2013

Fancy Pants & All Her Not So Fancy Pants Posts!

"Fancy Pants & All Her Not So Fancy Pants Posts!" Sometimes, you just gotta get out of your fancy pants chair and out of your fancy pants attitude, take off the shades and get out in the streets with everyone else to see everything plain and simple. And, simply equal. We so forget that sometimes. Sometimes, fancy covers up a whole lotta dancy attitudes. People dancin’ ‘round the fact that God created us all equal and thinking we’re better. I have always believed He has such humor. I mean just look at some of the things that make us all equal. No matta how fancy, you cannot dancy around the fact that we all gotta wear deodorant, we all use TP, we all gotta brush our teeth, etc. You get it. AND! We all need Him! All that said, I fancy havin’ fancy stuff, just don’t fancy actin’ like fancy folk. That’s how I fancy it, anyways. BTW, song for today? Fancy. SIGNED, Fancy Pants, Plain Girl

Here are a whole bunch of my home-made not so fancy pants sayings I posted at facebook:

You're prolly right... Not probably. Or even, probaboboly right. So, don't 2nd guess yourself. Sometimes, we don't have enough confidence in what God places in our soul. That is absorbed by our minds. You know when you're prolly right. So, it's prolly a good idea to have a li'l faith! Prolly... Trace

“Tell me all about it! I’m behind you all the way!” You've heard those words and said them yourself! So, make sure when we get behind someone that it’s to have their back. Not to talk about them behind their back. If someone else does that? You don’t have to turn your back on them, or even turn your nose up at them, but you don’t have to turn your heart over to them again, either. You'll know next time to watch your back, so that if bare your soul, you won’t feel like you bared your behind. Thanks guys for having my back and loving me. Right back at ya! Have a fun week. I’ll be back! Trace

I've waited all my life for this moment. Drum roll… Here it is: Something is actually covered on a Warranty! Whoa! Warranties actually warrant a serious rethinking of having warranties. Jus’ sayin’. Or, should I say…umm…jus’ warranting. It’s like insurance. Hate it. Evil “just in case” inventions to keep us all paying for coverage for stuff we’ll usually never use and still having to pay out of pocket for what we really need. Have you ever noticed the 2 words in warranty? “War” and “rant” and y! Why? Indeed! Trace

Life has a way of sometimes kicking you in the teeth, but if you jump high enough, you’ll get kicked in the better place, the behind. So, you can get moving ahead. Sometimes we need a good kick in the behind, but we spend too much time feeling sorry for ourselves, and take what was meant for the behind, on the teeth. Always be ready to jump so you can take it from the behind. Moves you ahead. Let life’s kicks work to your benefit. Instead of giving you a fit. Your rise, instead of your demise. Yes, life keeps us jumping and hopping. So, take it on the hoppers instead of the choppers. Trace

Crackin’ my knuckles and neck to get this day started at the crack of dawn. Takin’ our girl to a school trip with the chorus. I think I hear some cereal poppin' and cracklin’! Oh snap! Then, gonna crack the whip and get us some yard work done. After that? Gonna get crackin’ on our new song. Might even have some cheese and crackers later. And, you know we’ve lived in Florida so long we might even be considered crackers, ourselves! Ain’t that crackin’? PIMP LOL. What else would I write but something to crack you up. Cuz hope and humor help fill in the cracks in our soul. Signed, Cracked Cracker

We 3 Glenn's went out on a mission to get my girl some pink stilettos to go with her prom dress. We were going to go to take her out to eat after but, you know how shoes cost. Good thing. On the way down the road we noticed the name of the Chinese Buffet. It was called Poo Ping Palace. PIMP LOL. Trace

We're repairing our old mailbox and our old toilet paper holder. They both gotta be able to deliver the paper to us. PIMP LOL. Have a fun night. Trace

The only downside of my daughter folding the basket of wash? My clothing amount is downsized. Signed, Basket Case

The li’l kid in me just got out thru one of the holes in my jeans. She is so in trouble when she gets back. I like it when she’s here. She keeps me from poutin’. And, I keep her from doubtin’. Make a good team. Yes, my jeans have holes in them on purpose and my gloves are finger-less on purpose. Blame that on her. The li'l kid in me. I must go along with the li’l kid on some things to keep her hanging 'round in here with the big kid. Like seeing God like the li’l kid in me sees Him. On purpose. Signed, No Poutin’, No Doubtin’, On Purpose

I adore & am intrigued by math. Just some days I wish 1 + 1 didn’t = 2. Some things you can just count on. That’s the good news & the bad news. You do the math. I’m divided on this cuz I like that we can count on things, but some sums, we can do without. We try to solve the same problem expecting a diff answer. The problem multiplies & we’re a product of our own repetition. Sometimes, a few negatives factored into the equation can give you an answer, positive-ly! Just today, as much as I love math & how it relates to music & the heavens, I’m setting aside the math book for a diff book. Sometimes, when things add up, you feel like a fraction of who you thought you were. And, you need the other book to make you whole & not just a number.    Trace

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hanging, But Still Hanging Tough!

"Hanging, But Still Hanging Tough!" So, I'm still learning and playing with the Logitech HD WEBCAM someone gave us to shoot video and photos for our music. Learning lots about photography and video and finding angles and lighting techniques that reduce the looks of the scars and all on the side of my face that I got from a drunk driver that crashed and totaled my Camaro. And, from my seizures and mini stroke lines. I call them hangs. PIMP LOL. What? They hang! But, I hang tougher! Trying to come face to face with them. PIMP LOL. Not vain, just plain! And, just plain trying to learn what angle and what lighting and what miracle looks best to present our plain b.a.s.i.c. selves in video to share our hearts. Don’t want to look like a monster and scare anyone away! Thanks guys, for not judging me. Us. We actually have a hard time putting ourselves in video and photos but we are trying to connect on a personal level, b.a.s.i.cally! BTW, I like the green to cover up. It’s sick! PIMP LOL. I also like the B&W gritty technique at the bottom right. It gets down to the nitty gritty! Ain't it a pity? Gettin' "not as young"! But, my most fave shot? Standing backwards! PIMP LOL. SIGNED, Hanging & Hanging Tough

A Music Cave, A Man Cave & A Shower Cave! In!

"A Music Cave, A Man Cave & A Shower Cave! In!" This photograph is our music cave we call the b.a.s.i.c band studios: The Vinyl Frontier. For the record: I try to look up. Even when I'm gettin' down. PIMP LOL. Either way works. But, today's story is about man caves, too. What? Well, at our house, we have a Man Cave (aka Whoaman Cave), sort of. I call it the whoaman cave. Cuz, it’s got all the whoa man stuff! And, it’s also for the whoaman! You know? That’s what the husband says when he sees her? “Whoaman!” Or, he better! PIMP LOL. Anyways, it’s a room for everyone and has all the cool stuff. Video games, TV, etc. We also have a Music Cave, a Bat Cave (that’s my place when I go batty, it’s pretty and chicified). And, now we have a Shower Cave. Well, make that a Shower CAVE IN! If you know any handyman/plumber that will barter, we so need a shower. The walls are caving, the tub is shot and the hardware is hardly ware at all. In fact, it’s hardly there at all. PIMP LOL. Don’t care if we have a tub. Can barter Cookies For Life (I make the best), Lasagna For Life (I make the best), Music For Life (we try our best), or Payments For life. You wouldn’t want us running around stinky would you? Well, we do have another shower, but it is shot also. In fact, when we replaced a tile temporarily, we found beer cans and cartons in the wall instead of sheet rock. Yes, that’s a likely mistake. Maybe that’s what’s wrong in the other shower. The walls got drunk, threw up and caved in. I think the workers thought the contractor said “hops” to it, instead of hop to it, guys. BTW, speaking of showers? I had some more refreshing thoughts to share, but I took a refreshing shower and they got mixed with the refreshing water and went down the drain. On the up side? So, did all the dirt. Wait, maybe that's on the down side cuz um...dirt goes DOWN the drain? PIMP LOL. You know what I mean. Have a refreshing day. Just let all that dirt go down the drain. Keeps YOU from going down the drain. I'm down with that! I mean, up with that. Well, I'm up AND down with it. 1 thing, I 'm not up and down about? Knowing I'll be refreshed by God's showers of blessings. In the midst of the dirt. Well, I may be up and down, as in jumping up and down. Signed, Bartering Babe, Refreshed Whoaman!


“ECSTATIC ABOUT ALL THE STATIC OVER AESTHETIC!” So, the thing is, someone asked me why I’m in a lot of my stories/illustrations? Well, the stories are usually about my everyday crazy life and I am the only person crazy enough to pose for the stories. Believe me! I’ve asked.  I have always been a visual aesthetic girl. A VEG. Not because I like to veg or because I’m a vegetarian. I’m not. Just Visual, Aesthetic & a Girl! VEG! I just like to have something for the eyes to help tell the story and give it a push to the soul. Like the vids I do for our music. Something for the eyes, the ears and the soul. It took us years to even put ourselves in the vids. We know it’s not about us. And, God knows our hearts. That’s the good news. Amd, the bad news. Oh! And, the Good News! PIMP LOL DUH LOL. With my stories, the photodrama tell the story with the words. It took me many years after I got ill to even be in a photograph. And, I still don’t approve of them. But, you try arguing with her. And, I do like doing the art thing so! I’m always available. Except those days when I’m outta my head. Then, the body follows and I can’t be found anywhere. Not even the attic. Yes, I get ecstatic about the aesthetic, so please don’t give me any static. Heart’s in the right place. Again. Not the attic. Trace

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hahabits, Grabits & Stabits!

“Hahabits, Grabits & Stabits!” Another short story I my “shootin’ the bull”etin series. So, form a good habit and it empowers you to smile and go “ha ha every bit o’ the way. Makes it a hahabit! Form a bad habit? Cuts off the power. Leaves you saying: I promise it’s the last time I grab it. The grab it habit. The grabit! How can we take a stab at it and defeat those grabits? Form a stabit! A formidable habit that empowers you to cut the other grabits out. Before they cut like a knife, splitting you in 2, forever battling with yourself. My stabit and hahabit? God. He and His word are my power. Always showing great form. Helping me take a stab at my opponents. Those nasty grabits. And, makes me smile and be thankful for the hahabits! Form an able habit. That enables you to be formidable against your grabits and stand form in your hahabits. SIGNED, Formidably Ha ha’ing a bit, Formidably Stabbing Alot

Monday, April 15, 2013


“A Previous Pet Pig Proprietor Who’s Full Of Grace!” So, I was thinkin' about grace this morning... And, how we all must be full of it and give it. Then, with my mind, I started thinking about another Grace. My pig Grace. I miss her. Since, her name was Grace, I guess you could say, she was always giving and full of grace. PIMP LOL. She ate lots of Ramen Noodles with me and Coke from the little bottles and Popsicles. No. I'm not full of it. Well, yes, full of grace, but not the other stuff. She really did eat all that stuff with me. And, one day, a whole giant 50 pound bag of food from the feed store. She was really full of it that day and so was the yard! She was always doing her business ot there. Never made a mess in the house. Cleanest best pet. PIMP LOL. Made the yard so beauteous. All the neighbors always wondered what our secret was. Well, the secret was that our yard was full of grace! PIMP LOL DUH LOL. Have a fun day. Be full of grace. The good kind. Oh! And, the photos? One, she is a baby. The others? She is full of grace. Or something! Scroll through the rest of these few for some grace photos. Signed, A Previous Pet Pig Proprietor 

Think... Pray...

Yes. I think for myself. And, yes. I pray. They go hand in hand…


Tech Headbands & Headbangs!

"Tech Headbands & Headbangs!" Had my computer tech hat on today. Well, computer tech headband! Was catching the beads of sweat as I strenuously banged my head and took apart my computer and diagnosed the problem. Was a real headbanger so it required a headband! Was the headband too tight? Well, the computer is finally up and running since this morning so it was tight enough to make my brain squeeze out some thinking. Oh! And, yes I keep my fluffy sparkly slippers at my computer. Well, my daughters. PIMP LOL. Hope your day is tight! Do some thinkin'. Bang your head! Do some prayin'! Bang your heart! They both go hand in hand. Trace

Friday, April 12, 2013


“A THROWBACK IN A HATCHBACK HAVING A FLASHBACK! Drawback?” PIMP LOL. What? Well, life does have its drawbacks. Its flashbacks. Its hatchbacks. Even its throwbacks. But, there’s always gotyourbacks. So, when you’re at a disadvantage or inconvenience (drawback), or when your past is haunting you with a flashback, or stuck in a funky place in life (hatchback), or even feel like you’re not living in the present (throwback), remember… Call on the gotyourbacks. People, who umm…got your back! Your best interests. Me? I call on God. He’s always got my back. All my backs! PIMP LOL. And, believe me! I got all those listed. And, yep! That’s me, a throwback, laying in a PT Cruiser Hatchback having a flashback. The drawback? I need help getting out! But, my girl there? She’s gotmyback! And, God has both of ours. Flashbacks...can be drawbacks, but can also be takeyoubacks to a good memory. Have a fun day all you gotyourbacks out there. SIGNED, A Throwback having a Flashback in a Hatchback IS a Drawback

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


"ATTACK OF THE DUST DINOSAURS!" What? Dust bunnies been around our house for so long, we call ‘em dust dinosaurs. Guess I will try to make them extinct today. Boy, this exstinks. PIMP LOL. Nah! Gotta have fun in whatever you do. Find the joy in the annoy! Who soars when the clean up the saurs? Me!. BTW, when I was in 6th grade, we built a huge T-Rex out of some wire and newspaper and all. It was in the newspaper, too. I have a clip, but the big daddy dust dinosaur gobbled it up. He thought it was a relative. He loves paper, spiders and pennies. And, I distinctly heard him ask me one time if I wanna hear his thoughts on extinction for a penny. PIMP LOL. Signed, From One Cleaning Dinosaur To Another, Find The Joy In The Annoy

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fantasy Rain League?

Just wanted to give a heads up to all who joined my “Florida Fantasy Rain League” last year. I started a Fantasy League similar to the football one. Where you guess/fantasize cities, dates, inches. Even wind, hail and tornadoes to make it more exciting. Who, what, when and where is gonna get rain. Anyways, we moved beyond fantasy to reality. I finally am able to give out a few prizes this week. The winners have a choice between a gorgeous umbrella or a gorgeous shield. What? Rain is so good, but sometimes there’s hail to pay. We all need fantasy! That’s about the fantasize of it. Why all the talk about rain? Last night? We got 2 inches. Might not sound excitin’ cuz we get 2 inches most ev’ry day. Only this time? It was 2 inches o’ rain. Stead o’ 2 inches o’ pollen. I figured the weatherman was just snowing us, again. PIMP LOL. No. We actually got rain. Some folks keep a rain bucket to measure rain. I keep a pollen pot. And, I’m not snowing you. I love the rain and I sure hope we get more of that stuff. Not the other stuffy! Oh! And, about the shield? We all need a hail shield. Cuz hail comes in all kinds of weather. Signed, My Stuffed Sinus’ and My Stuffed Pollen Pot Thank You God For Rain And For My Shield of Faith

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Fooled! Me?!?

"A WEE STORY 'BOUT DIAPERS!" Well, I got April Fooled this year. 'Stead of me doing the foolin’! I love it! When the bass player and drummer came, they found this sign and package of diapers sitting at our porch that "someone" must have just left. They brought it in to the garage and it read: a little something to help with your “wee” problem. Opened up the sign and it said “April Fool’s, a little small but they work. Love, Jonnette and Bob." So, naturally, after PIMP LOL, we thought they did it. Turns out? It was our neighbor. Who, BTW, knows Bob and Jonnette. I love humorous neighbors that get me. I love them. Been neighbors since our kids were babies. Okay, enough mushy stuff. So, I made it look like I was shocked and blushing in the photograph, but you guys know me. Not much shocks me anymore. Oh! And, did you notice on the package that it says: “Accordian stretch” diapers. How funny it seemed to us because we were playing music. Anyways, I was April Fooled and loved every minute of it. It's not a stretch to say that it made me smile. A change is good. PIMP LOL. I think I am rubbing off even on my neighbors a wee bit. Watch out! It's contagious. Now, go make someone laugh. Well, that’s the story…accordian to and NOT stretched at all, Trace


"POPEYE, IYAMS & SPINITCH!" What? Guess I’m like Popeye. I yam what I yam. And, I needs my spinach, too. Only mines is spelled spin-itch! I have my own “spin” on things and I have an “itch” to share that spin and how I see God in everything. He IS my spiritual spin-itch! And, just like Popeye, when life is in the can, I says: I've had all I can stand. I can't stands no more. Get me my spin itch! A-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah! When, I’m knee-deep in life, I get knee deep in spin-itch. Well, thanks for the gumball, Popeye! PIMP LOL. YOu guys remember that saying? Well, thanks, Popeye, for the idea about spin itch! Signed, Sailing In Knee-Deep Spin Itch & IYams!

Jus’ Thinkin’ Outta The Box!

“Jus’ Thinkin’ Outta The Box!” I’m using Nutrisse so there’s no trace of white-haired Trace, today. Guess that will make me a Nutrisse New Trace! Well, at least my hair. I do it myself, as always, at home and there’s always a trace of Nutrisse everywhere. Betta watch out! My roots are dark again. Muwahhhh! What? Jus’ a li’l dark humor, too. I got me some dark humor, too. PIMP LOL. Anyways, if ya got a problem, get to the roots of it. If it don’t match up with what you know is true? It’s time to think out of the box. Don't let yourself get boxed in. Have a li'l fun day. I'm a littlei ready for that, too. Jus' cuz you might feel small and boxed in doesn't mean you have to stay that way. Muwahahahah. Just a little dark humor. PIMP LOL. Signed, A Nutrisse New Trace Thinking Colorfully Out Of The Box


"ICE-BERGS, HORSES, FROGS AND WHALES!" What? Well, while tryin’ to make a splash and whale last night? I ran into a horse. I didn’t know they could swim out this far. PIMP LOL. I know. Something smells fishy in this ocean of music. And, something sounds hoarse! Me. Gonna rest my voice today. I don’t want to run into too many frogs tomorrow night. Keep whalin’ or whisperin’, but let your voice be heard. Whether it’s hoarse, froggy or whalin’! If you're gonna whale, you gotta expect hoarses and frogs. Jus' life... Keep swimming. Give your best. Give your whale. And, I ain’t jus’ talkin’ music. Talkin' life... Singing' life... When the world of music, or just the world, get cold? Heat i up with some whalin'! Signed, Singin’ & Swimmin’ Amonst The Fishies, Whales, Horses, Frogs & The One Who Walks On Water & Calms the Waves

"Stems & Vices, Cracks & Crevices!

"Stems & Vices, Cracks & Crevices!" As I get older, I clean less. Not because I care less. But, because I see less. And, that? Makes me careless with my clean, more or less. In fact, it’s getting more easier for me to NOT clean every day. Some days I could care less! More or less. PIMP LOL. See, cleaning used to be one of my many vices. Now? I just sweep that thought into the creVICEs with the rest of the dust and dirt. PIMP LOL. What? You can’t clean what you can’t see! Wow! And, that goes for spiritually, too. And, speaking of crevices and vices? I am no novice at vices. I'd like to be a novice at NO vices. TNT LOL. I've always had lots more of 'em. School, Writing, Suga donuts, Reese Cups, Booze, drugs, racing, work, music, stayin' alive, chips, etc. When left to our own devices, we develop vices. Some have a good grip, some a bad grip. A vice-grip! Squeezing the life out of us. My ADvice? Have you a vice! Vice president of your life, I mean. Someone besides you to help you be accountable. That kind of a vice is good. Make sure your vice has a GOOD grip on you. AND a GOD grip on you. Oh! And, this photoart? Just another vice of mine. They all “stem” from within…the crevices and cracks of our soul. They can crack you. Or, crack you up. Your choice. Signed, Vice-Gripped By Life, God-Gripped 4 Life, Still In Service, But Not Cleaning

Monday, April 1, 2013


“WINKIN”, NODDIN” & CROOKED! DOWNRIGHT PUZZLIN’!” What? ‘tis true. I’m not winkin’ when I say: “I have crooked fingers, but nary a crooked hand”. My hand got crushed 7 years ago and is held together with pins and screws and has crooked, bent fingers. That’s why I don’t play much guitar OR Tiddly Winks. Now, I am winkin’. PIMP LOL. But, really, I may have crooked fingers but nary a crooked hand in anything. Crooked fingers can still point the right way. But a crooked hand? Only points to a crooked heart. Oh! And, byt the way? I ink with both eyes closed. Or, would that be noddin’? Get it? Noddin’ off to sleep? PIMP LOL. Well, either way. Winkin’ and noddin’… Have a tiddly wink night. Oh! And, speakin’ of noddin off? I do puzzle books, brain teasers, logic, word scrambles, Sudoku, ABC Word games and other fun puzzles at bed time to help me unwind and unscramble my mind and let go of the day’s real life puzzles. I know. Shocking, but real. Then, I can have an empty mind and heart to pray, read and then sleep. Well, sometimes, my mind empties while I am doing the puzzles. PIMP LOL. Anyways, I had forgotten about this proven formula because I ran out of all my puzzle books. Today I found an old finished puzzle book that took me back. It’s time to throw it away and make new memories and new zzzz’s. I need both. Thankful for puzzle books. They help us forget the days puzzles. Puzzles can be puzzling, but they can also just be “zzz”ing. Signed, Bent On Pointin’ The Right Way & Winkin’ A lot


We live at 3 places. Our earthly address of MacTavish, our musical address of Musician Road and our heart address of Heavens High Point. Pointing up... Pointing in... Hope your day points up and in. Oh! And, Sound men and roadies welcome... The roadies don't have to be sound. PIMP LOL. Trace

Gettin' Wiggy 'bout Hair!

"Gettin' Wiggy 'bout Hair!" Out of conditioner today. So, my hair will be messy, tangled, unmanageable and wild! And, I’m not far behind it. PIMP LOL. Hope I don’t get wiggy. In my defense? My hair was a mess first. Today, anyways! But, who’s splittin’ hairs! My hair rule? Always keep conditioner close at hand. But, if you should run out? Um…run out! PIMP LOL. Things could be hairy. Anyways, stick with someone… Through thick and thin. And, in all condition-ers! Life can get hairy and wiggy. Signed, Not Even A Trace Of Conditioner


"WISE EYES & WHY'S EYES!" What? Well, 2 + 2 SHOULD always = 4, but sometimes? There’s a hidden exponent, component or opponent thrown into the equation. We have to see it with our “wise” eyes, instead of “why’s” eyes. Then, we have more than a fraction of a chance at finding the “live-able” answer and moving on to the next problem. You do the math. Think outside the parens, the brackets and thenotebook paper. Shoot! For that matter? Outside the whole notebook. And, don’t forget to simplify. Sometimes we make life too difficult. What? It addes up! Be wise with your why's and be why's with your wise. We don't know it all. But, we know Someone who does. Signed, Math Frerd (freak + nerd = frerd) Again! What? It adds up! DUH LOL