Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

My "Bullet"in On The "CAULKING WARS & WMC's: Weapons Of Mass Construction

My "Bullet"in On The "CAULKING WARS & WMC's: Weapons Of Mass Construction. The wars are almost over. Just 3 more windows left to attack. No prisoners! I will need someone qualified to pry my hands off this weapon of mass construction! So, I don't go off half-caulked! TNT LOL PIMP LOL. Sorry guys! Music and humor and shooting straight!? It’s how I survive all my battles! Works both ways for comrades shooting straight - honesty) and enemies (just shooting straight!) PIMP LOL. Oh! And, here are ‘portant priority plans for this month? Paint, pray, paint, play music, paint, ‘POPEriately pick a POPE from a pool of Peter & Paul Popes, paint, purposely planned pain ‘ppointment (dental), paint, paint and more ‘portantly? Finish painting and pass! Out! ‘portant pending plans for next month? Paint…no more. Be pleasantly pooped and pleased! Then, party! ‘pproriately and purposely! Signed, pardon please, but plainly pooped already, Trace

Home-made Humor

Just some funny posts I wrote on FB: 

aPOPEriately, I came up with a new tongue twister when my daughter got home from school. She noticed the Pope thing when she turned the TV on to watch while she ate. Anyways, I said by accident: "Probably a news priority! Probably appropriately picked a Pope from the pecks of Popes name Peter and Paul. And, aPOPEriately so. Probably!” Say that 3 times fast. Signed, not pickled any more, just peppered and PIMP LOLed, Trace

If the phone rings & Caller ID says “UNKNOWN”? I run & put a bag on my head. If Caller ID says “UNAVAILABLE”, I run to the bathroom. What? That’s what I was always told to say if “someone” was in the bathroom when the phone rang. Oh! And, if the phone doesn’t ring? I don’t answer. Most calls during the day are pretty phone-y anyways! PIMP LOL. Trace

‘portant priority plans for this month? Paint, pray, paint, play music, paint, ‘POPEriately pick a POPE from a peck of Peter & Paul Popes, paint, purposely planned pain ‘ppointment (dental), paint, paint and more ‘portantly? Finish painting and pass! Out! ‘portant pending plans for next month? Paint…no more. Be pleasantly pooped and pleased! Then, party! ‘pproriately and purposely! Signed, pardon please, but plainly pooped already, Trace

An Antique Dish Dishes Out Hard Facts on Umm..Antique Dishes?

“An Antique Dish Dishes Out Hard Facts on Umm..Antique Dishes? What? I say if it’s soft for your hands, how can it be good the dishes? Sorry. Just an antique dish dishing out the hard facts on antique or new dishes. Or, a maybe just a plate o’ my ‘pinions. Jus’ had to come out of the shadows and dish it out. PIMP LOL. It seems to me that it would leave a soft film on my dishes and we would get an extra condiment added to all my dishes I serve on those plates. If I want some lotion on my food? I’ll just squirt it on right from the lotion bottle. Got plenty. Hmmm… Just give me plain old dish soap! It gets ‘em clean. That’s all I want in a dish soap. I’ll soften my hands with something for hands. Or maybe my hand softener is good for my dishes? What? OK! I’ll stop dishing it out. Where is that darn Dish Fairy when you need her. Probably playing with her cousin The Tooth Fairy. Oh here she is and here are the facts on her: Hope I didn’t gag you with a spoon. Or, a whole place setting. Signed, just a antique dish dishin’ it out!

Yes! Way!

“YES…WAY!” Just packed my girl's lunch in 1 minute 37 seconds! New record! Yes...way! Same quality and love. Less time. It usually takes 15 minutes, so I'm thrilled. That means I can stay in bed 13 minutes, 23 seconds longer. PIMP LOL. See the things you learn from staying up way too late and getting up way too late. What can you learn? Math, for sure. The way I was flying around the kitchen, a bit of Science? But, way too list. I'm sure gonna miss making her lunch after 13 years. Way too much! I can remember a time not way too long ago, when I could barely do even that! Way too thankful! Have a way too cool day. Learn! Way too much. Oh! And, When there def seems like no way is possible, God can show you the Way into the impossibles. Yes…way! I should know. I have her. A miracle. And, many other impossibles. And, I am still here... Trace


"RAIN, WILD HAIR & THICK-HEADS!" OK. I admit. I can be thick-headed once in awhile. But, in my defense? Just when it rains. PIMP LOL. And, it only rains once in a great while here in my li'l dry alley of Florida. But, you can count on me thru thick & thin because I count on the One that counts every hair on my head.Every thick one. And, I count on Him thru thick & thin! Count on that! Oh! And, just how can you tell it's 'bout to rain in Fla.? The length of my hair is 5 in. shorter & 5 in. wider. No worries, tho. It’s worth it. I love the rain. How deep & how long & how wide is my love for rain… And, the Rainmaker. Oh! And, my hair? IS my defense today! I mean, who would tangle with that! DUH LOL! Have a wild evening. I know I will... Trace

Don’t sit on the fence, but just in case? I got it nailed!

Don’t sit on the fence, but just in case? I got it nailed! PIMP LOL. Just nailing the 2 ½ nails in the drilled holes. If you look close in the photo where my head is cut off, you will see the Geico Gecko. He retired a couple years ago and came to our front porch. He loves it here. He’s gonna really love it after it’s painted. Have a fun day in this lovely rain. You can see it in the top left hand corner of each photo. Whatever you do? Don’t hammer anyone. Just be straight and hit the nail on the head. OK. I admit it. I can be thick-headed once in awhile. When it rains. PIMP LOL. And, it only rains once in a great while here in my li'l dry alley of Florida. Oh! And, how can you tell it's about to rain in Florida? My hair is 5 inches shorter and 5 inches wider. PIMP LOL. No worries, though. It’s worth it. I love the rain. How deep and how wide is love for rain… And, the Rainmaker!

Parents, if you’re looking for a Science Project for the kids? I came across a good one. As we were nailing at different times of day/night, diff temps and weather, I found that some times we had to drill holes and other times not. Would be a great project and would only require a couple 2 x 4’s, some nails and hammer. And, some time. They wouldn’t have to drill. They could just show that the nail wouldn’t go in and bent. They will discover how humidity and heat expand, etc., on and on. I found it very cool. You won’t feel hammered after helping them with it. And, the teacher will say to the student: you hit the nail on the head with this science project. A+!   Trace

Work Boots Up! Rain Down!

“Work Boots Up! Rain Down!” You’re always guaranteed that at least two will be present when you die. You and God. Why shouldn’t we want that guarantee in life? For me? I want God in everything. Well, He is everything, so…. I can depend on Him to be where He is. Everywhere. Everything. DUH LOL. And, I want myself to be present in everything. That’s means giving my everything! Not just enough to get by. Or out of it on drugs, etc., speaking from experience. But, beyond that? I can only hope for others to be present in everything in my life. Today, I see God in the rain… He is present. I am present. In life… Sometimes, you just gotta put your work boots up and let it rain down… And, God’s power will reign down. I always say: most days I kick boot. Today? Kicking boots up! Have a kick boot day. Enjoy the rain.  Trace

Sawin' Logs

Monday, March 11, 2013

“Dressin’ Up My Thumbs Up!”

“Dressin’ Up My Thumbs Up!” What? Well, all my long sleeve shirts have holes in the wrists. On purpose. For my thumbs. I‘d be lost if they didn’t. Well, my thumbs would be. PIMP LOL. Anyways, I like to dress up my thumbs up! Either with stylish fingerless gloves or these kind of shirts! And, I like to give lots of thumbs up. With my mouth, too. My girl? She dresses up a thumbs up without even trying! An extra thumbs up from me to my daughter for getting all the groceries so we could practice and work on the house painting and fixing. And, after she even came in to sing with me. Thumbs up and big toes up! No, who’s comin’ over to help me this week? I will def give you lots of thumbs up! PIMP LOL.    Trace


Saturday, had to have my hands pried from the paint brush. I am not kidding. I now call them “painbrushes! I leave the "T" off of paint now. I got the "T" covered. PIMP LOL. Anyways, this will help me brush up on my “no pain no gain” skills. PIMP LOL.      Trace

Ladders & Success!

Climbing up the ladder of “sucks? Yes!” Or? “Success? Only time will tell. Takes a lot of steps to get up the ladder. Only one to get down. PIMP LOL. Good thing my paint is called “grounded”.      Trace

Mendin' Fences Sure Beats Sittin' On "em!

Calling all painters, caulkers, fence menders. Positions open all week long. Long hours, lousy pay. In fact, you get paid in jokes and music, home-made. But, it will be fun and you can take that to the bank. We all like to mend fences, don’t we? Makes you feel like painting the town after. But, just think? All you have to do is paint one house. And, giving a helping hand isn’t like an arm and a leg. Though, you better had bring them, too. A helping hand goes a long way to mending fences. Mending fences sure beats sittin' on 'em. Holla at me… If you wanna come help. Not during or after. PIMP LOL. If you can't decide what to do about helping me? Just get off the fence. DUH LOL.   Trace

Puttin' Pants On It!

Jus’ puttin’ sum pants on our songs today,! PIMP LOL. Of course, our pants? Are jeans! Cuz, we don't slacks off. We may do "off the cuff" or "on the fringe", but whatever we do? We try to put pants on it. And, sticks with it! As, Bob demonstrates in the photograph. I tried to put pants in every photo. PIMP LOL. One photo, I am putting pants on my getting my dance on. Only the photographer cut my head off. Good thing. I had lost it, anyways. Thanks for coming by our music and posts, everyone. You put pants on our day. That's the shorts of it!   Trace

PAINT CHIP STRIPS & “Grounded In Tangiers!"

PAINT CHIP STRIPS & “Grounded In Tangiers!" What? Well, THIS decorator’s paint tips about paint chips are: DON”T EAT ‘EM!” They won't make you more colorful. PIMP LOL. No! My tip? Don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Or, in this situation? Out of the bucket! Or off the paint chip strip. Go ahead and be daring and choose your own style and colors. Even if it is on 2 different Store Decorator Paint Chip Strips. Go ahead and paint the town. The way you want. Well, at least your house. That’ll keep the neighbors at bay. Or, at Port. What? We do live in “Port St. John”! Okay, off to have band practice, then paint, caulk, etc., and eat chips. Not the paint chips. Yep! Doing the house up right. If ya can’t pay someone to do it right? You’re left with doing it yourself. So, do it up right! Oh! And, the photos show the hideous blue and yellow we were toying with until we saw it on the house. The photos don’t do the 2 we finally chose and got a great deal on the best paint. chocolate brown color called “Grounded” nor the trim called “Tangiers” justice. Plus the white makes it look funky. When it’s all painted and no white, it will be exotically funky. Are we gonna love it when it's all done? It is written in stone. Well, in Stucco. We're gonna love it. PIMP LOL. It’s not the big farmhouse or river house or Victorian I dreamed of having by now, but it’s ours. That’s enough for this life. And, you know my saying: Sometimes you gotta get dirty to stay grounded? Well, when I found my chocolate brown paint and it was called “Grounded”, I just knew. I wanted an antique looking rosey trim with a touch of manliness and found the “Tangiers” color. So, our house is called “Grounded” in “Tangiers”. Though, you guys all know what we’re grounded in… And, in keepin' with the last story and post and photo? LlOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AND THEIR PAINT! Signed, grounded and making the best of it by making it funky and exotically unique, Decorator Trace

Saturday, March 9, 2013

LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR & Their House Color!

"LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR & Their House Color!" I was teasing my neighbors because everyone has been stopping by with all the work we are doing on the house and the colors of paint we were trying. I saw one roll their eyes. PIMP LOL. In their defense, we had tried out a hideous blue and then an even hideous-er yellow on it. Was supposed to be antique blue and cream. Finally got a good deal on top of the line Sherwin Williams. It pays to know someone. Or, I should say, it paints to know someone. PIMP LOL. Anyways, we got some chocolate brown called: "Grounded" for the main part. What other name of a color would I choose for our home! DUH LOL. I mean, I have written numerous stories on being grounded. I always say: You gotta get dirty to stay grounded. Or, in this case, you gotta paint to stay grounded. Well, anyways, the trim is called "Tangiers". Like an antique rose salmon. So, if you roll your eyes at me, I promise no heads will roll. And, no sleeves or fists will be rolled up! Cuz that’s how I roll. Course, I may roll my eyes back atcha. Nah. Not an eye for an eyes kind of girl. Well, I should say, not an “eyes rolled for an eyes rolled” kind of girl. PIMP LOL. Well, gotta roll. Band practice tomorrow and tired. Time to roll the clock forward and roll up in a ball and relax. Will be painting and fixing all week. Gonna paint the town when we're done. Photographs to come... Have a fun night. Let the good times roll. Not the eyes. Cuz, we all different, yet we all rolled up into 1 human race. So, love your neighbor... Even if you don't love their paint! Oh! And, the song for today? Tina Turner's Rollin' On The River! Singing it now... Signed, rollin’ on the river, Trace

Friday, March 8, 2013


“NEED A HAND? Or KNEE’D TWO?” We all need a hand once in awhile. Sometimes, two, if know what I mean. We could all use a helping had of work or encouragement. And, two helping hands folded in prayer. Here’s my helping hand and you have my folded hands, too. Though, sometimes, my helping hand is limited. I so pray I could do more. Now, I need yours. Praying for my health, our band and getting CD's made, painting our house and my girl’s college and dental stuff. I’m puttin’ it all in the big hands. Sometimes, wehn we get knocked off our feet, we get up and sit on our butts. When we should get on our knees and then back on our feet. Well, speaking of buts, I've been sitting oin mine updating all my sites and answering and writing stories. Time o get off my butt, on my knees, then on my feet!!! Off to work. We all have needs for Knee's. And, knee'ds for needs.     Trace

Pro, Amateur, Immature & Mature! For sure!

“Pro, Amateur, Immature & Mature! For sure!” I am an amateur at everything, but professionally thankful for everything. No, I’m not paid to be thankful. But, being thankful requires acting like a pro. That’s where the big treasure is to be made and stored up. In the business of “thankfulness”. Being thankful is like direct deposit. Money in the bank. Only spiritual. It's a credit to us. It helps us remain and strive to be excellent whether “Pro” or “Am”. Being professional at our amateur things by treating ourselves as Amateurs in our Professional things, keeps us equal with others, and knowing WHO is really in charge, maturely speaking, I mean. Being mature about being a Pro at amateur things keeps us from being immature! For sure! PIMP LOL. In all things, be thankful. In all things, be a pro. Especially in remembering that you're an amateur! PIMP LOL. I will sign today's photodrama and story to go with the 4 photos. Signed, professionally thankful for what’s behind me, before me, above me and in me, amateurly writing, Trace


"AFFECTED BY EFFECTIVE COOLNESS!" What? Well, last Friday evening I went to the greatest art gallery and saw the Greatest Artist of them all... It's such a huge place and I was too busy looking at the painting called "Last Evening's Sunset" by The Master Painter, but I bet some of you were there, too. Just God's handi-work, my handy camera. You guys know that, usually, I like to paint and artsy up all my photography to make it cooler, but this was cool and affective without any effects. That's how God affects me. Effective coolness! Have a glorious affective affecting weekend. BTW, here is the details on the photo and all. I had just walked outside last Friday evening when the sun was going down waiting for the bass player and drummer to come practice our songs for a gig. Saw the sky and ran back in for my little old camera. Posted it on Twitter and here and just had a birthday for our son and was watching the news and saw the photo and my name across the screen. But, I saw God's name all over it. It was aired tonight on Channel 6 at 11!!! It was cool because I alternate between Fox for news and politics and Channel 6. Thanks Tom Sorrels. Also, a little more info: Sam bought the little camera/vid I shot this with for me the year they told me I wasn't gonna live, 2006. That Christmas I bought then everything I could because we thought it was our last with me here. Had all my letters prepared for my girl for when I was gone. I didn't use the camera for almost 2 years because I was so sick...until I was off all the meds and able to think and live and fight. Thankful... Signed, amateur at everything, but professionally thankful for everything, Trace


Since beauty is skin deep, the next time someone gets under your skin? You’ll be showing them your beauty right and not yo uglay? PIMP LOL. Deep, I know. But, it’s true. When someone gets under our skin, we better send them deeper… To the heart. The soul. That’s where we store up the real beauty. Our treasures of kindness, perseverance, gentleness, grace, hope, charity, humor, music and a few other gems. And, the best way I know how to find those treasure and store them up? Getting on my knees. And, then getting back up on my feet. And, getting to work. I am thankful when I get to serve. In any way. Hope your day is a beauty! Trace


“DRESS REHEARSALS & DRESS UP TIME!” Life is all about dress rehearsals! PIMP LOL. Yes, My dress is rehearsing. And, it's no coniincidence that 2 words in the word rehearsing are "hear" and "sing". PIMP LOL. Anyways, life IS all about dress rehearsals and not letting the “main thing” become the “drain thing”! Right? Life really IS all about being prepared. Every moment is a dress rehearsal. When you’re prepared? It leaves play time to relax and do some improv. You know? Play dress up? Cuz, in my book? Improv is always wanted. Always needed. It’s my fave time of music. And, life. Time to play. Time to dress it up. To let go and everyone jam. But, it’s only possible because of having those dress rehearsals and being prepared with the “main thing”. Whatever your “main thing” is, do it with excellence and always improving. Then, you’ll always have time for dress-up. Improv it up. Goes for everything in life. If you keep your relationship with God, family, friends and neighbors always improving and always giving your excellence, you’ll have room for improv. Play time. For dress up! And, we all love that time. Whether kids. Or, big kids. If you’re prepared, the main thing won’t become your drain thing and keep you from play time. Put your main things in God’s hands and make time to play. Always improving allows for a li’l improv-ing. Don’t let the main thing be the drain thing… That being said, I am off to get dressed up so I can do some improve-ing in order to do some much needed improv-ing. Signed, off to hear and sing, Trace

Just Hangering Out!

Can you guess what I'm doing? Just hangering out! PIMP LOL. Been practicing singing most of the morning so I'll be ready for practice with the band tonight! And, now? Doing laundry and just "hang"ering out! I'm thinking about fixing my old bike tires and riding soon. Have a fun day.


You're All That & A Bag Of Chips, Honey!

"You're All That & A Bag Of Chips, Honey!" Well, I've done it now. I’ve made the wise switch! Parting ways with Lays. I admit I have been a Lay’s Barbecue Potato Chip fan for many years. Potatoes are the one thing I can manage to digest. So, I eat them every “once in awhile”. What does my “awhile” constitute? Ummm…about an hour? PIMP LOL. I’m addicted. Anyways, they started putting less in the bags and seasoning with only about 1/3 of the seasoning and all the chips are heavy and crushed. Still, it’s a hard habit to break. Aren’t they all. But, I let the chips fall where they may. And, they fell short. I am wisely switching to Wise, Honey... Honey barbecue, that is. In the meantime? Lays, don’t fix what ain’t broken. And, believe me, now all the chips in your bags are broken and crushed. And, I’m crushed. And, broken…hearted! I would love to have you Lays some old ones on me. Sometimes, you just gotta break old habits if you wanna remain all that and a bag of chips. Oh! And, in protest to Lays, I am also parting ways with my hair. After having it the side for forever, I am parting….it in the middle. Sometimes, you just gotta… Part ways. Change is good. Scary good. Love you guys. You’re all that and a bag of chips, honey. Trace

MEGA mosquitoes & Looking On The Bite Side Of Everything!

“MEGA mosquitoes & Looking On The Bite Side Of Everything!” I just heard all the buzz on the news story about the Mega Mosquito. It's just waiting to hatch and hit Florida. They are 20 times bigger than the normal. I am mega excited because that means those of us who can’t see well, and always get bit, will be able to see them comin’ now and get them first. Mega cool! I know I’m whack, but I’m gonna be whackin’…them! You just gotta look at the right perspective of these swarms of ordeals that attack us. I know most of you are worried because the bigger the squito, the bigger the bite-o…and sting.Oh! True, but at least we have 20 times better chance to blight the bloody buggers before they bite us bloody suckers. Wait? Aren’t they the bloody suckers? PIMP LOL. What? Gotta see the blight side of everything. Even mosquitoes. If you can see something in life coming at you, and you know it is gonna bite or sting mega bad, you got 2 choices. You can either hide out and miss out. Or, you can get out and fight it out. Have a mega fun day. Keep lookin' on the blight side. I mean bite side. I mean, bright side! Whack a mega mosquito. And, by mosquito, I mean whatever is biting you in life. It's a battle out there. My leader? God. He's all the buzz.   Trace

The Sun... And, the Son...

Just a little of that gorgeous sun and (Son) God made for us can make you bloom. Give you color… Bring you out of the dark. It may take some time, but it'll happen. One step at a time. Ist step? Step out. In faith. Get the picture? Or umm...the pictures? PIMP LOL. Trace

Yo! Duh! LOL

“YO duh!” In this world, better to carry a lot of weight than a lot of baggage. Your heavy word is your light sword! Or, in Yoda’s words: World, you are in, weight carry you better baggage excess? Oh forget it. Yoda is speaking “Trace” today. And, I say: Your heavy word is your light sword! Thank you Yoda for the inspiration. Hope your day is inspired. Keep your word. And, the Word. That carries a lot of weight! That’s heavy. That’s your light sword. Cuts through anything… Yo! Duh! And, yes, I know... We all have baggage. PIMP LOL DUH LOL.


Hallelujachoo! Hallelujachoo!

“Hallelujachoo! Hallelujachoo!” God bless you! What? Well, yay! I sneezed twice. A record for me. Felt so delightful. What did they sound like? Somewhere between a Hallelujah and an achoo. Cuz, a yay and a achoo just wouldn't work. Yaychoo? Sounds alright, but, “Hallelujachoo! Hallelujachoo!”, sounds way cool. Yaychoo! Hallelujachoo! God bless you! Anyways, it’s the li’l things that are nothing to sneeze at! PIMP LOL. I am hoping I have alot more sneezing today. Oh! And, my daughter? She says: "Pikachu" when she sneezes! She loves Pokemon! I must admit, we know all the names of those lii'l critters. We watched it with herjust because she liked it. Well, first to check it out and then just to be with her. When someone likes something, check it out, even it's it's just to spend time with them. Learn to enjoy it for them. Sometimes, we think we are allergic to doing something that puts us out or that someone else enjoys more than us. Putting others first is nothin' to sneeze at. Go ahead! Put yourself out! For someone else... One of my fave lines of the show "Monk" was when he said, "Is there anything I can do for you that won't inconvenience me?" How true. Lastly? I do hope I sneeze more today. PIMP LOL. That's all I got, today, coming atchoo! God bless you! PIMP LOL. I hope I didn't inconvenience you. Oh! I didn't? Well, then, let me do so right now. We have a good friend and musician and Youth leader, who is starting his port/chemo treatments today for cancer. Life is all about inconvenience... But, love is always convenient... Trace

Monday, March 4, 2013

Li’l Devils, Spark Plugs, Burps & The Mechanics of Life!

“Li’l Devils, Spark Plugs, Burps & The Mechanics of Life!” What? Well, first off? I’m changing’ my spark plugs today. No. Not in my car. In me! Cuz, those l’il devils are not firing up. Just causing burps! I always loved working on cars and loved mechanics. I know, I know. I'm a girl. What? Let me explain. See, basically, a spark plug is an electrical gadget that fits into your engine’s cylinder head where it “sparks” to ignite the fuel. The plug is connected to the ignition coil that generates the high voltage needed to spark the fuel and create combustion. And, it’s this combustion that causes your engine to run. So, no spark plug means no combustion, which means no go. And, I def wanna go. I get tired of the “no-go” health days! But, no one works harder at trying to find ways to “live” with this than yours truly, Trace. My new spark plugs are all about tryin’ some new food ideas and attitudes and prayer. I guess It’s been a tough few years but I am coming clean today so I can spark things up. Literally! I admit. I’m a burper. And, it wipes me out. At least, I’ve never had to be wiped off from burping or someone near me. PIMP LOL. Coming clean? PIMP LOL. What? I have to keep humor in this picture. After all? Life is a gas. And, I repeat. I burp and if I don’t burp, I can pass out from the toxins. See, ever since I had a cancer surgery to remove most of my stomach and intestines, etc., I can’t digest or eat much. I didn’t have cancer, though a rare disease. And, this surgery was normally for cancer patients in their last 6 months to have ease. Well, I am uncharted territory because, for me, it was to actually try to save my life. Enough of that. So, I get very serious and scary reactions every day and have to keep records for myself. I study the body and foods extensively on a daily basis and could probably be a Dr. You locals have probably heard me burp a time or 2, and thought, “what a hog” or “must have been something good.” Actually, it’s a bad reaction and hard to breathe. Affects the heart, etc. Not saying this to make you feel sorry for me. Not at all. Jus’ so you know… I’m tough. But, my strength is not my God. God is my strength. I just wanted to remind us all that there are so many who suffer with life’s burps in all different ways. Though, suffering does bring us closer to God. And, finding that joy in the suffering, even closer. You just never know what suffering is going on behind a smile or a burp. Kindness may be that spark plug someone needed to ignite their fuel and give hope. Brush up on the mechanics of life. Oh! And, my t-shirt says L’il Devil Spark Plugs. I wear this when I need reminded to get to work on those spark plugs that need changing. Cuz those Li’l Devils are causing too many burps in my engine called life. Those burps can be li’l devils. And sometimes, we just need excused! And that's just the mechanics of life. Excuse me! Trace —

Buttermilk WWOW’s!

"Buttermilk WWOW’s!” What? What better way to warm up their day? Than to make home-made buttermilk and winter wheat onion rings with cayenne pepper and Lawry’s Season Salt. Mmm! I call them Buttermilk WWOW’s! Not just cuz they are like wow!!! But, also another one of my home-made acronyms. I'm always cookin' up something. Acronyms, food, music, humor... Anyways, WWOW's! Stands for “Winter Wheat Onion Wings!” Said in “Elmer Fudd” or baby talk, of course. PIMP LOL. So, anyways, I can’t have heavy protein or breads or glutens much, so I use Lily white winter wheat for a lot of our home-made stuff. Making shrimp, too, and cookin’ a meal with just 1 burner working on our stove isn’t really cookin’! But, it’s life. And, sometimes? Life cooks on all 4 burners, sometimes it cooks on 1. And, sometimes? It’s put on the back burner! Hope your day cooks. Make do and get cookin’. If your life is on the back burner? Put a lid on it and simmer down. PIMP LOL. You’ll be cookin’ again soon. Just ask this cook! But, right now? I am off to finally relax today. Still very stuffy and dizzy, but hanging tough. BTW, I like to cook in the kitchen AND the music room. But, then, I do have wild tastes. Hope your day is like wwow!   Trace


“Signs! Signs! Everywhere, Signs!” I was looking for a sign today. Saying: "Go ahead! Let yourself relax and be lazy". So, practice got cancelled, went down in the 30’s overnight and family is sick. Signs? Umm, well, I love to practice, so, no, but I decided to give myself a sign and save time. I hung out my “L A Z Y Day” Sign on the door today. My acronym for L A Z Y? Ummm…”Laying Around Zzzing & Yawning"! Yep. That kind of day. Now! If I can just get my mind and body to read it! That would really be a sign that my sign was a sign. Ya read me? Yes, sometimes we just gotta keep driving on and quit lookin’ for signs. If you're so busy lookin' for a sign? And, hurrying life by exceeding the speed limit? You’re gonna miss the turn on. You know? Where you get turned on to a cool happening in your life. You def don’t want to miss that road to opportunity. And, sometimes, we make our own signs. You know what I mean. To see or hear what we want to. We hang it on the door and never hear opportunity knocking. I’m always ready for both. I may have my sign on the door, but I always got my heart open... Trace


I must be dreaming! I’m looking at my car and getting in it to go out. Yep! I drove and made it out to a party and to church and to sing. For the 1st time by myself in a long time. I didn’t go far. Just a stone’s throw away! A few miles. Yes, it was tough. But, still, it is a major milestone for me. Or, miles-stone! PIMP LOL. I usually depend on family, etc. They were both too sick. I still am, but better and I felt THAT urging to go and found myself doing just that. And, when that happens? That urging? I gotta obey! For my milestones? I depend on the Rock. To rock… Hope your night does. Remember! Any milestone rocks. Every milestone in my life, no matter how insignificant is significantly marked with thankfulness. Every mile marker on life's highway should be. Trace

The Doggy Shakes? Get Rid Of That Excess Water-ever!”

“The Doggy Shakes? Get Rid Of That Excess Water-ever!” What? Well, when my girl was li’l, and she would get the shivers and would ask: “Mama? What is that?” I would say: “Sweat Pea, I call those the doggy shakes. And, we can do that after swimming and bathing, too!” I explained to her that even dogs know to shake it off! If they know to shake off the shivers and the excess water and excess “whatever is stuck to them”, shouldn’t we? Yep! You can learn a lot from dogs. So, speaking of dogs, we all feel like and look like dogs. Well, not the pretty ones. The dirty, matted up, drooling, shaggy mixed breeds. And, everyone knows how much you love those the most, right? We all have big hearts for them. So, there is sickness in the house again. All of us! But, no complaints. Gonna get the day shakin’ with a shower and the doggy shakes. Gonna shake off the excess water and the excess “whatever”. I call it the excess “water-ever”! PIMP LOL. Waterever you’re fighting? Paws for prayer and then shake it off. PIMP LOL. Hope our tails are waggin’ again soon. And, yours. What? We all sound like we’re barkin’! Why shouldn’t our tails be waggin’! Remember, people sometimes feel or act like those shaggy, drooling, barkin' dogs and need some love, too. Sometimes, even a bath. PIMP LOL. Love these shots and my fave is the one in the front right. Sometimes, you just gotta growl when you shake! Ciz, life can get ruff! Okay, okay! Shake it off. I’m done barkin’! Go, love you some people and some dogs, and some pets. Cuz, sometimes, dogs are like people to us and people like dogs. And, we forget that even though people can be dogs? They should so be loved. For God loves them, too. After all? If He can love me… Trace


I walked outside to get some fresh air and see some gorgeous nature. And, though, nature is not my God, God should so be my nature. 

Just had to post one last photodrama before I get to work. Work? That’s my nature, too. Only today I need a push. PIMP LOL. Here’s your push! P U S H! Strength? That's my nature, too. But, I don't make strength my God. God is my strength. Love you guys. It's my nature. Thanks for loving me, naturally.    Trace

Marching into March…

Marching into March… Of course, it’s to the beat of a different drummer. We all be marching into March, but each one of us have our own cymbal of hope to remind us that the beat goes on. Stick with it. Keep marching. Keep beating… A li’l dancing won’t hurt, either. My cymbal of hope? God. Yes, I am strong, but strength is not my God. God is my strength! Come march and dance with me to this song. To gain strength:   Trace


"BURNIN'' UP THE KEYS! JUST A FURD-UP FRERD!" What? Well, my girl was telling me she has STEAM on her laptop. I said, “Man, that’s nothin’! I have blazing fire on mine. My fingers are burnin’ up the keys, as you can see in the photograph. PIMP LOL. Have a fun day. Don’t get steamed up! Get fired up! Me? I’ve got non-computer work to do and besides I need to give my legs a rest. They get very swelled at the computer when I get fired up and furiously work on songs and videos and stories. I need to find me a good computer chair. So for today? Desktop? Off. Mountaintop? You are so on! Every once in awhile you just gotta climb down off the desktop and climb that mountain called: Real Life Range! Hope Hills. Yes, they have ups and downs. But, with a short stay at Front Porch Rest Home first, I’ll be ready for the ups and downs of reaching that top of the mountain goal today. You can bet that in real life there will be a range of ups and downs! WHAT!?! Do you mean there is something I have to accomplish WITHOUT the internet? Um…yep! Mercy me! Can I do it? Yep! But, I’ll be back to surf the Internet Ocean again soon. Today, I must get my closet back in order as it all fell down. Then, vacuum, cook and practice some music. Gotta get my pipes fired up and working properly. Been hearing strange sounds coming from them at night. What? I’m like an old house with character. Well, I’m an old character, anyways. I sure hope to burn it up on the old mic. And, yes, I know what STEAM really is. A hub for video games and other stuff. I AM a computer and video game frerd, after all. Freak + nerd. Yep! I'm just a fired up old character/frerd. If you speak country like me, you could say fired like furd and say I was a furd up frerd. DUH LOL! Have a wonderful day. Climb that mountain with fire in your soul. Waving and fired up, from the bottom of the mountain, Hope Hills, the start of today’s ups and downs… with a wide range of motion, Trace