Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Singin’ The Velvet Blues! In The Velvet Blues Housecoat!

“Singin’ The Velvet Blues! In The Velvet Blues Housecoat!” The cool thing about practicing some of our original blues tunes with the band at our house in our music room, The Vinyl Frontier, is that I can sing in my blue house coat! Bam! New frontiers being paved every day! Who says you can’t get down in a blue housecoat? If someone can get down in blue suede shoes, than I can in a blue velvet housecoat! What? I was cold. It was handy. Oh! And, here's what I'm singin':



"HARDWARE STORE-ies! TACKLIN' THE SPACKLIN' & THE HARDWARE STORE GUY!” So, I went to the new hardware store to get spackle and to get a key made. I asked if I could get a key made. He said, “Yes, but we don’t have the ones with chips in them.” I said, “Do you have the ones with pretzels?” PIMP LOL. He laughed, said he would never forget me or that joke. I told him, “no worries. Everything takes time”. PIMP LOL. My keys? Colorful… Just like me. One is Cheetah and is for the door closet to the bathroom to run fast, the 70's looking one is closest to the music room, the rose one is the door by the garden, the jeans one, etc. And, speaking of colorful? Here’s one more hardware story that is quite colorful. A few years back, I went in the hardware store and asked the man for some stage pole screws. He totally seriously looked at me and in question form said, “Stripper? Where?” To which I could have had a cow, but instead I said the truth. I said, “No. I need them for our church backdrop so that wonderful souls like you can enjoy our Sunday morning services without the backdrop falling down. Like strippers clothes in a strip joint. Will I be seeing you there for forgiveness this weekend? It’s only a stone’s throw away and I promise that you won’t be stoned. Can you promise you won’t be stoned, either? He lowered his head and most ashamedly said, “I wouldn’t blame you if you did stone me and no I won’t be stoned.” I told him I would see him there. I do not think that guy will ever forget me, either. Anyways, setting up the stage was my job that I loved to do for years. Setting up stage for the preacher and for our band. Note: I do not dress like a stripper, I am very unique but respectable. Point is? Everyone should be welcome at church and forgiven and loved. Another point? I didn't have to tackle the guy. Truth is a good comeback. It tackles way better than any other words or might. Trace

Snotty Talkin'!

“Snotty Talkin’!” So, I was on the phone trying to get help from a dentist. Without insurance. The lady was talking like I was a bother and really snotty acting. I was stunned and quiet for a moment when she said, “Did you hear me?” I wanted to say, “No. Your nose was talking so loud I couldn’t hear what you were so delightfully trying to say.” What? She was being snotty! PIMP LOL. It’s better than what I was going to say because her butt was speaking loud, too. I don’t know ‘bout you, but even if I’m tired or sick, or both, I try to be kind. Show grace, instead of Trace. Maybe she hasn’t had as many annoying miserable things in her life as I have had the pleasure of! The things that foster grace. When you talk to someone? Pretend you’re someone else who is talkin’ to you. You’d be surprised how nice you can be to yourself. Perfect subject for today. Since I am stuffy. But, def not snotty. I only wish my head would open up and I would talk through my snotty nose. PIMP LOL. Anyways, talk from your heart! Def not your nose or your butt. Anyone may be having tissue issues. Attitude-wise or heart-wise or health-wise. You just never nose. Show grace and pray for them to have grace by having more miserable things happen to them. Nah. Just pray for them. Yep! That's right. Helps you both. Now, me? I only wish I was having tissue issues with my nose. Get it unstuffed and no more dizzies. No complaints. One last thing? If you're gonna be snotty and be a drip? Drip with good attitude, not attitude. Signed, being Grace today instead of Trace

In My Head!

When I tell a story or sing, I see pictures or movies of it all in my head. Doesn’t everyone? When I do math or spell, I see a chalkboard in my head. Doesn’t everyone? And, when I just live life in the moment? I feel like I'm in short movies or photographs and I hear music scored for each moment, in my head. Doesn’t everyone? If YOU don’t, grab a chalkboard and work that out. In your head. Or use mine. I’m out of it now. Night. Trace

Pengrins, Graduates and Vacuuming Snow!

“Pengrins, Graduates and Vacuuming Snow!” What? So, yesterday, my girl came home with her cap and gown. Today, she is dressed in her fave animal themed clothes. Penguins. This mama likes today’s outfit MUCH better. My li’l penguin, my li’l graduate. You just know penguins will make you smile. So, I call those smiles: Pengrins! And, no I did not add snow to the bottom 2 corners of the photos to go with the penguin theme. Though that is a good idea. But, no, I thought I had cleaned all the white powder from pressure cleaning the paint off the outside of the house last weekend. But, some got in. The house. And, my sinuses. You can tell I haven’t been able to see well for a couple days. I didn’t even notice snow! Me! A Pennsylvania girl. PIMP LOL. Well, onward all penguins and graduates. Both in your black and white. Celebrate today. Whatever the task. Now, my task? Vacuuming snow. That’s right. You heard that statement here first: vacuuming snow! Oh! And, no that was not a typo: pengrins. Penguins just do that! Make you grin. So does my girl. Now, go make someone grin. And, thank God you can. This Senior Year Senior Moment brought to you by: Trace

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


“HOSES! FLEXIBLE, SPOOKY or DRIPPING?” Okay, so late last night we saw a commercial for this flexible hose. Thought it was so cool the way it shrinks up and coils. With no recoil. PIMP LOL. Have dreamed of hoses like that all my life that you don't have to wind up or clean or untangle. They are just like music equipment cords. Anyways, we said, out loud, that we would love to have one and know if it works. So, this morning, I get an email asking do we want to buy one of these and to check it out. Ooh… Spooky stuff! I have often thought, after hearing a message at church, that there is a secret video camera listening and watching in on us. Some bug or listening device. You know what I mean! Like on that show “Person Of Interest”. Spoo-oo-oo-ky! Well, it keeps us on our toes. Keeps us from being drips and saying the wrong things. Cuz, I know God hears me and knows my heart. That could be the good news and the bad news. But, thank God we got the Good News to keep us from getting too spooked or too hosed! Or, not flexible. PIMP LOL. Because it's dripping, like hoses, only with forgiveness and the water of life. So, should we be... One last thing? We so should watch what we listen in on... Trace

Hairs Cut?

“Hairs Cut?” Just gave myself a hair cut. I really need to cut the other hairs, too. PIMP LOL. I don't think cutting one hair will do me much good. And, I don’t think anyone will notice just one hair cut. One haircut, maybe? But, not just one hair cut. Should be called a hairscut. Hair is one of those words that is plural AND singular. I know. I’m just splittin’ hairs, here. Or, is it splittin’ hair? Okay. Gonna finish cutting the hairs so they aren’t split. Have a singularly marvelous day. Don’t split hairs, give someone the brush-off or bangs your head against the wall over something that only God can comb through and get all the knots out. Sometimes, He’s the only one that can make the cut. The only one that can “do” the hair-splitting problem justice. His style is always in. Oh! And, if you're gonna cut hair? Cut them all! Jus' sayin'... If you're gonna start a job? Finish it. With excellence. Trusting God with those splittin' hairs problems can keep us from pulling our hairs out and getting wiggy! PIMP LOL.   Trace

Fish Bites! Suck, bite or just chew?

The Big Question: “Do Fish Bites bite?” What? Well, we tried a small box of Fish Bites at McDonalds on the way home from the grocery store. Purely and solely to ease everyone’s anxiety about whether or not they were gonna, indeed, bite? Or, suck or go down easy. The answer? Drum roll please… The bites didn’t suck or bite. They’re okay. In a pinch. Of salt. But, I like the fish on the fish sandwich better. So, now that I’ve answered the big question, you probably wonder just how did we eat them? Well, no! Not suck them! Yes, indeed, we did bite the bites. Oh, and, sprinkled with salt and dipped in sauce. So, Fish Bites are okay in a pinch. But, don’t forget? Take everything with a pinch…of salt… Off to rest. Still under the weather... That we did NOT get much of. Trace

Basket Case!

Attempting to go to the grocery store with allergic puffy watering burny eyes and face. I’m not worried a bit what people will think. These days? EVERYONE cries at the grocery store! Food prices? Ridiculous! Looks on faces at the store over the prices? Ridiculously priceless! Well, I supposed I could cry on the prices and water them down. PIMP LOL.


"mugbook vs. facebook?"

"mugbook vs. facebook?" After some of the photos I have put up and others I have seen, I think facebook should be called mugbook. Everyone talks so much about coffee here. They could have their fave coffee mug or "whatever they drink" mug in the profile picture spot. You know? Their fave “mug shot”? Mine would be a mug of "life". I take my cup of "life" with a grain of salt. NO, really! My fave mug is a mug of water. What? Did you think I meant mug shot as in criminal? PIMP LOL. Well, I know some of my photo mug shots are criminal! Like this one. And, no I don't think I have any mugshots hanging around in Post Offices. At least, none in THIS country. Just Mexico. But, that's another story. Some day I shall write a story of the Mexico trip. Oh wait, I already did. Sort of. Here is the mugshot story and photograph:

Signed, Trace…of the new place: mugplace...err...I mean, mugbook

"Mr. Satin Pillow vs. Mr. Velvet Sunrise!"

"Mr. Satin Pillow vs. Mr. Velvet Sunrise!" Out of squinty swelled up corners of my eyes and through the 4 corners of my window, I caught a glimpse of him, Sunrise, with his velvety lines and colors. As I turned to see more of Sunrise, another caught my eye. It was he, Pillow. Out of the 4 corners of his satin-y voice he called my name. I just couldn't resist. I just had to face him for awhile longer this morning. He is a jealous, but soft sort. They’re both a sight for sore eyes, but spending more time with Pillow today will make seeing Sunrise tomorrow, all the better. Sometimes you just gotta make that hard choice because you know the sun will rise again tomorrow. Faith... And, Mr. Satin doesn't mind a little drool or a few tears... Course neither would the Sunrise... Or, the Maker of Sunrise. So, my hard choice today? To take it easy and get extra rest. For the rest of the week. And. for the rest of the weak! I'm much better and will be right as rain right soon. Especially if it rains. DUH LOL. Have a restful day. Then, get something done. Me? Rest and then some music and then I'm gonna put my closet back together after it all fell down yesterday. But, that's another story. Yesterday's! And, tomorrow's another one. Today shall be enough for me. Love you guys... In God's care, Trace


“OPEN THE EYES OF MY HEART!” Well, I’m prayin’ for more rain today because my poor sinus’s and eyes cannot stand it anymore. They were swelled shut this mornin’ from pollen and the spray cleaner we used while working outside for 2 days pressure washing and cleaning to prepare for paint. Probably didn’t help them. But I really like to work hard and be part of life and movin’ on. Now, everyone be praying cuz I need the rain to wash the “stuff” out of my eyes and help me see. Bring the rain. Open my eyes. And, the eyes of my heart. PIMP LOL. Hard work is good for both kinds of eyes. Helps us see. So, my eyes and my face burns, but I’m keepin’ my cool. I’m going to relax and not get burnt out or worried or complain. PIMP LOL. Nothing compares to the surgeries and other things I’ve been through. And, if it rains the pollen count will go down. I always say when someone talks about the pollen and asks what is the pollen count today? I say: count on it! DUH LOL. Have an eye opening day. I still hope it pours because when it pours rain my heart and soul pour with joy. And, don’t forget He rains and He reigns! You guys know I see a story or a song or a joke in every single aspect of my life. In the best of times and the worst. I see God in every aspect, too. Trace

Serve Somebody & Run!

“Serve Somebody & Run!” What? Well, this story is about people. Everyday folks helping others. Serving one another. There are 3 types of us. You’ve seen the obnoxious servant who lets others know they are serving? Oh yeauh! You run the other way to get away from the running mouth! PIMP LOL. Or, the oblivious unconscious servant who no one realizes they are even serving at all? Oh yeah! Runnin’ into to them, doing your work and theirs. DUH LOL. Or! Are you the obvious observant infectious servant who, without grumbling or announcing, inspires everyone around them to serve, observing just when serving is needed without a word and without disappearing into oblivion! Oh yeauh! Runnin’ the race… Runnin’ to serve! That’s the one! That’s the obvious one to be. So, I guess the question is? Do we wanna run our mouth? Or our race? PIMP LOL. Serving is a big part of the life race. Not only does it make our hearts race, but it makes others hearts race, too. When you have a race to run? Who runs? You? Or your mouth? Run more than your mouth. Run your race. I gotta run now! Bye!     Trace

I ams what I ams!

Just got thrown off my own FB page saying I wasn’t who I say I am. what?!? They wanted me to take a test to verify I am who I am. Well, of course, I emailed them saying in Popeye’s words: “I ams what I ams. And, I ams who I ams”. For real! Who would report me for that? There’s always an empty rocker on my front porch. No. Not burnt out musicians. No. Well, they are welcome, too. But, I mean there’s always an empty rocker for anyone to come hang out with me cuz I'm always off mine. Point is? Everyone’s welcome. I thrive on humor, hope and music. And, I see God in everything. So, who would actually take time to report me? After all? Who would want to be me? PIMP LOL. As Popeye would say: O live’s me own life and don’t bother anyone much”. As Olive Oil would say, “eat your spinach, Popeye and go get ‘em”!   Trace


“OPEN THE EYES OF MY HEART!” Well, I’m prayin’ for rain today because my poor sinus’s and eyes cannot stand it anymore. They were swelled shut this mornin’ from pollen and the spray cleaner we used while working outside for 2 days pressure washing and cleaning to prepare for paint. Probably didn’t help them. But I really like to work hard and be part of life and movin’ on. Now, everyone be praying cuz I need the rain to wash the “stuff” out of my eyes and help me see. Bring the rain. Open my eyes. And, the eys of my heart. PIMP LOL. Hard work is good for both kinds of eyes. Helps us see. So, some of the photos are before I prayed and put feet to my prayers. Or, in this case, eyes to my prayers. PIMP LOL. One is after I opened the eyes and the eyes of my heart! And, got up and used ice and then makeup to feel and look better. And, yes! Those are my real eyes inside that lacy heart. I cloned them in. But, that’s another story from earlier this morning about clones and colognes. Okay, so another photo is when Sam came in after chemically removing all the oxidized paint from our house walls. He looked like a zombie. Or else, it had snowed in Florida. PIMP LOL. So, anyways, I’m still puffy, but better. My eyelids and around my face burns, but I’m keepin’ my cool. I’m going to relax and not get burnt out or worried or complain. PIMP LOL. Nothing compares to the surgeries and other things I’ve been through. And, if it rains the pollen count will go down. I always say when someone talks about the pollen and asks what is the pollen count today? I say: count on it! DUH LOL. Have an eye opening day. I still hope it pours because when it pours rain my heart and soul pour with joy. And, don’t forget He rains and He reigns! You guys know I see a story or a song or a joke in every single aspect of my life. In the best of times and the worst. I see God in every aspect, too. Now, don't forget to click on the photo to get the umm...bigger ugly pictures!    Trace

Clones & Colognes!

My girl and I were talking about the last Mother’s Day in high school. Boy I wish we could do it all over again. She’s like my clone. Or me, hers. Anyways, she said she was getting me a clone for my birthday. Yay! I will put her in charge of all internet activities. What? Oh! My girl says, “no Mama. I mean cologne”. Oh!!! Dang! Oh well. No clone of me could ever take her place. She already knows my fave, so that’s why she didn’t ask. Easy mistake. Oh well. That cologne c-lone will be in charge of making me smell good. My fave cologne? Umm…Opium and Rapture. Yours?   Trace

Scales & Fish!

"Hmmm..." So, on a "scale" of 1-10, the message and the music was a 10 tonight. Of course, I may be partial. The sermon was about Jonah being vomited out of a fish. No one ever plans on being vomited out of a fish when they are making their big life plans. Of course, Sam and I looked at each other and thought “better than the alternative”. PIMP LOL. What? We’ve been there before! Plans don't always go the way you want. Sometimes, there's a hook. So, anyways, Jonah still praised God. If Jonah was praising in the belly of the fish, what music was he doing? Hmmm... Ummm…practicing his scales, of course. DUH LOL. Yes, we had a whale of a good time and are ready for a late supper. What are we having? Ummm…pizza! What did you think I was gonna say? Fish? PIMP LOL. Then, enterntainment. What kind of entertainment you ask? Ummm…a game of “Go Fish”? No! A movie. I sure don’t need to fish for a reason to relax. You don't either. Thank you, Erick, for taking us fishing with Jonah. And, thank you God for loving us. Sometimes, we're bait, sometimes a little fish and sometimes we're a big fish. In any case...thankful. Thy "rod" and thy staff comfort me. Trace

De-stress the Distress!

The Distressed Look. On the home and the home maker. PIMP LOL. But, no worries. I’m lovin’ it. I apologize to our neighbors for bringing the value of your home down at the moment. PIMP LOL. You know? Sometimes, you gotta get a li'l distressed to get de-stressed! And, get rid 'o da stress. DUH LOL! Hard work! Oh yeauh! Of course, you know if I was rich, I would just have every step of it done with no stress, but then I wouldn't have the satisfaction of knowing it was done with excellence. Mama mia. What did I get myself into?


The Dirt!

Jus’ shoveling sum dirt! No. Not gossip! Getting down and getting dirty. Fixing up the homefront. Sometimes you gotta get dirty to stay grounded! DUH LOL. Jus' kickin' butt one shovel at a time! PIMP LOL. Before it kicks my butt. 



"OLD-FASHIONED TOOLS! ♥ & SOUL!" So, we gave our yard and fence a haircut using old fashioned tools. Handsaws & clippers. Then, the outside house walls got a paint haircut. A close shave. Using old fashioned tools. Elbow grease and pressure hoses. Then, fam haircuts using old fashioned tools. Scissors & creativity. My fingers? Blisters. My skin is not so tough. But, my soul fingers? Skin is tough as leather, but soft. Still able to touch others and cut into hearts, I hope! Using the old fashioned tools… ♥ & soul! Even with a triple dose of pollen. My eyes are swollen up, so if you see me? Don't laugh... Well, not too much. Just make sure to be soft and use your old-fashioned tools. ♥ & soul… And, laughter. Sidenote: Had to throw away all my wicker porch furniture and glass ice-cream table. Rotten and worn out! Oh well. New beginnings. So, if you know of any wicker furniture or ice-cream table/chairs plants that need a good home, holla. Or, hard workers? Holla! Oh! And, by the look of my eyes and the black and white photograph art? You can tell I am pollened out! And, looks like I need some paintin', too. PIMP LOL. Well, I've waited over a decade. I can wait a few more ummm...minutes. PIMP LOL. Off now.. Scheming... About color schemes. And, being colorful about it! PIMP LOL. Everything isn't always black and white. Trace

Saturday, February 23, 2013


"COME-TO-PASS COMPASS, THE ALL ENCOMPASSING COMPASS & COMPASSION!" What? Well, I was quite taken aback with an affront from down below. Still, I am looking up! I gotta have direction from above…directly! What? I know my moral compass is spinning at times, but always points me in the right direction. And, eventually I see that. And, it comes to pass. I call it my "com-to-pass" compass. PIMP LOL. Thank you All Encompassing Compass! You give me direction. You give me compassion! As far as the east is from the west. It will all come-to-pass! If you trust your compass... Painting brought to you by the All Encompassing Master Painter who has galleries all around the world. As far as the east is from the west. I found one right out in my front yard. I used my compass. DUH LOL.  And, as always, guys, click on the photo for the umm...bigger picture!  Trace

Looney Toons!

Here’s a loony guy who makes tunes with me. We’re both loony over makin’ tunes and both love Looney Toons. I guess I cold have said, “Here’s sweetie in his Tweetie!” Nah! That’s too mushy and so not us. We like the 1st one. Cuz…we’re both Looney Toons! I'm probably more... DUH LOL. Have a tweet day. Gotta go. I tawt I taw a puddy cat!



“TOUCHDOWNS! IN FOOTBALL, SHOPPING & LIFE! UPRIGHT” What? Score! I went to a couple thrift stores finally and scored big time! Got 2 REAL pairs of jeans that fit perfect without trying them on. Brand new. One of them I have on in the photograph. Score! Touchdown! And, 2 purses that scream “Trace”! One with blues and greens, and one with browns. Perfect. Another score! Touchdown with the extra point. Also, got a gorgeous pair of antique blue stiletto’s that are brand new for $2 that just so happen to match my girl’s new gorgeous prom dress. They fit us both. Score again! Touchdown and ran that one in for the 2 point conversion. I got 3 Henley tops. Score! Touchdown after an on-side kick. Also, got a cute long-sleeve cropped off lace-y sweater jacket. A hail Mary down the shopping field for the touchdown. Final score? Score? 35! Which just happens to be my age. PIMP LOL. Final price? $16! So thankful to God because I know where my help comes from. Yes, thankful… Not just for the stuff. But, for having the stuffing to go out! Cuz, ya know I don’t have all my stuffing anymore. I just have to fluff it up a lot. Another touchdown! Oh! And, I also ran into 3 diff old friends I hadn’t seen at each of the 3 places. That’s cool stuff! When you go out? Go all out! Raise your arms for the touchdown! Cuz, upright! That’s the way to go! One last thing? With the change in the weather lately and having to turn the AC on for a day, my few days of no spinning are over and I wouldn’t mind a few prayers. Had about 5 awesome days, so no complaints. I will remain upright even when I am left not feeling the best. When I need teamwork and assistance in making one of life’s touchdowns, I go through the uprights. My uprights are friends and family who don’t always make touchdowns but know which way to run and when to pass. The uprights coach and owner? God. Signed, all out-and-in-on-trying-to-be-upright,   Trace

Friday, February 22, 2013


“RHODODENDRON & HONEYSUCKLE VINE!” So, I’m gonna start my story right out with a joke! What did Ms. Honey Suckle Hedge say to Mr. Dead Beat Vines? “I’m not on the fence anymore about you. Cutting you out of my life so I can get on with mine. I need to blossom and spread my umm…vines. Time to spruce things up around here and make some improvements. I’m ready to paint the town cuz I plan to make a comeback. I got roots here that run deep! Kicking you to the curb where they pick up the dead beat trash! You’ve just been a big old hedge hog anyways.” PIMP LOL. What? Well, we have had honeysuckle vines on our front porch for 20 years now and our house paint is down to a white chalk when you lean on it. We also need a lift around here, so we cut back all plants and bushes and the honeysuckle vines that we planted 20 years ago when we moved in. There was a lot of dead thick vines on that back side of the hedge hogging all the space. I’ve been wanting to cut for years because you can see it on the front porch. Phew! Hard work. It is so spectacular how God works to in areas of our lives. To see new growth. Literally and spiritually! Most times, His answers come way too slow for us at the time we ask, but in the long run, help us hold fast without questioning as much. Okay, so next, we are going to slowly pressure wash and paint in the next months as money, time and health permits. Gotta make our home look better and take care of it somehow even with not much money. Make do. Make better. Make a comeback! Our roots run deep. So, I’m thinking blue…And some crazy trim. Then letting the honeysuckle grow back. Just love that stuff. Love new growth! It hurts sometimes to prepare for it and during it, but the outcome? Sweet like honeysuckle vine! And, yes we do have a song about Honeysuckle Vine and Rhododendron! As I was taking the photos, I was reminded that I hadn't seen our fence in 20 years! It looks pretty good but needs a few repairs. The Honeysuckle vines protected it. But, it reminded me to never sit on it! PIMP LOL. You know? We should never sit on the fence! Oh! And, the photographs are some from before and some from last summer and some are after we finished cutting late last night. Yes. In the dark. Have a sweet day. Remember to protect your loved ones like the Honeysuckle does to the fence. And, if you've been sitting on the fence for so long that you have taken up root on it? It's time to cut loose and get off the fence! Have a sweet weekend.   Trace

Chase Them Away!

Warp Entrance To My World!

The warp entrance to my world. Step through at your own risk. All warped travelers welcome. See you on the other side. PIMP LOL. Just some fun artwork. Do you see the hazy circle and the sign? Yes! I watched lots of space and Alien movies/shows. Love Fringe... It looks their entry into the alternate world. PIMP LOL. Click on the photo to get the ummm...bigger picture! Welcome to my world. A world of hope and humor and music!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Laundry! Don't Be a Basket Case & Throw In The Towel!

Yay! I get to do the laundry. Insert sarcasm while I insert the laundry in the washer. But, really? I trend to try to have fun even when working. Even when I do the wash. Yes, I have fun throwing it in the washer and then in the dryer. It’s the folding that makes me want to throw in the towel! PIMP LOL. Don’t throw in the towel. Find some fun in your work. Yes, I am a basket case! Trace


“Socket-to-me!” What? Whoa! Woke up with my neck, shoulder and arm out-of-socket and twisting! No. Not twisted. I know I’m that! No worries. When my body sockets-it-to-me, instead of getting all twisted, I socks it back! How? Pray while twisting. The opposite direction. Well, after I moan a bit! Yep. I just keep twisting and shouting and popping it! Until it pops back in. Fun? No. But, it did make me think of the song “Twist & Shout”! It was kind of funny because my family was so busy with their morning routine, they didn’t even notice my yells and moans. They probably thought I was singing that song. But, we do become oblivious to those nearest us. Can be good, can be bad. Yep. I’m twisted and a bit out of socket, but still here. And, while I am? Gonna keep twisting and shouting, even when my shoulder IS out of socket. If life twists you, get twisted! In the opposite direction. Go ahead! Sock-it-to-me! And, don’t forget to notice those nearest you before they have to twist and shout. They may knock something out of socket just getting your attention! Now, me? I’m gonna lay out of on the family room floor and see if I can pop it back in. And, while I’m at it, my back, too. I may not be able to get back up. I’ve shortened the caption on the photo art, but it should read, “My arms’s out of socket, so this dummy laid on the floor to fix it and now I can’t get up.” Yes, I am twisted! And, still twisting and shouting. On the floor. Have fun guys! Don’t let life floor you! I hope and pray it pops back in soon. I got things to do! I can’t very well dance and sing like this. I think I must have rocked the songs too much last night during practice and pulled it all out. Gonna have to stop getting down so much! PIMP LOL. Nah! I think they call this a "catch". Well, you jsut wait 'til it is gone! You won't be able to "catch" me! Okay, who knows how to pop it back in? Come on over! Socket-to-me!!! Please!   Trace


“MOWNING!” What? Well, we had a freeze a few days ago and tomorrow it’s gonna be 85°. Those “mow”ning days of summer will be here soon. You know those days? Lots of mowing and lots of moaning! “MOWNING! Have a fun day.    Trace

Questions, Loos & Lou's!

QUESTION: Did you just use the bathroom? ANSWER: Sort of. 2ND QUESTION: Umm…TMI? Not really the answer I was looking for! No facts, just the time. PIMP LOL. See, the septic is old and takes time. I just wanted to know time. Not the facts, please. Thing is…we all have to deal with the crap in our lives. In more ways than one. Makes us equal. No matter what our status is. Sort of. Though, money can buy a better toilet, you still have to use it like everyone else. You can't pay someone to go to the bathroom for you. And, we all sometimes get the answer we weren't looking for, right? Well, anyways, I may not still be an equal after this status. I might get knocked down to a lower status. Just stating the questionable facts via potty mouth. Oh! And, the photo? Just skipping to the loo and to “The Lou”. As in, Lou Rawls. Listening to a li’l of him. Trace


“SKETCHY MAMA!” Well, I have to say that I always enjoy my daughter’s Anime doll drawings. Love to watch her pencil draw in such detail. Me? I’m more of a sketcher. I used to draw a lot, too and one of my most fave memories is one where she picked out 4 Anime pictures for me to sketch in 5 minutes each. The time we had together might have been sketching but the love wasn’t sketchy. It was right after my last big seizure and I wasn't really expected to be around much longer. I was doing very poorly but we drew together and it lifted me up. It drew me out the illness and into a sketch of hope. Thank you my dear. She always had the music going in those days, too. To help me. Anyways, these are the 4 drawings she chose and kept in with her awesome drawings. I made a copy for my memories. Cuz that IS getting a bit sketchy these days! PIMP LOL. Anyways, take time to make music and draw with your kids or grand-kids. You don’t have to be good at it. Even sketchy like me. Just don’t let the love and time be sketchy. Gonna put this story in my "Senior Year/Senior Moments" album. Time sure does fly. Love you guys, Sketchy-Mama —

SEEIN' STARS! Grabbin' Hold 'o Stars!

"SEEIN' STARS!" You know, it’s quite alright if I’m a li’l bit cloudy this morning and seeing stars. Because last night, I was really reachin’! With my dreams! What? Isn’t the sky the limit? PIMP LOL. If the sky is the limit, then that’s where I wanna be. Stretchin’ the lmits! Reachin’ for the stars. Catchin' one or two. Even in my eyes. Yes, you may get cloudy and see stars, at times, but it’s not a stretch to say that the impossibles in your life will become possibles the more you stretch. It may hurt a bit, but your amazement and faith will be more limber and eventually limitless. Well, gotta go stretch and shake these clouds. They’ll be no mooning today. Show your good side. PIMP LOL. Be ready to possibilitize more impossibles! I don’t stargaze to know just the stars, but so that I can know the Star-maker! I want to shine like Him. And, speaking of stars, here is a link to our song and video, He Calls The Stars By Name ( Take a chance! It IS possible to blazz up your day. What? The song is blues and jazz. Blazz, not blase'! I hope. PIMP LOL. I know I'm stretchin' the limits now, so I'm off to the clouds again. You guys are all stars to me. Trace

Sarcasm Flavor Boosts!

"Sarcasm Flavor Boosts!" What? Well, just wow! Is there no creativity allowed anywhere anymore? Even, in the chip world? I entered the Lay’s contest for chip flavors and names. I entered 10 different kinds, as you can imagine! DUH LOL. At the store, we saw some of the winners you can vote on. One was called Sriracha Chips. Wow! How creative. Sarcasm added for flavor! They were terrible. I had one entered called “Sriracha Hibacha Chips”. Hot sriracha sauce & smokey hibachi flavored chips. Now, which sounds better in name and in flavor? “Sriracha Chips” or “Sriracha Hibacha Chips”? I may have even said they could make them nachos and call them “Sriracha Hibacha Nacha”! Come on! A li’l fun and creativity chip people. Lays it on us! And, you go lays it on someone else. Make them feel like "all that and a bag of chips"! Give them a flavor boost. Welcome to my world! Creativity allowed! Creativity expected! After all? Look at our example: creation. Signed, all that & a bag of chips with sarcasm added for an extra flavor boost

Bring Bling!

“BRING BLING!” Jus’ layin’ it all out on the table! Whatever your “it” is? Keep it above board. On the table, not under! Helps you keeps from being a crumb and having scraps with everyone. Giving it your honest all! Bringing your best to the table. We all have something to bring to the table. Why not lay it all out? Go ahead and bring it! And, shine! I call if our “bring bling! Cuz when you bring your shine to the table, the finish is all the more brilliant. Bring your bling! Bring your sparkle. Bring your shine. Lay it on the table.



“COLORFULLY TRUE BLUE!” I may not have the perfect truest Rose colored cheeks, nor the perfect truest Plum colored lips… My skin is not truly perfectly Tan or Creamy Milk. And, my eyes aren’t the perfect true Brown or Green. My hair? No, it’s not all truely Brown. Even has some White in it. Truly! DUH LOL. I have to enhance all those with color. But! I am true blue. Faithful, loyal... My word IS my heart because THE Word is in my heart. Our music has a touch of blues in all of it! Truly! Because it’s true and from our heart. It's our word...from the Word, which needs no color enhancing. It's true blue. And, very colorful. Our music? Not perfect, just true blues. And, me? Not perfect, just true blue...colorfully! Okat. One blue joke: I chase after humor...while he chases away the blues. And, a few other shade-y characters! PIMP LOL.   Truly Trace

English 101: Taught by Professor Predicament

Subject: ENGLISH 101 (taught via Hope & Humor)

School: LIFE UNIVERSITY (near FunkyTown)

Today's English lesson is on subjects and predicates. Well, actually, subjects and predicaments! You know, no answer IS the answer. It’s a quiet exclamation. And, sometimes the most gentlest given, but toughest statement to take. We question the “no answer” answer! It, sometimes, seems like a sentence. But, if we recognize the Subject and the predicament, we will find verve in the verb. When God is the subject, the predicament always involves action. Always involves answers. Just, sometimes, they are the “no answer” answers. And, even THOSE involve action! Verb with verve. He is still a God of action. In fact, He says: I am. Period! Exclamation! But! If we do have questions? He’s right there to answer! He won’t sentence us for asking, either. I’ll try not to sentence you, either. With too many sentences. DUH LOL. The photographs? They’re my dorkiest moments in glasses. Yes, they do tend to make me look smart. Remember: Life isn't a sentence... It's a statement with many exclamation points! Signed, Professor Predicament


"HANDERPANTS, LONG JOHN'S & F.L.O.W.!" What? Well, we set a record in our house here in Florida this Monday morning. It was 61° in here when I woke up. Years ago, I would turn the heat on at night if there was going to be a hard freeze and set it at 67°. But, these past years, all I need to do is put on my Long John’s and Handerpants and wait a day! That’s my easy solution for a hard freeze. This morning 31°, tomorrow 78° and the next day 85°. Besides, the heater makes me dizzy and spin. Well, more dizzier than usual. Oh! And, speaking of spin? Here's my spin on the weekend's lines. See, every weekend I pick out a line I heard or said that just flowed in my brain. I call it my F.L.O.W. Fave Line Of Weekend! This weekend it’s stolen from Mrs. Bucket of Keeping Up Appearances: “Bathrooms should be seen and not heard!” PIMP LOL. That being said, my 2nd runner up FLOW statement was from the Bond movie, Skyfall: “There is security in obscurity!” Hope your day flows... Yes, there is always a story behnd those eyes. And, handerpants. Signed, securely obscurely yours, some acronym nut in Long John’s and Handerpants in a quiet bathroom


“MY PURSE SCREAMS!” What? Well, last night, I had to sit my purse down with the other heavy music equipment while I waited for the car to be pulled around in the car loop. PIMP LOL. What? The strap and clasp are broke. And, it does carry some important heavy musical stuff in it so it has the same rights. You could say that music equipment (me) is carrying music equipment. Anyways, in it? Umm…extra picks, my special Rose Mic that grows wild here in FunkyTown and other secrets of the trade. It’s so funky it makes music just hanging on my arm. And, you just know your purse carries a lot of weight when you are standing outside with baby in one arm and your purse in the other, when someone pulls up in the car loop and asks if you need a lift. They get out, open the door, grab my purse and set it on the front seat and attach the seat belt. What? Taking that off my shoulder did give me quite a lift. PIMP LOL. Once, I got pulled over and the cop wrote me a ticket. Said I needed a car seat just for my purse. For everyone’s safety! BTW, I got the purse as a gift a long time ago. They said it screamed “Trace”. My family said it screamed something else. But, really, it is gorgeous and heavy. And, everywhere I go, everyone seems to love it. They just wouldn’t wear it. I would! I am a 1-purse girl! But, I so need another purse that screams “Trace” and screams “I am funky enough, different enough, girlie enough and functional enough for her”! Who will find me that purse that screams this time? I was screaming that! PIMP LOL. Until then? I am fixing it. The mustard colored yellow leather is all shredded across the back, the strap is broke, the huge heavy clasp is broke and the lace flowers are tattered. Well, anyways, if someone carries a lot of weight with you? Tell them! Scream it, gently! In the meantime, I have prayed for help to fix it and am in the process of gluing magnets to my purse to give me another couple months of wear out of it! Only problem is that my fingers and hands are covered in super glue right now. I so could play guitar after without it hurting my fingers! If my fingers weren’t stuck to the flowers. PIMP LOL. Oh! And, the shirt I am wearing is very old. I wore it in high school. Course, I used to tie up the front like a country girl wear it with a tube top. PIMP LOL. When they used to make clothes to last. When they used to make everything to last. Feeling kind of retro today. Reminiscent…too wordy! I think I must have had it in the back of my mind to match my outfit to my wild purse while I was fixing it today! Wild! It matches! What? You gotta have a “Purse Fixing Outfit”! Until another purse comes into my life that screams “Trace”, again, I’m good to go. Cuz, I know where my help comes from and who I’m drawn to like a magnet! And, who I stick to like glue! The photoart? Well, I’m a character and a comic, so it’s not a far stretch to a comic strip character! Trace

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Servin’ It Up Hot On A Cold Day IS What Makes Us Hot Stuff!

Servin’ It Up Hot On A Cold Day IS What Makes Us Hot Stuff!” Fluffy Half ‘n Half Scrambled Eggs, Butter-Fried Blackened Sweet Ham, Cinnamon Toast, Strawberries and Coffee… the breakfast of champions? Ummm…no! That would be that lame cereal. PIMP LOL. This is just a Pennsylvania girl cookin’ a cold Florida morning breakfast,! That’s how I champion my family to seize the day. Or, try, anyways! You seize it, too. By serving. Oh! And, we have enough leftovers to have breakfast for supper! Going to have a proper brupper tonight! PIMP LOL. Got me thinking about it’s easy to give our leftovers to others and to God. Which is good, but it’s even better when we give our best from the whole plate. Serve it up hot on a cold day. Or any day. Serving IS what makes us hot and keeps us from getting cold! TNT LOL. Have a proper day. Have a proper brupper tonight! Mmmm... Trace

Saturday, February 16, 2013

“Pearls Of Wisdom!”

“Pearls Of Wisdom!” There was pearl of a man in my life in my late twenties when I first stepped foot in a church. His name WAS Pearl and everyone called him brother Pearl. He was about 90, had a whistle when he spoke or preached or sang, and the kindest heart. He always had little gentle pearls of wisdom that wouldn’t make you clam up. He helped to bring me out of my shell, as did many at that first church. First Baptist Church of PSJ, Florida. Anyways, he always said that if you spoke the truth, you didn’t have to think about the answer. As I am typing this on my computer, I got to thinking, how we, humans, are one computer that doesn’t require memory. IF! If you tell the truth! Truth is a 3G connection. Hook up to it! The only charge you’ll get is a good one. Thank you brother Pearl, for still being a part of life and still bringing me pearls of wisdom to bring me out of my shell. You are def a “Pearl” of wisdom! In heaven, but here... So, guys…have a fun day! Don’t clam up! Share your heart… Share your pearls. But, be careful not to cast your pearls before swine… They might ham it up! PIMP LOL. Just kidding. But, really though, not everyone will listen... Trace


“FRUITPASTE! GO “FIG”URE!” What? So, we were in the English section of the deli today and got some chips with their jackets on! Hand cooked, skins on. And, some…umm…fruitpaste? Fig flavored. What? I thought it was some new fangled paste to brush your fruit with. You know? Like toothpaste? Oh well. I’m just being fruity! I will “fig”ure it out. DUH LOL. I know it’s just a jelly spread for toast, etc. But, it was funny when I saw it at the store and pictured the fruit brushing it’s teeth! And, speaking of funny? I just paid the bills AND got groceries. In the same week. I forgot what that was like. Felt funny! PIMP LOL. Thankful and fruity! Except one thing? Ummm…I forgot the fruit’s toothbrush! No, not me! I got one for me! PIMP LOL. Oh! And, I took the photograph in front of the old picture of the Dr Graves ToothPowder. Seemed appropriate. Thanks for lettig me write... I have to brush up on it, you know! DUH LOL. Trace


“BULLDOZERS & CHAIN SAWS! I SAW THE LIGHT AFTER I BULL-DOZED!” What? This morning I woke up and “saw” the light! Without my alarm clock. Way before it went off, I heard someone chain sawing in the dark. I about went off! PIMP LOL! I tried to go back to sleep, but the saw kept on sawing. The next time I opened my eyes to look? I “saw” the light! No more darkness. Daylight had arrived. There’s a big natural Florida woods between our house and the one across the street. I love it. Makes me forget I live in a development. So bummed, they are clearing it. But, at least it did remind me of an uplifting country song by Hank Williams! If fits perfect for a wake up song. In more ways than one. Can you guess? It really does have poetic lyrics. Check out the rest of the song when you can. Here it goes…sing it with me: ♪♫I saw the light, I saw the light, no more darkness, no more night ♪♫ You know you just sang that just like Hank! Country twang and all. I know I did and I’ll be singing it all day! I def saw the light and no more night too early this morning Without an alarm clock. And I def saw the light years ago. With an internal alarm clock set by God himself. No snooze button on His! Have a fun day! Oh! And, the photographs? Just wanted to show the woods and the bulldozer at work. You can’t hear the chain saw. Yes, just the bull that was going on while I was dozing! Guess you could say I was bull-dozing before I saw the light! Okay two more sleep jokes: 9 out of every 10 sheep can be counted on to jump over the fence. The 10th? He’s on the fence. PIMP LOL. So, THAT'S why everyone is having trouble getting to sleep at night! Tonight, everyone just skip every 10th sheep. And, remember don’t sit on the fence and be sheep-ish. Be counted on! I’ll be baa-ck! And! Counting sheep makes sleep count! For real! DUH LOL PIMP LOL. Today's stories all seem to be on sleep. Maybe that's because I got very li'l of it! Hope your day is filled with dozing and no bull. Trace


Bein' a cymbal of hope can keep you from crashing! PIMP LOL. Speaking of hopes, here is our song on hopes and dreams. Never give up. 

Signed, symbolizing, not crashing... Trace  

Burnin' Up The Keys!

"Burnin' Up The Keys!" My girl was telling me she has STEAM on her laptop. I said, “Man, that’s nothin’! I have blazing fire on mine. My fingers are burnin’ up the keys, as you can see in the photograph. PIMP LOL. Have a fun day. Don’t get steamed up! Get fired up! I’m getting some songs typed up with chords and getting ready for some much needed practice. Gotta get my pipes fired up and working properly. Been hearing strange sounds coming from them at night. What? I’m like an old house with character. Well, I’m an old character, anyways. Now, I sure hope I burn up the keys and mic with some singing. And, yes, I know what STEAM really is. A hub for video games and other stuff. I AM a computer and video game frerd, after all. Freak + nerd. Yep! I'm just a fired up old character/frerd. If you speak country like me, you could say fired like furd and say I was a furd up frerd. Trace

Stretchin My Imagination!

Ju's stretchin' my arms... And, my imagination!! PIMP LOL. Ouch!! I think I just pulled something! And, you can only imagine what I am thinking... Oh! And, what song am I thinkin' of now by the Temptations? Yep! ♪♫Well, it's just my imagina-a-tion ...runnin' away with me...♪♫ I imagine you just sang it, didn't you?


GIANT shrimps!

“GIANT shrimps!” What? Well, I had a date with a giant shrimp tonight for Valentine's Day! No! Not my big friend, Ronnie, in the photograph, though he is very tall, or my husband. No! An actual giant shrimp at Dixie Crossroads. But, when we got there, it was pouring and I couldn’t get a photo with the giant shrimp. Anyways, first it was Bacon Bouquets and home-made cards for us today and our daughter getting accepted at Flagler. Then, tonight, our fine drummer friend, Ronnie, took us out to eat and visit at Dixie Crossroads to show us some love and catchup! Did we eat the catch of the day with catchup? No. As, I said, giant shrimp! Sounds like an oxymoron. But, really! Giant coconut shrimp. No ketchup required. Only catchup! And, that, we did! Anyways, what better way to show love than seafood. I know when I see food I love! Sea? I mean, see! Oh! And, I know… I can’t eat much and I don’t go out to eat hardly ever, but when I see them enjoying it? I sea me enjoying it in my mind. In my heart. A sea full of love! Oh! And, we called the time when we decided to go eat “Happy Hour”. Not because of booze, cuz we don’t drink anymore. No. But, because it made all of us happy to go early and get back in our PJ’s early. See? And speaking of PJ’s and retiring early? Our sound board has made a sound decision to also retire for the night, too, like us. Only it won’t be back up tomorrow. Been a good spiritual sounding board all these years. We did a lot of channeling through it. PIMP LOL. Night all you giants and shrimps and giant shrimps! Sea ya! Oh! One more thing! When we got there, it was pouring and packed! But! A couple pulled out right at the front door and we got a front row parking space. Then, we got in the door and our friend had the vibrating thing that goes off when they are ready for us. It went off the second we walked in the door. Then, had the nicest waitress ever! She laughed at all of my jokes. So, did the rest of the V Day eaters in the place! And, you know what? Every step I take, though shrimpy, is a giant step for me. Trace


THEE BACON BOUQUET! What? A cool Valentine gift for anyone who brings home the bacon. And/or, cooks the bacon! A bouquet of bacon roses! Pretty cool! Well, I guess I mean pretty sizzlin’! PIMP LOL. Sizzlin’ gift for Valentine’s. It’s easy to make! I found it on line. I came up with one for kids. It’s called Thee Barking Bouquet. Made of hot dogs. I just slice the hot dogs long way almost the whole way thru. Then slice across the hot dog about 8 times halfway thru. Open them up & lay flat side down in a hot buttered pan and brown them until they curl up. Cool and stick on the ends of fake flower stems with or without leaves. Or kabob sticks. Then stick in a vase & serve. You also could serve one each on a stick in a mug of root beer as the vase for each kid. Hot dog! Anyways, be creative in showing love. Throw some extra into the ordinary! Just look at the extraordinary gifts all around us our Creator has made in love and for us to enjoy and learn from. I am always amazed at how extraordinary even the ordinary is, to me, anyways! Gotta go get some bacon after Sam brings home the bacon! Yay! I’m sure I’ll have a story after. I always do. Then, I gotta cook some bacon. Hot dog! And, this way, just in case cupid is actin' stupid today, you'll have that love and gift thing covered! Make the bacon or bring home the bacon, but just go ahead and get bakin'! I mean cookin'! Hope your cupid day cooks.  Trace

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Cuesy Razz!

I stepped outside just now to take a break from practicing some singing and to get some fresh air and fresh music. I heard the birds harmonizing with the sun and the wind… It was a gorgeous bluesy, country, jazzy, rock rap! A cuesy razz, maybe?

They sang: 

♪♫ You Have Found Your Sanity ♪♫ 
♪♫ Dear Daughter Of Humanity ♪♫
♪♫ Thank God For Forgiving ♪♫ 
♪♫ The Profanity Of Vanity ♪♫

At least, it sounded like that to me… Trace


A MILE IN MY SHOES... I just got done walkin’ a mile in “my shoes”. Just had to see what all the durn fuss was about. Whoa! Do I have to do that again? I can see why no one wants to walk a mile in ‘em! No, I wouldn’t want you to, either. “My shoes”, my life, are too tough, too ugly, too scarred, take a lot of time to get into, uncomfortable sometimes, and too many strings attached. I don’t even want to walk in ‘em some days. On the other hand? Well, maybe I should say: on the other foot! PIMP LOL. On the other foot, “my shoes” tell my story. They ARE my walk. They are soft FROM the tough. So, maybe, just walk with me. In your own! Help keep me on my toes. And, I’ll make sure nothing is afoot with you. That’ll keep us both polished and makin’ sure our soles don’t get a hole in ‘em and leave us callused and unable to walk… Walk on... Glad our roads have crossed. Much thanks for makin' room on yours. Love you guys. I may walk a lonely road at times, but I know I am never alone... Trace


“IN-STYLE…errr…NO!” Can I just say that I don’t care if I’m in style or not! The test results are back! And, 4 out of 5 of my hair styles prefer a cheap Conair straightener to the $100 InStyler. What did the 5th hair style have to say? Umm…nothing! It was a wig. So you would expect it to go all wiggy on me. DUH LOL PIMP LOL. Course, I haven’t been to a beauty parlor in a decade and am in need of a color and cut and style. Hint hint. So, as far as being In-style…errr… Not me! And not the INstyler, either! Signed, never IN style cuz I get OFF on my own style! Quaintly eclectic, saintly electric, faintly eccentric and manely ethnic! As in, my mane of hair. It’s wild! Have a wild night. Make your own style! Trace