Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Thursday, January 31, 2013


“SOME INSIGHT ON INCITE! RECITE & DELIGHT!” What? Well, I was thinking about some of my poems this morning and putting them to a spoken word video when I got to thinking about a couple of the words. I like to recite and incite and hope that you find delight in them, as well as our songs and my stories. One of them was about making a choice to be kind even when you don’t feel like it. To incite others to kindness and love. Kind of goes with our new song we just finished recording called “Behold How They Love”. I will put the link at the end of this for you to watch and listen and you can read the story with it at YouTube. Anyways, it had some rhymes like humble and grumble. And, grateful and hateful. You know, grateful and humble might rhyme with hateful and grumble, but there is nothing poetic about expecting others to recite and live out that poem in life while you recite and live out the second part of the line and take the bow. There’s nothing heroic or star quality about being nice to the nice. But, being grateful and humble to the hateful and grumbling. And, still loving…for no rhyme nor reason, every time in every season. Now, that’s poetic! That’s heroic! That’s star quality! That’s following after God’s own heart, reciting His poem of unconditional love and living out His favorite book! It’s def a lot easier to recite than to delight…in some of those words. But, we are here not only to recite, but to incite. And, delight! I’ll leave it at that. Have a delightful day! Thanks for reading my insights about incites! Walk the talk with insight to incite! Someone just said to me, "you're a riot!". Which fits with this story. Cuz, it's better to be a riot than to incite one! PIMP LOL. Have a fun day. Be a riot! Trace (link to song:

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Truth lies deep...

Honestly? Sometimes? That go-to lie leaves you with more truth to it than you think. The truth, sometimes, I think, lies deep! Hmmm...sounds like a song....  


Monday, January 28, 2013

Light Bulbs & New Songs

I was just taking a break to change the light bulb! It just blew! You know? The one above my head! PIMP LOL. What? I’ve been working on our new song and vid all day hearing our mixes and clips at least 4273 times and trying to be creative. Anyways, I need some more artsy ideas, so off to change the light bulb. Of course, you know I use the chandelier party light bulbs of all colors. Good thing I don’t have to worry about the one in my soul. It never goes out! Party on! Cuz life is a celebration. Even when the bulbs blow! Use So, change your bulb to a colorful party bulb. Watt did you expect me to say? DUH LOL. Well, anyways, we are done with our new song and video, so behold!  Here is the link to "Behold How They Love" by the b.a.s.i.c. band at YouTube.  Stop by and read the story there and then take a listen and watch.  Love you guys.  Love to hear from you here and there.  Now, and again!  PIMP LOL.   Trace


“TEENS & TREES! SAPPY THROUGH THE BARK!” What? Well, I walked outside to check the weather and see my girl off to school. She doesn’t really know I sneak out in my PJ’s after she goes up the bus steps and I watch them go off. It’s one of the last few months I will see her leaf for the bus. As she is a senior. I was looking at our big Norfolk Pine at the same time. I was allowing myself to come to this realization for just a moment before I tuck it back in my head behind all the other stuff. A senior moment! Anyways, I saw sap dripping from the trunk all around the dry bark and was thinking maybe she was watching her young’uns branch out, too. PIMP LOL. Got me thinking… We are def like trees. Sappy and still protecting with our bark. Here’s some cool stuff about trees: The outer bark is the tree's protection from the outside world. Continually renewed from within. Sapwood is the tree's pipeline for water moving up to the leaves. Heartwood is the central, supporting pillar of the tree. It is bound by a chemical glue called lignin, it is in many ways as strong as steel. Like us as parents. We have that protective outer bark that is sometimes rough. And, sometimes the bark finds it’s ways to our mouths. Or theirs! But, we have to protect. Though, we should allow some sap to drip out. Then, our desire to see them grow comes from our Sapwood, and we feed them in all ways. Then, Heartwood, our faith, is our foundation to teach them to stand firm. We are bound by a glue of love that is strong as steel. Even a tree knows to reach toward the sun. So, we teach our kids these things from looking at God’s trees and we desire to make the most of our time together before they branch out and the time flies off in the wind. We teach them to always, tree-t others right. We can’t guarantee them that they’ll have it made in the shade by doing the right thing, but it will leaf them with a nice sappy feeling, help them grow and build their faith strong as steel. Which is most important of all to me. To have that one-on-one with God. To allow theirselves to be sentimental sappy. Dripping with roots that run deep. We are here to grow and stand strong in the winds of life, with them! Bending and sapping! I mean, bending, not snapping. PIMP LOL. I’m going out on a limb here to say…umm…yes, I am feeling a little sappy about my girl. Now, I know every parent with teens knows that relationships aren’t always easy, but we only them at home for a li’l while. Not saying we or they will have it made in the shade if we follow these thoughts, but if we actually take some time to sit with them in the shade under a tree, now THAT speaks louder than words. Okay, enough sap! Have a tree-mendously wonderful day. Talk to your kids. Bend, don’t snap! It’s okay to show some sap through the bark. Dig deep to give them some roots! Mostly, though? Just let them see your heartwood ya! Mama Trace

Friday, January 25, 2013

Grownup Garb & All That Garbage!

"Grownup Garb & All That Garbage!" Yes, I did get up this morning like all other adults and put on the grown-up garb. But, there must have been a hole in the clothes somewhere because the child in me got out. PIMP LOL. Of course, then she wanted me to change into some funky jeans, boots and fingerless gloves! What? I’m gonna be grownup about it and talk to her. Gonna tell her that there’s a time to be child-like and a time to be grownup. And, I’ll be lettin’ her know when that is. Just as soon as I’m all growed up! Have a fun weekend! No matter what garb you wear and no matter what garbage you come across. Grow up, wouldja? PIMP LOL. Nah! Just keep looking out at this world with wonder... Like a child.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Face Your Fears!

Don’t sleep through your dreams. Don’t sit on your hopes. Stand up and face your fears. God gave us life. And, it’s in color. Draw from it! Draw from Him. Look inside. Look around. Hue see? Sometimes, our biggest fear is ourselves. 



“BASKET CASE!” You carrying a heavy load? Well, throw it in the washer, why don't ya! You don’t want to become a basket case! PIMP LOL. And, remember… Snuggles can soften what we wear AND what wears on us! What? Well, my washer and dryer are acting a li’l bit like us people do sometimes. All worn out, grouchy and unlovable. The washer is agitated and spinning out of control. Getting loud and off balance cuz things got too heavy. And, we all know that things get too heavy and we need to lighten up! Especially, if we get it to open up and put too much into it. And, the dryer? Well, I’m always having to shut its trap. It gets full of it. Lint, I mean. And, things are always a little fuzzy when you try to get it to open up. Always complaining about not being able to keep warm and being big as a barrel. And both of them always going ‘round and ‘round about things. They are always wanting me to throw in the towel. And, a sheet or two. And, still I snuggle them both and they want more. That’s real love! Sounds just like relationships, doesn’t it? It’s easy to love the loving and lovable. But, it’s something more to love the unloving. When relating to washers and dryers, or people, throw in some of your “Cheer” and some of that “Fab”. You might just “Gain” from it, too. An extra Snuggle wouldn’t hurt. Snuggles can soften what we wear and what wears on us. So, again, I repeat! If you’re carrying a heavy load? Umm…throw it in the washer! You don’t want to become a basket case, right? There’s a place for dirty laundry! In the washer. Have a fun day. Oh! And my washer? God. And, you know ? Sometimes it hurts a bit to get clean. You gotta go through the wringer and get agitated and sometimes even mixed up with the wrong crowd. But, it’s something we all gotta do. Regularly. Before you throw in the towel or fold? Check the lint trap! It may be full. Just like a washer or dryer, we need to start each day like a wash cycle. With a clean trap and by giving our heavy load to the Washer.   Trace

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SUCK SEED or SUCCEED? You Planting Seeds Or Just Spreading Dirt?

“SUCK SEED or SUCCEED? You Planting Seeds Or Just Spreading Dirt?” What? Well, you guys all know how to succeed right? It’s simple. By getting rid of that “suck seed” that got planted in you somewhere in your garden of life. Either by our self or someone telling you that you can’t do it. That you’re gonna suck! You dig? You gotta dig it out by the roots. And, “it” being whatever you are trying to succeed at. So, what’ll it be? Suck seed or succeed? PIMP LOL. Oh! And, one sure way to succeed? Plants seeds of humor hope and encouragement and love in others! Helps you both to grow. Something else that helps us grow? Fertilizer. You dig? Sorry if I shoveled too much tonight. Thanks for coming by my garden while I plant another seed amidst the fertilizer. Taking care not to plant the seed in shallow ground. I plant where it can grow and take root. So, take your garden shovel and dig out that suck seed and plant to succeed! Dig? Shovel to succeed. Not to spread dirt!     Trace

Monday, January 21, 2013

Rackin' My Brains!

Just rackin’ my brains! PIMP LOL. And huntin' for some answers about some things. But, really? When I can’t come up with an answer after racking’ my brains? I realize I should have asked God first. He’s got a lot of good points. PIMP LOL. You get the point, right? A picture is worth a thousand points.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

APPEAR or ADHERE? Don't come unglued!

"APPEAR or ADHERE? COMING UNGLUED!" So, I was thinking... Is God about how we appear or how we adhere? How we appear to others and God, or our stick-tuitiveness and our sticking to being a person of substance. How we show up or how we show heart. Here’s the def of adhere: “Stick fast to (a surface or substance). Believe in and follow the practices of.” I know. I’m stuck on working on this myself. Sticky stuff! PIMP LOL. Have a fun night. If you make an appearance, show your adherence, too! Keeps you from becoming unglued! PIMP LOL! Don't just show up... Show heart! Especially when you don't feel like it. Or you don't "see" any reason to. Cuz faith is the substance of things not seen.  Trace

Hangin' Tough!

"HANGIN' TOUGH!" What? Jus’ hangin’ tough and layin’ it on the line! Cuz, if you’re ever left hangin’ out to dry and you feel like hangin’ it up? You go right ahead and hang up your toughness for all to see. You know? Your faith and hope and perseverance. Lay it on the line. For me, that’s my jeans. Yes, they have a soft side, but still tough. A li’l on the fringe, too. And, yes, a li’l worn. Still…tough! And, when I hang them on the line, they feel crisp and refreshing! Next, I’m hanging my fingerless gloves. They’re tough, but delicate and require hand washing. PIMP LOL. So, next time you feel like hanging’ it up? Hang tough! Unless you’re doin’ laundry. Then, be my guest and go right ahead and hang it up. On the line. Make sure it’s clean, though. You wouldn’t want to air your dirty laundry, right? So, if you’ve been left hung out to dry and feel like hangin’ it up? Instead, hang out your toughness! Lay it on the line. It’ll give you a crisp refreshing sensation! Have a fun day. I’ll be back. Cuz, I would never hang you out to dry!  Trace

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Not Just Another Grocery Store-y To Check out!

“Not Just Another Grocery Store-y To Check out!” So, the girl in front of me in the checkout line was having a convo with the girl at the register. They were discussing the fact that lots of folks had mentioned they were sick with this nasty flu or someone they knew was and she said so many folks were buying all kinds of OTC medicines. Like, bottles of diarrhea medicine. I was thinking to myself: guess you could say they had a run on that med. She also stated they’ve been selling tons of tissue. I thought to myself: that blows me away. Then, she said that she has seen 10 bottles of cold medicine in the past couple hours go thru her line. I was thinking: that’s nothing to sneeze at. The clerk also was saying they could hardly keep TP on the shelves during this bad Flu epidemic. To which I was thinking: they are probably "behind" on their orders. Then, just as I was thinking that this line was getting too congested, the patron coughed up the total and left in a feverish hurry. I smiled at the girl at the register and she asked me what was so funny. I told her what I was thinking to myself as I was listening to you 2 talk. She said kiddingly: you’re sick! In more ways than one. But, have a good night. I said: right back achoo! And, yes! I did make the achoo sound. Gotta have humor. In sickness and in health. I sure hope all of you are feeling better and getting rid of this viral thing. And, who knows? Maybe this thing will go viral. This story thing, that is! PIMP LOL. Oh! And, I just remember one more thing. The cashier said my daughter and I looked alike. Like sisters. Before I could say “aw shucks, thank you” in a giggly girly voice, she said. “It’s the clothes. You dress young!!!” Don’tcha just know I was devastated for few moments. Got over it. It’s one of those things you gotta live with. And, grow old with. PIMP LOL. Course I said it was because I had been sick. Have a fun today. Be well. Thanks, everyone for taking a ride with me through m grocery store. I know. I'm just a few bags short of a full grocery cart. Trace

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Sometimes, you just gotta cover your mouth and let HOPE do the talkin’ for ya. Cuz, when she talks, the other girls walk. You know? FAITH and GRACE and CHARITY? And, you may even run into EPIPHANY! What? Shut up!! And I mean that in the modern cool shocking surprising smart alec girlie sense of shut up! And, spoken that way, too. PIMP LOL. Trace

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


“NO BROOM AT THE INN?” What? So, a friend of ours was visiting and he stayed at a local Inn. He was telling us that there didn’t seem to be much cleaning being done there. In keeping with the Christmas theme of jokes, I said, “What!?! No broom at the inn?” PIMP LOL. Okay, so this photodrama is my improvised manger scene. The wooden plaque is a permanent birthday card to Jesus that I put out every year. An 8 year old girl carved this with her Daddy one year for a Christmas Eve Children’s Play/Birthday Party I put on at Church many years ago. Each child had to make a gift for Him. Anyways, good memory. And, it reminded me that there’s always room in God’s Inn for us. We may have to bring a broom and do some sweeping up in our life after! But it’s come as you are. No broom at the inn necessary. PIMP LOL. Only a few more posts will go in this Holiday photo album of stories. Because there’s almost no more room at this Inn for more photos. Wouldn’t want to wear out my welcome mat. I will end it on Orthodox Christmas which just happens to be my birthday. January 7th! Night. Love you guys. You’re all welcome at my Inn. Trace

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


“CHANDELIERS or CANDLES! SHINE THE LIGHT!” What? Well, I say go ahead and shine your light! No matter if you feel like a melting dripping little candle fliickering its light or a chandelier. You don’t need to be dripping with beaded fanciness to shine or shatter the darkness. But you do need to be plugged in or aflame! This photo? Well, this is my li’l desk chandelier light. Yes, it lights these tired old eyes so I can see my work so I can try to shine some light. It reminds me of this: It’s got lots of pretty and clear beads that reflect the center light bulb and the light shines through. Kind of like God and us. When we are transparent with God, the love shines right through. People see God in us, without a word. It’s clear to them, too. PIMP LOL. But, you know, lots of times, I feel like the melting dripping candle. Things don’t seem as bright and we get burnt sometimes. We may even wax cold. But, especially then, should we choose to shine that candle light. Sometimes, it’s just for us and those immediately around us. Like the bible says “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” Many times, our shining light is only for us to see what is immediately in front of us. So we will depend on our faith to guide the rest of the Way. And, the other times? God wants us to be like a chandelier. Shining and sparkling and shimmering for many to see. So, shine your heart light. Whether you feel like a small melting candle or a shimmering chandelier. They both light up darkness. Happy and joyous New Year to all of you guys. I only tagged a couple before resting, but it's for everyone. Be blessed during the candles times as well as the chandelier! Shatter the darkness. I love you guys... Yes, still sick, but hanging tough... Trying to shine. Oh! And, sometimes I even shake things up a bit and put a blue light bulb in my chandelier light when I need a party shine.   Trace