Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bags & Handfuls!

"BAGS & HANDFULS!" Got out a bit today and enjoyed it with Donna. Wiped out now. So thankful for bright sun to hide the tiredness and the bags. PIMP LOL. And, add some brightness. Def sure I will sleep tonight. It was a small joy to just do a few hours of getting out without my body freaking out too badly. Not a big day for most, but for me? Huge! Not gonna be a big Christmas by the world's standards, but stable standards for me! Heart standards. That's huge! Anyways, enough mush and now for the humor. At Target, I accidentally threw an item at the cashier! It flew outta my hand. You just can't take me out. Unless you're willing to laugh. He laughed and said, "Okay! Okay! I'll go faster!" We had a great time laughing. I told him when I left that I only throw stuff at people I like. God bless him because I am a handful. Then, had to go back out to the grocery store just now because our daughter's plane flight got delayed from Texas, so we had to fit in the store before the airport. 1 car. And, I had my bags at the grocery store with me for a change. Course, next time, I should so bring the ones for the food. PIMP LOL. BTW? God gives us handfuls of blessings that we see if we look beyond the bags. Signed, The Gag's In The Bags


"I'tin'ERARY! A WORD FROM TRAY & TIN!” So, what did the antique Tin say to the antique Tray? “Let's hang out today! That's what I got on my i”tin"erary. YOU! I’m gonna call it my “utinerary”. See, Tray, our itinerary should always include others. And, include giving. And, forgiving. A giving person is such because they forgive even more and even before being able to give. It frees them to give with a pure heart. Forgiving someone is meant to be shared with the other person. But, sometimes you must do it alone, never being asked. You must muster up mercy and forgive. Now, forgetting? That’s the 1 thing no one can share with you. Only you can forget what’s in your forgiving memories. But, you must. You must muster up mercy for yourself and forget. ‘tis a merciful thing to muster up forgiveness whether for 1 or for 2. ‘tis a merciful, but harder thing to muster up forgetting, always for 1. Forgiving involves. Forgetting resolves, each and every time we remember. Resolution takes time. And, God’s mercies are new everyday, thankfully. They never get old. He never gets old. And, He never remembers. And, it’s not from old age. Ha ha, Tray. It’s from mercy. Yes, a giving person has one thing they do more. FORgive. So, Tray, that’s my i”tin”erary! Hang with you, to give, to forgive, to show mercy as mercy is shown to me.” Well, guys, that was a lesson today from Tray and Tin. Yes, in my world, my decorations talk to each other! And, to me. Ha ha. So, hang out with someone. Make them part of your itinerary. Forgive to make room for give-ing. Forgiveness always come a fore giving. I am hoping that 2014 allows me to be able to give more than this past year. In every way. It's hard to be on the other end. I love being a giver. And, a forgiver. And, don't forget. A forgetter, too. Okay, I shall be merciful and can it for now. Love you guys. SIGNED, A Trace Of Life

Friday, December 13, 2013

Yo ho ho or Ho ho ho?

"YO!" During the Christmas season, my friend holds 2 jobs at Disney. 1 as a Pirate & 1 as Santa. Seemed perfect with the similar costumes, boots, beards & lines. Yo ho ho & Ho ho ho? DUH LOL PIMP LOL. Until, this year. He started taking shortcuts & wearing 1 costume under the other. Showed up to see what the kiddies wanted for Christmas with a patch on 1 eye, red hat & red bandana, puffy sleeved shirt, red pants, vest, scrawny beard & a sword & a jug of rum in a red bag shouting Yo ho Yo ho! The moral? Yo! If you wear several hats in life, they're bound to overlap. & if you"re gonna take short cuts, yo better be prepared to be jolly in the folly. Short cuts are always a drag in the long run. Have a fun day. Ho Ho Ho. Signed, The Folly In The Jolly

Thursday, December 5, 2013

"Decking The Halls? The Neighborhood Carolers?"

“DECKING THE HALLS? THE NEIGHBORHOOD CAROLERS?” So, who doesn’t like to go caroling around the neighborhood! We started out with ♫Deck The Halls♫. How was I to know the first house of neighbors name WAS “The Halls”, and that Joe would actually deck them. Joe got mad when he thought we were telling him to put on Don's clothes because his own apparel was gay. Which they were very happy joyous clothes. He just didn't get it. And, by the time we got to the “Boughs” house next door? Strange! Mr. Bough hung his wife Holly on the front door and called her Wreath-a. He thought she was calling him an ancient troll. And, to top it off? Yul? Well, he was all decorated with flashing lights and caught himself on fire. We def saw the blazing Yul before us! We had to put him out and then get fa la la away! Lesson? Never underestimate the power of song interpretation. Next year? We’re singing “Silent Night”! DUH LOL PIMP LOL. And, know your neighbors! Be neighborly wherever you are. Be a neighbor without waiver. If you’re gonna deck? Let it be your halls, not THE Halls. Be patient with your neighbors. Life is interpreted by each person differently. Be happy! Don your gay smile. And, don't take things the wrong way. Even if meant the wrong way. Choose to take things the jolly way 'stead of the folly way. I love you guys. You sleigh me! Signed, The Jolly In The Folly


"FLAKING OUT ABOUT WHAT OTHERS THINK OF YOU?" So, you wouldn’t worry so much about what people think of you if you only knew how little people think of you. Yes, this is so true. We all get busy, 'specially this time of year. We all start getting a li’l flaky and have meltdowns. And, the time in a day spent in thinking on each person we know is very little, indeed. Still, all of us want to be thought a lot of in that little slot of time. We may not be thought about a lot, but we wanna be thought a lot of. When we think of ourselves less, we find more room to think of others. To be mindful of others. That’s a mindful. It’s not how much others think of you, it’s HOW they think of you when they do. Mind your kindness towards others. They’ll know you by your kind. And, remember? We are each unique like a snowflake. So, let’s not be just another cold, holiday flake and flake out over how little others think of us when we should be thinking about others in the first place. Signed, The Kind In The Mind


"ACTING UP! APPAULING or APPEALING!" I was looking something up in Acts, once again realizing anew how many lives were changed in these chapters of time thru many brave and faithful like Peter, Stephen and Saul big time. A magic man named Simon who wanted to buy the power of God changed his life. So many acts before Saul became Paul on the road to Damascus and on to Straight Street were um… ap”paul”ing. PIMP LOL. Point is? We all do ap”pauling” things before and after our faith is placed in God. I have traces of those. DUH LOL. Anyways, $ can’t buy that faith or love. We get our acts togetha by acting on and sharing our faith by acts of love. His power in us will straighten us out, get us on the right road and on to our own Straight Street. On the way, we can make a difference. Have a fun day. Act up a li'l. I do! While, I'm getting my acts togetha. BTW, I always thought Straight Street would be a great name for a band, but I wrote a song called Straight Street instead because we have a name. Just thought I’d straighten that out. 2nd BTW, this time of year seems to bring out the appauling. So, act appropriately appealing. Being able to give our ap"paul"ing to God is appealing to me. Signed, Traces Of Appauling Being Replaced By His Calling

Scheming & Dreaming In A Florida Winter Wonderland!

Well, our outdoor lights have all finally worn out. Except our snowman and 1 string of white lights. I love those new white outdoor lights that look like ice dripping, glistening and melting because that is what I do with our big snowman. I put him in the garden with a moon above and a few lights around him on the garden ground to look like he is melting in our Florida winter. No worries. The poinsettias from a secret elf left in the garden will do this year. In fact, they look so good with my color scheme. I was going to get red rose bushes when we could, but maybe a few more elves will drop off some more red poins so I can deck the whole hall. Well, deck the whole little fence. I don’t have a big hall and spiraling stairway like I used to. This will have to do. I can plant them after Christmas permanent and they would look lovely with our colors. Thankful for the plants and the Guard Of my Garden for scheming up such beauty. If you look through all the photographs you may even see a few elves I spotted or Bumble from Rudolph. He’s on the fence about Florida weather. Or, even, Santa and his reindeer making a practice run over our li’l corner of the world. Signed, The Schemer In The Dreamer

The Red Tape Escape!

"THE RED TAPE ESCAPE!" I know that life is a gift each day and I was reminded of that today when I just felt like hiding out because the whole year hit me at once and I wrote the following after letting the overwhelming "things" get to me: I’ve decided to skip December and hide out. You might see a couple stories or music but, as for me and my hide? We're hiding. So, I shall see everyone January 2014. 'bout a day or so, right? Just a jump and a skip away. Some years hit you all in 1 day. Signed, Skipping Out Steada Flipping Out

But, someone reminded me that you have to be present in life to see the gift. Which, you guys all know and you all know that I know, I know. Just sometimes, that present, that life, comes wrapped in red tape and I get all tangled up and tied up in it and stuck. PIMP LOL. I'll be thinking outta the box again… As soon as someone helps me get all untangled and out of this comic strip. Yes, sometimes, we need help! HELP! And, sometimes we need to escape, but, only an escape from the red tape, not the presence. We might not feel needed, but each of us are. And, our greatest gifts are always present: Father, Son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. Signed, The Girl In Red Tape Will Indeed Escape

Monday, December 2, 2013


“THE GIFTER! FREE GIFTS & REGIFTS!” Maybe you can't buy a lot of gifts this year. There are free gifts and regifts! Some funny, some serious, all free. So, maybe you can’t give a watch, but you can give that special someone “the time of day”. And, maybe you can’t buy someone that new house or that addition, but you can give them some “space”. We could all use that, sometimes. Or, maybe you can’t buy that gorgeous piece of jewelry they had their heart set on, but you can sure give them yours…give “your heart”. You know? Your "dear" presence! Or, should I say deer presence. Be a gem. In person. Photo? I put my sparkly deer ornament as a decoration for the dear presence package and you get the rest. Maybe you can’t buy that present they want or surprise them with things you so want to get them to show your love, but you can give the gift that keeps on presenting, “your presence”. Most of all? You can share His presence. It is a free gift, also. So, if you're out racing 'round the net track this cyber Monday, zoom by our site at for a download of our Christmas song. Hope it gets your heart racing. For God, for others. It's called God's Favor. Ya know I used to be called the gifter way before that gifter commercial. I loved finding that perfect special gift for everyone in my life. Not just the ones I found favor with or the ones that found favor with me. Something to make them smile or laugh and treasure. So, they could see God cared. I cared. The only thing I can give everyone this year is this song, part of us. I'd consider it a huge favor out of love if you would accept our gift. 'tis free for everyone. The Ultimate Gifter? God. BTW? You guys are all gifts to me. Taking time with our music and my stories and all. You give me lots of space. To write. And, laugh. And, lots of dear presence at my posts and my b'log and music sites. Much love deers! Trace

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Florida Fall!

I’m hiding behind the bushes and around the corner seeing if I can catch Florida Fall sneakin’ ‘round here somewhere close to my front porch. 87 the day before yesterday, 80 degrees today, 83 degrees tomorrow, 60 degrees the next day, 85 the next, 57 the next. You get it. Up and down the rollercoaster. No wonder I get dizzy. For some odd reason, I am singing that disco song "RollerCoaster"! DUH LOL. So, anyways, I have my fingerless gloves, boots, short sleeve shirt and fave flannel all ready for any weather. And, if it’s hot and rainy, the flannel doubles as a rainhat. PIMP LOL. Watch out Fall. I got my eyes on you. You leaf me no choice but to pretend I'm up north until then. PIMP LOL. Oh well. No matter. I am thankful for any weather and the Weather Maker. Signed, The Ready For The Any, Rocker Off Her Rocker

Count The Ways...On My Fingerless Gloved Fingers.

I can count, on my fingerless gloved fingers, the many ways God has had a hand in my life. And, on my toes! And, it would so take a lot of hands and toes! I can always count on Him. Today, and every day. And, no! I don't wear fingerless socks. PIMP LOL. So, I am just gonna list the 4 short stories He put on my hand and heart and toes this morning! PIMP LOL. Here's one: When I write my humor and hopes life stories, the puns are INtended. While the punch lines are Attended. By PIMP LOL. Or, TNT LOL. Or, DUH LOL, IRATE LOL, or SILENT LOL. Yep! That's right! I make home-made acronyms AND cookies. Well, have a fun day. Make some laughs. Attend life and intend to make a diff. God is in our midst. And, in our mist. Signed, The Fun In The Pun Makes A Diff In The Midst

Here's another: That merry feeling you get when your grownup daughter says she can’t wait to go to church… God loves a merry heart. And, contrary to popular belief, He loves a contrary heart, too. Hope your day is merry. Sometimes, we have to look for the merry in the contrary. Cuz that's just how life's garden grows. Signed, The Merry In The Contrary

Here's another: Epic someone’s day! Pic someone to bless, unexpectedly. It’s a mess of fun and it will mess with them, epically! Have an epic weekend. Thanks for always lettin' me mess with you guys. And, thanks for the mess of prayers these past months. Still need a mess more. I'm a mess. PIMP LOL. Signed, The Bless In The Mess

And, here's the last one: It's Saturday! Do you know where your groove is? It may have gotten lost somewhere in The Land Of Mojo during the week. Well, when you locate it? Grab it & get in it! If you see mine there? Send it home. Cuz I wanna get my mojo mojo'in and movin'. Have a fun day. Get in the groove. 'tis fitting & edgy & um...groove-y? Signed, I'll Be Groovin' When My Mojo Gets Movin'

Turkey Scraps!

"WILD TURKEY & TURKEY SCRAPS!" So, I hope you guys all have a thrilling hopeful, joyous, peaceful, Thanksgiving! No scrapping on Turkey Day. Unless you're eatin' the scraps. I know we'll be fighting (scrappin') over the scraps tomorrow. PIMP LOL. Holidays sometimes make us act like turkeys! We get into scraps. Seriously! I'm not talkin' turkey. Here's my story. Ever seen a Wild Turkey? I have! The bird kind and the bottle kind. Years ago I got off of Wild Turkey! Cold turkey! It was gobbling me up. I don’t act like such a turkey anymore. Well, not much! PIMP LOL. Got something you are struggling with? It IS possible to overcome. Don’t let anything gobble you up. Take your turkey to God. Nothing’s too wild for Him! You’ll be thankful you did. Being thankful helps you not miss out on the other stuff…ing! He takes our scraps and what's left of our stuffing and makes us whole. Have fun joining together with family & friends to be thankful. Don’t scrap with any turkeys. Some are just full of it! Stuffing, I mean. Don’t you be. Oh! The photo? A turkey made from scraps of farm machinery by an awesome artist friend Rem Brent! He’s my stand-in turkey until we get done grilling our turkey tomorrow. Ours got into a scrap! PIMP LOL. Here’s the story on that: We’re gonna wait to grill our turkey on Friday. He's pretty chilled out right now, so we're gonna let him sweat a li'l, then grill him to find out if he’s the 1 who gobbled up the ham we were saving for Christmas. He’ll prolly get snoody, but wattle we do? I’ll tell ya what! We’re really gonna cook him on the grill for real! Mugshot Friday. Have a fun thankful day of giving! Oh! And, since we are grilling, I'd thought it appropriate to share our fire song about hopes and dreams and not giving up. Being thankful in the fire, by the fire and through the fire. Hope you like it. It's in the 1st comment. Signed, The Ham In The Ma’am

Eye Candy, Gum, Candy Bars Or Ice-Cream?

"EVERYONE'S A SINGER! ARE YOU EYE CANDY, GUM, CANDY BARS OR ICE-CREAM?" What? Well, for a singer, being seen AND heard on stage means finding a sweet spot. Being called “Eye Candy” is a polite way of saying you were seen, not heard. And, you just keep going, smile and be a pro about it. Jus' keep singin'. Now, being called Eye Candy, FAD is a rudely funny, but prolly correct for most of us, way of saying sounded good and looked good, FAD (from a distance) DUH LOL. But, me? I like the idea of being Eye Gum. Chew on the whole piece. That’s means listening while watching. The tasteful stage presence and sound goes from the eyes to the ears to the soul. Gum! Yep. Eye Gum. Now, will I tell where this story came from? Well, lets just say that last nights smiles and Eye Candy FAD on stage weren’t just from the message and music. Gotta have fun while sharing your heart and soul. And, besides, even if your stage, sometimes, is only in a far off corner in a far off town somewhere to a few, or in your house or garage for your neighbors, or, for an audience of One, it’s giving your whole piece that’s makes it sweet. In every sit. Now, maybe some of us singers might also aspire to be not only gum, but candy bars with nuts in them or ice cream that melts… The heart… Of both singer and audience. So God can be seen and heard and felt from the inside. And, most important to me? Singers sometimes forget that everyone wants to sing. It's healing. It's medicine for us all... Signed, The Jokes In The Vox

The Scoop On Serving!

The Scoop On Serving & Thanksgiving!” So, here’s the scoop! Cappuccino Fudge Blitz! Can’t have it! But, just scooping it out and serving it up and saying the words is a blitz! It may be the pits that I can’t have this, but serving makes it a blitz. PIMP LOL. So, whether serving up ice cream you can’t have, washing someone that can’t, or doing something nobody even knows you’re doing? Find the blitz in the pitz. Because Someone does know and He did it for us. He served and found the blitz in the pitz. So, put on the ritz when it comes to serving with thanksgiving that you CAN and MAY serve. Some are not as able. Though, we can each serve up thankfulness. Hope your week of Thanksgiving is the glitz, even in the pitz. Okay! You get the jitz! Signed, The Blitz In The Pitz

Diggin' In, Diggin' Out & Diggin' On. At Our Digs!

"DIGGIN' OUT & DIGGIN' ON AT OUR DIGS!" So, it’s officially that time of year for me. When it's okay to dig. The Week Of Thanksgiving Into Christmas. Time to dig! It’s always fun to dig out old songs, old decorations, old clothes, old cards and old recipes at this time of year. Dig ‘em out so you can dig on ‘em once again. Now, I know, some memories are hard to go through, but you’ll be glad you did dig and thankful you can enjoy them once again. Dig? So, for the next several weeks or so, I will be digging out and digging on old things, slowly to take it all in and actually enjoy. And, share photodrama and stories of them. I dug out just a few for today. My 2 wreaths I made. And, my Thanksgiving and Christmas angel that I got from a dear friend from the Space Center and antique tins! I have a story behind every thing I dig out. Dig? So, what did the angel say to the ornamental metal cans as they sang Christmas songs? Ummm…can it. You have a tin ear. PIMP LOL. So, have fun this season and sing. Our original blazzy (bluesy jazz) Christmas tune is free from now until the end of the year at our website at It’s called God’s Favor. Stop by and dig on it and then get it. Dig? Because just as much as we dig on the old? We can dig on the new. Life changes. Dig? And, here's a link to the Christmas card video and story. Something Christmas-y for the ears, the eyes and the soul: Signed, Digging Out & Digging On

Shine The Light!

Shine the light... I so love this shot. I love this old candelabra and bible and Garnet Rose right behind them both. We stay in the background and let our light so shine...

Turk E. Brown!

Here’s the mug shot I promised of our friend Turk E. Brown who was convicted of trying to abscond with Thanksgiving supper. He didn’t get too far before he lost his head and was captured. He got heated up during our grilling, but, he gave away no secrets! He did not even cave during intense grilling. He got snoody and hung on by the skin of his umm…teeth? Though, in the end, wattle we do? He didn’t have a leg left to stand on. Just a wing and a flare up of fire at the end. PIMP LOL. Have a fun day and don't let life gobble you up. Stop by my other stories in this album and the free Christmas song in the first comment. BTW, the snood and the wattle are the hangy skin stuff on neck and protuberance. Signed, The Killer Griller


Something just blew by me ‘bout knocked me off my Scooby-Doo socked feet. IN fact, it did! Ruh roh! Left me in a daze. After I gathered my senses, I saw it in its hazy, blurry magnificence. It was 334 days of 2013 all at once. Can you believe it? Sometimes, weeks, months, years hit you all at once. Leave you with daze. Have a fun day! Enjoy it before it's part of 1 of those weeks that hit you all at once. Enjoy the craze of the maze before it's a haze of daze. Find your way through with help from the Maker Of Days and the Healer Of Haze who makes sense outta the daze. Signed, The Year In The Mirr'


Jus' a li'l thankful... For the li'l things. From a big God. Jus' a li'l...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


“VEIN WORSHIP!” What? Well, lately I’ve heard so much about worship and how it's all about the music. Yes, we are musicians and songwriters and singers, etc., but, I do believe that music is only a small piece and that worship is purely pouring everything you got into showing the worth of God. Worship is not only music or church, but I believe it’s getting your blood flowing. Serving. Lending a hand. It’s what’s going on in the inside much more than what’s going on on the outside. Sometimes, in music it may flow to the outside. But, it should start on the inside. Sam used to always say to me that if the veins in my neck weren’t popping then I wasn’t giving it everything I got. I think he got that from his Dad. Same goes for all we do. Getting the blood coursing through our veins is worship. Showing God’s worth in everything. Serving. With love. With excellence. Even unto the smallest deed. That’s vein worship. Not vain worship. I like the scriptures on love in 1 Corinthians 13:1 about clanging cymbals. If it’s not coming from a loving heart we’re just making noise. Now, noise is good sometimes to just have fun. But, we’re just clanging cymbals if the blood of love isn't coursing through our veins. Okay. That’s enough. Have fun worshiping. However you worship. However you attribute value and serve with love. We have much to gain in vein worship and much to lose in vain worship. He sees our veins and he sees our vains. He sees our real tears of love, pain and joy in the prayers that we reveal in the secret for ourselves and for others. That’s service, too. That’s worship. Gotta go pop a few veins and practice. YOu guys have a fun evening. Pop a few veins. Signed, There’s Gain In The Vein Worship

Bridges Of Hope & Lions Of Courage!

“Bridges Of Hope & Lions Of Courage!” Telling your family, friends and loved ones how much you love them and are proud of them every day will make their days not seem so um…every day! I ain’t lion! Jus’ sayin’! That encouragement gives us a bridge and the courage to cross over to that hope every day and live life. Have the courage to see what’s out there. I love C. S. Lewis’s Aslan! His roar gives us courage. Faith. Gentle as a lamb, strong as lion. That’s how we should be. BTW? The photographs are from last weekend at St. Augustine at The Bridge Of Lions. It was a small miracle for me. For us. And, I ain’t lion. We crossed a bridge. Many more to come. Gently roar courage to someone today. Signed, The Love From Above Is Within To Give Withou

Monday, November 4, 2013


I find shelter in the umbrella over my head and the shoulder of someone most dear. One to catch the rain. And, one to catch the tear. Of joy. Signed, The Delight In The Write

the b.a.s.i.c. band

Some of our music comes to you “live”, but ALL of our music comes to you “lived”. We have lived our music and lyrics and I have lived my stories. Stop by our website. You haven’t lived until you’ve done that, PIMP LOL. Signed,

Flagler Fun

I so needed yesterday in so many ways. I was gonna do it no matter what, but the fact that I stepped in to the impossibles was God all the way. We all needed it. Even when things are less than perfect in a big way, they can feel perf in the li'l ways. Thankful doesn't seem enough, but it will have to do. Hope you will go thru this album, read the stories and captions and enjoy the 2 trips. Meantime, gonna relax, windows open, watching the slide show from the TV via the couch. Thanks for the a big way. Signed, The Freed In The Knee'd 


“JUST A FIGURINE OF SPEECH!” So, as I was uploading photographs and writing memories from this weekend, I kept seeing my figurine on my desk of my pig, Grace. And, a pearl necklace a friend made me for stage. The 2 items got me thinking. If you cast your pearls before swine don’t expect to bring home the bacon. Put your wisdom to work at something meaty you can sink your teeth in (with a smile), that has benefits. Hard work and a li’l ham never hurt anyone. Well, that’s just my hammed up “figurine” of speech. ParaTraced from the bible. Now, I love pigs, but here’s what that really means. Pearls, of course, are considered to be things of great value, and swine (pigs) are often considered to be lowly animals. So, it really means "Don't waste something valuable by giving it to someone who doesn't, won’t or can't appreciate it." Have a hardworking hammed up day. Casting your pearls before swine? Not s’wise. Wisdom at it’s swinest! Casting your care before our wise God? Wisdom at it’s finest. Because going before Him is never wasted and never not appreciated. Thanks for letting me rib ya with my story and photodrama a figurine replica of my pet pig, Grace. You know, it’s not always the pigs that are the swine. And, BTW? Our trip this past weekend was full of rain and speaking of pigs? Squealing! Yep! Our car mysteriously squealed the whole way there and back. Very high pitch squeal. Probably dust in the brakes. But, man did it squeal. Anyways, here is the album link if you missed our fun: Appreciate all you guys carrying us so we could go. God does hear. And, does supply grace. Signed, The Fun In The Pun Is Done, Now

Thursday, October 31, 2013


"DRESSING UP AS SHEET MUSIC! SHURELY HAUNTING!" So, this morning, I was trying to decide what to dress up as today. Since I am a writer, I was going to dress as a pencil, but I just couldn’t get the lead out! Then, I thought maybe since I am a singer, I would go as sheet music. But, I just couldn’t find any white sheets. So, I finally decided that since I had been sick and pulled out my tooth and all which all left me half dead, I’d just dress up as something that took less work. A zombie! Already ½ way there. PIMP LOL. Have a fun day and night. Sing some music. Even if you can’t find a sheet. I may just have to find a white sheet. I like that idea. Anybody got a white sheet I can borrow? Course, it may be a blues sheet when you get it back. Oh! And, what did the sheet costume sing to the singer wearing it? I got the music in me. Haunting... You can’t beat that! Hope my singing doesn't scare you too bad. PIMP LOL. And, if you see me out and about? Please don't stomp on me and run me over. You know how we all love to run through the sheet music. Practice? PIMP LOL. Oh! And, I was going to make a photo of us singing and playing with a music stand and an ear clipped to it instead of sheet music. Playing by ear? DUH LOL.   And, if you want to stop by one of my haunts? Here's the link to some haunting music:  Signed, Hoping To Haunt, Not Scare. With Music

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The True Colors Of A Fall!

“THE TRUE COLORS OF A FALL!” I miss Pennsylvania fall and the colors and change of season so much. Yes, I fall for fall. So much that I imagined today that I was back in the mountains and part of that thrill this year. I put myself in a friends photograph just to feel the change again and then see it! Barefoot with a clump of gorgeous leaves for my collection. Now, I am imagining that it won’t be long before we are making a huge pile to jump in. Anyways, got me thinking about how we fall at seasons in our lives. Sometimes, you gotta be right smack in the middle of the fall to see the true colors of yourself and others and then, change. Sometimes, you just gotta put yourself out there to feel the change. And, then see it. You gotta branch out. Show your true colors. The thing about fall? It’s only for a season. Just like when we fall. We get up. Change… For the true colors of a fall show our rather hueman colorful side. I’ll just leaf you with that! Signed, Colorfully Putting Myself Out There


“PROMISES, SQUIRRELS & UNEXPECTED JOY! IT'S NOT JUST IN YOUR HEAD!” So, this morning had some unexpected rain. You know I love unexpected rain, but then I love expected rain, too. I love when the weather man says its going to rain and it really does. But, when they’re not calling for it, and I see a little cloud or my radar app on my phone shows it, I unexpectedly smile. It’s great when things and people follow through with expected plans. We expect that. And, so we should. But, there’s disappointment when things or people don’t. So, when you get a joy unexpectedly, it comes with no chance for disappointment. Like weather forecasts or people’s intentions. S’like being a kid at their first Christmas. No chance for disappointment. Just pure joy. That’s what unexpected rain is for me. A surprise from above letting me know He knows I am here. We are here. So, anyways, the funny thing is that while I was standing out on the porch to see the rain, I heard a weird cat kind of sound coming from our huge Norfolk Pine. After much investigation, I finally laid my eyes on a rather large plump squirrel making that weird noise. It was trailing one of our many lizards that live on our porch and front garden area. He kept that noise and chase up for a long time. After a while, he heard my camera and glanced over at me and I unexpectedly got a shot of him. In fact, several. You just never know what you may hear or see or feel when you go out in the rain. And, when you follow through. I know… You’re thinking that possibly that squirrel has some relatives that live close by. In my head. PIMP LOL. Have a fun day. Find unexpected joy from following through with unexpected plans. And, expected joy from keeping promises. Spread some. Promises. And, joy. Oh! And, the photographs I snapped are of the things I found joy in while listening to the rain and the squirrels. And, not just the ones in my head. DUH LOL. One shot of the squirrel looks so evil. Like a rat! You will notice in one shot that the sky had already cleared by the time I got done squirreling around with the morning. I would have loved for it to rain all day. Jus’ saying. Oh! And, I actually had a pet squirrel named “Ecru” when I was in my 20’s. No!! He didn’t live in my head. SILENT LOL. Well, enough squirrels for you today. One last thing? Follow through. For yourself. For those you make promises to. It's not just a thing in your head. Like squirrels. It's in the heart. Expect the unexpected. How do I clean out the squirrels in my head? By keeping promises and standing on the promises of God. Signed, The Joy In The Tomboy & The Squirrel In The Girl

The Vine!

On the porch, off my rocker, hanging out with the baskets. Yep! Just a basket case who leans on the Vine.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Late Night Schtacked Schnecken Schnack!

The Late Night Schtacked Schnecken Schnack! So, we had company. Our drummer friend, Ronnie, who usually takes us out, but I made this for them, instead. I recken you'll like my Schnecken. I named it the Late Night Schtacked Schnecken Schnack. It’s made with Onion Schnecken Rolls, Barbecue Chicken, Chipotle Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Real Mayo, Vidalia Onion and Sweet Gherkins! It’s so big and boss, that about half way through it schneckens up on you. PIMP LOL. Mmm…. No cookbook necessary. Cooked it up myself. Wish I could eat one. Oh, well. I will settle for serving it. Love that. The good feelings schneckened up on me. So, serve someone. It will schnecken up on you and catch you by surprise when you serve with love. I make up my own kitchen kreations. My sandwishes. Yes, I call them sandwishes because I can put anything I wish in them. Oh! And a i'l kitchen humor: Since I cook, I think I can speak for how a cook would answer someone who just lied to them. He'd say: if you're gonna lie, at least marinade it a bit with some juicier stuff so I can chew on it a bit cuz I sure as heck am not gonna swallow it. Better to have raw truth than cooked up lie! What? Jus' pitchin' kitchen humor Signed, The Cook Without The Book Has Schtick On The Stack

Monday, October 28, 2013


“PUTTIN’ YOUR BUTS TO BED!” What? Well, today I am kicking butt, one “but” at a time. You know how most everything comes with a but? Like: You can do that, but… I'm your friend, but… I know I promised, but… You're awesome, but… I do love you God, but… Right? We've all bawled a bit over a few buts, but! We need to kick those but butts, one but at a time! Replace them with a period. Better yet? An exclamation! Doubts & letdowns come in the form of buts and butts. Don’t be a butt to someone by adding a but after a promise, now or later. Period! Keep your word. Exclamation! So, have a kick butt day. No buts about it! And, tonight? Put those buts to bed. Pray about the buts and pray FOR the butts. Because, we all know that if our buts are in God's hands and our other butts are in bed, we shall sleep better. DUH LOL PIMP LOL. And, thanks, guys for having my back about the "but" that happened to me yesterday. I decided to delete the story, though it wasn't bad and I wasn’t a butt about it. I just wanted to be quiet and give it to God. God knows my heart! SIGNED, I Have My Doubts, But I Kick Them Outs


“ROOTS! THEY KEEP ME STANDING AND I STAND ON THAT!” So, yay! Cool! We get to fix the AC! It’s okay. A li’l sarcasm lightens the load. But, it doesn't suck or blow! Jus' life. Well, come to think of it? It IS gonna suck AND blow here shortly. And, then cleanup and more cool! Cuz, we're blowing it out 1 end with the hose and sucking it out the other end with a borrowed ShopVac. Hmmm...wonder if I can use this advanced technology on my sinuses, ears, lungs and head? If we can make the AC breathe and get unclogged with all that gook, we should be able to fix me. Trace's might blow! Well, have a cool day. Sometimes, when life sucks or blows, you just gotta suck it up and blow it out! BTW? Do ya think there’s much humidity in the air today? I mean, in the hair? PIMP LOL. Wild hair day! Comes with the work. And, we all gotta work. Sure hope we get some rain today. Today def calls for a Pink Panther or John Candy movie. Hopefully, some music,! You’ll notice I’m standing on some tree roots and that’s why I’m looking down. I’m actually looking up in my heart thinking…”yep, I’ve got roots”. And, I’m not talkin’ ‘bout the purple hair roots. No. I’m talking ‘bout God. That’s the reason I can look at fixing the AC and wild hair days as not sucking or blowing. Even when they do. Because I got roots… And, I stand on that! PIMP LOL. He IS what keeps me standing. Oh! And, I got my music roots, too! Signed, Cracking A Half Smile Then Resting A Whole While


“CASTS!” I stepped outside yesterday after we fixed the AC and a long week of overcast skies and downcast happenings and I saw the sun for a moment. Got me thinking a bit about different kinds of casts. So, most of us have all been in a cast for broken bones and down cast with a broken heart. Plenty of us have seen things look overcast in our broken world around us or have been wrongly cast in the play of our life. Even felt like an outcast! God will not cast you out. He repairs broken bones, broken hearts, broken worlds and wrongs before they break us. He brokers our brokens. Have a fun day. Cast aside your hurt for humor, your fretting for freedom that comes with forgiveness. Cast your cares upon He who cares. Cast your overcast, downcast, outcast, or in a cast to the One who never casts out. Signed, The Spoken In The Broken


“HOODS, WINKS, HOODWINKING & THE KID IN ME” What? So, today, I feel like that li’l kid in me just got out through one of the holes in my fingerless gloves! She is so in trouble when she gets back. I like it when she’s here! The kid in me keeps me from doubtin’ with her childlike faith. And, the adult in me keeps that li’l girl from poutin’ with her wildlike faith. Wink wink! Yep! I was a kid once. Got hoodwinked into believing adulthood was cooler. Just grew up too fast and was even adultlike when I was a kid. Too sensitive, too grownup, for my own britches. Mmhmm… Well, I still have one hidden inside. The thing ‘bout being a kid is, you have boundaries and we can’t do a lot of things adults can! But, for good reason. It’s easy to get hoodwinked as an adult, so you can only imagine how easy as a child. Like getting hookwinked into choosing to do what some kids are doing around the neighborhood, or others hoods. Even, hoodwinked into believing some falsehoods. PIMP LOL. Choosing, respecting and obeying what’s right mold us into our adulthood. Then, when we leave kidhood for adulthood, we realize that it’s not just about being able to do what we want, it’s about being able to choose not to. And, then, doing something good with what we choose TO do. Not being hoodwinked. And, yes, still obeying and respecting others. That’s where OUR respect comes in. The not hoodwinking of others. Respect. Because, we all belong to one hood. Brotherhood and sisterhood. My kidhood may sometimes hoodwink my adulthood inside me, but we both have to live in this hood, so we wink it out. I mean, work it out. Yep. The kid in me keeps me from doubtin’ with her childlike faith. And, the adult in me keeps the kid from poutin’ with her wildlike faith. Wink wink! We both take everything to The Most Wise who loves the adult and the kid in me. We wink it out! I mean, work it out. BTW? All this hood talk has we hoping the weather changes soon so I can wear my sweaters and jackets with hoods. Jus’ sayin’! Oh! And, photos? Well, one with my hooded sweater as an adult (sort of) and one as a kid hanging by hood of the car winking. Loved classic cars and music, even as a kid. And, hoodwinking. PIMP LOL. I even loved posing with cars then, as I do now. And, the other was my 1st year in Florida, 12 years old. SIGNED, The Kid In The Adult In The Hood & The Adult In The Kid By The Hood, Winking

Carrying On! b.a.s.i.cally

I walk. If I can’t walk, I crawl. And, if I can’t crawl? I get carried. Yes, I get carried away. With my faith. One of my fave things in the bible is when a sick person had 4 friends with such faith they carried their friend, who couldn’t walk, and lowered him down through a roof to get near Jesus. We all should have such friends. And, such faith. And, by the way? Whether I’m walking, crawling or being carried? I’m always dancing and singing inside. Sometimes, even outside! Yes! I carry on. And, I get carried away with music. Well, with everything! And, one more thing? Sometimes, how I walk carries others. SIGNED, Getting Carried Away Is How I Carry On

Tendon"see Towards Truth!"

"Tendon"see Towards Truth!" Truth... Carries a lot of weight! It’s something to get up in arms about! PIMP LOL. Builds you up and has a way of working itself out. Truth makes you feel your soul tendons and muscles getting stronger! That’s pretty heavyweight! Hope you have an uplifting day. With a “tendon”see towards the truth. I try to remember that even on my weakest day, knowing and living the truth, strengthens my weak. And, when I feel the weights weighing me down, I know to wait. Things will have "tendon"see to change. In the meantime, I lift up my weights to the heavens. To the truth. One more thing? Lifting up others lifts some of the weight off of us. SIGNED, The Girl With the Curl Givin’ It To You Straight

Working At Playing! And, Playing At Work!

So, this is where I play and where I work. I do both hard! Because, it’s easier for me to keep busy and work hard. Do I play? Hardly! PIMP LOL. I do it by finding the whoas in the woes. Jus’ my li’l corner of this big ol’ world to shine a light. And, that keeps me real busy because, sometimes, it’s hard to find those whoas in the woes and shine a li’l light in that dark! So, work with me here and stop by our music website: It has my blog and albums and other stuff there, too. That would so whoa me! And, light me up! But, it’s not just about me. Sam works hard and plays hard on music in here, too. And, our girl. And, many many others along our life's rocky road. Hope you have a whoa weekend and not a woe is me. Work hard at playing! Signed, The Player In The Worker


Oppor”tune”ities & Oppor"teenieweenie"ities Of A Lifetime! So, oppor"teenieweenie"ities are those hard to see, very small, seemingly unimportant opportunities that end up making a big diff in our lives. Oppor"tune"ities are those songs, those tunes, that come to us at opportune times and make a big diff in our lives. Tunes that give us chills… Why do I keep singing even when I don’t see all the frills? Cuz it stills gives me thrills! And, chills! When I begin singing, I am free. The only place I am. And, that? Is my medicine. Oh! And, the photograph? Just an old one of 3 members of our previous band “Shepherd’s Heart”. Of course, Sam and myself and then our dear friend Bill on bass. We used to rock the flock, unsheepishly. PIMP LOL. Here we are nailing down some parts of a song. Take a small teenie weenie opportunity to make a diff in other lives. As well as our own. To use our own original tunes to work as a team, a family… To make a diff. Our pastor used to let us practice in the church building any time and play there as much as we could. We really did rock the “house”. PIMP LOL. One time, after practice, we backed up the band truck to the front doors to load up and clutch slipped and the truck smashed right through the front of the church. No joke. We had to go to his house and tell him what happened. He laughed. What a great man. We really knew how to make a scene! And, crash one! PIMP LOL. Anyways, we took that small opportunity at that small church and used it for big stuff. Oppor”tune”ities. Come in all sizes in our lives. And, in all songs. Oh! And, you can’t really see it, but I have my classic Shure mic in my hand when it was new. Still love it. Okay, so, if you get an opportunity? Come by our website: Oppor”tune”ities of a lifetime are there. Songs from all through our lives. Hey! I think I just thought of the new title for our new album we are starting while waiting on money for CD’s to be made. And, waiting and searching for more members of our newer band “the b.a.s.i.c. band” so we can play more. And, still make a diff. And, speaking of diffs? You can make a diff in our lives by getting one or both of our albums up until then. Thank you guys much for tune-ing in. PIMP LOL. SIGNED, Opportunity Knocks, Oppor"tune"ity Rocks


"3 BREADS THAT''LL GIVE YOU A SLICE OF LIFE IF YOU DON'T LOAF AROUND!" So, I can’t have yeast. Been having so many problems with breathing that I looked into some of the foods I eat more closely. Can’t believe how many foods have yeast added as fillers. I’m always searching for foods I can eat and live with. Literally! Because, breathing and eating? Umm…kind of important. No worries. I will just have to “rise” to the occasion. PIMP LOL. Sometimes, even when we’re tired, we must rise! Oh! And, what did God say to the Bread Bank Volunteers? “No loafing around! Whatever you do unto the yeast of them, you do unto me.” PIMP LOL. So, rise! Help yourself. Help others. Volunteer! It’s the yeast you can do! And, you know, sometimes? We be looking for the wrong kind of bread! I mean, yes, we need eating bread. And, I like that green bread, too! Need more of that! But, we so need our daily soul bread, too. You can take that to the bank! Have a fun day. There's a slice of life waiting for you. Signed, The Least Without The Yeast Will Still Rise

Giving You Some Lip!

I don't know why, but I felt like giving you guys all some lip. Prolly because the time of year. Just kiddin'. I had a memory tonight of the old cherry wax lips and fang lips that we used to get at Halloween. I can even remember coming down out of the mountains and going into a nearby town in the snow to trick or treat. My love for these lips will never wax cold. PIMP LOL. Fang you guys veerdy much for treating me to a read and a look. No tricks. Well, just one with my photo. The eyes and the lips. Not real. But, you knew that. If I really had wax lips, they would have been in my mouth, not on it DUH LOL. Have a restful night's sleep. Here's a pucker up for you tuckered up friends. What? That's what one brand says! Pucker! I could have used to the other brand name! Wack!PIMP LOL. And, speaking of waxing cold and lips? Give everything off your lips to God. Don't let your love for Him wax cold. From your lips to God's ear. Signed, The Tricker In The Treater


“HELMETS & EGGS!” So, I was watching football yesterday. And, one of the football players was such a good egg. I liked the way he scrambled. PIMP LOL. And, another one made such an awesome pass. Yes, I love football. Yes, I know all about it. Yes, I’m a girl. Okay, I'm gonna be a good egg myself and omelette you get back to your Monday now. Just wanted to crack you up. I hope it went over easy. I needed it, too. Last week was a hard, boiled day. It hit me all at once. No worries. I take all my eggs to God. His yoke is easy. Life’s too short. Don’t let it pass you by. Yes, I was sitting here for this photograph, but, don’t you sit. Get up and pass on some hope. Scramble to help someone. And, take your eggs to Him whose yoke is easy. Not saying life will be easy. I beg to differ there. Nope. Not every effort ends up as a touchdown. And, we do get downs. Jus’ sayin’ that we are not without comfort as we would be without Him. We have our helmet. The helmet of salvation. Keeps us eggs from cracking. Score! Have a fun week. Play a li’l. SIGNED, The Yoke In The Joke

Thursday, October 24, 2013


“TALK TO THE HAND: A GERBIL AGREEMENT!” So, you are probably wondering just what in the world is she talkin' 'bout now! Well, I was thinking about agreements and our word again because a circumstance came up recently and got my wheels turning. So, sometimes, trusting and making a verbal agreement can, down the road, turn into a verbal disagreement. Where you go round and round, and it turns into a Gerbil disagreement. PIMP LOL. Get it in writing! Or, learn to live with the fact that not all verbal agreements trusted in are from trustworthy people. Some are from rats. And, sometimes it’s hard to smell a rat when you want so much to smell a wonderful herbal scent. You know? Savor the aroma of a true friend. Like Herb! PIMP LOL. So, for yourself, always make verbal Herbal agreements that smell of honor. Not verbal Gerbil agreements that smell of a rat and keep you going round and round. Let your yea’s be yea’s and your nay’s be nay’s. So, that your yay’s can be yay’s! If, you get “talk to the hand”? It’s time to talk to the Man. There is one you can always trust with your verbal, Gerbil and Herbal agreements. To get you off the wheel, so you can heal. Though, I have to admit, some rats only deserve a “talk to the hand”. PIMP LOL. Nah. Forgiveness is for all. Oh! One last joke? Great minds think alike. Great minds on facebook think a "like". PIMP LOL. Have an honorable and great day, mind you. Think before you like an agreement. Just my spin on the wheel of life, on the wheel of facebook. That's how I roll! And, spin. Song for this story? "The Wheels Of Life" by one of my alltime fave guys, Gino Vannelli. Take a chance and listen to the song in the 1st comment! SIGNED, The Fluster In The Truster

Monday, October 7, 2013


“KNEEALIZING!” What? So, I dug these Jean heels from way back out of my closet to sing in last night because I knew they would so go with some jean fingerless gloves with ruffles that someone sent me along with several others. And, when I say way back, I don’t mean way back in the closet. I mean way way way back in time. When I worked at the Space Center and lived alone and, well, you get it. Still fit! Anyways, I realized why I hadn’t worn the jean heels in a while. They brought me to my knees. They still look good but man do they hurt. Because I wasn’t used to wearing them, they were uncomfortable. I also realized something else as I thought back over a few memories from over the years that have come back since my seizure. I realized that God has brought me through much since these shoes. Given me comfort in the uncomfortable. Given me blue skies in the blues. Even some of the memories were uncomfortable. And, realizing that? Brought me to my knees. I call it kneealizing. When you realize something and it brings you to your knees. Can be uncomfortable if you haven’t done it in a while, but sometimes, you must get a li’l uncomfortable to get comfort and able to go on. Some of my other comforts? I love the color blue, love singing the Blues and I love blue jean anything. What’s your comfort? Signed, Singing The Blues, Wearing The Blues & Writing To Amuse


'WALKING DEAD! OR ALIVE!" What? So, I watched so many Walking Dead this week while sick with my tooth and other stuff, that when I woke up in the middle of the night last with a fever and the AC wasn’t working? I felt like a zombie myself and half expected to see one lurking in the next room. Or, in the mirror. I did manage to go back to sleep with a splitting headache (better than a split head) so I’m not walking dead today. Just look it. PIMP LOL. What? That’s how they killed them! Split their head! Oh! And, we reset the high pressure switch on the AC and hit the breaker and it seems to be cooling the hot house now. We get a lot of brown outs here in PSJ. I think it’s the zombies at FPL who do all the pricing. DUH LOL. Anyways, i forgot to mention the 1st thing I did. Pray. That's how I walk around alive! Have a fun weekend. SIGNED, The Zombie In The Mombie

Picking Tasteful Words!

“Picking Tasteful Words!” What? So, I am so daring I layer 3 diff lip stains just to get the color I want. Yes, my lips are stained. But, not with colorful words. PIMP LOL. Well, yes, with colorful words. Just not the abjective or the objective ones aimed at bringing down to the gutter. Rather, the adjective ones that require using the heart. Subjective to thought! A long time ago, I had a nastay mouth. Cursing was 2nd nature. Now? Don’t know what all the fuss is over cuss. Curse just makes things worse. Not my nature. Not stained anymore. Just my lips. Oh! And, maybe my hair. PIMP LOL. Yep. I dare to be tasteful. With my mouth, too. DUH LOL. Have a fun day. Pick your words wisely. Tastefully. 'tis good to be picky about your lip stains and your words. If I'm gonna stain my lips, it's gonna be with pretty colors of lip stain and tasteful words. Anyways, got up very late and sick but must have needed the rest. Must get a few things accomplished. Now, to see what's wrong with the AC or is it fever? In either case? I will try to remain tasteful! TNT LOL. Signed, My Flip On Lip

Paint 'til Ya Faint!

"Paint 'til Ya Faint!" So, I had high hopes of paintin’ the town today and raising the flag of fun. Had to settle for painting the mailbox and raising the flag of “there’s mail in me”! To the letter. PIMP LOL. Used the leftover house paint. Though the top looks black, it’s dark brown. Now, I just need to get some green and red paint to put vines and roses on the numbers and down the wood. And, put some rocks and plants around it. Another day. You just know I gotta rock it! In the meantime I put my Grandma's Christmas tree red bird she gave me before she went to heaven to watch over it and protect it from the hoodlums who smashed it. he is glued to his seat. Literally! And, he poops on anyone who misuses it. PIMP LOL. Anyways, hoping these fixed up pieces of our mailbox lasts a while. We’ve been smashed 6 times by those who know no respect. Have a fun day. Blow someone away. Send them a note or card. Raise their flag of hope. Never faint in doing the quaint. Show some respect. Oh! And, you just know I needed a little convincing to get this part of the job done today, so I turned on my boom box and played me some Vince Gill. He con”Vince”d me! We all need a li’l convincing to do something, sometimes. The rest will have to wait for another day. Because I need some rest, now. Oh! It was very hot, but there was a great breeze as you can see in one of the shots of me taking my tired butt in to wash up the paint brushes. And, yes. I painted the screws and flag to match. Details… Makin' do... Signed, The Quaint In The Saint With The Paint Ain’t Gonna Faint (at least 'til I get in the house cuz I got a reputation to uphold)

His Canvas...

Knowing that this whole world is His canvas that He paints with His hands makes it "easel"ier to be hue-man. The photodrama is a shot I got one Friday evening. No paint or editing necessary. The other shot, I added hues of paint, of course, to show soul, but the shot itself is from singing one of our songs on Easter at church. The color in my cheeks and soul are real. PIMP LOL. So, whatever hue do? Be real. Be hue! Do everything with hue! Because what’s inside you? Your hue? Is what makes you huenique! Let us be us and God be God. Hue know what I mean! PIMP LOL DUH LOL. Signed, I’m Only Hueman

Here are the 2 links to our 2 versions of that song we did: the studio full band and the jam minus drums version: