Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Feets”yours & Real “Tree”ts, Toes & Tweets! And, No Defeet!

“Feets”yours & Real “Tree”ts, Toes & Tweets! And, No Defeet!” What? Well, you may ask me, “are those feet yours”? Yep! The feets are yours! As in mine! Abd, by feetsyours, I mean features! TNT LOL. And, from where I’m sittin’ in the dark this mornin’, I feel like I am looking upon a velvet snowy mountain and dreaming whilst I gaze upon our tree. So, I think, today’s holiday photo of humor and hope “feets”yours our tree again. Its “feets”yours are: small, fat, fresh, drizzled with blues and whites and golds, birds, snowflakes, snowmen, icicles, etc., making it appear to be sitting on the side of a crisp cold mountain, early morn. It’s a real “tree”t! And a real tree! PIMP LOL. Have a fun day. Imagine. It’s a real treat. And, imagine being a treat for someone. Then, pray and put “feets” to your imagines! And, don't let anything defeet you! See, when I took this photo, I wasn’t having such a fun morning, but after seeing my feet in the photo? Boom! Made me smile inside and forget the other stuff for awhile. I imagine I will have to put feet to my imaginations and prayers and forget a lot of stuff today. PIMP LOL. Love you guys. Thanks for being part of our holiday album of stories and our music. It “feets”yours where our heart is. Oh! And, a li’l birdie told me to say, you guys are a real “tweet”! PIMP LOL. Sorry We have birds on our tree, so I sat one on the chair and it made me think of that joke. I’ll fly away now… Tweet tweet!   Trace

Tree-sure Those Times!

“Tree-sure Those Times!” Tree? Sure!! We got a little fat one yesterday. Perfect for our li’l home and us. Though, we have all had the flu and me a broken tooth and many other fun things, we are sure did ”tree-sure” our time getting it looking lovely. We have home-made and antique blue and white bulbs, Bethlehem bulbs, snowflakes, home-made icicles (each unique that I made for my girl the year I was supposed to get my affairs in order), blue ribbons, lovely blue and white birds with feathers, blue lights, etc. You can’t get the true feeling of it without seeing it in person, but it makes me feel like I am on a mountain by a lake and it’s snowing ever so lightly. We also put outside lights and a snowman to cheer us up. Doing it all sick has an extra special meaning. We shall treasure this… I mean, tree-sure this time… Love you guys. I tree-sure you! Trace


“PROCLIVITY of PRODUCTIVITY!” What? P r o c l i v i t y. That is one of my fave words to say. Try it. Proclivity! See. Fun, right? Saying proclivity is actually a proclivity to feeling intelligent. Right? Doesn’t it make you feel intelligent? PIMP LOL. A natural inclination. So, I naturally was inclined to see what it felt like to type it. Nothing exciting or out of the ordinary there, naturally! What? I have a proclivity towards humor, hope, singing, learning, getting things done and goofiness. I’m naturally inclined to say: have a fun hopeful day, sing, learn something and be productive. It’s in me. The Proclivity of Productivity! Whether it’s physical or spiritual work. Produce! Be excellent. And, you’ll soon have a proclivity of productivity! No matter what is happening n your life, and I’m so inclined to believe that. Why? Because I have lived it! Naturally! I also have a natural inclination to pray. You know? Talk to God. I call that A Proclivity of Divinity! Okay! I’m going. Now, tell me the truth? Isn’t that such a cool word to say? Proclivity! Oh! And, as you can read in the photo, 3 of my Proclivities of Productivities are being goofy, singing and trusting God. Today's productivity? Umm... paying bills while my family searches for a very very cheap tree. We've never had a fake one but who knows what they will come home with. or where they will go. Or if the police will be showing up a my door! What? We are all still sick and need a lift. PIMP LOL. And we do have a proclivity towards fun and craziness. If I hear a knock at the front door, I'm really hoping and praying it's Santa!! Not the cops. Trace

Friday, December 14, 2012


“SOUL SLEDDIN’ in SOUL SNOW! What? Sled me be the first to say that I felt a breeze of cool air come through my window just now. And, it so made me think of snow and sledding. And, the breeze was just not the one coming in my house. But, also, through the window to my soul, too. Oh it was ever such a small snowy breeze, but that’s the thing about pain. It tends to really exaggerate and appreciate the joys! Open a window. Take a sled ride. Have a really fun day! It’s okay to go sleighing… Beats slaying. Well, unless it's dragons. And, you're in Skyrim! Oh! I know. I slay you! Oh! And, sled me also say thank you for voting for us on our Christmas song. We still need tons of votes for 10 more days and are holding at 10. Hope you will open up a window to our song and take a chance and vote. It would so slay and sleigh me. So, sled on over to our link and vote. Sled me show you the way! Yes, it's been a real tough year. You can tell I aged. But, still a kid inside. Joyfully off to sled around the snow in my soul. I won't cry anymore. It melts the snow.  Trace


“BEING FRANK ABOUT GUY NAMES!” What? Well, I was talking to my friend, and pastor, Erick this morning about something and asked him to be frank. I am so glad he was Frank. And, I am so glad he was Erick. PIMP LOL. Love those guys. So, have a fun day all. Be frank. Be you. I am Trace and I also am Tucker-ed out but, I need to go Russel up some Jeans and get some work done here. Maybe cook up some Chuck. Thank goodness I won’t be seeing the bad guys today. You know? The Bills? The really wipe me out. Oh! And, I’ll be Washingtons of clothes. Justin time, too. I may even get my hands on Mike later. Hugh know what I mean? Sing a bit. You know, I Harley remember this past 10 days with this crown breaking my tooth in half and all. Who ever knew crowns and fillings didn’t last a lifetime. It was Pierce-ing pain. I was going to put a photograph of the piece I removed from my jaw, but it was too awful and I knew it would make you guys faint or have to go see John. PIMP LOL. Picture graciously withheld. But, you get the picture, right? So, you could say I Tailor-ed this post for those with stomachs that want to keep them. It was no Pablo at all! PIMP LOL. Instead I opted to put 2 of my dear engineer Guys I used to work with. Whom by the way, I will be forced to start a new band with, if I don’t get enough votes on our Christmas song contest. They are very sound engineers, but not Sound Engineers, if you get my drift? So, be an Angel. You will find the Lync to vote at the end of this story. Yes, life can break up your teeth, but it doesn’t have to break Hugh. May God Grant you a Ray of hope today and a Dash of humor. You just can’t Lewis when you have hope. Just in Case you didn’t realize it? I am using guys names today. I knew you Sawyer that! One more thing? If someone asks you “Harold are you”? Just be Frank and say umm…Howard do you think Ian? I promise you’ll come out the Victor and Justice will prevail. And, if you find yourself near an Eddie or a Dale in life, keep lookin’ up. Well, say hi first. PIMP LOL. But, look up. You might run see Sky or Angel. Okay, enough! I could go on all day. But, I must Moses on out of here Make the Maxim of your day. Chase your dreams. Make a Mark! Yul be glad you did. Jesse you wait and see. I hope, at the end of the day, you Drew that conclusion. And, I hope you got a Chuck-le out of it. Roger that! Throw out some love to others. It may Rick-ochet back at you. Here's at Pat on the back. Now, go have a cup of Joe while I visit John and Don my PJ's! Love you guys. I do! I wouldn't Josh u ahl! Signed, in Lou of Trace, No Stomach, Lotsa Guts…Less Teeth, More Bite


Some things are unspoken. And, some things are spoken on. And on…and on...and on. 

Some people are out-spoken. And some people speak out! Of turn. Still some are spoken about... I won't go on and on or be out-spoken. Cuz I don't wanna be spoken about! PIMP LOL. Shhh....


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Abominable Bumbles!

“Abominable Bumbles!” This past week I have felt like I had no chance to get better. Sort of like a snowball’s chance in …umm…a toaster oven? PIMP LOL TNT! What did you think I was gonna say? Anyways, had to remind myself to never give up. I know from faith and experience that just when you feel like you are gonna just melt from all the heat, something cool happens. And, sometimes vice versa. Life has a way of changing. Anyways, I’m hanging on for the cool stuff. Though, I have been feeling quite abominable! Oh, and this guys name? Anyone remember? Yep! Bumble The Abominable Snowman! I have him hanging on my chair in the kitchen so’s to remember to hang on when things get abominable. Sometimes, you gotta be careful what heat you get yourself into. Or you could be...umm...toast? And, be careful what you let others talk you into? Or they might be toast. Use your head. Keep your cool. You may find yourself in less bumbles. Sometimes, you just gotta get back on both feet and shut the door on that toaster oven and hold it shut with both feet. And, some bumbles can’t be helped. It’s then you hibernate for a time. Without acting like a bear. And, then go on. There is a season for everything. Hope your day is the season for fun. I’d say throw a snowball, but we don’t have a snowball’s chance in…umm...Florida. Oh! And, just another reminder to vote for our Christmas song, at this link: if you like it. Off to rest... Been feelin' quite abominable, you know! Quite! (that was said and typed and to be read in English accent only)! And, you know I do think that the reason this snowman was so feeling so abominable was because of a toothache, too. Love you guys and thanks everyone... You know, it's always something! Of course it is! Or else, life would be nothing! And, yes, I was supposed to spending this month working somewhere for extra money and selling CD's and getting ready for Christmas, but life has a way of snowballing when we least expect snow. S'know what I mean? What? Gotta have humor and hope when all else is gone. Trace


“CHEER ME UP NOW & BRING ME SOME FRIGGIN” PUDDING, NOW BRING ME SOME FRIGGIN” PUDDING! What? No, I'm not lit. I don't drink anymore. Well, I guess you COULD say I was lit in the photo! What? I needed a good laugh today so this is a photo from last year. Don't have anything up or going this year, yet. Hope it brings you cheer! Here goes: So, I just got back from a frantic run to the grocery store for pudding and Cheer detergent. Seems our group of carolers went out and really lost it after performing "Deck The Halls". They stood outside scream singing "Bring us some friggin’ pudding and a cup of good Cheer…over and over. Apparently the Halls were still mad about being decked and had ideas of pudding running through their heads…or on someone’s heads. Guess the Cheer was for after. You know? To clean up the mess. After what? Why this! We went out in the neighborhood caroling: We started out with Deck The Halls. How was I to know their names were Hall...and that Billy would actually deck them. Billy got mad when we told him that his apparel was gay. The “Boughs” down the street? Strange! Mr. Bough hung his wife Holly on the front door and called her Wreath-a. He thought she was calling him an ancient troll. PIMP LOL TNT. So, have some good cheer. Everything comes out in the wash! PIMP LOL. Yes, that kind of Cheer! Oh! The photo? Last year’s. I don’t drink anymore, but I’m lit. Love you guys. I am hanging tough. Be back with new photos and stories and music and my blog updated soon. Just days ago, I felt hopeless but I always know there is hope in Him. Keep hoping. Keep loving… Cheer someone up today… And, on… Trace

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


“PERCUSSION or CONCUSSION? PER the CUSSIN”? What? Jus’ tryin’ to drum up some votes for our Christmas song all month by linking them with stories! So, today’s theme is drums, getting beat up by life, and hope. First, I am so grateful and touched by all you guys who have joined and have been “stick”ing with us for the whole contest. Or, even part of it. Means a lot to just have you listen. That’s what it’s all about. We all get beat up in life. Whether it’s our own doing or at the hands of someone else or just life. And, you can tell “per the cussin” and how we reacted that we’ve had a major concussion of life and our percussion section has been using too many sticks and mallets and aren’t quite together on that rhythm. And, when that happens, feeling beat up, instead of feeling the natural rhythm and beat of life, we feel trapped. Or in a snare! And, we need a cymbal of hope. Someone who hears us and dances to our drum beat and yells out “stick with it dufus. I love you.” See, I was thinking this morning after I got up… I have 2 choices. I can give up or get up. Well, a 3rd choice: I can sit and think about which to do for awhile and rest. PIMP LOL. Nah! When we feel beat up, like life is giving us a percussion of concussion and and it’s evident per the cussin’…well, that’s when we GET UP and beat the drum. And, dance. And, sing. But, get up!!! We all have sufferings and we all have joys. I have decided to treat my little joys as big, and my big sufferings as little. I know… I have a permanent concussion. I choose today to not be so upset that two of my teeth hurt so bad and breaking up even after all the time and money I spent on them myself in my 20’s. See, when I got very sick, it affected all my organs and even my teeth. I guess you could say that my teeth are doing a "break" dance to the drum beat of life. PIMP LOL. So, my teeth and finances will be the small suffering and being alive with hope will be my big joy! So, today, I will be glad. Not fakey glad. Hopeful glad. Because, I know that no matter what…whatever we are faced with, we all gotta stick with it to get to the last drum roll… Without the cussin. PIMP LOL. My biggest cymbal of hope is God. He keeps me from crashing. Have a fun week. If you have time, come by this link at the end and vote for us every 24 hours and get a free download of the song. Thanks for all the cymbals of hope you guys have been and remain. Okay, it’s time for a drum solo to get you up and jammin’ today. Insert drum solo here…. Oh! One more funny thing I thought of? How do you know a happy drummer? You will no them per-their-cussin'? Oh! And, sorry I got a little long-winded today. Guess I should have used woodwinds as the theme. Wood-a been a winder, too. PIMP LOL. So, stick with it! Be a cymbal of hope... Amongst the crashes. A fire amongst the ashes... Thanks for reading my story. Real life, of course. Somewhere off the "beat"-en path. Trace

Monday, December 3, 2012


“DITCH the TWITCH or the ITCH! For a SWITCH!” If you run into me today and I am winking and smiling at you? Ummm…the smile is real. The wink is actually a twitch I woke up with this morning. At least it’s the left eye and cheek, for a switch. It’s my switch twitch! What? Gotta keep everyone guessing. At least it’s not hives again. Then, it’d be a switch itch. So, smile… Even if you twitch. Or, itch. Just don’t… umm…complain. PIMP LOL. What’d you think I was gonna say?! What? Now, that’s ritch! Anyways, find your peaceful nitch and enjoy your day. Find something to be thankful for. It’ll scratch that itch of wanting to…umm…complain. Gotta go. Yep. Ditchin’ ya. Cuz, I’m itchin’ to gettin’ to hitchin’ up my work horse today. Well, not really. I rather relax, but don't snitch! Oh! And, the cheek is actually opposite, but I thought I would turn the other cheek! You do the same! Love you guys... Don't forget to vote. I know you are itchin' to, right?! I have the link over to the right.  See the blue button? I wanted to make it easy for you so this goes without a hitch! Or a twitch! PIMP LOL TNT!   Trace

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vote for the b.a.s.i.c. band Christmas song!

Just click on the blue vote button. If you like, then like... And vote. Love you guys and thank you for loving us... Trace

Shakin' Things Up!

“SHAKIN’ THINGS UP! What? Well, I just want to say that I am no longer 1 egg short of a full dozen., anymore. What? Well, it’s amazing what you find in your couch on cleaning day. Yes, I found my missing egg. Only the shaker kind. Watch me dance, now! Have a fun weekend. Shake that egg. Scramble that egg. But, just have an eggsiting day. Eggsactly! I am! And, I am not eggsaggerating. Now, shake an egg. I mean shake a leg…and get over to our contest and vote for us. For those of you who joined our chart contest for our Christmas song, here is the quick link to go vote and if you haven’t, join at this link, too:  We try to be good eggs. A li’l cracked, but good… Omelette you go now! Gotta go make some music. Time to shake a leg. AND shake an egg! And, shake thing up! You do eggsactly the same thing. And, don't forget your free Christmas song download... It's not eggsactly your every day Christmas song, but it could be if enough people hear it. Now, go back to that link and have a crack at voting! Cuz we need about a million and one votes! And, I'm not eggsaggerating. Love you guys and thank you... Also, here's the link to the free download:   Trace