Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Li’l Fiddlin’ Around With The Heart Strings!

“A Li’l Fiddlin’ Around With The Heart Strings!” What? Well, I’m jus’ playin’ a li’l violin because life is tugging at my heart strings. Sometimes, tears show the shape of our hearts. You know? The shape our hearts are in? Tears show joy and pain. We need both kinds to be whole. See, I heard a song today of a man and his Dad singing together many years ago when he was a small boy which got to me as I thought of singing with my girl. Then, my mind went to the holidays and talking to someone about things you can’t change. I was thinking about guitars, violins and heart strings and this came to my heart: ‘stead of pickin’ at someone and frettin’ over something you have no control over, tug at their heart strings with some forgiveness and love. That’s the key and it will be music to their ears and heart. And, it will keep you in tune with His heart. Remember… When you fiddle around with life, you may fret for a time and have your heart strings pulled, but music comes in the morning along with some wonderful improvisation! So, what’s the shape of your heart? Have a fun week. Life does have a way of fiddlin’ around with us, but no need to fret. We know the maker of the fiddle. And, the maker of the music. Gotta go. Finishing recording backup on a new song today, so I better quit fiddlin’ around with this. PIMP LOL.   Trace

Monday, November 26, 2012


IN-LAWS, OUTLAWS & OUTLAWED IN-LAWS!” What? Well, I was thinking about the holidays and all and music. I am hoping by this time next year I will be up to traveling more and also having more gigs and more holiday events at our home where friends and family will be welcome. Family from both sides. You know? The in-laws AND the outlaws! PIMP LOL. What? Most of us have all fit into both of those categories at one time in our life, or a combo of both. You know? As in, an outlawed in-law? PIMP LOL. Where we don’t fit someone’s mold or follow their personal laws. To them we are outlaws. So, cut a li’l slack during the holidays. Welcome the in-laws AND the outlaws. And, the outlawed in-laws. Right? Cuz, love can turn anyone around. Love can also turn anyone into family! PIMP LOL. Take it easy and don’t ride anyone during the holidays. You wouldn’t want to be known as an easy rider. Or would you? PIMP LOL. As best you are able, try to be kind and forgiving. As, we are forgiven. When that someone is before you, don’t turn your back on or your nose up. Turn your heart on. And, turn them around with love. What have you got to lose? If they don’t love back, it’s okay. It’s easy to love those who don’t break your laws. But, we are called to love those that do. Try not to have too many of your own laws, but have much of His forgiveness. For, His law is love… Now, go have a revved up month. Riders, start your engines. Take it easy and don't ride 'em too hard. Trace

Friday, November 23, 2012

Just A Flake Singin' In The Snow!

"Just A Flake Singin' In The Snow!" Well, at least I am dreamin' I am. Singing', that is! Not dreamin' I'm a flake! I know that! PIMP LOL. What made me think of this? Well, this time of year is always a tough one with rough memories, but yet miracles from God. You know, when we found out I was still gonna be around, our 1st Christmas tree from that time on had to be something new, so I let them choose. We did it in all snowflakes and blues. All blues and whites and golds and silvers. I made most of the ornament bead icicles. Anyways, when we turned off all house lights the blue lights shone on the tree and all just like a mountain lake with a beautiful moon lighting it. And, of course a star atop! Like a fresh pure new beginning. I got to thinking how cool it would be to sing on that mountain under that moon and snow and God and the heavens...our song God's Favor (Emmanuel). So, that's what I see when I hear the song or sing it. Here is the link to our website where you can find our music and much more. Plus a free download of our Christmas song for everyone everywhere: Something we do every year. You can use the music to make your own Christmas card video like we did. Oh! And, by the way? We just heard it on German radio tonight! Blessed... Night all. Trace

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Music for the eyes, the ears and the soul...

Paint a picture with your music...

Let them see the colors of your soul...


Here is a link to website:

Can’t Have Much To Eat, But Have Much To Chew On!

“Can’t Have Much To Eat, But Have Much To Chew On!” So, what am I thankful for? Well, for this little thing that is big to me: I am one step closer to getting better. You see, I love meat, but didn’t realize that it was starting to shut down my organs and cause so many different problems. My body was slowly shutting down. Without a normal stomach, I literally can’t stomach meat. PIMP LOL. I actually love it so much and love to cook, but I have to give it up. For the last 2 years, I have been struggling with pneumonia and Pleurisy and nervous system difficulty and so many symptoms with the heart and kidney and liver, etc. I can’t take meds, so I’ve spent every day writing down what I ate and what resulted. Too much for a single Dr. to try to figure out, and we don’t have insurance. So I play detective and Dr. Sort of a Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson combined. Always researching and finding clues. Anyways, to make a long story a little shorter? I have been off meat 3 days and some of the pain is gone and my legs and kidneys and heart have already noticed a difference. Today is the first day I have had in years where my body and heart and lungs and insides were not trembling or malfunctioning. Most times others can’t tell on the outside. I can hardly contain my hope and joy. I know I have a long way to go with sugar nervous system and dizziness, and tomorrow could be worse with my body, but for today, I am so incredibly thankful. It has been a very tough and sometimes a weary and lonely journey with still more ahead. And, speaking of journey? I hope to actually be able to journey further from my home area and visit my parents and best friends and do many many more gigs. I have tears even writing this… I have had many times where I felt better and thought it was over, so I am cautious and not naive, but this time feels different. And, I know all the prayers have been medicine directly from you to God and God to me. I have gone without every kind of food on earth. But, never without the food from heaven. And, I know… It seems ironic to find out I can’t eat meat on Thanksgiving, but what ever I need to do to never feel this way again is what I’m all about. God is my strength and my perseverance and my meat. While I cannot have much to eat, I have much to chew on today. Love you guys and keep those prayers and love coming. God hears them and I feel them! For now? I eat little earth food, but enjoy much of the food from heaven! It sustains me. Okay, now I just thought of a joke while writing this: While the food of earth stains, the food of heaven sustains! Oh! And, my other food? It, too, is from heaven. Singing… “tis the only medicine I know that comes OUT of you to heal. ‘tis also from God. Ahh…food from heaven! Trace

Zombies With Black Wallets!

“Zombies With Black Wallets!” What? Sounds like a cool band name! Well, no this is really a story about Black Friday. Okay, so, in my house, Black Friday has been named Black Wallet Day, for the last several years. Cuz when I look deep inside my wallet?’s dark and empty and b-la-a-a-ack! DUH LOL. So, like last year, we will play video games and fight the zombies on the game instead of in the stores. PIMP LOL. Just kidding. I know some of you sleep before and some after. Oh! And, we shall be recording and playing music. Maybe to have something in our wallet next year! Or, maybe trying to find someone to help me publish a book or get our CD's out or find a job that pays the green stuff and quit dreaming! And, hopefully the music won’t sound like zombies mumbling. PIMP LOL. But, really? If you are going out? Have fun all you zombies and keep your wraps on. That’s a wrap! Ph! And, when we are able to go out on a Black Friday and shop? I will be naming it “Green Friday”. Right? Cuz, we’ll be having the green stuff to spend. In any case?  Be thankful and glad for what you have.  Keeps you from appearing and acting like a zombie.  PIMP LOL.  And, the  props in this photo? and a black leather wallet and chain. It's my girl's fancy Zelda wallet.  Love it!  You know me?  I always find props.  And, give them! So, keep yourself "propped up" and have a delightful Black Friday. I have 2 things in common with a Zombie!  What you may ask?   Well, I wear rags and I have come back from the dead! PIMP LOL.  Signed, a member of Zombies With Black Wallets, Trace

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Of Course I Can Cut it!

"Of course I can cut it!" What? Well, have you ever been told you can't cut it? Or you've thought it yourself? Well, I'm here to say I sure can. And, did! PIMP LOL. And, now I have on my hole-y shirt. So, I’m even more equipped to cut it! PIMP LOL. Just kiddin’ you guys. See, I was given this Henley shirt from a friend and it still had a tag on it. This is what I get for trying to cut the tag off without glasses on. I cut a hole right in my shirt sleeve. I will patch it creatively and still wear it. And, the hole and the patch will be a reminder to myself to stay the course, of course. Yep! No one’s gonna tell me I can’t cut it. Because, with God? All things are possible. When I am hole-y, He is holy! Oh! And, You can cut it, too! Stay your course, of course! Night. Trace

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Blues & Balcony Buds

“The Blues & Balcony Buds!” So, we all can get to feelin’ the blues a li’l sometimes, right? Well, when that happens, we need us a balcony bud! Someone who cheers you on! Who is your balcony person? Are you a balcony bud? Getting way up there where they can see you cheering them on? Putting yourself out to say “yay”? We all need to do that for each other. So, anyways, keep looking up for those balcony buds. Those encouragers. The photo? I found this old book from years back today. That’s what made me think of this story. Perfect timing. Best paperback book ever. Oh! And, best Balcony Person ever? God! He is for you. Cheering you on from the highest balcony ever! Have a fun night. I’m still off resting the body and lungs a bit. So, from my balcony couch, consider yourself “yay”ed! Oh! And, click the photo to get the ummm...bigger picture and the author and book title so you can get the book. And, if you are lost, here is the link to my b'logna event! Trace

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ATTENTION! Crack the Whip or the Reddi-Wip?

“ATTENTION! Crack the Whip or the Reddi-Wip?” What? Well, you want their attention, right? Well, you can crack the whip! Or, you can crack open a can of Reddi-Wip. Just a squirt works on your little squirts and us older squirts. One soun
d of the can squirting in your mouth and they come runnin’. Talk about "in ya face"! How 'bout all over your face. PIMP LOL. You know you have gone to the fridge and grabbed the can and squirted in your mouth. I do like the other kind of cool whip stuff, and I won’t name names (PIMP LOL), but you can’t quirt it. Anyways, what in the world is this story about? Well, it’s just about attention. You want it AND you should give it! And, you don’t always want to have to crack the whip and be mean. You just wanna be sweet sometimes and crack open the Reddi-Whip. One squirt and they will come runnin. Bam! You got their attention. Saweet! I know, I know… Be ready for anything. Have the whip ready and the Reddi-Wip. Sometimes, we need tough love, sometimes we need sweet love. Point is? Sometimes, the attention we want is discipline. Sometimes, it’s care. Both times, it’s love. Sometimes, tough love. Sometimes, sweet love. Attention cracks a smile… eventually. Whether, we first crack the whip or the Reddi-Wip. Have a fun day, already! Go ahead now. Get you a can at the store. It’s a small price to pay to get sweet attention. And, it’s a small price to pay...attention. Just a squirt who loves a squirt, Trace


“BLOCKHEAD!” What? Well, a guy came by the house last week looking for work and says: your house needs painted bad and is down to the bare oxidation and soon your block will be compromised. To which I replied: I know! On both counts. And, pointing to my head, I said: but, I must say my block was compromised many a’ years ago. We laughed after which I explained to him that our block was gonna have to be naked for a while longer. Yes, I would love to be able to paint our house and add gorgeous color and cover our naked block. But, for now? All I can do is paint with laughter and music and stories. Only a chip off the old block, but I keep chipping away! And, if any of you want to have a paint party? I got the perfect house. "live" music and best food in town. So, who's "in the house" with me? Let's raise the roof! No! Let's paint. Just one thing at a time. Have a fun day. Color your world. With laughter.. It’ll do wonders for your block! And, others! PIMP LOL. Signed, a block head, Trace


"WANTED!" Well, this is my wanted poster, sort of. The job kind. Not the post office kind. PIMP LOL. Looking for a bass player and drummer. Possibly keys would be awesome, too. So, we can get back to practicing and gigging with a full band and all, again, instead of just us right now. Don't get me wrong. We will play and sing if anyone has a gig no matter what or when. Love it. We love to practice and be prepared, but also can do "on the fly". But, a whole band is so wonderful. Been recording so much and playing at church and our awesome bass player and drummer are busy and cannot commit to play anymore. Bummed, but trusting there are musicians that will become family with us and take a chance. Same with the great keys guy. Busy. Anyways, we are still finishing up our new album. Can't wait to have CD's. Both the 2010 and new album CD's. Thanks for loving us. It's nice to be "wanted". Well, not the kind in the post office. PIMP LOL. But, you never know who God can use! Just look at us. Oh! And, the pay? We keep it stored at the 'Treasures Of Heaven" bank for now. But, you never know after gigs and CD's. We may have paper treasures. One can only hope and dream. There's only one stipulation. Cheap sunglasses are a must! Anyways, you are wanted!  Here are 3 of our websites if you would like to stop by:
 and and      

3G & 3-in-1G Networks

"3G & 3-in-1G Networks" What? We may not have an i-Phone, but we have 3-G Network. PIMP LOL! Right? The 3-Glenn network! With lightning speed! And, we don’t have to push buttons to talk or text each other. No, we def don’t need a fancy cell phone to push each other’s buttons. We can just push each other’s buttons in person without any trouble at all. PIMPLOL. We do try our best to stay connected, but sometimes we hit an area where we just can’t seem to get service. Lip service, yes! But, we want more. Sometimes, we even lose our connection. It’s then we use the 3-in-1G Network to get connected to a higher power! Right? You know what I mean! Have a fun rest of the weekend. Plug in. Get connected. You may get a charge out of it. Oh! And, you will notice in the photoart that we are connected to each others hearts and to God above! As shown with electricity as power! Charged! Lightning speed. Hope you got a charge out of this! TNT LOL. Night!    Trace

Hue see?

"HUE SEE?" Yes, I like color! And, I like to be colorful! What? I’m only “hue”man! PIMP LOL. Each of us huemans have different hues to us. And, it takes some gettin’ used to us. Did you catch that rhymin' rap?! PIMP LOL. Anyways, while some things ARE black and white, a lot of things are not. And, even more things are beyond the colors hueman eyes can see! Hue see? Those are the colors I seek… And, the Maker Of All Colors! Have a colorful weekend all you huemans! Thanks for joining me in my colorful huemor! Oh! And, it's kind of ironic that I am green and look like a paisley alien. Because I'm not of this world in reality! PIMP LOL. Hue see? I'm just hueman! So, what's your hue, man? Trace

Make A Splash!

Okay, here's the dirt tonight! I told you I was gonna make a splash, someday. I just forgot to say that it was in the mud! PIMP LOL. What? It's true. If you get close to someone who’s making a splash, you may get a li’l muddy. Why? Cuz, it takes hard work to make a splash. You gotta get a little dirty to stay grounded and make a difference. And, we love hard work, b.a.s.i.cally! If you are feeling a li’l muddy? Come by our link for some muddy blues from the miry clay! Go ahead! Make a splash! I love mud! I always say "a little hard work and mud will clean you right up! And, though I may splash you with mud, I will never sling it!" Hope you like! Trace

HanderPants Crack Me Up!

“Handerpants Crack Me Up”! Yes, it’s that wonderful time of the year to pull out the Long Johns. And, the Handerpants. What are they? They are underpants for the hands. Fingerless underpants gloves for the hands, that is. Keeps your hands warm while allowing you to work or play. And, the best part about them? Keeps your cracks from showing. What?!? I meant it keeps your hands from drying out! Nope. You won’t see any crack on my hands. Guaranteed! Even when you bend over. PIMP LOL. Yes, while you may hear a few cracks while wearing your wonderfully snuggly Handerpants, you will never see a crack! Yes, I wear Handerpants! And, yes! I am bent! Hope this cracks you up. Go ahead! Crack a smile! Now, go get you a pair of these! Trace

Gettin' Down!

“GETTIN' DOWN!” How? First, getting down on the floor to fix my computer. Then, getting down to sing and then getting down to some cooking! And, while I get down with all those? I also get down to pray about them all. I need that divine help. I mean, we all think we know stuff, but I am fully aware of who knows the most. PIMP LOL. So, anyways, right now I am working on my computer, flashlight and magnifying glass in hand. Just turned the computer back on. Soon off again. See, I've lost communications with my printer. Gonna try another port. Guess printers and computers relate like people. They can lose touch and can't communicate anymore. Lose their spark and can’t connect. They have on and off again relationships PIMP LOL. Just goes to show you that sometimes we just need to get plugged into a new port to get fired up. Or, get the old port opened up again. Yes, I am on my hands and knees again today, but this time? I’m working on my computer. PIMP LOL. Well, praying while I do that, too. Yes, I get on my knees to get my communications going. In more ways than one. And, yes, I get down in more ways than one. DUH LOL.    Trace

Is It Any Ponder...

Click the picture to get the ummm...bigger picture! There's a little option box to make it full screen and read the poem. Have a fun pondering day. Whether you're going anywhere or not. Cuz, we're all goin' places!


Getting Back Into The Sing of Things

"GETTING INTO THE SWING OF THINGS & THE SWING OF SING AGAIN!" Trying to swing out of sick mood and swing into sing mood. Jus' settin' the mood in the music room for a new song called "Door Of The Heart". Hoping I can soon swing the door of sickness shut because my heart sure needs to sing and hit some notes. On a good note? I am better! The bug is almost gone and my sugar is better. Just can't process any sugar in my condition. You know? I don't have much stomach, but I got a lot of guts. PIMP LOL. Anyways, got a ways to go. But, better. And, better is always a reason to sing. Course, I sing for any reason. Even when I'm sick. PIMP LOL. I thank you guys for loving and praying for me. For us. Gotta swing on outta here. Night! Love you guys. Oh! And, if you want one of our albums, stop by our band site at:    Trace

Thursday, November 8, 2012


♫♫♫ d[-.-]b ♫♫♫ Taking a trip to “Headphoneville” which should plug me right into the road to “iPodville” and that should lead me right to the scenic route to “Cleanthehouseville”. All 3 towns are in the county of “Music” which is in the state of “Mind”! Capital: Consciousville. Population: 1,893.456 gray cells & memories & counting. State Flower: The Subconscious Stem! PIMP LOL. What? Well, now! Decided to do a bit of cleaning and then more resting today. I do have a small story to go with this. It’s about the lost languishing language called talking. As I was cleaning and listening to music in my headphones with my girl’s old iPod, I was just thinking about electronics and the world we now live in. There was a time when I would have had my stereo or 8-track system up blasting through the whole house to hear music. That was the only way! Or, in later years, have my huge portable cassette player hanging off my jeans pocket to listen to tapes while cleaning. Now? iPods, mp3’s, etc. And, most everyone has phones that do everything. We don’t but I probably would if I could. Or, like my daughter, an iPod. Seems, everywhere I go everyone always has their headphones in. I get on her even to take them off and make contact sometimes with the real world. I was joking saying there would be time in the world where folks didn’t even talk to each other in the same room or walk right past each other down the street or at bus stops, or even at church. They would text and forget even how to talk. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love electronics and headphones, but there is a time and place for headphones. And, a time and place for text. Well, that’s my text for today. And, today is my time for headphones. So, have a fun day. Take a trip. But, make sure you come back from it and visit with the locals. PIMP LOL. Talking is fast becoming a lost languishing language. Off on a trip and then some more rest for me. Check out the signs and see which way your are going. Added a li'l humor on the signs. Places like Oblivion, Timbuktu, Katmadu, iPodville, etc. Just click the picture to get the ummm...bigger picture. Love you guys.  Trace


"KNEE'D!! Just a li'l lhumor for today. I am still trying so hard to get back on my feet that my knees are pretty worn! This is also a good thing. I was also thinking this: did you ever realize that when you are on your knees you are really kicking butt? PIMP LOL! Pray. Have a kick butt day. Whether you have to be on our knees just trying to get to your feet or you are on your feet and NEED to get on your knees. Whichever you "knee'd"! Love you guys and thanks for lovin' me.


Mourning this morning... Don't let the flame go out.

In mourning this morning… For America. We cannot let the flame go out and fall on our ashes. Sometimes, you play with fire, you get burnt and sometimes you get ashes all over your face...from mourning over your letting the flame go out. I am just so stunned at the corruption and the amount of Americans who voted for a specific agenda called “me”, instead of voting for A”me”rica! We live freely, not for free. We are one nation under God. But, with many notions about what that means, anymore. That definition will probably change in the dictionary, also. Just like marriage and abortion, etc. Anyways, we have made it through 4 of the worst years we have ever known. Yes, of course, I trust my God, but not my leader. I have a notion he does not know what is truly good for A”mer”ica. Just “me”…himself. Okay! Enough. So, anyways, our song is about letting the flame go out on love, but that goes for the love for our country and God, also. As you listen, think about America and pray… I have a notion our nation is mourning this morning and has fallen on our ashes… But, we are called to keep the flame the darkness. Just got up off my ashes and washed the ashes off my face! Flame is lit! Here's the song. Take a listen...  Trace


“DIP”LOMATICS! What? Well, when I speak or write about God, I try to have diplomacy. When I speak or write about politics, I try to have diplomacy…AND God. And, when I say nothing? I have diplomacy and God. AND, more friends. PIMP LOL. But, really! When I sing or speak or write? It gives my heart away! What’s inside comes out. Transparency! We should use diplomacy and love…when sharing our hearts. And, sometimes, Transparency! The art of diplomacy, which I call “Diplomatics”, is not called that because it is the art of being a dip! PIMP LOL. There’s another word for that! Right?!? Anyways, in my definition of diplomacy, we are to be artful, use tact, love, kindness, knowledge, skill and excellence, when negotiating our heart. I see nothing in there about being a dip. Nope. Be a diplomat, not a dip! Diplomacy, rather than "dip"lomacy! Hope your day is filled with fun! And, diplomacy! Signed, diplomat for life, Trace


Time…umm…flies? PIMP LOL. When you're havin' fun! Especially when you’re “on time”, too. PIMP LOL. Get it? The flies are sitting. Right on time. Anyways, when you get somewhere on time, you don’t feel in such a rush and you have a better time, right? Right! And, time also flies, for a fly on the wall. What? They’re so busy taking in all the gossip. They are just juicy flies listening to juicy gossip! Time flies for flies. TNT LOL. Wouldn’t it be cool to listen in? Nah! Better not to know! Oh! And, time flies when you do something together. Whether it’s work or play. Those flies are buzzing with joy being together! And, on time. Have a fly time night! Don’t let it fly by you! Cuz, life is a buzz! Go ahead! Flap those wings. Just thought I’d throw in a li’l fly “fly humor” after such a serious day and story I wrote earlier. No, that’s not a typo. I am hoping you guys think my fly humor is fly! DUH LOL. Night!  Trace

Kaleidoscoping With Your Kids or Collide O’Scoping?

“Kaleidoscoping With Your Kids or Collide O’Scoping?” What? Well, you’ve looked into kaleidoscopes, right? You just keep turning them to see different views. The different pieces in there collide to make cool looking beautiful designs! I called them “collide o’scopes! And, today’s story is about teaching your kids your values and voting! Both, without without colliding. So, here we go... Voting may look like a kaleidoscope. Only sometimes, the colliding doesn’t look so pretty. Especially as you sift thru the turns and views of each candidate and each amendment and align them with your heart. Not a specific agenda. The total package for America. Truth! Yes, we want views for our faith, our economy and how we view government, to line up with our voting. Not collide! This has been the worse toughest four years we have ever had for our family and for America. I think my last vote collided with other voters because I did not win. And, neither did our country! So, we persevered! That’s all I need to say. But, we do our best… We, as a family pray together and play together. And, now we shall vote together. We’ve sat down and gone through each candidate and amendment and issues with out 18 year old daughter for several months now. Yes, we align our beliefs with our politics and our daughter has always known what we feel and believe. And, vice versa. And, I am so proud of her values. Of all 3 of our kids values. We have 3 kids who's hearts and minds are in the right place. And they use them both. To serve and love and think for themselves. We don’t force, just teach and live it. And, pray they see it. Speaking from your heart about truth can be like a kaleidoscope. A beautiful thing, But, speaking from our knowledge only can be a collide o’scope! Takes knowledge, truth and love to live. And, to vote for our country and our values! Yes, voting with your daughter is a beautiful thing! Like looking through a kaleidoscope. Our views, our love and our hearts collide in a beautiful way. We do our best as parents and our kids know our hearts. And, we know theirs. So, any way, we turn the kaleidoscope, until it goes the way we like and looks beautiful as we teach our kids and live life. It may take some turning of it to find just the right view we like and believe in and can live with without colliding. Without giving up. Same with the voting kaleidoscope. If we don’t want it to be a collide o’scope, it may take some turning of it to find just the right view we like and believe in and can live with and hope others do too. Just can’t give up and just gotta change the view, in love and truth, so it aligns and goes our way. Hope the election does! PIMP LOL. Off to collide and kaleid! Oh! And, take time to share your heart and your values with your kids and listen to theirs. It's a cool thing. Like kaleidoscopes. Not saying you'll never collide o'scope, but if you do? Collide with hearts! Abd, minds.   Trace

Looking Band! Even When I’ve Wept, Whined, Been Wiped Out & Whipped!” Whoa! What?!?

"Looking Band! Even When I’ve Wept, Whined, Been Wiped Out & Whipped!” Whoa! What?!? Well, let me explain my whacky words today. You probably think I meant to say: Looking bad. Nope. I will explain that part later. Right now, let me just say that this week I have wept, whined, been wiped out and whipped! But! I am not whooped. Whoopee! What? Yep! Not whooped! Gonna persevere! This past week, as I shared my story with someone, they asked why I had not told them earlier. I explained that I want people to love me and our music and my stories and just me without feeling sorry for me or giving me special consideration. After you get to know me, I tell my story. Then, you can feel sorry for me. And, those around me! PIMP LOL. No! It just has more impact. For me. And, you. A lady told me the other night after I sang that she never even knew I was sick that night or any night. Well, first I laughed and said to come to my house for a week. PIMP LOL. But, then I had tears inside because I know how God works. You know? Our stories are meant to be read. And, I don’t mean in a book. Although, I would love to do that. What I mean is…our stories are meant to be read using the eyes of our hearts and the ears of our souls. And, embracing each other’s stories with the arms of love and grace. It helps the reader and the writer… We are all authors and readers, both. But, He is the Author and Perfecter of our stories, our life…our faith. SO, weep, whine, wipe out and feel whipped. But, you are not whooped! Your story is not yet done. He, The Author, is perfecting and loves when we come to Him to collaborate. And, speaking of stories? Here is the rest of the story to tie in the “looking band” title. As I was typing a note Saturday night after singing, I was still pretty sick. Well, ugly sick. Anyways, I was saying that I wished I hadn’t gone out looking so bad if I had known I was singing, but so glad I did. Well, I typed: Sorry I looked so “band”. Erick answered back that he was glad I looked so band. PIMP LOL. What? It’s true. Band is a good look for me. The band makes me look good. Have a collaborative day! Whoop it up! Whoopee! No more whining! Cuz no one's gonna open a can o' that on me! Signing off and looking so band, Trace

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sense-imentally Cent! aah! mental!

“Sense-imentally Cent! aah! mental!” What? Well, feeling a little sentimental today. I mean “centimental”! I have a friend who is money crazy and goes on expensive trips all the time. I tease her and call them “centimental journeys because they cost her a pretty penny! Her cents! But, she gain her other senses. Her mental state was always better. Hence, the cents and the mental! Think I’ll take a centimental journey this week. Feelin’ a li’l mental and I think I have a cent or two. Course, I can always take a sense-imental journey. Make sense out of that one! Anyways, I often take journeys in my mind with my stories and our music. One needs that… I always say, if you can’t take a real journey, take an unreal one! Now, that’s unreal. PIMP LOL. At least, that’s what I say. Means “far out”! Does that make sense? Makes sense to me. Not cents, but, sense! PIMP LOL. You may not be able to journey far, like me, but you can journey as far as you want in that place called the mind. Have a great journey this week. We all know that life is a journey. And, I’m a sojourner in this journey. And, this sojourner keeps a journal. So, I call it “Sojourneyalizing”! Yep! Unreal! Well, now you see why I also call my journeys “centimental”. Why? Because, if any one asked me during one of my journeys, “a penny for your thoughts?” And, I answered? They may think I was mental! Get it? Cent! aah! mental! PIMP LOL. Aah! I hope to be back from my sick journey soon. Makes sense to me... I don't like it here... Better a trip to cost your cents instead of your sense... We don't want to lose our minds. PIMP LOL. Love you guys. Stop by my other story today on Cylinders.   Trace

Sunday, November 4, 2012


"CYLINDERS & THE MASTER CYLINDER!" “USE YOUR HEAD FOR WIT TO HIT ON ALL CYLINDERS & NOT YOUR BUTT TO SIT ON THOSE OTHER CYLINDERS!” What? Well, sometimes we are lazy and sit when we need to use our heads about getting something done. I sat a hot rag I was using for my face pain down on the couch when I should have used my head and sat it on something that wouldn’t absorb the water. Whoops! Wasn’t thinking with my brain. We sometimes like to take the easy way out and be lazy. Me? I love to work. Hoping to get stronger so I can. I’m not so good with resting. So have a fun day! Use your head for wit, not your butt to sit. Use your head for wit to hit on all cylinders. Not your butt to sit on those other cylinders. PIMP LOL. Unless you’re sick and need rest. Works for me. Firing up all cylinders… And, you know someitmes, I get my cylinders mixed up. You know? Sit on my brain and think with my butt. What? You don't ever? Well, anyways, God made us with both kinds of cylinders. Minds and bodies. He loves us and wants us to laugh. He also gave us spirits to fire us up and keep the body and mind in decent running condition. After all... He is the Master Cylinder! Have a thankful day.  Trace

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ghost & Guest Appearances! Ghastly!

“Ghost & Guest Appearances! Ghastly!” What? Well, someone asked me if I (we) would make a guest appearance and sing with their band one night. I said sure, but right now with being sick I am only making ghost appearances. PIMP LOL. You know you're not a star when you only do ghost appearances instead of guest appearances. PIMP LOL. S’okay with me. Better than not being asked at all. I do look ghostly and ghastly right now! And, you know what? Sometimes, we feel like a ghost even in the presence of others when no one is listening to us. You know what I mean. We’ve been in that place either as the one being ignored or the one ignoring. PIMP LOL. Well, guess what? Someone is listening. He always is. So, go ahead and make a guest appearance. You’re not a ghost, so don’t feel like one. Now, go make someone feel good and listen to them. Now, I gotta go and rest this ghostly body before I look and feel even more ghastly! Now, be my guest and laugh! Or, I will be aghast with horrific displeasure. No! Not that kind of a gas. Ghastly!  Sidenote:  after   I wrote this, I got dressed and got out after 6 days of misery.  Made myself.  Just knew I had to and needed to.  Felt it inside.  Got the opportunity to sing backup on a few songs and do our song 1♥ with just guitar. Cool!  Because that's how God works. Here it is.  I imagined all of you there, too.   Trace

I'm one of THOSE kinds of girls!

Yes, I’m one of “THOSE” people.

Humorously Hopeful
Oddball Faith Freak (OFF)
Soul Singer
Eclectically Eccentric & Electric

There! It’s out. I’m one of those girls! No! Not that kind! This kind! In other words? Or, I should say in other letters! PIMP LOL. I am one of THOSE girls. I love acronyms, I am a little old fashioned and love antiques and classic heavy solid cars, I also love computers and modern stuff, I wear my feelings on my sleeves right above my fingerless gloves, I write humor and hope real stories, I’m different, I sing and I’m an open book. Which is not done being written yet. My book has a spine and its sturdy blue leather cover of protection is worn from reading and writing and drawing pictures in it. It opens up to tattered pages of life. It def has those pop-out pages that fold back in. Gotta have depth! And, it has lots of color. You will know it is my book by its cover and its inside contents. You will def know what I stand for immediately. So, anyways, be one of those people that stand out and stand up and simply stand for something. Whatever your “T H O S E” stands for? Capitalize on it! PIMP LOL. Be real. Make the most of your gifts, work hard and be thankful. Make your life pop out. In color. And, yes, I’m one of those acronym people. That even has an acronym in an acronym. ThOSE and OFF! PIMP LOL. Have a fun weekend. Resting and praying for strength and health to stand up, stand out and stand for something. I want my life to pop out. And, be in color. Yep! Wanna be one of THOSE kinds of girls. Even, when life is tough. Even when I'm sick, like now. And, even when I lose my book-marker and forget what page I'm on. That's when I go to another Author. The author and perfecter of my faith! When I'm tired and lost and can't draw the next chapter in my book, I draw close to Him. So, what does your "T H O S E" stand for? Love you guys.    Trace

Friday, November 2, 2012

Bill Collectors vs. Thought Collectors

“Bill Collectors vs. Thought Collectors!” What? This is my battle story, sort of. Keeping it short because I’m still not well from the worst fever/bug I've ever had. Here goes: Never ever talk to a bill collector when you are very sick and have a sinus headache and terrible toothache. Even if you’re trying to do the right thing. For one, it hurts. And, for two? It hurts. Yes, he threatened me and so I had to speak which hurt my tooth and my pride. And, just to be clear, I was trying to pay a bill in these hard times, and was told it was better for me to either: 1) pay twice the amount or, 2) don’t pay and get government help! On the 1st piece of threatening advice? That is impossible and ridiculous. And on the 2nd piece of advice? That is ridiculous and impossible…for me. I take pride in trying to live what I believe. I believe it’s time for me to go back to bed and collect some rest. Yes, I remained calm, cool and collected while having intense conversating with a bill collector. Yes, I am a thought collector. And, yes… Only a few tears shed. What? I never meant to make him cry. PIMP LOL. Just kidding, He made me cry. Only cuz I’m sick and in pain. And, I thought I was in pain before! PIMP LOL. Love you guys for loving me and caring for me while I’m sick. Yes, I am a thought collector. My calm, cool, collected thoughts for today? Walk what you talk! And, always walk way more than you talk. And, though it's good to collect thoughts, you don't always have to dispaly them in a lighted showcase cabinet. Right? You know what I mean! Like we do our collectible figurines and such. I had Hummels.  From my Grandma when she went to heaven.  Which I had to sell to get my life-saving surgery.  Very difficult to do. Anyways, not everything needs to be on display. Off to lay back down and collect my thoughts. Oh! And, someone asked about the photo? It was taken on Saturday during my 2 days of feeling better. Thankful for those 2 days. Looking forward to more. Remember, to win a battle, stay calm, cool and collected. Trace

Karreck Turr! Having Character & Being A Character”

“Karreck Turr! Having Character & Being A Character”! What? Well, I am still resting. Thing is? When you rest? You have time to think and then you want stuff. Especially when you’re sick and thinking. Your “wanter” turns on and your “thanker” goes off. Like I was thinking about an old Victorian house I want and a make-over for moi! Don’t get me wrong. I am very thankful for what I have. Even in these tough times we’ve been having the past several years. Very tough, indeed. But, we make do during the doo-doo! And, create. So, I was thinking, since I can’t get a new house or buy anything new or get a make-over, I would get my family to play our video game Skyrim. They are playing my character, while I rest on the couch and watch. I named her “Karreck Turr”! Get it? PIMP LOL. She is a wood elf. She has character and IS a character. Just like me. She is great at archery, etc. Which I love, too. Anyways, in the game, you can actually get a make-over and build a home. So, I decided to get some green and blue face paint and get my hair shaved. Why the shave? Well, for over a week, I have been in so much pain that even my hairs on my head hurt! And, I felt like shaving them off. This way I can do that and when I get well and get out of this cloud, I won’t be freaked out looking in a mirror. Can you imagine if I shaved my head for real? Cool! I have had purple hair and had all the back shaved off a few years ago. I love unique. I love to be a character. Only, with character! I would love to have some blue highlights and end tips some day when we can. Anyways, the point is? You make do. No, it’s not the same as getting a new house or a make-over or new furniture or painting the house or new floors…hint hint! But, it is being creative while I rest. And, I got to spend time with my family. And, it builds character! Life is short. And, now my Skyrim character “Karreck Turr”’s hair is short, too. PIMP LOL. I would so miss my long hair if I had shaved my own head. Have a fun day. Be a character! With character! Be creative. Just look at what our Creator made! What character He has! And! What a character! Just look at us with such funny ways. Tonight? More rest. Watching them build me a house tonight. While we build character and family relationships. Appreciate and love you guys for all loving me while I am so sick. You guys have character. Well, some of you are characters, too! That’s a good thing. Oh! And, the photo collage? My character with green and blue face paint and lips and cute elf ears, like I have. Always hated my ears. So, I’m off to rest. Only, my “thanker” is turned on. “Wanter” muted! DUH LOL. Trace

In The Sing Of Things

Hope to back in the "sing" of things, soon... PIMP LOL. What?  I've been sick.  But, sumthin's missin' here... PIMP LOL. Well, I'll be back in the chair before long. Meantime, don't you miss out on life! Get back in the chair. Stop by our page and check out some vids and songs and photos and stories. Love to hear how you guys are doin'. Be back soon. Love you for lovin' me... Yep! Hoping to be back in the "sing" of things, soon... Trace


"1 ROW SHORT OF A LASAGNA!" What? Well, you can tell I’ve been sick. How? Well, this is my famous “666” Lasagna for a party today. I cook the sauce for a whole day using 6 pounds of meat and 6 pounds of cheese and 6 onions and 6 garlic cloves and 6 spices. And, then the next day, I layer it all 6 rows across and 6 layers deep. I also cut each noodle to fit the pan The special attention and love makes it. Well, anyways, I got all done and looked at it. Ummm.…sumpin’s wrong?!? What! Only 5 rows? Whoops. So, it’s still my 666 Lasagna only with 5 rows. “665”? Yes, I am still a bit sick. But, it’ll still tame the beast in anyone. Have a fun day. Cook with love. Love a cook. Even a sick one. And, yes, I know... I'm one row short of a Lasagna. In more ways than one. PIMP LOL. Trace