Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Friday, October 26, 2012


“WHEN LIFE GETS IN YOUR FACE, LICK IT!” What? Okay, another food story. Yes, I have to eat baby food, but I actually love the apples and pears. Here’s the thing, though. The new plastic boxes with lids make a mess. Every time I try to open one, no matter how sneaky or careful I am, it splats all over my face. Help! What say you Mama’s out there? This mama eats it. In more ways than one. PIMP LOL. But, really? When life hits you in the face? Don’t let it lick you! Lick IT! Off! And, then keep living. PIMP LOL. Have a fun day! Yep! That’s me. With baby food on my face, but that’s also me! IN YOUR FACE! PIMP LOL! Just click the photo to get the ummm..biggger picutre! And, the mess. Oh! And, yes. I finally got out of yesterday's sick clothes. Though, still weak and tired, better. Oh! And, yes! I do lick the splats off my face! Don't you? Course, you guys probably lick the spoons from feeding the kids. But, me? I'm the kid and the feeder! PIMP LOL. Okay, I'm wiped out! And, my face needs wiped off, so I'll go forr now... Love you guys. Signed, Just a big baby Trace


“SOFT PRETZELS & TWISTS!” Life is a dance, so twist. And, life is a twist, so dance. What? Well, today's story is about storms and soft pretzels and twist. So, how do we celebrate our storms? With a twist. We’re making Gourmet Soft Pretzels!! PIMP LOL. What? They are twisty! Mmm…We like life and things with a twist! We have good taste. And, good taste buds! PIMP LOL. Course we like lots of dough, too. Only the other kind. But, we have way more of this kind! And, none of the other. PIMP LOL. No worries. I said we like life with a twist. And, boy are we twisting, but we are also trusting God. So, have a good weekend and take a bite out of life. Maybe a bite of out of a Gourmet Soft Pretzel too. They are a staple in our house. Pennsylvania Dutch kind at the store. Well, you guys know I can’t really eat but a bite, but I can enjoy that bite like it’s a whole pretzel and watch them enjoy. Oh! One more thing? As I was typing this, I was remembering how where I grew up in Pennsylvania, they had Soft Pretzel stands in Amish Country on the way to our Grandparents store in Abbottstown. We used to stop by Smitty’s and get huge delicious hot soft pretzels by the road. Cool, huh? What’s even cooler is that I lost most memories of my life from a huge seizure in 2006 and I have a lot of blanks and mixed up things. But, every once in a while something comes to me. OMG! One more just came to me. We used to have a Mini Soft Pretzel Machine for kids just like an Easy Bake Oven we also had. You could make little soft prezels in it. Wow. Thank you God for these memories. Now, you go have a memorable day. We are going to ride out this storm with a twist and a hot pretzel. Cuz, life with a twist is how we like it. AND, how we dance. PIMP LOL. Ride out your storms of life with a twist and a hot pretzel, too. Life is a dance! So, twist! And, life is a twist! So, dance. And, of course, click on the photo for the small print on the poster. You Know? To get the ummm...bigger picture! DUH LOL. Oh! Just one more thing! If you read my stories every day, you will def notice I have on the same shirt from yuesterday. It became my PJ's last night and I slept in them late today from being so sick. Still kind of hot today and weark, but better. Still not on tops of things, but not on the bottom, either. Off to change and twist a little. Love you guys and thanks for all the prayers and love and care. It does matter.  Trace

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Rest Of The Weak!

“The Rest Of The Weak!” Told you guys I was resting! I rest my case! And, I rest my head. Well…trying to, anyways! Though, I am reclining, I am declining…to say how long! What a wicked 10 days this has been out of my head with a fever and a nastay intestinal and respiratory bug. Well, lets just say it hit every system. All of me! No complaints. Have a good “rest” of the week, guys! Sometimes, you need a rest to make it through the weak. And, make it through the rest of week. Thanks, so much, all y ou guys, for all the love and prayers. That gives me rest knowing you care. And, I rest knowing that God has me in His care. In the midst of my week. And, in the midst of my weak! You rest knowing that, too. And, yes. I realize i am a case! signed, Trace the case


“OFF OUR NOODLES AND PASTA CARING!” So, today’s’ story is about Lasagna and Mamas and caring, of course! I have 2 stories to tell that happened on my weekly excursion to the grocery store with my mother-in-law, Helen, this morning. We were at the express checkout line at the store when this guy expressed with his eyes that he was checking me out. I expressly checked out my groceries, myself and my mother-in-law! Then, we laughed! I like to make her laugh at the grocery store. We even had a man on one of the aisles say that he always sees us having a good time at the store every week. And, admires us for not caring what others think. I told him I was way past that many years ago. I just be me, always. It's easier to keep track of one person. Anyways, he’s checking us out, too. Only, our hearts and humor! Might as well have a good time. Even at the store. Even when everything is not perfect in life. With the whole world watching. Express yourself. You might get checked out. Oh! And, while we were checking out our items for my home-made 666 Lasagna I am making for my mother-in-law’s 90 birthday this weekend, we have a second incident to write about. By the way, she runs circles around us and takes care of the whole fam. Anyways, I call it 666 Lasagna because I use 6 pounds of meat, 6 pounds of cheese and 6 layers! AND! It will tame the beast in any one. So, we’re putting the stuff on the checkout thing that moves when the bottom fell out of one of the boxes of lasagna noodles and I automatically grabbed and caught ALL of them! Yes! All of the noodles. It was hilarious. Of course, we got another box, but not until everyone was laughing. I told them I always think outta the box. Even with my lasagna! PIMP LOL. They def thought we were off our noodles. Having a bad day or sick like me? Get pasta that! No need to be a wet noodle! We both were not feeling well and tired, but decided to have fun and be off our noodles. I’ve been known to be a li’l saucy and cheesy and make people laugh when needed. PIMP LOL. Think outta the box. The noodles did! Oh! And, I know if my Mama lived close by, we’d be having a blast the store, too. Love your Mama’s and Mama-in-laws!! Cherish your time with them! And, Mamas/Mamas-in-laws? Let your kids love on you! You take care of us. We take care of you. Because, while we should get pasta caring about what others think of us, we should never get pasta caring for each other. Okay! Gotta go do some more resting and cooking. So I can get pasta this sickness. Signed, a Mama who loves to take care of and a Daughter who loves to be taken care of! Trace

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


“Oneday” Guess what day today is? Well, I know it's Wednesday to most, but for me? It’s finally Oneday! What? I always say: one day I am going to rest! I also say I’m gonna do a lot of things on Oneday, but I am going to save some things for Someday. And, still others things? I will save for that great day Anotherday. Really, though, I’m good with getting everything done I like to accomplish on that wonderful day Today, usually. I love to work. Just today is Oneday and I will save Today’s things for that lovely day Tomorrow. Because after all? By the time Tomorrow is here? It’s Today! Or maybe Someday! Or even Anotherday. But what ever day? I’m gonna seize that day and do what that day calls for. Today? Rest. And, be thankful. That is something we can do every day. Find something to be thankful for. Makes your Onedays feel like Wondays. So, you guys have a fun day. And, be thankful. Whatever day it is for you. In the meantime, I will just wish you a happy Oneday Wednesday Wonday! Say that fast 3 times. PIMP LOL.    Trace

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jus’ Doin’ A Li’l Boot Kickin’!

“Jus’ Doin’ A Li’l Boot Polishin’ & Boot Kickin’!” What? So, I’m still not completely on top of things! In fact, I’m behind from being sick. My body doesn’t always get the “Kick Butt Today” memo. But, I am kicking butt at trying to get well. Well, kicking boot! I mean…umm…polishing boot. What I mean is that I am trying to get well and while I am resting I am doing a li’l boot polishing. For real. PIMP LOL. Got to keep them lookin’ good. So, no matter what’s kicking your butt, kick boot! Find something you can do to polish your soul and make it shine. Renew its luster. No matter how small or basic of a thing. It does make a difference in your life. I know. There was a time I couldn’t even get up and do the very basic thing of putting on my boots. Now? I put them on every day . One at a time, like everyone else, of course. But, I do this as my symbol to get up and kick boot. You know? Seize the day and be encouraged. To find a way to make a difference in my life and others. And, it’s all wrapped up in a kick butt pair of boots. I know… I still need a bit of polishing… DUH LOL. And! The little boot in the photodrama? It was a gift. A gorgeous figurine of my exact boot. And, well, I keep that by my desk and computer in our music room to remind to kick boot no matter how wore out my soul is. Or my boots soles. And, you know? While spit and a soft cloth may polish our boot skins that sit atop our soles, spit and hardship polish our souls that sit beneath our skin.   Trace


“DUH LOL”. What? Okay, this is my social networking acronym number 3. It’s for those times, boys and girls, when you read something a someone writes and you Don’t Understand Her/Him, so you are Laughing Out Loud cuz it sounds ridiculous and you don’t know what else to do. And, you don’t want to ask, cuz you know they would tell you and be thinking “duh”! So, you just write DUH LOL. They will thi
nk you’ve got it! Duh! I wouldn’t advise on saying duh, in person when speaking to someone, in the same situation. I don’t think they would be laughing with you. Well, duh! That’s a given! Well, this is my given for you tonight. That’s all. Resting and recouping. Duh! Oh! I almost forgot. It’s a gender friendly acronym like my TNT LOL. Unlike my PIMP LOL. Works for a him or a her! Works for me. Duh! Signed, a her 

I made a note on this at this link and if you haven't read my other two, they are in my notes, also. Have a fun night. Trace 

Raisin’ Cain ‘bout Raisin’ Hope!

“Raisin’ Cain ‘bout Raisin’ Hope”! What? Well, I was having a tough week and was kind of raisin’ Cain within myself about my health. No worries, no complaints. Just me and One other heard my raisin’ Cain. So, this morning before I jumped in with both feet to work and raise Cain, I watched Raising Hope on Netflix. A show about a crazy dysfunctional family with a baby named Hope. Very funny and hopeful. Of course, my mind got going and combined all my thoughts. I laughed so hard out loud and I needed that. Yes, I do laugh a lot at my own jokes, but it was so nice to laugh at someone else’s. PIMP LOL. And! I so enjoyed the real characters. They combine humor with hope, like me. Thank you, God, for humor. Gives me hope. And, thank you, God, for hope. Gives me humor... So, have a fun day. Go ahead and raise some cane at raising hope. In yourself and those around you. And, stop by our new video! Or I might have to raise Cain! PIMP LOL. Trace (


"MLAYL" What? Here's what! Guess what? I don’t always have it all together. Whoa! That's right! My all is sometimes… umm... all mixed up! PIMP LOL. But! I know where to go. No! Not where some may tell me to go. But, you know where I go when I need to get the pieces back together. So, give your all, even when you are all mixed up. Or even, when someone else gets your “my all” all mixed up. God knows our hearts. That’s all! Oh! And, stop by our new vid. Featuring my girl. And, also you got the title now, right? Thta's my all, all mixed up! All right, then! All is right, then.  Trace

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


“I TAKE A SIP OF LIFE, SPRINKLED WITH A GRAIN OF SALT!” What? Well, I’m taking a break and taking a sip of life. Doesn’t always go down easy. No matter how you take it. But, if you sprinkle it with a grain of salt, it easier to swallow and preserves you. Especially when I can’t get a handles on things. I can sure get a handle on my cup! PIMP LOL. Now, me? I can’t drink coffee anymore. Which I love. So, I sip on water for my body. And, the Water of Life for my spirit. So, I might bring life to other lives. You know? Sprinkle their life with The Salt Of The Earth. Us! Preserves the soul! Oh! And, I also sip on music and other things that fill me up. Cuz, what fills me up also allows me to pour out. And, what fills me up also empties me. It’s a good thing and it’s eternal: empty, fill, empty, fill… But, that’s another story. And, speaking of grains? I used to sprinkle my cup with another kind of grain! I am thankful I don't anymore! So, what fills you and your cup up? Trace

Hold Your Head Up!

I'm not trying to be head strong or anything. Just giving you a heads up! It’s that time of year, again! Time to hold your head up in a whole different way! PIMP LOL. Sorry, guys! I like to be on cutting edge!!! A li'il off the cuff! Yes, I know.  It's a little dark humor, but this just came to my head! What? We do like scary movies and it is almost Hallween!  Have a fun week! Hold your head high! And, you know you were just singing that song by Argent! ♪♫Hold your head up...♪♫ I was! Oh! And, click on the photo to get the umm...bigger pciture!    Trace

Phones & Pushing Buttons

“Phones & Pushing Buttons”! Well, I had to make a phone call, so this is me making a call to my mortgage company. The other end says: If I want to continue this call in English, push button 1? So, I thought to myself, “I bloody well do, mate!” PIMP LOL. Of course, it was a recording, so they didn’t get the English/Brit joke being that I am from the USA. And, they sure didn't appeciate the magnificent James Bond accent I used! So, I just laughed and thought to myself: I think I will push button number 2 and see how far I can get. What? I need a good laugh and I love to push buttons. Laugh, you’ll get bloody far, mates! Push buttons! You’ll get bloody...ummm... noses? PIMP LOL. Just kiddin’! Oh! And, the photo? Well, what kind of phone did you think I’d have? I’m probably the only one that doesn’t have a cell phone in America. Hope I didn’t push your buttons too much. I wouldn’t want a punch in the nose, mates.  Trace

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


“SAGE SAUSAGE ADVICE? GET A-GRIP-PA”! What? Well, bear with me here… I am combining 2 thoughts into 1 story. Yep! You get a 2-fer-1 today. So, once a week I cook sausage patties for the whole week for everyone to heat up in the microwave for breakfast each day with bagels. I’m kind of the short-order cook. Goes for the order and the cook! PIMP LOL. Anyways, I purposely and deliciously scorch both sides of the patties I make and don’t overcook them so they are not dried out and nasty after reheating in the microwave. And, the scorching flavor stays with them. Well, today’s sausage for this cook? Just happens to be…ummm…Sage Sausage. PIMP LOL. I know… Got me thinking, and so I made up a couple dumb morning home-made jokes. Of course, you have to imagine this in Italian New York mafia talk. So, ummm…what wise advice did the sage sausage give to the even wiser cook? “Ummm…may Iyuh sagest you quit’a puttin’ the squeeze on me! I’m notta big on your “pat”tie answers after I give you tasty sage morsels of advice, such as: Don’ta jumpa outta the frying pan into the ummm…microwave! Or don’t go out half-cooked or overcooked and dried out. Get a grip-a!” How did the wiser cook answer back to this advice? I first told him that if I wanted sage advice I sure won’t ask a sausage. I’d ask a ham! PIMP LOL. But then…umm…well, let’s just say that I took his sage advice and got a grip! Though, I did have to put the squeeze on him. And, now for the 2nd part of the story and another joke? Well, speakin of advice? Late last night I was reading ACTS. I was thinking about what I read as I was cooking sausage this morning. Yes, it all mixes in my mind. So, I was reading about Paul wanting to get a chance to speak his mind before Caesar, but 1st, before King Agrippa. So, here’s my 2nd joke to be read in Italian NY mafia voice, of course! “What did the Apostle Paul say to Festus? Don’t be upset-a with-a me. Just get agrippa. And, now go get King Agrippa to listen to me!” PIMP LOL. Remember, if we want a chance to be heard, no matter what age or whether it is just with family, work, school, music, writing, art, etc., and you feel like you’re getting the squeeze and getting pat answers, get-a grip! And, get-a ready! Speak up. Show up. Share up. Share your heart. Get cookin’! Let your flavor linger. Even after you’ve gone. Don’t be afraid to be different. And, don’t be afraid to make a difference. And, remember? Sometimes, we do go from the frying pan into the ummm…microwave. Don’t go out half-cooked or overcooked. Have wonderful day. Thanks for reading. You know I love being a ham! And, as always, clikc on the photdrama to get the ummm...bigger picture!  Signed, The Sage Sausage Short Order Cook, or just for short: The Scorcher

Monday, October 15, 2012

Put On Yo Big Boy Pants & Get Rid O' Yo Big Boy Pants!

“Put On Yo Big Boy Pants & Get Rid O’ Yo Big Boy Pants”! What? Well, today, I got my big boy pants on, but I’ll tell ya? I’m gonna have to find some suspenders or a belt. Cuz it sure is hard keepin’ these boys up. They just keep fallin’ down and baring my…ummm...soul! What did you think I was gonna say! PIMP LOL. Wouldn’t ya just know they are blues jeans! Anyways, I think a belt would be best. A black belt! Suspending all activities, such as whining, boo-hoo-ing, etc. The belt is on with my big boy blues pants. Hi yah! Nothing is too big when ya got ya big boys on! Not even those big boy pants. You know? The other pants! Where you breathe sighs of exertion. Course, I might mention I start out by going to the biggest boy of all. No disrespect at all. Just a play on words. Just wanted to share how I put on my big boy pants on. By bonding… With God. With people… In words, in deeds, in music. Oh! And, the photo? Umm you can see my black belt and my blues jeans that are very patched up with big boy burger patches. PIMP LOL. Remember… If ya got ya big boy pants on, you won’t have all those big boy pants about everything. We all have pants, as in gasps of exertion, in our lives. Just a few, right? Have a big boy pants day. Not a big boy pants day. You know? Put on the pants, not breathe out the pants. This big boy black belt blues baby is busy. Be back!  Oh! And, as always, click on the phto to get the umm...bigger picture, of course!    Trace

There's A Time...

THERE’S A TIME FOR…recording history & then there’s a time for making history.
THERE’S A TIME FOR…recording music & then there’s a time for making music. It was all “live” at one time. PIMP LOL
THERE’S A TIME FOR…recording a moment by being
in a snapshot & then there’s a time for taking a shot at just being in the moment, oh snap!
THERE’S A TIME FOR…recording a checkmark on a things to do list & then there’s a time to ummm…make the list go away! Throw out the list! Now, that’s a check! And, mark!
THERE’S A TIME FOR…recording and balancing your checkbook & then there’s a time for doing a balancing act! You'll have to check the book for that one! PIMP LOL.

I have many more of these, but I am working on the time for making history right now, so I gotta go. Feel free to add your own in the comments, as I will be back another time to add more of mine. Oh! And, the photodrama? Ummm...I love color and I put the words on the sleeves. Why not! Thats where I wear my feelings, too! Right above my fingerless gloves and the cuffs I write off. PIMP LOL. Anyways, make time for both in life. For everything, there is a season… a time…   Trace

Friday, October 12, 2012

"Should Parents Cave Or Go Batty?

"Do Parents Cave Or Go Batty?" What? Well, as parents, we sometimes cave! What? Whoa! After all, life is an exploration and we have to rock it! And, besides! We gotta climb in a few caves to be able to see the magnificence there, too! Y
ou know? Get lost for li’l while. And, then appreciate the light when we see it again. Night all you men and women who have caved a time or two where your kids are concerned. Whether it was letting them staying up late, or junk food or you fill in the blank! Enjoy your kids. Sometimes, we cave to love on our kids. And, sometimes, we don't love on our kids. See, sometimes, you go batty…even when you don’t cave. I have a lot more on this, but tired and taking a break to finish up some more music. Off to explore that cave again. Who’s with me? Signed, one batty cavewoman who loves her kids, Trace 

Note to self: this would be one easy Halloween costume) PIMP LOL. And, yes, I realize the body I used was a man's. It's not an exact art I am doing with all these free photo editors and home pictures. Just off the cuff. So, yes, I need to shave. Night all... Going batty! 

A Kaleidoscope Collide Of Hope!

“A Kaleidoscope Collide Of Hope!” What? Well, we finished a country tune up last night that I recorded duet, backup and harms on and Sam sang lead. It’s called "Like To Be The One".  His hook in the lyrics is great and the guitar is really nice. 
Then, I helped lay down the drum and guitar tracks for a song my daughter is recording today and I will be doing a duet/backup/harm with her. A song we did for a Mother’s Day luncheon. Then, we move on to a secret very fun cover I’m doing and then some rockers and more blues to finish up our album. You know, life isn't always about having the lead spot. Sometimes, we gotta take the lead by being their backup. We gotta compliment each other. In words AND deeds. Harmony’s good for the soul. It’s not too bad for a song, either. PIMP LOL. Oh! And, some clues to the secret fun song? 1) We all have to climb these. 2) A state with a lot of s’s. 3) Not a king. Just for fun, I think we will! Oh, and the photodrama? Well, I wear a lot of diff hats. We all do. We are like a “collide”oscope of diff parts of us. Different colors. That collide. Kaleid! A Kaleidoscope Collide Of Hope is what I call it! I find hope in knowing we have depth and very different facets to us. That sometimes collide and make even more cool parts. When my thoughts collide, I kaleid…oscope! Into a collide of hope! PIMP LOL. This is def one case where colliding isn’t a bad thing. If you feel like your colliding and ready to crash, call on our Kaleidoscope Kreator and find hope. Remember when we were kids, we just had to look into one of those toy Kaleidoscopes  Well, look into one! It's still fun. And, look into the Collide Of Hope! There's still hope. This area is not black and white at all. It’s very colorful! PIMP LOL Anyways, here’s our new song this past week for our upcoming album. Thanks for encouraging us and getting behind us and taking time to come by our song and vid about hopes and dreams and a love tried by fire! I am glad our worlds collided! And, kaleided! Take the lead today and get behind someone!  Trace

Inking, Thinking Or Stinking?

What? Just inking… I mean, umm...thinking! PIMP LOL. What? It’s this photo drama editor effect. It was called ink. And, I mixed it with some other cool effects to get this. So, I really WAS inking AND thinking! But, I def don’t think I was stinking, right?! PIMP LOL. Hope your day isn’t stinking. Be creative! Think, ink or whatever it takes to not stink.     Trace

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dishes Who Aren't Full Of It?

“Dishes Who Aren't Full Of It?” What? Well, I’ve decided to serve my fave dish for supper tonight. What they put in it is entirely up to them. PIMP LOL. What? Plenty of leftovers and freezer stuff and there’s always cereal. This dish need s a night off. I serve up the dish filled with love. All they have to do is fill with their fave leftovers. PIMP LOL. Oh! And, that’s how life is. We each get served a dish. How we fill it is entirely up to us. I wanna be a dish with a dish full of life served up in it! To share. Not just be full of the other it! PIMP LOL. I once took my fave dish to a "Bring Your Favorite Dish Thanksgiving Dinner" at church. I felt quite “full of myself” to see my beautiful antique dish amongst all the drabby old tupperware. Of course, theirs were “full of food”. Now, you know I’m just kiddin’, but the lesson here? It’s not the dish, it’s what’s in the dish. Though, it's okay for the dish to want to look good while dishing it out! PIMP LOL. Take the dish you’re served and fill it with love and serving others…with joy. Or, your dish will just be full of ummm…it? And, you’ll just be full of it, too. Don’t be a dish who’s a fool of it. Be a dish whose full of it. The good it. Now, don’t dish me for dishing it out!   Trace

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

“Who's Up For A Li’l Sled’n?"

“Who's Up For A Li’l Sled’n?” PIMP LOL! No matter where I am at this time of year, my heart is always ready for a li’l sled’n! I'm from Pennsyvlania, but I live in Florida. So, who’s up for a li’l sled’n? I got my boots, my crocheted sca
rf, hat and gloves on. Now, all I need is just a li’l snow to go with that li’l sled’n! PIMP LOL. Actually, a lot of snow for the best tracks to sled on. We used to spend hours packing down the snow to make a track the whole way down our mountain/The Bald Hills. Hard work, but so worth it. So, have a fun day. Whether you’re on a hill packin’ it down to go sled’n or you’re on a hill in life and you gotta pack it down and keep moving up to get over that hill. Enjoy the scenery in life. The snow… Take it in. It makes the packin’ it down more cool! Well, I’m off to sled now. In my mind! That’s the cool thing about imagination and memories. They can take you sled’n right down that memory lane and imagination mountain! Oh, and one more thing! I keep a snowman and snowlady ‘round the house year round. Why? Well, they remind me of snow and cooler weather and sled’n and building snowmen. And, that makes me remember that life is always certainly going to change. Like the seasons. So, be patient whenit’s hot cuz it certainly will be cold. Life goes on… Gliding through life isn’t always the way it’s meant to be. But, gliding while sled’n’? Well, that is where it’s at. Pack it down! Be ready for change. Sometimes it cool. Sometimes it's hot. Sometimes, you pack it down and glide. Sometimes, you pack it down and climb. Oh! And, the photos? Well, yes, that is a replica sled of the exact kind we had in our barn. Even has blades/runners and a rope. Hangs in my parlor all year round. I wonder why... And, very last lesson here?  Don't try to snow anyone! Unless it's on a sled'n track! Or, THAT someone is a snowman! Or it's a snowball fight!    Trace

Yes, M.A.M.

“Yes, m.a.m.! I CAN make a mark!” Today’s story is about smudges, marks and fingerprints. Yes, m’am, it is! So, as I opened the microwave door this morning, I grabbed the washrag and wiped it off, like usual. It’s a habit. The microwave is aluminum and very shiny. So, every time we open and close it, I wipe. Yes. I wipe! The smudges and marks and fingerprints don’t seem to bother anyone else, but me. Guess that’s how we should handle helping others. By making a mark on them, but wiping the slate clean. Or, in this case? The microwave! PIMP LOL. I don’t really mind the microwave thing. I was always like that, even as a kid. I could see a picture a micro-hair off or walk in a room and observe the smallest thing. With people, too. Inside and outside of them. But, other places or people don’t bother me. Only my own. I always felt like more was expected of me because I notice things. So, when someone asks me to do something, I say “yes, m.a.m. Yes, I want to make a mark, m.a.m.” What? That’s my home-made acronym, again. Always, reminds me to make a mark, even the smallest smudge or fingerprint can give someone a clue that you care. Yes, ma’am! I used to spend a lot of time keeping things perfect. Until, I got very sick and I had to make very diff priorities. And, losing some of my vision helped. When you can’t see it, it doesn’t bother you. Now, that can be good and that can be bad. See? PIMP LOL. Anyways, I can’t see marks or smudges on the fridge or the other objects that aren’t glass or aluminum and I’m not picky anymore about cleaning everyday and vacuuming and all because I wanna make a mark. But, just not on the microwave! PIMP LOL. That microwave is my one holdout. I can’t let it go. So, that mark? I wipe! I wanna leave my mark in someone’s life not on my microwave. Sometimes, we leaves smudges, sometimes, marks, and sometimes fingerprints in someones’s life. So they know we’ve been there, and WILL be there. And, even leave a clue as where to find us or answers. It may even be a footprint behind them to have their backs. Or beside them. Just make sure it’s not ON them! PIMPLOL. Oh! And, notice in the photo, the reflection of all the things around the microwave. They show up in and on the microwave. Jus’ sayin’! Just like our fingerprints and smudges and marks. Sometimes, you may even have to wipe the microwave clean for someone. I mean, slate! Oh! Notice the time? It's M.A.M. time, always! And, my fingerprints are blues. What other color? PIMP LOL. So! Yes m.a.m. Hope I’ve left a mark here. Maybe a smudge? Just a reflection? Every time someone asks you to help with something, say yes m.a.m. And, make a mark!!! Unless it’s a man. Then say yes, sir. Reflectionately yours, Trace

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

“Meeting The Right Guy!”

“Meeting The Right Guy!” So, I was talking with my girl about that certain subject “meeting the right guy”. I said: Don’t worry honey! You'll know it's the right guy when you answer "867-5309" to his question of "what's your phone number?  
"And, he gets it. Not the phone number. The joke! Cuz, he sure ain’t getting’ that number! PIMP LOL. We laughed, but really…wow! Where does time go? For me, right from the start of her life, I wanted her to meet the right guy, alright! As in, God! First off! To have that security and knowledge to draw from. To have that personal relationship. To me, it’s so so important to teach our kids very young about faith, hope and love. To teach them about music and arts. About, politics, history, science, math, everything. About life! And, continue teaching through our lives even while they begin teaching us. Now, me? I like to be creative when I share what’s in my mind. Don’t say it! PIMP LOL. I have to be, right? I like to use music, humor, etc., to teach. And, you know? There is def a song for every moment, every lesson. Songs to listen to. Songs to write. Songs to teach our kids. I bet by now, if you got the joke, you are singing ♪♫ 867-530 ni-e-ine ♪♫! Anyways, mostly, we teach by our actions… Trace

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sandpaper & Saws!

“SANDPAPER & SAWS!” Okay, so sometimes it takes sandpaper to smooth our rough edges. Like a craftsman does furniture during refinishing. He has to turn the pieces upside down and all around to get to some spots that are rough or need retouched. He even may have to do some sawing and repairing. I was thinking of a gigantic desk/wall organizer we put into my daughter’s bedroom that was given us. We actually had to saw it in two and then glue/drill/sand/hammer, etc. back together to fit it in her room. Took a great deal of thought and hard work. We def didn’t “saw” that coming. Hmmm…got me thinking. It’s like us. We require sawing, gluing, drilling, hammering and sanding! We may get turned upside down sometimes in life just to get some rough spots smoothed over and pieces of our life put back together. Some of us require a lot of sanding. Though, it is hard to get to some spots that need it the most. Like our own back sides. You know? Just in case we show them. And, who doesn’t do that once in a while? PIMP LOL. You never “saw” that coming! And, our hearts. They get rough and hard to get to, also! Well, anyways, that's why we need other folks to be sandpaper. Yes, it can be rough. May not have been in OUR plan. Certainly not the right direction. Though, going with the grain is the best, some rub us the wrong way and that’s when we take it to the Master Craftsman. He can smooth over those spots if we let Him. And, help us have a finish that is smooth and beautiful. Though, I never said it would be easy. He never did either. If you see dust ‘round your self? The Carpenter is at work. I see dust. Saw dust. I see sawdust! And, sand dust. PIMP LOL. Saw what I mean? Well, have a fun day. Gotta go. Sand, sand, sand… Ouch, ouch, ouch! I know! You saw that coming! I’m just a li’l rough around the edges… Oh! And, by the way, don't give up on those hopes and dreams and life. Keep sanding away. Sometimes, our love is sanded, sometimes, put thru the fire. Here's our new song to go right along with that. Thanks for lovin' me, rough edges and all. Trace

Friday, October 5, 2012


“IN YA VASE!” I was reading an old story about 2 rival mafia families who were fighting over territory which included a flower shop. One side had taken control of getting the flowers shipped in and out, and the other side had won control over getting the decorative pots/containers to put them in. Eventually, they slaughtered each other back and forth until they finally made peace, sort of. Got me thinking… If the roses and containers could talk, I think the rose woulda said to the other guys, “Yous guys, we might be partners, but I’m gonna always be in ya vase! And, doncha forget that!” PIMP LOL. Grudges! Well, in a weird way, grudges are kind of like roses. They can be a beautiful thing to the person that holds them for awhile. They just can’t stop lookin’ at the grudge! It “stems” from hurt, and if we don’t work it out, we can’t bloom and have a bouquet about us that others like to smell. They get close to us and ouch! Thorns! Yep! Grudges! Don’t hold ‘em! Don’t look at them like a thing of beauty. Let it go. THAT’S The beautiful thing. Now, stick a rose in that vase! ‘Stead of a pose on the face. A grudge pose. And, we all know what that look is, right? Like a hit man’s man! PIMP LOL. Have a fun day, yous guys! Don’t get in too many vases… Unless, you are a fragrant rose showing a nudge of grace, instead of a grudge on the face! Oh! An, come b our new song and video. Yes, I'm in ya vase!! Trace

Magic Elfs & Magic Selfs!

Magic Elfs & Magic Selfs! What? Well, my secret is out. I was caught straightening up the house late last night and I was so tired I forgot to put my magic elf fairy costume on. Busted while I dusted! They saw the self instead of the elf. Whoops! See, I dropped something and they woke up and found me tidying up. How shocked they were to see it was me. No magic elf! No dust. Except what the bunnies left. To all you magical elf fairy’s out there? The elf is outta the bag! Time to be yourself. Not your elf! Toss the costumes and magic wand. Well, you can keep the wand. It may come in handy for whacking someone on the head. I mean, they had to know, right? But, really, I do the tidying for me, too. I run around and straighten up so when I awake everything feels like an elf fairy waved a magic wand over our house. I was trying to keep the magic alive! It just took too long to get in costume. This will save a lot of time. And, I can be myself, not my elf! PIMP LOL. Have a fun day! No need to pretend and be an elf. Be your self. That’s magical enough. Keep the magic alive. Keep dreaming. Stop by our new song and vid about hopes and dreams! Love IS tried by fire and that’s what makes it magical!! And, I think I will save my elf fairy costume for Halloween this year. Yep! Makin’ magic! Trace

Get a head? Keep your head!

Was just thinking...

I’m gonna have to do some leg work if I wanna get a head, tomorrow! And, I betta keep my head if I don’t wanna lose heart. But, then I’m gotta have to give all my heart if I wanna find my soul. What? It’s simple. Keep
a leg up, a head up and a heart open. Soul easy… And, now, for that hand up! Way up high! Thanks for lovin' me. Don't lose heart. Just posted our new song about hopes and dreams. Stop by. Story with it:  Trace

Monday, October 1, 2012

W I T C H Jokes! Which ones? My ones!

"W I T C H Jokes!" OKay, so now for my 1st joke and my 1st story of Halloween. Stop what you're doin' for a “spell” and read my 1st Halloween joke this year. PIMP LOL. What car would a witch drive? Ummm…an old black “Cat”illac? It would have a “stick” shift and it would go “broom broom”… instead of vroom vroom. PIMP LOL. Okay! Rest of story: We're having a WITCH’s supper tonight. What’s is that you ask? “Whatever’s In The Cupboard, Honey” kind of supper. You know? W I T C H! You know I love acronyms! And, it’s magical what we can find to brew up. and best of all? I don’t have to get the broom out to clean up! Or chase anybody with. PIMP LOL. Try to conjure up a magical night for a Monday and a spell-binding week. Warts and all. You know? Being content with your contents. The contents of your cabinets, your ♥ & your life. If you want real magic? Trust God with ALL your contents. Warts and all! Whether they are inside warts or outside warts. Faith! Now, that’s real magic. That’s real content! Going to be a W I T C H -y day. No, I won't be acting witchy. PIMP LOL. Off to check out my cupboards to see what to conjure up for supper tonight. Have a spell-binding day! Put someone in a spell... With your kindness and smile. That's the real magic. Love! Oh! And, now look thru the rest of this album for more fun art and stories, just for a spell... Trace