Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Friday, September 28, 2012


“SMALL IDEAS CAN MAKE BIG IDEALS! YOU HAVE MY FULL ATTENTION & FOOL ATTENTION”! What? Well, I in the fall, we start our fall walks in the early evening. Hard to start up again, especially when your body isn’t working properly, but as I wrote yesterday, you have to behold the pain AND the gain. But, that’s another story for you to stop by. Anyways, it’s not like we have great scenery like back home in Pennsylvania, but we make do and it is the one place nothing can distract us. So, we walk, we talk. We ARE the scenery and we make the scene for 30 minutes. No phones, computers, TV, video games… We love having each others full attention. Or, as I call it when we joke in our family, “fool” attention! Either way? I love it and so do they. I mean, who doesn’t love attention!?! This fool sure does! PIMP LOL. Then after, we do our family reading/prayer time at 6 every night. Just 6 minutes of reading, 6 minutes of prayer, every day at 6. Just come up with something easy to remember and easy to accomplish and you will do it! Small ideas make big differences, ideally! Small ideas also make big ideals! So, anyways, I love numbers, alliterations, acronyms, as you all well know. So, when I was thinking of a name to call it a long time ago, I came up with “6 and 6 at 6”? Ummm…yep! Tames the beast in anyone! Ironically funny. By the way, we do have a family time/bible study one day a week for as long as we feel like it. No rules. Sometimes, it’s long, sometimes short. But, just having it everyday for a few minutes gives us a pattern and commitment and habit. Whatever works for your family? Make that the scene! Small ideas make big differences, ideally. In fact? Small ideas? Make big ideals! Have an ideal day! Thanks for lovin' me... And, I'm not foolin'!  Trace


“SO, WHAT STUFFING ARE YOU MADE OF?” What? Well, this is for anyone who has ever felt worn out, useless or old! Or all 3! Young or old! So, I was having one of those "all 3" kind of days. I was tidying up a bit and noticed one of our fave pill
ows was totally get useless as it we were unable to use it to lay our weary heads to rest and not cry no more! PIMP LOL. It wasn’t even thread-bare. Just bare! You could see the stuffing. I also noticed my fave antique doiley had a hole in the middle and faded. And, one of the newer flowers in my dried flowers vase looked a li’l weary and worn out and bent out of shape. Throw them away? Well, on some days. But, not today! I had to prove a point to myself. That even on my worse day, I could accomplish something. So, I grabbed the fave pillow with bare side up, my antique fave crocheted doily with a hole in the middle and the bent out of shape flower. All of no use, separately, but together? Well, just see. They make it work. I sewed and glued the doily to the worn side of the pillows and added the flower to the hole. Gorgeous! Sometimes, we just need a helping hand or a word of encouragement from someone to make things work for us. Are you up to that? What stuffing are you made of? And, sometimes, we need teamwork. It’s a beautiful thing! Are you up for that? What stuffing are you made of? And, whether you are young or old, worn out or bent out of shape, you are not useless. You’re a beautiful thing! Don’t ever give up. Your stuffing matters! So, what stuff are you made?   Trace

Thursday, September 27, 2012


"MAKIN’ DO, MAKIN’ NICE & MAKIN’ ICE! BEAUTY PARLORIN' IN THE KITCHEN" What? Well, today's story is about "Beauty Parlors & Kitchens, Ice Cube Trays & Blow Dryers, and Hair-do’s & Make-do’s!” What? Well, I’m doin’ some beauty parlorin’ in my kitchen. Giving my ice-maker a hot new look! A new do! A “make-do”. It broke! And, I HAVE put in a new ice-maker before, but not this time. Makin’ do! How? Blow drying the ice-maker! It froze up on me. It’s wore out. Frazzled, like some of our hair! But, for this, no shampoo and comb-out required! Just apply blow dryer for several minutes. Then, run some water thru it and it rocks. Hard to beat the ice shine. Now, that’s stylin’! And, yes, I got it workin’! Now, to see how long this “do” will last. PIMP LOL. Oh, how I miss the beauty parlor. I used to go to the beauty parlor every month. So relaxin'. Had purple hair, short hair, shaved hair, always wanted blue hairlights! For the last 10 years, I have been my hairstylist. Makin' do. The photo? My tools. The blow dyer to fix and the antique ice cube tray, in case my fix doesn't last. Yes, today, I am makin’ do, makin’ nice and makin’ ice! I think I'm gonna make it!! Ice, ice, baby!    Trace

Beholdin' The Pain AND The Gain!

“Beholdin' The Pain AND The Gain!” A friend of mine, took this gorgeous and aesthetically profound shot off River Road, locally, where I used to live and have witnessed many of these inspiring dawns. I’m beholdin’ to her for letting me use this since I’ve not been well these days. It just reminded me today that it’s always darkest right before the dawn. There’s always pain before the gain. So, hold on! And keep your eyes and heart open! When you be holding on in the pain, you’ve already gained, right. Faith and perseverance. Yes, for now, you have pain, but it behooves you to be holdin' on so you behold'in even more gain! Be holdin' on in the pain and you’ll def beholdin' the gain. Now, behold the photo! Click on it to get the bigger picture! PIMP LOL. And, all the beautiful details of the dock and the sun showing up at dawn on the river. Just like it always does. Just one of God's miracles. And, I’m beholdin' to you for stopping by my hole in the wall (another story on my wall) and lovin’ me. For all of you who are feelin' pain? I'm holdin' on with you. We shall beholdin' the pain AND the gain together!   Trace

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Hole In The Wall

“Welcome To My Hole In The Wall!” What’s this? Well, just my own li’l holes in the wall. Here at Facebook. Where I’m always ON and a li’l off. “ONff”! PIMP LOL. Okay, so the photo collage? Well, one IS my very own hole in the wall at our house and the other is how I see my hole in the wall of “me” that needs patching every once in awhile. Yes, we all have walls of protection we put up. And, I think both the walls and the holes are good things. Together! They keep some stuff out and let other stuff in. That’s just my thoughts from my hole in my head! PIMP LOL. Anyways, so, take a peak through my hole in the wall at some of my stories attached to my photoart and some of our music while I do a li’l patching work on that hole this week! It’s gotten a li’l too big and rough around the edges. Don’t want anyone going in or out getting hurt! Including me. And, as you can see, I've already done alot of patching and nailing, etc. Not to worry about the hole. I have a strong Foundation. Besides, if there were no hole, how would you see in to my heart through my walls? Have an ONff week. Always ON and a little off. Thanks for stopping by my hole in the wall and thanks for lovin’ me…holes and all. See you guys soon...    Trace


“COOKS & CLOTHESPINS”! What? Today, I am going to bake my cookies longer and cook my bacon longer. Now, that just sounds opposite of what it should be. You know? Cook the cookies, bake the bacon? PIMP LOL. But, anyways, it seems, last week, when I baked cookies and cooked bacon, I must have been feeling a bit fried and I don’t want anyone to get steamed, cuz I didn’t cook them enough. Confused? Well, who wouldn’t get confused. I already am just typing it! No matter what’s cooking in your life, let the food get steamed, fried, grilled or baked. Not You! Enjoy the aroma of life. Well, sometimes you may need a clothespin. Cuz, umm…sometimes, life stinks. Always have clothespin handy. The spiritual kind, too. PIMP LOL. But, anyways, be thankful in either. THAT’S how to really cook. And, that’s what recipe to use to cook up some “LIFE”! And, yes, I am preaching a recipe to the cook here. My paraphrase? Ummm...they’ll know the cooks by their aroma… And, their clothespins! So, hope your week cooks! Hope your week is sweetly aromatic! Oh! And, the photo collage? Just this cook cooking even when life stinks, with a clothespin handy. Both kinds. I am about to grab the recipe holder my daughter made me in 2nd grade that I still use. It was made with a clothespin to clip the recipe you’re using up so you can see it. So, I took a shot of the front and the back. The point is…even when life stinks and you gotta use a clothespin, you can still cook. Plus, there are lots of other ways to use the clothespin later. PIMP LOL. Keep this cook in your thoughts and prayers, as I haven’t been cookin’ on all burners lately. And, my hot pads are wore out! My apron’s lookin’ pretty raggedy, too. Did I mention the recipe cards are worn out? No complaints, though. Got my chef hat on! And, after all, I just wrote this recipe story here and I better use it to keep cookin’! You, too. Thanks for lovin’ me…    Trace

Monday, September 24, 2012

In The Midst & The Mist, Don't Miss Out!

“In The Midst & The Mist, Don't Miss Out!” What? Well, Just got done trying to capture my daughter’s hair piece! In my defense, I don’t feel well, my sugar is low, I had no glasses on and it does look leopard-y! Well, misty and leopard-y, to me. PIMP LOL. I walked by her room and saw it and ran and got a stick and a jar to capture it. And, my glasses! When I got back, with glasses on, I laughed. Boy, did I need this morning. I said to the hair piece, “You snake in the grass! I mean, in the carpet! You scared me and then made me laugh! Thank you!” Have a fun day! Be thankful in the mist and the midst or, you may miss…out on the blessings.   Oh! And thanks for checking out my sssssss-story!   PIMP LOL


Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Room Fool In A Roomfull!

“A Room Fool In A Roomfull!” What? I now know why folks feel like bolting out when, sometimes, they’re in a room full of people, and feel like a fool. Should it be spelled “room fool” of people? Cuz I was sure feelin’ like a fool as I saw myself bolt out. We’ve all been foolish. Enough said about that. I’d be foolish to say any more. Yep! Been there. Well, used to be there. Umm…cuz, I just ran out! PIMP LOL. Sometimes, you gotta run to keep from BEIN’ the fool and sometimes you gotta run FROM a fool. And, still sometimes yet? You can’t fool anyone! So, you just gotta face the roomfool head on. Fool on! Face life, I mean. What? I’m not foolin’! Love you guys all for lovin’ me anyways. Oh! And, the photo? Ummm…that’s what this room fool wears in case of a roomful or roomfool and there is a need to bolt!! Cuz, those boots are made for walkin’… And, for facing life! Fool tilt, fool throttle, fool on! Boots on!   Trace

Hittin’ The Sauce!

“Hittin’ The Sauce. The Home-made Sauce!” PIMP LOL. What? No! Not that kind of sauce. Although, I am, technically, hitting the sauce. And, we do, sometimes, put it in a jar. No, I don’t drink, anymore, thankfully. It’s a BBQ Sauce. Called Sammy T’s Blues Sauce. A comfort sauce for “those times that you chase away the blues while you listen to the blues and eat” kind of sauce! Which is “all times”! Best sauce and I ain’t just sayin’ that because I’m the cook. Main ingredient? Love… With a pinch of attitude. Throw in a 64 oz. bottle of ketchup (minus the bottle and I prefer Publix), a whole jar of Grandma’s molasses, chili powder, Garlic Salt With Parsley Flakes, Red Wine Vinegar and Tobasco Sauce. Bring all ingredients to a boil at medium heat, all the while stirring for another 15 minutes. It will bubble and splat, so keep stirring. Then, let it cool and pour back in to the Publix bottle you cleaned up from the ketchup. Oh! And, the last 4 ingredients I just shake into the mixture. So, shake to your taste, but I warn you. Don’t taste too much along the way. Or you may have to make another batch! My daughter licks the kettle. Us? No way! Okay, yes! It’s that good. Did you think I was going to say don't shake too much? No! You can never shake too much PIMP LOL TNT. Anyways, I make this every week or so and we use it on French Fries, for sandwiches, dip, in beans, etc. Go ahead. You know you wanna shake! In good taste!    Trace


“WHAT’S ALL THE BUZZ ABOUT DIAPASON?” What? Well, it sounds a li’l like a prescription lots of us have taken, whether we needed it or not, PIMP LOL? But, this is REALLY what the Dr. should have ordered for me! Diapason is a def a pill I could swallow. AND, get a buzz! What is a Diapason? It is a “full rich outpouring of melodious music”! Yep! A REAL chill pill. And, an outpouring of song is way better than the outpourings you get from those other pills. You know? The horrid side effects they warn you about? Comes in easy inhaler, also. You can get it free with no government involvement, which is a big plus! The whole thing just makes you breathe easier. Go ahead. Inhale some diapason. Inhale some music. Take a real chill pill! Swallow some diapason. It’s absorbed through the ears and the soul! I know… I’m a pill. Oh! And, lastly, I know some folks need to or have to take meds and some folks, like me, can’t. And, other folks… Well, have a lovely rest of the weekend. Chill. Off to sing and then back to record. Love you guys for lovin' me. Trace

Friday, September 21, 2012


“GOING MAD”! Ever heard someone say, “Don’t go away mad. Just go away!”, right? It’s funny, but true. We just want stuff and people to just go away when they or us, or both, are mad and hurt. Or, we want to run away ourselves. I don't like when someone just walks away. I'm a "work it out" person. I'm already nuts enough. I don't need to go away mad! PIMP LOL. The term “going mad” signifies a continuation of being mad. Staying mad is what makes people nuts. It's call madness! That and hives!! PIMP LOL. Anyways, when you keep going about life being angry and mad, you drive yourself mad, too. Getting mad happens. Stayin’ mad crappens. Sorry. But, it does. An acronym for “mad” is “dam”. Staying mad blocks or dams your flow. Your river of life. Gets you all muddied up. Dried up and prune-faced. You keep going...each day…mad. Going mad! Get it? If affects you inside and everyone outside of you. One of my fave scriptures is “don’t let the sun go down on your anger”. Mad affects your sleep. And, sometimes, others! PIMP LOL. Oh! I know it’s hard. But, if you want to be forgiven and know the rest. You can’t stay mad for long, when you realize 2 things. They must be messed up and hurting to have acted that way. And, 2nd, we are forgiven as we forgive. I don’t know about you, but I am not perfect and I really like being forgiven and loved and not being mad at. Oh! Sometimes, it is best if someone just goes away to give it time. But, one of you better just listen to your heart, the spirit of God in you, your conscience and all that. So, you can make things right. You gotta keep balance.  After all.  If you've ever been forgiven like I have, by God and man, then you know what I'm talkin' 'bout.  After all, you don’t want to go mad! Or, look like this photo! I’m just slightly off-balance! PIMP LOL. Now, that you’re laughing, you can go away. Just, don’t go away mad. Stop the madness! Have a balanced weekend. Forgive someone! Trace

Thursday, September 20, 2012


“MELON COLLIE” What? Well, this morning, when I got up, I was feeling kind of blah. A li'l ruff! As I was cutting up a watermelon, I got to thinkin’ ‘bout the word melancholy. What? That’s how my mind works. Anyways, I don’t like to feel that way. So, as I thought about the word, I started picturing a collie with a melon body. Even, one carved in the melon. I got rid of the melancholy. And, the melon collie. I ate it! PIMP LOL. I so wanted to carve a collie in the melon like I do roses. You can’t blame a girl for tryin’ to carve out a li’l fun. And, a li’l melon collie now and again. Gotta carve THAT melancholy right outta me! We all do what we gotta do to get thru. For me, it’s working and creating, humor, writing, music, fixing stuff and taking care of people. And, before each one of those is possible? Faith. Have a fun day. If you have to make a collie out of a melon, go ahead. Cures melancholy. Carve out some fun. And, in everything, give thanks. In the melancholy AND the melon collie. Thankfulness, in itself, cures melancholy! Especially when you're havin' a ruff day!    Trace

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


“STIRRIN’ THE POT!" Well, today’s story is a little windy in 2 ways! Why? It’s longer than usual and about chili. PIMP LOL. Still, I hope you will read it and become stirred! Like my chili! What!! Well, my story is about LIFE and CHILI!  
Both need stirred! Both are a gas! Life is like my homemade chili. First off, it doesn’t just happen. You gotta grab the right ingredients and you gotta cook. It needs lots of substance! Meat! Something to chew on and beef you up. Then, it needs some soothing, comforting homemade sauce to help life go down easy. For chili, I make mine from the juice of squashed light red kidneys beans and many spices. Cuz, life’s gotta be a lil spicy and juicy and soothing. Finally, it requires a stirring once in a while! Life is all about stirring. This is one case where it’s okay to stir the pot. Throw in some humor. You know? The beans. My ratio of beans to meat is 80% meat and 20% beans. Sounds about right. Though, in life, sometimes the ratio might require flip-flopping the recipe. Humor over substance. Depends on what stirred you. Or who stirred you up! Or who stirred the pot! PIMP LOL. Think of your fave pot to cook chili. Now, think of it as life. No matter how great that pot is, if it’s empty, you just got a lot of hot air. But, if you fill it up and stir and taste, you have something. You’re cookin. Better yet? Fill it up and stir someone up by giving it to them. You know what I mean. Fill your life up, so you can stir others! With substance, humor and comfort! Have a fun day. Stir it up. Life, that is. Or, chili. Then, call me for supper. Oh! And, have to throw in a teaspoon of humor into the pot and stir, so umm…let’s see what I can come up with this second. Umm…life IS filling just like a bowl of chili. If you’re empty, fill it with substance. And, humor… Cuz, life is a gas. Just like a bowl of chili. Difference is? You gotta enjoy life WHILE you’re eating it up. That’s what makes it a gas. Or, it will chew you up and spit you out. Now, chili…well, you gotta eat it up first. The gas comes later! What!?! Oh, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout! PIMP LOL. Oh. One more thing? If you’re gonna stir the pot, stir up fruits of the spirit, like gentleness, kindness, patience, etc. Don’t stir the pot to cook up bitter herbs of hurt, hate and anger. Now, go have a gas! And, remember… Life…let it be filled with the fruits life, not the bitters of strife! Stirring the pot of life is a good thing, when it's bubbling over with goodness. Stirring the pot of strife can explode in your face and everyone around you. Okay, gotta go. Time to stir… Sorry for the wind! I mean, excuse me.    Trace

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Saturday, September 15, 2012


“FLOORED BY THE WOOL RUG PULLED OUT FROM UNDER ME AND PULLED OVER MY EYES! IN A NEW YORK MINUTE!” PIMP LOL. What? Well, this has been a week of things really flooring me in a New York minute! I won't go into my other personal things or people flooring me details, but one was that dumb law about 16 oz. drink limit. "Government control" floors me. But, that's another story. So, on with this story. Ever had the rug pulled right out from under you? Floored you, right? PIMP LOL. Then, the very same, rug which is wool, pulled over your eyes? No worries for me. My floor has a solid foundation. Solid Rock. It may hit me hard at first, but will be a lasting experience if you know what I mean. So, I won't experience it again. We have to learn. And, when it comes to wool, I’m a shear genius. How? I pray and soon I can see clear again. That’s how I shear that wool over my eyes right off! Then, I just pick myself up, shake off the dust and get rugged again! PIMP LOL. Well, I do! What? You gotta be tough! You gotta be rugged! Not get rugged! Oh! And, my next rug? A magic carpet. That way if someone pulls it? They get a big surprise! Cuz, of course, my magic carpet takes care of me and flies me away to safety. Wooly, huh? Have a magical weekend. Oh! And, all joking aside, our God takes care of us. Flies us away to safety. Even in the midst of being floored or blinded by wool! He’s shear genius! My last thought? It is not genius nor magical. Just rugged! Life learns us. Listen! What floors you doesn't have to keep you down.     Trace

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

♪♫ Skippin' to my loo AND my Lou, my darlings ♪♫!

♪♫ Skippin' to my loo AND my Lou, my darlings ♪♫! What? Well, I’ve been listenin’ to Lou Rawls today and discussing senior skip day with my girl and the 2 things got mixed, as usual with my mind. Welcome to my world. So, anyways, you’ve heard of senior skip day, right? It’s a day when high school seniors skip school. I’ve taken it a step further and say that it’s a day when seniors (as in age) skip a day of work, too. And, if you fall somewhere between a high school senior and a senior of life school, take a moment and have a senior moment! Just plain skip! Now, don’t fall! It may have been a while since your last skip! PIMP LOL. Take a moment! Have a fun senior moment. Whether you’re a senior in high school, a senior in life’s school or somewhere in between! Well, I gotta go now. Gotta skip to my Lou, my darlings! What? Well, I was listening to Lou Rawls fine fine music and it got me skippin’! But, now in this case, it’s skippin’ to my Lou and my loo. Yep! Skipping to the loo whilst skipping to my Lou, my darlings! Have a fun day. Skip to some Lou… Even on the way to the loo! And, be kind to ALL seniors. In high school, life's school and in between! Oh! And, skip to the Lou, my darlings, actually came from dancing and moving to the next partner. K, my darlins! Have a fun day. Never skip fun! Trace


"WORKING! GROW AKIN TO IT!" What? "Oh, my akin back! You've said that before, right? Well, I was thinking about work today. Like everyone. Only, I got to thinking about the "word" working. The word “working” broken down has 2 words in it. “Grow” and “kin”. ‘tis work that helps us grow. We should grow a kin to it. Whatever you're working on, grow a kin to it. Know your work and let your work know you. Course, I'm speaking musically, right now. But, for anything, give your all. Be excellent. Like you would be to your kin! It works for me. Have a fun day working. Work it out. Oh! And, you also could say that after work or even during work, you have akin! Oh! My akin back! PIMP LOL. 'tis good for the bones to be akin and the heart to have know akin. Grows us. 'tis then we call on God. I never heard it said that being akin to work and akin from work never hurt a kin! Well, I heard me say it! PIMP LOL. Gotta go. Oh my akin mind! Will soon be saying "oh, my akin voice and mind"! PIMP LOL. Just love you guys stopping by. Keeps my heart from akin!!!      Trace


“LAUNDRY, VACUUMS & LIFE!" THEY REALLY DO SUCK & STINK! What? Sometimes, life really stinks! Sucks, too!” Yes, today sucks just a bit too much! And, stinks in a big way! Why? Well, got tons of vacuuming and dirty stinky laundry! PIMP LOL. Well? Vacuums do suck and wash does stink! No complaints. Just a funny story. I was a li’l behind from being sick and still a li’l slow today, so my girl and I are tackling it together. No time with my girl could ever suck or stink ever, but, I was vacuuming in the bathroom where I have a lovely fluffy scarf hanging with flowers and towels. Yes, I love to create pretty stuff. Anyways, my vacuum really does su-u-u-uck!!! In 1 second, it caught the edge of the scarf and it disappeared into my wind tunnel bag! What was hilarious and unbelievable was that all those flowers you see in the photo flew all over the bathroom and not one went into the bag! So, I took it outside and decided to try to salvage it. I do love it. So, here’s the before and after photos. Of course, the scarf doesn’t really work well with grungy cleaning clothes. But, you know, it got me thinkin’… Sometimes, life really does suck. The life outta you! In the bag, right? So, sometimes it sucks the good and the bad out! We just gotta reach deep down in and pull the good back out. And, shake off the lint! The dust of life! Like I did with the scarf. It’s worth it. Even if life stinks and sucks, don't air your dirty laundry! Keep it clean. It all comes out in the wash. No matter what! Oh! And I also had a bit of a stuffed up dryer vent that needed fixed, so I did! Yep! It went everywhere. But, it’s fixed. And,I told that dryer to keep it’s trap shut! Remember, reach deep down in and grab the good and shake off the dust!   Trace 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tending To! Tender OR Tenuous? Or, Ten2U&us?

“Tending To! Tender OR Tenuous? Or, Ten2U&us?” What? Just a story about my new word and a li’l more about my life story. Still sick in bed, but wanted to share a story. I apologize for it being longer than usual. What? I didn’t write for 4 days! It'll make me feel better to write it and have you stop by. So! Do you tend to tend to others or do you tend to tend to you? Ten to one you tend to you. Human nature. What? A lot of us live in our own little world and tend to us. You know? Me, myself and I. That US! Kind of tenuous about caring for others when we should be tender. Kind of weak about it. Kind of oblivious to others around us. I say be attenduous (attend u & us) and tend to us, not just you. Tend2 U & us! And not be tenuous (weak) about it! God’s nature is tending to us. So, how did I come up with this? Being sick, of course. My daughter was sick and I was tending to her and then I came down with fever, nausea, etc. With all I have had, sometimes, its hard to tell what I have. On top of all my other stuff. It’s quite hard for even the Dr.’s to attend to me. And, with no insurance, they don’t get to. PIMP LOL. A lot of you know that I tend to get sick quite often. It’s not that I don’t take care of myself. In fact, I am diligent about it. My body is just at war. It’s a battle and I won’t give up the fight. I have had some judge me and say things or guess or even believe gossip! What!!! Yes, believe gossip. But, the truth is that I had an extremely rare disease that I battled since I was a kid and was only figured out in the past 7 years. I ended up having a Vagus Nerve surgery to cut the nerves from my brain to my stomach. No, not the Vegas where you go and gamble and party, but I felt like I was gambling with my life. Well, what happens in vagus, stays in vagus. Or, so I thought. PIMP LOL. What? Gotta have humor about it. I always say that I might not have a stomach, but I got a lot of guts! Well, anyways, many other surgeries and blood transfusions and many other tortuous ways to “help”. Ended up with a cancer surgery to save my life. Ironically, it was a surgery they give stomach/pancreatic cancer patients in their last 6 months to give them pain free last few months of their life. I even had to do conference calls with other hospitals to give my results. It was hard talking to patients that were dying because when I awoke from the last operation, I was told this by my team of Dr.’s. “You are the 1st patient we can say that you will live a bit longer. Won’t be easy without a regular stomach or intestines. We really don’t know what to expect.” And, to this day, I still don’t know what to expect with this body. I never know if it’s just a flu bug or my sugar or my nervous system or what. Because, nothing else works well without a stomach. Health affects everything in your life. Go figure. Even a car knows when it’s out of gas. PIMP LOL. So, yes, I tend to put up with too much or the opposite and get scared more or feel desperate. So, yes, it’s up and down for me. And, yes, I also tend to depend on God a lot. But, each time, I become less tenuous in my fight. And, finally, yes, I will choose to hopeful and humorous. Cuz, that’s how I am attenduous. Attending to u & us! Yes, I may be weak sometimes, even, today. Still very sick and blurry, maybe from the fever or the tears. But, one thing I am clear on? God is never tenuous in attending to us. He’s always tender. Yes, we must tend to ourselves and to life, in general, also. So go tend. Have an enjoyable weekend. Tend to others and I tend to think you will! Tenderly attenduous, Trace

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


“AIN’T LIFE GRAND, BABY!” Well, to be honest. Not always. I’m not feeling so grand today, but no complaints. A li’l thing to do when life ain’t so grand? Play some music. Yep! I think a li’l music practice is at hand! PIMP LOL. A li’l fiddlin’ around! That’s the key! To keep those heart strings in tune with the soul frets. Its ♪♫ o’clock! Music has a grand gift for everyone who listens and plays. No matter what style and what role. It’ll make you feel like you’re livin’ large! Even when you’re not feelin’ so grand. That's how God works.  In a grand stand-up  fashion! And, so should we! So, yes, I do catch everything with my lack of immune system, but will I stop going out round people or having them over or singing? No. You can’t fully enjoy the blue skies without the blue storms. You can’t enjoy the people who b flat without the people who b sharp. You can’t enjoy life without living it! Oh! The photo? Well, yes, I changed the time on the clock to be music o'clock ! PIMP LOL. And, the piano and fiddle? they are wooden little music replicas from my daughter’s Victorian doll house. Yes, we even had a music room in her dollhouse we played with. And, yes, I said we! Now, go play. Dollhouse or music or something! Just play… Me?  I like being stand up and doing stand up! Humor and music, that is!  Especially when life ain’t grand, baby! Trace

Monday, September 3, 2012

Reign in the Rain!

When you’re crying the blues over the storms and that's all you can see, let it rain music. You’ll C that’s the key! You don't have to be sharp cuz you've fallen flat on your face. We all have. Seriously! Get up! You CAN reign IN the rain! Al-rightD, then! Have a fun day. B thankful. Cuz, C, that's the Key! Me? I B thankful God gave us music. God sets the music. Music sets the tone. How you handle the rain sets the tune! Oh! And, I know I don't need to explain the collage. Hate it being me, but I'm available. 1st shot is cloud glasses and blue rain tears, 2nd is storm glasses, 3rd is music glasses with a key. G, you get it! Love you guys for loving me...  Trace

Labor Day or Lay Bored Day?

"Labor Day or Lay Bored Day?" What? Well, I say work hard. Why? Because then you will look forward to laying ‘round. If you lay bored, then maybe you need to work more. It’s all perspective. You don’t notice the joy as much without the sorrows, the light without the darkness, the sunshine without the rain. You get it. Now, I ‘m in labor. No! Not having a baby. Having a cow! Why? Cuz I got more work to do on our new song and vid. No complaints. Love it. Then I will have a wonderful Lay Bored day. So, if you lay bored? Labor! Your lay will be enjoyed instead of bored. Adored instead of abhorred! Oh! And, if you have an axe to grind, work it out. Whichever axe you work. I’d rather be labored than lay bored. Hard work is good for the body, mind & soul. It never hurt no one. Just axe me. Labor 1st. You won’t lay bored later. Later… Happy Labor Day Weekend, guys!