Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Friday, August 31, 2012

Falling for Autumn

“Falling for Autumn!” Call me weird, but today I just had to put on my boots, fingerless gloves and a flannel shirt! Now, the first 2 are the norm for me all year round, but the flannel shirt? Well, let me explain. I lived in Pennsylvania in the mountains until my teens when I moved here to Florida. And, every year during this week, I fall for Autumn. Inside me. I feel it! I feel the leaves changing color and the air turning crisp at night. I know… Weird. But it’s true. I know it’s time for football, beautiful leaves, and all the things I fall for when fall arrives. In my heart and in the weather. A change in the weather, whether it’s inside or outside, always leafs me amazed at God’s handiwork! I stand amazed at all the colors around us and the colors He puts in us. Some of us are very colorful. PIMPLOL. I still keep in touch with my best friend, Pam, in Pennsylvania every Friday night on the phone for hours. She keeps me informed of the weather and there’s a change a ‘comin’… She has sent me leaves many times and snow in a jar. So, did my grandparents. Okay, that’s it. I’ll leaf you with this… It seems both my body and soul remember the early years and the changes. We get trained. Memories and habits, alike. In the good or the bad. Maybe that’s why the bible says to train a child in the way he should go and he might leaf, but, he will def come back. Just like the weather and the colors in us and around us...   Trace


"WRITING IS AN ART, BUT HANDWRITING IS A LOST ART, RIGHT?" what? Well, here I am thinking before I write my next story... Gotta get it write and right! Right? Write. Actually, I usually go into a typing frenzy when a story come to my mind and heart. My hands can keep up with my crazy mind and it all happens so fast in about an hour. When typing, that is. When I am away from my computer and get an idea, like when I'm sleeping or at the store or church or anywhere, I have to write so fast that I have developed my own type of short hand. I still have to find an interpreter. PIMP LOL. Doesn't look like the shorthand I learned in school. I have these little stories in my crazy writing language all over the place, but mostly I type them. They come quick and my fingers can type faster than I can write. I still like to write notes to people or cards. While writing is an art and we use the typewriter quite often, hand writing is a lost art in this day and age. Take time to write something today. You'll feel write about it... I mean, right. Was just thinking how glad I am that people took time to write so many years ago so we have our bible! And, so many other historical books...handwritten. I must take time to write more. I mean, hand-write. Its a lost art, for me, too. And, you know what? That kinda goes for the email and texting thing, too. I don't text, for real! But, email and messaging and FB, I do. How 'bout calling someone? A phone call? Yep! Another lost art!   Trace

Thursday, August 30, 2012

"The Beast Of Deprivation Spawns The Beauty Of Improvisation! Shhh…”

“The Beast Of Deprivation Spawns The Beauty Of Improvisation! Shhh…” What? Well, I was thinking about Beauty and The Beast and came up with that saying while I was also thinking about “doing without”. Does the beast of deprivation and doing without realize he enables us to get too mad or get to work? Hmmm... My choice? Get to work. How ‘bout you? Doing without? Then, I bet you’re doing more within! Again! What? Just trying to push your buttons! Let me explain today’s thoughts. It’s been a tough couple years for us and for a lot of you. But! I believe that doing without pushes you to do more within! If you don’t let the “doing without” push the wrong buttons! Yep! We can either get too mad or get to work. Appreciate or depreciate… Be thankful and push the “WITHIN” button WITHOUT hesitation! But, really, we do rely on God more and our inner strength more when we can’t just buy something or someone. Or get a quick fix. Making do instead of making dough, sometimes, makes more sense. If you’re patient. Sometimes, doing without does do a lot within and without us. Around us, I mean by that. But, not without us. PIMP LOL Have a pushy day. Push yourself and someone you love to do within. But, don’t push the wrong buttons. It’ll affect everyone without. Makes sense to me. Just gotta push the right buttons. That goes without saying…or is that within? Gotta have humor. Especially when the wrong buttons get pushed! Yep! Doing without helps me do more within. We can either get too mad or get to work. The beast of deprivation spawns the beauty of improvisation! Shhh… Okay, I’ll button it up now! I don’t want to seem pushy! Oh! And, the photo collage? Well, you get the collage of thoughts in today’s’ story, right? The shhh shot, the inside of me at work shot, the thinking shots, all the buttons on the gloves shots, etc. I don’t have a fancy pants photographer or editor or producer, etc., so I make do. Within…God is my strength. Trace

Points 'n Plugs AND Tune-ups 'n Up Tunes!

This song says "movin' across the water". Well, so are we. What? Well, I had this group page cuz it had diff functions than our Musician page. Not anymore. It's about the same since FB changes. So, we're going to close this page in a week. Give everyone time to go to our other page. Just need one. I love that all of you here have supported us. Hope you guys take a sec to stop by our actual band page & "LIKE"! Then, stop by often! So, appreciate all of you loving us & being here. Now, go move across the water & click like to join us: Oh! & I thought this song fitting for our last 1 here. It's from the garage. Stripped down. Unplugged. Get the points? PIMP LOL. Point is...we get tuned up and plugged in when we're unplugged! Come by our page/garage & get plugged in! Our songs from the garage & the garage of our hearts are where tune-ups & up tunes happen! The point of this story? To give the b.a.s.i.c. band a plug!, Trace

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


“RESISTANCE IS NOT ALWAYS FUTILE!” What? Well, we all are familiar with that line, right? Yep! Saw a minute of an old Star Trek Borg show and that's all it took to get me thinking. 'bout what? Well, about resistance and how some things in life are so so hard to resist. We all have them. Then, I got to thinking of resistance training/exercise. Which I like to do. And, I know some who try to do resistance training exercises. It’s just they get lost somewhere on the path of least resistance. PIMP LOL. Really, though, I do like resistance training. It’s easy to incorporate into your daily life without setting a separate whole time around it. Or, having to pay money, or needing special clothes or anything. What is it? Well, I am no expert, believe me! But, technically, its strength training that uses a resistance to the force of muscular contraction. Some use elastic or weights and even our own body weight! Yep! We have built-in exercise machines. Pretty cool, huh? God did make us complex and curious creatures. That’s where the resistance comes in, right? PIMP LOL. Anyways, about some of the exercises, for instance I can do pushoffs and work out my arms any time I am around the kitchen counter or bathroom counter, which is often. I let my body weight be the force that I push off. There are all kinds of exercises you can do without equipment and around the house. I do like hand weights sometimes. But, your own weight is enough. You can help your back with the Leg Abduction or Plank which is all toes and elbows! I like the arm exercise I name “Counter-Resistance”. Because I use the counter and resistance! This is one case where resistance is not futile! Or is it? PIMP LOL. Okay, resistance trainers, here's another easy and fun exercise I came across today.  When taking wet towels from the washer to the dryer, just grab a wet towel and twist it and grab the other end.  Snap away.  Preferably at someone's butt.  Your arms will def feel the workout and so will their butts. PIMP LOL.  Have a fun day. Resistance training can be a snap! So, whether in life, or exercise, resistance def is not futile. Better not to take the path of least resistance. Because life is a workout. Gotta work it out! Who better to go to than the One who made us! Me? I can't resist that!!!     Trace

Be Upfront When You Get Behind Somebody!

"Be Upfront When You Get Behind Somebody!" What? Well, talkin’ should be honest and up front. Face it! I may get behind you to push you and encourage, but not to kiss your behind or talk behind your back and discourage. I may get beside you to walk with you, so’s you don’t get besides yourself in loneliness. I may even get in front of you to lead the way with boldness, but I won’t get in your face. And, I may carry you with gentleness, so you don’t get carried away with grief. Yep! I just may love you. That’s what God does for us and we should so do for others. Be up front when you get behind somebody! Right? Right! PIMP LOL


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

“DOzE DAzE, CONTENTzzz & zzz’s!

“DOzE DAzE, CONTENTzzz & zzz’s!" What? Ever had one of doze days? Where you feel like dozing off cuz you’re in a daze about things? A doze daze. So, what would it be called if you have a couple of these in a row? It would be called doze daze! PIMP LOL. Anyways, if you are, go ahead and rest. Catch some zzz’s. Maybe even pray. And, then count the other zzz’s. You know? The blessingzzz in your life. Helps the doze daze! Have a fun week. Hope doze daze aren’t all dozed. I mean dazed. I mean, hope your days aren’t all dazed and dozed. Catch both zzz’s! One gives rest to the body, one to the soul. Be content with the contentzzz of your life... And, you can bet I know...itz eazier said than done! But, so worth doing.  Trace

Monday, August 27, 2012

You Can Reach The Stars! Astronaut or Naut!

“You Can Reach The Stars! Astronaut or Naut!" & “The Department of DOD, IDK, OMG, LOL and DUH!” What? I couldn't decide between the 2 titles for today's story. So, I used both!! The boss said I could. So, anyways, I used to work for the Department Of Defense at KSC. No, I wasn’t an astronaut like in this photo, but I knew some and I worked with an excellent team of knowledgeable, kind and very hard-working engineers and techs and military. So, that fact and a phone call I had to make this weekend got me thinking about departments and acronyms. See, I had to make a phone call about a computer problem and felt like I was talking in spy-talk and having to decipher a code. He kept using some secret code. Or, as I found out soon, it was the code for the Department of IDK. You know? I don't know? Well, I know, but they didn't! Apparently my phone inquiry got directed to the Department of DUH? Did I get any answers? Umm…what do you think? Well, let’s just say, its right down the hall from the Department of IDK, OMG and LOL. What is DUH? Don’t Understand Half what you’re reading outta your book OR “Decipher-it U-self Hon”. Least, I had him laughing by the time I decided it was no use. No reason not to be kind. But, it was def time for PIMP LOL, after all that. I go to that department a lot. It’s down the hall from TNT LOL and LIFE. Cuz, OMG, one has got to laugh! And, then get to work and figure it out myself. Duh! That’s what we have brains for. Have a fun day and go use it! Your brain and your laugh! You don't have to study astrophysics to reach for the stars! Oh! And, am I enjoying our storm Isaac? Duh! Thanks, guys! For lovin' me. Astronaut or naut! Oh! And, if you're sitting through the storm and want something to do? Stop by my photo album from my KSC days. Just a few. and our music here: Trace

Blue Jeans 4 The Blues Machines

“Hmmm... Sometimes, You Just Gotta Rock To Hear Jazz. In Blues Jeans, Of Course. And, In A Port-A Potty!” What? Well, when do you have to rock to hear jazz? When you’re stuck in a Porta-Pottie at a Jazz fest and the officials have to rock it to get you out to hear BB King! True story. K…here’s the rest of the 2 fold story today. Yes, it is 2-fold and not just because my photo and subject is about 2 pairs of folded ragged blue jeans. It has 2 parts or folds to the story, too. So, I’m in my jeans, of course, and cleaning up our studio/music room to give us some more nuance and feel and incorporating our new gifts/toys. Hmmm… it got me thinking. I like to cover our machines/equipment to keep the dust off over night and I hate just having miss-matched stuff all over the equipment in my blue blues room this past year. And, I love jeans and decided to make my own covers. I call them: Blues Jeans 4 Blues Machines! PIMP LOL! Of course, they will work on any music style equipment. They are inter-musicable! Yep! Just like myself, my electronics get so dusty and I like a well oiled and dust-free machine. So, jeans for me. Jeans for them. Designing covers for our equipment out of old ragged jeans. What? I am making jeans pillows and seat covers and maybe a few coasters or doilies, too. If you look close in the photos, I have some done. They are in the early processes. Just laid out the ideas on all the equipment. Hence, in the photo I had to draw the stiches. What? I do like to keep you all and myself in stitches. Well, I guess you could we have it covered! At least the music equipment! Well, anyways, that’s my next project after our album is done. So, anybody want to front me? Shark Tank? Blues Jeans 4 Blues Machines! You heard it here, first. Okay, so here’s the second fold to the story. I call it “Rockin’ The Porta-Potties Carries Me Away To The Jazz”! What? So, I’ve been to a lot of concerts but there was only one that I had to rock to hear the jazz! What? Well I got stuck in a porta-potty and the officials had to rock it back and forth to get me out. Did I mention it was 102 outside? Then I got carried away. Carried away up to see BB king right up front. True story. Have a fun day. Get carried away! Sometimes, you just gotta rock to hear the jazz! In blues jeans, of course. Trace —

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Phantom Power & Ghosts Of A Chance, for Shure!

Now, this is the way to a girl’s heart. A Vase of Cord, a vase of a SM86 Shure Mic and a box of Phantom Power. Who needs rich smooth candy and a bouquet flowers when you can get rich smooth sound and a bouquet of beautiful music. I Shure don’t. So thankful for this surprise gift. Here’s the story behind this photo and saying. 

“Phantom Power & Ghosts Of A Chance, for Shure”! What? Well, I have to say that I’m not one to have 4 or 5 of something, even when I had lots of money. I like my one computer, 1 or 2 fave jeans, fave boots, etc. I learned a long time ago that you don’t use the anything very much if you have everything. If I have too much in my closet, I can’t see what to wear. I learned when I was sick to minimalize and get rid of things to make it easier to get my affairs in order for them. I mean, how many kettles can you cook with at once, or how many purses can you use? I know… I’m supposed to love having lots. And, I do love having things. Just not as many. Guess that’s what I’m used to. I’ve had to learn to be cointents with the contents of my life and my body. So, back to the story f If I can’t or am not using it, I like someone else to enjoy it. So, I had a laptop that I fixed and set up. Really nice one. Just waiting for the right person. Well, a good friend of ours was coming up from the Keys and was having a birthday and single and alone. He needed one so bad to connect, so I gave him mine. He is one of our biggest fans and is an awesome drummer. He is such an encourager that I knew if he had a laptop he could be lifting us up when he wasn’t here in person. So, see we get something in return! He says we are stoic in a good way about the way our lives have been the past several years and how we handle problems. Yes, I guess we are stuck in stoic, sometimes. Some of the stuff we’ve been through, you have to be stoic to be heroic. PIMP LOL. Again, God is our strength. Anyways, I didn’t realize we were going to get more in return. He surprised is with these gifts in the mail a few days later. a Shure SM86 Condenser Mic with Phantom Power Box and some other goodies. Whoa! Been a long time since we got any equipment. No complaints. We make do and do our best. I still love my old mic. You’d be surprised what you can get out of some things when that’s all you have and you give it all you got and more. He said he had been looking thru what we use and make do with musically, etc., in life, and wanted to help. He said that he felt like he had a Kool-aide stand across from a big desert and could see us off in the distance. So, he brought the Koolaide stand to us. And, took the 10 cent sign down and marked FREE. I’m off to read all about this stuff. Or, give it a workout is the better answer. With the Phantom Power, I may have a ghost of a chance at finishing this new song and our new album in style, Shurely. You guys all know where our power comes from… Shurely… Trace


"ARTICHOKING & THE ART OF CHOKING!" What? Yes, I am artichoking it today. What is that, you say? Well, it is the art of steaming and eating artichoke leaves. Been awhile. It got me thinking, of course. The 1st time I had an artichoke was with a dear friend, Tracy. Yes, Tracy. There were 3 Tracy’s back then and one Terry and everyone called her Tracy, too. Anyways back to the story. Tracy turned me on to Artichokes. Which are Perennial Thistles. A very healthy and tasty veg. Steaming them and eating the leaves dipped in butter. Mmmm…tastes like a sweet nutty potato. You just steam and eat them slowly so’s not to choke. It’s an art eating artichoke. AND it’s an art not choking on your own words. How? Make them sweet and few. What’s the art of not choking on anyone else’s words? Chew on them more, swallow less. More or less. PIMP LOL. Okay, gotta go eat my artichoke. Try one. And, if you find yourself getting all choked up over something today? Remember, life is an art. Chew on it, swallow less. Don’t choke. Oh! And how to steam an artichoke? Bring about 1/2 inch water to a boil in a pan deep enough to hold the artichoke standing up. Add a teaspoon of salt (the artichoke will just be sitting it in, not submerged). Set artichokes in the salted boiling water, cover the pan, reduce heat to maintain a steady simmer, and cook 20 minutes. Check for done-ness – pull a leaf from close to the center of the leaves. If the leaf comes out easily, the artichokes are done; if not, cook a li’l longer. I just eat the leaves, but the heart is for some. Okay, gotta go now, so I’ll leaf you with my ♥...and some time to chew and swallow my artichoke jokes! PIMP LOL.    Trace

Jigsaws & Puzzles!

Jigsaws & Puzzles! Life can be puzzling. Sometimes, requiring a jigsaw! And, I wreck’n I’ve gone to God a wreck and come back in 1 peace many a time. Picked up the pieces and took my puzzle to God, The Wreck’nciler! That's reason enough to dance the jig! I saw that one coming! PIMP LOL. Have a fun day. If life gets too puzzling take it to The Wreck'nciler and dance the jig. You saw that coming... No, really, if your puzzle is tough, do the border pieces first. PIMP LOL. No! I mean, if your life puzzles are too much, think outta the box. Pick up the mess and take the whole thing to God, The Wreck'nciler. He already saw you coming and is dancing the jig! I've picked up my pieces and come back in 1 peace many a time!  Trace

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shtick it! I mean, shtick to it!

“SHTICK IT!" Whoops. I mean, shtick to it.” What? Well, I may be little, but I carry a big shtick! PIMP LOL. For real! My shtick is my tree of life! To see God in everything. My trunk of tricks is to truly travel through life’s trials, tribulations and treats by shticking to it. How do I manage to live life, fight my battles and protect myself and loved ones with all the dirt? Roots! And, faith, hope and love are written on my heart and on my large shtick. Along with music and humor. They cover the bark! PIMP LOL. That’s my shtick! I don’t get told to stick it very often, but when I do? I do. Shtick it, I mean. I let my shtick of faith, hope, love, music and humor do the talkin’. They have roots. Have a fun, hopeful day. Shtick to it!   Trace

Food or Fuel? Comfort Or Gas?

PIMP LOL. What? I was just thinkin’ ‘bout food. You know? Fuel for the body. Wouldn’t it be efficient and simple if we only filled up on it when we were empty? Instead of filling up for comfort, for fun, for fellowship, etc. I mean, we don’t hardly ever just keep toppin’ off the gas tank for fun, or even keep filling it after it’s full. Duh. It would pour out everywhere and we’d have to keep payin’ for it even though it’s doing us no good layin around the station. Oh well. It’s a challenge. It’s a gas! One more thing? My fuel for the soul? High-test! Faith, hope, love… Throw in some music and humor. I was going to post this story as usual with one of my photos of my 69 Camaro, but came across some artwork by a friend I just met Ryan Sarachuk. Fantastic at capturing cars and their surroundings in all their glory. Love his work. Check him out.    Trace

WORRIER or WARRIOR? I vowel to be consonant

"WORRIER or WARRIOR? I vowel to be consonant!" What? Well, if you're too much of a worrier, always trying to watch your P’s and Q’s, try watching your O’s and E’s. What? Turn that wOrriEr into a wArriOr! Life’s not a consonant battle if you have the right weapons and fight on the right battleground. The mind is a huge place. It’s not so much the P’s and Q’s. It’s the O’s and E’s! And, the H’s and P’s. As in, H O P E! Put on the full armor of God. Be a warrior! Fight the worries, not the worrier! "Vow"el to have a day of consonant faith. That doesn't mean "stuff" doesn't happen to worry you. It just means you let the WARRIOR in you fight your battles instead of the WORRIER. That will bring me consonant hope. Vowel to be grateful. That will bring peace. The photo? Hope in action. That’s one of my ways to be a warrior instead of a worrier! And, I vowel to try to be consonant about it. Hope in action! Cuz hope? IS action!   Trace the WaRRIoR

Monday, August 20, 2012


“THE NITTY GRITTY OF PITY”! What? Well, I woke up with my Pity Party PJ’s on! Heading to the dresser to trade my droopy drawers in for my “Getting Down To The Nitty Gritty” big boy pants on. Forget the Pity. It’s the Nitty Gritty of thankfulness that brings joy. They made be raggedy and faded, but they have deep pockets and an elastic waist. What? Some things are a stretch to be thankful about!
 PIMP LOL. But, if you do stretch your thankfulness, it usually comes right back to you. You will recognize them because they SHOULD be the most worn out pants. Full of holes. Full of holy results. Oh! And, the top? I can actually keep on. It’s a Henley top someone gave me and I thought the stitching was so pretty. I didn’t realize it had skulls in the design until I put my glasses on over my contacts. Details details. I just didn’t put flowery cross stitch and skulls in one creative sentence. Then, I thought to myself. I like it. This is even better. Made me laugh. Dry humor! Just like dem bones. You'll notice in the photo, I chose to not show my droopy drawers or Pity Party Pants. It's too early! PIMP LOL. Be thankful today for things that are a stretch. Brings refreshing water to dem dry bones. Besides, I pity the poor fool who has droopy drawers. What? Mr. T said that, not me. Got to go. The Nitty Gritty awaits!     Trace

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Resting or Rusting

Resting or Rusting? When I told myself I was resting my body for awhile from being sick, I think my voice’s ears are stuffy, too, and thought I said rusting. Jus’ sayin’. PIMP LOL. Been working on 3 vocal tracks today for our new song about hopes and dreams, and man I hope I’m just dreaming that I’m so rusty. Thing is…don’t rest for so long that you rust. Resting is good for what’s eating away at you. Rusting IS what’s eating away at you. Have a good rust of the night. I mean, rest of the night. And, a good rest tonight. Yes, that, too. What? I’m a li’l rusty. Back to recording tomorrow.     Trace

We All Doubt! No doubt!

"We All Doubt! No doubt!" What? Well, we all do. Whether we admit it or not. We don't stop beleiving. We just sort of have unbelief temporarily. When you are in the middle of doubt, remember to say to yourself “I is also in the middle of faith”! Literally! And, spiritually! Don’t give up! Hold fast when progress is slow and doubt pours in. Our new song we are fnishing up is about “feeling like giving up on hopes and dreams”. Doubt. Coming from within and without. Love and faith are tried by fire. Sometimes, progress is slow and seems to hold us back, but, hold on because patience will hold you fast! If somethin's got a hold on you? Hold fast when progress is slow. Patience will grow... Probably slow, too. But grow, it will. Guess what helps it grow? What? Jus' sayin'! PIMP LOL! Never give up! OH! And, I had written most of this story, this morning before church. Guess what church was about? Ummm...doubt! No doubt!    Trace

Friday, August 17, 2012

Be Still! It’s A Mic Stand-elier!!

“Be Still! It’s A Mic Stand-elier!” What? Well, when I sing, I certainly cannot be still. If the veins in my neck aren’t poppin’ out and beads of sweat aren’t dripping, then I’m not clipping! PIMP LOL. Right? Well, so, I am envisioning my mic doing the same thing. Only, it appears to drip beads of beautiful glass when sung in to. Yep! Be still my heart. Shimmering beautiful glass prisms to inspire you as you sing. Looks something like this in this photo. What? I can imagine. It’s allowed. But, really? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a mic and stand with beads all over like this? If a lamp can have them, then why not a mic? The call the lamps: chandeliers. This could be called umm…let me see now… ummm…oh, I know! Introducing the “Mic Stand-elier”! I’d buy one. I already have rose mics that grow wild here in Funkytown so this wouldn’t be a stretch. Don’t sweat it. Except when you sing. PIMP LOL. If you’re dripping or clipping tonight and you're not singin'? Be still… God is still God. Still in control. Even when your outta. Sometimes, you just gotta be still. Just not when you sing. PIMP LOL. Have a fun weekend. Go ahead and make me one of these. I know someone out there can! You are drippin' and clippin' with talent.   Trace

10x Sugar & 7up! Sweet!

“10x Sugar & 7up! Sweet!” What? When I was 16, I was a senior in high school (1/2 day), then work until 5. Then, cooked supper for our family and had everything prepared to be served, then would leave and pick up my mother who worked long days, go by the bank to make a night deposit, go home and serve, eat and go to my second job until 10. So, everything had to be planned and timed just right. So, we had menus for that reason and for money. We didn’t have a lot of it. So, one night it was fried potatoes, corn, fried cod. Water to drink or if we were lucky, some 7up! Anyways, we had huge glass jars that held all our staples because we came from Pennsylvania and everything here seemed so sticky and buggy. We put everything in containers. With labels. Back to supper… So, I dredged the fish in eggs and then in the flour. Laid them aside with the rest of the prepared meal and left. When we got home, I threw them in the frying pan laid out the rest on the table and we all sat down to eat. Immediately I knew something was off because I am a great cook. But, they all looked kind of funny. Very shocked. Of course, I was the last to sit, so I said, what? They told me to taste it and started laughing hysterically. Guess what? It was sweet! About 10 times sweeter than it should be. I ran to kitchen and showed my mama which jar I used. Sure enough, I grabbed the 10x jar which was right next to the flour jar. Whoops. They both look the same. Should have read it. But, we ate it, anyways. And, laughed. About 10 times more that night. We needed it, too. Times were tough. New recipe for 10x fish. Any kid would eat it. PIMP LOL. So, I say find humor in everything. Even in jars. Life will be 10 times sweeter. Oh! And, just in case you’re wondering, 10x just means that the sugar is ground up very fine. It’s confectioner’s sugar. Sometimes, things look the same on the outside, but the contents are oh so diff. You gotta read the writing on the jar. Oh! And, the 7up bottle? Just an old bottle from dem old days! I just thought the color matched. Now, go have a 10x 7up kind of day. Sweet!   Trace

Thursday, August 16, 2012


“FLIRTING WITH THE ELEMENTS! WHAT A RUSH!” What? Well, I’m outside in my lawn chair and the air starts getting fresh with me. Then, the sun starts flirting and winking at me. You know? Going in and out of the sun. What's a girl to do? So I flirted back. What? When I went inside and looked in the mirror? I was blushing from all that. PIMP LOL. Yes, I am still outside in the elements to recoup and rest for an hour or so every day. For the body and spirit. Those are some fresh ideas to flirt with! Sarcasm? Elemental in healing! Want another fresh idea? Take time to compliment someone. Blush can give you a rush. It may seem out of your element, but, rush out and get fresh with the air and flirt with idea of taking time with each other. You don’t have to gush. Just get a blush. Life is a rush. Slow down and get one. A rush, I mean. Give one rather than be in one. PIMP LOL. Give a rush, get a rush. Okay, so, gotta go. I’m blushing. Not just from the elements of air and sun flirting with me but from knowing that God has made such a magnificent world for us to enjoy. There are just so many elements that comprise our world. Wow! Majestically made. It’s been a long time since I could enjoy a few moments outside because of health. Been along time since I wore short sleeves and shorts. Jus' sayin'. Alot of scars tha can and cannot been seen. I’ve been out of my element for too long. No complaints. The elements of my life? See, they work together through the good and the bad in God’s timing. I am very thankful for the little things. They are big things to me. I am so so thankful for just today. I guess you could say that this photograph collage is my before and after. The empty chair represents my last several years. I’m not in it! The other? Well, I’m def in it and inTO it!!! There! Now, I’m blushing and tearing up. Doesn’t matter. With the natural make-up from the air and sun, I didn’t have to put make-up on. So, no runs… PIMP LOL. Last thought? The sun covers a multitude of skins. As does the Son… Just finished the last couple thins on this for my blog: One hour of sun and Son a day will tide you over the many moons. Elementary. Oh! And, the band for today? Rush! Of course! Now, go and don't let life rush you by. Trace

Reflux or Reflects! Oh grrrEAT!

“Reflux or Reflects” “Oh grrrEAT” What? Well, to me, being great is about how you handle the grrrr’s in life. Being great is about not letting the grrr’s eat you up! I’m not saying it’s easy and it doesn’t mean looking great or feeling great. I’m talking BEING great. In the spirit. Inside. Sometimes, you have to swallow a lot of grrr’s to have good taste. Or the grr’s in life may eat you up! To make life easier to digest? Chew on it (think on it) long, and spit out the bitter angry bones that you have picked. If someone else had a bone to pick, let them chew on it. You’ll have less reflux and more reflects. You’ve heard of swallowing your words, right? Well, this is just swallowing your grrr’s. Better to swallow your grrr's than have to swallow your pride. Have a grrreat day (said in Tony The Tiger character). Reflect on the grrreat stuff.  Trace

Not Towin' Can Take A Toll!

"Not Towin' Can Take A Toll" What? Jus' toein’ the line! PIMP LOL. I gotta keep a leg up on life! Plus, I am forced to get some heat and sun for these lungs of mine. Gotta do what my body tells it to do. It carries some weight, you know! Now, my mind is quite another thing. Sometimes, we gotta listen to our body, sometimes our mind, but always our spirit. Not towin' the line can sneak up and  take a tow on you! Oh! And the photo kinda looks like I am playing a 3-string guitar with my foot. Don't fret. I already know iI am out there. I've already been "toed" that one. Have a fun day. Cuz life can take a toll on you. Or take a tow on you. Or, take a toe on you, I should say. Tow that line! Pull your weight! It’ll help you keep a leg up on life. Okay, you can laugh a little, too. Okay. Enough. Now, get back to towing that line. You just got toed! Me? I think I'll toe it for a li'l while longer.  Trace

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Devote To Vote And Gloat! What A Rush!

“DEVOTE TO VOTE AND GLOAT! WHAT A RUSH” What? Well, did we vote? We Shure did. Just look at the photo and see 3 stickers (well, 4 counting the big one) and the affirmation t-shirt! Shure! I say, “Families that have voted together have been devoted together! And, most definitely have gloated together!” PIMP LOL! Right? And, don’t be in a rush about voting and politics, be into Rush. What? Well, we have learned a lot over the years from him and from digging and finding the answers just like he says to do. We do get a rush from Rush. Yes, before you start having a cow, he has made some mistakes. Well, I have, too. What? You haven’t? Wow! That’s admirable. And, most likely not true. PIMP LOL. Oh! And, he has great taste in music, too. Anyways, we ( all 3 of our family) voted yesterday…together. My daughter turned 18 just 2 weeks ago. One of her baby stuffed animals is even named Rush. Yep! True fans. See, for the past several elections I have had to vote by absentee ballot because of illness and surgeries, etc. Tonight, we went to our local precinct to vote with my daughter who turned 18 just 2 weeks ago. Wow! Milestones for me. Milestones for Garnet Rose. For all of us. In the past, I've had times where I felt like I was being forced to fill out an absentee ballot both for voting AND for life. Like I didn’t have a vote in either. Like I was absent or in my own little world while life was being voted on around me. But, I knew I really did have a vote and I still do. Things just take time and devotion and patience. Life is a process. Don’t be absent from it. Have a fun night. Spend some time with family. Be devoted and you’ll get their vote every time. Well, most of the time, anyways! PIMP LOL. Oh! And, It's okay to gloat about them, too. Please do! I love it. I mean, they love it! Here’s my poem to remember tonight:

I have noted in my heart
This devoted night
We voted right
And, we gloated with might
Yes, I wrote ed in my heart


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

“Snap Crackle Pop & Knuckle Sandwiches”

“Snap Crackle Pop & Knuckle Sandwiches” “Thumbs Up Puts The Fight Back In! Hands Down!“ What? Well, when my girl was very young, her Grandpa would always say, “You want a knuckle sandwich?” to her and she would so giggle and do it back. One time in the grocery store, she looked up from the cart, (about 1 ½ years old) and said to a lonely sad looking man we passed by in the aisle, “you want a knuckle sandwich?” He was so taken by her and laughed so freely that you just knew he had been waiting for a long time for someone to notice he was alive. She inspired his day. Just by talking to him. By paying attention. It put the fight, the life, back into him. So, my story today is about inspiring and knuckles. So, what’s the photo all about? No, I’m not cracking my knuckles to get ready for a fight. Just getting them loosened up for a “thumbs up”. You know? Help put the fight BACK IN someone. Encourage someone with a thumbs up! Crack your knuckles to prepare to encourage. To inspire. To put the fight back in, not fight amongst. We can either be putting people down and thumbing our noses up? Or we can be lifting people up with a thumbs up? Do you perspire to inspire (put the fight back in someone) or just perspire to fight? I know that sometimes it may be hard to give someone a thumbs up when all they do is make you want to fight. Oh snap! Then, you can feel your brain crackle and your veins pop! Next your knuckles! Right? We all have those folks in our lives. Sometimes, they are even us. What? Yep! Us. But, loving the unlovely or unlovable or unlikeable is what it’s all about. It’s easy to love those that love us first. Sometimes people fight and act nasty, mean and abrasive because they have no fight left in them. Take a chance. Inspire someone to get back in life. Put the fight back in them. Just take time to care. God will do the rest. He can do some mighty mighty things with knuckles and fists when they are used to put the fight in not take the fight out. It’s a snap! And, it’ll keep you from cracking up and popping veins. Have a fun day. That sound you just heard? That was my knuckles going snap crackle pop! You want a knuckle sandwich? PIMP LOL. No, just kidding. I got my thumbs up. Consider yourself encouraged and inspired. Now, go put the fight back in someone else. The right kind of fight. Remember, thumbs up puts the fight back in, hands down. Life is not always a snap. More like a crackle and a pop, but encouragement can work wonders. Oh snap!  Trace

Monday, August 13, 2012

De Smell Of Success Or De Smell Of De Feet?

“Seeing Stars When You Look At De Feet & Defeat!” "De Smell Of Success Or De Smell Of De Feet"! What? Well, today's story is in a French accent so keep that in mind. So, you know how defeated we can look when we're down and looking at  de feet. PIMP LOL. Well, no matter what’s going down, I TRY to keep my head up. Always lookin’ for that strength and hope and humor that you’ll only find if you rise above what’s bringing you down. What? I said TRY!!! That’s what keeps me goin’. Besides, lookin’ at the ground and my feet can only be so exciting. I always say in a French accent, of course, “you keep looking down, you keep seeing de feet. You keep looking up, you keep seeing de heavens! And, de heavens means de possibles! Just look at the stars shining in the darkness. I will take possible over defeat any day! Cuz anything IS possible. Oh! And, if you keep looking at de feet? You def will see stars! When you fall! PIMP LOL. Which would also be seeing stars with defeat, too. Just a diff kind of stars. But, if you keep looking up? You’ll see stars which will remind you of the wonders and endless possibilities of life. Remember: if you keep looking at de feet you will miss the stars, but if you keep lookin’ at the stars, you won’t miss defeat at all! It's up to you! Literally! PIMP LOL. Do you want the smell of success or the smell of de feet?! If you'r elife stinks...umm...maybe de feet are to blame. Keep lookin’ up. Gotta take de feet and get to work because defeat is not in my schedule. Just lookin’ at the stars. Here’s lookin’ at you. Oh! And, the song for today? Ummm… “Don’t Bring Me Down”, of course.  Trace

Make A Spectacle Of Yourself!!!

Just us girls with our funky spectacles making a spectacle of ourselves! Have a spectacular Monday. Get out there and make a spectacle of yourself. I'm speculating that I will! Because eye know that hope can be seen if you have the right spectacles on your spirit. Hope is seen with the spirit as far as the eye can and cannot see. That's far out! PIMP LOL. Okay, making a spectacle of myself. You do the same.    


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Vases, Vessels, Value & Volume

“Vases, Vessels, Value & Volume!” What? Well, we just got home from Saturday night church and I know I am supposed to rest, but I had to type up this quick story. Pour out my heart. See, earlier today, I had a notion to take a shot of this lovely vase that I had moved into the music room for ambiance and reasons which I will pour out in a moment. So, I did. I took this shot for “later” because I certainly knew that a story would come. Then, we went to church and there was a story about a what? What do you think? A vase and its value! No kidding. I was wondering why I took that shot and what story would come out of it. So, it got me thinking about us. And, how we are vases. Vessels. With value and volume. We are each unique vessels, physically and spiritually. Each having unique value. Each having unique volume. We each bear and handle life and what is poured into us, uniquely. What we can contain in our spirit, we can pour out. I don’t know about you, but I want to take in so much and pour out even more. The vase in the photo is transparent and exuding blues, which speaks to me and of me. I put it in the music room as a symbol of being filled up so we can pour out to others. And, then getting filled right back up by the very thing that empties us. God in us. Isn’t God amazing! You are a vessel. A vase. You have value. Pour out and be filled up. Have to have both. Oh! And, now if you look close you can see that my hair is wet and my thirst has been quenched. I have been filled up! Then, emptied by pouring myself out again with some music. Ready to be filled up. It’s a good thing. So, if you’re feeling a li’l dry and empty, come quench your thirst at our oasis in the desert. Just a camel away. I mean, a click. Like I’ve said before, if it’s after midnight when you get here, send your camel to bed. Right next to the horses with no names. Then, we’ll get down to some vase values!!! Love you guys. Now, click this and turn up the volume. Hope you get filled up! Thanks for letting me pour myself out. Trace

Friday, August 10, 2012

Grabbing Life

"Grabbing Life!" Just sitting outside getting a little bit of fresh air and sunshine for the body and quiet time for the soul. So, I can hear God! I know it sounds lame and corny to some, but you guys know me. Gonna say it anyways. It's what's in my heart. So, the warmth of the sun soothes my body and the warmth of the Son soothes my soul. May be corny. May even be lame and cliche'. But, true! You can tell by the photo of me relaxing what I'm thinking of. What am I thinking about? Grabbing life!  See, because, He touched me, I’m here and I can try to touch others. I have hope. And, today I feel like I can almost touch the sun. And I’m grabbing some to go. Of both! Thanks to all of you for touching my life and being warm. Okay, so, you guys know I can’t write a story without humor and all the mush, so the answer to your question is: no, I am not a li’l touched! In the head, anyways. Well, not much. Though, I am a li'l touched that you cared enough to ask if I was touched in the head! PIMP LOL. Have a touching weekend. Take some time for both and grab some for yourself and spread the warmth! Oh! And, one last thing? I know you were wondering if that was my hand? Yep! It sure is hard to find a body double when I write these stories. It's not that I like being in my stories photoart, it's just that I am always an available subject/object and usually am not too objectionable or subjectionable. PIMP LOL. Now, get out there and grab life! Warmly!     Trace

Thursday, August 9, 2012

It’s A Parting Of Ways Lays Daze Days Kind of Day!

“It’s A Parting Of Ways Lays Daze Days Kind of Day”! What?!! Well, just found out I have to part ways with my chips love. Guess you could say we are parting Lays. PIMP LOL. Why? Seems I’m getting too much potassium, etc. Can’t process the
m. What? Yep! My weird body can't deal with much. Gonna miss my chips like everything else, but gotta do what I gotta do. It's worth giving up some things. But, it's hard to process THAT. I love them! And, here I so wanted to be all that and a bag of chips each and every day. Plus, I am still recouping and trying to get well, so I am in a bit of a days. No, I didn’t spell that wrong. You know? The kind of day when a whole bunch of days hit you all at once? I call it a days! And, a daze. A days daze. But, I ‘m starting to see some light. Had to stop and smell the roses. Or, rose mikes, as they grow wild here in Funky Town. Have a good one. And, before we part ways, I just wanna say that when you're in a crunch or when the chips are down, get another bag. Just kiddin! I wanted to say that you ARE all that and a bag of chips. Don’t forget it! Now, go smell the roses! I gotta go. And, I say whatever this day brings? Lays it on me! PIMP LOL! Trace

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

“Sorting by colors? Or collars? It's your call...or!

“Sorting by colors? Or collars? It's your call...or! ” What? Well, we are spending our last day of summer together before my daughter will be out of high school. Wow! So, my girl was sorting through all her things in her drawers and desk and closet. Downsizing, organizing and sorting out. She likes me to help. And, I love that. I was watching and helping from her bed and resting, when she said, “all done!” I looked up, confused. Colors were everywhere. I said, “huh”? She said, “C O L L A R S”! I sorted my closet shirts by collar, not color. She said, I wanted to do it diff than anyone else. Hmmm… I wonder where she got that sort of thing from? PIMP LOL. Color someone’s world this week by spending time with them sorting things out. And, be different. Be you! Be a different sort! Lastly? So…umm…do you wear a collar? What color collar? PIMP LOL. Thanks, guys, for coloring my world. Now, I sort of gotta go. Still recouping, but we are gonna sit in the sun and talk for a few. Then make her fave supper. Hawaiian pork chops. And, I’m not gonna get hot under the collar while cookin’ because we are wearing dresses without collars, but, with lots of color! What kind? Umm…Hawaiian, of course. Yep! We’re a diff sort, alright! And, yep! Life? It's your call...or!   Oh! And, click the picture.  To get the umm...bigger picture?  What?  Trace

Monday, August 6, 2012

In A Fix? Call A Fixer!

“In A Fix? Call A Fixer!” What? Well, to start with, this is my nerdy genius fixer photo! I am dressed to fix! And looking smart to boot. And, to reboot! A laptop, that is! PIMP LOL. So! I had a problem on a laptop and it needed fixed. The cheapest price quoted to fix it was $175 + parts. Too much. Besides, fixing things interests me. And, knowing how they work. I purchased a keyboard on line and did it myself. Even sick. Cost me $16.43! You never know what you can fix until you get in a fix. Not bragging, just advertising! PIMP LOL. Just give me some more time to recupe! Oh! And, I am not only rolling my eyes thinking how to fix, but thinking how I am fixing to save at a fixed rate. In a fix? Get your fix of hope. Yes. I pray before I work on anything. I always call a Fixer before I fix. After all, He is the Great Fixer. Of Whom I try to keep my eyes fixed on. Now, I gotta go get a fix on resting... And, a fix of resting. Calling on the Fixer, again...  Trace


Just making my way through a few dark clouds because we all know that the sky is the limit. Don't let the tears of the dark clouds cloud your heart and mind from seeing the silver lining. Trace

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Laying Low With Mike

"Laying Low With Mike!" What? I promised I would finally rest and I am! I am whipped, for shure. I do not take pleasure in being this sick. Shurely! But, no complaints. God gives me humor. I may have lost my sense of smell, but not my sens of humor! And, I have Mike. He is a little unscrewed and out of juice at the moment, so Mike is lying low with me, keeping me company and resting. And, knowing people care helps. Hope you have a restful day. For shure! Thanks, Shure, Inc. (Davida), for the shirts. We love ‘em! Oh! And, make-up provided by “Yesterday’s Make-up” except the blush. That was provided by “Today’s Fever”! Stop by our new song. Just follow the camel or the horse with no name and click on the video below! Don’t get too close to their Fenders. Oh! And, I promised the family I wouldn't get Peavey’d at them for taking photos while I slept. What did they say to that? Ummm…shure?  Yep!  As always, click the photo to get the bigger picture and see where my story comes from.  You musicians and music fans will notice Shure, Peavey, Fender, etc., somewhere in the photograph.      Trace