Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ogre's and Giants

Ogre's & Giants! Face it! We all have to! You may have a lot of giants to face today, but remember they are only a stone's throw from being taken down! I totally ogre-e with that! PIMP LOL! What? You remember David and Goliath? Sure! And, I've totally seen what God can do. I just gotta remember that when I'm outta stones, I still got a Rock. Now, I sure hope somebody in that car has a stone and a Rock! Have a fun day. Take down that giant! I am def always working on mine. Got a bag full of stones, a Rock and my hard hat on. But, that's an earlier post. Oh! And, you can read my story about a new movie if you click on the photodrama poster. It's like the giant. Just a stone's throw away!  Here's story I originally wrote for the poster art! A poster from the up-and-coming soon-to-be horror classic in 3D “Attack Of The Giant Lady”. It takes place in 1950 in a small town, of course. The story goes that she was a normal lady until she swam in the lake, which, of course, had chemicals poured in it that made her giant and crave metal. The only clue the people had was that when she took off her finger-less gloves, you knew she was ready to attack and eat! Gloves off! Meant business! Meant run for your lives. She sure has good “taste” in the cars she eats! You just knew the movie had to take place years ago for there still to be much metal in the cars! PIMP LOL. If you look close, you can see her mouth wide open and ready to gobble up. She sure loves those woodies. More fiber, I guess. Sure hope the family got out cuz she eats the car in rows like a corn on the cob. Watch for the movie coming out this fall. Sounds like a good old “B” movie classic in the making. A giant hit! See ya at the movies. Oh! And 2 free posters for anyone who guesses the name of the car!    Trace

Wits End! Wrong End!

When one is at one's wits end, the wit starts coming out the wrong end! And, that means it’s time to put the wit to an end! And be quiet. What? Just being witty! And, now? Being quiet! The End! PIMP LOL TNT.  Trace

In plainer words? Umm...when things get crazy, stop and be quiet for a moment.  Then pray!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Trash Talkin'!

“Trash Talkin’!” I used have a receipt box where I kept receipts for everything for a year. Then, they piled up and I trashed them. Yesterday I wasn’t thinking and threw a receipt away after 1 day because I just knew we wouldn’t shouldn’t couldn’t need it.  Today, I am digging through old chicken bones, blue cheese dressing, hot sauce and various other disgusting things, to find the receipt. Good thing I am sick and stuffed up. Can’t smell a stinkin’ thing and that is good today! Anyway, woulda shoulda coulda, but didnada, save my receipt. Yes, I found it and then showered it and me. And, then started my receipt box again. Don’t want no repeat on digging for a receipt! My new refrigerator magnet of an old Chinese Proverb says:  Better to stick your hands in the receipt box trash at the end of the year, than the garbage can trash at the end of the day. My lesson at the end of the day? Some trash is cleaner than others? PIMP LOL. No, here it is:  No diggin’ on trash talkin’. Unless  you’re diggin’ IN the trash! That’s what trash I’m talkin’ ‘bout!  In either case, you might get you’re your hands dirty. But, if it’s just the talkin’ you dig instead of diggin’ the trash? Umm…your mouth gets trashed, too! What? Just don’t dig trash. Unless you’re diggin’ for receipts or something in a bag full of nasty garbage. Not a mouthful of nasty garbage. You dig?    Trace

Truth Can Be Weathered! Whether You Like It Or not

Little Debbie might be a sweet snack, but our Little Debbie is a sweet smack! Of rain! Just been resting and, yes, still sick. And, in much pain from my fall at the store. Pain, I can stand. Dizzy, not! But, enjoying the storms and rain. Just, not the rain on the inside. No complaints. Both will pass. The clouds will lift. Hope you guys have a sweet day. Enjoy a Little Debbie and a li’l of Debbie. And, remember if you hear something stormy about someone else? Don’t let your thundering thoughts cloud your heart. Go strike up a gentle conversation like the rain talks to the grass. Truth can strike you gently like the rain or electrifying like lightning. Either way, truth is striking and may prove electrifying! Truth is a lightning bolt when spoken and when not spoken! And, something else I say? "Truth can be weathered. Whether you like it or not. Just like storms." PIMP LOL. Well, I gotta bolt. Well, not exactly bolt, but try to move a bit! PIMP LOL. Oh! Be an angel and tell me what’s your fave Little Debbie? Mine is Devil Cremes or used to be when I was a kid. Devil cake and angel creme! PIMP LOL. Oh! And Cloud Cakes.   Trace

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Captured In The Moment! It's A Buzz!

"Being Captured In The Moment Watching A Bug Being Captured By A Wasp. And, Other Moments Like These!" What? What's all the buzz about?  Well, while folding wash today in the garage, I witnessed a wasp buzzing so ferociously loud that even with my stuffy ears and the dryer going, it caught my attention! What was it doing? It was like in slow motion carrying a giant bug, 4 times it size. You just knew it was going to make it to its destination. It finally made it to a wall where it made its trek across the wall to the corner and hid behind some wood where I could see it plant it eggs inside of the big insect host. Wow! I wish I had footage of that, but I was too "in the moment" to actually stop and think about capturing the moment. Sometimes, life is like that. Thank you God for such cool moments. The ones we capture and the ones we’re in. By these both, You capture our hearts. Oh, and the photodrama? Another miracle. A captured moment of captured hearts that were “in the moment”! Hey! Wait a moment! PIMP LOL. Hope your day is filled with many moments and captures. That's my latest buzz!  Being captured in the moment IS a buzz.  So, I'll buzz off. To the next moment...   Trace

It's Vinylly OK To Skip! Keep It Vintage!

Passing on our love for all types of music and our vinyl collection to Bud who loves to play these vinyls on his vintage record player and plays guitar also. And, to our daughter, Garnet Rose, who sings and loves the vintage music, too. Pass on your vintage love! Oh! And, it was awesome going through some of these albums. Wow. Just wow! And, again... Wow! Forgot about some of these. We call our music room: The Vinyl Frontier because we have vinyl art work decorating it. Nothing like vintage album covers and vintage analog sound. Both quite an art! Yep! The Vinyl Frontier! Going places where no CD has gone before... To explore The Analog Galaxy! Where artwork and musicwork meet eye to eye! Ear to ear! PIMP LOL It's really wonderful to know that the music will be played and passed on and loved. I was just thinkin' along with Sam, umm...wouldn't it be cool to make an album? A real one? I think so! As a singer, I love all the nuances that analog captures. Doesn't take out anything. Oh! Just one joke. This is one occasion where it's okay to have a needle in an arm shootin for grooves on records! Skip to that one! PIMP LOL. Just sayin'! You don't need drugs to enjoy this wonderful collection of art for the eyes and ears and soul. Who can believe we ever needed drugs or booze to listen to music. Finally, learned that music IS the drug and the drink and the medicine. Thank you God for music. Now, skip down and read the whole story on my photo from my front porch blog. Vinylly, have a fun day. Keep it real. Keep it vintage! In music and life! Vintage does have it's advantages!   It's okay to skip!!!! That's my story, but that just scratches the surface...on vinyls. Trace

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fluff 'n Stuff!

“FLUFF “N STUFF”! So, me and my fave blanket just got done tangling. Course, it took place in the dryer which is in the garage. This is what is left of my fave blanket. It got tangled up with everything in the dryer and clogged up the dryer vent and hose and I finally loosened it with hot air blowing in it. It then violently flew out all over the garage and up my nose! All over. Imagine that photo everywhere in the garage! It may be all fluff but packed a punch coming out. Def blew me away. Not what my stuffy head needed today. PIMP LOL. Course, when I pulled myself together and grabbed my weapon of choice, Mr. Blues Vacuum, things really starting sucking. For “the blanket”. Sucked up all the fluff and other stuff in the whole garage. Maybe a few cobwebs and dust. Filled a whole bag. That blanket won’t be tangling with me anymore. Should have parted with it years ago when it started to get too threadbare and all fluff and messy. Just goes to show you that you may be able to fool some with your fluff but not for long. The fluff just gets blown away by the hot air and is a suck up! Be a blanket of comfort AND truth. The stuff blankets are made of. With more than a thread of integrity and love. The fabric of your life, your heart, your soul. Not a mess of fluff. Have a fun day. This story is just about the stuff and fluff my days are made of.      Trace


“WOODY’S! CLASSICALLY DRIVEN!” “Woody Cars With Grills & Woody's Bar With Grill. What? Well, a dear friend of ours, Ronnie B (drummer extraordinaire), came up last night from the keys to visit this week. Now, we were wore out, it was late, I was sick, no make-up and in my PJ’s, but he is such a nice guy and story teller that we always say yes because we know it will be an amazing time! He is single and enjoys home home-cooked meals and time with friends. His Mom and Dad are gone and no siblings. Just plain old hospitality is all we serve at our house, but he loves coming over. And, when he leaves, we are always filled with it ourselves. He has that way of making you feel so encouraged and so loved. I just said all that to make a point about when you open your home and share food and time and comforts, you end up being taken care of , too. So, anyways, back to the story. He knows a lot of true music and history stories so we always learn and share our own stories, as he is also a great listener. We watched a Whitesnake video and I loved listening to all of Sam’s and his music stories of their younger days. Both such talented guys. And, their mates. We also were talking old concerts and cars. I was telling one of my early surfing stories of when I first moved to Florida and all the concerts I went to. Was a big cultural shock coming here from the mountains. One of the guys had a cool old Woody station wagon I loved! I’ll never forget he took a bunch of us to a Beach Boys concert in it, but across the street was Chaka Kahn in concert. Well, this (meaning me) 15 year old with a mind of her own walked across by herself and saw her! There’s a lot more to that story and many others we told all night but, I will just say that I later, in my life, got a replica 1945 Ford Woody. So, right then during my story, he yanked out a shirt he brought for us from a place he played a lot in the keys Placed call Woody’s. It even had a woody car on it. Funny and true! Our brother, Luke, plays down there, too. Needless to say, by 1:30, when I got into bed, I had a crazy classic dream. In my dream we were all in my miniature Woody car with a grill, pulling up to Woody’s Bar and Grill! To jam with all these famous people from the past. When it was over, guess where we all lived? In my car! Yep! Knock on wood! Right? It was just a dream, but knock on wood again. Oh! And, when I told someone at the jam session to stop by, what do you think I said to them? Stop by anytime. Just knock knock knock… on wood! Only I was singing it! You know the song!! Or…umm…I think I was singing “knock knock knock…on woody?” PIMP LOL. Yep. Crazy dream. Now, have a classically driven day, woody-a! Spend some time with friends and family sharing life. Even if you don’t feel like it or things just aren’t right around the house or you think you look bad or you don’t feel as good you want to, go ahead! Open the door and let ‘em in, woodya? And, after all? Hospitality comes from the word hospital. So, take great care of your guests. Serve up your spoons of food with a spoonful of hospitality. It’s the medicine that helps everything go down! Serve up a plate of your time and give them the best seat in the house. Hospitality and wood? Don't knock it!     Trace

Monday, June 18, 2012

♪♫ It's A Jungle Out There...♪♫!

♪♫ It's A Jungle Out There...♪♫! Have a wildly fun week. Keep the fires burning so you can find your way back home! Cuz, it’s a jungle out there. You know you just started singing the song “It’s A Jungle Out There” by Randy Newman, the theme song on Monk… I did. My family probably won't admit it, but they do, too. PIMP LOL. ♪♫ It's A Jungle Out There...♪♫ Shhh... Not too loud, though. You might wake the animals out there. PIMP LOL. Too late! I hear a roar! It's my vacuum! What? It's a jungle in my house, too! Time to turn the music up! Still very stuffy today, using saltwater and other remedies. But, cleaning and being with my girl tames the beast in this jungle! I so remember a day when I was even too weak to fold wash. Today? We are folding the wash together! Yes, I am thankful for folding wash! It's all about perspective out in this jungle.      Trace


“SAVVY SHOES or SAVVY SALT?” What did the Morton salt girl say to the shoe? You need to get some savvy tips on the back of you like I have on me and you can take that tip with a grain of salt! What? Here's the story! So, on the way home from diggin’ our fun Daddy Day, I ran into Publix to get some salt. I was so tired and my heels were so slippery that umm...yep! I slipped and fell to my knees. Ouch! The guy that was walking past just looked at me as I said without a flinch, “I needed some help finding the salt, so I went straight to the top”! What? 1st thing that came to my mind cuz it looked like I fell to my knees praying. He laughed. But, I really laughed harder when I saw what was on the salt. It read “salt savvy” tips on the back. Maybe I needed “shoe saavy” tips on the back of mine, right? Have a saavy night. Stop by our album photos and stories. You’ll dig them. You can take that with a grain of salt! PIMP LOL. And, yes! My leg hurts. But, it takes my mind off of being sick and stuffy and dizzy. What? You gotta look on the bright side! Just had to shake things up a bit. Said the salt shaker! Who did you think I meant me? PIMP LOL. For my savvy tips on everything in life? I do go straight to the top! Okay, one last thing. You know that the Morton Salt girl really and truly wants to have a pair of shoes like that! Just sayin'! PIMP LOL TNT. Oh! And, the answer is: yes, I can walk today! Take that, too, with a grain of salt! Trace

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oh SNAP: Social Network Authentic Photodrama

“Oh SNAP: Social Network Authentic Photodrama”! I say: “keepin’ it real transparent gives you a better shot at relationships being a snap! What? Well, I was putting up my new thumbnail snapshot and I got to thinking… I always see eye to eye with my SNAP. You know? My Social Network Authentic Photodrama! My photodrama that always portrays the authentic me, right? PIMP LOL. So, I see eye to eye and face to face. Well, face to Facebook with it. No matter how artsy I make it, it’s still the real deal. But, we human beings don’t always see eye to eye with others whether we’re face to face or face to Facebook. Sometimes, people act different face to face than how they act on Facebook. Or fakebook, as some call it. Me? I’m just too transparent to try to fake it. No good at hiding feelings at all. I’m an open book. And, an open Facebook when it comes to humor and hope and music and sharing my heart. I like to speak off the cuff and that requires truth so you don’t have to think of what you’ll say next. The truth is always authentic. Duh! And, ya know…umm…you might not see eye to eye with someone, but if go by the Book, and talk to them face to face, heart to heart, you have a better shot at it being a SNAP! An authentic snapshot of you. I say that your snap should represent the snappy you! The real you. That’s why I use cartoons a lot! PIMP LOL. I love to communicate on the internet, but I do think it is so important to call and write notes and see people face to face, also. I know firsthand how easy it can be to be a hermit. I had to use the internet for a outlet to share and do music for quite awhile. But, we need to keep up our face-to-face skills and person-to person calls if we want to get down with the heart-to-hearts and the cheek-to-cheeks! PIMP LOL. It’s not always a snap! But, it’s so worth it! Oh snap! Oh! And, the photo? Just keeping it real! Real transparent! Authentic! You’ll have a better shot at relationships being a snap! Just remember… Into each life a li’l snappy authentic photodrama must fall! Or be created! Or represent! Oh snap! You know what I'm sayin'!     Trace

"Licks, locks, lacks and luck! It's getting hot in the kitchen!

"Licks, locks, lacks, luck! It's getting hot in the kitchen!" What? Well, this morning, I was singing in the audience at church today and I realized that being sick and resting and not singing on stage a couple times a week the past 6 months is hurting me a bit.  Rest is good, but time to get moving.  I've gained 10 pounds, which I needed.  What does this have to do with the kitchen and cooking? Well, my licks are lacking, my jaws are locking and its not about lucking out when it comes to music! You just gotta practice your chops and your licks. In and out of the kitchen. PIMP LOL.  Have a fun day all! I am def getting back to recording and singing right away. Cookin'!!! Have a fun day! Cook somethin' up.  It's time to sizzle again!     Trace

Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Leavin’ The Nest! Wingin' It

“Leavin' The Nest! Wingin’ It!” So, how did we celebrate an anniversary last night? We “winged it”. With a 2 of our fave people. And 2 of our fave wings. Well, 40 of our fave wings. PIMP LOL. Entertainment provided by “us”. Dinner provided by Publix! It’s the li’l things. And, the li’l wings! Oh! And, the li’l wings on our kids that soon fly them out of the nest. Have fun now!!! While the nest is full. All you need is the “us” and you can wing the rest! Thank you God for family and friends and the li’l things and the li’l wings! That fly them back to us.   Trace

The Attack Of The Giant Lady! Coming To Theatres Near You!

A poster from the up-and-coming soon-to-be horror classic in 3D “Attack Of The Giant Lady”. It takes place in 1950 in a small town, of course. The story goes that she was a normal lady until she swam in the lake, which, of course, had chemicals poured in it that made her giant and crave metal. The only clue the people had was that when she took off her finger-less gloves, you knew she was ready to attack and eat! Gloves off! Meant business! Meant run for your lives. She sure has good “taste” in the cars she eats! You just knew the movie had to take place years ago for there still to be much metal in the cars! PIMP LOL. If you look close, you can see her mouth wide open and ready to gobble up. She sure loves those woodies. More fiber, I guess. Sure hope the family got out cuz she eats the car in rows like a corn on the cob. Watch for the movie coming out this fall. Sounds like a good old “B” movie classic in the making. A giant hit! See ya at the movies. Oh! And 2 free posters for anyone who guesses the name of the car!       Trace

Friday, June 15, 2012

25th Anniversary

25th ANNIVERSARY! Yes, this week, Sam and I have been educated in the School of Marriage for 25 years with a degree in Science and Divinity. What? Marriage IS a Science and def requires divine intervention. And, yes! I certainly was married at age 13! You do the Math. I’ll stick with History, Music and Creative Writing! My scholarly advice? Umm…keep studying the books. And the Good Book. Keep doing the “home”work. Hold her books every once in a while, walk her to class, def talk shop and take classes HE likes. Even if you don’t. Oh! And, most important? Go to the same school. It’s the letter of the law. You might actually run into each other. Have we gotten our A.M. Degree? Associates of marriage? Umm…yes! But, tore it up and started again. A million times. Sometimes we def didn’t want to associate in our marriage. But, here we are… Still married, still studying, still learning, still associating, still thankful... The photo? 25 years ago on the right and last year on the left. Umm..guess you could say: after and before! What? I gotta be different!  Trace


"RESORTS! JUST WHAT'LL YOU RESORT TO?" So, the Dr.’s and me think what I need for my crazy health situation is a week at a beach/mountain resort. Since I can’t take meds, the salt water would heal my sinus’s and the sun and beach and mountains, well… you know. But! Since, I can’t go to a resort, I have resorted to creativity. After all. Horace penned one of my fave quotes that isn’t mine: Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant. Meaning money or health or whatever fits your adversity. So, anyways, my resort? “Trace’s Place”. I have fresh homemade saltwater for my sinus’s, have a chair ready if I feel like sun, and mountains of pillows to remind me of the glorious beauty of the mountains God made and the security and gentle rest He provides in His creation. I can just feel myself lay my head down on a carpet of mountain grass or a beach of sand. Ahh… Oh! And, “live” music. Medicine for the bones AND the soul. Hope you find your resort today! You just gotta look. Oh! And, one disclaimer: these statements in no way prevent me from accepting any other Resort offers. Just sayin’!      Trace

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Still-let-o-thers See Your Kind Heart, Not Your Behind Part

"Still-let-o-thers See Your Kind Heart! Not Your Behind Part!" What? Just a short story about shoes. Okay, so don’t be a heel and step on everyone’s toes. You know? Point out other’s faults. They may just arch their eyebrows and shoe you away. Instead, point out their sparkle. That can be “healing”! After all, we should “still-let-o-thers see your kind heart, even when it’s YOUR hurting toes been stepped on. Or, feelings, if you know what I mean. Show a kind heart, not the behind part. Right? I'd rather have my foot in a stiletto and walk a mile, than still-let-o-thers see me put my foot in my mouth, by a mile. Besides, shoes come in pairs and have to walk together. So should we. So, don't let anyone walk all over you. Especially with stilettos on. Get the point? PIMP LOL. Instead, let 'em walk WITH you! You know the old saying "walk a mile in my stilettos"? Well, I def will stil-let-o you walk a mile in mine. Or my boots. We all have those miles, right? And, if the stiletto doesn't fit? You may even have to get your boots out and kick boot! PIMP LOL. I'll walk a mile with you anytime. Okay, I'll shoe! See you!     Trace

Matilda and Making Memories

My daughter and I watching "Matilda" together on the couch for the 136th time. Yes, we do love it. But, we are safe together from the evil Ms. Trunchbowl! One of those sick days with the hair going wild. I think it must have been the part where Ms. Trunchbowl scared me so bad my hair stood up! PIMP LOL. My photo collage side sketch and fresco effects and a few others. The other side is water color and impressionists! I love them. Great memories even though I don't feel too well. You can make a memory when you least expect it. When you least feel like it.  Make one for them.  God always comes when you need Him. Love you guys.     Trace

Keep Lookin' Up

Keep lookin' up! Don't be disheartened, dear heart! That's what I felt God put in my heart today. So, I was practicing a li'l on our new song. Then, some much needed rest by watching "Matilda" with my girl! One of our fave movies. Back to the basics! No hairdo or make-up. Whoops!! Not even fingerless gloves! What? I'm still recuping! Here are part of the words to our new song (fits my gold shirt, by chance PIMP LOL): 

Sometimes, it seems, we'll never reach our dreams
Our ♥s just grow tired with each passing hour
We must hold on...continue to go on
The worth of our love will be rewarded from above

Don't let love grow cold
Jus' keep reachin' higher...
More precious than gold...
is a love tried by fire...



“MY TRAVEL TRAVAILS & TARRY TOWNS: Getting Lost At Livinginthemoment City” Yep! I’m a trip! And, I’m on a journey! I’ve got to carry on. No need to pack a suitcase or carry-on cuz I come with my own baggage. And, believe me? It’s packed! I’m a case! And, that suits me fine. But, I have no reservations! Just keepin’ my eye on the destination! Check out some places I’ve visited by looking at the souvenir stickers on my travel trunk. Some trips “stick”er with you more than others. Life is a trip. If your travel becomes too much travail, it’s time to check your baggage! Oh! And, yes, that's actually a photograph of my travel trunk & places I've been! Ya know, I wouldn't have found my way to Hopeville if I had been on my way from Hellandbackville! Just sayin'... What other places have I been? The Lesstraveled Road lead to Merryland and Hard Knocksville. Which was right past Aintlifegrand Junction and Aintlifegrand Rapids. See you on the road. Carry on… Oh! And, I did spend a lot of time the Road leading to the town of Recovery. I met a lot of awesome travelers on it. Right now, I am back in Funky Town trying to recoup. And, though, I haven’t been able to do much traveling lately, when I do, I hardly ever get lost. Maybe a couple times and always at the same crossroads. You know? The sign reads: “Inthemoment Junction” this way and “Anxious City” that way! I sometimes, think someone mixed up the arrows and pointed them in the wrong direction. PIMP LOL. But, I wouldn’t mind staying lost for a couple days at “Inthemoment”. Even live there, right? I mean that’s where we should live. Finding joy and peace in the moment and not worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. Tough for me with my health stuff, but I do try most times to tarry there. Yet, it seems like I rarely stay more than umm…a moment? Wait a moment!! I wanna stay in the moment all day today. I’m hoping to get lost there soon. And, for you to get lost, too. Watch out for the other places on my suitcase. I am sure you’ve been there, too. Gotta go! Now, get lost! And, you know, the next time someone tells you to get lost? Think of this and smile. And, get lost in the moment. I’ll see you there, soon… Trace

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pacer Yourself and Watch Out For Gremlins!

“Pacer Yourself & Watch Out For Gremlins”! What?! Well, I just saw a story ‘bout a guy with an old Gremlin car that had parts from a Pinto and a Pacer. Said he got the cars real cheap. I couldn't believe my eyes, but I believed he def got them cheap. Real cheap! Said he just wanted to make something cool out of the worst ugliest cars. Kind of pimp his Gremlin. He PIMPed it alright! My kind of PIMPing it. And, you guys know what my acronym PIMP LOL stand for right? If not, ask! Anyways, instead he Pinto’d it and slowed its Pacer to a crawl. He said he was trying to prove 2 wrongs CAN make a right, or in this case, 3 wrongs. I think not! 2 wrongs can never make a right. And, 3? Well, that is just wrong! But, I do have to say, that I admire him for being creative and doing what he pleases no matter what others think. Taking something old or ugly and making use of it. You do see some strange stories when you are sick. Course, I’m always sick! I will have to go recover now after laying my eyes on that. Plus, I have to Pacer myself. Might have been too much shock and excitement for one day. Have a shocking, fun and exciting day. But, Pacer yourself and watch out for Gremlins. And, you know, come to think about it? God does some pretty cool things with us ugly pintos, gremlins and pacers. Just sayin'.   Trace

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Message on Mess Age! A Wake-up Call!

"MESS AGE & MESSAGES!” Say what? So, what’s my “mess age”? You know? What age did I finally realize I had made a mess of my life? 21. My wake-up call age! The same age I knew God was for real. Same age I cleaned up that mess with His help. Guess you could say that I def got the message that night. I listened and did something. So, that’s my mess age. And my message! Whatever the age? Listen! Then do something! And, guess what? I still find messes at other ages in my life. Lots of mess ages which require lots of messages. Lots of wake-up calls. I try to listen and do something ‘bout them. Instead of putting God on call waiting. And, sleeping through them. Well, that’s my message on mess ages. Have a fun day! Try not to make too big of a mess! PIMP LOL. And, yes I will try to rest today since I am still not very well. I get the message! AND! I will do something ‘bout it! Oh! And, the photo? A photo from my 20’s which I made kind of grungy messy to state the obvious of the not so obvious mess I had made of my life! Sometimes, the obvious doesn’t seem so obvious to us. Now, I am really going to go rest and you have a good day! Obviously!   Trace

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sharp Knives, Dull Moments! Don't Take Life Granite!!

"DON"T TAKE LIFE FOR GRANITE"! “Sharp Knives, Dull Moments! Diversity in Adversity!” Don't life for granite.  What?  Well, today, I had my mind on someone that died and was thinking about my life. All the while trying to put out fires around here and dealing with feeling very ill. No complaints, though. There's always something to gain from pain. So, anyways, back to the story for today. So. there’s never a dull moment around here! Just dull knifes! On the other hand, there’s never a sharp knife, just sharp moments! And, sharp dressers! What? It could be worded like this if you were from England: there’s never a bloody painfully cutting knife when you need one, just bloody painfully cutting moments. And, who needs those? Right? But, it’s all in the way you look at things. Me? I like to look at the humorous, shiny side of the knife. We do gain from those moments, though! We do, we do! As I already quoted Horace in an earlier post: “Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant." May I just say that we have diverse elicit talents from our adversity. We def gain from our pain. That cuts like a knife. Wounds heal and we again find zeal…for life. Our scars remind us to go ahead and hope. Sounds like our new song again. Hope I get better soon to finish it. And, I hope you have a sharp day. Our God is a sharp God whose ways never dull my mind or spirit. Always keep me thinking. Oh! And, yes! Our cutting board is a granite guitar made by a dear friend of ours, Steve, who we shall see again one day. Yes! A granite guitar. Reminds is "don't take life for granite". Each day is a chance to cook. So, make it a sharp day! Chop chop. We all find ourselves on the cutting board sometimes. We have to always be practicing our bloody chops, you know! To keep it sharp. We don't want to dull our spirit nor our talent. Whether it's cooking with food or cooking with music or cooking at whatever you do! Chop chop! Let’s see those elicit talents come out. One last thing? Don't take life for granite! Everything is not all written in stone. But, one this is for sure. One stone has been rolled away!!! Don't take that for granite either! See the truth and the humor in all...   Trace


"KICKING BUTT: AN ELICIT TALENT"! Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant." – Horace. I love this and will show you how I have put his wonderful words into action this night. Here goes: Okay, so am I full of it? Certainly not! But, my septic is. I don't know if it's the rain or what, but it was backed up with water after just having it emptied 9 months ago. No water for me the rest of the night. Going to bed to get some rest cuz my tank is drained. Well, my brain tank, that is. I hope the same for the septic tank by mornin'... Def PIMP LOL, cuz I can't use the toilet! For you Horace: I will elicit the talent of fixing the toilet overflow/septic that I would not have displayed had we been overflowing with prosperity to pay a plumber. In this case, the stuffed-away talent and the stuffed-up toilet would have both lain dormant! PIMP LOL. I shall hope and pray for the talent and the septic overflow to both be elicit. You know? Bring forth? Now, bring forth some sleep! I lay my head down to sleep. I’ll kick butt tomorrow! I'm wiped out! Have a kick butt week. Get out there and consider yourself encouraged.  Okay, part 2: Epic septic statement of the day came after this knowledgeable & well-spoken kind young gentleman was pumping out our septic tank. I was saying that it must be because I am so sick that the smell seems so bad. He said, “No. Maybe, it’s just because poop smells umm….poopy!” He said that the poop gods never disappoint on representing with odor. I laughed & said, “nothing too deep about that. Not as deep as what was in the tank”! He made our day less crappy in more ways than one. Not sure how long the drain will last, but tonight we celebrate! Epically! And, septically! PIMP LOL. Have a kick butt night!   Trace 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Slingin' Hash And Eating My Words!

“SPAM, SAUCE & HASH! THE SPECIALTY PLATES SERVED HERE AT SENSITIVE SITY!” What? Here’s the story behind the title: So, I’m feelin’ a li’l saucy because I just made home-made BBQ sauce. Yes! I know I am supposed to be resting. I will! Right after this. For several days, too. Well, for the 1st time ever, I have been blocked on FB. It seems I was reported for spamming. Which I don’t do! I send all personal notes and responses. Here, and at all my sites. I like to always have a personal connection. You know? Take time! Anyways, I got reported right after I got an email from a friend saying, amongst many things, that I should can it! I very rarely get anything but lovely notes. But, you know me. “Sensitive City!” That’s where I live and serve. Where I serve hash, but don’t sling it around! Maybe hash things out or get a li’l saucy but never spam. PIMP LOL. Anyways, they were defriending me. Now, this is a church friend, I thought. Whom I still love and care about. Yes, even us church folks make bad judgments. What!!!?? Well, you know me. God knows me. That is my defense. Plus, if I was going to have a defense, it would be this: if I was going to spam people, it WOULD be canned! Duh! Isn’t spam always canned? That’s just the nature of that beast! Just sayin’. I tried the talkin’, the emailing, etc. No reply. I can only give it to God, now. Because I don’t give up. So, let me explain and then my defense shall be silence again. I share my blog articles automatically from my blog and our music and our videos to share our hearts, our stories and our God. To give hope. For anyone. Anyone! And, for us! We need it, too. It’s our way of serving and connecting. Okay, just had to get that spam thing off my plate. I ate enough of that when I was a kid. So, before you accuse a friend, excuse yourself and talk to God, our creator and friend. He might serve up something for your plate. Def not spam. Maybe a li’l saucy! But def a heaping helping of hash that says “hear ME”! Before you tell someone to can it, or in FB terms “defriend”, hash it out. Try asking or talking. Wow! Communicate. Fascinating concept. Hash it out, without slinging a lot of it around! PIMP LOL! Oh! And, make your words sweet. Cuz you just might have to eat them. At least I have my homemade sauce to put on them! PIMP LOL. Okay, so, thanks for hearing me out. Oh! And, I may get hammy, but never spammy! I may even get saucy, but never bossy! I try to have saucy, (as in fresh, unique and spicy) stories and music, but I would never be bossy by making someone listen or read. Now, go have a fun day, friends! Right now!!! PIMP LOL TNT!  Lastly, click on the photoart and you'll see me eating my words. Trace

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pickin' My Goobers?

Attention All You Goobers: Let off some steam before you go nuts! PIMP LOL. What? OK, so, I’m boiling some green peanuts for the fam and the lid was rattling, so I took it off. I guess they were a li’l fed up, cuz they sure were letting off some steam. No! Not the fam! The peanuts! The family just told me to put a lid on it cuz they WEREN’T fed up. What? I was letting the steam out to see if they were done so they could eat and GET fed up. PIMP LOL. Feelin’ a li’l like a nut or a bit green? Don’t get too fed up. Have fun and let off a li’l steam. Oh! And, I know. The sick things I think of when I’m sick. I just can’t understand why my mind can get sick, but not rest. Well, it IS sick. It just gets sicker when I’m sick. Just doesn’t rest. Thanks for putting up with my humor and hope and music. Love you guys for that. I might be a nut, but I’m not green. Well, maybe a li’l today! No complaints. I see the silver lining… But, that’s another story. For real. I am thankful to God for humor. Tis medicine for the bones. Oh! And how do we eat the goobers? I use a toothpick to stab and pick the goobers out of the shells. Guess you could say we pick our goobers? No that's not a typo! Trace (just another goober)

Silver Lining of Latitude or Platinum Platitude!

Seeing the silver lining in everything takes a heart of gold. And, sometimes, that gold is tried by fire and purified until we can see the silver lining shining through. sometimes, others, or even ourselves tell us we'll never reach our dreams. I say: seeing the silver lining after hearing alot of platinum platitudes, requires touching a heart of gold. God's. That's what our new song is about. About reaching our dreams. And about a love tried by fire. And, faith... Yes, life is trying! So, we try harder. Always! Never give up!  Try giving others some love with a silver lining of latitude! Instead of platinum platitudes!  That's my attitude!  Been there. Okay, so today’s story to go along with my thoughts: So, I’m baking biscuits and hot sausage for brunch and the oven door handle and whole left side of the oven falls down. What's my silver lining? I don't have to cook? OK! So I found the 1 screw to put it back together, maybe, and laid it on the counter while I finished brunch. Now, I must add, I don't feel well at all. But, no complaints. Next thing I know...the screw landed on the floor somewhere unknown to me. Probably under the fridge in the dreaded “yuck world”! Guess you could say I'm screwed! The silver lining in this? gave me a joke? Or 2? What did the oven door have to say about it? I'm just too hot to keep a lid on! PIMP LOL. Hope your day is, too! Oh! And, tell me your silver lining…  Trace

Friday, June 8, 2012

Mirror, Mirror! It’s Beauty In The Beast!

"Mirror, Mirror! It’s Beauty IN The Beast!“ What? So, the beauty of “beauty sleep” is that you’re allowed to look like a beast during it. And, when you awake, it may take some time convincing the mirror that he's gone! PIMP LOL TNT. What? You gotta admit, most of us look more like a beast with our mouth hung open with drool all over our face. And, our body all wrinkled from the pillow and blankets, etc. Not like they show on the TV and movies. Like they got up in the middle of the night and went to the beauty parlor. I def think that beauty sleep is for the soul, too. God can work on us. Let the ugly or beast in us, rest. He sees how beauty-ful we can be inside and out, not what we are. He sees us like we’ve had years of beauty sleep. Like Sleeping Beauty. Not like the beast that comes out in us when life or people are not beauty-ful. Next time, you awake from your beauty sleep, and look in the mirror… You know? Mirror mirror on the wall? Yes! You can check out your beauty and fix yourself up and all that. We gotta represent. But, then, look in your soul and make sure the beast went back to sleep for a long time. Let beauty rule your kingdom. In my kingdom, God is my King and I wanna represent! Inside and out. It’s not easy. Beauty inside is a natural make-up. But, it requires a life-time of application. So worth it for taming the beast. It covers a multitude of skins. And, beasts. So, have a beauty-ful day. Try not to be too beast-ly when you come across the beast-ly in others! Tell them to get their beauty a beaty-ful way. Or you may see their beast again, soon. If you come across a beast, smile and be kind. There may be a sleeping beauty inside waiting for the "beauty sleep" to kick in. PIMP LOL. Now, have a fun day. Read someone one of those “Once Upon A Time Stories”. You’ll enjoy it, too. Your beauty and your beast. One more thing. The photodrama is a still taken from one of our newest songs “Nothing But Ashes, which you can check out by clicking this You'll notice the mirror telling me to go back to bed for some more beauty sleep! What? Tell me again what happens if I break a mirror? Why did I do this photo like a comic strip?  Ummm...because the mirror was being quite comical when it stripped me of my dignity! PIMP LOL!  Anyways, the video is all about taking a look in the mirror and facing the day. And, our problems. Whether beauty-ful or beast-y! Remember... There is some beauty in every beast, and some beast in every beauty.    Trace


“HIGH-FIVE 4 The SCI-FIVE!” So, seein’ how we are big SCI-FI, Alien, Terminator, Star Wars, Predator, etc., fans, Garnet Rose and Sam are going on a Father-Daughter night to celebrate Father’s Day by going to see the IMAX 3D Prometheus. Am I jealous? Yes. I wanna see that movie. PIMP LOL. But, I want more for them to have a night she’ll keep in mind, so that when the other guys come around, she’ll compare. And, just know that they, too, will be treated as an alien and terminated if they don’t behave! They’ll answer to “mother”, too. If you get my drift from the movie! Besides! We shall watch it again together another time. We’ll be InterNetfliXbox360’ing it. Or, you could say, we will WI-FI the SCI-FI! PIMP LOL. I’m so sure they will not tell me any details. Yeauh, right! Am I an alien or what? Yo! Duh! Have a fun night! I’ll be back! You know you just said that in Arnold Schwarzenegger voice, of course. Oh! And, you’ll see my photo shows some of our fave movies and Yoda who is hiding behind Chewbacca because the Terminator is ‘bout to annihilate him. The Terminator was brought back from China and is made of all screws and metal. Oh! And, a “HIGH-FIve for the SCI-FIve movies! Which 5? Umm…Terminator, Alien, Star Wars, Star Trek and Predator! All of ‘em! Oh! And, I am thankful for the heavens and space that God created and the creativity He put in the movie makers. Get creative today! Don't be an alien to the planet Unique! Trace

Thursday, June 7, 2012


“MY CUP POURETH OVER”! So! I’ve been pouring myself out working on a vocal and harmony for a new song. I am taking a break for awhile today to fill back up. Because, what fills me up, empties me. And then fills me back up. And, then…my cup runneth over. And, I begin again. You get it. Sometimes, it pours out the eyes, sometimes the lips, but, always out the heart! What pours me out, gives me room to be filled back up. I can’t be filled back up, if I’m afraid to be emptied. What pours me out, may floor me, but what fills me, chills me out! So, I lift my cup to you. Oops! Watch out. Some spilled over. That happens. Love you guys for lifting my cup! Cuz, sometimes, our cup gets heavy! And, you need some help to get a “handle” on it! For me, my greatest help comes from God, family and friends. No doubt! My cup may poureth over, but it also runneth over with blessings taken in! You want your cup filled back up and runneth over? Pour yourself out. No doubt!     Trace

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


“THE SKYE's THE LIMIT!” They're calling for rain! Ahhh… I love when it pours. When the sky is pouring out rain, I love to pour out music! But, now, Skye? She dances! When that sky rains, that Skye dances! Love that, too. Whatever you do through your rain? Just soak it up. It makes us grow. Dancin’or singin’ in the rain. Or even playin’ in the mud. Moves the rain that’s drowning the heart to pour out tears of joy through the eyes. Clears up our vision. You know? Like the song: I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash! Classic stuff. One of my fave songs, ever. And, sometimes, you just gotta plain get muddy to stay grounded. Find the joy in the rain and the mud. The sky is the limit! Thank God for the sky, the mud and the rain! And, all the Skye’s who dance and sing in the rain.    Trace


"FIERY HOOPS and HULA HOOPS!" Work or life got you jumping through hoops today? Fiery hoops? Well, put out those fires and jump through THIS hoop. “The Hula Hoop”! And, start a fire in your soul! Does a pretty good job on getting your muscles fired up, too! Just sayin’. Good exercise and fun! You hip to the hula, hello? It’s just 1 of those things that no one can stand to sit and just watch. You gotta try it. You gotta jump in. Like life. No spectators. You gotta stay in the loop. I mean, umm...hoop! So, that's my hoopla on the hoop!  My scoop on the hoop and staying in the loop! Stay in the loop and jump into today! Start a fire. You hip?  Trace

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


MOOLAH! MUWAHHHH!”  Money, money, money!  Some people…got to have it.  Some people…really need it.  Right? Sounds like a song!  My Tracyism for that? “We make money, we need more. We make do, we need less. More or less!” PIMP LOL. What? Makes sense to me. Or would that be ¢? Who am I kiddin’? Money makes everything easy. Sometimes, too easy. But, we all have to make money to live. And, working hard is a good thing. And, thanking our Maker for the “having little" times as well as the “having much" times is what makes us rich. Not the $$!  Being big about having little is umm…big sense! Having sense about our dollars! Or! Having ¢ about our $$! It saves us from a lot of grief and is to our credit. But, really some of us just like the way it feels to have some “moolah” in our hands and say “muwahhhh” in a sinister eee-vil happy sort of way! Like a kid at Christmas with a million presents surrounding them!  It’s okay to have fun AND be thankful! So, love the Maker and the money maker, not the money. That makes cents! That’s what makes us rich. So, use common sense with your dollars and you’ll makes ¢ from your $. Oh! And, that IS a song at the beginning.  Check it out: For The Love Of Money by the O’Jays!  Have an uncommonly fun day. Full of dollars and common sense!  Lastly, a li’l Christmas in June never hurt anyone. For 3 reasons: remembering colder weather to keep your cool, remembering to be a cool giver, and to remember the biggest giver, Christ, every day!  Money is not the only thing you can give. That’s a given! PIMP LOL. It's not the almighty $ that makes us rich. It's the Almighty!  Alrighty then!  Love you guys!  Muwahhhahahah!    Trace

Monday, June 4, 2012

Lift A Fork Load Of Thanks, Smooth Operator!

“Lift A Fork Load Of Thanks! Be One Smooth Operator!” Forklift Operator, that is! So, I was looking in the want ads and decided to go for an interview. So, after I showed the man my proof of experience he said “umm…yeauh, I’m not real sure that lifting your fork to your mouth and placing back on your plate qualifies as a fork-lift operator.” I told him that was what I called a li’l creative application filling out. Smooth operator is what he called me! With a good pitch! Darn! I should have showed him my pitch fork moves! So, remember to pray when things are going smooth, too. That’s when we can most remember to be thankful. Because when things aren’t smooth, we be prayin’ for a smooth spoonful of medicine. You know? Some help! Some smoothness! And, we tend to forget about thankful things. So, when life is smooth, be lifting up a forkload of thanks. It’ll keep your plate filled. Oh! And, there’s a very cool smooth song that came to my mind just now. Smooth Operator by Sade! Love it. So will you. I lift my fork in thanks for you guys! One last thing! My stories are always true life unless I say. So, I’m here to say that I didn’t actually go for this interview, just in my head. It's full like my plate. And, yes I know I'm a character. A cartoon character. PIMP LOL.    Trace

Hot diggiTY dog! It’s Monday!

Hot diggiTY dog! It’s Monday! Now, I know most people are bummed on Mondays, but really! I can dig it! TY! I just woke up and Monday hit me right in the face. Kind of like this hot dog hit Em. Mmmm… Hope your Monday tastes this good. Tis better to relish the thought of Monday morning and ketchup after the weekend than to sit on your buns and be bummed. Well, I guess that would be bunned! PIMP LOL. What? I’m just a hot dog! Okay, so whether your ballpark is at work or play today, try not to get steamed. Especially if you get grilled. Take a bite out of life today! Don’t be a sauerkraut! You may find yourself in a pickle. Have fun! It’s kosher! The fun, I mean! Oh! And, July is national Hot Dog month. So, even though it's Monday, don't be bunned, unless you're a hot dog! Now, go have a hot dog, be a hot dog and say “hot diggiTY dog”! It’s Monday and I thank God for a new day. Even a Monday! Yes, even a Monday can taste this good. I CAN dig it TY! Hot dog!      Trace

Having A Cow!

AHEM! Hey you PARENTS ! Yes! You! I'm taking a “Parent Poll”. Well, an apparent parent poll. Cuz, apparently, this parent still has not adjusted to my teenage girl driving ‘round town and on the highway without her Dad or me. So, umm…parents? How long does it take ‘til I stop having cows? Cuz, like umm…I have enough to start a dairy farm, here. And, I’m not milkin’ this for sympathy. Just chewin' the cud. And, she’s a great driver, but I’m a Mama… Nuff said. Okay, I’m milkin’ it. Old Annabell in the photo is telling the girls to make room for another cow. Cuz I just had 1. Actually, jokes aside, I write and pray while she’s driving. What? I’m def not a “cow”ard! Just a Moo-ma with alot of cowbells. PIMPLOL. That's the good thing about having cows. I have lots of cowbells for our music. So, how big of a dairy farm did you have when your kids started driving? Or will you have?     Trace

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bill and Miranda: The Rights Exercise Duo”

“Bill and Miranda: The Rights Exercise Duo!” In the morn, I'll be doing the rights exercise. No, that’s not some new fancy workout. Been around for years. It’s named after a guy named Bill and a girl named Miranda. It’s actually called “Exercising My Rights”. The Bill of… Any citizen can work it. And, believe me. Some do. Pretty heavy weight routine. 1st, I will exercise my right to go to church and be lifted up! It lifts my weights for me. Now, THAT is exercise! I bet you thought I was gonna say exorcise. PIMP LOL. No. But we do all battle our demons. Had to throw my humor weight around. Want some lightweight exercise that has heavyweight results? Lift someone up. All you gotta do is smile and pray. And, you both get lifted up! Both, a facial and cardiovascular workout. Oh! And, when I get home I am singing and working outside, so if any neighbors decide to call the cops, they may have probable cause for disturbing the peace, but, I shall exercise my right to bare arms, anyways. What? It’s Florida, it’s hot and I need a tan! And, I am not baring a false witness. If the cops come for a routine check, I will plead the 5th and ask them to go ask Miranda! If they choose to take me away, my family will require just compensation and forbid cruel or unusual punishment. Unless they can help. PIMP LOL. Which may end up in Double Jeopardy! What? Go exercise…your rights. Hope the rest of your weekend lifts you up! And, them. Nothing routine about it! Rights on! Trace

Just Some Light Clean Thinking, Mister!

“Just Some Light Clean Thinking, Mister!” Just some more light thinking. About what this time? Clean thoughts. No! I always have clean thoughts. I meant Mr. Clean thoughts! Yep! So, I got brand new car door lock knob thingies. How? I used Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on them. Wow! Cleans ‘em up like, umm…magic! See, after cleaning just about everything I could find in the house, we had to go to the store to get more of this guy’s magic stuff. As I was sitting in the car, voila’! The door locks knobs stood out like a sore thumb. Or like a sore thumb had touched them. Oooh! Everything else was clean in the car, but them. Every time we clean the car, I can’t get them clean and they don’t detach to soak in bleach. This time, all the sudden, I could see his sparkly shiny head in my head with his magic eraser. Mr. Clean is the man! He works some magic don’t you know it! He’s a sight for sore eyes. And, sore stains of any kind. One thing he can’t clean? The stains on me. But, those are just character lines and freckles, right? Well, I am a character. And, then the ones in me? Well, my God can clean those. He did years ago. My God keeps me. It’s not magic. It's real life. But, it’s feels real magical knowing that. And, knowing that makes want to keep it clean. He is a sight for sore eyes and hearts. So, the guy with the shiny head and I say “have a magical weekend and keep it clean, mister”! PIMP LOL.          Trace

Friday, June 1, 2012


“OLD BAGS, HOT AIR and DUST IN THE WIND!” Get sucked into life instead of getting the life sucked outta you! Hey! Suck it up you old bag! What? Oh! No. Not you. That’s what the vacuum said to the bag just before I put a new bag in it. PIMP LOL. I would never be disrespectful and call someone that. Though, all of us act like an old bag sometimes, no matter what age. Full of hot air and dust in the wind. So, what made me write that? Well, today I am talkin' to my vacuum and suckin’ it up! What? Vacuuming! Cleaning day! I know. You’re thinking “that sucks”. I hope so cuz I love when all that dirt gets sucked up. Now, I might sound like a suck-up, but I really I hope your day sucks. If you’re cleaning, that is! If not? Then suck it up and have a fun day. Whatever you’re doing. Make the best of it. Cuz when life sucks and you come across some dirt? Just suck it up. Better than spreading it. Stand upright! Just like my vacuum. And, be careful changing the bags. Or you could have yourself some dust in the wind. Oh, and that thud you heard awhile ago? That was me passing out on the garage floor after furiously trying to get the filter door screwed shut before it sucks all the dust into the AC unit. Time to drill new holes before it sucks the life outta me. Now, that would suck! PIMP LOL. So, finally, I would just like to say, “Get sucked into life. Instead of into the dirt.” Then you won’t have tunnel vision! And, you feel like “Dust In The Wind” Tunnel. What? Well, my vacuum has wind tunnels and it got me thinking about dust and wind and tunnels and hot air. And, that happens to be a great song by Kansas! The 1st one I played on a 12-string and sang with Sam. So, be filled with fun, not hot air! Stand upright. And, you’ll be alright. Alright now, I really gotta go. That old bag needs to be tossed. Oh, and I have my stuffed snow lady hanging onto the vacuum instead of me. She’s my stand-in for today. She reminds me of cooler days and to keep my cool. And, I’m not really dressed for a photo op. Well, maybe I am? I look like an old bag. PIMP LOL. Keep your cool. Suck it up. Better than spreadin’ it! Sometimes, you gotta get dirty to stay grounded. Get sucked into life! Instead of getting the life sucked outta you! See what happens when you to talk to your vacuum? You get the dirt on life! My vacuum says the most important thing about dirt is? You just gotta suck it up! That's my free vacuum advice. May seem like a lot of hot air, but it's free hot air. Suck it up. Last thought? It's finally pouring down raining. Even the yard knows that when you're surrounded by dirt and it rains? Suck it up! So, he's a suck up, too.  So, dirt's good for us. Rain's good for us. Keeps us upright.  Straight up!  Trace


My photopart says: It's not about the substantial effect you have on your instrument, it's about the instrumental affect you have with your substance. We were discussing sound effects and new equipment. Should say dreaming. Nothing wrong with effects or wanting the best for your music or whatever you do. But, I was just trying to say that it's what's in us that comes out in music. Our substance. Along with working hard and respecting the gifts/talents God gave everyone. I mean, there is a substantial amount of people that have the gift of music to share. It's not a unique thing. What makes it unique is bringing yourself and what your're made of to the table. So, what are you made of? Me? I'm made of "the substance of things hoped for" and "the substance of making do and doing my best at whatever I do". The instrument of choice for both? Faith! It keeps me tuned in to other's hearts, not just their ears. Do you need effects to effectively affect someone? Hmmm... Have a substantially affective day! And be effective about it! PIMP LOL.      Trace


“DON'T TURN YOUR NOSE UP AT FLAWS! YOU DEF MIGHT MISS THE AWES"! Okay, so, I was noticing in one of our vids that my nose isn’t exactly what I thought. When I was in the hospital on machines, etc., I lost part of my nostril.Yes! I know. Gross. But, it really bothers me and looks weird. Guess, putting that fact on FB and my blog was the wrong to do if I wanted everyone to not stick their nose in my umm…nose biz? Am I being “picky”? What? Gotta laugh at ourselves. I smell the odor of humor in the air. A lot of people gonna laugh at my nose now. That’s okay. I like laughing. Good for the soul. And, besides? With the nostril scar defect thingie, no one will notice all the other flaws as much. Oh, well. We all got flaws. Inside and out. So, don’t stick your nose up at anyone else because of their flaws! Turn your nose up at their flaws and you just might miss their awes. Hope your day has a whiff of flawless fun in the air. Yes, strive for flawless excellence, but know that it is the flaws that drive us to strive for that excellence. Leave the flawless perfection to God. That’s His bizness. And, I am awed. Yes. I may be flawed. In fact! I AM flawed! But! I am awed at what He can do and does….flawlessly! In all of us. Around all of us. Through all of us. We all have awes in us. That’s His bizness. I know you “nose” what I mean! Love you guys, flaws and awes… Awwww…. Trace