Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Thursday, May 31, 2012


"WHAT'S A RAWKWARD MOMENT?" That awkward moment when you realize that you no longer feel awkward, at the moment. PIMP LOL! You know, you feel like you got this. You can do it. For the moment. You rawk at this one thing. For the moment. You rock (said in an English accent)! Either that, or Scooby Doo is in your head telling you feel rawkward! Or is that how he says awkward? Ruh roh! Oh well! Don’t listen to those voices in your head or anyone trying to tell you you’re awkward. Listen to Who’s in your heart. You rawk! Hope you have a day filled with rawkward moments! Rawk it. Rock on! Cuz, everybody feels awkward at some time. EVERYBODY! And, yes, rawk came from the music world. And, yes! I have Scooby Doo PJ’s. A gift when I was sick. Does that mean I'm sick for still wearing them? NO! I love Scooby Doo and all that mystery stuff. Ruh roh! 


Wednesday, May 30, 2012


"KICKIN" BOOT!" Cowgirls never quit. They get up every day and kick boot! Least that’s what my shirt partially said. Came across 1 of my old shirts and had to accessorize it. You know? Add a few words. So, be encouraged and keep kickin’ boot. Lest you get your “boot”-y kicked. PIMP LOL. What? Just stirrup-ping things a bit. When you're feeling ragged, get rugged! To get your boot on, you first gotta put your boots on. You can see I'm thinkin' ‘bout getting my old Ropers on. Keep bein' rugged! Especially when your ragged! Get your boot on!   Trace


“LIP, HIP OR GRIP SERVICE! Watch your tongue!” So, here’s my story on feelings, fingerless gloves and the tongue. And, that’s not lip service! What? It's just a li'l sarcastic humor disguised in paisley! Get a grip! I"m not shootin' from the hip. I’d rather wear my feelings (my heart) on my sleeves above my fingerless gloves than on my tongue where they can roll off too fast. The difference is they may wear on me, but not on others. It takes time for those feelings to travel from the sleeves to the tongue. They gotta travel through some elbow grease, over those broad shoulders and shave off a chip or 2, go neck and neck with some beads of sweat falling from the forehead from the anguish of holding it in, and then take it on the chin. Then, if you swallow hard and take a deep breath and pray, the feelings may come out with a li’l more grip than lip or shooting from the hip! You hip? I mean, they may be way more gentler and thought out. Like someone with a grip on things. You know? Thoughtful. Instead of I oughta-ful! PIMP LOL. Sometimes, we detour our feelings from the sleeve to the hip, and just shoot from there, right? PIMP LOL. Then, our lip service turns into hip service instead of grip service. Here’s a tip: calm that hip. And, remember: a closed mouth gathers no foot. What? Well, it doesn’t! So, here are the rest of lip jokes: A closed ear gathers no lip. A closed nose gathers no finger. BUT! A closed mouth? Well, it gathers no foot. Or ears. Or finger! Right? I mean, it could save us from sticking our foot in our mouths or having someone hear us sticking our foot in our mouths (ears) or react to us sticking our foot in our mouths (the finger). Oh, and, a closed mind? Gathers no leg…up. I mean, you gotta learn. You gotta get a leg up on things. My leg up? Work, serving and prayer. Hope you get a leg up on your day. Feelings ARE a good thing, you know! When mixed with the mind, body and spirit. They just need some travel time! And, serving can give us travel time. Working is good for the feelings. Here’s my pitch on working and serving. Sometimes you gotta get dirty to stay grounded. But, when you throw dirt, you lose ground…always! PIMP LOL TNT. So, dirty hands or dirty lips? It’s your serve! Will it be lip service, hip service or grip service? What? Just had to throw that out at you! Better than dirt! OK! 1 more joke: Better your lips to chatter from cold air than to chatter WITH hot air. Have a hot day! Let your feelings travel a bit. Have feelings, will travel… Sounds like a TV show to me. Oh! And, why the paisley effects and all? I imagine my feelings in paisley! Why else! I really did have a paisley pair of jeans, though. Also, you will notice from the stitching that the heart has been sewed back on several times.     Trace

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Just doing some light thinkin’! About watt? “WEIGHT & WAIT! AGAIN & AGAIN!” Wait!  What? PIMP LOL.  So, I was typing the word again and made a typo and left off the “a” which got me thinking about the word “gain” and “again”. When we do something over and over again, we, uh…gain something. PIMP LOL. Now, I know a lot of you are thinking food, but I was thinking more about serving people, not food. PIMP LOL. With serving food, you gain weight and see quick results! With serving others, you gain wait and learn to be patient and wait for results. Wait for God to work. So, don’t quit checking on others and calling and just loving others, again and again. They’ll gain and you’ll gain… Again and again… Have a gainful day and do some light thinking… About shining the light. Again and again! Heavy stuff.



“NO-BRAINERS & LI’L DRAINERS!  I can stack any amount of dishes in our little drainer. Without it draining me or my brain. Just 1 of my many talents. Just sayin’. Makin' do. It’s a no-brainer. Just gotta make some things work. Some things are over thought. They drain us. Now, yes, I know that is a tough one to believe coming from me.  Cuz like, I’m always thinking. But, really. Some things are just no-brainers or they’d just be drainers. So! No matter how things stack up, or how MUCH you gotta stack up or how much is stacked againt you, have a fun non-drainer day! That’s a no-brainer!  If you do get drained? You know Who to call on!   Oh! And, the photo?  Just makin' do! Wanted the pans to look metal and shine so I found another free photo editor that you can do this. It's hard work, but the end result is so worth it.  Now, this was a li'l draining... But, I loved it. And, that's a no-brainer!  I love working!  Trace


KEEPSAKES, STICKERS & OTHER MEMORIES THAT STICK! So, since my girl is a senior now, she is cleaning and going through all her things. You know? Kept keepsakes? Everythng from birth thru 11th grade that I kept for her these years. So, she’s sort of reminiscing and bringing stuff to me to show and deciding what to keep. It’s good for me because after my big seizure of 2006 I don’t recall most things. I see these awards, the doll we made together, her art work, school work and so much more that we kept. I just smile and tear up. Good memories…maybe cloudy but I am finally ready to try and remember good stuff. See, lots of times when I try to remember, all I can remember is the trauma, cuz that’s how life is. The trauma sometimes seems to be what sticks. But, I know if I can get through that, the good stuff flows in and sticks, covering the trauma.  Kind of like wallpaper. It covers up all kinds of walls. It's there, but covered. That's us. Layers. I’m not complaining because the trauma also makes us who we are. Yes, I got very sick when she was in 1st grade and again in 3rd, and still again in 6th, but I gave her my time, always. I couldn’t do what other mamas did. Like work and give big things and run around everywhere, but I could give my time, my heart, my love for music, art decorating, etc. I still cry sometimes trying to remember and wishing I could be like other mama’s and never have gotten sick, but life is what it is and I’ll take it. It’s when I am thankful and look away from all else and don’t compare, then I am alright. I think we all do that. So, anyway, God is our life and in every part of our life. That’s the only way I know. We make memories with Him and they stick. So, anyways, I am so glad we kept so much of this all these years. It does us both good. She remembers a good mama who loves her and I remember a good daughter who loves me. It builds us both up. My mind is eased momentarily about feeling like less of a mama for getting sick. I can see the things we did together and still do. I hear her sing and can see God’s hand. That is worth more than any amount of money or travel or things I could give her. That’s the stuff that sticks to you. And, the smiles between us are priceless. The connection…ahhh. The connection! Oh! And, a bit of humor? Umm…the photo is of the doll we made and of a giant Potty Poster Sticker Card we made and hung on the wall. Every time she went to the bathroom on her own, she could pick out a sticker (of which she picked out every week at the store) and place it on the card. She loved the stickers and the feeling of accomplishment and control. It was awesome and it worked and the idea kind of stuck on us. PIMP LOL. What? Sometimes, we did go crazy with the stickers and put them on everything. Even ourselves. I think there’s even a few still stuck on some doors to this day. Yes, we made cards for lots of things. Things we looked at today and remembered. And, by the way? She kept everything! Kept keepsakes! That’s what they're for! So, if you’re stuck, make a memory. Make a memory stick! Err… Just keeping it real. And, just keeping the keepsakes! Jus' saying! One more thing...  We didn't have a lot of money to make her doll, but we actually used the dress and buttons and other things I wore while pregnant with her. It is really cool looking. Of course, it has boots and fingerless gloves on.  Just saying that you can make do and still make memories that stick...err!!    Trace

Monday, May 28, 2012


“A DAY OF REST, LEST I WREST! A li’l rest-le is always nice after a li’l wrestle! What? Well, when I’m wrestling with decisions or just plain “hittin’ the mat knocked out wore out”, I tag team it & call on God. Maybe even another wrestler for help, too. Then, I rest. Cuz a li’l rest-le is always nice after a li’l wrestle. Then, I’ll be ready to tackle anything. What? I still got some fight in me! By the way, we have vests I designed in our house that read “City Hall”. When anyone is being un-family-like or governmental, I get the vests out. You can’t fight City Hall, you know! Now, I gotta go finish doing the cooking & the music, so I can actually rest. Well, I guess doing the music would be doing the “cooking”, too. I hope. We’ll see. I may have to wrestle a bit. May even have to break out the headlock or jawdropper moves. Def not the sleeper! Have a great day. Def not a sleeper. Well, maybe! PIMP LOL. Rest-le a li’l! Oh! And, who is your fave wrestler of all times? I'm thinkin' Dusty Rhodes? C'mon. Throw it down on the mat! Smackdown! Trace

Sunday, May 27, 2012


“THE SHORTEST NIGHT’S SLEEP AFTER THE LONGEST DAY”! So, last night we were watching “The Longest Day” on Netflix and going through some old photographs like I do every month or so to dig up memories to help me recollect any of my past. I love talking about history and memories. Some are hard. Still, some are harder. Anyways, I found a photograph of Sam’s Dad, Poppie, sitting on our porch at the river house right next to the rocker he gave me. I am told it was my fave place to sit and my fave chair. I do remember us all sitting on the porch and his Dad would tell us his real life true war stories from his experience in the 82nd. I could hear him telling us so many things. Oh, not bragging. Not at all. Just sharing his heart. Sort of humbling to me. He would talk about his 2 combat jumps. D-Day. Normandy, where he parachuted in to St. Mere Eglise. Then, Operation Market Garden in to Nijmegen, Holland. Then, fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He also helped to free a concentration camp. Lots of other heroic soldiering and stories from afternoons on the porch. Ahhh…memories. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much at all last night from remembering these stories. No complaints at all. Even after “The Longest Day’ movie was over, I was still remembering. I had the shortest night’s sleep from thinking about the longest day and my father-in-law and many other memories that flooded in. He so treated me like a daughter. So, after 2 hours of sleep, we went to church, which we were able to do because of Poppie and others like him. Thanks, Poppie and all of you. Honored to know you and have been part of your life. That’s my short story on the longest day and the shortest night's sleep! Seemed fitting to share this story and photo collage this Memorial Day weekend. Oh! And, I'm not sittin' on my rocker next to him cuz I be takin' the photograph! So glad! Miss you Poppie! Oh! And, it won't surprise all of you to know that he was an incredible musician and song writer. I know, right? He came to hear me the first time I ever played guitar and sang at a church after I turned my life over to God. What was the song? Amazing Grace, Of course.     Trace


Mr. Gibson and I would like to introduce the b.a.s.i.c band's newest song and video on YouTube and axe you to stop by! He'll fret if you don't and he'll then start wailing! Maybe even a li'l wah wah! I told him to stop pedaling but he said to stop by. No strings attached. Have a fun day and remember that God made the world. He made the stars to shine. He made you and me. He made us all to be stars that shine light in this world. So, shine light into someone's darkness today. It will do a world of good. Thanks for shining light into ours. Here's a link to the vid and song and story:  Trace

Saturday, May 26, 2012


“GET YOUR ARMOR ON! ALL!” What? Well, we, “The G-Force” (G for Glenn), just tag-teamed the PT Cruiser to detail it. Make it shine! Especially after getting all the work done on it. A radiator, tires, fan, etc. Its 12 years old but still looks great. Though we have been wrecked into 3 times over the years. Last year we got hit in the back. Crushed it in. And, they HAD to fix it. We couldn't get into the hatch. While they repaired the damage, they offered to fix the other dents for cheap. Blessing in disguise of a wreck, I wreck’n! Still isn’t my Camaros or trucks, but will do. We were a force to be wreck'ned with! PIMP LOL So, let’s break it down: Sam vacuumed & washed it, then Garnet Rose ArmorAll-ed the whole inside & Windex-ed those things we look out of. Then, they waxed it & finally, Trace did the tires & other rubber with ArmorAll Tire Shine & then Armor-Iced the whole body. Love all those Armor-All products. Again! We were a force to be wreck'ned with! Now, my girl is ready for grocery shopping & job hunting in a lovely safe car. We equipped her with extra armor with some prayer. Oh! And, I was a G-Force even before I was a Glenn. I was a "Gross"! For real! That was my last name, as many of you know. I was a force to be wreckn'ed with, for sure. PIMP LOL. At least, I wreck'n! So, don’t forget your Armor, all! Be a force to be wreck'ned with. Then, I wreck’n your day will shine. Trace


"ADDICTIONS & BIRTHDAYS! WE ALL HAVE 'EM BOTH!" It's never too late to celebrate a birthday or overcoming an addiction!" So, this weekend would have been my big brother, Larry’s birthday. I miss him. He died on my birthday the same year I almost died. I lost alot of memories from my big seizure in 2006, but this photo brought back a few teary ones. The girls all loved his hair. He was handsome. He was the typical big brother who wouldn't let any of his friends talk to me or even like me. He played drums and showed me tons of awesome music. But, later on he had a tough time of it with seizure stuff, like me, and even more with addictions struggling with life, prison, and much more. The addictions took over his whole body and made him someone else. Did things he never would have. I know how that is! Right? He needed something or someone stronger than the addictions. Conquering an addiction is faith and perseverance. You MUST want what you cannot see yet more than what you are feeling at the moment. Every single day! I know Larry wouldn’t mind me sharing that he prayed with me and accepted Christ in his last year or so & was trying so hard to forgive himself. He knew God could. But, isn't it hardest for us to forgive ourselves? Anyways, thought this could help someone else. I, thankfully, got to share at his funeral so others might benefit from his struglle. I, too, fought with many addictions in my life and health issues from a rare childhood disease in my stomach that left me trying to find other ways to deal. Like, he did. Like many do. Anyways, I got off everything in my 20’s and turned my life around only by the Grace of God, but the later surgeries I had to have to save my life led me back down the addiction road, only prescription drugs, this time. It was worse than alcohol, drugs, smoking, all of them. Good news is I’ve been off all that 5 years now. Yes, it was hard. Still is. Just wanted to share that God does care about us. And, that addictions can be fought. We need each other and we need God. Don’t give up on someone or yourself. It’s never too late to turn your life around and see what it’s like to be free. Or help someone turn theirs around. Addictions are devastating for everyone involved, but can be overcome. Is it tough? The toughest. You just gotta be tougher. I don't have a magical cure. You just gotta be tough and call on God. With God all these things are possible. And this life is not all there is. See you again some day, Larry. Happy birthday and I love you, dear brother! Oh! And, the photo? Well, it's my fave one of him, 2nd from the right. Doesn't have my 2 sisters in it, but it has my other brother, Troy on the right, my cuz, Justin and me over on the left. A friend, Daph next to me. Thanks for reading. Hope it helps you or someone to never give up. Remember! It's never too late to celebrate a life or overcoming an addiction. Which is life in itself! Trace

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Well, lock me up and throw away the key! I’ve always known that I talk to myself, but I just found out that I’ve been talking to myself out loud for who knows how long! And, here I thought it was all in my head. NO, I mean, really! All in my head! As in, I was just THINKING all of it. What? Well, I am usually working all day by myself, so how would I know? But today, I about jumped out of my skin when all of a sudden I heard Sam say “who are you talking to?” Let me tell you! I did not hear or expect him to be standing there at that time of day! Freaked me right out. He said I was talking about my video and singing and having a full convo. Wow! I thought that was all going on in my head. I guess I really am out of my head. Or, at least my convos are. So, how did I answer him? I told him I was talkin’ to God. What? It’s a true enough answer. I am doing that all day, too. So, if you’re out of your head? Talk to God. He’ll get into your head and get the other stuff out. I take stock in that. Keeps me out of the stocks. You know? Prison blues! Think of it this way. If your kids were in the house, would you want them to walk around the house all summer talking to themselves or their computer, or directing the convo to you? Don’t answer that! PIMP LOL. NO, really, I would want them to talk to me. Definitely! So, don’t you think God wants us to talk to Him? Yep! Sure do. I don’t know how He does it with so many of us blabbing, but He does. So, if you feel all locked up and need to talk? Start with God. Like I said, I take stock in that. Keeps me out of the stocks! PIMP LOL. Besides? If your outta your head anyways, there’s already room for Him to get in. And, also? Talk to your kids! It’’ll help keep them out of the stocks. Now, someone get me out of here. Oh wait! This photo is from the Old Jail in St. Augustine. I bet you thought it was from when I was in that Mexican jail, right? Nope! But, that's another story. Have a fun night. Don't get locked up! Trace

Music Connects!

I was asked what did we want to accomplish with our music besides entertainment and enjoyment? This photo sums it up. I sang this funky song: “Everybody Everybody Everybody Praise The Lord (by Lincoln Brewster) to this lil guy right after he was born. Every time he sees me he starts singing it. For real! And, he touches my face. He likes to feel the music. That’s just what my daughter used to do. That touches me. See, that’s what music is. Yes, it is entertainment and enjoyment because they are most needed and touch us, but also having that back and forth connection. Not so much changing a life, as connecting a life and letting God work in it. Laying yourself out. For all ages, all people. Connecting with the eyes the ears and the soul. Trace


A Busy Body Or A Busybody? OK! Yes! At my house, I AM the dishwasher. I do dishes by hand. Sometimes, even 2 hands? What? It would be pretty hard by foot. My girl likes to dry them. Of course, they sit in the drainer until they are dry, but she does actually put them away…sometimes! Did I just stick my foot in my mouth? That’s the real reason I can’t do dishes by foot. It’s in my mouth. So, umm…I guess that means that busy hands, busy feet and a busy heart make a busy body not? Or a busy body keeps you from being a busybody? PIMP LOL. Now, I gotta go. I’m a body that’s busy! A busy body. Oh! And, you can see what we really do when we do the dishes! Umm…sing! Measuring cups double as a mic for us! That’s how we measure up! Be a busy body not a busybody! Measure up! Oh! And, just a li’l note! I see way up in the left hand corner, my antique cake safe. I don’t have it anymore because I got rid of so many things when the Dr.’s told me to “get my affairs in order” a few years ago. Guess what? I’m still here. I may not have all the things that I gave away to help prepare my family for my illness at the time, or even have all of me left, but! I am still here. So, this body is gonna keep busy. I want to measure u p. If you’re busy being thankful for what you do have, it’ll be hard to be a busybody in what other people have. Trace

Shakin' In Your Boots-y!

Yep! Still putting my boots on 1 foot at a time. Like everybody else! Unless you got a better way. I'm always open for ideas. Putting your 1st boot on is half the battle! Literally! PIMP LOL. Ever since I got sick and my life changed, my boots are my symbol to get up, get my boots on and get my encouragement on. To kick boot and never give up! Have a kick boot day! Be encouraged and encourage someone. OK! 2 jokes: what do you call it when you're shivering cold and puttin' your boots on? Umm...shakin' your boots-y? And, don't give anyone the boot! Unless of course, you give them the other one.  Just sayin'.  2 boots are always better than 1. PIMP LOL!   Trace

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


"THE SQUATTY POTTY"! Whatty? Here’s the story. So, I took a break from video work and flipped on the TV while I ate a bite, literally. Just a bite. You know that story! No complaints. So, anyways, we don't have cable and the TV is never on during the day. If I'm sick, I NetFlix it. But, I was living dangerously. So, what came on? This Dr. Show and it was about “The Squatty Potty”. What? A Potty where you sit properly to go. Squat, that is. I guess I don’t know squat about going to bathroom. But, his poop charts and explanation, no matter how kooky, made sense. Taking the right position can make life flow. Find humor and hope in the "squat" of the day. After all, it's something we all gotta do. PIMP LOL. A great equalizer. And, now we all know “squat” about going potty. That makes us equal and, equally ludicrous! Have a fun day. I gotta go. What? When you gotta go, you gotta go! PIMP LOL.  By the way, I think the Dr.'s name was Oz. Though, today's post would be better it his name was Dr. Ooze!  Ooh!  Okay!  Back to Oz I go.   Trace

Monday, May 21, 2012


Our humble music room! Be it ever so humble...there's no place like home. Oh! And, in case you are wondering? Sam is hiding behind the curtain keeping a close watch on his guitar and Garnet Rose is on her laptop! If you're having a blase' day, stop by our blazzy song and vid! Here's the 2 links:
That's my vinyl word! PIMP LOL. Trace

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stable-ize Your Horse-power

If we all rode horses, the economy might stable-ize and it would stir-up things a bit! Gas prices would go down and bails of hay up! At least, we wouldn’t be saddled with companies who got bailed out. PIMP LOL. What kind of horse would I get? A Mustang, of course. Same as the car I’d get now. Even though I love Camaros. Mustang is run by a company who didn’t get a bail…out! And, hay! If you need a bail out, call on God. He’s got plenty of power and it won’t cost everybody else. Have a stable-izing day. Even if it seems like your stable or your stable economy is coming down all around you. Stick a piece of hay between your teeth and relax. Stable-ize! Build up some horse-power for the rest of the week. Oh! And, my song for this story? “Appaloosa: by Gina Vannelli! Check it out. You won’t be disappointed! But, you may get "horse"from singing it. PIMP LOL  Trace


The thing about having a cup of Joe is then you gotta have a bowl of John! One can only hope, right? PIMP LOL. You know those 2 guys are closely related! What? They're both ceramic. What’d you think I was gonna say. They both hold liquid. No way. Try to have a fun day. Those 2 guys are closely related, too. You know? Try and Fun? Can’t know Fun if you don't Know Try. Know what I mean? TNT LOL. So, try and have fun. No matter who you're closely related to today! Cuz we're all related somehow and we're all God's children!  Bowl someone over.  Have fun with it.    Trace


You great at greeting or grating? What? I remember one time grating cheese when my hand slipped and I grated my knuckles. Ouch. It was a "red-knuckler”. As opposed to the “white-knuckler” we may cause others to have when we are grating-full instead of grateful. When you greet someone, shed some light instead of shredding some fight. And, a li’l cheese wouldn’t hurt! Just sayin’! If someone said say cheese and then painted a picture of you, would it be colored with grateful and great-full or grating-full. Would you see a li’l cheese in you or cheese-graters? Do you notice others and greet with kindness or MEan-ness? Is your greeting grateful or grating? Do you see others around you or just you mostly? Do you want to know what’s on minds? Or just yours…one MYnd-ness! Being grateful for everything and everyone is what makes you great-full. We are all full of great things that can speak to others. And, being grateful allows others to see and hear those great things. If we keep in mind that all great things come from God, we can do our best to keep our great-fullness from grating on others. We don’t want to be full of that kind of grate. Rubbing people the wrong way! Though, sometimes you can’t help it! Being grateful is a choice and being great-full is a voice… Well, being grateful is sometimes a voice, too. But, great-fullness is always a voice…spoken or unspoken. And, it always thanks the One who gives it. Being full of great is being full of grateful. Have a grateful and great-full day. Lay off the other grating-full. If you want to be full of great things, you must be emptied of mindful things and be grateful in all things. Last thing? I may grate on some of you because I’m too cheesey? But, smile and say cheese anyhow! Better to be saying cheese than to be grating cheese. Attitude speaking, that is. PIMP LOL. So, the question is: do you want to be known for your grating or Great Things? I’m great full because of His love and yours. Gratefully, Trace

Friday, May 18, 2012


“VENT, BUT BE RADIATORS OF SUBSTANCE, NOT RADIATORS OF PLASTIC!”  So, we went to the Dr.’s. Nope. Not for me. Though, I need it. Especially now. But, the Dr. appt. was for the car. It overheated. And, we just put a new radiator in almost 2 years ago. Guess what? It’s the radiator again!! Wow. 1 year warranty, of course. It’s just plastic. Is everything these days made to last a year only? And, made in other countries? I mean clothes, appliances, car parts, friendships? All seem to be disposable and low standards. I like things of substance. And, people of substance. Like our friend and mechanic of 20 years, Billy. He is giving us his cost on the radiator and trying to help out because he knows we just did a lot of work to get the car safe for our girl to drive. It's been a good car for 12 years, but slowly needing work. Still, less expensive than the dreaded insurance for new cars. Another sore subject for me.  Hate insurance. I think my college professor was way right many years ago when he refused to get insurance or participate in any government programs. I am fed up with the EPA and other government agencies trying to cheapen our way of life and plasticize us and give us 1 year warranties. Telling us what to think, what to drive and how to live. Wow! Still thankful, though. Just venting.  Like my radiator. PIMP LOL.  Hmm…just thinking.  My glasses are plastic, but I’m not! Yep. I just realized even my glasses are plastic! Though I do like cheap sunglasses. Just sayin’.  There are some things that radiate and are suitable when designed with plastic or short-term.  Like diapers. They get as full of it as government! Just wish government was as short-term! Radiators are not one of those.  Neither are people. Yes, my Tupperware and my sunglasses can be plastic, but def not a radiator. Wow! Pure genius! Government tightening down manufacturers to make cheap junk! Yep! My radiator is plastic, but I’m not.  We gotta radiate substance! Be a radiator of substance, not a radiator of plastic.  Speaking of substance, there’s one place I go for a guaranteed warranty on substance. The Bible.  It’s made to last a lifetime.  You won't find any plastic there. Never lower your standards.  Have faith.  It's the substance of things hoped for.    Trace

Thursday, May 17, 2012


You know that ghost of a chance everyone always chants about when they don’t think you have much chance for accomplishing something. Per chance, do you? Well, I banished that ghastly ghost of a chance for a spirit of advance a long time ago. You know we all have been there. You want to do something and you hear yourself or someone say, “you don’t stand a ghost of a chance”! Well, I say, “Anything’s possible. I stand by the Sprit of Advance. Faith. He moves me. To do anything. There’s always a chance for advance. No matter how small the prance. PIMP LOL. Now, I gotta go or I’ll be seeing that ghost of a chance when I think too much. That’s his fave time to scare me. Boo! Now, go take a chance! Advance! You can do anything. Open a door or a window and go through it! Blow that ghost of a chance away! The first prance is always the hardest! Oh! And, what to do if you see a ghost? Umm…geez I don’t know. Call “Ghostbusters”? Or, scream? PIMP LOL. The photoart? Went for the ghostly look with the lighting. It's ghastly! I mean, ghostly! Trace


A doodle is a window to the noodle. And, a diddle is a window to a riddle. But, a doddle is a window to a coddle, right? Umm…right! No riddle here? Can you see my noodle noddle, right now? I’m nodding, yes! If you work hard, you wanna get pampered. Makes sense to me. We all want to get done with our “so easy-to-accomplish” tasks, our doddles, so we can be pampered, our coddles! Yep. Makes sense to me. That’s what’s on my mind. I mean, my noodle. Guess you can tell what I’m thinking? Well, strangely enough, I was thinking about a box of pampers and babies. And this: Work hard. Be pampered! Have a fun day. And, don’t dawdle your doddle. Make time for your coddle. Also, there was a pretty painting on my wall, but I inserted my pamper thought into the photo. Insert your thoughts into someone's life today. Pamper them. Be sensitive! Be creative! Work hard. Then! Be pampered yourself! Just sayin'! So! What does your doodles say 'bout you? Here's where the snicker comes in. Snicker, snicker... Trace


Just taking another of my Publix stories Public! I think this makes number 10. And, it's actually 2 stories in 1. Happened a week apart and both about their delicious naked hotwings. What? That’s what it said on the carrier. “Naked”. Well, not only were the chicken wings naked. Without breading. But, as we walked away holding the carrier of steaming hot chicken, the bottom dropped out! Yep. Naked chicken box. I took it back to the deli and loudly explained with a smile, “Here’s your naked chicken carrier and it is naked just like it says. I don’t think the chicken was cooked enough because if flew out the bottom.” They all laughed. I know most would be mad, but with all the things I’ve seen and been through in my life, a naked Publix chicken carrier just seemed hilarious. Besides, there were a lot of workers who looked like they were on a wing a prayer and could use a laugh. As a lot of us are this week. So, I proceeded to tell them what happened the week before. I told them: last week, right after we had gotten our weekly groceries and our usual Wednesday wings, we went down the cleaning isle and grabbed the bug spray we had forgotten. Well, the spray burst out and sprayed everywhere all over our cart and chicken. Though, on the outside. We figured it was okay, but the lady at the register said if she didn’t see us next week, she would report it. I wasn’t too worried. I can’t eat the chicken. Funny thing is that she saw us and said, "I see you are alive and the bug spray didn't kill your family"! See she remembered. Touch someone's life with a laugh or a smile. They'll remember. Just some naked truth public Publix humor to lighten your load this evening. If you are winging it, don’t forget to prayer it! Seems like that is my theme today with my other stories. Stop by. Thanks for keeping me in those prayers, too. Trace

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I was talking to myself while I was straightening my hair and putting a barrette in it. By the time I was done, my hair was doing all the talking and it was all to the barrette. It said, “You should hang out in these parts more often. You compliment me and you seem to have become attached to me. I promise not to split. Just being straight with you!” PIMP LOL. Well, you guys must know that I was also praying. I need better advice than I can give sometimes. PIMP LOL. I’ll be straight about it. I pray! Whether things are hairy or not. Just sayin’! Straight up! That’s one attachment I need. Straight from the ♥!



What? Well, I found my old Nintendo shirt with the old classic style controller on it. Loved those. Just keepin’ it real! I say if you’re gonna be a “control”ler freak, at least, keep it real! PIMP LOL. The new ones are good, but the classic are “keepin’ it real” good! I admit that I have played on all systems, platforms and controllers, even on-line, but my fave of all is the N64 Classic. Unless, the drums and mic on Rock Band count. How ‘bout you? I know everyone has played at least one video game once. Okay, so, I’m not a control freak, but I would love it if you lifted up a family I know in prayer and our community with the tragedy that occurred yesterday. Do some lifting up. And, I don’t mean with a video game controller. I mean, with prayer. Just keepin’ it real! Whether playin' or prayin! Have a fun rest of the week. Control yourself! Trace

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I'm not talkin’ to the walls anymore. I heard they spilled their guts. About me! And, it was all over. But, it was later found out that someone tripped and spilt a plate of lasagna down the kitchen wall and didn’t get it all cleaned up. Sorry walls. I should have known that wasn't your guts. And, that it was only all over the kitchen wall. You always have my back and don’t care what kind of hang ups I have. Or how many things I pin on you. I can paint any old picture of life any way I see it and you still let me lean on you. You keep a roof over my head. You know the old saying “if only the walls could talk”. Well, mine don’t. If you know what I mean. And, only One other listens in. Thankfully. Have the guts to be a wall. Have the guts to have someone’s back. Have the guts to keep quiet. And, if you're gonna spill your guts to someone? Check their walls first to see if they have a good foundation and if they have any "spilt guts stains" on their walls. Lastly? Have the guts to spill your guts…to God. He is my wall. He is my all. Trace

Monday, May 14, 2012

“PUT YOUR BIG BOY CHIN ON!" Life can be cheeky!

Face It! Life Is All About Takin’ It On The Chin! So, Chin Up! K, so, I’m converting and editing video for 2 new songs. I absolutely hate seeing myself in video. Must mean I’m getting less young. Anyways, so why hasn’t anyone ever been cheeky enough to tell me how hideously huge my chin is? Wow! Oh, well, guess I’ll take it on the chin, again. Ouch! Face it! Getting older is all about takin’ it on the chin. And, on everything else. PIMP LOL. I’m so glad we all feel that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. In this case, the music and heart that comes out. Right, I hope that’s what people see? Well, they say music has no age. That’s what counts. The music in you. Not the years in you. I also noticed that I gained 10 lbs from not performing as much. I always told everyone that I stay skinny because music is a workout and a work up. If you don’t get worked up, you just ain’t down with it. Now, me? I dance-sing. Gotta move. Especially after seeing my chubby cheeks in this vid. We all have li’l things (lots of li’l things) that we don’t like about our looks that we tend to exaggerate in our eyes. So, the photo is my exaggerated caricature of what I saw! The top right is the real photo. Course, I could have exaggerated a few more things, but I’ve taken enough on the chin for one day. We all see ourselves in a harder light. No one looks at us more than ourselves, so we tend to see things no one else does. Maybe if we spent that much time lookin’ at the inside, we’d keep our chins up more! And, our cheeks. And, the corners of our mouths. And, our heads! PIMP LOL. So, chin up! Life is all about takin’ it on the chin. So, put your big boy chin on and lose the cheeky. No cheeky-ness intended. Trace

Duh! Sign Of The Times?

On the way to the store we see this sign and had to stop. I mean, if you are walking and get to the end of the sidewalk, don’t you already know you’re at the end? I so couldn't let that go by. Just had to get out and take a photograph to capture the moment! You know? Vanna-ize the moment! I mean, how much money did we have to spend on that? Is this a sign of the times? I don’t know about you, but I am not oblivious nor ignorant. And I don’t need money spent to tell me what to think, what to believe and where the sidewalk ends! Stating the obvious is obviously for the oblivious. God gave us each a mind and a soul. One for knowledge and one for wisdom. One for sidewalk smarts and one for street smarts! We all know what to do if a sidewalk in our life ends? Ummm...hit the road? TNT LOL. Yep! Find another way and keep going! Never give up! Good thing I was equipped with my finger-less gloves. Cuz it's time to hit the road, now. After all...the sidewalk ended! So, just so you know? Here's a sign: This is the end of my story. Duh! Now, imagine me Vanna-nizng that! Better yet? Imagine yourself! You know you just put your hands in the Vanna position. Have a fun day! PIMP LOL.              Trace


My Prince Charmin has returned. No! Not Prince Charming. Prince Charmin. But, alas! No. It wasn’t him. It must be another from his kingdom. What in the world am I talkin’ about? Well, we all know that all frogs are really Princes that need kissed, right? Okay, last year while I’m seated in the ceramic porcelain throne-room I am freakin’ startled. Guess what’s looking up at me? A Cuban tree frog. Yep! Talk about cracking me up. Well, we caught him and took him outside and it happened 2 more times before he decided to sit upon the throne of a new kingdom! One of the neighbors throne rooms. TNT LOL. So, we found out he was coming up through the plumbing. This one didn’t quite make it to the throne and he was a little smaller. Must have been Prince Charmin’s younger brother, Prince Of Scott. Not to be mistaken for his other brother, the “Duke Of Swirl”. Otherwise known as Sir Amick. He bowled everyone over with his big eyes staring p at you from the inside the throne. As my French teacher, Mr. Brush used to say, “Eat a live frog 1st thing every morning and nothing worse will happen the rest of the day.” I propose it be “May a frog from within the depths of your throne look up at you and fill you with leaps” “Way before he leaps and, nothing worse could happen the rest of the day”! You’ll notice in the photo that he is safe outside, but thinking of a way back to his kingdom and throne, as any heroic Prince would do. Now, the question remains… “Will I see him again and will I kiss the Prince of Scott and change him back to a prince from a frog?” As Mr. Brush would say “Oui or Non? Yes or no? I think this frog is starting to stick to me. Well, at least my toilet. Err…I mean, throne! They do have cool suction cups. So, this is one case where it’s awesome to suck! PIMP LOL. Anyways, just remember…whatever you are faced with? Take a leap! Of faith! Time to get off the fence. Kingdoms await you. And, there’s a great kingdom within you. And, God is our King! Have a fun day. Go kiss a frog. Trace

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Time to put my hair stylist hat on and get to work here at the Glenn Mane Den! Think I can cut it? PIMP LOL. That's not be confused with the Glenn Main Den where we play video games and do music and just hang. I'm gonna move fast so I can shave the cutting and styling time in half. It might be a close one. TNT LOL. Not really. Gonna do my best. I def won’t cut corners! Lesson here?  Don't cut corners when cuttin hair.  You might end up with a funky hairdo.  Or hair don't! PIMP LOL TNT! Whatever hat you put on? Wear it with style! Be excellent. With your stylin’ and to who you be stylin’. The best style is the one that comes from within. Right? Style comes from the heart. So, be stylin’ with love. Be excellent. Any way you cut it. Be ready to wear any hat and give a hand. And give a thumb…a thumbs up, that is. Leave a hand print and a thumb print. On a heart… With style… My hat's off to you! Trace


“TRACES of Trace”. Love is not shady. Love is not sketchy! What? This is just a trace I did of a photo. Though, I don’t think the charcoal trace reveals what I’m up to here. Not even an “ink”ling! PIMP LOL! Good thing! You would get lost in my head and not be able to trace your way back. So, I’ve been doing video and photo editing all week. Can you tellby my posts? If you guys are wondering why I am usually the subject of my stories, well, I’m always available and I don’t mind being a stand-in comic. I’m not afraid to look dorky. In fact, dorky looks good on me. Humor is just a trace of me. I love music, decorating, learning, fixing, writing, and lots more. We all have traces of us that people see. Let your traces be so easy on the eyes and heart that they want to get to the colorful stuff. We are all many shades. And, when the lines are drawn? We show our true colors. Don't be shady! And, don’t be sketchy about your traces. Be you. Be true! Love is not shady. Love is not sketchy! Plus, it was very convenient that my name is Trace. PIMP LOL. Sounded good with traces of… Trace

Friday, May 11, 2012

Just Doin Some Light Thinkin'!

Just doin' some light thinkin'...  About watt? Well, sometimes a picture is worth umm... Well, anyway, shine the light!             Trace


“MAKIN’ WAVES WHILE MAKIN' WAVE FILES WHILE EATIN' WAVY LAYS”! What? Yep, this is my mug shot for “Makin’ Waves”. Another of my "Shootin The Bull"etin Board series.  So, I’m working on a video and learning more. And, like always, making waves. Be careful if you choose to make waves. And, wave files! PIMP LOL. Like your mother said about your face, the same goes for the waves. You may stay that way! What? I like to makes waves. And, like this mother always says? If you’re gonna make waves, you might as well be waving! This is me waving bye! Make some waves today! Be friendly! The shock value alone will send waves out everywhere! PIMP LOL. Be careful. You may stay that way!  Oh!  What kind of snack for today?  Umm...Wavy Lays! Trace

Family! Orange you glad for them?!

Orange you thankful for family?  No matter how cartoonish or comical we may be?  Well?  Orange you?  You have to be a comic to make any family work! Am I right? And, that includes extended family, band family, church family, friends family, school family, team family, work family, neighbors family, "got your back" family, and even your FB family!  You get it.  Be glad.  Tell them. Thank God who gave you those "families".  No matter how cartoonish we are. Go ahead! Admit it! Orange you thankful for them? Yep! Now, thank God who gave you those "families".  See Him in everything and you're gonna have a great day, orange you?  Love all you blog family here at Trace's Place!  Trace

GET DIRTY! Stay Grounded

Sometimes, you just gotta get dirty to stay grounded! PIMP LOL. What? A li'l hard work and a li'l grungy blues never hurt anyone! You know? Grounded in the good music and grounded in the the “Good Book”! And, just make sure you’re getting the dirt on the hands. And, not on the people? You know? Gossip? PIMP LOL. Just thought I’d shovel some good dirt at ya! PIMP LOL! When someone’s deeply trenched in trouble? Are you runnin’ your feet to them? Or runnin’ your mouth about them? God gave us two feet & one mouth. To talk less & serve more. To run deep or run shallow. You know? To run to someone’s side or run your mouth about their bad side (we all got ‘em). And, by the way? Two knees, too! See you in the trenches. Throwing dirt? Shallow. Getting a little dirty to stay grounded? Especially the hands & knees? Deep! Now, don't forget the good music, today, too. Have a good day. Get dirty! Trace

Thursday, May 10, 2012


So, I'm fixin' to start BLINKin' MY "ON THE THE BRINK"in' THINKin'! What? No. I’m not talkin’ ‘bout “I Dream Of Jeannie’s” kind of blinkin’! PIMP LOL. Yesterday, I posted 2 stories about stinkin’ and thinkin’ in my “Shootin’ The Bull”etin Board series. You’ll have to stop in to read those at my blog or FB wall. Anyways, you’ve all heard the saying “stinkin’ thinkin"! Yep! Me, too. I’ve had those days where I feel like my dreams are nightmares and my hopes are horrors. I said I FEEL that way. But, I won’t live that way. I will always try again! I call it: Blinkin’ My “On The Brink’in” Thinkin’! When you’re on the brink of giving up, but you know if you blink, it’ll all change. You know? In the blink of an eye? We just gotta trust our experience, our spirit and our God. Not feelings, only. Feelings are good and from God, but can cloud the issue if they are the only thing guiding us. That’s where my BLINKin' THE "ON THE THE BRINK"in' THINKin' philosophy comes in! In one easier-to-say word? Faith! It’s not “I Dream Of Jeannie” magic, but, it’s “I can dream again magic”! Gives your clouds a silver lining! Oh! The photoart? Just “I Dream Of Jeannie” fixin’ to blink her way out of a mess. I added some new effects to make it look silver, I hope. For the silver lining. We’ll see. Have faith. Just blink already! And, sometimes that blink is in slow motion. As in sleep on it. Start the blink when you lay down and close your eyes. Finish the blink when you wake up , open your eyes and start a new day.  That completes my "DREAMS, FAITH AND THE BLINK OF AN EYE!" post for my "Shootin The Bull"etin Board stories. Trace

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hercule Poirot, the great detective, would say, “ahhh yes, these little grey cells of the mind…they must be stimulated, mon ami”! You know you just said that with a Belgium/French accent! I know I just did when I read it back! Oh snap! I guess I like him because I love figuring things out and detecting. Being observant and then sharing it! And speaking of being observant, I saw this metal mesh thing called “Magic Mesh” on TV. It was for sliding glass doors, etc. Seems you hang it up and simply go in and out and it magically magnetically closes shut behind you. It’ would, indeed, be magical, if it really worked, but I think it’s too magnanimous with the lettin’ in of all the bugs. It's meshing when it should be mashing! PIMP LOL. If it had worked, a better name would have been: The MagnaniMesh! My thoughts for today’s “Shootin’ The Bull”etin Board pin-up is: Be magical, magnetic and magnanimous with those little grey cells! In other words, be observant to what and who is around you. Share the awe-inspiring hope that’s in you! Draw people to you and be generous and forgiving. Mesh with others. No mashing, please, mon ami. Have a stimulating day! Observe and enjoy those little grey cells, mon ami. Use them to spread hope! Oh synapse! PIMP LOL! Oh! And, the photo art? I used some metal mesh and lighting tricks. Just had to use my little grey cells! The lights are there to make you think of when the light goes on in our mind! Doesn't everyone hear angelic vibratic "Ahhhhhhs" at that time? Yes? So, it's unanimous.  Be magnanimous!   Odette (that's Trace, or close to it.  My French Teacher, Mr, Brush, gave me that name. I think it means crowned princess). Indeed!

Poor Scott! He was on a roll!

K…so maybe your day started out on a roll. But, then you just went round and round about some things. Which tore you up and then everything went down the toilet. Well, this guy knows all about that. Scott. Poor Scott. He goes through that every day. Plus he’s been branded as the guy who breaks down easy. He’s popular, but thin-skinned. That’s tough. Only one layer to him. He gets used a lot and no one keeps him around very long. He has a friend name Charmin who has been branded as a softie. He’s always getting the squeeze. Ever have something like that happen to you? You get branded, and, whether true or false? Sticks with you? That branding can wipe you out! The good news is: God knows our hearts. That’s the only brand I want stamped on me. His. Anyways, what’s inside eventually comes out. IN more ways than one, right? PIMP LOL. Oh! And the photo? Off our wall of our music room. Album covers! Great off the wall way to show your heart and decorate a room. Have a fun day and remember… Every day is a “brand” new day. Start it by remembering Who made it. Really! It’s okay to be off the wall! Me? I’m always on and a li’l off. ONff. Guess that’s today’s brand for me. K, that's another in my "Shootin' The Bull"etin Board series. Trace

Monday, May 7, 2012


So, we just found this old photo in our pig Grace's things. Along with some newspaper clips. Seems she had a grandfather in the mafia. His name was Boaris and he was one of Giovanni Brusca’s hit men! So, the story goes that Boaris's only hit was Giovanni Brusca who was nicknamed ‘The Pig’ because of his greed and shabby looking appearance and claimed to have killed 100-200 people. Boaris took it personal. Said he gave pigs a bad name and was put in the "Pen" for the hit which he carried out with his "tusks". He tried to "sooie" for his freedom on the grounds of Tuskifiable Homicide. Didn't work, though.  They found the smoking gun.  Well, the smoking pig. And, his tusks! PIMP LOL. Her grandfather sure looks a bit Dapper Don in this old photo. So, that's the story. But, you know how history and time and stories go. Some people… They tend to embellish! Oh! And Her grandpa? Yep. He's packin'! Packin' a pot-belly, that is! PIMP LOL. Have a fun day.       Trace

“Life’s A Workout! So, work it out!”

Buff and Tuff! Well, I survived the weekend. Now, let’s see about the weekstart! The weekend had a strong end. Not a weak end, at all. And, it’s not gonna be a weak start to the weekstart. Gonna stay strong! Finished 2 new songs and updated "Traces Place"and our band site. Thankful. Still have 2 vids, so move over weak. And, move over week. I may hit 5 days all at once. Start your week out strong. My strong? Is my God. And, when I’m weak in my week? I give my weak to the Strong. Though, my body may get weak, my spirit is a heavy weight. Just gotta find the right place to work out at! My place is called: The "Buff"ered Zone"! And, having a good trainer is its weight in Gold. PIMPLOL. Life is a work out, so work it out. Having workout partners over your shoulder and behind you, that you can be accountable to and trust, really does help you work things work. And, everything does really work out together for the good. Sometimes, we just can't see all. Now, I gotta go work out these muscles. And, yes I just said that like Popeye! Toot Toot! He would be proud of my muscles! PIMP LOL. And, lastly, remember… If you wanna throw your weight around. Lighten up. It’s the spiritual weight that counts, anyway! That’s heavy! That’s heavyweight! Have a strong week. Work it out! Be tuff.  Be buff. And, when you're done working out your week? Work your way here to our music and more for your soul. ( Trace 

Sunday, May 6, 2012


This character is takin’ the ZZZ train to the "Land of Rest For The Weary". All aboard! All characterz welcome. No bagz or tickets required! Unless you count the ones under your eyes from no sleep! My ticket to the ZZZ train? Handing all my baggage over to the Conductor! Now, that's the real ticket to sleep. To the ZZZ Train. Have a great rest and a great rest of the weekend. Got caught up on my blog and photoz and website work. Some more muzic and video work for tomorrow. Z you later. Remindz me of an amazing song..."People Get Ready". My fave version is Eva Cassidy. Zzzzzzz..... Trace

Saturday, May 5, 2012

“Be A Bloomin’ Lily! Not a Bloomin’ Lily-Liver!”

What? My lilies were too lily-livered to come out when they were supposed to, but here they are. Still, lovely. Better late than never! Never quit tryin’! Don’t be afraid! Absorb th...e sun of hope and the water of humor…and bloom! Beauty is still in the eye of The Beholder! The Lily of the valley! Don’t be a bloomin’ lily-liver. Be a bloomin’ lily! Oh! And, the word "lily-livered" started years ago. It was thought health and temperament were the products of a balance or imbalance of four bodily fluids, or humors: blood, phlegm, black bile, and yellow bile. It was believed that a deficiency of yellow bile, or choler, the humor that governed anger, spirit, and courage, would leave a person’s liver colorless or white. Someone with this deficiency, and so white-livered, would be spiritless and a coward. Love it. It all depends on the humors! Humorous, huh? Bloomin’ right, it is!! Hope you have a bloomin’ humorous day. Stop by some of my other Shootin The “Bull”etin Board stories here and at my blog. A book idea. Trace

Put Some OOMff In Your "ONff"!

Another of my "Shootin The Bull"etin Board series. So! Ever been up a against a brick wall? Having an off day? Doesn’t mean you have to be “off”ful. Jus’ sayin’! Me? I’m always on and a li’l off. “ONff”! PIMP LOL. Hope your day is full of ons. Right on! I mean, right ons! Now, I’m off! Well, you already know that. What I meant was: I gotta go. I’m at a brick wall and I gotta use my ONff and OOMff to figure out what to do. It'd sure be "off"ful to give up. Never! Help someone not give up today! Come now! Let us not be "off"ful to one another. Love with some "ONff" and some "OOMff! Be unexpected! Trace

Friday, May 4, 2012


So, this is number 3 for my "Shootin' The Bull"etin Board series.  Well, today, my mother-in law (Grammie) and I just got called classy dolls. Least, I think. We were trying to turn down a side street in Port when this lady went speeding around us screaming out her window “classy dolls” in some kind of Italian type accent. Now, my ears are very stuffy and I can't make out consonants and I like to take the high road, so “classy dolls” it is. That’s what I told Grammie. She knew. She is, after all, a classy doll. When you speak, you can be classy. When you don’t speak, you can be classier. Oh! And, the photo? Some of my fave classy dolls and 2 boxes of my old paper dolls. The Raggedy Anns I got when I was 5 and 7 years old. I forgot to mention that we were at Walmart and 4 other stores prior to this. This lady was so freaked out at the returns. All red and she said she was just going to hit the pause button. I think she hit the menopause button, instead! What? I don’t get out much and I only do Walmart once a year. Plus, don’t worry. I was classy. I only thought it, didn’t say it. I smiled. Classy stuff. Have a classy weekend. Trace

Rulez From My Shootin' The Bull"etin Board Series

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Life Is A Whirlpool! Cool Your Jets!

So, my friend was having us all over for a girl’s night. She called to tell me to get over there because most of the dishes were in the whirlpool. I asked her what did that have to do with anything? She said all the dishes were in but me. P...IMP LOL. She meant the outside pool kind of whirlpool! I thought she meant dishes, as in food, and whirlpool, as in, dishwasher. I was ready for a dishwasher comeback joke like “what did the whirlpool say after its cycle”? “Whew! That drained me! I’m seeing spots!” Oh well. Just never know what’s whirling around in my pool! Hope your night is a whirlpool of fun! Gotta go. I’m drained. Oh! And, the photoart? Just a look into my whirlpool of a mind. Click the bigger picture. It shows my head smokin' from the whirlpool, two eyes with waves and whirls of ideas, and my mind in a purple whirl when singing! That's all! G'night! Time to cool my jets! Trace

Shootin' The Bull"etin Board! A trace of Trace!


Wouldn’t climbing up the ladder of success suck less if you went up 1 right at a time instead of 1 rung? Just sayin’. Then we wouldn’t think of it as the ladder of “sucks”ess. It would def suck less. And, just so you know? Someone’s head or back is not considered a rung. That’s just a wrong! Make sure your ladder’s feet are on solid ground. Built with rungs, not wrongs, right? Then your feet will not have to step on others successes when it’s time for you to step it up. Hope you’re on your toes today! And, not someone else! Or, on someone else’s! Have a successful and fun day. Better now, than ladder! PIMP LOL. Oh! And, the photo art?  Quadriladderally speaking, it is 4 of my fave ladder shots of art, 4 diff ladder views of my story. Join me on the ladder.  Success is better shared.    Trace

Here Catty Kitty!

Hey!  Who let the cat outta the bag!! PIMP LOL. What? This cat's been on a hot tin roof a li’l too long this week. Meowch! PIMP LOL. Just wanted to “paws” and say: when things get too hot, have a “purr”ty mouth not a hurty mouth. Being catty is just like hairballs. They both gag and choke. Nope. Being catty is not for this kitty. Thanks for being my mews! I do have a ball spinning my "yarns"! Today is "mew"sic day fur me. So, have a fun day all you FB cats! Oh! My song choice for this? Cat Scratch Fever. I know you just did the air guitar after singing that. PIMP LOL. The cat's outta the bag!  Now, could someone scratch my back? I'll scratch yours! PIMP LOL. Talk about laying out the fleas.  I mean, fleece. Just kiddin'. NO fleas here. Hope you have a "purr"fectly a"mew"sing day.  Furr sure!  Don't forget to "paws" for a moment to give thanks to God furr  everything and scratch someone's back.  Oh! And, the photo? It's all in the "furr"tography.   Trace