Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Monday, April 30, 2012

If You Can't Cut It? Chop!

If you can’t “cut” it in the kitchen OR in the music room, practice your “chops”! PIMP LOL. We all wanna cook! I know I need to practice my chops! Both places. A dear musician friend of ours made this marble guitar cutting board as a gift for loving and helping him. We love you Steve and will see you again one day! Yes, music cuts it in every room no matter how you slice it. Practice your chops. Whether it’s music or cooking or life! Cuz practice makes excellent! Be excellent to one another!   Chop chop!                     Trace

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'd Rather Be Rocked Than Stoned, Any Day!

STONED or ROCKED? Ever been stoned? No! Not that kind of stoned! But, yes, I admit I have. Pleased to say, I conquered it years ago, along with other giant habits, by God’s grace. Yep! I stoned a lot of giants! PIMP LOL. You know? David and Goliath? Anyway, I was talking about the rock kind of being stoned. Having rocks thrown at you. Judgment stones. By others who would not want rocks thrown at them. Besides? Those kinds of stones can crush us or even break those who are close. Those who have a window to the real truth, to our soul, leaving sharp edges and broken pieces on everyone around. Still, there are those who help remove some of the stones that have been thrown. To those in my life? Thank you. You’ve rocked my life. PIMP LOL. Next time you wanna throw a stone? Throw a rock. THE Rock! He will not crush you with judgment, but rush you with love. Now, that is some graceful throwing! Some graceful stoning! Some graceful Rocking! I’ll end this by saying just this: I’d rather be rocked than stoned!  By grace I’m here, Trace


"LIFE CAN BE A MAZE AND TAKES ZING TO GET THROUGH IT! AMAZING!" So, I may not be totally amazing, but I got part of it down. The zing part! And, the maze part! PIMP LOL. What? I have a lot of zing when life is a maze! So, have a totally amazing day. With lots of zing! Like...umm...totally! Oh! The photograph art? Just some more of my playing around with the photo editor. The editor is amazing! Totally! And, you know, there is always something amazing about your day if you look. Even if life is a maze today! Thank you God for this amazing day and for giving me zing. Now, I gotta go now, guys. Finding my way through this maze of life takes a lot of zing. Good news!  I know where to get it.     Trace

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spacing Out or Tracing Out?

"Spacing Out" or "Tracing Out"? So, they already call me Spacey Tracy and I worked at the Space Center for 14 years, so I thought I might try my hand at something in space for my next job or creative endeavor? I know! I'm really out there! Do you think the suit umm...suits me? Space suit or Trace suit? PIMP LOL.  Do you think we can sing in space? You can see that's what I'm thinking about because it's in my thoughts above the photo to the left. A photo of me singing in my purple rose mic garden. PIMP LOL.  Actually, I unwittingly combined 2 jobs. Whoops!  When that happens, don't get spaced out. Get Traced out! Improvise! Least that's what I do. I pray, then play! Well, work and play! Have a fun day!   Do what suits you.  Oh! And one more thing?  We are all spaced out sometimes.  Well, cyber-spaced out.  And, we don't have to worry what suit we have on to fly in this cyber space computer world.  PIMP LOL.  Wear what suits you!    Trace

In The Money?

Good news, guys! I'm in the money! No! Really! I'm IN the money. You know you just sang that! So! A picture is worth umm...$500 smackers? But! A smile or a song? Priceless! Plus 1 smacker! Jus' sayin'! PIMPLOL. Oh! And, you, too, can be IN the money. It's just a few photo edits away. I can make it happen. For a price! What? It'll only cost you a smacker or a smile! Or a song! There's only one real thing that's free. And, that's The Good News! Someone said diamond are a girl's best friend. I'd have to say, for me? Health would be my best friend! Money and diamonds and all that material stuff is good, but health...or even a li'l glimpse of health...can make you feel rich!!! But, above all? It's God! Have a rich day all. And, you'll get more out of it, if you're not in it for the money! Trace

Friday, April 27, 2012

I've Been Framed!

Whoa!  I've been framed!  PIMP LOL. Just wanted to try out my new .gif file I made.

“b.a.s.i.c. Training On Vogue, Vague, Rogue and Rags!

Getting ready to go out and I am trying to find something vogue to wear. I’m fishin’ for fashion and finding that I’m vague on being vogue! And, you know, it’s not vogue to be vague. So, I’ll speak plainly. The vogue’s not working for me. Oh, well. Guess I’ll stick to my own style. I’m just one of those rogues in rags! Plainly! Nothin’ fancy ‘bout me. Not too vogue, just a li’l rogue. After all, I’m pretty b.a.s.i.c.! PIMP LOL. Really, though, being vague really isn’t vogue, so speak plainly & be yourself. Whether you’re vogue about your rogue or rogue about your vogue, when you fish for fashion. Just a li’l bit of my b.a.s.i.c. training. PIMP LOL. Have a fun day. The photo is just some fun I am having with a new free photo editor. Sam and others will be in the final photos, just today I am available and willing to be made into a cartoon. Trace

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Not-so Fancy Facts 'bout Outhouses and God House!

Have you ever been on the phone while you are going to the bathroom and the other person gets mad about something and tells you to can it? Kind of redundant, right? Jus’ sayin’. What? Telling her that joke kept us both from getting flushtered! And, don’t act like you’ve never been in the bathroom with the phone before. I mean there are 2 “not-so-fancy” facts that serve as great equalizers amongst us human beings when we get tired of swallowing all life feeds us. We each find it necessary to talk to God…eventually. And? We each find it necessary to go to the bathroom…eventually! Jus’ sayin’! No fancy way of getting around those facts. Doing both helps us get rid of our garbage. And, knowing we ALL have to do both, helps us see others and ourselves as equals…eventually! Refuse to get all flushtered and tell someone to can it. Get rid of the refuse. Talk to God and go to the bathroom…eventually! Please! That’s my not-so fancy facts… One more thing? Don't try and tell me you haven't talked to God in His house while in the outhouse, right? Goin' to the throne while on the porcelain throne, right? Cuz some of us can only make or find time alone in that one place. PIMP LOL! The photo? Some cool outhouses. Someone’s outside the middle one saying “Can It”! Do you think they could have gotten flushtered in an Outhouse? I know… I can “can it” now. Click on the photo to get the umm...bigger picture!   My first .gif file I made.       Trace

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Terminatored! Traces Of Trace!

“Traces of Trace”! Today’s b’log is just a compilation of my homemade humor quotes for this week. Been working on a couple songs but I got “Terminator”ed! PIMPLOL. But, I needed a break anyways. The photo is, of course, “The Terminator” made of metal and screws and brought back from China by our Son, Nathan. He resides in our music room and keeps us in line. His fave music? Why heavy metal, of course. But he is getting used to all styles. As that is what we play. A mixture. So, here’s a mixture of my thoughts this week and my  Terminator story.  Traces of Trace...  Stop by.  I'll be back!  You know you just said that like Arnold Schwarzenegger

 “Traces of Trace” 

“Sticky, Stinky & Stingy”! A true friend will surely help you out of a sticky situation by…umm…sticking together. A true friend will not turn their nose up at you if you’re stinky…inside or out. Though, in both cases, a true friend may suggest you clean up your act by not being stingy with the cleaning of the stinky and the sticky. So true, friends… 

So, how did the actor “Rip Torn” sign his name after he had a nervous breakdown from split personality? "Sincerely Ripped, but not Torn". PIMP LOL. What? No. No breakdown here. But, we’ve all been there. We’ve all had breakdowns. We get ripped, almost torn. Even feel like splitting from life. But, before you are torn to pieces, take your rips and tears to the King of repairs. He’ll break it down for ya. And, put it back together. Now, get going. Break it down! 

Oxymoron statement of the day: “Don’t Be Jumpy About Jumpin’ In”! What? I used to jump right in with both feet to do anything to serve, to help, to figure stuff out! Now? I am jumpy about it. PIMP LOL. What? Don’t jump on me! God gives the grace. I give the Trace. That’s all I can do. Well, I can give the Trace, with grace. Have a grace-filled, graceful, grace-felt day. Don't be "defeeted"! Jump right in & don’t be jumpy about it. And, don’t jump on someone. Grace someone. 

To combine all my thoughts? Here's a trace of all the Traces: Don't terminator someone.  Or be stinky or stingy.  Stick with someone no matter how jumpy they get.  Jump in with both feet and grace someone.  Trace

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Farding? For when your looks stink!

Farding? What? I always hated that word! No. I did not make a typo and mean that I’m stinky. Though, I do look a bit stinky. I think I shall do some farding. Say again? What? It’s my daily word for today and it means to apply cosmetics. Who woulda thought that? I like to learn a new word every day. And, learn something new FROM the Word, everyday. Keeps me from being stinky on the inside. Farding keeps me from looking stinky on the outside. Actually? I no longer need farding. I am naturally blushing. Cosmetics no longer required. Hope your night doesn’t stink. Word! And Word! Trace

WoRRIeR or WaRRIoR? Vowel to be consonant!

WoRRIeR or WaRRIoR? Vowels or consonants? If you’re too much of a worrier, always trying to watch your P’s and Q’s, try watching your O’s and E’s. What? Turn that WoRRIeR into a WaRRIoR! Life’s not a consonant battle if you have the right weapons. It’s not so much the P’s and Q’s. It’s the O’s and E’s! And, the H’s and P’s. As in, H O P E! Put on the full armor of God. Be a warrior! Fight the worries not the worrier! "Vow"el to have a day of consonant joy. Stop by my wall for my other stories & my girl’s 1st singing vid. Show her some TLC. Time, like & comments. PIMP LOL. That will bring me consonant hope & I "vow"el to be grateful. The photo? Hope in action. That’s one of my ways to be a warrior instead of a worrier! And, I vowel to be consonant at it. Trace the WaRRIoR

Monday, April 23, 2012

Have A Cow! And, Milk It, Too!

"Kids, Kows And Kud"! “Have A Cow And Milk It, Too”! What? Well, I just had a cow and I’m gonna milk it, too, for all it’s worth. What? Let’s just say we reached a major milestone in our house and I was so freaked out. So I want all you parents who ever worried about your kids’ major milestones like walking or talking or driving by themselves or doing a singing video or a date. You know? All the firsts. Growing up! Awww… I’m milkin’ this cow. That's right! You feelin’ for me? Can I get some cookies with that milk, people? You’ve been there.  Thank God for prayer, parents!  Am I right? Oh, well. Just chewin' the cud with ya!  You know, Things are always moo-ving in life.  You can either moo-ve over and watch.  Or Moo-ve right along with it.  PIMPLOL.  MIlkin' it!!!    Trace

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Quit Pushing My “BUTT”ONS!  If someone keeps pushing your buttons? Make sure you don’t become that button. You know? The “butt”on button? Don’t turn your “butt” on.  Switch it up. Don’t be a turn off. Turn them on with a smile. When someone pushes your “butt”on button, turn on your “light” switch. Lighten up and smile. You know the old saying umm…”Kill them with kindness”, right? Well, let your kindness be the kill switch to turn off those “butt”ons that will otherwise harm you or those around you. Turn off your behind. Turn on your kind. Can be done… By grace. By choice. That’s part of that Light switch! Turn it on, with grace.  Oh! Two more things: The reason for the ♥ button on the hand and lips? Means button those lips and show your heart instead of your butt. And, don't be a button pusher! They're addictive.  By His grace,    Trace

Don’t Skirt The Issue! Dress For Success! Dress for Usefulness!

So, I decided to use my fave skirt that I can’t wear anymore for a stool cover in my parlor. Just because you can’t use something the way it once was intended, doesn’t mean you can’t find another way! When usefulness is used up, use your head and get down. With creativity. Using it either way does the same thing. They both cover seats PIMP LOL. What? I like to get the most out of my things. Not hide them away. I often use clothes or hats or scarfs to decorate! One photo here in this collage if the skirt covering a seat and a jean pillow I made out of an old pair of jeans I can’t wear anymore. The other is a black decorative barrette I use for a decoration on my jeans or my hats. Finding other uses for things is useful and You’sful.  It tells a li’l about yourself. What you is full of ! PIMP LOL. I am just a drawer of ideas. Drawer your own conclusion! You already know what I’m full of.  Have a useful weekend.  Cuz you is you’sful…full of what you is all about!  That’s what I’m talking ‘bout!  Now, get dressed! For success! And, don’t skirt the issue!   Trace  

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shake Your Doormat! You Might Find An A-poof-fanny Epiphany!

Ever felt like a doormat that needs the dust shaken off it? Everyone feels like that sometimes, right? Like you’re getting walked all over? You and everything you've ever done?   Muddied up and no one can read the writing on the um… doormat? “Welcome All Feets To Walk All Over My Feats”! That is what my doormat says! But, no worries! I’m on my toes. I’ll get over it and realize that brushoff? Is just what I needed to see that there are 2 sides to every doormat. When you’re at the threshold? Walk on! Of course, after you wipe your feet. And, remember. All those feats you have accomplished? Were with His power and gifts from Him. He walks with me. That's the writing on the wall...I mean, doormat. Have a good day all you guys. You're welcome at my threshold any day! I was thinking that we should wash the feet that walk on us, right? Then we won't get so dirty if it happens again. Just kidding! PIMP LOL. Washing feet is what Jesus did. So, after all this thinking about being a doormat? I had an epiphany! An epiphany AND a-poof-fanny. So, I came to a realization and right at that exact moment, I heard the heavenly choir going “ahhhhhhhhh” in vibratic unison. You know what I mean? A sudden insight into the simple but striking? Here is it: I’m going in circles. Wow! Yep! That was it! I repeat. I’m going in circles. Doesn’t sound like something that would be hard to figure out, but it was a big circle! PIMP LOL. So, I’m gonna get my butt out of this rut. You know? A poof for my fanny! Epiphanies are like magic. Poof! Suddenly something you know has always been there waiting for you to find it out. My butt is gone and out of this rut? That’s called a-poof-fanny! PIMP LOL. Now for the rest of me… Poof! I'm gone! Have yourself a-poof-fanny epiphany! Pronounced “apoofanee epifanee”! Stop going in circles. Take a break. With God... A break and time with God will help us suddenly realize something that's always been there, but not evident. Something simple, but so striking at the moment it hits. All of the sudden God makes it clear or we make ourselves take time to hear Him and like...umm..."poof"!!! It sinks in and we get our butts in gear and act on the epiphany a-poof-fanny! As I said, that’s called a-poof-fanny! Now for the rest of me… Poof! I'm gone! Have yourself a-poof-fanny epiphany! Sometimes, you have to feel like a doormat to have a-poof-fanny. What? And, wash the feet that walk on you. What? Least they'll be clean if there's a next time. PIMP LOL TNT. Now, shake out that doormat! Poof! Epiphanies show up in the strangest places. Even amongst the dirt.  Last thing?  God knows our feets, our feats and our hearts! Poof! Nothing magic about that. That's the good news, the bad news and The Good News! Have a good day. Shake things up! God knows our hearts...  He knows when we've been shaken up! Trace

Friday, April 20, 2012

Poster Child! Ooh Ooh, child!

"POSTER Boaster CHILD"! This post…err…poster…is…umm…my “Poster Child For _______? Fill in the post…err… PIMP LOL! What? Well, havin’ one of those days where you feel like a poster child for nothin’! So, it’s time to quit the pity and get down to the nitty gritty. You guys know how I love to make artwork and music to match my posts and post…errs, right? So, I decided I am the Poster Child For Posters! PIMP LOL. What say you? We all have something OTHERS can boast about us. We all have something we're good at.  Even, it's its just being you. Find your inner poster child. Let your boast be of others and of God. Be a poster boaster child! Oh! And, what song came in mind on this post? “Ooh, Ooh Child”, of course, by the Five Stairsteps. Ooooh ooh, child, you will def like it. Trace

Green Around The Gills Or Green Around The Bills! Going Green? Nah!

Going Green?  Nah! Just seeing green! And, feelin’ rich, finally. Nah! Not rich with green cash. Green grass. This rain has made the grass grow rich and green. Think I’ll sit out in my rose mic garden with my cash out until it starts raining again today. What? Maybe the cash will turn green and I’ll grow rich.  PIMP LOL. Worse scenario? I turn green and my cash grows rich? Either way. I’m singin’ in the rain with my cash, later. Now, that’s livin’ rich! Now, I know my life is def not one to be envied with all the “stuff” wrong with me, but I’m alive and it’s gonna rain again! And, that’s what's right with me. Mostly seeing God in everything. His riches. Green with envy? PIMPLOL. Have a rich day. See Him in the everyday...  Trace

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

I beg your pardon!  I never promised you a rose garden… Just a rose mic! PIMP LOL. What? Gotta love those rose mics that grow in our Funky Town. Anyways, I was thinking about my garden this morning. My rose bushes died the last freeze and I so want more. A fresh start. Working out in the garden was always my rest, my escape. Like music, humor and writing. So, I was thinkin’ ‘bout the roses and the thorns. What would the thorns have to do if not for the rose. But! What would the rose be without the thorns? Hmmm… We wouldn’t have the beautiful roses without the thorns because they protect the roses from predators that eat them alive. Just as our thorns protect us from predators that would eat us alive. We all have different kinds of thorns, but I’m mostly thinking of the crown of thorns that Christ wore for us. To protect us… To grow us… His roses. Thorns and all! Our Rose.  Now, grab one of those rose mics and sing. Watch out for the thorns. What? Takes pain to make authenticity rise up through the soul and out through the lips to another soul.     Trace

Take The!

Oh boy, am I excited! I took the plunge. And the plung-errr! Fixed and unclogged a sink and a toilet and I’m really thinking about plunging the garbage disposal! Ain’t fixing so exciting? Really! I love fixing anything. Especially when my mind is fixed on stuff that clogs it. That’s when I can plunge into it! Unclogs my mind, too. Whatever you do, give it all you got! Be excellent! Shine! No matter what you’re plunging into. PIMPLOL. Take the plunge..errr... No! I mean really take the plunger from me!   Trace

I Cannon Do All Things!

We all know that health can be a battle and can take a shot at our mind, leaving us floating out in the clouds. Good thing the spirit has the bigger guns! Cannons, as a matter o’ fact! I cannon blast through all things with Christ who gives me strength. Takin’ a shot at life today! Ready to be blown away. The good blown away, that is. Join me. Have a ball! A cannon ball! Because you can! That's right! Fire away! PIMP LOL.


Whoopie Dippity Do!

"WHOOPIE DIPPITY DO"! So, “whoopie do” went out with “Dippity Do” and got replaced with “whatever” and whatever hair gel you can find…like “Bedheads”. What do I use? Whatever! Have a fun evening doing whatever you dippity do! You will notice there isn’t an exclamation after that last whatever followed by a capital Y. No, I wasn’t calling you a dippity do. Whatever! I’ll be taking this head to the bed later and I’m sure I’ll have a bedhead in the morning. NOW, you can say whoopie do! Love you guys much.   When I get to the point of saying "whatever" or "whoopie do"?   I know it time for me to pray.  Jus' sayin'!  Oh! Don't know if anyone got the obscure meaning of the lipstick on my hand?  Means kiss my hand, not my butt.  PIMP LOL.  Whoopie do!  Trace



 Honestly, is there such a thing as honesty, any more? I always thought it was so very important, right? Oh well. I always seem to think everyone wears fingerless gloves & their feelings on their sleeves alongside honesty in the heart. WHAT! They don’t? Well, anyways, it shows when we’re not honest. We see it with our heart. Honestly! So, here’s a definition of honesty: moral character that displays virtues such as integrity, truthfulness, and straightforwardness! You know? Being real, authentic, legit! Accountable! Faithful! Reliable! Believable. You get it. My way of remembering this is the word V E S T I G E because vestige means a trace of something that no longer exists.

V = virtuous

E = ethical

S = straightforwardness

T = transparent truthfulness

I = impressive (as in humbling respect)

G = genuine

E = excellent

...just a trace of Trace! PIMP LO

What's the perfect song for this one?  Ummm...Honesty by Billie Joel!  it even talks about waring your feelings and honesty on your sleeves just like my photo. Take a listen.  Click here to hear "Honesty by Billie Joe"! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chunky Peanut Butter And Chunky Ice! Smooth!

Chunky Peanut Butter And Chunky Ice!  Smooth! I've heard of chunky peanut butter, but chunky ice?  This is nuts! PIMP LOL.  Just got my usual cup of ice to chew on and there was like chunks of  ?plastic pieces in it.  Looks like the inside of the tray where the water fills must be worn out.  About 1 out of every 10 pieces has chunks in it.  Last night’s piece was big. No more ice for me until it's fixed.  Me no like chunky ice OR chunky Peanut Butter.  I like sa-mooth!  I’ve taken out and replaced 2 ice-makers before, but I can’t remember how and I don’t want to.  Any ice-maker repair guys out there?  Help.  It would take a chunk out of my worries.  See the photo?  What did you think I was making this up?  Not a chunk of a chance!  Have a fun night. I'm going grocery shopping!  Yay!  That was the cupboards and fridge saying yay! They’ve been feeling empty!  PIMP LOL.  Hope you don’t feel empty.  Here’s a chunk of love for you.  No ice here.  Just smooth love!    Trace

Acronym Acrobatics!

What's the photo of? 1st job and 1st mic! I used to input cracked & scrapped tile info into documents. Heat tiles for the Shuttles. Also used to input into this mic. Still try to. Here's the rest of the story: ACRONYM ACROBATICS! With Discovery's final flight, I was reminiscing a li'l about my time w/ Rockwell & Lockheed. Started out on tile, then editing & typing, then running DOD OMI development. I developed Security stickers to use on disks, etc. & worked with an amazing team. Thought I'd share where & what I did in acronyms cuz we used alot of those in our documentation. Call it my acronym acrobatics! My days & nights at KSC started out in OMD doing OMI in the VAB, then DOD in the OSF, MSF, MSB & OPF! OMG! Wow! No, that's not an acronym. Just wow. Thankful for that time. Remember, scraps make good memories & some are still useful. Like MIC. No, that's not an acronym. My microphone. Sure wish I could remember more about these times, but my big seizure wiped alot of these years completely out! Yes, I'm just a scrap, too, but useful! I have much hope! Oh scrap! I almost forgot... My 1st sound board, too.  PIMP LOL!    Trace

Monday, April 16, 2012

Covering Your Butt!

COVER YO BUTT! So, I saw a commercial for this tube top thing you wear ‘round your waist under or over your shirt so when you bend over you’re covered! Covers your butt, literally. They called ‘em Trendy Tops. Least they coulda been more creative and called 'em Trendy Bendy Tops. What? I came up with this idea ages ago only I called ’em “Buttops”: “Tops To Cover Your Buttocks!” Course mine were more like decorative wrap tops, but still! Guess this is 1 case where I didn’t have my butt covered! Shoulda, woulda, coulda! Hope this cracks you up! PIMP LOL. For me? Best way I cover my butt? Pray 'bout everything! Cover yo butt. Pray. Trace

Desperation And Perspiration Can Bring Inspiration If You Don't Sweat It!

Desperation can bring on perspiration! But, guess what? Desperation and the right kind of perspiration can bring on inspiration. So, don’t sweat it! There’s no expiration date on inspiration! It never gets old. Bring it on! Be desperate to inspire! Yes, preachin’ ta myself again. And, yes, I've been called desperate before...amongst other things. But, I've been called worse! We can either let hurt drive us mad or get mad enough to drive us on. PIMPLOL. Most important thing for peace when hurting is to put some drive in your forgiveness! Turn your desperation into inspiration today! And, yes I do know that forgiveness means we have to put it in overdrive, sometimes. Maybe even reverse. Maybe even neutral and park it. PIMP LOL. Speaking of beads of sweat, here’s a cover song with those words in it and believe you me, I had beads of sweat recording this song. Because this song inspires! It’s about peace… Hope you like the song and vid. Remember, desperation and perspiration can bring inspiration if you don't sweat it! Peace, Trace

Caution: Caucasian Cactus Carcass Caucus

 “The Occasion Of  Shaving And Tanning”. CAUTION: They’ll be no caucus to discuss the occasion of this Caucasian’s carcass looking like a cactus! What? I cautioned you. My skin is so white and prickly that I’m draggin’this Caucasian cactus looking carcass to shave and sun. CAUTION: this Caucasian cactus looking carcass says have a fun sun day. After all, the sun covers a multitude of skins. Shave some cactus off your skin AND your tongue. Smile quickly, it’ll stop the prickly. There’ll be no caucus on that subject. It’s a proven winner. Prove you’re a winner! Shave. Oh! And, the photograph is an antique steam powered shaver. It’s a li’l rusty at shaving, just like me. And, it’s powered by steam. Don’t you be. Powered by steam, I mean.  My power?  You guys all know my power comes from God.  Trace

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thoughts, Words And Word of mouth! Word!

Just A Thought… Gas prices are so high and it has trickled down to everything. I’d like to hear your thoughts on that, but I can’t afford them. They used to go for a penny. Now, they are a quarter. At least, with that, you can call someone who cares. You can give me your 2 cents so I can save up for some thoughts. Thoughtful is good. Have a day filled with thoughts. Better than full of something else. Hope your day is a gas. Call someone…care. Just a thought. Just my 2 cents Get filled up! Gas can be good! PIMP LOL. Again, just a thought. Just my 2 cents. 

Just a word about gossip and word of mouth! Word of mouth can grow a business, a church, a club, a team, a band or a person. Word of mouth can spread the word or spread the turd. Word! PIMP LOL. Either way, we grow. Jus’ one stinks more than the other. Spread the word! Not the gossip! What? Did you think I would say turd again? Not a chance. Word! 

Another word about words. Sometimes, writing words that your lips cannot seem to articulate speaks more loud & clear than anything you could ever speak. Silence can speak very loudly, too, & actions can speak even louder than words or silence. Especially when the actions & words aren’t in harmony. But, music speaks loudest of all. It is writing, action & words…all sung in harmony & heard by the ears & hearts of all who hear, breaking thru the silence. Oh! And, words roll off the fingertips before they roll off the singers lips! PIMP LOL! Just givin’ props to writers. Word!   Trace

Hue Are you?

Hue Are You?  We try so hard to match the hues on our lips to the shoes and the clips.  But the real colorful question is: does the holler of our walk match the color of our talk? Guess I could say the holler of our talk, too.  PIMP LOL.  Does your talk holla, or your walk holla?  Hue are you?  Concerned about the spikes or concerned about the likes?  Yikes!  Holler at me! Oh! And, the name of my shoes? Sweet Salvation! The words coming off my lips? Sweet Salvation!  No matter what kind of color the day is.  How 'bout hue? Holler at me! Well, talk to me! I don't like hollerin'! PIMP LOL! If you click on the photo, you can see that my shoes really are Sweet Salvations! Saweet! Trace

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Quivering Truth ‘bout Bows And Beaus

So, what did the bow say to the arrows?  "With so many quarrels, you girls make me quiver!" I'm just a one-arrow bow"! PIMP LOL.  What? An arrow is a quarrel and we all do that, right? Quiver and quarrel?  He's giving up all but one quarrel. Cuz, he chose his battle, his one quarrel, his one woman.  He chose the  straight and arrow! PIMP LOLA good bow will give up the quarrels to quell the quiver! Same with a good beau! Okay, so today's story came from watching my family play a video game in which the character was shooting a bow and arrow.  I always loved archery in college, and the crossbow, and was pretty good at both. Plus, earlier, my girl and her friend and I were also talking about finding the right beau. So, naturally, that made me think of a funny way to combine bows and beaus! And, make a story called “The Quivering Truth ‘bout Bows and Beaus”! So, I told them that finding the right beau is like finding the right bow and arrow set. Yes, we choose by outside packaging, first, but as time goes on, we soon learn how it reacts under pressure and what it’s really made of. And, if it shoots straight! You know? Honest!  It may seem that a bow with only 1 arrow is less appealing and less useful than a bow set with many arrows, but! With a single arrow, the bow has a commitment to that one arrow! There are strings attached and if the arrow leans on the bow, it’ll soar. The arrow can always be pulled out of a tough spot if it gets stuck or lost. There will be tension, but work together. Less quarrels means umm…less quarrels! Right? A quarrel is actually an arrow. Oh! And, with the right bow, you can aim high and always hit the target!  Together, as a team. The right bow will have a lot of give!  Not just take you for a ride.  That other bow with lots of arrows in it’s set?  Well, he only uses the arrow at hand and the rest quiver. Girls, if your bow has more than one arrow and lots of quarrels?  Cut the strings!  Choose a one-woman beau...a one-arrow bow!  Just a li’l fun and humor to talk to your kids.  Of course, I told her to go to her best Beau of all. God!  For all answers. But, we’re always here.  We do try and we do love.  And, we do shoot straight!  Have a fun day and shoot straight!  Who needs all that quivering and quarreling!   Choose the straight and arrow!  PIMP LOL    Trace

Macaronic And Lasagnic! Just Noodling My Way Thru Life!

So, it was very late and I was talking on the phone to a friend when she said I was macaronic!  I was like, umm…what? I thought it meant you were off your noodle or thin-skinned. Nope. Turns out it means that what you spoke was composed of a mixture of languages. Well, isn’t that kind of the same thing? Don’t you wander back & forth from speaking gibberish to plain English when you’re tired & get your feelings hurt? Whacky? Next time she wants to Skype but, I’m afraid when she sees me, she will say I am Macaronic AND Lasagnic! You know? La sag! ick! Getting old. What? She’s French & a pasta person. I told her she should walk a mile in my shoes before judging me. The ones in the photo. Then, she may get pasta it. Well, I’m tired and it’s pasta my bedtime soon. My noodle? It's al dente'. All dented! Actually al dente means sticky to the teeth. I best go before this gets too sticky. Night all you noodles! Trace

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Coins, Stars And Change! They all shed light!

I’m a star. Well, a Coin Star! And, I know where they got that name! Cuz, anyone who uses the Coinstar machines in the grocery stores (right up front) is forever known as a “Coin Star”.  In fact, I think you get a photo hung on the wall if you get more than $100!  You know the machines, right?  The Coinstar machines? The ones    where you bring your change jar or bag, pour it and it slowly and very loudly counts and gives you a voucher for the unembarrassing kind of cash!  It’s so loud you may as well forget hiding the bag or jar. And, just forget the disguise of a floppy hat and sunglasses.  Your kids will never speak to you again if you make them come. You might as well walk in with bells on your toes, or boots, in my case.  Well, that's most people.  Me?  I’m not embarrassed at all, really.  In fact, I have a special coinstar outfit I wear whenever our jar gets full or our wallets get empty.  And, my jar?  It’s clear.  I don’t mind everyone seeing right through!  I’m clear on that. Guess I’m pretty transparent.  But, I guess you already saw through me!  I mean, the lady in front of me, what did she think everyone thought was in her giant jar that was “hidden” in her giant bag that just seemed to make this rich jingly jangly sound every time she moved? PIMP LOL. When things get ajar, you need change. The cash kind, sometimes. My jar? Represents my jar of change AND my jar of change. My change for when things are ajar in life!  We can all use change. And, change.  Sometimes, even a li'l change can be enough to change your day.  Coin change and life change.  Oh!  To coin my phrase: "If your change is ajar, exchange it; and, if your life is ajar, change it!"  Have a fun night. You are a star.  Me? Just a Coin Star.  But, I rock it! I mean, yes, a star is shiny and cool and all. But, it is there to shed light and guide the way.  Least, that’s what I wanna do. Shine, shed, shimmer and show...the Way!  Remember, "If your change is ajar, exchange it; and, if your life is ajar, change it!"  God's exchange rates are out of this world!   Oh!  And, my song for today? “You Are My Shining Star” by "The Manhattans"! Such a great song.     Trace 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Travel Travails!

Travel Travails! Yep! I’m a trip! And, I’m on a journey! I’ve got to carry on. PIMP LOL! No need to pack a suitcase or carry-on cuz I come with my own baggage. And, believe me? It’s packed! I’m a case and that suits me fine. But, I have no reservations! Just keepin’ my eye on the destination! Check out some places visited on my travel trunk. Some trips “stick”er with you more than others. Life is a trip. If your travel becomes too much travail, it’s time to check your baggage! Ya know, I wouldn't have found my way to Hopeville if I had been on my way from Hellandbackville! Just sayin'... Carry on… Oh! And, I've also traveled to the outskirts of "DaClubville" but made it in town. I was on the outside lookin' in and I got hit with da club!  Duh!  What?  Well, I've never been in the popular or "in" clubs at school or work or church or most anywhere.  Always on the outskirts wearing my outjeans and outfingerless gloves! Suppose that coulda kept me out?  Nah! I'm just out there!  Oh well.  Anyone's welcome in my town.  Stop by: Funky Town.  Near Traceville.  Trace


CHROME OR MERCUROCHROME?  That is the question!  Me?  I'm tossing out the Mercurochrome and bossing in the Chrome! It's boss! Took a shine to that Chrome. Its way more polished than that “other” instrument panel! With Chrome, I won’t be needing the Mercurochrome anymore to put on all my “other” web browser wounds, i.e.! PIMP LOL. Internet Explorer, that is (i.e.). Think I’ll change the name to Goggle Chrome cuz I’m flyin’ now. Maybe just Chrome. Chrome instead of Mercurochrome! Talk about lickin' your wounds. Ready for battle! Oh! And, what song did I think of for this story? Mama don't take my Kodachrome! Of course. Have a polished day!     Trace

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cadbury! Sweet!

Speaking of candy and being sweet… There’s a cad buried in all of us. So, choose to be sweet cuz it's Cadbury o'clock!  Time to eat your Cadbury and bury the cad that’s eating you!  I can’t eat chocolate anymore, so who’s gonna have one for me? C'mon.  Don't be a cad! Tell me you got that covered. As in, chocolate covered! PIMP LOL.  It's a choice to be sweet.  And, Cadbury is a choice sweet!  Choose wisely in both cases!  PIMP LOL     Trace

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Show Some Kind Instead Of Behind! Mercy, Merci'!

Dis girl’s position on life! Choose a kind disposition over a “behind” disposition! What?  Yep! Mercy, merci’!  My girl and I were talking about language classes and taking Japanese on her computer. I was telling her I used to take a French class and my name was Odette!  We were also speaking about forgiveness.  So, of course, the two subjects just seemed to blend in my head.  You know?  Always on and li’l off…ONff!  Anyways, whatever position you find yourself in today, your disposition reveals the true position of your heart and butt!  No matter the position of your wallet or hurts or health, don’t “diss”! Choose the position of mercy, love & kindness. Then your disposition won’t be a “dissed” position. Oh no!  Dismiss that dissed thought or you may miss out! Anyways, dis girl’s position is to CHOOSE a kind disposition over a “behind” disposition.  If I’m strange for forgiving someone and movin’ on, then forgive me. And, just move on! Tis good for us to forgive even if it hasn’t been asked of us. And, guess what? God has forgiven me. What? Shocking! And, He keeps forgiving me. And, He keeps moving…on and on… Just sayin’.  I might be strange, but I’m not a stranger to mercy, merci!  Mercy me, no! No diss!  Just position of mercy! Merci’! Dat’s all dis girl, Odette, has got to say!

Well, one last thing ‘bout forgiveness and mercy is summed in my statement and rap:

If what you heard about someone or a situation seems just not right and not like them at all?  Then remember this rap before you, too, give them a bad rap:

The Li’l Birdie Told Ya So

If what you jus’ heard seems too absurd
Go to the right li’l bird to get the right li’l word
Fly to the source and you’ll stay the course
Make the right choice and you’ll hear the right voice
The li’l birdie told ya so
The li’l birdie told ya so

That’s a wrap!  And, that’s a rap!  Merci’!   Show some kind, not some behind!  Rise to the occasion of getting on your knees! To forigve and to be forgvien.  Have a great Good Friday and Easter.  Thanks for rising to the occasion of loving me unconditionally.  Stop by our Easter blues song.   Odette

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Squeals On Wheels! "Live" Music, Dead Meat"!

SQUEALS On WHEELS "Live Music, Dead Meat!
“Squeals On Wheels”! Our motto is “Live” Music, Dead Meat!"  It’s my newest idea.  We cook the pork ribs and pulled pork at home with my homemade BBQ sauce.  Then pack it up and sell it ‘round the neighborhood right  ‘round mealtime. Course, we’ll have our “live” music coming out the speakers along with some other intermittent pig squeals. Hence, the squeals on wheels. Meaning, food and our music and pig sounds.  You won’t be dead meat if you hear our truck driving thru your neighborhood and save your wife from cooking an your kids from starvation!  No more squeals comin’ from your house with “Squeals On Wheels”! “Live Music, Dead Meat”!  Oh!  Did you see the actual squeals on the wheel? PIMP LOL. What could be better than food and a concert delivered!  What a deal!  What a squeal!  Oh!  Might even throw a lil bit of ribbing out there with our ribs. You know? My homemade jokes and my homemade ribs. And, some hamming it  up with your ham!  Pig out on both.  Oh!  The music's homemade, too!  But, just bare bones on that.  It's a small vehicle.   My horn would go oink oink!  Guess that'd be another squeal on a wheel!  We got us a "Meat Wagon" AND a "Beat Wagon"! PIMP LOL.  Have a fun day.  Guess you could sing...and the beat goes on.  And, the meat goes on!          Trace

108 Out The Gate!

108 out the gate!  Well, the Dr.’s said I would never weigh over 90 lbs.  I already proved that wrong this last year by reaching 100!  Usually, when I’m singing regularly and not so sick, I stay right at 100, but this past 3 weeks?  I hit 108 out the gate!  Now, that’s horse power for me!  Now, if I could just tame this horse’s mane of hair I got!  Have a galloping fun day.  Hit the gate with a steady galloping gait. And, for Pete's sake, don’t forget your boots!  Kick boot and stir-it-up!  Your saddle is awaiting!   Never give up.  My real horse power?  My real strength?  My faith in God.   And, my perseverence!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Pocketbooks, Wallets And Pocketing From The Good Book!

What's in your wallet? Well, I call them pocketbooks. Or, pockabooks, as we say in Pennsylvania! It's not what's in your pocketbook, it' s what you pocket from The Good Book. So, I got this li’l pocketbook/wallet at a garage sale awhile back along with the chocolate fur scarf and a crocheted sweater, to which I added beads.  Got the gorgeous dress from a dear friend, Paige, along time ago.  The pocketbook has li’l beaded roses and details on the strap and is so me.  Didn’t have much in my wallet, but I found these nice things that someone else didn’t need or want anymore.  God blesses us when we open our empty hearts and empty wallets to possibilities.  To find joy in the garage sales just as much as the expensive store sales. To find joy in the li'l and see the big.  Final thought?  It’s not how much you have in your pocketbook, but how much you pocket from the Good Book!  So, what’s in your wallet?  Well, mine’s a pocketbook! PIMP LOL.  More importantly, what’s in the wallet, pocket or pocketbook of your heart?  Oh!  And, just so's we're clear?  I do think money makes things easier.  And, I do like shopping in the big stores when I can Also, Been a crazy 2 weeks of the flu and my crazy body not acting right and other stuff.  Hadn’t been out or had my boots on or sang or felt like listening to music.  For me?  That’s bad.  So, today?  Got my boots on again and listening one of my fave albums to get me going.  Nicole Mullen’s album from 2000 called Redeemer.  Fave song on it?  All! But “Homemade” says it for me.  Goes right along with this story.  I ain’t never been the most popular or rich or most beautiful, but it’s amazing what a li’l homemade love can do.  Check it out.  You will be delighted!  Every song on it is fabulous and cool.  Here is a myspace link to Homemade!  But, get the CD!  Trace

Laughing Behind My Back! April Fools!

Yep!  Yesterday was def April Fools.  So, here's my April Fool's true story about checkouts, checkout out and checks.  So, I went out for the second time in 2 weeks to Publix with my family after being sick and being closed for "remoodeling".  Got about half the groceries and proceeded to give out, so we went to check out.  Gave them my debit card and it wouldn’t check out.  My family then checked out.  PIMP LOL. Since, I’m not loaded with cash, I was carted over to the customer service.  As this was unfolding, I hear 1, then 3, then 7 more people lining up behind me all taking about their cards not checking out.  This had happened to me last year when the Credit Union computers went down.  Everyone was so freaked like me, so I made jokes about how I always carry a check in my purse since then along with the extra thousand or 2, but they’re so hard to make change on and besides?  I’m sure that seventh guy in line looks like he could cover all our grocery bills.  Least I got a chance to make everyone laugh behind me. This is one case where I’m glad they were laughing behind my back!  Now, I gotta check out!  I actually do carry a check, now and so glad. Keep a check on you in case the computers decide to check out.  That checks out with me.  Oh, and when things don’t check out in life, don’t check out.  Before you check out, check out God and what He has to say.  Check out the humor and music and hope He gives us freely.  And, best of all?  His Son, Jesus.  So! Now! anything fun happen to you on April Fool’s Day?     Trace

Sunday, April 1, 2012

May The Tri-Force Be With You! Logically Imperfect!

As Spock said to Captain Kirk, “Jim, this is totally alien, sir. Totally alien to me. I am at a loss. Suggest a course of action?” You’ve felt this way, right? What would Captain James T. Kirk say in my mind? “Pray Spock, pray! But, run while you pray, Spock! Run, man! I've never seen something so alien!” “That’s logically imperfect and fascinating, Jim!”  “Yes, Spock, that is my suggested course of action.” Right?  So, if something or someone seems alien, get praying.  While you get running.  Action and prayer both speak louder than words. And, make the imperfections perfectly fascinating. PIMP LOL!  That’s logically imperfect and fascinating! Just like you. Just like me.  Keeping with the Sci-Fi theme today, I was contemplating making a short film combining two of my fave guys, Yoda and Link.  I’m calling it “May The Tri-Force Be with You”!  You just never know what you’ll come up with with a li’l creative juices flowing and other people in the mix.  Let the greatest creator, our God, in on the creative flow mix and bam!  Juicy stuff!  Oh!  And, my tri-force? Father, Son and Holy Spirit! That's my link!  Yo!  Duh!  Have a fascinating day!   Trace