Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just My Lavatory Lava Story!

Was thinking of how when we were kids, they called the bathrooms at school "The Lavatory"!  So, why DO they call bathrooms “The Lavatory”?  It’s not like there are any volcanic eruptions, hot lava, crusty craters, cracks or ashes in there, right? PIMP LOL.  What? Get your mind outta the gutter…umm…I mean, the potty.  I mean,  the volcano!  K!  So, enough potty mouth!  Flush that outta your mind cuz it’s time to put some origins learning in there.  So, here is the origin of lavatory: from the Latin root word lavare means "to wash." or lavator, which means "to launder."  Middle English adopted the word lavatorium, and later lavatory, for the place where one washes.  A pitcher and basin (hand sink), kept in the bedrooms, were used at first.  Then, with the invention of indoor plumbing and the toilet, the need for privacy moved the commode, the tub and hand sink behind closed doors and called it the lavatory!  That explains lava soap.  I will now go wash my mouth out with it!  And, that explains my lavatory lava story!   Remember you can always combine humor or alliteration or other creative ways with learning.  Helps you remember.  And!  Keeps you from getting crusty!  Hope your day erupts with learning and cracks you up!   You will forever associate bathrooms with volcanoes!  And, volcanoes with lavatories!   With Lava, Trace

Friday, March 30, 2012

Don't Throw In The Towel OR Be Hung Out To Dry!

This week?  Just wanted to throw in the towel!  Heck, felt like throwing in the whole laundry basket. And, maybe a few other things.  One thing I didn’t throw?  A pity party.  Too much to be thankful for. Well, at least the party didn't last too long.  PIMP LOL.  Ever have one of those days, you know?  You get done folding the wash and you feel like folding your arms and throwing in that towel you just folded?  Right?  But, before YOU fold?  Fold your hands.  After all, it all comes out in the wash, right?  And, I know I’ve been washed in the water.  If someone in your fold has health problems, don’t hang them out to dry.  They are not a washout.  Health isn’t always a choice and isn't always visible to others.  And, sometimes we treat other people’s health issues like dirty stained laundry and we separate it or get rid of it.  Like at a garage sale.  Well, I’ve found plenty of other people’s throw-aways at garage sales.  Just sayin’! We dirty stained laundry people just need a li’l more time and effort and hope. Health can make you softer from wear and tear.  Or, just torn.  We may seem like just rags, but we’re rich rags!  Rich with stories of life and where our strength comes from.  Suffering is tough, but I do know that it brings us closer to God.  Along that washline of thinking, hope your week isn’t a washout!  And, even if you've been hung out to dry, I’ll hang with you! I need some fresh air and bright sunshine, anyways!  What?  Always trying to look on the bright side of things.  Don't throw in the towel.  Besides, in my house, the only thing we're allowed to throw is up! PIMP LOL.  When you’re sick, feelin’ like dirty laundry and a li’l blue, remember there’s a lovely flower hidden inside all of our dirty laundry. PIMP LOL.  Just gotta unfold gently.  Hope your day unfolds into something really lovely today.  Because, after all?  You have a lot to "Gain" when you look at the "Fab" side of doing the wash and life and health!   Feel free to add your own.  Love to hear them!  It would add hint of "Snuggle" to my wash!  PIMP LOL Trace

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Snore Wars

Heard about the new reality show called “The Snore War”?  Just a laid-back show with 6 contestants laid back on recliners watching some laid-back TV, snacking their way to some laid-back sleep and snoring! All streamed "live" directly from their living rooms, family and all! The snoring and warring will be judged by an independent panel of judges not related to any of the families or whose lives have been affected by the plight of snoring. The families will be armed with pillows and the remote. The most obnoxious snorer will finally be called a  winner! Now, the snorer can do something for the snoree (family)!  The prize?  A new room addition on their house.  Called the Snoring Cave!  Complete with a recliner, a TV, a fridge and soundproof walls.  At the end of each show the panel, along with all of America, will vote on the most bothersome, horrific snorer of all.  The next night, clips will be aired of each snorer and the winner announced.  Snorers will finally hear and see their destruction.  Extra points for snorting, snoughing (cough snoring), snorkering (snoring that sounds like snorkling), snistling (whistle snore). sninging (sing snore), straining (train sound snoring) and sneighing (horse neigh snoring).   If you’d like to be a contestant in the war, send your snore home vids to “Snore War” at Rumble Productions.  Now, be a good egg and play the game!  The reason for this story today?  Well, I was actually thinking about how we all have to be a li’l more tolerant of each other. Because we all have stuff that has to be tolerated!  What?  Did you think it was because we have a snorer in our house?  PIMP LOL. Seriously, though.  We all have our irritating things that get tolerated by our fams and friends. Like my puns and jokes, right?  And, look at all the things God tolerates in us?  Well, in me, anyways.  Going off to rest.  Still sick.  And, no I’m not gonna snore!   Actually, I click!  Yep! My throat clicks, sometimes when I sleep.  PIMP LOL.   Hope your day clicks.  You have just left a "no snoring zone"!  Trace

Friday, March 23, 2012

Homey's And Hitmen! You Sick! The Nasty Boys Meet The Nastier!

So, my li'l nastay visitor, whom I call “The Nastier” cuz it’s nastier than anything I’ve eva had.  Well, it still hasn’t left my head and lungs, yet!  So, I'm stuck home and sick. I know what you're thinkin'? No! I"m not a sick homey! Anyways, so, I called on my Nastay Boys.  My Hit Men!  First up, was Vick.  But, I got steamed after Vick’s coolness failed to do the job for me.  He just got smeared!  I’m so heated up.  Next guy was too much of a softie, I guess.  He goes by the name of Puffy!  He’s always got this greasy lotion all over him & lets himself get boxed in. Hope he doesn’t blow it!  If he does, already got a new one lined up for the job.  They call him O.J.  He’s kind of a well-rounded guy who’s supposed to be able to kill those lousy germs and get your juices flowin’! My last hope is B.C.  He’s supposed to work fast and keep you goin’!  If you can swallow that! PIMP LOL! Hope your day isn’t nastay!  Mine’s gonna be a hit, man!  No matta what!  Even though I feel like my head, lungs and ears are layin in a shallow bathtub of water in the smokiest bar room ever. Oh! Did I say bar room?  I meant to say barf room!  And, in the water are crickets and buzzing bees who are competing to see which can make me dizziest and nuttiest first. That’s some deep thinkin’, I know.  What?  I said the water was shallow.  Not me! Don’t be so shallow! Laugh a li’l, then pray for me. And, put out the cigs.  I can't breathe! PIMP LOL.  Have a smokin day!  As in, wonderful!  Oh!  And, if you'll notice in the photograph I made?  The words on the wall are cross-stitched for that homey touch!  PIMP LOL.  Have a fun day, homeys!   Trace

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Magic Melon Masks and Other Miracles

So, I’m back to my sick couch and watching Me-TV.  I see a commercial for a Melon Meaningful Beauty Mask.  Makes you look 20 years younger.  Sure!  I may have been hit with temporary brain damage from being sick but, I didn’t just get hit with a melon, you know!  Although, that just may be cheaper and work better!  Could call it “Magic Melon Smash Mask”.  Guess I got mud on my face, now, cuz some people are serious about their beauty care.  Most of it comes from within, anyways, right?!  And, me?  Well, I prefer to eat my melon.  And, my masks to be mud.  Gets rid of mud in the face.  Not gettin’ in your face.  Jus’ sayin’!  And, if I did?  Just hit me with your best shot!  I need a Magic Melon Smash Mask, anyways!  I know…  I’m sick! PIMP LOL.  Oh!  The photo?  One side depicts what my fancy vision of how “The Magic Melon” should look if it COULD do that kind of miracle.  And, the other side is the real melon sleeping on the job!  No wonder I don’t look any younger!  Wake up Magic Melon!  Well, have a fun day.   Going to go clean the mud off my face, now.  It starting to crack up!  Hope you do today, too.  Remember that miracles do happen.  They just don't get squeezed out of a tube.  Try squeezing in a li'l time with God and you'll see the kinds of miracles that last a life time and can change the look on your face.   Trace

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Love Being Crazy AND I Be Crazy 'bout Loving!

So, this afternoon, I'm still sick, but still no complaints.  I chose to post this "off the wall" album called “The Asylum Choir” cuz it's off our music room wall and cuz that’s the only choir I’m singin’ in after having my butt kicked by sickness and other things.   I mean, who would have me anyways!  Call me crazy, but… Well, just call me crazy cuz!  Cuz, I’m not giving up.  Be singing ’n playin’ again, soon, b.a.s.i.cally.  Havin’ your own band has it crazy percs!  You can be crazy, for one.  Different, for another.  Not rich, for yet another.  And, you'd have to crazy to fire yourself!  Hey!  Wait!  Oh!  And, jus' so you know?  Using the wrong kind of TP can really kick your butt.  And, your nose.  Switched to Kleenex!  Ahhhh… I’ll be back on a roll again, soon!  And, off this roll! PIMP LOL.  One final thought.  I always thought "Clanging Cybals" would be a cool and humorous name for a band or choir.  Because of the meaning.  If we make music, or do anything, and have not love, we are just clanging cymbals.  Would be a humorous and humbling name.  Didn't go over well with a few.  Oh!  A couple people thought it was a great idea, but because of some who didn't get it, it was nixed.  They took it as a personal cut, instead.  That's all!  Have a fun day. Kick butt!  And, never be afraid to be off the wall.  And, never just be a clanging cymbal. 

              Comforted, Loving, And Still Loving Being Crazy

Kickin’ Butt And Kickin’ Boot!

Someone said that when you’re not feelin’ well you gotta go by fact and not by feeling. Well, OK! Fact is I feel unwell! Course, I know they meant well!  But, the fact is? I couldn’t resist.  I was feelin’ it. PIMP LOL.  Anyways, faith is what must kick in when feelings kick you.  Gotta kick boot so your butt don’t get kicked. 3 words" Be an encourager!  Me?  I’m kickin’ my boot back to the couch and layin’ alongside my boots and TP. Both for encouragement when you blow it! Both as a reminder that you have to just the right kind or it’ll kick your butt, too. My photo collage? I call it "Kickin’ butt, kickin’ boot and sleepin’ tight"!  My boots, my TP and how I wanna look when I’m sleepin’.  Now, that’s tight.   I so love this photograph of my girl.  Have a good afternoon.  Gonna go sleep tight!  Yesterday, I was on the couch 2 things by my side.  My toilet paper and my candle. They both comfort me.  One I may have been burning at both ends. And the other? Umm...same thing. PIMP LOL.  Have an afternoon of comfort.  Burn it up!  Okay!  Off to bed.  Trace

Monday, March 19, 2012

Lasagna And Spaghetti Westerns! A Fun "Past"atime!

Last night I was up way pasta my bedtime watching a Spaghetti Western while eating Lasagna. We may have been a li’l off our noodle! PIMP LOL.  What?  It's been 4 days of fun: car rotors and fan motors replaced, car washed and waxed, 2 songs done, nursed my sick girl, 1 laptop and 1 printer carriage fixed, yard work done, 2 haircuts, made homemade BEGS Bread, grocery store, house cleaned and now?  Getting’ in bed cuz guess who’s sick?  No complaints.  With such blessings, who can complain!  It was a great couple days of accomplishments and blessings even with things breaking and no money. Working hard feels good.  Thankful.  Have a fun week.  An off the noodle week. PIMP LOL.  Just go a li'l pasta your limits. Oh!  And, the movie was called "Death Rides A Horse". Loved it!  Now, it's pasta my bedtime!  Night!  I don't wanna be a wet noodle tomorrow!!!  Welcome to my world, my city ! Err...I mean, my ziti!  PIMP LOL.  You know you just said that with an italian accent!  Another reason for no complaints? Well, usually I am so plugged year round with allergies and can't take meds, so when I get a li'l running outta the nose? Yep! I am thankful and runnin' with it!  PIMP LOL.  Hope your week starts off thankful and runnin'.  The other kind.  An adequate amount of much love to you.  Oh! And, my musician friend, Steve Chima Ayola, says I am a li'l saucy and cheesy. Yep! And, just in case you're wondering?  My noodles have been cooked.  A li'l bit pasta Al Dente.  My head is def dented! A li'l past crisp!  Going to try to rest a bit.      Trace

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nothin But Ashes And B E G S Bread!

Just a li'l short story and our new song.  Our supper tonight is going to be one of our extra pans of Lasagna’s I froze last week.  And some home-made BEGS Bread.  Why that name for the bread?  Umm…I make mini loafs of bread and cover with Butter slices, Egg coating, Garlic salt and Sesame seeds.  The ingredients first letters spell out "B E G S"!  And!  The fact that everyone begs for more!  There you go!  I begs your pardon but I gotta go finish another new song AND some BEGS Bread.  I begs you to have a fun weekend.  I hope our new song makes you begs for more.  Don't forget to go to YouTube and read the whole story under it in the "show more".   Appreciate all of you for not making me beg!  PIMP LOL.  Well, at least, not too much!  Might have nothin' buth ashes, but also got me some Lasagna and B E G S Bread!  Thankful for the little things.      Trace

Friday, March 16, 2012

Scoopla On The Droopla Hoopla!

Shortly after I put on my jeans today, I realized I’d forgotten my belt and soon my jeans weren’t low-riders. They were “Below Riders”!  Well, that gave me an idea.  Thought I’d see what all the hoopla is about wearing your pants down below your butt.  We used to call them droopy drawers. Just sayin’! But, I gotta know myself.  So, I investigate and experimitate!  That’s my word for experiment and imitate to find something out for myself.  Anyways, so while I’m cooking and doing chores and music, my pants are driving me crazy.  I spent more time grabbing them and holding on to them than accomplishing anything.  Whoops!  Or, should I say “whoopsla! PIMP LOL!   So, then I tried the belt routine.  You know?  The belt pulled so tight that I did not need makeup?  No! I wasn’t blushing.  Don’t know what all the hoopla is, but I think it’s poopla.  That’s my scoopla on the droopla.  Have a tight day.    Trace

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Motor Mouths and Rotors Gone South!

How does a motor and a rotor need to be replaced the same day?  And, does it have to rhyme, too? And, make me think of jokes and puns.  So, I'm laughing instead of balling?  What?  I always see humor and hope in misery!  Comes from the same God who made our bodies.  And, they are a finely oiled machine and yet, oh, so humorous.  So, the brake rotor and fan motor.  Wow!  I was just saying in my latest vid that we grow closer to God in our sufferings.  I feel very close today.  And, yes, still thankful.  But, if you see us playing music and singin’ along side the road, please throw money.  And, lots of it!  Nuff suffering for 1 day!  Like they say "Make money: need more. Make do: need less. More or less!"  What motor mouth said that?  Money does help ! More or less.  Oh, yeauh!  That was me!  Hoping all your motors work like a finely oiled machine.  Just in case they don't? Hope & humor...  Yep!  Hope & humor.  They get my motor going again.  Don't let your motor go south. Or your motor mouth.  PIMP LOL.   Trace

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ostracize Or Ostrichsize?

Ever been ostracized?  Or, ostracized someone else?  Come on!  You know?  Ignored.  You were kept outta something or kept them out?  Like you or they are sticking their head in the sand like the ostrich saying?  Okay, so how ‘bout ostrichsized?  The opposite.  You know?  Stand up tall, stick your neck or have someone stick their neck out for you.  So, you or they can stand tall, flap your wings and get moving.  You might be able to fly, but you can still walk that road of life like alot of others.  You know the old joke about ostriches sticking their heads in the sand?  It's not true.  It just appears that way when they are laying low from lurking danger or protecting their eggs.  Have an ostrich-sized day!  Stick your neck out and get behind someone.  To encourage!  Not kiss butt or turn your back.  Ostracize that thought!  We all wanna belong.  Especially if you be short.  Like me. Be long be short? Okay!  You can be big about being small, right? One last thought?  Ostriches are flightless birds but their have use and value.  Their wings and feathers protect and show a display of love and beauty and protection and shelter.  We all have use and value.  We may not be able to fly, but we can flap our feathers and run! PIMP LOL.  It's our choice.  To be big...ostrichsize!  To be small...ostracize!     Trace

Sunday, March 11, 2012


So, we’re grilling up our burgers with our toasted sesame buns and home-made sauce and I had just told them to get regular plates because the burgers were so big they wouldn’t fit on a paper plate. So, of course, they weren’t listening and exclaimed, “these paper plates won’t work!   I yelled, “Duh”!  They yelled “we’re morons”.  I yelled, "Yep!  But, we’re more offs…than more ons!" PIMP LOL.  Have a fun moronic day. I can’t eat much of this, but it’s good to serve. Think of what you can do instead of what you can't.  Now, me?  I CAN do moronic!!!  Okay.  Off to eat and back to video editing and singing for the next song.  Trace

"Home-made 66666666 Lasagna! Tame The Beast! You CAN Raise The Roof At Home!

So, I am still working on our new song's home-made vid. Had lots of ideas cookin' in my head for it.  Some of my other "home-mades" that I'm cookin' up this weekend?  Umm... PB cookies, Chili, BBQ Sauce and my "66666666" Lasagna!  It's called that cuz it's made from 6 lbs. of meat, 6 lbs. cheese, 6 onions, 6 garlic cloves, 6 tomatoes, is 6 layers, 6 rows and takes just 6 seconds after eating it to tame the beast outta anyone.  Cook up some "home-mades" today.  Doesn't have to be just food.  Be creative with your vids, games or fun times!  Home-made raises my roof! PIMP LOL.  Now, if I could just make something home-made that cures my stuffy dizzy head and ears. No complaints.  Still raising the roof!  Yep!  That can still be done at home!  Who woulda thought!  Have a fund day.  Raise some roof.   Tame your beast.     Trace

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Bearded Lady Sets Her Clock Forward! Now, That's Just Backward!

So, today's story is called: "The Bearded Lady Sets Her Clock Forward! Now, That's Just Backward!"   What?  That's just messed up!  Okay, so we were finishing up shooting video clips for our new song  and I was having a li'l trouble liking my shots.  And. today happens to be the day we set our clocks forward, also.  I was joking about setting my "looks" clock backwards.   Moving time back.  You know? At least an hour or two. What?!  How 'bout a decade or two!  I always say I'm not very photo"Glenn"ic.  In case, you don't know?  Glenn is my last name.  So, anyways, I was using my art program and thought I would do some bearding and hair to see how I looked for fun.  Yes, I am tired!  And, you know my mind?  Always on a li'l off.  I just had to see what all the hoopla was about beards and mustaches! Yep!  I see! Beards def shave years off of me!  Course, my beard has miniature roses braided in it.  Just sayin'. PIMP LOL.  Have a rosey evening and, yes!  Things are getting hairy with this video editing.  But, I know that every bit of work makes us a hair closer.  What? I needed a diversion while rendering it.  I think I've been rendered, too.  Rendered hairy.  It's OK.  It's only tempory.  And, if it's not?  I can get a job as the bearded lady at a circus.  I'm already experienced in clowning around, juggling, tight ropes and being caged up!  And, some other things I won't mention.  Well, except that I had never been to a circus until I was 21.  It was very different than what I expected.  For one thing?  We were right up front and ended up having to move when the elephants came on.  They apparantly had eaten something bad and let's just say that they were spraying us!  Yep!  With poop.  Other than that?  It was fun!  Even that was hilarious.  So, life can be crappy.  Life can be a 3-ring circus!  And, life can be hairy!  In any case?  Have fun with it.  Find the best place to sit.  Find the right "Trainer"!  Oh!  And, if you're not happy with way you look?  Grow a beard!  Or shave!  Or?  Laugh more?  Then, you won't think about your looks.  Let people see your inward spirit.  Your countenance.  That's what counts anyways.  Not the years.   And, remember? If you're life is a 3-ring circus and you just can't juggle it all anymore?   Don't get tic'd!  Toc to God.  He won't clean your clock like others might.      Trace

Friday, March 9, 2012

Crock Of Glue Music

What did I do today?  I redid our family room to stage a video. Lots of cleaning up and getting rid of stuff.  Came across a few spiders.  Then, finished mixing a new song of ours called "Nothin’ But Ashes".  Leanin' towards a 60's sound mix. We mixed about 10 different ways.  It's gonna be a "crock of glue" song.  One that sticks with anyone. Why do I call it that?'s a li'l country and rock. Hence, crock.  And, it's a li'l gospel and blues. Hence, glue. We love Crock Of Glue music.  That's us.  A li'l bit of everything. Kind of like the great music from the 60's.  Anyways, I just have the vid clips left to edit and piece and nudge together.  Lots of work for the weekend.  But, for now?  Enjoying the rain, glued to my seat, eatin' a crock of popcorn!  Can't wait for a good night's sleep and then get our new song done.  It will be on our new CD along with 5 new ones.  Have a crock of fun this weekend.  Stay glued to your seat.  PIMP LOL. Our new one is coming soon.   Oh!  Not as much humor, but lots of hope.  I took our old room and moved things around made something new out of it.  Didn't buy anything, just cleaned up what we had and did a li'l creative decorating.  I hope I can do that with my vid clips.  PIMP LOL.    Trace

Monday, March 5, 2012

Castling! Quit Dragon Your Butt And Let Your Hair Down!

Was thinking of castles today. You’ve heard of Medieval Times and castles, right? Well, my home is my castle and it’s standing right smack in the middle of “Medicalevil” Times. What? You know? Medical stuff. Eeee-vil stuff! Hate that stuff. PIMP LOL. But! Me, and my castle, still stand, in spite of, and because of medical and evil times! How? With the use of much humor, joy and music!  They give wind to the flag that flies above the castle of my heart where the King resides. There is more than a remoat chance you may see Him if you gain entrance to the drawbridge of my heart.  Which He guards. He “keeps” me. In the battles and the dungeons, as well as the celebrations.  With Him, I cannon do all things! He is my defender.  My strong tower. From which I can let my hair down.  And, you can climb up!  Joy and faith (which is letting your hair down and trusting God) help others climb!  Climb on!  Have a fun day! I gotta go.  I am fixing to clean my castle!  There’s a remoat chance I may be “dragon” my butt around, so if you come calling and the drawbridge is up, come ‘round back to the tower to help.  I’ll let my hair down! IN more ways than one.  To fave fun and relax and trust in God.  And, to let you climb up!  Have a fun day.  Let you hair down.  Help others.  Have fun with it.  And, be “dragon” your butt over to my other stories here. Oh! And, what prompted my story this morning was a memory. We constructed a very cool castle with my daughter for her 7th grade project. Drawbridge, moat, chains, towers, bricks, ivy over the walls, pigs and all. We researched and had a blast building it from only household items. The teacher asked to keep it to use as an example to show classes every year of what can be done if parents and kids work together. Our family flag flew high when she said that! Our home might not be a real castle!  But, our hearts live in one. For which we are thankful.  I appreciate you guys stopping by my place.  You lift me up and you slay me.  In a good way!  PIMP LOL.  Hope I slay you!   In a good way.   Now, go slay your “dragon” butt and get up and have a blast! With God, you "cannon" do anything.  Also!  The photo collage?  My fave photos of medieval and other castles and even ruins and castle interior. Oh!  And, writing this reminded me that we hadn’t played chess in a long time.  Getting our chest game out as I post this blog.  Get your chess game on!  Let's do some castling!     Trace

Saturday, March 3, 2012

“Articulate or “Heart”iculate! Just Sayin...'bout Just Prayin'!

Got to thinkin’ ‘bout prayin’ this morning. I was thinkin’ ‘bout God being our Heavenly Father and us His children and all. Then, I thought about being a parent. A mother or father. And, about how we would want our kids to approach us to talk, or ask for something, or beg for help or forgiveness, or even to tell us thanks. I would want it to be one on one because that means the most, simple and honest and not a lot of showy big words for someone else to hear and fake and not whole-heartedly. Words that take the emphasis off of what we are talkin’ bout and put it on them.  And, our babies don’t have to do anything or say anything to make us love them.  Just like we don’t have to say anything or do anything for Him to love us. Fathers, mothers and our Heavenly Father…they all love their children. No matter what! Forgiveness is a given. Freely given.  Same with love.  And, protection.  Teaching, too.  I chose this photo of a friend of ours, Dave, and his grandson.  He has his strong arm around him and his lips against his head which made me think immediately of how our heavenly Father loves us. He is our strength, our protection and still gentle kisses of guidance and love.  There to teach us and hold us in His arms until we’ve learned to walk. Dave didn’t have to say anything to his grandson, though he said a whole lot by holding him with his strong arm and kissing his head.  Sometimes, that is how God is with us.  He says more by being quiet.  So, do we sometimes.  Course, I love talking and communicating, too, but there is a time for talkin’ and a time for walkin’… Well, just my thoughts.  Just sayin…  Just prayin’!  Have a fun day.  Be yourself when talkin’ to your kids or grandkids, your father and mother, AND to your Heavenly Father! And you know what?  Some prayers are even sung or even cried. Prayin’ ain’t about being articulate!  It’s about being “heart”iculate!  Pray with heart.  Just sayin’ ‘bout just prayin’!  Oh!  And, the saying in the photoart? Well, family (whether it's spiritual or blood), definitely is our link to the past and a bridge to our future in more ways than one.  Yes, our heritage and blood line and all is a link.  And, yes His blood gave us the most important link of all.  So, we can talk from our heart.  Build relationships.  Build bridges that nothing else could reach and nothing can burn down.  Talkin' and prayin' links us with each other and God. You know what I'm talkin' 'bout!  This may not be articulate today, but it's "heart"iculate!         From my heart,  Trace

Friday, March 2, 2012

Be Up Front When You Get Behind Someone!

Talkin’ should be honest and up front. Face it! I may get behind you to push you and encourage, but not to kiss your butt or talk behind your back and discourage. I may get beside you to walk with you, so’s you don’t get besides yourself in loneliness. I may even get in front of you to lead the way with boldness, but I won’t get in your face. And, I may carry you, so you don’t get carried away with grief. Yep! I just may love you. That’s what God does for us and we should so do for others. We are the body.  Have a lovely day, all.  Stop by my other b'log today about clogging and many more.  Thanks for yoru comments and time.  Appreciate it...much!    Trace

Plunger Girl! Cloggin' and Uncloggin'!

My jobs list for yesterday?  Unclog 1 AC, 1 laptop, 1 desktop, 1 toilet, 1 head, 1 heart and 2 ears. Getting ready to take the plunge now! I started with the heart first cuz I gotta find the humor and hope in the “how in the world can all this happen in one day”. Being thankful in the plunges and in the clogs! When I got to the laptop and got an Error 19, I knew that meant it would take 19 steps to fix. And, would probably include the registry.  So, I moved the laptop fix to the bottom of my Clog Registry and saved that for today. Take the plunge and have a fun day, in spite of & because of.  I got my plunger in hand.  I'm off to save the day!  Plunger Girl!  When she’s not uncloggin', you’ll find her cloggin'.  Maybe even, singin'! And when she's not cloggin' or uncloggin'? She be bloggin'. PIMP LOL.  She may be plungin' it, but her mind is grungin' it at the beach.  Takes each day one clog at a time.  Take the plunge!  What a way to unclog.  The sun & the Son. Soak it in!   Trace