Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Wall Of Grace

The Godfather speaks to his hit man: When life is hard on you's, lean on a friend. And, when dat friend is hard on you's? Lean on dem! PIMP LOL. What? Just kiddin’. It’s easy to love when someone's good ta us, but when they’re not? Time for leniency and grace. No! Grace isn't da name of a Hit Lady! Course, learn from hits, too. Sometimes we have ta get outta the line of fire and to a safe house.  Forgiveness for forgettingkindness! That’s a God The Father quote.  ParaTraced!   So, anyways, try not to be too hard.  Be someone who can be trusted, leaned on and lenient. Be a wall of grace for others to lean on.  I'm leaning towards it!  Thanks for visiting my place.   It's always a pleasure to hear from you's guys!!!       Trace

Get Your Epiphany In Gear!

Had a ♥-wrenching epiphany: I can be replaced! What? Ouch! Yep! I can be replaced. But! I cannot be re-Trace-d by anyone. No one can be me. Aren’t you thankful for that? Who would wanna be me anyways! PIMP LOL. Every person has their place. Every person has their face. Every person has their value. Take that! At face value! Now, I gotta get my “phany” outta here! You have value to God. You have value to me. Yes, we are supposed to care. We should get our “phanies” in gear and have more of those care epiphanies. PIMP LOL. Just sayin!  I remember a time when loyalty really was big.  Truth, too.  Communication!  Remember that?  These things were all part of love. What’s that? L-O-V-E!   Well, you know what I mean about epiphanies? Where you go "whoa"! A simple truth that slaps you in the face.  And, you go “whoa”! Or someone slaps you in the face and you have an epiphany! And, you go “whoa”!   Either will work. Guess that makes me a "whoaman"!  I guess this is sorta like my story last week. "I'm too moldy to fit the mold." Besides?  It's broke. PIMP LOL. Good thing. I keep telling myself, God knows my heart. That’s the good news and the bad news. And, The Good News is “He loves love whether it’s good news or bad news. Whoa! Man!  Guess I was just thinkin' about loyalty and truth and all that heavy stuff.  And, then, of course, phanies.  They're heavy, too. PIMP LOL. Oh!  And, I really wasn't replaced by anyone, technically.  Just seemed like that for a long time.  And, just had a conversation with someone today.  They said they were replaced after asking for a week off.  And it was at church, where things should be a li'l diff.  I got to thinking about church and some other situations in life.  Yes, anyone can be replaced, but sometimes, I think people aren't loyal enough and true enough.  We are each unique and we should each fight to keep families, teams, whatever...together.  If possible...   Now, get your phany in gear and have a good night.  From this whoaman to you…  Trace

Monday, February 27, 2012

Funkytown! Where Rose Mics And Imagination Grow Wild!

Had some leftover stills from the latest video we made, so I made this while another vid is rendering. Gotta keep up the humor and hope and music right?  Right!  It does help if you use a Rose Mic.  Just sayin'! PIMP LOL!  Sing your ♥ out no matter what you're goin' through or steppin' in.  How do you think roses grow so wild here?  Fertilizer!  It helps us grow.  The stills that were left over in the vid were filled with Rose Mics, thus, this photograph wall collage. And, to the two of you that asked about our newest video and why I am the one mostly in it?  No, I don't like to just have me in the vids.  I don't even like to be in them, but we gotta try diff things to connect & show our ♥'s.  If you look at the other 24 vids and read my stories, then you can judge my character!  Which, by the way?  I AM a character!  With character!  God is my balance. He knows my heart.  That's the good news and the bad news.  And the fact that He loves me no matter what?  Well, that's "THE GOOD NEWS".  That's was just me weighing the balance. (Yes! That's another new song)!  Thanks for coming by.  I have 100's of short articles here, so stop again and sit a spell. Here in Funkytown.  Where the Rose Mics grow wild.  Right along with the imagination. Click ont he photograph to get the umm...bigger picture!  Oh!  And, here's the new video and song.  Just click and read the story:  Have a lovely Monday!   Trace

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Candle Candor

Candles are so relaxing. But, I gotta say, this one? Is making me stressed. It’s wicked times 3. As in “wick”ed! And, I don’t mean wicked cool, either. Or, wicked hot. See, I got one of those candles that have 3 wicks. Talk about burning the candles at both ends. How ‘bout 3! PIMP LOL. But, no! Not this one! Oneof the wicks go out & I relight & another goes out. It keeps burning uneven. Then, I pour some wax out, which, by the way, grows hard & cold, and without a wick it’s useless! I’m def waxing cold on this candle. It’s supposed to melt my stress away. Not stress me into a melt-down. Can I and do I want to fix it? Is it worth it? Ummm…don’t know? It smells so good, looks so good. But, that can be deceiving. Take it back? Yes! I‘ve done all I could do. Sometimes, you just gotta take things & people back to the “Man”ufacturer. He’s the only one that can get things evened out. Melt away deception. Teach us balance and how to burn our light evenly so we will be comforted and comfort others. He lights our path. We just get stressed & burn the candle at both ends trying to do His work. If we can’t fix it, then it ain’t meant for us to fix. The Manufacturer knows the product better than the product knows itself. And, speaking of your own candle? Don’t leave it unlit. Being just a decoration. A poser. Hiding somewhere, becoming hardened because it burns uneven or you wax cold from others trying to fix you. Sometimes, you get burnt! If it burns bright, it may give light to many. And, that light may hurt a few eyes who want to put out that light and fix you. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. But, if it is? And, it’s not lit? Call the Manufacturer! He won't ever burn you. And, you are never useless to Him! Though, He may light a fire under you every now and again! Now, that’s wicked cool candle candor! And, I guess, “wick”ed hot!     Trace

Monday, February 20, 2012

Morning Constitutional? I declare!

Talk about your morning constitutional! NO! Not that one! TMI! PIMP LOL. Though both seem to cause a lot of crap these days! So, we were studying American History with our girl and the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Wow! What a great time we had and a fantastic reminder. These men foresaw when they pounded this thing out that this country would face times when it seemed to mean nothing to be an American whose God is our Creator, not the government! Two of my fave parts that we read? “The work of many minds, the Constitution, stands as a model of cooperative statesmanship and the art of compromise.” And: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it!” Whew! I know a lot of the masses seem to think that our rights are Happiness. Just to be given. No! The pursuit of it. Work for it! Not whether it suits you or not. Pursuit! Is per suitin’ up for work. These statements made me wonder how anyone could not see that these men from so many diff backgrounds, felt it worth the efforts to work together and build these for the good of our country. We must remember we are a melting pot, yes! That melts into Americans! Who believe and follow our Constitution Independence, I declare! Indeed, it used to be a melting pot whose pot was the strength and wisdom and character of our Creator, holding us all together no matter what differences. And the melted liquid was Americans of all flavors letting off a sweet fragrance to our Nation, other nations and our Creator. Now, it seems to be the liquidation of first being an American. And the pot that held us together? Is being traded in for a fryin’ pan that burns us and stinks up the whole country. Just sayin’…  Finally, you know that your “other” morning constitutional isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be! PIMP LOL. But, The Constitution is! So, go have your morning constitutional or your evening and declare your independence.  Refresh your memory and read both with your kids or your grandkids or just yourself.  Be informed. Study…to show yourself approved.  Politcally, intellectually and spiritually.  Street Smarts is an avenue that must be walked to find the road to Intelligence and get going in the right direction!  Have a fun week.   Trace

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Heavy Hearts

"Heavy ♥'s".  Today, we were working on the studio version of a Robbie Robertson song to take a break from our originals.  I was feelin' kinda heavy hearted and I thought...hmmm...I'll make a picture to tell how I feel.  And, then the story and song came from that.  Of course!  So, take a load off.  You've been heavy-hearted before, I am sure.  You guys know that song ♫Take A Load Off Annie♫ by The Band, right?  I love that song!  Anyway, a li’l humor and a li'l ♫.  That’s my diet for losing that kind of unwanted weight! B prayin’ B4U weigh in!  Heavy prayin’ can lighten your weigh-in.  Help you pound out a few burdens.  And, it will tip the scales. In your favor. His favor...  So, how many burdens does your heart weigh in at?  Lay 'em down.   Oh!  And here is the link to the song.  You will love it, I am sure. Take A Load Off Annie     Trace

Friday, February 17, 2012

Any progress is pro-purpose, I propose AND profess, on purpose!

How do I feel about givin' up and struggling? To qoute me, “Any progress is propurpose, I propose AND profess, on purpose! Proof's in the progress".  Say that 3 times fast. PIMP LOL.  Really! Don’t give up!  A couple years ago, when I wasn’t given many years to live and never to sing again, we recorded this song to step out in faith. Then, just recently, I took off a month and didn't sing just trying to rest and pray and think.  To step out in faith.  To get answers. Which was very hard for me to do.  I like to keep on keeping on.  That’s much easier for me than being still.  Anyways, I gained 7 pounds which is good for me for looks, but not sugar wise.  Messes me up with my weird body.  No complaints.  I decided to force myself to record last night and have a break-through.  The force was with me, for sure. This morning?  I weighed 7 pounds less.  Not that I wanna lose weight, just glad to be movin’ a bit again.  I move so much that it's exercise, anyways.  Try it everyone!  Singin's better than exercise.  And, anything’s better than giving up!  So, don't give up on whatever you struggle with.  Just sayin'.  Struggling means you're still workin' on it.  Like I said before, "any progress is pro-purpose, I propose AND profess, on purpose!  The proof’s in the progress". Again.  Say that 3 times fast. PIMP LOL.  What?   Also, I have a blessing to share. Had a secret supporter front us the money to have some of our new CD’s made which will be paid back after we sell some. Take note on that one, guys! Be my "buy guys"! Not my bye-bye guys! PIMP LOL. As in, stick around.  Don't say bye bye!  We do so appreciate all of  you who have stuck with us!  Through it all.  The new CD will have a few faves in it & a few new songs. Now, if I could just find a producer to do all the work. Nah! I'll just switch hats. I have a lot of work to do! But first? I gotta finish the final studio version of “Broken Arrow” with full band. I still can’t decide on the vocal track to use, so I made another.  What? It’s a blast to sing & reminds me of His peace on this day when I need to be reminded of it.  Most folks would think that $200 is not alot of money, but to us? It's a fortune!  That's makes us umm...fortunateWell, hope you enjoy the video and song.  Working on some new stuff this week…in faith! Appreciate you guys allowing us to share our hearts. And 1♥! One Heart 1♥ (by the b.a.s.i.c. band)

Look Thru Catty Spectacles OR Be a Catty Spectacle! Who? Me? Ow!

Today's story?  Well, itzabout cats and spectacles and superpowers!  I was looking for some inspiration today, so I dug out my inspiring baby blue sparkly Cat-Eye glasses.  So’s I could see better!  They just make everything seem more purrty!  Except me, right? I look purrty nutty!  I know they are quite out there. But, I’d rather look batty than act catty.  What? Well, someone had said something the other day that made me think “Me? Ow!”   Really!  It was about me and wrong and hurt!  Owah!  So, I was thinking about cattiness and remembered I had these cat eye glasses. You know my train of thought.  It ends up at the caboose a lot!  Well, I always gotta find something good out of something meant for bad.  I was thinking this quietly when I heard the words yesterday.  Yes, it stayed in my head, and off the lips. Miraculously!  Back to what I was thinking.  I thought, “WHAT?@#! I know you didn’t just say that.   Maybe you need to put my cats on to see how catty you’re acting”.  See, the glasses have Catty Vision.  Kind of a super power like ex-ray vision only they see cattiness a mile away.  PIMP LOL.  The glasses will forever make me think of this incident and be my Catty Radar Glasses!  For me, too!  I wanted to say something to defend myself, but didn’t.  I thought “scratch that”!   I realized, in this situation, it wouldn’t be heard over the scratching and clawing.  So, I retracted my claws. (Another super power for some. Mine never seem to work right. They always scratch me instead!).  Anyways, you can see in my photo, I am hiding behind my crazy baby blue sparkly cats.  So I can see.  Quiet confidence in God is a lot more purrty than loud caterwaulin’ about someone else or even yourself.  When you feel like “say what?”, look up!  Pause before you get the claws out on those paws!  Better to look UP thru the catty spectacles than sink DOWN and be a catty spectacle!  Look up, smile, purr and blow a kiss.  Or!   Look down, rile, curse and hiss!  You decide.  Well, that’s a wrap!   No. Really that’s a rap.   It rhymes.  You know you wanna go back and rap it.  Go ahead.  I did!  In closing, you can mark your territory to keep everyone out or mark your world to let others see in! But, mark my word? Check out God’s Word.  He lets everyone in!  And, He's the only Super Power you need!  So, have a fun day and get your cat on.  I mean yo glasses, not yo plastic!  Be real.  Be real nice… It’s good furr you…  And, them!    Oh! And, the song for today?  "Cat Scratch Fever", of course!  ♫ Cat Scratch Fever..wa wah wa wah! Cat Scratch Fever..wa wah wa wah!! ♫ You know you just sang it with the guitar sounds too! PIMP LOL.  Now, go make a spectacle of yourself.  Cuz, it's better that a cat got your tongue, than you "got a catty tongue"! Just sayin'!    Trace

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blowin’ Kisses And Closet Prayers! Hung Up On Closest Worship!

So, I couldn’t sleep last night.  I got to thinking while I was talking to my Father in heaven. I was thinking about how He must want and so love for us to call Him Father.  After all, we are his children.  So, I really thought on that. And, thought...  So, my story for today is much longer than usual.  It's kind of a compilation of my thoughts over the past year or so with 3 songs and a bit of humor added in to help explain my heart.  So, if you expect an expert, just export that thought.  I'm no expert on the subject.  Just life experienced! Like everyone.  Hope you will stick around and experience it with me!  Okay, so I was thinking about how calling God, my father, had to do with another hot topic in the world these days. "Worship".  Well, not the world, but you know what I mean.  It's been very prevalent in TV, churches, etc.  It's not really a "worldly" thing at all, but sometimes it seems like it.  I mean, it is a spiritual thing, but it must extend out to the world if we are indeed truly loving and worshipping God the way I see it.  We must touch the world.  And, worship is not just music.  I will talk about that more later in this story.  Speaking musically, when I see alot of the bands on TV, I look for interaction with each other and into their eyes for their hearts.  Not just for show.  I mean I know we perform, but performance should show the form of our hearts, even if it is a sacrifice when you're not up to it.  God is.  If the band isn't connecting with each other and the audience with their eyes and hearts and interacting, then I just don't get it.  If we can't connect with those we see, how can we connect with God whom we can't see?  It seems all for self, then.  I'm not judging, just trying to figure this whole thing out.  Even in the world, outside church I mean, I like to feel the band mates connect and see that.  In fact, that's my way when I'm singing no matter what the stage.  I have to look at my mates and the audience and connect.  Whilst my spirit is connecting with God and them, too.  Not just stay in my own box.  I can have alone time with God at home.  Or, even simultaneously.  When I'm with others?  I gotta actually be connected.  Our performance should speak to hearts about the form of ours.  Right off the bat, I will just say that I am no expert on the matter.  Just experience, not expertise, and thoughts. PIMP LOL.  So, anyways, back to the subject and how it pertains as a Father.  Well, speaking as a mother and, I think, speaking as most fathers think, parentally, I would rather my daughter spend time talking with me or her father just getting to know each other, than just telling us how great we  are.  Please don’t have a cow or take that wrong.  I do think it is a most awesome and beneficial thing to tell God that.  I do that so very often in the good AND the bad times. Sometimes, it is quiet and sometimes it’s a loud yay or a song or a smile.  Or just obedience.  And our getting to know each other leads to us doing things for each other, sometimes, or a physical outpouring, like a hug or a kiss. Worship is not just the outward show, but more the inward flow, first.  Without the inward flow, the outward flow is flawed.  We are not to judge each other on that.  Worship is def between each individual and God, first. But, then, it should be evident to those around by your life. If you can "worship" musically and then be unloving, it's time to check your worship in the closet. I'll talk about that later.  Worship to God should not push others out.  And, the outward flow isn’t the same for everyone.  No one should feel forced to sit or forced to stand and clap or raise hands or keep them raised. Or feel you can’t move or dance. Or let God move in you.  Which I love to do. Or feel that there is a certain way to worship or a certain method to talk to God.  Or not talk.  How 'bout listen? Right?  Unless it’s God himself doing the forcing, then we should leave the force stuff up to Star Wars.  PIMP LOL. And, each of us knows that force inside of us, by His power in us.  Conviction.  I also thought about the times I felt closest and it was in my “closet” time.  Kinda was a slip of the tongue when I was talking about this to God in my prayer time once.  I said closet to God instead of closest. And, that stuck. That’s what I call my private time with God my “Closet Time”. It seems to me that the private one-on-one “closet” time talks with God are the closest we get to seeing Him. Same with singing alone with HIm.  We should always check our worship in the closet and see how it hangs!  TNT LOL. Closet chats are the closest chats. Closet prayers prove closest to true.  In secret. In private. Where there’s no putting on.  And you can leave all the hang-ups…umm..hung up where God can help you most!  Well?  It is a closet! Maybe you can even dig out your transparent strong suit! PIMP LOL. What? We should be getting our transparent on!  Let others see our hearts.  Okay! Now! Also, I do pray with my family and we do music together and study our bible and I call that worship. Because He is with us even then. We value and appreciate and are ever so thankful that He is with us always.  Our simple worship.  Going to help someone at their home and recognizing God’s power and presence is worship.  Same with going to the hospital or anything that you include God in.  Which we should try always to include Him.  I can’t seem to turn God on and off, so I see God in everything.  I never knew about him until I was in my 20’s, so, it may be diff for me.  Oh! I knew something was up because I was so darn sensitive and could feel everyone else’s hearts even at a young age.  I knew Someone was with me who could see everything and who knew me.  Really knew me.  So, back to the worship thoughts.  I also realize there is public corporate worship and that is the big thing these days on TV and at all churches. They want us to do the same music and the same styles and the same production on every song.  And, the same outward flow.  Everyone and every stage looks the same.  A formula.  I know it seems to work for some and I am not judging nor saying it’s wrong.  Just not always right for me.  Hate formulas.  Except the ones in the bible.  I know that in each town and every church, there are amazing and gifted individuals who want to serve and share songs.  Not just the ones on the radio.  They are great to do also, but after all?  God uses even donkeys, why not churches use their own people to serve.  Not to say the people are donkeys!  PIMP LOL!  But, adults and kids alike. I think we're missing out on some great relationships and music by keeping God in a box.  I say "Don't keep your bibles in the box they came in.  And, don't try to keep God in the one He didn't.  Then, too, sometimes we might surely take our bibles outta the box and put God right in it.  You know?  Quoting scripture, but really not quite living out the script.  We need to get to know Him before we're in a box!" PIMP LOL.  So, the thing about us calling Him Father.  Well, I was thinking that God made us male and female to have families so we could learn about the relationship thing He wants us to have with Him. It’s called love.  Worshipping God is our outpouring of God’s value and worth that’s been poured into our life. Again, I see God in all things and people. And, if I was asked if I would rather have our kids worship us or spend time together getting closer.  I think you know what I would say.  I would rather they spend time with us, which speaks love, than speak love and have no time left to spend with us. I don’t claim to know God more than anyone else. No.  In fact, I want to know Him so much more than I do.  Just seems like a lot of people worshipping God and not really relating to each other or being real. Being forgiving and gracious and loving. Building real family relationships at church.  I want to know God in His words AND in His people.  Church and worship have to be in the heart, too.  Then it can be anywhere and any way.  And you must know that this is just my thoughts.  Again! I'm not an expert!  I was just up late doing some thankin’ and prayin. When my thankin’ got turned to thinkin’.  I just know that for me?  I think when we’re with people, God wants us to serve and love them.  Really be WITH them. And let them do the same for us.  That’s how we serve Him.  To sum this up, I want to share a song of ours.  The songs are a big part of my heart on this subject.  What began my story and thoughts.  You see, we did a song with my daughter many years ago when she was like 6 and it was about how we listen to sermons and go to church together, serving, but never getting to know each other, really.  Not really a cut, just that we spend so much time trying to do the “worship” and “religion” thing that sometimes we forget that we are the body of Christ. ANS, we are human.  God made us human, also.  Sometimes, we try to act so heavenly that we are of no earthly good.  Personally, I want to be close and have family we can be there for and vice versa.  I've been missing that for some time.  As our church grew, we built a new one and then split, and then changed even more.  Now, I know the doors are open for all and we preach to all.  But, if churches have many numbers, maybe they need to look at the revolving door numbers, too.  Heart growth outweighs numbers. I still see "friends" and "family" that worship but still aren't close.  Or forgive. Or communicate or seem to care.  I can't seem to reconcile that notion in my mind.   Our churches may have to pay bills, but we are not a corporation, only.  We need to work together and serve together and love together.  That is real worship. That is real bible.  It's not some kind of hocus-pocus magic.  We must work at loving.  Work at being family. Imagine our family if we never got close or talked or cared about each other.  Doing all that? Now, that's can be magical! PIMP LOL. When parents see their kids doing things together or simply obeying with a grateful heart, don’t they feel loved all the more? Doesn’t God feel that way when He sees His children serve together and get to know each others hearts and really care?  REALLY care.   How can we say we know God who we can’t see, if we don’t know people whom we see.  I’m not preaching to anyone, just thinking.  So here is a link to the song.  We are fixing to redo the song on our studio very soon.  I think I have talked my girl into singing it and me doing backup.  Yes!  Take a listen to this! I Dreamed I Awoke Oh!  And, here is another song that I think fits with my thoughts here. Better Than A Hallelujah! Well, did you like them? Hope you took time for both. They are really what my heart is trying to say.  There will be one more at the end.   So, have a wonderful week.  Have some closet time with God and spend some outta the closet time with his children.  You will remember them as your closests times. A last thought.  Worship for me is when I acknowledge either quietly or singing or serving or in any way...His ways...His love...His value and worth to all things. ALL.  Good and not so good.   And praise is when I show my thanks and praise all things.  Good and not so good.  Like when I would blow a kiss to my daughter when she was in 1st she was leaving the car and going to class.  Everything I had in me, was going out to her in that blown kiss.  And everything she had came back in one.  That memory and our song is really the whole crux of my story.   Where it grew from.  Blowin' Kisses is actually another song by Nicole Mullen that says it all. Another of my faves like the other two. It will be at the end.  So, also, worship is actually the translation of two Greek words combined, meaning "toward" plus "to kiss." This Greek word combination is the most frequent word rendered to worship. "Worship" means to do reverence to. How striking! Worship means to kiss towards.  It is like blowing a kiss to someone. We do reverence towards God by blowing Him a gentle kiss of affection to our Father and Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ.  I always have that eternal picture in my head of being in the car loop blowing her a kiss and her smile as she caught it and blew one back.  Everything we could possibly feel for each other was in that kiss.  Though it couldn’t be seen with eyes.  It was seen by the heart and soul and spirit.  That is our worship and interaction with God.  It is in our spirit.  That part can’t be seen. And, the outward flow? Well, to me, it is my hope that when I am doing something I am putting my whole self into it as I do blowing a kiss.  And, blow it forward to God.  Saying, this is for You.  I love you.  In whatever you do… Whether it be saying I love you to someone that’s hard to love or giving something in secret.  Or singing. Or, yes, even dancing or stepping back so someone else can shine.  Maybe even not remembering a hurt done.  Or forgiving…  Fixing someone’s computer, cleaning a home.  And, guess what?  It's especially worship when you don't feel like it and things just aren't going good.  I know that for me, I sing and can especially connect with people and God when I am weak, which is always.  Because He is ALWAYS strong in me.  His value hasn't changed at all.  No matter how I value myself that day.  Like today, even.  It is so medicinal to be obedient.  To just sing when you hurt.  But, that was another story I wrote.  And, I don't just mean music.  I mean it every sense of the word...service, too.  Whatever it may be.  It is worship when it is He that you desire to please.  Here is the final song:  Blowin Kisses (click this link, then click arrow to play) It was fantastic, right? Thank you for stopping by to talk about worship with me. And for staying a bit longer.  Leave a comment if you wish or blow a kiss. Hope you enjoyed this. As that would overjoy me.  Oh!  And, the photograph?  It's my daughter, Garnet Rose.  Had one of us both blowing kisses to each other.  We looked so much the same.  Wow!  I decided to just put hers as I have been using me as a subject for too long.  PIMP LOL.   Now, go out and get blowin' kisses...  Spend a li'l time with the hurting, honey.  Get lovified!   I appreciate you spending a li'l more time with me on this one.  My usual articles are very short.  Love, Trace

Monday, February 13, 2012

Grocery Store-ies, Scrambled Eggs And Saved Wings! Eggciting Stuff!

Here are true grocery store stories.  Guess you could call them "Grocery Store-ies"! First one goes like this:  So, I am sick... Very!  That dizzy Florida sinus ear head thing. Or, out of head thing.  Let's just get that “eggs”cuse out right up front.  So, I’m dragging myself through the store and we picked up our pre-ordered wings, which said “saved” on them.  What?  Well, they WERE baptized in the deep-fryer oil!  Besides? Who would wanna eat unsaved wings!  I mean, would they still taste heavenly?  Then, at the register, I flung the cloth Publix bags up on the conveyor thing.  All of a sudden, slow-motion kicked in and I could see all the eggs were smashing all over the place. Whoops.  I told you I was sick. Talk about egg on your face.  I had placed the eggs carefully on top of the bags in the cart so they would not get broken and forgot they were on top the bags. Right!  Just that I forgot and grabbed the bags without looking and threw them down to the bagger!  I laughed and told the cashieres a few egg jokes while I cleaned it all up.  Like I told her as she handed me the paper towels and wipes that she could tell me "O-ma-let" you clean this up.  Hope that cracked you up. Our very “egg”istence depends on how we react when life gets scrambled.  Now, be a good egg and read this next grocery store story.  It was somewhat eggciting, also.  Here goes: So, who woulda thought going to the grocery store could crack us up.  On the way we passed a guy on a bicycle who could have used my invention of Joxers or Below Riders.  YOu can only guess that thye are boxers and jeans sewn together.  Well, he certainly cracked us up!  If you get my drift?  I mean…umm…draft? I know he got a draft! Then, we drove past a huge puddle, noticing it a li'l too late and we splashed this guy with a grocery cart sitting along the road.  Guess what he yelled out at us?  “You lousy bum!”  What?  You’re kiddin’, right?  Oh, no, he didn’t just bum us out.  Cracked us up so bad.  Honestly!  We are not bums.  We may look it sometimes and especially tonight not feeling good!  Then while putting groceries away?  We dropped the eggs and cracked 6 of them which cracked 3 of us up!  So, hope your evening?  Cracks you up instead of bumming you out.  Laughter is medicine!  If you stop for any length of time?  You may "eggs"perience withdrawals, crack up or be bummed out!  Our very “egg”istence should crack us up once in a keep us from getting fried.  Or cracking under pressure!  We all need "shell"ter from the heat or when life gets scrambled! PIMP LOL! last 2 blogs were about pickles and eggs?  Food for thought?  For me?  That's all food is.  Thought...  PIMP LOL "O-ma-let" you go, now.  Night!  Trace

In A Pickle, Cucumbered And Slightly Ajar!

My computer was acting slow & encumbered, so I ran my SpyBot in safe mode.  It found 4 spyware and adware virus’s called “Pickles”.  I knew something was ajar! I guess you could really say my computer was acting all slow and cucumbered.  And, those pickle virus’s def weren’t sweet!  So sour my PC was choking and burping!  Like it’s owner!  That wasn’t kosher with me at all. I did not relish the thought of my computer being pickled. So this li’l gherkin went into safe mode & jarred those pickles.  I really need my computer to be pickle free cuz it’s my bread ‘n butter.  Have a sweet week.  If you run into someone acting sour and cucumbered, don’t get too jarred.  Be sweet, anyways. Keep all your pickles in a jar.  Then you won’t be ajar OR in a pickle OR a pickle in a jar.  Now, that?  Is our spiritual bread ‘n butter!  So, let's just dill with it!  PIMP LOL.  Hope you have a fun day!  And, I'm not gherkin you around!  Remember! Being nice can be unencumbering AND uncucumbering!  Talk about jarring your memory!! And, the computer's!   Trace

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Life Hits Hard! Don't Forget Your Hard Hats!

Today's story is gonna be very short and easy on the eyes.  As in, a very short read. Nothing hard to take in or figure out.  Let's just say that this photograph art of fingerless gloved hard fists and hard hats is for those days where everything hits you hard!  Hard hats optional.  Praying? So necessary! Fingerless gloves? A must! For me, anyways! So, have a good day and more power to ya! Rock on because with God all things are possible.  No complaints.  I got my hard hat, my praying and my fingerless gloves on.   All day.  If the sign that's up in your life today reads "Life. Hard Hat Area", then get you a hat!   Don't forget your spiritual hard hat, too.  You can't sees it, but it helps you seize the day.  PIMP LOL.  You seize and sees that, right?  Good.  Now, I gotta go seize that!  Life... It's a Hard Hat Zone!  Gonna try to PIMP my day. NO! Not that kind of pimp. Well, I do mean, bring it up a notch like “Pimp My Ride”. Just gonna “Pimp My Day”. You know? Make it into a PIMP LOL kind of day. No matta what’s going on in me... or around me, PIMP LOL medicine for the bones. Throw in a li’l laughing, music and talkin’ to God and you got a Pimped up day! Hope yours is, too. Oh! And, if life is hitting you hard? Get you a hat! A hard hat! I wear one for my head and one for the heart. My spiritual hard hat? Laughing, music, and talkin’ to God. Don’t forget your hard hats. After all? Life is a “Hard Hat” zone. Get out and PIMP LOL your day! Better to wear a hard hat than to be a hard head! PIMP LOL       Trace 

"The Bacon Bouquet" AND "The Barking Bouquet"!

"The Bacon Bouquet"!  For everyone who brings home the bacon. Or, cooks the bacon! A bouquet of bacon roses!  Pretty cool! Well, I guess I mean pretty sizzlin’! PIMP LOL.   Sizzlin’ gift for Valentine’s.  And, it’s easy to make!  I found it on line.  I came up with one for kids, too. It’s called "The Barking Bouquet". Made of hot dogs. I just slice the hot dogs long way almost the whole way thru. Then slice across the hot dog about 8 times halfway thru. Open them up & lay flat side down in a hot buttered pan and brown them until they curl up. Cool and stick on the ends of fake flower stems with or without leaves. Or kabob sticks. Then stick in a vase and serve. You also could serve one each on a stick in a mug of root beer as the vase for each kid. Hot dog!  Anyways, be creative in showing love. Throw some extra into the ordinary!  Just look at the extraordinary gifts all around us our Creator has made in love and for us to enjoy and learn from. I am always amazed at how extraordinary even the ordinary is. To me…  Gotta go cook some bacon.  Hot dog!  I decided to add something I wrote a few days later on Valentines Day.  Here goes: So, my husband said that since being transparent is not one of his strong suits, he was going to be transparent for my gift. I was thinking to myself…rather, I was seeing in my head an actual transparent suit! PIMP LOL. I could see right through that story and see a joke was coming! But, I said “Cool! I love free gifts". He said, “Got any cellophane? I gotta wrap things up”! What? Very funny! No, really we make our own cards. Saving the money for things like real groceries. Well, I guess you could eat chocolates and candy hearts for supper, right? How ‘bout a Bacon Bouquet or a Barking Bouquet? Anyways, give the gift of transparency. Wrap yourself in cellophane & show your heart! Be real. Someone they can trust. Not just to your mate, but to your family, friends and God. He already knows our hearts. That’s the good news, the bad news…and The Good News! Another free gift! Oh! And, while I do have a transparent suit, our strongest suits are the full armor of God! Just a side thought?  I was thinking how cool it would be to have a video game where you do quests and wear the full armor meanwhile learning.  I mean, you could do upgrades and create characters and the possibilities are eternal.  Hmmm...   Have a wonderful Valentine's! Oh!  And, of course, you guys all know I am talkin' 'bout spiritual cellophane, right?   Trace

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mileyge! Give a mile, take an inch!

At a garage sale, my daughter and I got a pair of Miley Cyrus jeans, jean jacket and a sweater to share.  All 3 new and all 3 Miley Cyrus.  Guess you could say we're going to get alot of Mileyge out of them. PIMP LOL.  What? You’re never too old to wear what you want! Grow bolder instead of older. And, you’ll get a lot more mileage…or umm…Mileyge, in my case. Have a fun day. No matter what age or how you think you measure up, you'll get alot more mileage out of life if you jump in with both feet and you give a mile and take an inch.  Even, when we know most people, when you give an inch, they take a mile.  Now, that's a yardstick of truth!         Trace

Outta sync and in the sink? Sink again!

So, the other week, I watched part 3 of a Cookson Trilogy on NetFlix. The video was 10 seconds ahead of the audio. You know? Out of sync? But I just had to know what happened. Plus you know my mind? It runs ahead sometimes anyways. Sorta out of sync, too.  Another challenge to make do. To think outta the box when things are outta the sync. I felt like my head was upside down in a sink full of dirty dishes by the time the out of sync show was over. I know, right? Sometimes we see what’s going on but can only guess. Until we get the audio, the word, the truth, about the situation.  Don’t stick your head in the sink with the dirty dishes when things are outta sink.  It may feel like you’re in sink, but you may get all washed up. Think you’re in sink?  Sink again! Finally!  2 sinking facts: Life is not always in sync and there’s usually always dirty dishes in the sink. Hope your day is in sync, not in sink! A day that includes everything.  Except the kitchen sink! PIMP LOL.  OH!  And, what band would sing about this? Why, 'N Sync, of course.  Or, are they Outta Sync these days? PIMP LOL. One more thing?  Umm... your're probably wondering what dishsoap I use? It's Dawn. When I'm in the sink and in sync, everything dawns on me. PIMP LOL.  Can you stand one more joke?  Here goes one more sink joke! So, we celebrate every time we throw our knifes in the sink after making sandwiches with that certain spread on them.  What's it called?  Umm..."sinko de mayo"!  PIMP LOL.  I have a sinking feeling that you've had enough of the sink jokes!  Okay, so a breakfast joke to end this story: When I pour out the batter of my heart trying to cook something up, it doesn’t always pan cake out.  Sometimes, it even waffles. PIMP LOL.  Still, I keep cookin. (BFP) Breakfast Food Paraphrase.  And the Way I get in sync when I'm outta sync?  Especially when I'm outta sink and ready to get in the sink with the dirty dishes?  I go to the One who syncopates my life.  You already know I'm off-beat and all.  With Him, everything syncs for me.  Your sync may be different than mine.  But, Our syncopator knows each of our beats.  Hope you enjoyed my everything AND the kitchen sink story.  Have a fun day.   Everything doesn't always pan out!  Keep cookin'!   Trace

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Runnin' Thru The Music Into The Impossibles

After patiently fixing to wait and waiting to fix, we're up & running again with our studio recording. And, I'm running thru some songs to get ready to record as you can see in the photo. PIMP LOL. Have a few songs that've been stuck on our studio which can now be mixed and I can get to the video art. I've had plenty of time to put some thought into the 1st one I'm gonna put up. I hope I remember how! It's going to be a mix of video clips and photos and art work. To tell the story for the eyes. Still gonna put up some unplugged garage recordings off my camera (audio/video). I enjoy doing both the studio versions & the songs from the garage of our hearts. But, I admit when we record in the garage with nothin' but the camera & Sam's guitar, it feels like you guys are right there with us. I'm so very thankful to God for blessing us so richly. Oh, not in dollas, but in hollas!  Here's a holla out! Yay! That was a million dolla holla! By the way? You know me...always have something runnin' thru my head. Only this time? It was my feet! PIMP LOL. I used to tell that joke at band practice years ago. I would throw the music on the floor and actually run thru it. I know that surprises you guys! It is quite a "feat" and "feet" running thru music! But, I will never be defeated! Or defeeted! With God, I step into the impossible!  So, yep!  I'm runnin thru the music right on into the impossibles.  Wanna run with me?   Don't wrinkle the sheet music.  Or you'll be in plenty of treble.   We must be in one achord!   And, it is so true that when I run through the music, I always step into the impossibles.  Always learning and always feel so thankful and comfortable in that music space.  It's the one place I don't think about my health or my body shortcomings. I  feel peace.  It's my spirit zone.  Where I feel the presence of God and can allow Him full reins!  Runnin thru the music? Best exercise ever!  Dancing and singing thru the music?  Medicine for the bones!    Trace

Transparent trans-parenting!

My daughter had a friend over and she was talking to me about boys and God and other significant subject matters of the heart!  I was talking to her and she said, “Ms. Tracy, you are so transparent”.   I thanked her and jokingly explained that while I do Dad stuff sometimes, like fixing stuff because I like it, and I like cars and trucks, and sometimes wear his flannel shirts,  I also take my Mama role seriously. In a humorous kinda way!  I cross back and forth, just as he does.  He cooks breakfast sometimes. We both do trans parenting!  Don't we all do some cross parenting?  NO!  Not that kind!  I mean, yes!  We do get cross, but I mean take over either role.  I’m also a transparent trans-parent. I like my girl to see through to my heart whether I’m doing Mama stuff or Dad stuff. PIMP LOL.  Well, they just looked at me and said, “See! You’re doing it again. What’s in there shows on the outside. You can’t help it.  In your singing, writing, humor or just talking.”  I said, “Clearly, that’s the good news and the bad news. My countenance is always what’s in my heart. I’m not good at hiding my soul. And, I guess sometimes, we need to be able to do that.  I’m really not good at anything but being me.  And, I'm still learning that.  That's "The Good News"!  I don’t have to remember or think what to say or do or how to think or feel if I speak my heart and live truth.  I don't want anyone to have to dig for the truth nor do I want to keep it buried deep.  It's a treasure from God that I can't bury.  I have to share my heart.  Just, sometimes I have to remember to keep my transparent self under the apparent transparent parental guidance of God.  PIMP LOL.  Be transparent.  Cuz truth is apparent!  And, a parent should be truth!  My rap for today? "Let truth be evident in your resident"!  This resident has got to go now.  Truth is?  Got some trans-parenting to do!    Trace

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hind-sight, Mind-sight, Kind-sight and Divine-sight!

Started this morning off thinking about vision and having a vision. Why? Well, because I still have trouble seeing and getting out more than I would like. And, last night, I cracked my 175 glasses frame last night, which are for seeing distance, without contacts. So, I tried my amber sparkly cat-eye 350’s, but a li’l blurry. Moved on to try my multi-focal contacts with the sparkly blue reader 100’s over them, but, cross-eyed. So, I took out the contacts and tried the tri-focal glasses. Old and very wrong prescription. Next? Tried the 250 computer glasses that I wear without contacts, which used to be my reading glasses 10 years ago. What? They were very expensive and I still love them. Glad they work for the computer, but def not for distance. By then, my eyes and head were spinning. Have to keep trying, because giving up is not something I can see. Along with a lot of others things! PIMP LOL. Gotta laugh about it. Guess I’m gonna have to stop making a spectacle of myself and go get some cheap 175’s. I can 20/20 see that happening tonight. Seeing IS all it’s cracked up to be. I may have cracked my glasses and need newer contacts, but the only contacts the eyes of my heart need are the human kind and the divine kind. Have yourself an insightful and fun day. Envision yourself making a spectacle of yourself by seeing others with your heart. Well, not seeing others actually with you’re your heart in their hands, like it sounded when I read it back for proofreading, but seeing them with heart glasses. Oh! You know what I mean. Make human contact. Rather envision than division. Envision them with your heart and God will be your provision. Cuz without a vision, the peepers perish. PIMP LOL. One more thing. Here’s a little info on what 20/20 really means. It was devised in the 1800's by an eye doctor named Snellen. This chart took 20/20 as an arbitrary standard of what size letter most people who didn't need glasses agreed that they could see from a distance of 20 feet. So all that 20/20 eyesight means is that you can see the "20 size letter" at a distance of 20 feet. Hind-sight may be 20/20 (which is average), and mind-sight 50/50 (depending on which brain we use), but kind-sight, seeing someone through God’s heart? Is always 100/100. A 100 percent blessing for both sides of the eyes. And “divine-sight”? Well, He can see eternity/eternity! Oh! And, the photo? All my glasses with some of my fave things! Click on the picture to get the...umm...bigger picture?  Then, you'll notice, that the edge of the placque on my wall says, "always find a song" and the sewing machine says "singer".  Kinda cool, I think.  Oh!  And, the other brain in mind-sight?  Well, I call it?  Behind-sight!  PIMP LOLSee you!   I hope a li’l clearer soon.      Trace

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wide Ends, Tight Ends And Helmet Of Salvation!

We dared to go to a packed Publix, chauffered by my daughter, of course, for just 5 things yestereday! Oh yes we did! The Super Bowl hadn't even started and we already scored big! First, we ran into some dear friends which took us an extra 1/2 an hour. Worth it! Course, my girl says I know someone every where we go. And, if I don't, I will! Anyways, then we scored again! Got 20 hot 'n spicy wings on sale for $6.99 a box. Scored 2 "box" seats! No cookin' or cleanin' up for me today! Score again! Add in some salad, fresh strawberries and leftover Cod. After all? We can't all be wide ends! Had a tight...umm...end of the football season day. PIMP LOL.  Thinking that we shouldn't pass up a chance to go long and wide and deep for someone. As God does for us with His love. Put in some overtime to make someone feel part of the team!  No matter how many downs they've had.  We've all been on both sides of the 50 yard line. And, we all know what it means to wear a helmet because of all the hell we met!  Headon in our lives! Right?  But, God is our strength on both sides of that field. And I wear the helmet of salvation.  Two final thoughts?  I forgot to mention that Publix was so packed that we had to do some minor tackling. PIMP LOL. No personal fouls or extended celebration calls. PIMPLOL.  And, well, you know I like to be different so I had the "hell I met" helmet in my photo all decorated with flowers and lace with my photo art editor, but it looked too wimpy for football! Or the hell I've been through!  So, I went for the plain.  Now, I'm ready to get off the sidelines and get our b.a.s.i.c. music going again.  That'd be a touchdown for me!  I need that music and humor and hope.  Hope you have a fun week.  Keeping my helmet and the rest of the suit on!  The "full armor"!     Trace

"Gem"uine and "Ella Quent"!

So, today my girl, Garnet Rose, took me to have a li’l fun at garage sales.  We ran into a couple friends, but my girl says I'd run into someone anywhere we went, right?  Well, I would talk and be friendly to anyone.  True enough!  So, anyways, my gem of girl drove me around and I found this gem of a pair of  Mariachi Mani spikes with dangly blue gems. Sure did spike my “gem”uine interest.  Oh!  And, the shoes will be a permanent decoration next to my desk in the music room, except when I wear them. They look that pretty and match the room, too.  In my house?  Anything goes for decorations! PIMP LOL.  Back to the story.  It was funny because everything kept going wrong this morning when we set out.  Her bracelette broke in the car, I was having trouble seeing and we couldn't get the pump working at the gas station.  I think it was the!  She took over!  What?  I said I couldn't see and was dizzy.  I gotta find a good eye Dr.  I also left a lamp shade at the first garage sale we went to and so on... But! It was just so good to be out and be together.  She remembered, with a smile, how we used to do that when she was little.  That was enough for me to go on no matter what.  Li'l things.  Big thanks! Me thinks!  My girl also got a stuffed animal, that I am finding out, is a great pillow for an aching neck.  I named her “Ella Quent” the elephant! Because she looks like she would speak eloquently if she could. Her softness as a pillow speaks volumes to my neck. PIMP LOL. I'm thinkin' she just taught me that eloquence takes few words. So, cool, right? About the name?  Well, it would have been! But, my girl informs me that if I put my glasses on I will notice that it is a Wooly Mammoth. Whoops! Mammoth mistake! Wooly thinking! Anyways, it looks like she is hooked on my new shoes, too. Literally! Besides!  They match her eyes! She's a gem. Think I'll still call her Ella Quent! Cuz nobody pulls the wooly mammoth over my eyes.  Just under my neck!  PIMP LOL.  Oh! And, I named my daughter Garnet because I knew she would be a gem!  She was def a miracle from God.  And, Me?  I just want to be a woman after God's own heart, the "gem"uine article!  Eloquent, but with few words and listening ears.  One more thought?  My daughter and I got a pair of Miley Cyrus jeans and a jacket and a sweater to share.  All 3 new and all 3 Miley. Guess you could say we are going to get alot of Mileyge out of them. PIMP LOL.  Have a gem of a day.  Because, you’re a gem.  Shine on!  Be “gem”uine and “gem”uinely you!  Sparkle and shine because you are precious.  A precious gem!     Trace

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Be Of Good Courage And Be Encouraged! Kick Boot!

Some days you just gotta wear your boots laced the whole way up. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps  and kick boot! Cuz we gotta walk on. And, walk in. It. Yep! Sometimes we step in it. Shouldn’t surprise us at all. We gotta be in fertilizer to grow. Not looking or smelling from a safe distance. Same with God. Gotta get to know Him by getting in the stuff that makes you grow. His word, His people, His heart. Close up, not from the distance. Get your boots on and walk in it. And, in Him. You’ll grow like a bloomin’ weed!  I mean, a bloomin’ flower!  Kick boot! Especially when it stinks. Have a fun day, but don't get in too deep. PIMP LOL.  Be of good courage and be encouraged!   Oh!  ONe last thought?  It's really hard to be a heel when you're wearing out your sole (soul) just kickin' boot.  Just sayin'...   Final thought? Live IN courage and live encouraged!   Walk IN courage and walk encouraged!  Trace

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hardships And Easy Sailing

"Hardships". This photo was taken at an early morning surprise breakfast for my birthday as I am making my wish before blowing out the candle. Thank you family! This bowl of strawberries with a candle in it was a make-shift birthday cake. I can't have much to eat like most everybody else, but I can join in festivities anyways. Yes, many times, it's hard, but it's harder to NOT be a part of life. Not always easy sailing. In fact, most times, it's not. No complaints. Just thanks that I still my hardship. Anyway, the thought behind the breakfast and the cake was deliciously sweet of them. I love it. It's the li'l things, you know. Just hearing or knowing that someone cares... Is food for the soul. Now, that's a food I can eat alot of. And, that can make hardships easier to sail. Gives me an anchor and wind for my sails. It's a blessing to have others astern. Alongside, Even aft or forward. For all the times we are sailing leeward or windward. And, I see Him in all of it. Well, because He IS all of it. Oh! And, my wish? Can't tell!  But!  I will say?  It was more like a prayer!!  Can't you tell by the photograph? PIMP LOL.  One last thought? If you ever feel like jumping ship or bailing out? Don't be a dinghy! At least, jump on someone else's and give them a hand with the sail! Until you can make some headway! Besides we'll all be on the main ship together someday. We should learn to sail together now. Okay! I know alot of you know some sailing terms and good comebacks for this. I love it when you sail along with me. Cuz... ♪ ♫ sailing takes me away to where I'm ♪ ♫  See ya out on the waves.   Trace