Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Wreck'nciler

Today, I was thinking about puzzles.  I used to love to put puzzles together.  Lay out each piece and make my border and get to work.  I had puzzles of all sorts.  Shaped in tractors, sewing machines, plain, all sorts and all sizes.  Haven't done one in years.  And, you know if there was even one piece missing, I could not keep it.  Just wouldn't do.  Was also thinking about train wrecks.  So, I am writing a very short thought on puzzles and wrecks.  Here goes:  I wreck’n I’ve gone to God a wreck and come back in 1 peace many a time.  Picked up the pieces and took my puzzle to God.  The Wreck’nciler!  Yes!  That's a song I started a year ago.  Hope to finish it soon. Just a li'l side note: I use myself in my photoart because I don't mind making myself look bizarre. I would love to have other subjects? Like I always say, I'm not very photo"glenn"ic, but I'm always available when "she" wants to start working on an idea. PIMP LOL.  So, I'm keeping this short and unpuzzling.  Take your wreck, your pieces to God.  He'll give you One piece, I wreck'n!   Hope you away from my place with a piece of humor and a peace of hope!   HAve a fun day.  Whether you are doin the jig.  Or the jig-saw puzzle.  Dance!    Trace

Full-ish Thoughts! Barking Up The Wrong Tree Dearheart?

It's a li'l dry outside. But, you'll get no barking from me! Well, maybe a li'l. Rain? Where are you? I miss you so. It's been raining on the inside more than the outside lately. Feeling dry? Like me? Gotta give it to God. He can peel away the dry bark! And, I'm not barking up the wrong tree. PIMP LOL. Yes! Give it to HIm so we can keep growing. It's actually a natural process for trees to peel away their bark as they grow, and a spiritual process for us. Well, unless you're talkin' 'bout bark, as in, dry skin. PIMP LOL. Anyways, one way? Still treat each like dearhearts even when we don't feel good or feel happy. Yep. Dearheart? Well, that's what my Pastor from when I first got saved, used to call me. I just remembered that today. What a good man Brother Bill was. He was always so kind to me and let us jam out and our band play every week. Always encouraged the young and old. He loved God AND people. Right? Most people either say they love God and act like they don't like people. Or like people and don't act they like God. He truly was good to me. We'll meet again one day. But, that's another story and you know what I’m thinking? That I gotta stop thinking! Just a thought! PIMP LOL. But, I can still be thoughtful without being thought full (full of thoughts). Sometimes your mind just needs a rest. And, sometimes, when people are sick or tired, or both, they think it okay to be thoughtless to others. Think again! Alright! Now, that you've thought again, you can rest your mind so it’s not full of too many thoughts, but still thoughtful! When we’re thoughtless, everyone can tell the only thoughts we’re full of? Is ourselves. Or, full of something, right? Again. Just a thought! Maybe a full-ish thought, but a thought. Have a fun day. It’s okay to empty your mind sometimes when you’re sick or tired, but not foolishly, so as to treat others thoughtlessly. Have full-ish thoughts of others, not foolish. Just a li'l side note: I use myself in my photoart because I don't mind making myself look bizarre. I would love to have other subjects? Like I always say, I'm not very photo"glenn"ic, but I'm always available when I want to start working on an idea. PIMP LOL. Hope your day is full of rain and quenches your thirst for life. Peel away some of that dry bark. Have full-ish thoughts of others. Trace

Monday, January 30, 2012

Competitioning OR "Come Petitioning"

Had a moment today to check out some of our sites where I share our music and videos over the last 3 years.  I had been very ill, so I decided to convert our CD songs to MP3's and create and produce videos to put up everywhere until a time when we could gig again and share our hearts "live".  Been a wonderfully tough learning process.  Still learning.  So, anyways, just wanted to share that our song "One Heart" got Top 10 in Gospel and is currently 8th in Urban. "What Is It" got top 40 in Soul AND Funk. "Power Of His Love" got Top 10 in what else? Latin and Jazz. What else, indeed! We are ever so thankful to be able to share in so many different lifestyles and have our heart and message heard.  Music is not a competition.  Rather, I call it a "come petition".  You know?  Come petition for us. Throw support.  Or for someone you like!  We just put our music and vids out on sites to touch lives.  Wouldn't mind being able to have it be our livelihood.  Well!  It is lively and it is our hood 'round here. PIMP LOL.  May I just add? Come, petition God for us, also, as we petition Him for you.  Thanks, everyone. Have a lively evening in your hood! Life's a "come petition". Wouldn't it be something if we all would "come petitioning" instead of "competitioning"?  We'd all be winners.  Oh!  And, here is the link to our website to hear the songs or link up to YouTube or anywhere. Click here to go to the basic band music room!  It's all there at my site.   It's a site for sore eyes.   Trace

Mirrors Are Mere Auras

Mirrors… We look in them and see just a “mere aura” of the real us.  Not, fully and truly, what's inside. Deep in our spirit and soul.  Or what we hope to see.  Instead, just a  simple air (mere aura) of what is inside.  Mirrors can only reflect mere auras.  We get so caught up with seeing only the scars and flaws and wrinkles that show on the outside that it flaws what we see on the inside.  Leaving scars on the inside.  If we look inside and seek that first, it will change how we see the outside. Oh, maybe not erase the wrinkles and years, but def learn to live with them. It's ironic because in the last month some dear friends and musicians, Drew, Ronnie, Joe and Sam, told me, in so many words, to embrace who I am.  I said, "Do you mean embrace the Trace?" PIMP LOL. Anyways, the bible says we look in the mirror now and see only a glimpse of what is to come.   That is where faith steps in.  What we can't see with our eyes. we see with our faith hearts.  And, we so want others to look at us seeing us with their faith hearts.  So, let us do the same. Look at others and ourselves with the eyes of our hearts.  See more than just the mere aura in the mirror! You know the Fairytale saying, "Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest one of all"? Well, if we are really fair, we would look around us and know it would be God. Though we can't see Him face to face, we see a mirror of Him in all He has created around us and in us. A mere aura of Him! Now, we see as in a mirror, but then face to face.  Faith hopes.  Faith believes.  Faith knows.  A final thought.  Did you know that mirrors are reflected duplications of an object that appears identical but reversed. As an optical effect it results from reflection off of substances such as a mirror or water. In chemistry, a '"mirror image'" is a molecule having a spatial arrangement that corresponds to that of another molecule except that the right-to-left sense on one corresponds to the left-to-right sense on the other. Just thought I'd add that cool info in. What we see of ourselves in the mirror is identical but reversed. A li'l different than how others see us and photography sees us. That's why I always tease and say that I am not very photo"glenn"ic. PIMP LOL.  Couldn't resist a li'l humor.  See, my last name is Glenn.   I don't like the way I look in photos.  Or mirrors, for that matter.  But, I'm learning to seek what's on the inside.  My spirit, my soul.  And, the spirit of God in me.  And, seek that first.  I think that's what the bible means when it says to seek first the kingdom of God.  It's in you!  Anyways, I guess what I'm trying to say is that mirrors can only capture a mere aura.  Of who we are inside. And, sometimes it all seems reversed! Or confusing. Again, faith.  And, the magnificence we see every day in creation and His created is only a glimpse of our Creator and things to come. When you look in the mirror, look deep inside.  When you look upon others, look deep inside. Someday, the outside appearance will be more than mere auras and we won't need mirrors.  Now, I have to go fix myself up a bit.  Yes!  I must look in the mirror....beyond the mere aura.  Hope it doesn't crack!  PIMP LOL.  Oh! One last thing?  Click on the photograph to ge the umm...bigger picture?  Anyways, it is some artwork I did on a photo of my parlor room at my old house on the River Road in Cocoa, Florida.  The mirror was hand-made by a craftsman nearby in Cocoa Village and given to me by my husband on my first Christmas in that house.  I loved the pine cones he carved in it.  It is gone now.  Had to sell a lot of things when I got very sick.  But, I have this memory.  Have a reflective day.  Trace

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lost And Found! Innies Or Outies?

Take a peak in my “Lost And Found” suitcase for whatever suits me and see what you can find!  Then, move on to my list coming up.  You in or out?   It’s just my innies and outies list.  No!  Not belly buttons.  PIMP LOL.  Just read… What have you got to lose?

Find your inner grinner.
    Lose your outer pouter.
Find your inner winner.
    Lose your outer doubter.
Find your inner sinner.
    Lose your outer shrouder.
Find your inner humble beginner.
    Lose your outer “I got more” clouter.
Find your inner tin ear.
    Lose your outer “I need it” louder.
Find your inner thinner.
    Lose some of your outer amounter.
Find your inner dinner.
    Lose your outer chowder.
Fnd your inner “forgive and start over” aginner.
    Lose your outer “I’m through” shouter.
Find your inner akinner.
    Lose your outer flouter.

Findally, I mean finally, if you feel lost about anything?  Call on the Finder of everyone.   Call on God.  Again, what've you got to lose?  Oh!  And, the photograph?  A very old suitcase filled with my gloves without a match and hats and sparkly glasses and scarfs and necklaces and clutches and things that you would find in the lost and found.  A mixture.  Sorta like me.  I once was lost…  But!  Now, I’m found.      Trace

Saturday, January 28, 2012

♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥ Just Singin' My Hearts Out! Against All Odds, Even Now!

So, I usually write up a story off the cuff about something going on that day in my heart or in my head or somewhere out there!  Today?  Been thinking alot about music.  And, the rollercoaster I go on with it.  It's def a ride!  Anyways, I wanted to share the music side of me.  I do love all kinds and I have been singing forever.  But, was always too afraid to tell anyone, unless I was drinking or doing drugs.  I stepped in my first church in my 20's and accepted Christ in faith and that faith is still growing.  I started playing guitar and then singing and writing.  Played in a band called "Shepherd's Heart (Rock The Flock)".  Then, I got very ill and had many surgeries to save my life.  They told me I would probably never be able to sing, let alone live very long.  When, I realized I had nothing to lose, I decided to give singing a try again.  Besides?  I kept feeling a pull in my soul to sing.  No matter how much I thought how crazy that would be, I just couldn't not sing!  When you get a soul pull, yank or tug?  You gotta listen.  So, I did.  Against all odds of the world.  Because with God all things are possible.  Knowing that?  Is my "even" power.  When I feel at odds with everything and everyone, "even" then I know He is my strength.  I'm not one of those very confident girls at all, but I do know who gives me my everything.  Of that?  I AM confident!  And, I still have a lot to learn and maybe even re-learn.  I lost alot of memories and even the years I sang I can't remember...from seizures.  I haven't had one in 3 years and I am learning to build from where I'm at.  Experience is a great confidence and talent builder, and I couldn't remember much.  But, in my experience with God?  He can build on anything.  Use anything or anyone.  My fave person He uses?  My daughter, Garnet Rose.  She is the one in the photo playing guiat.  She is an awesome singer.  The photo was taken about 10 years ago.  Can't wait to see her gift of music in the years to come.  She's been singing even before she could talk.  We even used to sing our grocery list at the store.  I just had that memory from seeing this photo.  With all that said and knowing the world's odds, I still feel compelled to share what God has put in our hearts and souls and minds, even now.  Both words, photograph art, video art and music!  Stop by our website, even now!  It'd be odd if you didn't.  Here's the link: www.basic

Oh!  And that was just me...singing my hearts out! 
Have a fun weekend, everyone. Sing your hearts out!  Even now!  No one will think it odd! PIMP LOL.     Trace

Friday, January 27, 2012

Plausible, Pauseable, Possible And Applauseable!

I remember when we had to get up to change the channel on the TV when you didn’t like something or turn it down or even off.  Wow!  We had it so rough! I also remember thinking that someday a handheld wireless thingie to run the TV was possible, probably already. Yes! I knew it was possible and plausible. And, maybe even pauseable.  That memory got me thinking, of course!  Sometimes we can’t just turn off the show that’s going on in our life or turn it down or change it to something more pleasant.  Not even remotely! Or remotely! PIMP LOL.  We gotta go through it. Commercials and all! You know?  People always trying to sell you something that you just don’t buy. Anyways, I just want to pause for a moment and say:  When something in life just does not seem plausible and def not pauseable, remember that anything is possible when you take everything to God.  Now, that is really something! Applauseable!  Remotely possible! Oh! And, the photograph?  It’s the very 1st remote. Oh, the power it gave us! You can just hear the SCI-FI music coming out with the streams of light.  But, oh!  The power He gives us!  And, the music He gives us.  And more than streams of light!  Floods of light.  Have a good night.  Pause for a moment and thank Him.  I appreciate, very much, all you guys stopping by my stories and our music.   Trace

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Caught Like Prey! Or! Catchin' Your Pray!

So, today is cleaning day. Gotta let some light in and knock down all the cobwebs.  And, then, I can get started on the house. PIMP LOL.  What?  I need a little cleaning up, too.  I've been on the web so much this week I’m feeling a lil’ like a Brown Recluse! But, really, working on our music, video, art and writing websites does take me over sometimes. Well, I let it.  My mind is always spinning…on and off the web.  Sometimes, I just gotta knock down all the cobwebs to see the light in the corners of my website, my house and my soul.  And, those cobwebs can be very well hidden and blend in. Difficult to spot without some light shining through them. Spiders use them to catch their prey.  I like to knock the cobwebs down in my heart and soul every now and then, so I can “catch my pray”!  You know what I mean!  Knock down the cobwebs so the light bulb comes on.  Don’t be reclusive and only stay on your web and THE Web!  Inclusive is where it’s at.  Include God and include others!  Whether it's knocking down a few cobwebs in your life or being a light in someone else's life so they can see cobwebs, don't forget to get your pray on.  It's just simply talking and listening to God.  Catch your pray, instead of being caught like prey!  Gotta go!  Been spinning too long!  Thanks for shining a light in my life by stopping by.     Trace

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Taxes or Searing Hot Spicy Sausage! Now, seariously! Which makes you tear up more?

My b'log today?  Just a lil' b'logna about sausage!  PIMP LOL.  So!  I just got done doing my taxes and  searing some spicy hot sausage patties! Which do you think made my eyes tear up more? PIMP LOL!  But, “seariously”, I only cook them halfway after I sear them.  Why? Because, I pat them and cook them ahead for breakfast all week, so that when we reheat each morn in the microwave, they're not dried out. Now, that’s just some “searious” cooking.  Hope the rest of your week cooks, seariously!  Nothing taxing! Nothing teary!  Oh!  And, I while do hate the results of taxes, I love all the numbers.  I used to work at a bank and punch numbers like crazy.  And my first job at the Space Center was punching in the numbers of the tiles.  I could fly through, in an hour, what would take most, 7.  So, they gave me more work. PIMP LOL.  Which I do love!  Work!  Someone said to me once.  "You sure do know your numbers".  I said, "Yep!  And my ABC's!".  Always do your best.  Be excellent.  In your work and your play and your love!  Now, that's serious!  One more thing?  The photoart?  Well, I don't have pictures of me crying just laying around!  So, I took an old one and drew clear tears on my art program and then had to doctor it up with neon and other techniques to make the tears show up!       Trace

Help Me Come Outta My Shell! Be a balcony person instead of a peanut gallery person!

Well, I'm trying to come out of my shell a lil’ more these days. Does that make me a nut? Wait!  No comments from the peanut gallery! PIMP LOL. But, really! We all want comments!  But how ‘bout being our balcony people, our encouragers instead of our peanut gallery! Throw us a yay yell, not an empty shell! You know? Empty words? Okay.  Encourage someone this week. Whether it's on the stage or off the stage! It's all part of life. is a stage.  Be their balcony person and throw a yay yell instead of a shell.  Oh!  Umm…the photo? Well, this peanut person really IS coming out of their shell!  A nutty take on Alien!   Don't be an alien to others today.  Cheer someone on.  Get to know what's under that shell!  You never know what an encouraging word might bring outta that shell.  Even if it's a lil' nutty!     Trace

Skyrim, Skyward Sword And God's Sky Rim! I lift my imaginary sword and salute!

Yep! This is my character in Skyrim. Though she doesn't get much play time with 3 of us. My Skyrim character is a Wood Elf that I named "Karreck Turr".   She has my funny elf ears. Yep!  She's quite a character.  Get the name?  PIMP LOL.  Yes.  I got a lil' carried away with the detail on her.  Skyrim was birthday gift for Sam's from his Mama was a gift for all of us.  So, last night, we played video games. Some Skyrim and Skyward Sword which got me thinking about the sky. Such cool games and creations. Skyward Sword is just an awesome Link/Zelda adventure for the family. And,  Skyrim has such real graphics that I just had to walk outside last night for a few quiet moments. I looked skyward up at the rim of the sky and lifted my imaginary sword, saluting the Creator for designing such amazing graphics for us to enjoy everyday in real life adventures.  And, for making people with such cool minds and hearts.  Look around you at the wonders of this creation!  Have a graphic day!  Salute! Oh! And you know what I call blogs? B'logna's! Cuz alot of 'em are bologna! Even some of mine.  Not!  Now!  Raise Your Swords To SKYRIM, SKYLOFT and LoftyNest! What?  Well, we are fixin’ to have a “Skyward Sword” ZELDA marathon when they get home from the beach.  I still can’t breathe well and feel pretty sick.  I admit I cried for a moment or two when they left because I so wanted to go, but things will be looking up!  And, not just in the game. There’s a place called SkyLoft in it. And, I  have a place in my heart called LoftyNest!  It is filled with the most loftiest hopes!  And, faith that reaches the sky even when I feel like I’m in a place called HellHole!  My experience tells me that life turns around and looks up if you make the loftiest of what you have at the moment.  Look up and have a most lofty weekend!  I lift my sword & salute our Creator!   Trace

Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh Synapse!

Things that make you think or go...ummm... So, oddly, lately, I started brushing my teeth with my left hand and I have a desire to write and brush my hair with my left hand. What’s goin’ on?  I think my brain has left me confused, right? I mean left! I am left with only one right conclusion. Neither the left nor the right side of my brain know what’s going on, right? I mean the left side is always thinking it’s right and the right side is always left to figure things out in a crazy creative way. Oh snap! I think my brain has snapped! OR, should I say synapsed! Now, if I switch mic holding hands? I know somethin’s not right! I mean, left! Ahhh! Snap! Have a cerebrally spiritual day. Be thankful. God has given us brains full of thought. Let the thoughts not just be on ourselves. Be thoughtful, thinkful and thankful. That’s all I got left. I know, right?  Okay, a couple hours after I posted this blog, I wrote this and added the following.  We had a Smörgåsbord for supper tonight.  Of leftovers, that is. The table or “board” was laid full of a li'l of 4 things left over from the weekend. A li'l Baked Cod, Jerk Pork, Hot Chicken Wings and Bacon & Cheese Stuffed Steak Burgers. Did anyone get “smor-gas-from the board” of food?  Not me!  Can’t have much of that stuff.  You’ll be wondering umm…did I eat with my left hand? Umm…I ate with both.  Weird stuff.  I am sure there is some medical term for what my brain is doing. What did you say? Oh! No! The medical term is not "Trippin’"! Oh synapse! Also, I didn't even realize that my photo, though, I like to laugh at myself, are also showing the scars on my nose from surgery where I lost half a nostril due to the tubing. Go in for a stomach surgery to save my life and come out missing most of the stomach and half a nostril. PIMP LOL. That stinks. Well, I guess it only stinks halfway? PIMP LOL. Gotta laugh... Medicine!  Have a Smörgåsbord of fun tonight. Hope it’s “smor-a gas- than a bored” kind of night. What’s leftover of it! PIMP LOL!  G'night!   Trace

Jaw Dropping Journeys!

Yes!  I'm one of THOSE people who keep a journal about their journeys and sojourns in life.  Trying to find drops of joy even in the jaw-dropping journeys.  You know?  Those journeys that leave you speechless with your jaw to the floor.  Tough stuff.  I mean, who could speak with their jaw dropped to the floor?  PIMP LOL.  Anyway, I have unique physical challenges, so the journal is a bit of a health/music/life/writing journal.  My journal title is: Sojourneyaling.  Of course, that's spoken with an accent, “sojoyneyaling”! PIMP LOL.  Reminds me to feel joy in the journey instead of just being joyful when it’s over and I get to a sojourn (rest).  Yep!  I know!  It's tough stuff!  Have a wonderful week.  Stop here at my place for a sojourn before you adjourn!  For lots of other short stories and music and other links.   On with the journey and sojourneyaling!        Trace

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Better To Be Just-A Amos Than An Ignore Amos!

When I was a kid, some of the mean kids would call other kids ignoramuses.  So, this is how I would have handled it instead of name calling or being too shy to speak if I knew what I know now.  I would answer with a joke.  So when the kid says, “Hey!  You ignoramus!”  I’d say, “No, I do not ignore Amos.  I always notice him!  In fact, I know all about him.” PIMP LOL. Even today a lot of people throw that word around an use it wrongly.  I’ve even used it on myself once or twice because of my health or thinkin’ I am just a shadow of who I used to be.  If you want to understand what ignoramus is? Noticing that it begins with the word ignore…is a must. You know? Ignore-a-must? Ignoramus.  You have to ignore information about something to be ignorant or an ignoramus.  Be oblivious!  One of my fave words.  It’s more of a “know-nothing” than a “just a”.  I was thinking of Amos in the bible.  Sometimes we think we are a "just-a"!  We are just-a salesman, farmer or housewife.  Or “just-a” portion of the person we used to be.  Amos, from the bible, would be considered a "just-a."  He wasn't a prophet or priest or the son of either.  He was just a shepherd, a small businessman in Judah.  Who would listen to him?  Who would ignore him?  An ignoramus, that’s who!  Because he ignores-amos!  What?  Okay, so, instead of making excuses, Amos obeyed and became God's amazing voice for change.  THAT you cannot ignore.  God has used "just-a's" such as shepherds, carpenters, and fishermen and even a donkey, all through the Bible.  Whatever you are in this life, God can use you.  Amos wasn't much.  He was a "just-a."  "Just-a" servant for God.  Which is much to God.  And, much to those who listen and are impacted.   It is good to be God's "just-a."  Don’t be an ignoramus and don’t ignore Amos.  Don’t be a know-nothing!  Like Shultz in Hogan’s Heroes.  He always said, “I know nothingk” Of course, you just said it in a German accent, right? PIMP LOL.  He was joking, because he did not want to get involved or in trouble.  That’s another side of ignorant.  Sticking our head in the sand like an ostrich does and act like nothing’s goin’ on.  But, when we are purposely ignorant and stick our head in the sand, you know what we show?  Our butt’s.  That’s the other end of ignorant.  Always seek the truth and learn…about things, about God, about each other.  Don’t ignore Amos and you’ll never be an ignoramus!   Makes sense to me to be God's "just-a."  So, I’m “just-a” writer and singer and mama and wife and friend and yes, maybe, my body works “just-a” hair the way it used to, but I don’t want to be ignored and I don’t want to ignore amos’s out there.  I want to learn and know about God and about people and life.  One last note: the original photo was taken by kinski and used my photo editing software to color it!  Thanks, Kinski!  So, go have a fun day and don’t be an ignoramus.  Oh!  And don’t ignore this last thing!  It’s a link to our song about sharing our hearts.  What’s it called?  “Ignore Me”, of course.  But, don’t!  One of my fave songs of our band.  Click Me! I'm a song and cool video called Ignore Me. Don't be an ignoramus. PIMP LOL. Take a chance and listen.       Trace

Friday, January 20, 2012

Steppin It Up! A Stare Case For Staircases!

So, this morning I kinda felt like I went back a step this past couple months.  So, I stepped it up and after everyone got off to school and work, I got to work.  I was cleaning up just lil’ and I found an old photograph of my old house on the river (2nd photograph) and another one of part of the staircase (to the left).  Which got me thinking, of course, about stairs, stares and stepping up!  My saying?  Step it up, get a stare. You know? A few stares when you do something different or try hard, or even succeed?  Some glares?  But, keep stepping it up and step up.  Cuz there is One who is with you on the case. The staircase and the starecase.  From the bottom stair to the top stair.  AND!  From the bottom stare to the top stare!  His stare is never a glare. It’s a gentle, but firm loving reminder to keep steppin’ it up.  Even when we take a step back!  What?  It’s happens to us all.  But, keep steppin’ it up!  Don’t be blinded by the glare!  Step up.  Whether it’s a step up on the staircase, a re-step back up on the staircase, steppin’ up to the plate to go to bat for someone else (and bases are loaded), a step up from the gutter, or even from the trenches!  In any case, it’ll most certainly be a “stare”case!  But, still! A step up is a step up. You never know.  One of those stares?  May someday turn into a photo memory that changes someone else’s life.  You remember that old saying, take a picture, it’ll last longer?  Can only hope that a step I take makes a diff like that.  Something lasting and life-changing.  See you on the staircase.  You'll get no stares from me.  Just winks.  Have a fun day!  Step it up!    Trace 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Create Magic And Be A Marker! A Sharpie! Now, That's Sharp!

Be brilliant!  Be creative!  Be sharp!  Create magic and be a marker!  A sharpie!  In a child’s life.  Or anyone’s.  Even your own.  Today’s story is about magic markers, children and the magic of creativity.  As I was packing my daughter’s lunch, we were remembering how the blue cobalt kitchen cupboard knobs came about, which you can see in the photos below to the right.  Here’s how they went from plain white to brilliant blue.  About 10 years ago, my daughter was doing some drawing and helping me out in the kitchen when she got this brilliant idea to sharpie the, then white, knobs with cobalt blue. See, everything in our kitchen is cobalt and other shades of blue and green.  So, at first I was thinking “stop”.  But, then, I realized she was just copying me and decorating. And, copying is the highest form of flattery and compliment! And, sometimes, love. And, it really looked pretty.  So, guess what? I don't want to leave you to "draw" your own conclusions, so I will tell.  We sharpied all the rest of the knobs.  It was a sharp idea coming from a child and I so wanted her to be creative and not fear being herself.  I was like that many years, like a lot of us are.  I have some other blogs on that subject, right?  Lots of ‘em.  Anyways, to this day, I re-sharpie them every time they start to fade, which was what I was doing when she walked in the kitchen to get her lunch and saw me.  What a great memory.  Gotta have more of them.  But, for today?  This one’s brilliant!  My daughter says we’re the only family around who Sharpie’s their cupboard knobs, which is amongst a long list of creative ideas just like that.  Our “Only” List. Which we now call: The Sharpie List.  Now, that’s sharp thinking!  Sharpie thinking.  I mean, look at who we want to copy!  God, Himself! He has created great and sharpie things!  Wondrous things and people.  Have a creative day and dare to sharpie!  Open up a window to the soul and let some creativity and life in.  In you! Or, in a child! Or, in anyone!  Brings out the child in us all.  That can be magic!  And can be a marker in a life.  A magic marker!  A Sharpie, indeed!   I thank our Creator God and Father for all creativity.   Yep!  I am His child.  He opens windows to my soul and brings out life.  That is Sharpie!              Trace

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Abel And The Three Ables: For All Able Bodies (veritable, meritable, charitable)

This is my short story on Abel and The Three Ables.  Of course, I was reading about Abel and about how God was pleased with his sacrifice and God found favor in him.  Most of you know the rest of the story, but in case you don't, well, Cain, Abel's brother, murdered him.  They both gave sacrifices, but Cain's heart wasn't in the right place.  He attributed all his success to himself and didn't give his most excellent to God.  Abel gave honor to the Source.  God.  And only wanted to give his very best.  (Check out more of it in Genesis 4).  Yep!  I like the bible.  But, don't let that scare you off.  Finish the rest of my story. You can check the bible out for yourself. It's really full of cool stuff.  So, anyways, you know how my brain works, right?  I went from Abel to Able to these three "Ables" for all able-bodies.  You know?  Verit, Merit and Charit Able!  If you are willing, God is able, right?  FIRST, be authentic!  Genuine (veritable).  How do I describe myself genuinely?  Umm...  I am quaintly eclectic, saintly electric and faintly eccentric!  Taintly that the truth! PIMP LOL.  But, really all kidding aside.  Be true.  To God, others and to yourself.  Be yourself.  Cuz, to be Frank about it?  Frank has got Frank covered!  Don't try to be your brother.  Be you.  SECOND, strive for excellence in ALL you do (meritable).  Using the words excellence and all kind of cover the length and breadth and width of life.  Do your best in all you strive to if you are presenting your work to God.  Because we do.  Nuff said.  And, THIRD, be loving and giving (charitable) of your authentic excellent self.  To God and to others.  So, be veritable, meritable and charitable!  All while being yourself!   Have that kind of week.  Oh, and the photo is a collage of me being me...quaintly eclectic, saintly electric and faintly eccentric!  Taintly that the truth! PIMP LOL.       Trace

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Godfatha/God The Fatha Lessons: How Ta Rememba Ubiquitous And Perspicacious! No Sweat! Cacious Want Ta Know!

Well, most of you know how I love words and alliterations and puns and other ways of making writing and memorization fun.  From time to time I find words that I like the sound of them and they stick out and make me think of a Godfatha or New York/Pennsylvania style way of talking.  You know?  Mafia!  Yes, I am from Pennsylvania.  I like to turn those words into a "Godfatha speaks about God The Fatha" lesson. And, yes!  My mind is always traveling.  So, back to the story.  Here's another Memorization/Vocabulary lesson from The Godfatha about God The Fatha.  Today, the Godfatha gives his grand-kid’s memorization tips about the definitions of "ubiquitous" and “perspicacious”.  He tells them, "You's guys can memorize the meaning of ubiquitous dis way. You guys gotta think of it as telling God how much it means ta us dat He is everywhere all da time.You tell Him: You way big wit us, God! You-big-wit-us!  Ubiquitous.  Got it? Okay, now, the udda word perspicacious? In cacious want ta know? It means workin’ up a sweat at undastanding...discerning.  Like, wit God The Fatha.  How I rememba what it means?  The first part perspi?  Well, ya work up a sweat at being keen wit ya thinkin’.  Let ya mind perspire…case yas want ta know something. That's the second half: case ya's.  Cacious!  Perspi-cacious-want to know.  Perspicacious!  Now, ya's know! That's one time we DO sweat it!  PIMP LOL!  Two big words about a big God the Fatha who wants us ta know He is everywhere and wants us ta be keen about seeking Him."   K, thanks Godfatha!  So, find a creative way to learn and teach about Him...about everything.  Cuz he is everything.    Have a fun day.    Trace

Exercise or Exersighs!

Feeling a lil' down today and tired.  My body doesn't always work right when my emotions get the best of me.  When it runs me down, the other parts of me get that way.  If they get run down, it affects my mind and strength and spirit.  To be honest, I let things around me and words hurt me.  Yep!  Happens to all humans.  So, anyways, I was thinking about my exercise today?  Runnin’!  On empty!  You know how that is. That’s a real exersighs!  An exercise in futility instead of utility.  Doesn’t work out. PIMP LOL.  Whether it’s a real race or life, you gotta be prepared. Spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Utilize, not futilitize!  Get filled up, thrilled up, healed up and mealed up, so you can run the race…with joy and love. Now that’s getting real…’d up!  Not futility…but utility.  You’ll notice the difference.  So will others…  Exercise!  Not exersighs!  Guess I better put my writing to work on the first person who reads it.  Me!  I thank God for giving me strength and filling me up.  Have a wonderful day.   Oh!  And, another useful exercise?  Forgiveness.  Really tough, but builds up muscle.  Heart muscle!  Yep!  I wanna be an exercise in utility, not an exersighs in futility!  I wanna be a good Way!  Going to have to exorcize the "exersighs" out of me... PIMP LOL TNT.  By walkin' with the Lord.  Which means living like Him and with Him in every part of my life.  In the good, the bad and the ugly!  Now, have a fun day no matter how it "sighs"es up!       Trace

Friday, January 13, 2012

Lift Someone Up And Get Down With It!

As the end of my birthday week draws nigh, I had our our yearly lunch with part of my old Kennedy Space Center Team. They never let me down! Or get me down! Or get me down the other way! Help! Get me down from here. I just wanted to be taller than them in a photo for once! PIMP LOL. So, they lifted me up on this foot stool!  Yep!   They lift me up, too.  So, have a fun weekend! Get down! With it! Stand tall! Even if you have to crawl. Stand tall in your crawl. I have been there. And, these guys were with me. Sometimes, crawling is all we got.  But, with God, all things are possible.  We are the body. Make someone's crawl feel like a "walkin' tall".  BTW? Lunch at Kelsey’s was excellent.  I can’t eat much, but my lil’ bites of pizza were sooo tasty. Thankful for lil’ bites, lil’ crawls, lil’ steps. Stand tall in all!  Lift someone up today.  Hold someone up today!  Don't let someone down today!  Get down with lifting someone up!  Stand tall by helping  someone else stand tall!  Make someone feel a lil' bit big!  That's big stuff!      Trace

Haphazard 'bout Gap Hazard? Or Stand In the Gap!

Ever been so stuck on being sad or mad or stressed and been told that your face is gonna stay that way? Well, my girl is so stuck to her laptop that last night when she put the laptop away? She had indentions on her lap. I asked her who was Dell and since when did she have a tattoo of his name on her lap! I said to her, “isn’t that a lap hazard and aren’t you being haphazard about your lap hazard? One of these days your lap is gonna stay like that! Attached to your laptop!”  We laughed!   But, it got me thinkin...of course.  We have to be careful and not be haphazard about what we become attached to.  It might stay that way!  Be attached to God.  Nothing haphazard about staying that Way!  Oh! And, don’t be haphazard with a gap hazard!  What? Well, talk to all generations so’s not to have a gap in communications…a gap hazard. At home with your kids, parents, grandparents or anywhere.  Become attached to them.  Respect the gaps.  Even, stand in the gaps for them! Talk to God about them and talk to them about God.  Guess that would make it umm…don’t be haphazard ‘bout a rap hazard?  Okay!  I’m going now so there isn’t any need to be haphazard with your slap hazard here.  Have a good day and keep moving so’s not to be haphazard with a nap hazard.  PIMP LOL!  Oh!  And, just so you know?  I get a lil' attached to my computer, too.  Mine's sitting on a desk while I'm sitting on a chair.  By the time I get up from working on music or blogs or just computer stuff, I have permanent indentions, too. PIMP LOL.  We're alot alike.  Most important?  We talk.  Stand in the gap for all generations.  Know what I'm talkin' 'bout?     Trace

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Poop Profile! Profound?

Today's story?  "POOP PROFILE.  What? Yep!  Profound stuff!  Do I detect a trace of Trace in there?  What?  Let me explain!  Umm...okay, so I was cooking a late supper and we decided to watch NCIS before we played some video games.  We don’t watch TV much and don't have cable, so we Netflix it. Anyway, Abs was doing a sort of a DNA profile.  Only it was called a “Poop Profile”.  A profile on the bacteria in feces found aboard a ship to see how many people were on that ship.  Seems like a crazy way to check for stow-aways!  PIMP LOL.  Anyway, she said each person has their own unique…well, you know?  "Poop profile".  Can they really do that in Crime Scene Investigation these days? Or in my words…umm…so, do you think that was a "load of crap profile" or a “poop profile”?  PIMP LOL.  Sorry, couldn’t resist.  Hoping this made you smile and you don’t have a poopy day.  But, just remember?  It fertilizes us and helps us grow.  And, we each do have our unique poopy situations, or poopy profiles, that we have to draw strength from and grow.  We gotta see God every situation.  Good and bad.  Alot of times in the good, we tend to handle things on our own.  So, we can be thankful for the poopy times, for it is then that we call on God most.  And, we need His humor, and you must admit that He has some absolutely hilarious ways of making us all equal and humble.  I mean, look how miraculous, and yet delightfully humorous, our bodies are? Well, anyway, we need His humor AND His hope in every happening!  In every profile.  Profound or else wise.  Whether you are having a crappy day, or a "someone's pee'd off at you" day or a "Toilet Papered" day!  What?  I'm just keeping with the theme of the story.  I best go now.  Keeping a low profile.   Hope your day is profound and profun!  Now I gotta get prolost!  What?  Profound...prolost?   PIMP LOL.  Oh!  And, the photograph?  Just thought it looked like one of those poopy profile days where I got my back against the wall!  But, I am growing from all that "fertilizer"!  You grow, too!  Remember to have patience in poop!  Takes awhile, sometimes!  So, if you are surrounded by "it" today or standing in "it", remember that "it" is fertilizer and helps us grow.  And, jus tthink!  You thought I was just full of "it".  Nope!  Cuz when things are stinky?  We grow! Toward the Son!  Just like in the garden... When life stinks, you know you're gonna start growing. If you're rooted. No sense fertilizing without roots.  I have other stories and profound stuff here!  PIMP LOL.  Now, I'm gonna get prolost while you get profound!          Trace

Criminetly! Booked Or Good-Booked?

Criminetly! This is a crime! My story today is about this news item I saw about these guys who broke into a home and robbed and beat the family. Upon jumping into their get-away car, they realized…uhh…duh! They’d left the keys in the house. They went back for the keys, but the house was locked, of course, and they’d already called 911. They were arrested and booked! Not just because there were eye witnesses, but there were “keys” witnesses. PIMP LOL. I think they need some more Booking! You know? The Good Booking & School Booking kind! And they shouldn’t call it the get-away car. They didn’t get away with it. You never really do get away with it, do you? I mean, criminetly! It’s you that gets affected the most, even if no one else knows when you do something good or bad. God knows our hearts. That the good news, the bad news AND the Good News! Ahhhh…. Get booked today! It’s not a crime to read our bibles, yet! Have a fun day! Criminetly! Go ahead! That’s not a crime either.  Oh!  And when you get Good Booked?  Make sure you have a Key witness!  He's the key you need to open up the bible and let the words become life and breath in you.  Unlocks our hearts.  And, speaking of breathing it in?  At the end of this story is a link to one of my fave songs that's not one of our originals.  It is so worth the listen.  We did this at church once or twice and I sang the girl version of it.  What a cool song.  Putting up this story about crime and booking and breathing in God, brought this song to my heart once again. Back a few years, when I could hardly breathe and was very ill, dying. I just couldn't give up so I would sit outside and just listen to the radio and talk to God. Cry out really. Though silent. This song came on one day! And, then every hour after that for weeks.  Pretty soon? I was singing again. It talked about how "I am sure all of heaven's heard me cry"...and that's just what I had been doing. Crying out! I felt like the whole world could read my broken heart and body and soul without me saying anything. Anyway, hope was born again and the music was medicine.  Still is.  When I sang this song and others after these weeks?  It  was like breathing for me.  Can I get a witness? PIMP LOL. We all need those!  Be someone's "witness".  Okay, so, booking is just down the hall, so on the way out, check out some of my other rooms and stories and music here.  Relax and visit.  You might find a few traces of Trace here.  A lil' home-made humor and hope.  Now, I gotta book it myself!  You know?  Get outta here?  Work to be worked.  Life to be lived.  Fun to be funned?  PIMP LOL.  Follow me! Take a listen to this before you go.  I dedicate it to Blondie and her family:  Every Time I Breathe (Big Daddy Weave)  Cool song.    Trace

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Be Comforted! Remotely Speaking!

So, today I am going to work on my Mom’s PC from the comfort of my music room.  Maybe even in my comfortable Handerpants! Gonna see if I can give her some comfort by fixing her PC without her having to take a BC! I am trying out a free “Remote Access” download. Do I have a chance at fixing it? Remotely! PIMP LOL. Of course, I do! For real! We have so much at our fingertips to solve problems. First, I go to God to ask for the knowledge and the hope I need, then I access my brain.  And,  last? My computer brain! Don’t even go there. What’s the PW to access my brain? “Alwayson&alittleoff”.  I won’t tell you the other PW’s.  I’m not comfortable with that.  PIMP LOL. Everyone has a a remote chance at having a comforting day.  Remotely speaking, that is!  Comfort someone.  You'll be comforted!  Gotta go now. I am going to a very remote place. The outskirts of my brain. See you on the trip back. PIMP LOL. Have a fun day!  Use your brain and your heart!  And, yes!  I do speak geek!  With tongue in cheek!   Now it's time to work and comfort.  Got the B.C.'s handy just in case!  PIMP LOL TNT             Trace

Monday, January 9, 2012

Falippes or Pilates!

I was talking to my family in the living room while they were both plugged into headphones with one ear off.  Every home is like that, right? Anyway, my daughter thought she heard me telling her that it’s time for “Falippes” . She’s like, what is that? Some kind of new exercise like Pilates? I laughed so hard and said, yeauh, only we do fa-lips, right?  I was actually reminding them that it was almost time for to read Philippians. You know? Spiritual exercise! We’re reading it every day for a month. Last month? We did Hebrews for a month. Every time I said it’s Hebrews time, Sam thought he was to make coffee! PIMP LOL TNT.  Exercising your body & soul is a mind fa-lipper! Better to do falippies than to fa-lip out!  Have a fun week.   Trace

Thursday, January 5, 2012

WoW MoM!

This year, we were pullin’ names from a hat (the one on my head in the photo) and whomever you picked you got to choose a New Year’s Resolution for them.  Something doable.  So, my daughter wrote the names out and threw them in a hat.  I drew the first name.  I read it aloud: “WoW”!  She said, “very funny, MoM”.  Really what name did you pick and what is the resolution on it?  I said, “what”?  “I didn’t write the names, you did”. "It says WoW and the resolution on it is kinda blurry".  "You should so write bigger". PIMP LOL.  So, anyway, that's my resolution. To be WoW.  Or it that my name?  Now, you know it was MoM turned upside down, but it got us thinking.  Remember even when your life is turned upside down, MoM (or anyone), you are still thought of as “WoW”.  At least, that’s the way this MoM sees things. WoW is doable!  Even if you’re not a MoM, you can be WoW.  It's doable.  Seeing God in everything can turn your life upside down.  And, right side up!  At the same time!  Now, that's a resolution. OR, a revolution! PIMP LOL.  Because sometimes?  What we pull out of our hats?  Isn't always magic!  Have a WoW week!       Trace


So, I wrote lots of short life stories during the Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks.  I posted photos in an album and a story with each and thought I was posting here which posts automatically to Facebook.  Instead, it just posted at FB.  Whoops! Well, all the stories and photos are there, now I just gotta get them here.  So, on Facebook, I combined them all into a Story/Photograph album. With just a Trace of humor and hope in each.  For now, stop by the album link and check out my lil' stories.  There is one for just about everything that can possibly happen! Like using powdered sugar doughnuts to decorate the house with snow or some of my homemade food creations or authentic Carols.  How 'bout the "whoops" story to go with this photo.  I accidentally shrunk this flannel shirt in the photo, so of course a story came with it.   Just click on this link and then click your heels.  The link lights up and so will you. Traces Of Humor And Hope For A Season!  And, have a fun day.  I am sure eventually I will put each photo and story up here where it's supposed to be, but for now...  Whoops!       Trace