Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Frame Of Mind: Every Picture Tells A Story

Every picture tells a story...without words. And, every story? Yep! Paints a picture...without a canvas. And, it all happens in our hearts and minds.  This story? Is about frame of mind...and a few of my sick Tracy humor jokesBeen in an odd frame of mind, so here’s an odd story about frames and my odd mind.  Some Tracy Humor about frames and pictures and truth and love and sickness and horror movies and life.  Now that's a mouthful.  Or, a sentence full!  Ever been framed and you just gotta prove you’re right? Like a picture frame with your back against the wall?  You know, on the hook…to hang there and look like everything is cool.  When you don’t feel like it underneath all that paint...on the inside?  Hang on. Every picture tells a story…without words. You’ll be off the hook soon.  Everyone might not hear the picture you tell…but everyone sees the picture you tell.  Keep your mind in a good frame today. Sometimes being right and not saying it? Says a lot…about you.  Sometimes, being right and being quiet might seem wrong, but knowing you're right and not having to say it?  Is loving.  Hard, but loving.  Well, this was just a small part of a blog I wrote after watching The Passion this past week while I have been having some rough patches with health and other "stuff".  I didn't get it up in time for Easter and though, it’s late, I thought it would still paint a good picture.  You know, He knows all about being framed for something.  And most times a frame-up?  Has a glimpse of truth in it.  So the picture it paints?  Seems right.  But, if you look close?  You can tell it’s a forgery!  He was framed and kept quiet.  Had to be terrible painful and horrid, but victorious.  Difficult to take in.  So, if I’m gonna be a masterpiece hanging on the wall for others to see?  It’s gonna be called “The Master’s Peace”, I hope.  Not the “Master’s Pieces”.  I know, right?  Thanks, everyone, for the prayers for my health and strength and our music.  Stop by some other of my stories here and don’t forget?  Click on the picture…  To get, well?  The bigger picture!   Hang tough.  That's what I am gonna do.  Though, I admit, sometimes I don't feel like it.  Oh, and here is the result of letting life and being sick and watching too many horror movies get to you.  The result?  My sick…um…sick jokes:

Thought I was in line for a sick extreme make-over. Wrong.  I was in the extreme take-over by sickness and life line.

When I’m sick, I’m not too picky about being swept off my feet.  I’ll settle for raising my feet while someone sweeps under them.  Though vacuuming does suck…really. PIMP LOL

Feel like I got the crud and I’ve been watching so many creepy horror movies that even my crud is creepin’.  Wish it would creep on outta here!

And, finally…if you don’t pay your exorcist, will you get repossessed?  Or, maybe cursed?    At?

What?  I told you they were sick.   Here’s to hoping that the next time I write?  My jokes won’t be so sick…and neither will my health or spirits.  Hang tough cuz ever picture does tell a story...just depends on the "frame" of mind.  Look close and listen with your eyes and heart.  Trace

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yardwork, Life And Fertilizer: The short and sweet of it! Oh, Crap!

So, this week? Yard work! Much yard work!  Some raking and bagging! And, I was planting grass seed and spreading a lil’ bit of fertilizer. That got me thinking…  Like always, right?  You plant something? You want it to grow, right? Well, then you need to fertilize a bit and water it alot. A little crap makes the grass grow and smell sweet. In fact? The crap makes the grass smell even sweeter than it would normally. Just like in life. Without the crap? You don’t grow. You don't notice the sweet stuff as deeply,  Isn't that sweet!  Yep!  Without all the stuff?  We wouldn't learn patience or love or hope or faith.  Now, guess what church was about? Yep! All this crap. Sweet! You buying that? Yep! You got it!  Just make sure you buy the right fertilizer!  PIMP LOL.  Sometimes, we buy into the wrong stuff and get in a mess and don't grow.   Seriously, though, God is so amazing.  And our pastor got the point across with stage props about planting...and also got huge props from all of us!  He always uses real life story applications to give us some life on Saturday and Sunday!  Sweet!  A little side note?  I used to have a pig for years and let’s just say that we did not need to buy fertilizer and I had the best yard and plants in PSJ for years.  Thanks to my Grace and her eating well!  And, thank you Lord, for your grace you give us!  Have a fun day everyone!  Have a fun week and do some fertilizing…  In your yard and your life and the lives of others!!!   And, the next time someone gives you some crap?  Just remember?  It’s the crap that makes us grow!    Sweet!!    And, like the stepping stones in the photo?  Each time we make it through some crap?  We go on to the next stepping stone...   Oh, and as our pastor Erick sang this morning in church?  "Thank God I'm A Country Girl!".   So, just spread “it” around a bit… You ask what am I spreading? Rumors? NO WAY! Love? Uh, no! Just some fertilizer…errr..uh, my story on fertilizer…that is. Okay! And, some love and hope and humor. My spokesperson? Grace! My pig! Being in “it” is what helps us grow.  Trace