Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Rain In Spain And Spring Break: Good For Whatever Ales You

Today it is raining!  Cats and dogs!  So glad that the Rain In Spain fell mainly on our plains today! It was refreshing and wonderful and the sound was music to my ears. And that is the “plains” truth. Hoping for more Spain rain in our neck of the plains soon.  And, since it was raining, which I love, and it is spring break, my girl and I decided to watch scary movies all day and rest!  Yay!  Much needed since we both have had a bug on and off for awhile.  So my thoughts today are about "Spring Break" and "Taking A Break" from life and bugs, and the 4 things to do for whatever ails you!   Especially because it seems like everyone I know, including yours truly, has been down with something lately.  Sick, I mean!  So, I thought I would write my short remedy for everything.  So, take a break and spring into some reading!  Here goes:  It’s Spring and it’s break time for the kids! And some of us big kids, too, right?  I admit!  I’m just a big kid! Time to have fun WITH them and have fun LIKE them! PIMP LOL! So, whether you spring into the break or you break into spring?  Spring into some fun! BOING! BOING! BOING! Get sprung by spring! Take 1 break, before you break in 2! Take a spring break! No matter what ails you?  A bug or a cold or whatever?  There are 4 things you need to have.  #1? Ginger ale! It’s good for what ales you!  #2?  Chicken soup.  It’s good for ummm…the soul?  Isn’t that a book, right? PIMP LOL. No, is good for the body!   #3?  A neck rub!  It’s good if you’ve been rubbed the wrong way! Right?  Whatever!  So, stick your neck out!  Sip some chicken soup for the body and soul and drink some ginger ale… for what ales you.   And, last, but not least?  #4?  Prayer!   Really?  That is the chicken soup for the soul!  So, feel better and take a break!  And, by the way?  The Rain In Spain or your neck of the woods and Spring Break are also good for whatever ales you!!!   Like always, click on the photo for...well?  The bigger picture!   Oh, one more thing?  The origin behind it's raining cats and dogs?  Long time ago in England, houses had thatched roofs-thick straw-piled high, with no wood underneath.  It was the only place for animals to get warm, so all the cats and other small animals (mice, bugs) lived in the roof. When it rained it became slippery and sometimes the animals would slip and fall off the roof.  Hence the saying "It's raining cats and dogs."   Have a fun day.  Oh, and if you want to listen to a soothing gorgeous album today?  Check out an old one called "Age To Age" by Amy Grant.  My fav on there is "I Love A lonely Day" and "It's Raining On The Inside".  Perfect for today!   You can find it all over the web.  I have a copy of it and love it.  Trace

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hold Your Horses! Hold Your Tongue! So The Cat Don't Got It!

So, I haven’t been writing too many blogs lately.  Been holding my tongue or maybe…a cat got my tongue!  PIMP LOL.   I thought I’d write a few words of hope and humor today to get back to blogging.  So, I was thinking…  I’d rather hold my tongue than hold my breath and gasp after saying too much!  I know, right?  We’ve all done it.  And even while we’re speaking, we are telling ourselves, “Hold on!  I really do wish a cat had got my tongue this time!” Right? PIMP LOL. My favorite theory of the origin of that?  Is in the following...  Because?  A cat has not got my tongue!  And, I’m not giving you any lip, either!  Just a mouthful!  So smile, read on and have a fun day! Cat got your tongue origins:  From the English sailing-ship days, and refers to the cat-o'-nine-tails (a rope whip with nine knotted cords). If the captain or other officer told a sailor something in secrecy, the sailor would "get the cat" if he told anyone what had been said. If others wanted to know what had been said, they would ask, "Tell us, or has the cat got your tongue?" (Tell us, or are you afraid you'll be punished for telling?) The fear of a whipping with a cat-o-nine tail for short, could paralyze a victim into silence.  Whoa!  Now, that’s a mouthful!  What?  I didn't say anything!  My lips are sealed!   So, tell me your theory on the origin of this saying. Or a new saying origin!  And, stop by some of my others articles and rooms here.  Love to hear from you.  Don’t hold your tongue!  And, go ahead and give me some lip.  Oh, and click on the photos for what?  The bigger picture, of course!  Ok, hold on here!  And, I mean, hold your horses, not your tongue!  Got one more saying about holding...your tongue?  Sometimes we do need to speak, so when we do?  You know that saying "Speak, but forever hold your peace"?  Well, I say "Speak sometimes!  but, when you do? Forever...hold your peaceful tongue!  So, no one gets a piece of your tongue!  PIMP LOL.  Trace

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Puzzles, Cereal And Roosters... You know? Flaky stuff!

So, this morning, I called my friend to ask her to please come over here and help me with something puzzling. I got a killer 3D jigsaw puzzle as a gift, and I can't figure out how to get it started. I was always so good at puzzles, but, it’s been a while and I was stumped. So, she asks me, "What is it supposed to be when it's finished?" I said, "Well, according to the picture on the box, it's a rooster." So, my girlfriend decides to come over and visit and help me with the puzzle. I let her in and show her where I had the puzzle spread all over the table. She checks out the pieces for a moment, looks at the box, then turns to me and says, "First of all, have you been sick again and not sleeping well? She, then, took my hand and said with a sort of a laugh, "Secondly, have you eaten yet? Let's put all the Corn Flakes back in the box and have some breakfast before I take you to see a real rooster at the funny farm"! Hope your day isn’t too puzzling. Or, too flaky! PIMP LOL.  After a gecko story and corn flakes? Where else can I go, but up!  One flake at a time!   Trace

Faith And Geckos

So, I’m rockin’ on the porch this morning and I see one of those Geckos like on the Geico commercials, only blue. What other color would it be at our place, right?  So, I wanted to see what all the worry was about,  you know?  The guys being afraid and not having the faith to fall back on him.  OK, so after I pulled myself and my broken back up off the concrete, and buried my little blue guy, it hit me!  Literally! Ouch! TNT LOL.  So, make sure when you trust someone to always be there and to catch you when you fall? Well, just be sure He is bigger, stronger, not green, and most of all…REALLY does have your back! I know, right? Not the Gecko, but the creator of the Gecko! PIMP LOL.  Have a fun day.  Stop by my other rooms and articles.  Love to hear from you today.  Trace

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tore Up From The Floor Up and Rip-Roaring Humor

 Well, you can tell I have been very sick and resting like my pig, Grace over on the rug.  She has been gone now for many years, but this photo was such a restful photo, that it made me feel better just to post it.  I noticed I haven’t written a blog article for 2 weeks, so even though I am still quite sick, I am putting up a short one so you guys know I still fighting the fight and running the race!  So, I am in a forced rest mode for a few days.  And, I'm gonna be hanging out on the Bald Hill mountains on my hanging hammock... virtually... in my mind, that is!  But, rest assured, that when I am done with my rest? The rest of my life will be there waiting. Right?  It always is.  Hope the rest of you guys have a rest of the week…that IS a “rest” of a lifetime!  For the rest of the week? I’m pretending I’m resting on a hammock between 2 trees at my old house I lived in until 13, to the left, in Pennsylvania (click on the photos for bigger picture). You’ll just have to imagine the hammock, just like me.  I am imagining the picture on the right is part of the picture on the left in the back yard where we use to play.  It's there...just can't see it.  Imagine it!   I am again, rest assured, that this rest? Will give my body some restitution. PIMP LOL. Come join me for a rest. Be rest assured that we will not be alone! Thankfully.   And, speaking of being sick…  Ever felt "tore up from the floor up"? Like paper in a shredder? It’s not quite the same as the saying, “ripped”, as in muscular, right? More like ripped to shreds! PIMP LOL. And, not just your jeans! Anyway, nothing like a baby and a little rip-roaring humor for your rips and tears! So, click on and watch the video and rip into laughter! Medicine for your day.  Guaranteed prescription!  I’ll be back! Imagine that with Arnold’s accent, please.  Arnold who?  You know the Terminator line, right?  Right!  So, comment and drop in on my other ariticles and pages here.  I love hearing from you guys.   Now, watch and laugh!  Rip-roar!   Much love, Trace