Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Singing and signing...soul languages! Put some sing in your sign and some sign in your sing! Listen and watch "Like Adam And Eve"! And read my mind is a garden of eden of ideas!


So, hopefully, you listened and watched the above new song and video.  Our newest!  Now, you're ready for the rest of the story.  My favorite written comment from Youtube and Facebook was this:  “Love this, but I really do love when you "sign" any song, any style.”   PIMP LOL.  Hmmm…a typo or a sign? Dun da da dun!  Drum roll!  Just kidding. I know what they meant, but I couldn’t resist, right!!   I can take a hint!  Signing it is!  So close in spelling. Cool, huh?  Both being expressions of our heart and soul.  And put sing and sign together?  You get music for the ears, the eyes & the soul!  Sometimes?  Signs have to be heard and sometimes? Some songs have to be seen! Right?  You see or hear that?  Now, that’s a sign from God!  And I hear it…loud and clear!   Oh, and?  I already do my own style of signing while singing. Called mind sign. Whatever’s in the ♥ & mind? Comes out in the sign! Just like the sing!  And I really do love to watch the signers during music.  So expressive & beautiful.  They really sing!  I can hear them loud and clear!  I keep a close eye out for certain signs…like the pointer finger across the throat.  Then, I know to stop…PIMPLOL.   There are certain signs that are just so obvious.  We all kind of sign when we talk and sing, anyway.  At least, I do!   I always watch and  learn from the signers…cool stuff.  Their signing is kind of the idea behind my videos for our songs.  I want them to be music for the eyes…while the ears hear the audible music.  Then they both reach the soul.  K!  Hope you have a day that is “soul”-ed out!  Oh, yes!  Another thing about signs?  We all like signs from God to know what or how we should do something?  You know?  We're always asking Him for a sign!  Well, my signs are usually in the forms of "bible billboards"?  In my bible and in the people around me and in life.  Sometimes even in the music.  Sometimes, the in the sing. PIMPLOL.   One last note:  I always get so many personal emails and encouraging comments.  And, I meet so many talented artists.  But!  And, I mean, butt!  I did get one that inspired me to write about “Comments And Compliments”!   You know?  The “but” part!   Why does getting “paid” certain compliments leave you feeling like you “owe” something to them?  Right?  I like to encourage…period!  If you're going to compliment?  Don't end it in a "but", or you are showing your butt."  Just kidding.  Just me?  I speak from the heart and encourage from the same place.  Let God do the rest.  When you put it out there to reach out?  It just might reach back and smack you.  PIMP LOL.  You gotta be prepared for all.  And it’s worth it!  But, mostly?  Reaching out and putting yourself out there?  Isn’t reaching at all!  Not a stretch.  It’s just what we should do.  Serve!  K!  Signing off for a bit! TNT LOL!  Stop by my other pages here at Trace’s Place and my others posts.  Let me know what you think.  I  think?  Check out some of our others videos.  My most favorite video creation of ours?  Is “Love Lifted Me” :  and One Heart!  I have our links to the videos over to the right of my blog.  I want you to get a feel for the music…even without it playing.  Try it both ways!  Imagine it from the video.  Then, listen, also.  Let me know!  Anyway, have a fun day!  Reach out!  Give someone a sign!!!!  Oh, and click on the photos, for, well?  The bigger, picture...and the small print.   Trace

Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Sojourneyaling" and Forks In The Road (Gag me with a spoon? Or a whole place setting, right? PIMP LOL)

Sojourneyal-ing is my new word today!  My adventure story.  It is  about journeying, journaling, sojourning!  Since I can’t drive that much or travel right now, I do a lot of thinking about it and praying and hoping.  For today? I will  do some adventurous travel in my writing and music.  Hope you'll come along for the writing ride!  So, my adventure today is also about signs and about crossroads, easements and right-of-ways!  Whether journeying the roads on the map!  Or journeying while mapping out the roads of our life!  Or, even, helping someone else find their way or even get back on the road.  In any case, sometimes, we take the high road and sometimes the low road.  And, many times?  The back roads!  We call them the scenic routes.  Gives us time to think and enjoy sometimes.  An easier way.  Even, they can be dangerously beautiful.  Or, the shortcuts?  Which usually turn out taking longer, right?  The only part of shortcut that usually stands true?  Is the cut part.  It cuts into our time because it usually takes longer.  Along our roads we have easements and right-of-ways.  Are we all about easements or right of ways for ourselves in our own life travels and the roads of other people’s lives?  Do we give someone ease, give room, space?  Or are we someone who demands the right of way.  Do we cut slack or are we a slack?  Cut slack or cut off?  Ever come to a fork in the road and want help?  A lot of folks will dish out their opinion on which way to turn and act like they care, but you feel like you are getting a knife stuck in the back.  Your plate is full.  Your cup runs over with worry, right.  You feel like that old saying, “gag me with a spoon, right?  All I can say is:  I’ve been there.  Gag me with a whole place setting is my saying! PIMP LOL!  I know everyone has felt like that, right?  I couldn’t resist the whole fork, plate, cup, spoon, knife thing.  Anyway, sometimes folks are just trying to help, for real, though, and doing the best they can with an answer.  You have to find the ones you can talk to and trust.  Who know you and God, and want what’s best for you, not them.  And, you know what?  We are all looking for those signs along the way.  We plead and beg for signs to drop out of the sky!  But, we want signs that actually tell us what to do.  Which direction to turn.  Instead of a choice!  I mean some signs tell you stop, or slow down, speed up, but mostly, we have to choose.  Think on our own.  Free will.  And life is not just about the crossroads and the choices, but how we live with the choices and if we keep living and learn from the choices and decisions.  Stay on the road.  Not just about getting from one sign or crossroad to the next, but the trip there.  Life is more than crossroads and decisions!  It's about?  Well?  Living!   Finding life and joy and humor in the journey.  For me?  Part of that journey this past couple years has been to journal about my health and my life. So, I’ve been on a journey to get stronger.  My rest stops?  Writing in my journal.  Just short little memories or health facts, prayers, etc.  And each one?  A rest…a visit…a sojourn!  Then, I can look back and it helps me figure things out better. So, my new name for my journey and journaling and rest stops and sojourns?   Sojournaling: a journaling journey!   Better yet?  Sojourneyaling!  Hoping that  your sojourn to my place today is a good journey, so far.   One where there is joy and humor and hope along the road, along the journey.  Right?  We all need that...a little peace and quiet and humor.   So, do some sojournaleying yourself when you get done reading here!  And, remember to give someone the right of way today… cut some slack.  Put someone first.  That could mean something as simple as listening!  Or, as hard as listening!  PIMP LOL.   Hard stuff, I know.  I have to be the person who hears this stuff first.  So, I know God is working on me every article I write.  Have an “ease”y day!  Make someone else’s life easy!  Whatever road you’re on today?  Call on the Maker of the signs to give you direction.  He knows you best…better than anyone!  One more story.  I wrote this thought the other day in hopes to make it a song:  I was traveling the back roads and came to a crossroad.  The sign?  High Road this Way…Low Road that way.  Low Road looked inviting but seemed to have no end. It was paved with good intentions, but the sands of time showed roots of bitterness, pain, jealousy and unforgiveness growing amongst the rocks. High Road?  Looked steep, narrow and rough, but I could see someone waiting at the end…just One Rock.  He was smiling.  Made up my mind!  High Road it is!  It's okay to enjoy the scenery and life around your roads!  We're supposed to!  But, remember who we eventually see at the end and let that be our guide.  Those roads can be beautifully dangerous, sometimes!  So, be careful and keep journeying!  Keep sojourneyaling!  By the way, I used to journey my roads in my ’69 Camaro.  Then, a ’68, 3 trucks, another Camaro and finally a PT Cruiser.  But, I have to say that when I can get out and drive more?  Wouldn’t mind journeying the roads in that new Camaro!  Blue or brown or black!  Whew!   Just sayin’!  And, if you don't have a car or a bike, don't forget?  We all got feet!  You guys know how much I love to hear from you.  So, journey through my other articles and my place here.  Take a sojourn at Trace’s Place!  Write in my journal here…comment!  And, click on the photos for what?  The bigger picture, of course! TNT LOL!  And, of course the smaller print.       Trace

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In And Out Of Our Element! One Of My Comfort Zones? Listening to Gary Moore! Plus: How about IV, short for InterVene? As a band name? Get comfortable and read on...

So, today, I am writing about elements.  No!  Not science.  And, no!  Not weather.  Just elements... as in, comfort zones.  And, feeling out of your own element.  Out of your safe space.  Just some of my elemental thoughts on it.  PIMP LOL.  You know?  Come to think of it?  I guess it could be weather, too.  Sometimes, we feel out of our element when the elements are out of it!  PIMP LOL.  You know?  Like this crazy Florida weather we've been having and, really, everyone all over the country.  We do change inside just like the seasons.  Anyway, back to my story.  So, how did I come up with this?  Well, been thinking about it a lot lately since I can’t drive much or travel because of health reasons right now and dizziness.  I always feel out of my comfort zone with my crazy body.  And that’s one zone?  I can’t leave.  Physically, that is!  When I sing or pray or sometimes relax, I take a vacation from body, that is.  Lots of times if we feel out of our element, we get out of Dodge!  I can’t.  Kind of an oxymoron, right?  Saying that my body is my “out of comfort zone”, right?  It’s where I live.  But, it’s my Dodge!  I can’t run.  Maybe, we are all like that a little.  Living with ourselves can sometimes be uncomfortable.  But, I am speaking mostly physical right now, for me, anyways.  So, I fill it with music and humor and hope and try to make it more comfortable, more livable.  I keep trying…is the elemental point.  Sometimes, it just doesn’t work the way I want it to. The way that is comfortable for me. The way it used to!  We say that a lot…all of us.  You know?   The way things used to? Things change.  God stays the same!  That’s the Good News!  We would forget we needed Him or anyone else if we never left that comfort zone.  Right?  I mean, everyone calls on God when things are horrible.  But, when thing go well?  Not so much.  Same with we humans.  We give attention and care so much when others are hurting which is a good thing.  But, when someone is doing well?  Are we thankful and encouraging or would that take us out of our own comfort zone?  Right?  You know what I mean.  I truly can say that because I can’t control a lot of things physically?  I depend on God so much for everything.  I mean I am the kind of person who words hard and will figure out what to do to fix anything, even myself, my body.  I am a hands-on, observant, detective, overly sensitive, discerning kind of authentic individual.  With emphasis on the overly sensitive.  But, some things are out of my control.  Speaking of everything?  That song was in the line-up this weekend at church.  And, I had been very out of my comfort zone all week with shaking and twitching with my nervous system reactions to everything, but God is greater.  And, He gave me a “higher” nervous system reaction to singing “Everything” than everything around me could have done.  I guess, really?  It was a higher spiritual reaction.  For that, I am so thankful.  No, it's not easy.  I do admit I pray every day for it to be easier for me.  Tears...  And, singing that song about seeing God in everything…is really my life.  Seeing Him in my breathing, my speaking, my resting, my eating, even drinking water…living!  Good song by Tim Hughes.  Anyway, seems whenever I am at my worst physically, then comes an opportunity.  This past week was a great example of God’s power.  After our church gig Saturday night, I found out that the other song we had sang (Thou Art A Shield) was a local woman, Mary Barrett’s recording.  An awesome worship leader!  I cried after hearing the story when I got home.   I went on YouTube and watched and listened to some of her videos.   She had gone through so much and had similar health difficulties as I do.  Fabulous talent and missed by so many!  She is with Jesus, now…it was an incredible feeling and honor to do that song with the whole band the next day for 2 more services.  Thank you, Mary, for sharing your beautiful gifts and your testimony and your life and music!  And the others for sharing her story.   Her website:     And, then, yesterday, the thought about all this moved to writing about it.  Which is usually what happens when God is speaking to my soul about what I need to work on.  So, I move on from hope to humor.  So, the story goes on when a friend of mine, Kaitlyn Victory, told me about her professor.  Oh, snap!  This professor? She randomly starts quoting elements in class out of nowhere. I’m thinking she was out of her element that morning, right?  You know what I mean?  A few chemicals & cells short of a synapse?  Out of HER element?  So, she quoted the first twenty chemical elements?  K!  Am I out of my element, too?  Just kidding!  I love teaching!  I actually used to be a teacher’s assistant and Children’s Church teacher.  Oh, synapse!  K!  The rest of the story is…the young lady had more classes, work, etc. and then IV.   I thought she was joking like me and meant that she would need an IV after her big day. PIMP LOL.   No. IV stands for InterVarsity which is the name of her Christian fellowship on campus.  Funny…perfect acronym.   I know my days sometimes feel like I need an IV.   I figured it was something like that...but, it sounded funny!  Kind of the same thought there.  I love it.  InterVarsity was her IV.  Her main line to life!  Fellowship is what we all need.  Sometimes, we might feel out of our element or comfort zone getting out for fellowship or whatever it is that we feel we’re in the middle of, right now.  Fellowship?  Just a big word for hanging out...finding something of similar interest.  Sometimes, fellowship might mean having to find something in common and might be out of our comfort zone.  Like musicians, sometimes have to find a crossover in their different tastes to be able to hang out.  If we just hung out with the same people with the same interests or common places?  We'd never grow.  Not sayin' we can't hang out within our comfort zone, though.  We need that.  I need that!  Some down time.  We all have “the place” where we feel in our element, comfortable.  For some, it is a place…for me it is singing and writing and decorating and humor and more.  Not so much a physical place.   I know when we are in our own element, that God can use us to bless others.  When we are in our comfort zone, we can definitely comfort others.  So, it’s a good thing.  But, we don’t want to get so comfortable that we call on God less.  Oh, and IV?  Could be like a really cool band name.  Like InterVene...IV!  Perfect!  So, have an elementally fun day out there in the elements.  Even if you are out of your own element!  Comfort someone matter if you have to step into your comfort zone or out of your comfort zone!  You'll be comforted!  So, I love to hear from you guys, so comment or email.  And stop by my other rooms and posts here.  Don't forget to click on the photos to get..., well, to get the bigger picture!   Hope this place?  Is a comfort zone for you.   Duh!  That’s elementary, Trace!

On a side note?  Seems in writing this article and in this past week, I am being reminded of the short time we have on this earth to give ourselves.  This is just temporary.  I just found out while typing this that one of my all-time favorite artists, as in singer, guitar player, Gary Moore, died on Sunday, February 6 in Spain.  He was only 58 and was not your usual loaded out blues-rock guy, so I was surprised at his early death.  And I speak from experience before I changed my life.  I now sing and play Christian Blues and Rock and everything.   Still love alot of the old stuff, though.  He was so incredibly talented.  When I listened to him?  I was in my comfort zone!!  That is why is he is one of my top 5 all-time favorite musicians and my top 5 albums "Still Got The Blues".  Wow!  Going to miss his talent.   What a feel for singing and playing.  Gives me chills.   Check him out.  I learned alot from practicing along with his songs over and over again singing and listening.  Gave his whole heart and soul.  I loved all his music, but, these are two of my favs he did, so sit back and listen and watch:  and

Monday, February 7, 2011

Take The Plunge! Instead Of The Plunger! Try Leaving Your Cell Phones, Converses And iPods At The Door! Plus Bringing Your Cell Phone Back From Toilet Death!

Today's story has taken place over a period of 3 days days, which is quite perfect because I am writing on patience and my 3-day rule and how to fix cell phones that have gotten wet.  Wow!  I just realized after proofreading this article?  How cool that is.  God's perfect timing!  So, my daughter's LG cell phone fell in the toilet a couple of days ago, accident-G!  OG!  Me, being TG, made her laugh in the midst of devastation!  OMG!  How?  Well, right after we prayed, I told her it should have been her iPod.  Then we could have called it an iPeed or iPood, and then an iPrayed.  Because iPaid for it and I can call it anything I want!   It worked.  She laughed. And, after drying it in brown rice for 24 hours and prayers?  So does the phone today.  Actually, I bought her the iPod last year for Christmas and her Aunt Dawn and Uncle Troy bought her the cell phone this year for Christmas.  And by the way?  Does everyone take their phone to the bathroom?  While they are bathing or washing hands.  OR?....  She was washing her hands and it fell off the counter.  Other wise I would have called it texting on the phone while sittin’ on the throne.  So, I told her?  Don't make me use the plunger!  Take the plunge!  Instead of the plunger!  PIMP LOL.  I don't want to have to use the plunger to unclog the mess and recover the gadget!  Try leaving your cell phone at the door...outside the bathroom!  I'm gonna make a sign that says that and also this:  Please leave sneakers and cell phones and iPods with clerk at the desk!  Me! PIMP LOL.  Well, anyway, remember that “today” I was talking about when the LG worked?  That today is now yesterday!  It did work all night, but when we tried to charge it last night? It wouldn’t charge and it kept saying “insert battery".   And, YES!  I did put the battery in it first.  You are funny!   Back to the drawing board to figure out what to do.  I wish I was rich sometimes or just had a little money, so I didn't have to always figure everything out and fix and repair...could just buy another phone.   Oh, well. NO complaints. It keeps me creative and thankful!   So, you ask what is my hope part of the story  today?  Since I already had some humor and a bit of character?  Me being a character myself?  Well, the nearest I can see?  And I can’t see too far right now because my contacts are wore out and my glasses are old, but that is another story.   So, the nearest I can see with my heart, that is?  Patience and making do.  We make money…and need more.  We make do…and need less.  Need less to say, right?   Like the motto of my daughter’s cell phone, an LG?  It is “Life is Good”.  Look for the good in each of life’s situations and find the humor in it.   Seeing God in everything?  Now, THAT is “The Good Life”!  Because, after all?  What's a parent to say when helping their children with LG cell phones or anything in life?  In short?  This parent?  Says: This is TG saying OG! while trying to charG the LG.  And I call that? PG!   Parental Guidance…OG!  Now, I need a in hug?  PIMP LOL!  One more last bit of info for you.  I always wondered what LG stood for on the appliances and all.  I didn’t think “Life is Good” was the company name.  Just their motto.  Which I like because they use their own letters and it’s creative.  Anyway, it is Lucky Goldstar.  So, along that line?  Give someone a gold star today.  Tell them they did good.  Give them the good life.  Give them a “Life Is Good” gold star.  And, I’m not talkin’ ‘bout LG Cell phones.  Although, I wouldn’t mind having one myself and having my girl’s phone working again.  But, we lived all these years without a cell phone and texting.  OG!  How did we do that?  A little bit of being creative and a lot of being thankfu! That’s how! So, make do!  And you’ll need less.  Needless to say!  And remember when you are having one of those bad today’s?  It will be a yesterday…tomorrow?  So, I will write more tomorrow and by the time I write it?  It will be today.   Another day passes...  So, this is tomorrow which is today now!  And I have an update:  Since yesterday I did some thinking and decided on 24 more hours of drying...this time under a very warm light and surrounded by brown rice...and also a bit more detective work, I realized I hadn't opened up the latch that covers the hole where you plug in the, I opened that also and pointed it toward the heat and open air. Also, tested the charger on another person’s phone and it worked.  So, I knew the phone worked, the charger worked and the battery was good, so it had to be the charger port.  Anyway, after a full day of drying, it is now charging at almost midnight. I told her that we always have the 3 day patience law around here…you know?  Like the disciples and everyone had to wait for Jesus 3 days, right.  But, she had to keep trying it in the first 24 hours.   Almost spent the rest of her Christmas money on getting another phone right away.  Good thing we were too tired to take her out and get another one last night.     So, the phone is charged and now working like new.  But, come to think of it?  If I had let her buy another one?   I would have kept messing around with her old one until it worked and then I would have had a cell phone, too.  PIMP LOL.   Oh, well!  Did I mention she had to go babysit at church last night and be without her texting and we prayed first and I told her to give all her attention to the little ones and not the cell phone and she did. Took her mind off it and gave God time to work in her heart…it’s called patience.  That was the other lesson in all this.  So, my thought is that if the 3-day isn’t enough or maybe it is too long for this certain situation you deal with? Then give it the 3 minute…or if the 3 days are up and you are frustrated, give it 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years.  You’ll know.  I use that in everything and sometimes it is the only thing keeping me from jumping ahead of God.  Jesus told the disciples He would return in 3 days and they had to be patient.  They were devastated.  Can you even imagine how hard that must have been to remain believing? Wow!  So, I am working on the 3 year thing right now with my health.  Tough stuff.  Been 3 years.  Some days all I can do is the 3 minutes.  But, it gets me through.  Sometimes, the 3 weeks…and that gets me through.  You know what I mean.  And, like the LG motto of Life Is Good, remember that God is good even when things don't work out the way we want or in the time we want.  It’s just that He sees the whole picture…our whole lifetime…past, present and future…in a snap!  And we see the snaps of our life time captured in a moment.   Oh, snap!  You know?  Photographs?  Memories...  Songs...   One last thing?  I do realize that leaving your phones and iPods and gadgets all out of the bathroom is an impossible request, but it sure makes for a fun story and lesson.  And, I mean, someone could text or call and I could not wait until I went to the bathroom or washed my hands or took a bath, right?  We must have everything in a snap!   Oh, snap!  So, now if you ever drop your cell phone in the toilet?  Follow my steps!  It works!  Love to hear your stories.  Take the plunge and comment! 

Okay, so the phone is still working.  You could say the LG stills keeps its charG! Oh, and here is an update that occurred on February 25, 2011.   So, here's the TMI on the LG via AT&T...all brought to you by TG. My girl’s cell has a strange name for caller ID. Called to have it changed 4 times, but OMG! The wires must be crossed between AT&T and "some other country".   Phone supervisor reads to me, “get your landline provider to make the right name come up”! What? Come on! Who thinks this stuff up to put in the book for all outsourced phone reps to read off to us? I’m thinkin’ someone with not enough TMI!    Either that?  Or too much curry!   Trace

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bugs, Ants & Sea Creatures! Horsing Around A Bit!

Bugs, Ants & Sea Creatures! Horsing Around A Bit?  See a theme here today?  Well, that’s my mind for ya!  You know how I love alliterations and a good play on words and puns and acronyms, groupings, etc.  So, my story starts out on Tuesday.  It started out like a lot of other people I know...still fighting this bug!  My day certainly was no picnic, if you know what I mean!  But, like ants who invade a picnic?  My "Ant" Deb called and invaded my dreary day.  Yay!  Only, it was a welcomed "Ant" invasion.  It had been years! Tears of joy, indeed!  We talked about everything.  Wonderful!   Then, later that night, like SpongeBob says...I ripped my pants!  Yep!  I ripped my pants at church band practice.  So, I guess that means we tore it up…in more ways than one!!!  PIMP LOL.  Our Youth Pastor, Khalil, says we tore up the clock, too.  My translation, that is.  His?  We got done very early.  Our band leader, Robert, was very sick with a fever.  He doesn't ever miss, so we knew he was very ill.  So, the whole band pulled it together, prayed and ran through the songs for this week.  Which meant that there was not time for any horsing around...not a bit!  I know!  Horse and bit?  Yep!  My crazy mind.   And now, I shall interrupt my story for another home- made joke.  One time we were practicing and our band leader said we needed to run through the songs one more time.  So, I threw all my song sheets on the floor and proceeded to run through them?   You know?  All over them.  PIMP LOL.  They laughed, for real!!!  So, back to the Bugs, Ants, Sea Creatures and Horsing Around A Bit!  So, that’s how I got the name, a flu bug, my Aunt calling, horsing around and SpongeBob!  Speaking of the band practice?  Afterward, the pastor was mopping the gym floor from open gym basketball.  Our church is a Gymnatorium, so they have Open Gym after Band Practice.  Pretty cool!  He said it must have been an awesome time because he was mopping up blood.  I said, “You should have seen the stage before we mopped it up!  PIMP LOL.  We gave our blood, sweat and tears”. (check out my first picture to see the facts)  And you know the band, "Blood, Sweat and Tears”?  I am sure that’s where they got their name from.  I think they used to practice at church and their pastor mopped up after them one night before they came up with a name.  He saw all their blood, sweat and tears.  And the rest was history!  Just kidding!  Actually, they got their name, I believe, from a Johnny Cash album called Blood, Sweat and Tears. They were on the phone in a producer’s office and looked up at the wall and saw the album… something like that.  Although, There is another story I tend to like way better.  It was inspired by a late-night gig in which Kooper played with a bloody hand. Kooper was the group's initial bandleader.  Cool, huh?  So, music, IS a contact sport…PIMP LOL.  So, a little blood, a little ripped jeans, some sweat and a lot of tears and heart…that’s music.  It’s Spirit Contact Sport, too!  So, how ‘bout “Ripped Jeans and Torn Veil” for our church band name?  Since we work so hard and serve the Lord?  It shows our service and His!  It also shows our weaknesses and sin…our rips and tears…and what He did for us.  Or, maybe, it would be better if it was “Ripped Jeans For Torn Veil”!  Yes, I like that better!  If my other band wasn’t already “the b.a.s.i.c. band” that would be my other choice.  Or Straight Street!   K…one more thing about my jeans?  They were my favorite jeans and they already had rips all over them all on purpose!  You know?  On the knees and all for decoration?  But, this one?  Definitely won’t work as a decoration.  NOPE!  PIMP LOL.  Time for patching.  Who would have ever thought that rips in jeans would be cool decorations?  Anyway, I love them!  One more home-made joke for today.  I used to shred on my guitar and sew clothes.  Now?  I wear shredded clothes and play guitar “sew-sew”.   Sew…have a fun afternoon.   Go out and do some contact sports today.  You’d be surprised what qualifies as a contact sport!  Even music!  Go out and tear it up!  Have a rip-roaring Thursday!    Invade someones day!  Or let someone or something good invade yours.  Takes your mind off yourself and your bugs!   Contact someone and be a good sport about it!!  That qualifies as a contact sport, right?  PIMP LOL.  Don't forget to click on the photos to, well?  The bigger picture, of course!!!       Trace

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Dissed"appointment And B'logging B'logna! (Grab your Google goggles for the click ick about to hit you in the face!

I have always loved to write and sing, but I am new at blogging.   I usually write about life and humor and hope…whatever is going on in my life or in my mind that day...which is always on and a little off, right? PIMP LOL.  So, my story is about real life and I have found humor in it and I am hoping things work out, so…  I guess this counts as my normal blog material, right?  And, it just so happens to be about blogging.  I’m calling it: Dissed Appointment, Click Ick, B'logging B'logna And Google Goggles!  Dissed Appointment Leaves Room For Higher Appointment!  At Least In My Book It Does!   Now, that’s a mouthful!   You know?  When you have worked hard and given your heart and soul and 110 percent for an appointment with success.   And it doesn’t turn out the way you want it?  You get dissed.  Your appointment?  Dissed!  A dissed appointment!   Now, that can be "dissed"appointing!  All you want is some respect for what you are attempting to succeed in, right?   Doesn't seem to be working the way you want, so you have to scratch it off your appointment book.  Or erase if you thought ahead and only "penciled in" in your appointment with success.  We don't usually do that.  Whether it’s an hour appointment or something that been going on all year or all your life.  Well, I say erase it or scratch it off with attitude.  For example, in my life, I am writing a blog and had an appointment with success and  to get paid for it, right? Well, things didn't work out the way I planned...I got dissed!  So, I got attitude about it, at first, but I decided to keep a good attitude about it…because it only leaves you free for a new appointment!  Right?  A Higher appointment.  We always have His attention and respect for our work.  After all, we actually are ultimately working for Him.  Remembering that?  Changes the whole thing. Besides, we should always have room for Him in our appointment book and schedule.  I also learned something new.  I now know why they call them blogs!  It’s because of all the b-log-na they give you if you get too many clicks. Yep!  I got a email that said I had illegal click activity.  I assured Google that I am not in a click.   And never have been. PIMP LOL!  What?  I mean illegal gang activity or illegal plagiarizing activity, but click activity?  Wow!  Am I buying that?   I should have had goggles on for the Google stuff that I didn’t see coming at me…PIMP LOL TNT!   It appears that they want more buyers and less readers and clickers.  Which sounds right.  So, why not make the ads work that way instead of against you.  If people click, but don’t buy, it shouldn’t count against you.  Just shouldn’t count at all.  Would make much more sense.  Ad sense…right?  That’s why they call it AdSense.  But it doesn’t make sense to get paid per click…should be per buy.  I buy that, right?  Not dissing Google.  Just a suggestion.  Might not be feasible.  Still, they pulled all the ads from my blog.  It seems to me that you should get paid by how many things are bought from your website, not clicked.  Just sayin’!  That would solve all the crazy laws and “click ick”.   I’m not quitting.  I was getting a lot of hits and emails!  And writing and music is what I do.  Well, besides decorate everything.  After getting the two bad emails about my event I did for my birthday On Facebook to get blog followers and give away our “No Stranger To The Blues Album?  And now, this?  Give up? NO WAY!!!  I will be keeping my same blog but switching to being paid for each blog that is accepted or chosen by other sites.  I think that’s way better than the ads.  I was really working hard and striving for excellence and fun on each article with photos and, well, just my best.  After all, I report to the Top!  I made money, but apparently they are “returning it to their advertisers?”   I am appealing.  And I politely "ad"vised them that it would be good to run their ads here.  But, it’s a learning process for me.  More work, but I think it is for the best going the other route.  I would like to find a good place to post my articles and write a book.  So, if anyone has any tips?  Comment or email.  And you know, things always work that way in everything in life.  You cry first because you are disappointed, then cry for joy later because you realize you have a better appointment.  So, keep stopping by my blog and commenting and enjoying.  I love to hear from you guys, you hear?  Signing off for now, but leaving the goggles on!  Though I am writing about this b-log-na?  I am not mad at Google…I love my blog page they made possible…I should have read the fine print.  I know they have rules and I respect that.  It was free and fun, but very hard work.  At least for me.  I can’t do something without giving it my 100%.  And, like I said?  I am learning a lot and that is a good thing.  Out of disappointment comes a Higher appointment.  Kind of like my other post on windows and doors.  One closes, another opens…or find the right key to get back in or out.   If you feel dissed about an appointment in your life?  Scratch it or erase it! Or chalk it up to experience. Turn that dissed appointment into a new appointment!  An opportunity with success!  Oh!  And, make sure you are in the right appointment book!  Right?  Sometimes?  We try to succeed at other peoples appointments for success or even the wrong one for us.  So, stop by my other articles here and pages and don't forget to click on all my photos that help tell my story...for the bigger, well...picture.  In more ways than one...PIMP LOL.  Just wanted to "ad" one more thought about this AdSense stuff:  it wouldn't be hard to become "ad"gitated over the "ad"versity I am getting after working so hard on the "ad"gile writing and laying out of the articles and photos and thoughts.  So, I "ad"ded it...makes sense to me, right?   Sometimes, we just have to make "ad"justments before we get "ad"dle-brained about our endeavors.  K.  Enough of the play on words about "ad".  Had to be humorous about Google pulling my Ads from AdSense.  Humor about "ad"s?  Makes sense to me...non-sense!   After all, that is one of the 8 senses here at Trace's Place.  Remember, also, to have your goggles ready at any time.  Why?  Because sometimes?  Stuff just hits you in the face!!   So, how 'bout it?  Become part of my click right here at Trace’s Place!  Giving away albums to any new followers.  Bribery, you ask?  "Ad"mittingly, yes!   PIMP LOL    Hope your day is filled with no "dissed"appointments!     Trace