Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Flyin", Lyin" Or Cryin' By The Seat O' Your Pants

This is about going from fave rags to rave stitches! So, I had an idea to make pillows by stuffing an old pair of fave jeans. Course, I added a fave top and stuffed it also, then put a hat on it for a touch of fanciness! It's called "The Studio Pillow" cuz I sit on it when I'm in the music room. When I first came up with the idea, I thought they could be pillows to sell for when people flew. I called them “Flying By The Seat Of Your Pants”!  But, I didn’t think that would fly! PIMP LOL. So, now? I call them “Lying By the Seat Of Your Pants”, cuz you lay your head on them and lie down by them. I laid the gloves in the photograph just cuz I like them and besides? They wanna lie by the seat of my pants, too! OH! I think they'd be good in courtrooms, too! You know there's some lyin goin' on there. And, I'm not lyin'! Could also have one with tissues in the jeans pockets. What's it called? "Cryin' By The Seat Of Your Pants"! PIMP LOL.  Have a creative week!  Don't forget the Greatest Creator!  See Him in all creation.   I'm gonna be catchin' up with my blogs here, so stop by and visit at my place, Trace's!  My final words?  Umm...if you have to fly by the seat of your pants in life, don't lie by the seat of your pants or you'll cry by the seat of your pants.   What?             Trace

Monday, December 12, 2011

Home-made Creations For The God Of All Creation!

Had a memory today… Years ago, I was a children’s church teacher and I put together a Christmas Eve service with all the kids. A birthday party theme. I was worried that thinking out of the box might be too much, but after the kids presented their home-made presents for Him? Well, they had us all wrapped around their lil’ fingers…and hearts! It was my fave Christmas ever. We made a huge cake, too!  I had asked the kids to pick songs and make gifts that they would think He would want, knowing full-well that He would love anything from the children. Just like the congregation did!  The Birthday Party For Jesus service was def on stage, but judging by the congregation?  The party was def in their hearts that night, also. It was a wonderful time. Several of the gifts that were made, I still have because the kids insisted I keep them. One was a wood plaque with Luke 2 on it and Happy Birthday carved on it and painted with red puff-paint lettering.  I still put it out to this day.  The lil' girl that made it with her dad said it was a wooden card for Him so it would last a long time and so we would always remember!  That night?  Carved in my heart.  Thank You, God, for the memory.     Trace

She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountain

This morning, I went out early and opened the garage door to start the wash.  I have one of those inside steam vent systems for our dryer, so lint doesn’t accumulate outside onto our AC.  But, that’s another story.  So, anyway, I always lift the door because of that and because of another reason. Them.  I went back out a bit later and I was startled as I saw about 8 kids inside, but close to the edge where I could see the rain coming down. I recovered, smiled, and said good morning. I thought for a minute I was still half asleep or daydreaming and stepped back in time.  But, then I remembered that when it rains or is cold all the kids at my girl’s bus stop in front of our house, come up in the garage and stand to get out of the elements.  A place where they're welcome.  I try to check the weather early before they all get to bus stop to have it ready for them. See, when I was a lil’ girl and lived in the mountains, our neighbor down at the bottom of our huge hill, well, they had a most beautiful farm. It was so neat and everything painted white.  With corn and rasberries and all kinds of gorgeous colors.  And they had this lil’ separate garage and, well, yes, you guessed it.  They, umm…Mr. and Mrs. Seavers…used to get up and make sure it was open for us every morning to stand in and be out of the weather.  A safe place where we were welcome, thank  you!  We lived in the Pennsylvania mountains and it could be a bit nippy and snowy.  They showed kindness to us mountain kids and I want to show a mountain of kindness to our neighborhood kids.  What goes around the mountain…comes around the mountain!  PIMP LOL.  So, be kind.  Oh!  And, I didn’t know much about God then, but I suspect they did.  And, I suspect I will see them again one day.  Thank you, Seavers, for showing love. Their quiet kindness spoke volumes about God, as I would later learn.  They sowed seeds, and not just the kind that grow corn!  Sowing seeds can grow you an ear or two...  So, to hear God's heart.  And the heart of others.  Hear Him today.  Oh!  And, the photo?  Our house many years ago.  The farm was down to the bottom.  Way down...  Thank you, God, for this memory.    One more thing?  I also named my beloved cat that lived at our River House after Mr. Seavers for his quiet kindness!    Have a fun day.  See you around the mountain!    She'll be comin' 'round the mountain!  Right?  Cuz what goes around the mountain comes around the mountain.    Trace

Friday, December 9, 2011

Caroling With The Halls And Carol! Don't Get Decked!

So, we went out caroling in our  neighborhood and realized that alot of folks hear song lyrics a lil' differently and have crazy interpretations.  Makes it lots of fun. So, we started out with ♫Deck The Halls♫ at the first house. How was I to know their name was The Halls? Or that Joe would actually deck them. Then, Sam got mad when he thought we were telling him to put on Don's clothes cuz his apparel was gay. And, the Boughs down the street? Well, they acted real strange! Mr. Bough hung his wife Holly on the front door and called her Wreath-a. He thought she was calling him an ancient troll. And to top it off? Yul? Well, he was all caught up with decorating with flashing lights and caught himself on fire. We def saw the blazing Yul before us! We had to put him out and then get fa la la away! PIMP LOL TNT. Probably why we all got sick, but so worth it. Still recouping, still singing! Oh! And, this one guy who came with us?  Well, he thought the night was all about him, instead of Him!  His name was Carol! But, HIs name?  Jesus!  Happy Birthday and thank You. What an awesome gift You are.  (Photo? An old ornament of a choir singer that used to hang on my Grammal's tree)              Trace

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Closed For ReMOODeling!

Closed for reMOODeling! Of course, you know I wallpaper with home-made dry humor and paint with colorful hope. Not the opposite, right? PIMP LOL. You know?  Dry paint and colorful humor? And, then reupholster with faith. To hit the nail on the head, I can say that I like to find hope and humor and see God in everything. And, without hammering any one in particular, I was noticing how moody some people are depending on the furnishings in their life.  And I'm not just talkin' sofas and chairs.  Maybe a throne?  Right? We sometimes think we are kings and queens compared to everyone else.  So, if your life needs a lil’ remodeling? Think about reupholstering that mood. You know? New stuffing?  Faith. That’s the stuff remoodeling is made of. Besides, moods come n’ go and are a dime a dozen. That's why so many people change them so fast. But with faith as your stuffing? You’ll be sittin’ in comfort.  His…  See Him in the beautiful and the not so beautiful. Talk about reMOODeling!  This remoodel will last forever.  What's your true colors?   Trace

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Brush With The Law!

I was fixing to open up the garage like I always do on cool days when I hang wash, but someone must be having a brush with the law cuz there are cops surrounding and combing the woods and brush right in front of my house. Think I'll keep the house closed up for now.  The only combing and brushing I want around here?  Is on my hair.  This reminded of last year at this exact week. I got locked out of my house in a red velvet housecoat and had to climb up through a window I had just opened before hanging wash. Cops came by and thought I was breaking in.  Seriously!  Maybe they are back looking for the lady in the red velvet Santa outfit! PIMP LOL.  Have a fun day!  After you comb and brush your hair.  Stay safe!  Thank a cop today!  Oh!  I didn't do a visual photo, so here is my mind photo:  Imagine please...I see a giant brush running through the brush with the cops right behind him...whilst I am standing in the background in a red velvet housecoat combing and brushing my!  See it? PIMP LOL!  Trace

Friday, November 25, 2011

Eye Candy, Ear Candy and Heart Candy! Sa-weet! Music For The Soul!

Sa-weet! So, the sound wasn’t so sweet or loud enuff at this gig we just did (old equipment, not old sound guys), & someone came up and said, “at least you all looked good up there”. PIMP LOL! No matter what, we always give it all we got! Always! Now, coming from an older young singer/musician, sometimes trying to be eye candy ain't easy and ain’t always sweet if the ear candy isn’t being tasted (heard)! Know what I mean? Oh!  And, at the beginning as we were warming up & practicing (you know, humming a few bars and waving to people?), it was like being in a parade! Waving and throwing out a few “candy bars”? Umm…ear candy bars? PIMP LOL. Anyway, yes, we musicians wanna make a connection. We HAVE to be ear candy, maybe even WANT to be eye candy, but DESIRE to be heart candy! Music finds its way in through the ears & eyes, but finds you out in the heart & soul! Sa-we-e-e-eet! Music & candy... These both amp you up. But, only music, a gift from God, can amp up the soul!  Soul long... Trace

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wild Turkey And Turkey Scraps

Years ago I got off of Wild Turkey…cold turkey!  It was gobbling me up.  I don’t act like such a turkey anymore. Well, not much! PIMP LOL. Got something you are struggling with? It IS possible to overcome.  Don’t let anything gobble you up. Take your turkey to God.  Nothing’s too wild, man!  You’ll be thankful and it‘s not even Thanksgiving, yet.  What?  Yep! We can be thankful any old day!  Being thankful for all the lil’ things every day helps you see God in everyday. Being thankful makes you wanna give. And giving makes you wanna be thankful, and I’m not talkin’ turkey. If I was? I’d say, “Don’t be a turkey and only see God when we’re together on Sundays at church. You’ll miss out on the other stuff…ing! So will everyone around you. Have fun joining together with family and friends to be thankful.  Don’t scrap with any turkeys.  Some are just full of it! Stuffing, I mean."  Oh! My photo?  A turkey made from scraps…  Of metal! PIMP LOL.  I am so very thankful for all of you that give me your time as gifts for our music and writings, etc.  Also, of course the story is all mine, but the photo is from a very cool artist name Rem Brent!  This is his piece made from all farm machinery scraps!   So, I did the word, he did the bird!  PIMP LOL.       Trace

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

PAN or PLAN? My 2¢ From My 2¢ Throne!

PAN or PLAN!  My 2¢ From My  2¢ Throne!  So, we pan for our future.  You know?  Always searching for gold?  But, do we plan for our eternity?  Streets of gold instead of seats of gold? You know? The money throne? Yes, I like money. Makes life plan-able, but not always pan-able. Everything doesn’t always pan out…even with money.  Maybe even because of money. You know the old saying “money can buy anything”?  Well? Not everything! Imagine that. Well, that’s my 2¢ comin’ from my 2¢ throne! It's not made of gold, but I feel like gold when I sit in it! And, I sometimes find 2 cents in it.  You'd be surprised how much "2 cents" comes from my chair.  The kind that comes outta my mouth and the kind that "puts food in the mouth"! Just sayin'!  Well, that’s all I got.  No, really that’s all I got.  In my mind, in my chair and in my wallet. What’s in yours? PIMP LOL.  Stop by my other stories and  also at our band website where we have a free download of our original Christmas song and more.  Take a chance.  It might pan out!  Here you go: Make it your biz to stop by our basic band biz!   Trace

Monday, November 21, 2011

From One Sheep To Another: No "Baa" Humbug!

As one of the sheep IN the pasture, (as opposed to "put out to pasture"), I’m reminded that we are lovingly comforted and cared for with a staff!  And,  sometimes a rod. What? Ewe herd me! Life can get wooly and we wander, but we know the God of Wonders!  So, as we flock together these holidays, we can be thankful in all comforts. The home ones AND the “keep us in line” ones!  No “baa” humbug! For He is our comforter, our Shepherd!  I won’t pull the wool over your eyes and it’s not shear genius. Just a mutton for truth and fun!  I mean, a glutton!  Have a fun week and don’t forget to stop by our band website for our free Christmas song and visit while you're there.      Love ewe each and thank you for stopping by my place.    Trace

Friday, November 18, 2011

Event Staff or Event Stiff

So, I was thinking I could wear this shirt every day. I mean, I don’t know about you, but there’s always an event going on around here! In a good way! And, not to be mistaken for the “Event Stiff”! PIMP LOL. NO sir!  Every event is fun for me. Oh! And, there was a time when I could wear this shirt and people thought I was actually an “Event Staff. As in a stick type staff? PIMP LOL TNT.  I am so very thankful to God that I gained weight and am alive.  Now, that’s an Event! Every day!  Whatever the event?  Have fun!  Be thankful for the little events and eventually you’ll see God in all events.  I was going to say "have an eventful weekend", but I will up it to "have an eventful life"!     Trace

When Life Gives you Doo-Doo? Cut The Crap And Make Do...

This morning, before I started cleaning, someone was giving me a hard time. You know? A load of doo-doo! So, I decided to tell them to cut the crap. They were just kidding around, but it got me thinking… When life gives you a load of doo-doo, cut it! Yep! Cut the crap! In half. Doo/Doo. That leaves you with 2 choices. Um…giving someone else half of it, OR… Make do & make do. You know? Try twice as hard to make do with a loving, gracious heart when life gives you a load of doo. You’d be surprised how much you grow. Just look at how beautiful & gracious a rose is when it is surrounded by crap. Spread it around. Love, I mean. And, yes that is a load of loving crap on the shovel! PIMP LOL.  As I finally got into my cleaning, I got another story idea.  My mind really works double time when I'm cleaning.   I figured I'd be safe from my life stories while I was cleaning and takin’ care o’ business! But! It’s only 11:00 and my day is really sucking! What? Yep!  Well, my vacuum is really sucking. Me?  Well, I'm laughing & speechless, which is when I write.  Why?  Well, I changed the bag on my vacuum and started using the handtool attachment in the bathroom and it sucked so hard that my decorations on the wall got sucked into it. PIMP LOL. They're safely back up and I did come up with a better look, though maybe there are a few less feathers and flowers! PIMP LOL. Just goes to show that when things suck? You have the opportunity to re-create and have fun, instead of getting sucked in. Can't wait to see what else sucks today! Think outta the bag!  Okay!  I'm on a roll with 3 statuses about cleaning. No really! On a roll! Toilet Paper rolls. This is 1 of my fave gifts from my brother, Troy, and his wife, Dawn many moons ago. Anyways, it is a CD/Photo Holder, but I have decided to change it up and use it in the bathroom cuz it fits perfect in the corner & holds 4 TP rolls exact fit and it looks pretty. Just removed the photos from the slots in front and put in cloth to match bathroom. For the next many moons, if you are in my house and looking for TP? Look in the CD holder in the bathroom. If you’re looking’ for music? Look in the music room. Or the bathroom! PIMP LOL.  Now, you get the many moons joke?    Trace

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Minimize Your words, “Organ”ize Your Heart!

So, I’m cleaning out my closet. Cuz for me? Minimizing is a must for organizing! Anyway, I moved on to my window sills while listening to a friend on the phone who was in a fight with their spouse. So, bam! My brain combined it all and came up with a “knock knock” joke about my two friends. We’ll call them Window & Shutter. It seems they had a bad argument and they weren’t on speaking terms! So, here goes the joke about the situation between them. Knock, knock? Who's there? Shutter! Shutter who? I shutter at the thought of facing Window today! If I don't open up and air things out? It could be curtains for me! PIMP LOL. So, clean out your closet, get ridda the junk! Then, open a window and air things out! Minimize your words, “organ”ize your heart.  You know? priorities and all!  Oh!  And, my shutter friend? Well, he says that he will shutter if there's clutter, so back to work for me.  We love what we treasure.  But, mostly we should treasure what we love.  Okay, so, that leads me to another true story:  Some kids were hangin' 'round our street as we're leaving the other evening. They looked just like the “Our Gang” kids. My girl was driving and wanted to turn around. Said she's worried about her laptop and all our valuables and treasures getting stolen. I laughed and said that our valuables aren’t that um...valuable. They're all old & worn out. In fact, in my head, I can see the Cops taking these boys away to jail after robbing our home. They get there & the judge says, “we can only charge them with Entering, instead of “Breaking & Entering”. Seems the Glenn’s have admitted in court that everything in their house is already broke. PIMP LOL. What you treasure? Is what you love! Our treasure? Was in the car! Have a fresh afternoon!   Treasure it!   Trace

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Don't Get Ticked. Tock About It! You Know What I'm Tockin' 'bout!

Every year I turn our clocks during the afternoon of the “turn clocks” night, just like…umm…clockwork. PIMP LOL.  It's my thing.  It happens automatically. Habit.  You know?  Habits CAN be good things! So, this past  Saturday, I automatically went around and turned the clocks without thinking. Only, I was at the wrong time of year.  Guess I really wasn’t thinking, because for the first time ever? I turned them all forward an hour. But, I had no idea, yet. Yep!  So, around eight o'clock that night, Sam, for the first time ever, decided unbeknownst to me, to go around and turn them “back”, also. So, later, it’s time to watch football and I said, “Wow!  Something’s wrong or they must have decided to do the same thing I do on these stations and turn the clocks cuz they all match ours?” Then, Sam says, “Ummm…but, they should be off an hour because I turned them all back”.  By this time, I’m laughing and I says, “Well, I remember now…I turned them all forward! Oops!”  And? Like clockwork, we were right back at square one. So, I went around and fixed all the clocks…again! Got me thinking that this is just how we are when it’s time to make a decision. Before moving forward or backing up a step out of habit? Consult your heart and your God. Oh! And your spouse? In any case?  If you don’t talk or pray? You may wind up going in opposite directions or cleaning each others clocks.  Ahhh…  Communication…  Takes time, but it’s worth every second.  Keep you from going ‘round in circles.  PIMP LOL. Get into the habit of communication just like turning the clocks.  It comes in handy! Communication takes two...hands just like a don't get tick'd.  Tock about it!  Okay! I better stop to keep everyone from getting “tick"d. “Tock” to you later.  The photos?  Three of my fav clocks. The first is a clock I made when I was about twenty.  Ceramics. The other two are my fav outside clock and pocket watch (not mine).  One last thought?  I love that song by Bonnie Raitt, "Let's Give "em Something Ta Talk About".  Have a lovely day.    Trace

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tooting Your Own Horn? Don't Blow It!

My girl is home sick today and I am too, but I am being mama and nurse, which I love, even when I'm sick.  Serving and loving when you don't expect anything back, is good stuff. My medicine.  And, I need lots of it.  So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking… ‘bout giving and serving. Only in secret.  Between only you and God. Without comparison to anyone.  Whether it’s cash at church instead of a check, doing something at home or work or school to help someone. Or a neighbor. Like give a child your full attention. Smile at someone in the grocery store. Sometimes, it’s not doing something that is giving. Am I right?  Like not complaining or not whining when things are really something to whine about. And, trust me?  This has been a year to whine about for me.  Wah!  Can’t help it.  I’m transparent! Okay, you get it. There have been times when I could give much and there have been times when $20 was all I had for the week and gave it for the weak.  Not out of having to, but wanting to. There have been times when I am able to share talents and gifts and my life. And, sometimes? All I have is just time. But, your presence is your best present you can present to someone! PIMP LOL.  Anyways, we know how good it feels to give money or talents publicly and be thanked and it is a good feeling. Encouragement is good. But, wouldn’t it be nice to know people care about you because they just love you and not because of money or things?  Granted, some people might seem to love you less when it appears you are not giving or you have nothing to give.  But, that’s not really love, is it? Just sometimes, to me, it feels like we are blowing horns prior because we want to be announced or feel like we have to. Giving when there’s no drum roll or dun-da-da-dun…you know? Giving when you don’t get anything back, except knowing that God knows. Yes, it is very hard, but it is something that changes our very character and heart of giving over time. Give in secret.  Yes! Like the song by Andy Park says: “In the secret” IS a quiet place! But, it’s then you can hear God…loud and clear.   Shhh…  Can you hear His Smile?  You know, if we always give only after tooting our horns? It may seem like we’re blowing it out the wrong end.  Just sayin’.  Or we have it down to an art.  Where we toot our horn so much that we toot our horn without blowing it!  PIMP LOL.  And, I’m talkin’ for all of us.  So, give it up. And give. In the the quiet place. Same place we give our prayers. Sounds like a good place to me. Right?  So, like the SuperTramp song says?  “Give A little Bit”! OR! Give a lot. But, give in secret, sometimes.  It’ll blow you away without you blowing any horns.   Have a fun day.  And, don't you ever think I don't never feel like tootin' my own horn.  Toot toot!  Trace

Friday, November 4, 2011

Life Can Get Hairy! Don't Wig Out!

While vacuuming, I was thinking how I used to think a lot of my mom’s rules were wiggy.  That is, until I had a few teenagers.  Like the rule of brushing your hair in the bathroom ONLY and cleaning out the brush every day.  Wow.  Now, that one seemed wiggy back then.  Alotta work, but, now?  Well, let’s just say I could make a wig with all the hair that wasn’t in the bathroom because of not being “wiggy” like my mom. So, now I am getting jiggy with getting wiggy. You diggy?  Life can get hairy.  So, remember mama’s rules, daddy’s rules and God’s rules.  They all got good ones.  And, guess what? They’re not doing it just to be mean, after all.  PIMP LOL.  Wow!  There always for our benefit.  Ahhh…  Rules and love!  Great combo.  You won’t wig out with that.  I can dig it!   Hope your day is not a hairy one!   Don't give anyone the brush off.  Except your own head...and in the bathroom!  Please!  PIMP LOL.       Trace

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tomato Soup For The Soul & Hammin' And Cheesin' It Up For The Brain

I made my creamy Tomato Soup and Grilled Ham & Cheese sandwiches for supper. Comfort food for the body.  Course, I can’t have it anymore, but it gives me comfort making it.  Yes, I would love to devour it myself, but since I can't, I will make it and they will enjoy it!  And, I will enjoy that they enjoy it! PIMP LOL.  And, after?  A lil’ family time, bible study, music and humor. I call that my "Grilled Hammin’ It up & Being Cheesy Tomato Soup For The Soul".  Later?  Some comfort food or Tomato Soup & Grilled Ham 'n Cheese for the brain. Turning my brain off and turning the Samsung  TV brain on.  Although most of the time?  It’s brain dead, judging by what comes on it! Right? Between the sleazy shows and uncreative commercials, it's usually video games or Netflix for us when it comes to the TV use.  Or lots of times?  Just skip right to the music room.  But, tonight, need a rest, so gonna see if Community or Parks or Office is decently laughable.  As in clean!  I like the creativity in those shows when they stay clean. Then, gonna sleep with the comfort of knowing that no matter how much I get grilled, ham it up or get cheesy? He loves me and is in control. Ahhh… G’night!  You also have a comfortable night...   Trace

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Skittles, Princes And The Right One

So, my girl wanted to hear about the boys in my life and the impression each one left on me.  I scrambled for humor because the only love I want her to have right now is for Skittles and God. So, I said, “Let’s see…there were 2 Bills.  And they both left me with, umm…well? Bills!  There was a  Rob. He stole my heart. You know robbed? There was a Mark? Left his mark on the same heart that Rob later stole. There was a John.  He always had to go to the bathroom at those important moments. You know? The john? A guy named Chuck.  Every time he walked “up” to see me?  He got sick.  Upchuck?  Jake?  Yep!  He always acted Jakey! PIMPLOL.  Well, I was teasing with her, but I believe she knew what I meant.  Waiting and trusting God for the right one, the Prince Charming, is a hard thing to do, but a good thing.  Waiting for the right answer in anything is.  The Right One knows...and cares.  Yes, I am married and He's a prince, but I found my Prince, my Prince Of Peace, a few years before I got married!    Find your Prince of Peace before you find your Prince Charming.  Life is not always charming, but He always offers peace in the charming and uncharming...  Have a fun, sweet day.  Eat some Skittles all you princes and princesses!  PIMP LOL.  Trace

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blessings And Tangerines

So, this cooler weather got me thinking ‘bout Christmas, and then stockings over the fireplace.  In Pennsylvania, we used to get tangerines in our stockings. We thought the tangerines were so cool and tasty.  A sweet gift.  Which got me thinking about blessings. Blessings are the tangible and intangible favors of God. Or, in the stockings over the fireplace case?  The tangerinable and intangerinable favors of God.  PIMP LOL.  You know?  The tangerine itself being the tangible or tangerinable.  And, the joy of seeing it and eating it?  Well, that’s the intangible, or intangerinable favor of God.  If we realize that ALL our tangibles are from God, only given for us to manage, because we certainly can’t take it with us?  Well, then all the intangibles become incredibly way more tangible…to our spirit!  Like a tangerine?  We gotta peel back the tangible to get to the untangible.  PIMP LOL.  Have a sweet day of blessings…tangerinable and intangerinable.     Trace

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bed In A Box! Now Make Your Bed And Lie In it!

Bedtime Stories: Well, our bed and dresser are pretty old and worn out.  Time, you know...  So, someone gave me this “Bed In A Box”.  I was so very excited, though skeptical about how they maneuvered and engineered a bed to fit in a box.  Imagine my surprise when out popped a blanket and sheets and shams! What?  What a scam.  Shouldn't it be called bedding in a box?  Yes! I should think so! Anyway, so I made the old bed up with the new bedding.  Then I lay back down on the bed.  Why?  This old saying kept coming to my mind.  And, you know my mind!  “You made your bed, now lie in it”. So... I did!  PIMP LOL.  Got decisions to make today? Think out of the box.  Consult God before you make your bed and lie in it!  Smooth out the wrinkles in the sheets (pray) before you make the bed and lie in it (make any decisions).         Trace

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to Be An Example: be an "ex" at addictions and "ample" at persevering

I’ve dealt with many different kinds of addictions in my life.  I only truly overcame them by God’s power and my faith and perseverance. Never give up!  Be a day-seizer! So, when my friend needed help to quit smoking, I said, “Yes, I can help!  Been there…I was a chain smoker in more ways than one. One cig after another and in chains that were difficult to break free. So, please call me any time, day or night and I shall get to you in the nick o’ time. Or…should I say…umm…in the “nic-o-tine”? What? There’s humor and hope in anything if you look. Also, told her nicotine used to be in some bug sprays! I fgure anything you can use that to kill bugs can’t be good for us.  They used to extract it from tobacco! Anyway, I told her that I’ll be there! No ifs ands or cigarette butts! And, no smoke screens. I’ll light you up if you light up! Just kidding!  I know what it was like to smoke and quit. Sucks the life out of you to smoke and sucks the life out of you, at first, to quit, so if it’s gonna suck? How ‘bout sucking for a good reason and for a reasonable time. A little suffering makes you think twice before starting an old habit again, I know! That’s my puff of hope without being puffed up about it.  PIMP LOL TNT.  Whatever’s got you in chains?  Whether it’s smokin’ or pills or worry or lying? Take it to God.  He’s your link to breaking the chains!  One more note?  I know lots of folks that smoke.  When I was growing up, it was a “normal” thing for everyone to smoke.  It is between you and God. I only like to help others with addictions because I’ve been there. You’ll get no judgment from me. Just help.  I just didn’t want my girl to think it was okay to smoke or have to hide it, so I had to quit. Same reason I couldn’t drink or other things…   I want to live by example.  Being an “ex” at addictions and “ample” at persevering and trusting God is my way of being an “example”!  One more thing.  An afterthought, after I edited and posted this:  Maybe it would have sounded better to say, Be an Example by being an "ex" at addictions and "ample" at convictions.  Listen the Spirit of God in you.          Trace

Monday, October 17, 2011

An Apparent Bucket List For A Transparent Parent! My lamentations of my limitations!

An Apparent Bucket List For A Transparent Parent! I get teased for being so transparent. But, one thing that’s not apparent? I’m a parent…who has a tough time dealing with my handicaps. Some of you may know that I have a sort of miniature bucket inside me for a stomach because much of my insides were removed to save my life a few years back. Those that don't know?  Guess what?  You do now!  Anyway, I tell you this not as a pity thing or whining, but as an encouragement and hope. We all have “handicaps” that we pray to be rid of or fixed. I know I do. Sometimes, the fix? Is not being fixed. I know God is real because in my lamentations of my limitations? I have felt and seen His limitlessness! IF I am not afraid. Do I get fed up? Well, yes! And, no!  I can’t eat much, so I can’t get too “fed up”! But I get fed up with dealing with no stomach. Apparently, my “bucket list” as a parent may be quite different from yours. After all? Mine’s very tiny. PIMP LOL. It’s just to love God and my girl and be the best parent I can be. Hope that’s apparent in my transparency!  Be a transparent parent. Let them see your love… That’s an apparent bucket list for a transparent parent!   Yes, they need boundaries in everything, but has none. Oh!  And, yes! I have bathed my girl in an antique bucket when she was a baby...many times.  But, I will not be transparent about that photo...or else, I might lose the job!  PIMP LOL.  Remember to think in the bucket AND out of the bucket.  Trust God with and in your limitations.  Because then, your lamentations will turn into humor, hope and joy.  How?  You will see His limitlessness!  And that will be apparent, transparent and as a parent.  That goes for every other role in your life.  Handicaps don't mean you can't lend a hand.  And, they can come in handy. When they are in the right hands.  He wraps around us and strenghthens us so all can see and we can feel...His limitlessness in our lamentations of our limitations!      Trace

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Converses AND Me! Conversely speaking...

My photo? My pretty tapestry Converses with worn out soles. Conversely, we have me… Yeauh!  Over there to the right.   Tapestry worn a little, but my soul is pretty tough. What made me think of this? Well, what in this universe was I thinking when I put on my pretty tapestry socks and then put on my worn out, but beautiful, tapestry Converses, to sing and dance for hours? I'll tell you why!!!  I was thinking it would make me feel better! You know?  Dance-sing? When I sing? I dance. PIMP LOL!  Try it!  AND! I was thinking the Converses still had the sturdy soles and insides in them that they once had when I bought them at 18. Wrong! My ankles are now called “achles” and my feet? What feet?! All I see are big swollen fleets… Of pain! I thought I seemed a little short & felt like I was in my house slippers. What? I’m slippin’…  It is funny and humor dulls the pain. The funny part that I should have remembered before digging them out to wear? I had taken the insides out of the shoes because they were worn, but I couldn’t bear to part with them years ago. That’s why they hurt so much. I put them on so quickly that I didn’t notice they were just a shell of a shoe. And I didn’t remember this fact until the pain started. Pain has a tendency to bring memories out. And, vice-versa. I usually always wear my Roper boots, my Tracemark, but they are so worn, too.  I need to find a shoe repair that replaces soles and real soon! Glad we don’t have to replace our souls, just take care and fix up our tapestry.  And, get our souls mended when aching. I take mine to the Mender of all Souls. He heals our aches when we feel like we are just shells of what we want to be or used to be. And, do I stop dancing & singing?  No! We dance and sing IN the aches and THROUGH the aches! But, we also learn from our aches.  I sure won’t be wearing the tapestry shoes to dance again until these shell of a shoes have tough soles, too.  PIMP LOL.  Back to finding a shoe repair!!     Trace

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Make Contact With Your Vision

I’ve just made contact…with my contacts. At least I can see far away now. Now, where are those glasses to wear over the contacts so I can see close up. Ouch! That wall corner was closer than I thought! I think the contacts should have words in them like the side-mirrors on cars, right? You know? Objects in mirror appear closer than they are. Though, mine would read: Objects in contacts appear further away than they are! I was thinking how blessed we feel sometimes when we run into someone, Well, not run into, like a wall, but like run into, umm…a beautiful sunset or a cozy quaintly decorated room…or like a soft smile. That’d be a sight for sore eyes, for sure! We should all have those people in ours lives. But, sometimes we don’t realize that the sign in our heart-eyes should read: Person in sight could be further away than they appear. They make us feel better, but they need some love back. They might have wished they could avoid contact. I know I’ve had a time or two where I see someone and wonder if I have time to hide. Well, they might feel the same. So, when owe run into others? Make contact. A soft contact. Not a hard contact like hitting a brick wall. Be a sight for sore eyes, not blinded by fear. When given the opportunity to say hi?  Say hi AND smile. They might need to run into a sunset, not a wall! Vision is a blessing to us. And having A vision? Is a blessing to others.  A sight for sore eyes.  Reach out and see… Oh!  And one more thing?  That object in the mirror? May be ourself. If we appear closer than we really are?  Time to move closer to God.  His vision sees all and His Vision?  Is to reach all.  So should ours…  Well, I've made contact with my contacts, my vision.  Now, it's time to make contact with my "Vision".  Reach out and see...   One more thought... We have contact solution to clean our vision up and restore comfort... We should be that contact solution for others, sometimes... Just like God is our solution. Gotta soak it in, too!  Well, that's my contact solution!  I'll go now so I can get on with making contact without being a spectacle! PIMP LOL TNT!  I'll leave you with this, my Optometrist's translation of  Proverbs 29:18:  Without a vision? The peepers would peerish!       Trace

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Singer Sewing Machines AND Singer Sowing Machine

Today’s joke brought to you by a singer.  No!  Not the sewing machine, although it is a sewing machine joke.  My home-made humor.  Said the sewing machine to the seamstress, “Together, we have sewn quite a wonderful relationship! You always keep me in stitches! Sometimes pins and needles but, mostly? Stitches.”  When it seams like we are going against the grain in the fabric of our lives or living life on the edge, even biased, hanging by a thread, zig-zagging, hemmed in, or coming apart at the seams, we keep bobbin’ along. Even when our threads wear thin, we patch things up! Why? Because we are sowing, in love, for the Designer Himself.  We are sowing machines who use sewing machines?  PIMP LOL.                 Trace

Do You Value A Person's Purse Or Pulse?

Ever had to walk away from someone whispering gossip? They seem to get away with that kinda talk cuz money talks...even louder to alot of us & drowns out even the whisper of truth. You just never know why someone might be having hard times. Now, I’ve lived in times of plenty & times of plenty tough. Both times spoke to me loud and clear. What did I hear? Gossip whispers, money talks, poor cries, and our love for God & others sings! But, valuing someone who has more money or not valuing someone because they have less? Screams! Yes, having money makes things easier. That makes sense, right? Having cents and sense? Does help. You CAN have sense without having cents, but if you have cents without sense?  It loses it’s value. And, so do you. Value someone’s pulse, not their purse! PIMP LOL.             Trace

Be A Good Egg And Laugh!

Who woulda thought going to the grocery store could crack us up. On the way we passed a guy on a bicycle who could have used my invention of Joxers or Below Riders. He certainly cracked us up! If you get my drift? I mean…umm…draft? I know he got a draft! Then, we drove past a huge puddle, noticing it a lil’ too late & we splashed this guy with a grocery cart sitting along the road. Guess what he ...yelled out at us? “You lousy bum!” What? You’re kiddin’, right? Oh, no, he didn’t just bum us out. Cracked us up so bad. Honestly! We are not bums. Then while putting groceries away? We dropped the eggs & cracked 6 of them which cracked 3 of us up! Hope your weekend? Cracks you up instead of bumming you out. Laughter is medicine! If you stop for any length of time? You may experience withdrawals, crack up or be bummed out! PIMP LOL.  Now, be a good egg and have a lovely weekend.  Laugh!  If God says it's good medicine?  Who can argue?   Try it!  You'll keep from cracking up?  What?  Our very “egg”istence should crack us up once in a keep us from getting fried. Or cracking under pressure... We all need "shell"ter from the heat or when life gets scrambled… PIMP LOL   Trace

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spyders & Spinders

You know that saying “a fly on the wall”? I think it should be spider. I noticed this year has been way more cobwebs and spiders than ever before. Even in a lightbulb! That gave me an idea! PIMP LOL. What? The lightbulb went on in my head! Thought about privacy and gossip. You know? If the walls could talk? A fly on the wall? I was thinking more…”if the spiders and walls could talk…”what a web of words ...they could weave” and the “speak they could spin”! They would be called Spy-ders instead or even Spinders! We all need safe places and safe people to talk with. Above all? We have a God who listens and is still merciful and loving. Who doesn’t spin our speak or share our prayer. You know? Both the “rants & raves” AND the “chants & praises”! He hears our ♥’s & still loves us! Don’t get tangled up today in spinning speak. Keep your word. And His!   Stop by some of my others short articles.  You'll like 'em.  You have my word!  Trace 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

“Soulize The Eyes”, “So Lies The Eyes” and "So Shhh! lize!

“Soulize The Eyes” or “So Lies The Eyes”.  Well, this story begins with our old shed in the back yard.  We’ve been tearing it down. Guess you could say that we shed a shed?  It was old and rusted, but underneath? The wood foundation was like brand new being protected by the metal around it. Able to use it to build something new. Hmmm… Of course, you know that got me thinking. We’re like that. If we have the right Foundation, no matter how things change around us, we are protected and can rebuild. What’s around us actually can build us up…whether it is people, or trials. And that can sometimes be both! And, yes we get a little rusty when we don’t use what God has given us and don’t build up others. Build and build up…in you and around you.  So, it seems I got some kind of poison or rash from shedding the old shed out back. Shocking! Not! That’s me. Wasps and mosquitoes and ants love me, so why not some more bugs.  Anyways, it’s pretty bad & all over my face & neck & itchy. Not pretty. So why DO they say pretty bad? Should be ugly bad, right?! Just sayin’! Probably No-see-ums. It’s what you don’t see that hits in the face. Like our hearts. Yes, we look at each other on the outside! Duh! God gave us bodies! But, He gave us souls to look at and with, too. It’s easy to protect ourselves from the “stuff” we see coming at us by not looking at all…um…I no see ums! PIMP LOL. But, we should so look! But, with our soul eyes. You know? “Soulize Our Eyes”! To see the truth in others. And, let others see the truth in us. People can see when our eyes lie…so lies the eyes, right? But, if you look with your heart, they will see the truth. Now, you may see that another is lying when you look with your soul eyes, but even then? You will find mercy and love. Oh, and if you see me coming? Run! It’s not pretty! Or else, just use your soul eyes and skip the face. Then, run! Pretty fast! Or, ugly fast! PIMP LOL.  So, soulizing got me thinking about socializing... Soul-eyezing while social-eyzing!  Using the eyes to see the soul.  I was thinking how sometimes when we socialize?  We forget about the other person there.  We socialize, but should “so Shhh lize” and hear them. Right?  We should so be quiet sometimes and be a good listener. You know?  To really be good at “Socializing” you have to be good at “so shh...lizing”! PIMP LOL TNT.  Make eye and heart contact...  Shhh...      Trace

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Proposition Of My Position On Prepositions (inside out and upside down)

Felt like I've been walking around with my insides on the outsides. For all to see.  And, everything is upside down.  Not a pretty feeling…or a pretty sight!  PIMP LOL. Had to remember the upside to the all those downsides and inside out times. What is it? My strength, my God. He’s inside, outside upside, and, yes? Even in my downsides. I remember something a teacher said about how to remember prepositions. She said that everything a mouse can do to a "piece" of "hole-y" cheese is a preposition. Got to thinking about that today.  I propose that every way God shows us His "peace" and that He is "holy" is a cool way of remembering  prepositions. That's my position on propositional prepositions. Or is it my proposition of my position on prepositions? PIMP LOL.  Right?  Through us, in us, above, around us, by us, with us, without us… You with me?  If God is with us, who can be against us?  Yes, the mouse can lean against the hole-y cheese, but nothing can lean against us that is mightier than God Himself.  That’s my position on prepositions. PIMP LOL.  Have a fun week.      Trace


My computer got sick, but with my girl at the ER and other life and hope threating emergencies that I didn’t seem to have ER’s for…well, my computer just didn’t seem to be...umm…an emergency? A week later, I finally put my PC in Trace's ER where I placed it in “Safe Mode” and fixed it. Guess I’ve been in Safe Mode, too. You know? Where it has only necessary functionality to make room for emergencies, keeping the rest safe? Has the words Safe Mode in all 4 corners and all walls up. Yep! That sums me up. In SAFE MODE. My ER? Everlasting Rest! In Gods arms! Keep all the rest safe! And, the rest!  PIMP LOL. Yes, we must keep our computer updated to keep it running safe.  How do we keep us running safe and rested?  Keep updated…  Spend time with God!  That’s my update for today!  PIMP TNT LOL.  Oh!  And, it's not a stretch for me to say that I don't think I'll be needing a stretcher today.  Have a fun day.  Stay safe... But don't play it safe!  Playing it safe most of the time means missing out on the blessing.  We're already safe in His arms...just don't see it for all the emergencies at hand!  And, it sure doesn't hurt to throw in a little funny bone!  Now, I gotta go use some elbow grease because work is right at my fingertips and I'd rather it be at arm's length! PIMP LOL.  Enough about arms and hands.  It's safe to say that I hope you have a fun day.        Trace

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lists vs. Nerdy Ways Of Remembering Things

So, I was making a list of the things we needed at the store.  If it wasn’t more than 5 things, I was gonna make a list.  If not, I have another way to memorize them. That’s my rule. I like to make alliterations and acronyms or funny sentences to remember the 1st letter of the things I need or some crazy memory thing like that.  Been doing that every day of my life.  With pretty much everything.  So, I needed Mexican Hot Sauce, batteries & toilet paper.  Here's what my mind came up with: “1 makes us go, 1 keeps us going & 1 is for going”! PIMP LOL.  I’m gone!  Before I’m on your list!  I am def a nerd!  And, just why do I think of all that nerdy stuff?  Well, I like to keep my mind and heart learning and thinking.  And, I've never figured out a way to turn it off. PIMP LOL.  I also like to learn a new word everyday.  Like to learn something new on my computer every day.  I like to learn new kinds of music and styles…keeps me on my toes.  And not just the dancing toes!  PIMP LOL.  Love to learn something new from the bible every day and from everything God created.  Especially, His people.  I learn from you!  Have a fun weekend.  Learn from someone this weekend.  Who knows?  They might even learn from you.  Oh!  And, click on the picture to get...umm...the bigger picture?  You will see an album called Asylum Choir!  That's me, alright!!!      Trace

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Relationships, Basketball And Bouncing Back

I was talkin’ to my girl about relationships. Parents, boys, church and God. Yes! A lot of times that can be 2 different things. I was talkin’ ‘bout the ball being in her court. She said, “but, mama, it’s always in my court!”  "I always have to be the one to make a move.  In everything!"  I had to laugh cuz I know just what she meant.  Seems like we always have to make the first move in fixing or changing any relationship.  But, I got to thinking about it and realized that though we would love to have the ball brought back down to our court, most times we have to go get it.  If we're given the ability by God to forgive and overlook and bounce back, then so be it.  I would rather do that than dribble around! That’s a score from downtown for sure!  All net and no rim!  Just sayin’!  Oh, and the photo?  It's someone playin' sun basketball!  What?  Anything's possible!  Even when the ball isn't in your court!  Have a fun day on and off the courts!  Get bouncin’!  Oh!  One more thing?  I have lots of new very short articles up, so stop by.  Love to hear from you guys.   Now, the ball is in your court! PIMP LOL.  Couldn't resist!     Trace

Just My 2 Cents On Bonds And Trust Funds!

Ever find out you’ve been the laughing stock? Causes one to take stock! Of one’s heart. God knows our heart.  I decided being us is alright. Our stock has dividends that make us rich. Oh, I know! We don’t have $, but, we’re rich. Our Stock Portfolio contains just these 2: E-Bonds and a Trust Fund. Our Encouragement Bonds are an investment in others. Our Trust Fund? Invest in us…you can trust! Our word IS our bond cuz His Word is our bond. Oh! Have laughing stock, too. Has us laughing the whole way to da bank.  Have a fun day!  Do some bonding?  Trace

Yo! Ma! Who me? Yo-yo toyin' wit me?

My kids were toying with me. My girl and her friend, that is. They both called out “Yo” “Ma”! Though not at the exact time.  Came out yo-yo, ma! Whaaat?  I do spin, walk the dog, get wound up, wrapped around little fingers, stringed along, been around the world (or, at least my world…welcome to it) rocked the baby and have been a sleeper once in a blue yo-yo!  I’m colorful, kids love me and I am a ma! Yes!  I’m a yo-yo sometimes.  So, yo!  Yes, you!  Have fun!  Buy a yo-yo and play with your kids! And, if you don't have kids? Get one and play anyway!  No matter what age yo are! Is good to have fun!  What tricks yo-yo got?  PIMP LOL.  Hope your week is fill with yo-yo's!   Trace

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tupperware Parties And Make-up Parties! Selling Plastic! PIMP LOL

I never wore make-up. Liked the natural look. Then, in my 20’s, my friends tricked me into going to a Tupperware party. The only plastic at this party was our faces after. PIMP LOL.  It was actually a Make-over Party.  You know?  Make-up?  I do wear it now, but just enuff to see the whole me made-up, not the make-up. Make-over parties are fun just like the tupperware parties.  Which do you think sells more plastic?  PIMP LOL.  The right make-up is a very good thing!  Belive me!  I know, right?  Same with clothes.  Stick your neck out to be yourself. Not your “neckline”.  Clothes and make-up can be a very concealing thing…in a revealing kind of way!  Reveal your heart.  Not just a part! Adorn your hearts with imperishable beauty.  My joke for today:  Someone says to me, Hey! That lady’s outfit says, "I just came from a cathouse” and her perfume says, “Don’t come near me. I’m all fume and no purr!” PIMP LOL. What lesson did I get out of this? Umm…umm… God loves all of us?  Even stinky?  Don’t judge?  Better to be stinky outside than inside?  Strive for purring not purrfection? That’s all I got. Have a fun week. I am going to try to relax & purr…no fuming!  Adorn your heart with imperishable beauty.  Diamonds for the soul.  Jewels of wisdom.  Soul perfume.  Non-catty and non-stinky!    As always?  Click on the picture to get umm...the bigger picture?      Trace

Monday, September 12, 2011

Bound in Leather With Gilt Edges or Guilt Edges? Bound To Be Free!

A lot of us try to keep God in a box AND in the box, right? You know? The kind you open up to find a book bound in leather with gilt edges. Or should I say guilt edges? Makes us edgy and filled with guilt? PIMP LOL. But, the bible is meant to set us free not make us bound! Truth is? We gotta live truth, not just read it. Then, you’re bound to get free. Oh, His word Can come in a box.  But, it’s Way out of the box! Live it!  It’s about relationship. Living, loving and relating are verbs just like God called Himself “I AM”!  He isn't a something.  He is everything in action. Living...  I like outta the box.  Plus?  When we try to keep God in the box?  We get all wrapped up in ourselves. PIMP LOL.  Yes, there's lots of inspiration in the bible even on the shelf or still in the box...true!  But, out of the box?  It becomes inspiring and us.  Think outside the box.  Let Him in.   Now, that's a wrap.   Oh, and click on the photo, as always, to get the umm...bigger picture?  Yep!       Trace

Precipice And Press-A-Piece! Cliffhangers!

Precipice And Press-A-Piece! When I am at the precipice of the unknown, I call on God to press-a-piece of my heart. And, I know He will. That is my known! I know He will impress me and impress upon me. He’s a “press-a-piece” for a precipice. For any time.  Have a fun day.  Press on…unless you’re at a cliff. Then hang on? Cuz life can get rocky. Or fly and be umm…flocky?  You know?  Birds?  PIMP LOL.  Anyway, it’s your choice.  But, take time to ask Him about it.  He's always there.   He won't leave you hangin'.    Whether you're in a cliff-hanger or just regular drama.  PIMP LOL.  God will put the pieces of your heart back together, not "take another little piece of my heart now baby", like the song says.  Love the song, but that's human nature and the world, not God.  He'll put the pieces together by impressing upon you and impressing you with His love.  Not taking pieces.  Peace be with you!  All the pieces!   Oh, and I hope I don't have to press you to read my other pieces! "press-a-piece"? C'mon!  As Linda Ronstadt and Janis Joplin both sang, "don't take another little piece of my heart now baby. Read another piece from my heart!!!"  What?  Isn't that what she said?  Well, that's what I say...sing...      PIMP LOL     Trace

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Truth Speaks For Itself...Quietly And Confidently Most Times. But This Time? Just Call Me The Temporary Megaphone! PIMP LOL

Something someone said to me yesterday struck a chord with me…but it was discord.  It was what they didn’t say that I heard the loudest…truth.  I already knew what the truth was and just wanted to be respected enough to hear the truth.  I know that is a hard thing to do sometimes.  I know I’m not perfect and need grace at times, too.  But, I ‘m gonna speak up…then shut up.  Just call me a Temporary Megaphone!  So, this discord got me thinking about music and what God has given us (the b.a.s.i.c. band) and me, personally. The ups and downs.  I had quit singing after a long bout with a very traumatic illness.  A lot of folks only guessed what was wrong with me and thought it was drugs.  It wasn’t.   The drugs came after the major surgery to remove most of my stomach.  I got hooked on prescription drugs that were supposed to be keeping me alive after.  Anyway, got off of them myself.  But, that’s another whole nutha war story that is up here on my blog.  Look through my articles for that.  I said that to make a point about truth.  Don't speak if you don't know it to be true.  And if you don't want to say the truth?  Don't say anything.  Truth never changes it's story...cuz it's not a story!  Duh!   So, back to this story...  I never thought I would sing again and when I started, it was at church and home…humbly, believe me.  Not expecting any support.  I had no confidence and no memories of ever being a singer or ever being on stage or at any gigs.  It never even dawned on me until some time later that I would sing other than in a crowd or alone, again.  I never even asked to.  Didn’t even enter my mind to ask.  I’m serious. Then, after avery long 2 years, I started singing more at home and having hope.  And, I was asked to sing at church.  I was completely shocked and teary-eyed.  Still am.  Because every time I sing, it is only by His Grace and power that I do.  You see...I still have alot of health things that I don't like known becasue then people expect less of you.  They have a predisposed notion.  I want to be treated like someone that can be counted on because I can be.  Sickness doesn't affect me like most others, because of my experience and my health.  Well, I mean, it affects me...alot!  But, it doesn't rule me. I have learned to live with it more.  Not saying I like it or it's easy, just that it's do-able with God.  Makes me need Him more...  Anyway, singing in front of others before God was pure medicine for me.  My safe place...  It opened up some hope and doors of encrouagement in me and I was beginning to record and create videos and put our songs up on the internet to be able to have a ministry again.  I taught myself because funds for tight (are tight).  I built a website and have our albums available for download, but still haven’t been able to get physical CD’s again.  But, I know we will.  So, back to the story.  God has Himself given us all kinds of songs to be shared at all kinds of places over the years.  From Rock to Jazz to Blues to Country to Funk and a mixture of in between…Fuze, Juze, Blaz.  Even Hymns, done  Love our Country Blues version of Whispering Hope.  Of course, by now, it has probably become Country Blaz! PIMP LOL.  So! We like all styles…and I’m pretty sure He does too.  We don’t just do songs for any certain type or group of people or any age.  We have lots of music that can be shared at church…duh!  It’s about Jesus.  We have 2 Wedding songs…one very sweet and mellow.  We have a funeral/memorial service song  We have Christmas, Easter and love songs.  We even have a few “secular” songs.  Oh, my!  Shocking.  What I’m saying is that the songs choose us and we def know where the songs come from.  Honestly?  We share our hearts…our lives and it all has to do with the Truth.  Our relationship with Him.  I also do not believe there is any certain type of worship that has to done in churches.  It doesn’t have to like on TV church or singing a mellow verse 10 times to build up emotion. That has it’s place sometimes. But, not always.  Not saying it’s not good  because he gave us emotions and I work it up in my own way.  But, I dare to let God bring it out in me.  Not force it. It is His Spirit in me. IN each of us. And we are unqiue worshippers.  I also don’t think a worship song is any certain type.  I don’t even think songs have to be worship or worship has to be songs.  The greatest worship is showing God His value to us by valuing others. My best worship?  Serving with love and alone time with Him. Now, I believe a peppy song can touch a heart, just like a slow song.  Same with instruments.  Lead guitar is no more evil than keys or drums or acoustic guitar.  It’s the heart that plays.  Not the instrument. And the spirit that hears.  And, we do love to strive for excellence…for purring, not purrfection.  We believe practice is just as important as the real gig.  Practice is a gig to us…with our musician peers and God.  I just want to say that our music has never been about getting rich.  Just rich-er…spiritually.  Not about getting fans…getting fantastic friends to share the gift of music and Jesus.  Oh, making a living would be nice, but until then…  We like all kinds of music and have always included all kinds of folks…because we are an “all kinds” kind of band,  I have never begged for our music to be shared…except to God, right?  All musicians beg! PIMP LOL.  We’ve always strived to let the music speak for itself…and speak Truth into lives.  Hope into lives… By sharing the music and letting God do the rest.  So, just consider this article a temporary megaphone!  PIMPLOL. Here’s a link to our website below here right under our band collage. Check us out.  Oh!  And we are looking for a new bass player and drummer. Maybe some other stuff down the road, but right now we are having to get back to needing the the b.a.s.i.c. band!   PIMP LOL. We still love our previous guys but they are too busy to commit any more.  I know God will work things out. As always, click on the picture, for umm...the bigger picture?  That picture is worth umm...13 words?   Have lots of other small articles and a couple ones like this.    K..., so I spoke up, now I shut up!  The megaphone has been stored away!   Hope you have a fun day!  Honestly!      Trace

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